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Even if you have two left feet.

By Carolyn Twersky


You have spent months picking out the perfect prom dress, styling that just-right hair style, and planning the most over the top promposal your school has ever seen. You are all ready to take prom and completely slay the night. Except, for one little have NO clue how to dance. You'll look absolutely gorgeous, but you'll be glued to the back of the room all night, too afraid to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Does that sounds like you? Then read on, because I'm about to teach you how to dance at prom, no matter what your skill level.

Before you start getting down, though, just remember that dancing is all about trust. So, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And before you start getting physical with someone of the dance floor, make sure they give their consent first and that everything is appropriate.

Milly Rock

If there's one dance everyone is going to be doing at prom, it's probably the Milly Rock. The dance may seem complicated, but once your break it down it's actually pretty easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Let's start with the arms. Starting with your right arm, keep your elbow close to your body and make a motion almost like you're patting yourself on your front left shoulder, but don't actually hit your shoulder.
  2. Then, do the same motion with your left arm to your right shoulder.
  3. When you go back to your right arm, start moving it to your left shoulder, but then stop, almost as if it's a fake out. Then, continue through with the motion. Let's call that move a double.
  4. You're going to continue with your arms in this pattern: right, left, double right, left, right, double left.
  5. While you're doing the arms, take the opposite leg of the arm you are using and lift your heel while tracing a small half circle with your toes. Then, when you switch arms, switch legs.
  6. On the doubles, you're going to do a kind of fake out with your feet where you start to lift your heel, but then you stop, before lowering it back down, lifting it back up and then completing the half circle.
  7. Put it all together and there you have it! You're doing the Milly Rock!

Find the Beat

Ok, finding the beat may seem super simple, but some people aren't musically inclined and can struggle to get into the rhythm. If this sounds like you, use these steps to help you find the beat, and the dancing will come a little more naturally.

  1. When you hear a song, start tapping your foot.
  2. Start counting: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
  3. While still tapping your foot and counting, start to clap every time you say 2: 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap.
  4. Stop tapping your foot and get your body into it a little more. And there you go, you've found the beat!


If you want to up your slow dance game, try the foxtrot. It's super easy, but it will totally impress your friends on the dance floor. To perfect the dance, just follow these steps:

  1. The leading partner should step forward two steps. Then, step to the left, and bring your feet together.
  2. Meanwhile the other partner starts on their left foot, and step backward twice while their partner is moving forward. Then, step to the right, and bring your feet together. So, both partners are doing mirrored motions.
  3. Now, for arms. The leading partner should have their right hand placed on their partner's back, while the following partner has their right hand on the other's shoulder. And then both partners extend their left arms and hold hands.
  4. Keeping your arms in position, repeat the feet movements over and over and you're foxtrotting!

    Slow Dance

    Slow dancing seems terrifying, but it's actually super easy. All you need is a partner and a slow song and then just follow these steps:

    1. Hand placement is completely up to you and your partner. In this video, the man has his right hand on his partner's back left shoulder, while she has her left hand on the top of his right shoulder and their other hands are holding at about waist length. Alternatively, you could do both hands around the neck with your partner's hands on your waist, vice versa, or really whatever feels comfortable.
    2. The important aspect of this move is the feet. As explained in the video, to master the slow dance, you need to master the step-touch. Basically you are stepping to the left with your left foot, then bringing your right foot to meet it, stepping to the right with your right foot and then bringing your left foot to meet it. Literally repeat this over and over and over again and...BAM! You're slow dancing! Make sure you step to the beat of the music and you'll be good to go.
    3. If you want to get really fancy (this isn't necessary) you guys can start going in circles together. To do this, simply step at an angle instead of in a straight line. Lead your partner or be lead and you'll be moving magically in a circle!


      The 2-step is the perfect dance move because it's so simple and works with a huge range of songs. Once you've mastered the simple move, you can add your own flair to spice it up any way you want.

