How to dance in front of your boyfriend

7 Things You Should Feel Comfortable Doing In Your Relationship


by Sara Altschule

One of the many joys of being in a relationship is being able to be the real true you. Your partner is going to see all sides of you — the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s what being in a partnership is all about. You love your other half for all of his or her sides, even the annoying ones. Even if you can’t stand how your partner eats with their mouth open or always talks during movies, you still can’t imagine being with anyone else. No morning breath or stupid joke could take you away from your person.

With that being said, I’ve been in some relationships where I didn't feel comfortable being my true self. That’s when you know this isn’t going to be a forever kind of love. If you find yourself holding back, that’s a warning sign. Sure, in the beginning of a relationship, you both are easing into revealing things about yourself. You’re not going to talk about your bowel movements on day one, let's be real. But, if the relationship is progressing but you still feel like you have to hide parts of you, you may want to rethink what’s going on. Having a graduate degree in counseling psychology has made me realize just how crucial it is to be your authentic self in a relationship. Because if you can’t be, then what’s the point? Here are some things that you should feel comfortable doing in your relationship.

1. Dancing

Everyone likes to get down with their bad selves. Even if you’re no Leonardo Dicaprio, you should still feel comfortable dancing in front of or with your partner. I’m not talking about knowing how to ballroom dance; I mean just enjoying yourself and being silly. If you feel completely fine getting fully nude in front of your other half, you should at least be able to get loose on the dance floor.

2. Speaking Up

Being able to say what’s on your mind and speaking up for yourself is crucial in any partnership. If you don’t feel as if you can voice your opinion with your significant other, that’s a huge red flag. I know it’s easier said than done saying things that are hard for your girlfriend or boyfriend to hear, but if you stay silent it can be much more harmful.

3. Telling Them What You Want

Like I mentioned, speaking up is key in a relationship. This includes speaking up in the bedroom as well. You should feel completely comfortable telling your partner all of your wants and desires. You should feel at ease showing your partner who you are sexually and having fun with it. If you don’t, start out small and let yourself warm up to it. You’ll be much happier if you’re actually getting what you want, too.

4. Doing Things By Yourself

Going shopping together, working out as a couple, and getting groceries together can be delightful. With that being said, there’s something to be said for doing things on your own as well. You should feel completely comfortable being able to go eat out alone, go to a movie by yourself, or go on a solo run.

5. Showing The Real You

If you are constantly feeling like you’re putting up a front with your other half, that’s not a good sign. You should feel at ease when you’re together and it should never feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time

6. Singing

Listen, I’m not Adele — in fact, I’m far from her. But I can still sing at the top of my lungs with my partner and he loves me even more for my effort. This isn't really as much about singing itself as it is about being vulnerable around each other and willing to show your silly side without feeling self conscious.

7. Arguing

Relationships aren’t always going to perfect. In fact, there’s no such thing as perfect. You will have moments of unhappiness, uncomfortable conversations, and unpleasant emotions. You are going to need to feel comfortable having arguments and disagreements, because that’s how you two will build a stronger relationship.

If you aren't already totally comfortable in your relationship, maybe it's worth exploring why that is and having an open and honest conversation with your partner about how to get closer.

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Dance in Front of Your Boyfriend’s Car Challenge Has SA Women Sweating: “The Pressure Is Getting Worse”

  • Three women decided to do the dance in front of your boyfriend’s car challenge and got people sweating
  • TikTok user @darklightmologadi0 shared the clip showing the three women in front of some lush whips
  • Some did not believe what they were seeing while others decided this challenge needed to be reassessed

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Some proud girlfriends hopped on the dance in front of your boyfriend’s car challenge to show off their men’s lush whips. Some women are hooked!

TikTok user @darklightmologadi0 shared a clip of three women claiming to do the dance in front of your boyfriend’s car challenge. Image: TikTok / @darklightmologadi0
Source: UGC

Social media challenges have people doing all sorts of wired and wonderful things. This new one can create a little jealousy, and even some competition, and people are here for it.

TikTok user @darklightmologadi0 shared a clip showing three women doing the dance in front of your boyfriend’s car challenge, claiming they are “cuffed.”

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“Girls are cuffed ”

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Fellow ladies claim these girls have upped the competition with those whips

An Audi and two fire BMWs… these women were not playing. The comment section was quickly filled with ladies claiming there is no longer a point of them even trying the challenge lol, while others thought it would be better for females to show their own cars. A few peeps did not even believe these cars belong to their baes.

Take a look at what some had to say:

@_di_kiarie said:

“The presssssurreeeee is getting worser….”

