Teach me how to bucky dance

Teach Me (Bucky x Reader)

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Steve Rodges was your neighbor. It was pretty cool. He’d have dinner parties for his close friends and always invite you. The difference in the way food was cooked from the 40s to now fascinated him and he liked trying out new recipes. 

At least once a week he’d have his friend Bucky over. You could always tell because the two would put on old-timey music and sit on the balcony and laugh and remember the old days and talk about all the things they missed. Occasionally they’d ask you to give them history lessons. 

The evening was very pretty, so you made a cup of tea and went to your balcony with your book, planning to finish it before the sunset too low. Your balcony was separated from Steve’s by a brick wall, and you could hear Bucky’s voice. He was your favorite of all of Steve’s friends, Natasha being a close second. 

“I miss going out dancing, Stevie. People don’t dance anymore. People go to bars and just drink. Where’s the fun in that? And when they do dance! That’s not dancing. I know things have changed a lot since our time but, it feels wrong having girls pressed up all on you moving like that.” 

“Oh, I know, Buck, it’s normal now I guess but if my ma saw me like that, I can’t imagine.” 

There was a burst of laughter. It was cute. They were both so accepting of the new way things are but still, even after years, taken aback by it all. You knew Steve wouldn’t mind if you leaned over and talked to them but sometimes it felt wrong invading such personal conversations, but you really wanted to hear they’re stories of them back in the old days, going out and having fun, it was so different than now and it was so interesting to you. So you walked over to the rail and leaned over. 

“You grandpa’s reminiscing about, what did you call girls back then? Dames? Dancing with dames?” They both laughed at how awkward words from their time sounded coming from you.

“You could say that, yeah” Bucky laughed. He put his head down a shook it still laughing a little. He then looked up through a few strands of hair and you swear you could’ve melted. He was so pretty. 

“There are social dance clubs, you know?” 

“I’m sort of a relatively feared assassin, you know? Plus, I don’t think too many girls would be keen on dancing with a metal arm.”  


“Sometimes it seems like you’re the only non-avenger who remembers that.” Bucky smiled at you. 

“Why don’t you come over, y/n?” Steve stood up, “I’m gonna go make us some drinks, requests?” 

All Bucky requested was something warm, spiced, or both. 

“A whiskey sour? Please?” You chimed in batting your eyelashes. 

“Coming up.” And with that Steve left. You carefully climbed onto the bottom of the rail and swung a leg over. 

“Y/N! Don’t!” Bucky jumped up and ran to you.

“I’m fine I do this all the time, Barnes.” 

“Give me your hand, just in case?” You brought the other leg over and scooted around the brick that separated the balconies. Bucky reached out and grabbed around your waist. 

“Sorry, I should’ve asked, but you’re making me nervous.” He began to retreat his hands but couldn’t fully do it. 

“It’s okay, it’s charming that you’re so worried.” You laughed and began to swing a leg over Steve’s railing. 

“Who wouldn’t be? We’re pretty high up.” As your body moved Bucky quickly grabbed onto your waist, tighter. He then helped pull you over a little. 

“The door isn’t that far, you know?” 

“You can walk me home if me using the door is so important to you.” 

It was at this moment you realized just how close you were to Bucky. 

“So uh,” you stepped away, “dancing, huh?” 

“Yeah, it was how we met people and had a good time, we didn’t have all the fancy technology you guys do.” 

“Yeah, I’d love to go dancing the way people did back then, it seems a lot more fun than going clubbing.” 

“Don’t say ‘back then’ like that, you make me feel so old. Maybe we should try one of these social dances. ONLY if you be my partner, though, I’m um, not sure how people would feel still, but you’re okay with it.” Bucky let out an awkward half sigh half laugh and motioned to his arm. 

“I can’t dance, I don’t know how.” 

“Oh, it’s easy really if you’re a follow you just have to know the basic motions and follow your lead.” 

“Teach me?”  Your words came out rushed and you immediately regretted it. He was so attractive, and smart, and kind, and everything you wanted in a person. 

