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Brush up on your dance moves...

You’ll be impressing your friends in no time with these classic dance routines!

We’ve listed our top 10 dance routines which will have you busting those moves.

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1. PSY – Gangnam Style

Almost 4 billion people have watched the Gangnam Style music video.

That’s a lot of people!

Pretend you’re holding onto horse reins and get dancing.

2. Fast Food Rockers – Fast Food Song

A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!

Each restaurant has a different move.

Can you learn them all and eat to the beat?

3. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

This one will burn off a lot of energy.

Do what the song says… shake it off!

The more movement you do, the better.

Take the Taylor Swift quiz!

4. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Twist and Shout

You need to twist your body to this one.

Can you twist all the way from your kitchen to your bedroom?

Give it a go!

5. DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide

If you’re not very good at remembering the moves then the Cha Cha Slide is for you.

All you need to do is follow what DJ Casper says!

You’ll be stomping, clapping and sliding across the dance floor. It’s time to get funky!

6. Village People – YMCA

It’s not a party without a bit of YMCA!

Spell it out with your arms, do some pointing and you’ll have the dance down!

7. Steps – 5,6,7,8

This is a 90s classic!

Get all your friends together and see if you can learn this one.

This type of dance is called line dancing.

8. Whigfield – Saturday Night

Whenever Whigfield would perform ‘Saturday Night’ live, her backing dancers would do a dance routine that would get everyone dancing.

When it hit number one in the charts, everyone knew the moves!

There are plenty of tutorials online so have a go.

9. Macarena

The Macarena is the classic party song.

You probably already know how to do this one.

Line up with your friends and try to keep up!

10. Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

Here’s a Spanish one for you!

It’s called ‘Asereje’, or ‘The Ketchup Song’ as we know it in the UK.

Get those knees moving and those hands shaking.

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12 songs with dance moves

No one particularly likes to be brusquely told what to do, but for some reason, all anti-authority sentiment goes right out the window when you’re being ordered what to do with your body over a beat. Let’s hope the alt-right never get wise, and decide to reinvent themselves as a pop stars with their hot new single “Do The Pepe,” or whatever.

Anyway, since time immemorial (or, like, 1962) musicians have been commanding us, and, in the process, periodically unleashing new dance crazes on an unsuspecting world. Here are 11 of the most notable. Everybody do the list, now.

Kylie Minogue – “The Loco-motion” (1988)

Dance orders: “So come on, come on, do the Loco-motion with me / You gotta swing your hips, now”

“There’s never been a dance that’s so easy to do / It even makes you happy when you’re feeling blue.”

Well, don’t undersell it. Kylie Minogue wasn’t the first to extoll the virtues of this pretty straightforward chugga-chugga dance when she recorded her synthed-up version of “The Loco-motion”: the pop song was originally written in 1962 for R&B singer Dee Dee Sharp, who turned it down, paving the way for Little Eva to lay down the “sixth most-successful single of 1962,” according to Billboard.

Chubby Checker – “The Twist” (1960)

Dance orders: “Let’s do the twist / Take me by my little hand / And go like this”

One of the original dance commanders, Chubby Checker’s 1960 re-recording of a 1959 b-side from Hank Ballard and the Midnighters launched one of the very first fad dance crazes. Two years after its original release, Checker’s version had a second life as the Twist craze truly took hold in popular culture, becoming the first-ever track to reach #1 twice, on two separate chart runs. Keep in mind, this was before the era of nostalgia cash grabs. Checker would instigate another dance craze with his 1961 Twist followup, “Pony Time”, during which you’re supposed to act like you’re trying to control an epileptic horse. Possible PSY inspiration? You be the judge.

Madonna – “Vogue” (1990)

Dance orders: “Hey, hey, hey / Come on, vogue (vogue) / Let your body go with the flow (go with the flow)”

Madonna didn’t invent the idea of striking model-worthy poses on the dance floor—that honour goes to the1980s Harlem LGBTQ ballroom community—but she certainly popularized it to the mainstream with 1990’s “Vogue. ” How’s that for a concise microcosm of how the mainstream at large relates to anything to do with gay culture: totally oblivious until it gets integrated into a song from the Dick Tracy soundtrack.