@Her said:

“Next Challenge: Dance in front of your car. ”

@chantel said:

“The pressure is getting worse ”

@RealBadRobot said:

“Are you sure the first one is not somebody's grandfather's car? ”

@smosh❤⛽ said:

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“Me waiting for my mom to see this so dad can explain what is that girl doing in front of his car”

@Dhabz said:

“Why are y’all boyfriends cars in the same parking lot”

Schoolgirl’s ambitious Hamba Wena dance challenge results in epic fail as she falls to the floor: “Eish”

In related news, Briefly News reported that ama2k and their antics can sometimes land them in trouble. This was the case for a school girl who tried to do a daring and ambitious take on the viral Hamba Wena challenge on a desk and epically failed by crashing on the floor.

Many came to the popular SA Vibes page to wonder exactly why the girl wanted to do such a footwork-intensive dance seen in the Facebook post.

The challenge itself has gone insanely viral on TikTok. A quick search of the term "Hamba Wena dance challenge tutorial" results in 28.6 million views worth of videos popping up. A quick scroll of the page will also show you that peeps worldwide love partaking in it.

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Source: Briefly News

Joking aside: 5 tips on how to dance for your favorite striptease and not look funny

Love and sex

00:30, February 26, 2019

Striptease is a real art that can spice up the sex life of both partners. If you want to give a man such a surprise, but are afraid to seem ridiculous or look ridiculous, heed the advice of experts and coaches from the Secrets family and sex education center on how to dance a striptease and be on top of it.

1. Practice in front of a mirror

Read on the topic:

Training and having at least a rough plan of action is not only 50% success, but also a guarantee of your own confidence. It is not necessary to put on real choreography and learn the movements by heart, but it will be much easier for you yourself if you imagine in advance what and how you want to do. Otherwise, if you want to dance for a partner without being prepared, you run the risk of getting nervous, withdrawing into yourself and becoming “numb”. In advance, you need to take care of the props, if any. It could be, for example, a chair. Check it for stability, figure out what you're going to do with it. Why is a mirror needed at this stage? Because with its help you will be able to find out from which angles you like your own view more. This will help during the dance, because in the process you will most likely ask yourself the question “How do I look right now?”.

2. Choose simple movements

Striptease is an erotic dance that does not require the presence of acrobatic elements or spinning around a pole. If you are afraid that you lack flexibility in movement or stretching, concentrate on simple movements. For example, swinging the hips along the figure-eight trajectory and smooth sliding movements of the hands over the body can excite a man no worse than transverse twine. Choose movements that suit your physical abilities and don't try to impress a man. Believe me, he will already be delighted with the very fact that you are dancing for him. Here are some basic movements that you can repeat, even if you do not have special body plasticity:

Lap dance

Striptease is needed primarily to tease a partner, to bring him to the peak of excitement. But that doesn't mean you can't touch it. On the contrary, if you alternate movements at a distance and the opportunity to touch you, you will get a very interesting effect - from desire to possession, and vice versa. In order to repeat a man's lap dance, you need to stand with your back to him so that you are close enough to him. It is better to put a chair in front of you, on the back of which you have to lean with your hands. In a smooth motion, begin to lower yourself down, bending your knees until you feel that your buttocks are touching the man’s knees. Now you can make circular movements with your hips or move back and forth. Look back over your shoulder and glance at the man, you can give him permission to put his hands on your buttocks or even unbutton your bra if you haven't had time to get rid of it yet.

Spanking and stroking the buttocks

This is a very simple move that can drive a man crazy with its frankness. In order to perform it, it is enough to stand with your back to the man and slowly bend over, allowing him to see your buttocks. After you bend as low as possible (try to do it so that your back is straight), you can start stroking your thighs and buttocks with your hands. Returning to the starting position, playfully slap your buttocks.

On a chair

A dance that requires a chair becomes both harder and easier at the same time. This, firstly, creates the need to use a piece of furniture in the dance (otherwise why is it needed?), and secondly, it gives you a point of support (you can sit or hold on to the back). What can you do with a chair while dancing? At least imagine that you are Sharon Stone, seductively shifting your legs. At the same time, you can not only show your partner your legs, but also take off their stockings, erotically stroking them.

3. Choose the right clothes in advance

The requirements for the clothes that you will get rid of during the dance are quite simple. It should give you self-confidence, emphasizing your dignity, and be easy to remove. In general, one of the most important rules in striptease is not to let a man get bored. Therefore, we advise you to choose the minimum number of items of clothing. It is best to make a choice in favor of erotic lingerie, throwing on a dressing gown so that a man, when he comes home or gets out of the shower, does not even suspect what sweet pleasure awaits him. The bathrobe can be thrown off almost immediately - this will not be a big deal, but then it will be more difficult.