“Alright,” He walked up to you with his hand out, “May I have this dance?” 

“Oh, um,” you could feel yourself blushing, “yes, you can.” 

He took your hand in his and pulled you a little closer, grabbing your waist lightly. 

“Step like this, then over here, now this way, turn that way,” And with that Bucky led you through the steps of a dance. 

Steve opened the balcony door, saw you two dancing, and immediately turned back around. He didn’t want to ruin his best friend finally being able to dance with the girl he has been wanting to dance with since they met.  


Thank you, I hope you liked it. It’s not the best but sshhhhhh 

UW alum Beef takes on West Coast with poetic hip-hop · The Badger Herald

Keg stands and “Jump Around” are just a few ingredients that help make the University of Wisconsin the number one college football town in America. But, since 2010, Madison’s game day has not been complete without “Teach Me How to Bucky.”

The viral video showcases everything from band leader Mike Leckrone with his drumline to a dancing Chancellor Biddy Martin. 

The video’s millions of viewers can thank a certain UW alumnus: Beef.

Clifton Beefy was the rapper everyone saw and heard rap in Teach Me How To Bucky back in 2010, and now in 2015, Beef is out in Los Angeles working on his second studio album Chapter 2.

With a name like Beef, the rapper raises the question of how serious he might be about his music. But, his lyricism exhibits how committed Beef really is to his craft. 

The rapper describes himself as a poet; his music is “about the words.” Beef attributes writing poetry at a young age as foreshadowing for his future lyrical aptitude.

The former Badger’s depth can be seen in his new single, “Outer Space.” The track discusses depression and loneliness, creating a parallel between the emptiness of space and mental illness. The uncanny and psychedelic samples are key features in the tone of the song.

“It is me going through hell and how to navigate it,” Beef said.

He said it’s possible to be lost in the midst of the desolation; but the project signals the light at the end of the tunnel.

Despite its galactic title, “Outer Space” features some familiar faces; two of Beef’s past collaborators, Phonetic ONE and Zu, are former members of UW’s First Wave program. Though he was never a formal member of First Wave, Beef always collaboratd with the talented group of individuals, and he cites the pair as the song’s “heart and soul.”

While Beef is originally from the north side of Madison and spent a lot of time on campus, he is hoping to channel the south side in his work. It’s the harder, run-down side of Madison — one most UW students don’t get to see —  which becomes the basis for a lot of Beef’s lyrics.

UW is a huge institution that, often, leaves people to fend for themselves, which Beef said made him more independent as a musician and businessman. He said he wants to bring the importance of a collective community to UW’s campus, because it’s something people shouldn’t take for granted.

This is a pursuit the rapper doesn’t take lightly; Beef’s first release, Zooniversity, is a UW concept album about his alma mater. It’s an album made to be relevant to the typical UW student, including a song most coasties know as the bane of their existence, “Coastie Song.” 

Beef may be out in LA now, he is always repping his hometown on the West Coast because — as Beef himself puts it — “I got some Wisconsin shit to say.”

Update: The Badger Herald previously stated Chancellor Blank as participating in “Teach Me How To Bucky” instead of Chancellor Biddy Martin. The Badger Herald regrets this error. 

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========== Dance ==========

Avengers Tower.

He was persistently asked to stay here, because Cap, and this is a very weighty argument. If what he remembered is true, then Steve Rogers was a stubborn Ideological Fool and a Frostbitten Comrade even before the serum. It was easier for him to help than to argue.

That's why Bucky sits on his designated floor in the Tower.

Harry apparates to the eighty-eighth floor for good measure, hoping nothing has changed there. And there, really, little has changed. She looks around and calls:

- Bucky! James! Barnes! Mr Barnes! Winter! Winter Soldier! Soldier! Agent!

Bucky gets up at the first sound of a voice, at his last name he lowers his weapon, remembering the strange girl with whom he climbed to the museum at night, he goes out to the main corridor on “Agent”.

- Teach me how to dance! - she smiles also famously, as he remembers. Her gaze still does not notice the stranger.