      1. Good news! You're doing the exact same foot movements that you do when slow dancing! Meaning, step to the left with your left foot and then step with your right, bringing your feet together. Then, step to the right and bring your feet together. Keep your knees loose and then add whatever arm movements you want!

      Are you really feeling the music? Maybe getting down on the dance floor with your date? Here's how to dance with your partner, without getting too up close and personal.

      1. Stand with one partner in front of the other and bend your knees.
      2. Both partners start to move their waists in a circular motion.
      3. One of you can move to the left, one can move to the right, or you can move together.
      4. There's no reason to touch, you can leave space between you two so it's school appropriate and you feel comfortable.

      Shoot Dance

      You've definitely seen everyone dancing like this (even your Fortnite character), so you'll prob see it on the dance floor at prom.

      1. Bend your left leg and lift it back.
      2. Jump on your right leg and kick your left leg forward.
      3. Continue to kick your leg back and forth while you jump.
      4. Now, it's time for arms, hold them down and while you're kicking your leg, move the arms back and forth with the leg.
      5. Then, after four pumps, take your left arm and raise it above your head. Pump your arm forward four times as you kick you leg. Then, switch back to having your arms pumping by your legs!
      6. Keep going, switching between arms, until you tire out.

      If you have never heard of the floss, where have you been? If you don't know how to floss, that's more understandable, because it's a little difficult.

      1. Take your hands and hold them straight down, forming them into fists.
      2. Pretend like your holding a stick in your hands that is about waist length. Then, pretend like you're breaking that stick by bringing it against your hip.
      3. Bring your hands (still in the stick-holding formation) all the way back, and then back up, so they are parallel to the floor.
      4. Shift your hips to the other side and "break the stick" on your other hip.
      5. Pull your arms back up and parallel to the floor and then continue over and over and over again!

      Fun Dancing

      Basically, you can dance however you want, as long as you're having fun. Here's a video that shows off ten different dance moves that will stun on the dance floor.

      Carolyn Twersky Associate Editor Carolyn Twersky is an associate editor for Seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, trends, and health.

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      Here's the Scoop for Parents

      By Your Teen Magazine

      For many high schools across the United States, a big highlight of the fall season is the homecoming dance. Some schools hold formal or semi-formal homecoming dances—teens may even extend invitations similar to how they would with a prom-posal, and tickets can be expensive. Other schools have no dance at all, or a regular school dance in their school gym or cafeteria. Are there before- and after-parties? Are there alternatives if kids don’t want to attend? Parents on our Facebook page had a lot of questions about homecoming. Here’s our roundup of homecoming tips and answers to parents’ most common questions, plus advice we’d like to share.

      What do most teenagers do during homecoming?

      Specific homecoming traditions depend on where you live, but in general, there’s the football game during the day and then a school dance in the evening. Teenagers often also go out to dinner—at a restaurant or at a friend’s house—before the homecoming dance. Many teenagers go to after parties.

      How do we keep tabs on our teens?

      Keeping tabs on our teens starts with having conversations. Ask them how they’ll be celebrating homecoming and which events they’ll attend. Ask if they’re going somewhere else before or after a school sanctioned event. Ask how they’re getting there and back home. Who’s going with them?

      Will adults be present? Ask your teenager to provide details on where they will be, and when, and to call or text if those plans change. Also talk about whether or not your teenager’s curfew should be extended for the evening.

      What about drinking?