DJ Casper – “Cha Cha Slide” (2004)

Dance orders: “Take it back now y’all / One hop this time / Right foot lets stomp /Left foot lets stomp”

The apex of being told what to do in a dance track is “Cha Cha Slide.” Good news for the chronically rhythm-impaired: there isn’t a single moment in “Cha Cha Slide” that DJ Casper isn’t guiding your body into doing what he will with it, making the whole thing akin to an analog edition of Dance Dance Revolution. “Cha Cha Slide” reached #1 in the US in 2004, and was heavily informed by the Bop-derived dance form known as Chicago Steppin’. Take it back now, ya’ll.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “The Time Warp” (1975)

Dance orders: “Let’s do the Time Warp again / Let’s do the Time Warp again.”

As far as ultra-successful, iconic dance songs go, “The Time Warp” is probably the only one that’s an express parody of fad dance songs, from a film adaptation of a stage musical about a haunted castle lorded over by a “Transylvanian transsexual. ” Well, that, and “Achy Breaky Heart.” I’m pretty sure, anyway.

Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony – “The Hustle” (1975)

Dance orders: “DO THE HUSTLE!”

One of the most famous example of a dance predating the song it’s associated with, Van McCoy composed the flute-tastic “The Hustle” after his songwriting partner Charles Kipps watched patrons of a New York nightclub do a variation of the titular dance (Pre-McCoy, “The Hustle” referred to several different disco dances). The song became a number-one hit, which consolidated the myriad disco dances into the bumpin’ Saturday Night Fever archetype we know and despise love today.

GS Boyz – “Stanky Legg” (2009)

Dance orders: “Do the Stanky Legg! Do the Stanky Legg!”

Arlington, TX snap music practitioners (and dedicated cherlampeter haters) the GS Boyz (aka the G-Spot Boyz) had a string of regional hits before breaking with this ode to dislocated, smelly femurs. Though not from Dallas proper, The Boyz and the Stanky Legg were stylistically indebted to the regional Dallas dance & snap music movement called D-Town Boogie, just like:

Cali Swag District – “Teach Me How To Dougie” (2010)

Dance orders: “Put your arms out front, lean side to side /They gon’ be on you when they see you hit dat dougie right?”

Though most of the world were taught how to Dougie through Inglewood’s Cali Swag District’s 2010 one-off hit, the dance itself was first popularized by Dallas rapper Lil’ Will, with his 2007 regional hit “My Dougie. ” It was the District, though, who are generally credited with introducing us all… which is strange, when you consider the flailing dance is named after Doug E. Fresh. Sadly, Swag District members M-Bone (Montae Talbert) and JayAre (Cahron Childs) are now deceased, with Childs succumbing to sickle cell anemia in 2014 and Talbert being shot by an unknown assailant in 2011. “He was the best at doing the dance, and on tour he was always the one in the forefront … He helped bring it to the masses,” said Cali Swag District spokesman Gregg Miller, of Talbert.

Baauer – “Harlem Shake” (2012)

Dance orders: “Do the Harlem Shake”

Lesson to all dance commanders: no matter how perfect that sample is, just record your own dance orders. Don’t end up with a smash viral hit but lose out on all those sweet royalties due to copyright infringement, like NYC DJ and producer Baauer did when he sampled both Philadelphia rap duo Plastic Little and Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Hector Delgado without their permission.

Silentó – “Whip/Nae Nae” (2015)

Dance orders: “Do the Stanky Legg, do the Stanky Legg”

Atlanta pop-rapper Silentó doesnt actually command the listener to either whip OR nae nae during the course of his hyper-successful 2015 breakout single, but he does order up the favoured dance move of both the GS Boyz and Toronto FC forward Jozy Altidore.

Digital Underground – “The Humpty Dance”(1990)

Dance orders: “Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump”

Who knows what today’s hip-hop landscape would look like if Tupac had never gotten tired of backup dancing with a sick 90’s fade in Digital Underground and decided to go his own way? Anyway, along with featuring a young Shakur in the background of the music video,“The Humpty Dance” is also notable for being one of the most-sampled songs in hip-hop, making appearances in more than 50 other tracks.