Let's start from the bottom: shoes, stockings and a belt

If you are going to wear them, you should also take care of a chair, sitting on which these items can be removed. We advise you to take off your heels almost immediately or not to put them on at all, because striptease itself is a rather energy-intensive process, and dancing in heels can take more energy than it seems. Getting to the stockings, do not rush to take them off immediately. Slowly unfasten each clasp on the garter belt, but do not remove it yet (this can be done at any time after). We have already mentioned above how to take off stockings. To summarize: the main thing is to do it sitting and slowly.


It is better to remove it following a clear sequence of actions. To begin with, you can lower the straps from your shoulders - this will serve as a signal for the man that now the bra will disappear from the battlefield, which means that he will again focus his attention on you if he suddenly managed to get bored while you were pulling off the stockings. You can squeeze your chest in your hands, lift it, lean close to your partner's face. When unfastening the clasp, it is better to turn your back on the man so that he can observe the process from all sides (except if the clasp is located in front). After unbuttoning the bustier on the back, holding the cups on the chest, turn to face him again. After that, you can play with the breasts a little more and finally throw the bodice into the far corner of the room or into the lap of a man.


The most long-awaited and desired part of the show. Now only this piece of clothing separates you from sex with a partner. You can remove them yourself by lowering them to your knees and then stepping over them first with one and then with the other foot. And you can leave this part to the conscience of the man. He will be happy to take part in the process of your exposure.

4. Choose the right music

Music creates most of the atmosphere, is responsible for the mood and pace with which you take off your clothes and generally move. Choose smooth, melodic compositions and form a playlist of them in advance so that in the midst of the dance you do not have to frantically flip through a hundred tracks in search of the desired melody.

By the way, during the rehearsal you will be able to find out approximately how long it will take you to undress, but it is better to make a playlist with a margin. It's even better to loop it so that after the last song is played, it starts over. Then sex, if you lead everything to it, will take place to the music, and this also changes a lot.

5. You are unlikely to look funny, so there is nothing to be afraid of

Feeling shy, constrained and afraid of being laughed at is completely normal. But, if we are talking about striptease, such emotions are better thrown aside, and here's why.

Striptease is not only a dance way to get rid of clothes, it is also a process of seduction, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your beauty, confidence and sexuality. Remember that you are dancing for your partner, husband, beloved man. He has probably seen you naked more than once, so the sight of your naked body will definitely not make him laugh. And the movements that you will do, even more so, because he will be fascinated by your beauty and courage. Of course, you are afraid that something might go wrong: you will get tangled in your own panties, trip or lose your balance. Even if this happens (and it will not happen if you follow our advice), then do not lose your temper and continue as if it never happened.

If you do not draw your partner's attention to some misunderstanding during the dance, he is unlikely to notice it. Take striptease as an ode to love for your body, because you not only give a man the opportunity to admire your dance, but also allow yourself to feel sexy and desirable, and these feelings play an important role in a woman's life.

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Photo : Shutterstock/VOSTOCK

Video : a scene from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn"

15 dance moves that make women want to have sex

On International Dance Day, Gazeta.Ru finds out how a man needs to move in order to arouse the most daring desires in women.

British scientists… no, this time the real British, no kidding, from Northumbria University (Northumbria University) finally did something useful and carried out a massive scientific study about what a woman pays attention to when she watches a man dance and how it makes her feel.

In order not to distract the ladies with the appearance of a man, what he is wearing, how he is cut, how he smells and how he looks at her (of course, British scientists have separate scientific studies about all this), the experimental men were forced to dance for hours to the same music, having previously dressed in special costumes that were used during the filming of the film "Avatar". The clothes stitched with sensors caught all male movements, thanks to which a 3D model of a dancer without taste, without color, without smell was subsequently created. All facial features and features of the figure were erased. There is only one solid body left.

The clip of these dubious dances was then shown to women of various ages, incomes, and beliefs, as well as to a control group of women who were not told at all what the purpose of the study was. In general, the only thing the ladies had in common was gender and traditional sexual orientation.

And what turned out? It turns out that the vast majority of ladies react at the sight of men's dances to exactly the same thing. Exactly the same movements women find sexually attractive or repulsive. The topic of the study, and in fact it, of course, sounds like this: “How to behave so that women want to have sex with you”, for obvious reasons, turned out to be so important that several more elite universities joined the scientific search for an answer to this question, including Columbia University in the USA.

So, this is what the scientists found out:

1. Women like it when a man wiggles his hips, spreading them wider

with which the man is dancing. The faster the better. Moreover, the speed of the melody does not matter

4. Women like sudden movements. They associate them with passion

5. But women like smooth movements less

For some reason, they especially pay attention to how the right male knee moves. For special satisfaction, the knee should move quickly

7. And the knees should be bent almost all the time

8. The less a man moves his arms, the better


10. And the arms should not be tense - this is very repulsive to a woman

11. There should be as many neck movements as possible