      Like prom, the homecoming dance and the football game are events that many teenagers believe should include alcohol. It’s helpful for parents to be realistic about the fact that older teenagers especially may be in situations during homecoming where alcohol is present. While parents should stress that they’d rather their teenager didn’t drink, they should also have a realistic (and helpful) conversation about alcohol. Set up some non-negotiable rules for homecoming safety, including:

      1. No drinking and driving. Provide your teenager with options if they’re not able to drive (or their ride has been drinking). This can include a no-questions-asked ride home or encouraging your teenager to use Uber or Lyft.
      2. No binge drinking. Binge drinking (drinking a lot in a short period of time) is dangerous. Not only does it lead to terrible decision-making (like drinking and driving), it can also lead to death (from alcohol poisoning). Talk to teenagers about moderation.
      3. Different rules for younger teenagers. The younger the teenager, the more proactive parents should be about keeping a teenager away from alcohol (setting a curfew, asking whether an adult will be present at dinner or at an after party, calling to make sure, etc.). That’s because the research is clear that the younger the teenager, the more harmful alcohol is to the developing brain.
      4. Call or text you if there’s trouble or if they feel unsafe. Your child needs to know they can trust and rely on your help when they need it. Agree on a codeword or emoji that signals they need help right away. Don’t ask for details or an explanation. Just go collect them. You can ask questions once you and your child have calmed down again.

      What if my teenager doesn’t have a date or doesn’t want to go to the homecoming dance?

      Dates are optional. Plenty of teenagers go to the homecoming dance stag, or with one or more friends. If your teenager feels badly about not having a date for homecoming, don’t dwell on it; suggest alternative ways that your teen can enjoy the evening (like hanging out at the dance or somewhere else with friends). Some teenagers would rather not go to homecoming and that’s okay too (of course). Respect their choice to stay home.

      Is homecoming expensive?

      How much you’ll pay to attend homecoming events depends on your location. You’ll want to consider tickets to attend, clothing, dinner, transportation, and after-party plans. Who pays for what depends on your family dynamic and financial situation. Just know that if your teenager is attending the homecoming dance, their attire (the suit, the dress) doesn’t have to bust your budget. Look for sales at the mall and coupon savings. Thrift shops often have a great selections of gently used prom and homecoming attire. Rentals are an option, too. Work with your teen to budget in advance of making your purchases, so they know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

      Should we veto their fashion choices?

      Many parents don’t like what their teens choose to wear to the homecoming dance. They don’t like the color or the style of the clothing. They believe clothing should be gendered. Or, maybe the clothing is so revealing that parents are uncomfortable seeing it on their kid. If you have firm ideas about appropriate clothing, you may want to consider whether your opinions are worth expressing. Do your opinions empower your teen or are they meant to cut down your teen? Take a moment for self-reflection. Ask yourself what the origins of your opinions and discomfort are. The time, place, and prejudices of our upbringing shape us. Our world back when we were growing up looks a lot different than our teenagers’ world now. If your teen is determined to wear something you find cringeworthy and you just can’t let them go, try to negotiate a compromise that respects both parties and leaves room for your teen to express themself though fashion.

      Should we call the parents of the party host?

      It depends. If your teenager is going to a home of a family you know well and trust, then no call is necessary. But if this is a new friend—or plans sound vague—trust your instinct and intuition. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call if you’re worried about your child’s safety. Also, consider your child’s age. Older teenagers headed off to college next year should be given opportunities to make their own decisions. Younger teenagers (especially if you’re concerned about alcohol consumption) require more oversight. Read more about when to call other parents here: Teen Parties: Should I Call the Parents?

      What about sleepovers? 

      Sleepovers can be a way for teenagers who want to drink to evade parental detection. As in, you won’t know if your teenager has been drinking because you won’t see them until sometime the next day. Like parties, how much you want to probe into the details of a sleepover depends on the situation (and your teenager). Here’s more advice: Teen Sleepovers—8 Rules For Parents Who Allow Them.

      How to choose a guy to dance at the prom


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      Graduation is a big event that all students look forward to. Formally, this is just an event where teachers, students and their parents spend their last day within the school walls. It is necessary to look stunning at this ball, so many, long before the event, begin preparations.