- What?

- Teach me how to swing, - according to the words, she says, making a step that she saw from someone.

- You went through all that fancy defense so I could teach you how to swing? - he still doesn't understand.

And the girl smiles happily, nods contentedly and excitedly.

- Can't you ask Steve? - he grumbles and already, as it seems to him, knows the answer.

- Of course not! It's not interesting!

Her daring is contagious, he does not smile boldly and nods. After all, why not?

========== Pepper, clothes and some potions ==========

Virginia looked at the girl and felt almost motherly anxiety.

Yes, of course, her suspicions about a friend who decided to live in her fiancé's house were justified. But! This same friend never hid her desire to marry them, so she can be considered a scout behind enemy lines.

Harry's clothes must have been comfortable for her. Soaked up a lot of memories. Definitely has been redesigned for its capabilities and field conditions. But! Now is peacetime! And Harry needs proper clothes!

And she needs to talk to her.

And persuade me to become a bridesmaid at an autumn wedding.

But first she needs to be dressed in something decent.

The plan was born quickly, exchanging identical, purely feminine, glances with Natasha. The women cooperated and did not hesitate to use bribery:

- Harry, let's go for a walk for groceries, - Pepper gently takes her by the elbow.

- Virginia, I'm with you, we'll intercept the chocolate ice cream in Baskin Robins - Natasha cuts off the retreat, grabbing the second one.

The fact that a cat loves ice cream, although felines do not have receptors on the tongue to recognize sweets, all the Avengers knew.


“You have to try on these trousers, otherwise I’ll bring you that beautiful red dress and help you put it on,” Natasha calmly informs, realizing almost instantly that Harry is embarrassed by his body, and smiles contentedly, hearing a groan from the fitting room.


- Harry, are you going to wear all these things? - Natasha asks, sitting in front of a vase with a chocolate ball.

- You don't want me to cancel the wedding, do you? Virginia adds.

Harry manages to put on normal clothes for three days. Most of which, she still wanders around like a cat. But Pepper is vigilant, controlling and sometimes asking to turn into a human. You can't find old clothes even if you ask Jarvis.

On the fourth day, all trousers are full of sewn pockets (slightly crooked), fastenings on rivets are sewn to the inside of both jackets.

Pepper sighs heavily, exchanges glances with Natasha and again.


"Harry, let's go shopping, I need something at the Chinese shop." Last time they were there for half an hour because the girl was arguing with the seller about the authenticity of snake teeth.

Nobody understood why she had snake teeth, but Pepper bought it.


- You don't want to go back to that wonderful boutique down the street, do you?

This time they are dressing in a camping clothing store. Harry is allowed to choose her own clothes, and she walks lostly between the racks and hangers, periodically choosing something.


- If I see at least one sewn pocket or clasp, let's go again!

Because Harry is definitely not one of those people who like long shopping, and if it were her will, she would continue to walk in her clean, but old, worn and oversized “suit”.

Pepper forces her to wear normal clothes. Harry is a little lost, rumples his clothes with cat gestures, and then disappears for two hours.

A sensor built into the stark background, forcibly handed to Tony's girlfriend, and a Stark Industries salary card, because she is still their employee, record her actions.

Walking from Avengers Tower to a shop with draft perfumes, buying empty bottles, going to a glassware store, then another glassware store, then an occult shop, wandering around all sorts of dubious places, and, as a result, she returns to the Tower, tremblingly hugging a tin cauldron.

Gradually, in the kitchen, as if by chance, all the Avengers gather, look at how the girl finely grinds something with a pestle in a mortar (she took them out of pockets in an old jacket), then mixes it with slugs, waves her wand and waves her wand again .

The result is turquoise water.

Harry meticulously sniffs it, Stark and Bruce light some kind of phantom light bulb inside their brilliant brains, the others are quietly surprised.

Harry exhales and then swallows the resulting water. Nothing happens, there is no change.

- What you need. Fabulous! - quite rubbing her hands, the girl pours the contents of the boiler into a bottle, closes the lid.