      Dress is the most important thing at the prom, every girl wants to become a princess for one night and feel like the most beautiful in the bustle of the school prom. Many competitions and entertainment programs take place at graduation. All graduates, boys and girls, should take part in them.
      Most often I choose the king and queen of the ball, for this title, many are trying to fight. There is also a common dance competition where the most beautiful couple will receive an original prize. Almost all graduates also take part in this competition. How to choose the ideal partner for such a dance and win this competition, now we will figure it out.

      Choosing a dance partner

      Girls, in most cases coming to the ball, already know who they would like to see as their dance partner. They make their choice based on some estimates. Usually immediately attracted by the appearance of the guy. If he has a beautiful suit, he is elegant and irresistible, then many girls will try to compete for him.

      Be sure to pay attention to his behavior. If he confidently keeps among friends, and even stands out a little, such a guy will be able to please many young ladies. Such confidence is felt from afar, and it is easy to distinguish it from promiscuity.
      An important point will be his intellect, girls have always appreciated this. During the school years spent together, most students manage to study each other well. They know the habits, how the guy studies, skipped classes or not. From all this, conclusions can be drawn. You can also find out what he is going to do after school, this is also some kind of indicator.

      You shouldn't choose drunken guys, this is a bad sign and it can only indicate big complexes. A self-confident guy will not drink alcohol in order to become bolder. He's smart enough to just be who he is. Choose those guys that you like not only in appearance, but also have fun with them. You need to understand that by inviting a guy to dance, you still make a choice, and what your intentions are, he doesn’t know.

      We invite you to dance

      White dance is often used at the prom. He defuses the tense situation a little and gives the girls the opportunity to take the initiative. Sometimes it's not easy to come up and ask a guy to dance. Moreover, all graduates are at an age when constraint still takes precedence over reason. You need to exhale and take the first step towards the guy.

      1. Act without delay, determination and perseverance can be justified. Keep it simple, go up to the guy and ask him to dance. This can confuse him, and he will easily agree. This may not happen. If the guy is surrounded by his friends. He can simply be embarrassed and refuse you, although in his heart he really wants this. Perhaps such a situation will also arise, the guys will talk about something and he will not want to interrupt the conversation. Pay attention to different little things. If you notice. That, approaching him, the guy leaves you trying to leave the hall, you don’t need to catch up with him, most likely you will be refused. The surest option is to see someone who just sits and is bored. If you approach him at this moment and with a smile looking into his eyes, say your proposal, then for sure he will agree.

      2. There is also another tried and true way to get a guy excited about dancing. Here you need to act without much pressure. Proms often have tables set up where groups of students gather and interact closely. Your goal will be to sit down at the table where the right candidate is sitting. Start a casual conversation, light and so to speak about nothing. After such a conversation, you can casually say that you really like this music and just make him an offer to dance. If the guy starts to show up, arguing that he doesn’t know how, then you can put a little pressure on him and say that his skill is not very important to you, the main thing is to move to your favorite music.

      3. Not every girl is sure that she will not be refused. You need to correctly calculate your strength and not become discouraged after the first attempt. The weaker sex has always been helped by cunning, and this should not be forgotten. If you are not sure that the guy will agree to dance with you, then you will have to use this weapon. Try to wait until he is left alone, if this does not happen, then call him aside, whisper. And immediately say that you argued with your girlfriend to dance with him and could he support you. Most likely, the guy will not refuse you, they love such things, because they often use them themselves. All your goal is achieved, and then you can move on according to circumstances.

      Do's and Don'ts

      There are limits to etiquette. For which you do not need to go. You have a definite goal, to invite a guy to a dance, and you must follow it, keeping within the bounds of decency.

      Alcohol is always present at the prom, even if it is champagne, but a young body does not need much. If you didn’t calculate a little with him and went over, then postpone the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdancing, you should not go invite a guy if you are tipsy. This will push him away and he will probably refuse you.
      If you notice that the guy is heading towards the door, then you do not need to catch up with him. He may need to go to the bathroom or go about his business, and your proposal will not be on time. Better wait until he returns, and then proceed to the invitation.
      It's also worth waiting if you see him actively chatting with his friends. It is better not to interfere in such conversations, after waiting a short amount of time, you can approach and invite him.