- What is it? Tony's fawning voice from the other side of the table scares her.

She looks up, blinks, and then gets lost.

- Potion for acne and boils, the easiest to check the similarity of the ingredients.

- And?

- Similar.

========== Cat ==========

For the most part, Harry preferred to dwell as a cat, occasionally becoming human. She did not bother to observe any moral and ethical standards, and because of this, sometimes very interesting situations arose.

For example, Steve loved to draw. Upon learning of this, Stark organized an artist's studio on the common floor. Steve was painting a still life and left the paints open while he walked away for a while.

Read "Welcome or No Trespassing!" - Nusinov Ilya Isaakovich, Lungin Semyon Lvovich - Page 3

Lily is really out of the bucket. It was Nelya Poleshko who washed the podium. Actually, two people were entrusted with washing: she and Stabovoy Dima. But Stabovoi was sitting on the balustrade, humming something and slapping the banister with a rag twisted into a bundle to the beat.

— Nelk, eh Nelk, can you dance the Charleston?

Nelka stuck out her lower lip contemptuously.

- All girls can do it here.

- Teach me. And I'll teach you something too. Telepathy teach?

- What?

- Thoughts to read at a distance. Or vice versa - inspire.

— Can you do it?

— You ask! Do you want me to give?

- Inspire him! said Nelka, nodding at the camp dog Kosmos, who was running past. - Space! Space! Na-na-na! ..

- Easy, - said Dimka.

Kosmos, wagging his tail, ran up to the podium.

- Well, what should I inspire him with?

“Something,” Nelka shrugged.

Dimka looked intently at the Cosmos. Cosmos suddenly began to fuss, went to the corner of the podium and raised his leg.

“Fool,” said Nelka.

- Honestly, it's not me, it's him. In general, you know how difficult it is for dogs to inspire, but their nervous activity is not high enough.

But then the Cosmos seemed to go berserk. The fur rose up on the back of his neck. With a hoarse bark, he rushed to the wooden walls of the platform.

— Why is he, Dimka? What did you give him?

- And who knows. I didn't give him anything. Now I can read his thoughts myself. - Dimka folded his palms like a mouthpiece and put it to his forehead. “The Mind Catcher,” he explained. - I read it! he suddenly shouted.

— Well?

— There is someone under the podium!

— And who?

- Does not speak. Some kind of animal.

- Let's lure him out.

- And what to beckon? We don't know what he eats. If the beast is a carnivore, it is necessary for sausage, and herbivores go well for plantain.

- Let's make a sandwich: sausage on top, plantain on the bottom.

- We'll smoke it out now. Dimka reached into his pocket and took out cigarettes. “No,” he said, looking into the pack, “it won’t be enough on his own. Until the end of the shift twenty-two days, and then three pieces left.

A bored guy with Gogol's profile came up.

— What are you doing?

"Go, go," Dimka said.

When the guy disappeared behind the podium, Nelka put her ear to the crack.

- Dimk, breathe!

Stabovoy sniffed the air.

- It smells like a wolf. Or a badger.

- Have you smelled the badger?

— A hundred times!

- Oh, Dimka, it's moving!

Cosmos barked so that it seemed to want to jump out of its skin. He wheezed, roared and pounded on the boards with his paws.

"That's it," Dimka decided. — It is necessary to set it on fire with hot metal. He then immediately jumps out.

Dimka jumped down from the podium and grabbed a piece of rusty wire lying nearby.

- Let's heat it up white, and order.

The match burned to the end and burned Dimka's finger, but the wire did not heat up. However, Dimka did not lose hope.

- Let's set the whole box on fire. Do you know what temperature develops? Three thousand degrees!

The box caught fire.

- How are you? Nelka asked. - Is it warm?

- Yeah. Now it's heating up.

But the box burned too fast.

“A little warm,” Nelya said disappointedly.

- Nothing, - said Dimka, - we will stab with knives. He opened the door a crack and began to pierce the air with the wire. - Got it! Hit the beast! he shouted.

But it wasn't there. The beast, apparently, was caught strong: the wire slowly crawled into the gap.

- Nelka, grab it!

Nelka grabbed. But that didn't help either. A jerk, and both hunters disappeared under the podium.

The inscription on the screen:

So Kostya Inochkin entrusted his fate to two faithful people.

* * *

“Take a spoon, take a tank, if you don’t have it, shamai like that,” the familiar signal for dinner floated over the camp.

In the dining room, one detachment sat at long tables on one side, and the other on the other. We ate the soup.

"Listen to the information," Dynin said and went out into the aisle. Tomorrow is parent's day.

Cutlets were brought, and the detachment sitting opposite started working together with forks. And the third detachment chewed only pasta.

- Tomorrow, guys, - continued Dynin, - we have to take a record height. By discipline, by organization, by talent. How, comrade counselors, did you discover talents?

“We found out, we found out,” the leaders answered.

And now the naked cutlets were left lying lonely on empty plates.

- Half a cutlet! Lera ordered and, breaking off half of her cutlet, began to eat.

“I have two,” said the leader of the second detachment, the one who was learning the Charleston.

— Is this from the whole detachment? Denin made a stern face. - It doesn't fit anywhere. Must have at least one talent per flight.

Valya burst out laughing. Denin looked at her sternly.

“If they can’t sing, they can’t dance,” he said, “let them at least learn a verse, free movements to the accordion.”

- Half a cutlet! Half a cutlet! - passed to the right and left along the table.

Everyone tried to be terribly fair and marked exactly in half, and Sharafutdinov even put both halves in his palm and compared them by weighing.

— Is showing tricks a talent? he asked, not stopping the weighing under the table.

- Tricks, artistic pyramids, pantomimes - everything is fine.

"Write me down," said Sharafutdinov. - I'll show you a flying lady.

— What other lady is this? Denin frowned.

"Tambourine! ..!" the guys shouted, and Sharafutdinov pulled out from under the belt and showed Dynin the book: "36 tricks."

"Ah," said Dynin. - Only without cards. Tomorrow,” he continued, “the best of you, the most worthy… And who do we call the most worthy guys?

— Who has good discipline!. .

— Who eats everything to the end!..

— Who is tearing grass for rabbits!..

— Well done, — praised Dynin. - So, the most worthy will pass the circle of honor in carnival costumes.

— Half a cutlet!.. Half a cutlet!.. — rustled along the table.

And, as in the game of broken phone, the order was, of course, distorted. In the right corner it reached: “For half a cutlet!”, And there the plates were hastily lowered to the floor, and in the left corner the order took on a completely idiotic look: “On the shelf in summer!” Here they looked at each other in bewilderment and asked each other:0006

- Which shelf?

— What about in summer?

Somehow figured it out. And when they figured it out, they got scared. Is it a joke, in front of the leaders, educators and the detachment that is sitting opposite, divide the cutlet in half, quietly brush off half the cutlets from the plate and, holding it with two fingers (so as not to roll too much on the palms), hand it to Vienna, a thin, black-haired boy with dreamy eyes, who crawled under the table with a bowl.

- Mitrofanova! called Denin.

The detachment froze... everyone looked at Dynin with frightened eyes.

- Was the information confirmed?

“Whoa,” said Mitrofanova with her mouth full.

"You see," Dynin said anxiously. “And Comrade Mitrofanov will come. And he looked meaningfully at the counselors.

“And my dad will come,” said a boy from the junior detachment.

"Eat, eat," said Dynin. - You know the law: "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb." Here, shut up. And left the dining room.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Venya crawled up to Stasik Nikitin and pushed him in the knee. Stasik bent down and looked under the table: cutlets towered over the bowl in a smoking hill. Stasik cackled:

- What is he, Barmaley, or what? Twenty-seven halves! So much a normal person can not eat!

“You are greedy, you are greedy,” the girls hissed.

“I’m not greedy,” Stasik said and threw a cutlet to the Cosmos through the window, “I’m rational.

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