      If the guy you wanted to invite is with a companion, and even if they are not a couple, then do not try to be rude and show aggression. No one will like this behavior, and most likely you will never receive a positive response to the invitation.

      Charm him

      At the prom, all the girls are very elegant and beautiful. But you want to invite that guy who would turn his attention to you. To do this, you need to focus on your appearance. It must be perfect and you must feel like a queen. Such confidence is easily felt and transmitted to others. If you have an untidy and a little disheveled look, then most likely the guy will not want to dance with you, so pay a lot of attention to your appearance.

      Your voice should sound charming, when making an invitation to dance, turn on all your tenderness and charm, and babble something about the invitation. Guys love soft, and a little confused girls, and with this you can charm him. The smell of perfume, a beautiful outfit and a very pleasant voice will do their job.

      Don't turn on arrogance, guys don't like it and most likely he won't agree to go to the dance with such a girl. You need to become sensitive and kind, soft and shy, and in no case not to chat on the phone all evening. A lot of makeup can just scare a guy. They are all used to seeing a natural girl at school every day, and here a painted doll appears.
      Now a lot has changed, if before we had to communicate a lot with guys, now it all happens via SMS and the Internet. If you managed to arrange a dance with a guy, then go ahead, maybe you have found each other and you can be connected much more than this prom.

      Charm guys at the prom, try to please many. Look closely at each of them, there were times when people at that very moment realized that they liked each other and after the ball spent a lot of time together. There are also couples who got married thanks to the prom.

      Let the prom become something special for you, and dancing with a young man will only add some sincerity and warm feelings. In any case, you don’t need to react too violently if the guy refused you, he can have many reasons for this. Maybe he doesn't know how to dance, or he has other plans, maybe he likes a completely different girl and he's afraid to frighten her away. The most important thing is to remain yourself, beautiful, confident and unique.


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      How to approach a stranger boy from grade 10 and ask him to dance a waltz with me - Psychological social network.

      Ask Your Question to the Universe

      How do I approach a stranger boy from grade 10 and ask him to waltz with me at graduation? The fact is that there are not enough boys in the class and we girls need to attract boys from other classes. Other girls have already scored guys for a dance for a long time, but I don’t know how to do it. Rehearsals will start soon and I urgently need advice on how to approach and what to say? And if he refuses. It's just very scary. Help!!!!

      • Just sit down with him at recess (when he is alone) and carelessly, without embarrassment, with a slight irony and a grin, say "Hello))) listen, I have no one to dance the waltz with, can you keep me company? and with me a trip to movies, chocolate, whatever else he likes. " and laugh merrily. With a smile, it is very simple and easy, without any hint that he is your only hope.

      • First, don't be afraid of rejection. If he refuses, it’s not necessarily because you don’t like you, maybe he is shy about dancing, or just problems in life and not up to dancing. Second, choose the right boy. The one who will not then run around the school and tell that you invited him and laugh about it. Such boys are still small and stupid, and you may be offended. And thirdly - dress nicely and neatly, put your hair and face in full order, and invite them only in this form. This is more important for your self-confidence than for appearance, if you look perfect, it will be easier for you) what exactly to say depends on the degree of acquaintance of the guy you choose. You can write me a message, I never had problems with what to say to the boy . .) I will be glad to help

      • Just come up and offer, in life you will have to ask more than once. Be bold, look into your eyes, and most importantly, approach with confidence that you will not be refused, everything has been proven by life!

      • Never invite a guy to dance with you. It’s better that you dance this dance alone or with some kind of nerd, but the guy you love will immediately understand that you are still that little thing and are not going to run after him like an idiot and persuade you to dance. You are a lady, let him run after you and beg for dances. And if you invite him, he will immediately lose interest in you, or lose this interest in a month, in any case, he will be like a king in this situation.

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