Tony Matterhorn – “Dutty Wine” (2006)

Dance orders: “Bend your back and lift your head up / Turn side way, lift your leg up / Bend your face and twist it up / And turn true side like you know you fed up (Whoa)”

Over the years, many dancers have claimed to have invented the dutty wine (including Mad Michelle, but most dancehall historians point to Tony Matterhorn’s 2006 trip over the “Smash” riddem to illustrate the song that launched the Jamaican dance craze. Keep the doctor’s advice in mind the next time you hit the dancehall though: some MDs have claimed excessive wining might result in “serious muscle trauma, and ligament damage”.

In the Forgotten Fairyland, reviews of the play, production Theater and Concert Center "New Art" - Afisha-Theatres


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About the play

epics, where the heroes who have fallen in love since childhood will tell you a completely new, touching story about kindness, love and true friendship. An original humorous musical performance in which Baba Yaga and Koschey the Immortal, Vasilisa the Beautiful and Ivan Tsarevich will meet face to face again. Cheerful and lyrical songs, incendiary dances and witty numbers will make even an adult feel like a little child. And bright costumes and colorful scenery will give you an amazing atmosphere of the wonders of your family and favorite fairy tales. The characters of the famous heroes of various Russian folk tales are played in a new way, creating absolutely unpredictable plot twists. The protagonist of the play is the Narrator. He is the greatest improviser in the field of fairy tales and instantly invents a story that takes place on stage in front of the audience. Not young in years, but forever young at heart, the coquettish head of the forest swamp, Baba Yaga (Yadviga Varvarovna). Baba Yaga has a daughter, Kikimora (Kira), a girl forever stuck in a difficult transitional age. Baba Yaga is subordinate to four representatives of the forest evil spirits, who create turmoil in the whole fairy tale. We also have a Tsar, a lord of great scope, but of very small stature. The Tsar, of course, has a son, Vanka, a great nehochuha. There is at the court of the Tsar and a jack of all trades, the main assistant to the Tsar Yashka. Koschei, who has long since retired from evil deeds, is engaged in the royal garden and forest. We have an elderly amateur botanist. And Koshchei has a valet. His name is Fedul. The tsar loves the show very much, so he has a large acting troupe at court, consisting of one Vasilisa, the only actress and dancer in the state of the tsar. Around the kingdom, of course, three forest robbers roam, who love to sing and dance and scare everyone with their vocals. They are subordinate to Koshchei if he remembers his evil deeds, and he remembers them. Well, the main showman of the kingdom is the three-headed Serpent Gorynych, a forest monster who formed a vocal trio. The performance has a lot of music, dances and songs, unexpected plot twists and bright events that cannot be described, only told in a fairy tale ...

Information provided by the Theater and Concert Center "New Art"



DurationThe production features the stars of Moscow musicals
1 hour, without the intermission



Vladimir Maysuradze


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  • Dancing as a sport: choosing the right direction

    October 31, 2016 Health

    If you're tired of the treadmill or the monotonous fitness routine, then it's time to go dancing. Lifehacker will tell you about the advantages of different dance styles and help you choose the right one for you. nine0003

    Why dancing is worth it

    • Regular dancing will make your body slimmer. During training, from 200 to 800 kcal are burned per hour - no worse than when doing fitness.
    • You can strengthen the respiratory organs and the heart, increase the endurance of the body, cleanse the blood vessels of cholesterol.
    • Beautiful posture and gait - something that you can be proud of after regular exercise. Dancing will help you learn how to hold your back correctly.
    • You will develop excellent coordination, responsiveness and flexibility of the body. nine0051
    • Become sociable and self-confident.
    • Learn not to be ashamed of your own body and move beautifully to the music.
    • You will have the opportunity to express yourself. In dance, a person is completely liberated, which contributes to psycho-emotional unloading.
    • You are in a great mood. After a gym or fitness training, many people feel tired, and after dancing, on the contrary, a surge of strength and vigor.

    Which direction to choose


    Hip-hop is a cheerful, perky and very energy-intensive youth dance direction. You will be able to express your emotions, feelings or protest, to be liberated thanks to the movements that the body itself suggests. This is drive and adrenaline, the spirit of competition and leadership. Rules and restrictions are blurred here, but at the same time, a bright, clear style is felt.

    This direction is characterized by downward-facing movements, relaxed half-bent knees and a low body position. High jumps are replaced by sliding on the floor, there is a quick and unexpected transition from undulating and slow movements to sharp and clear ones. The dancer should appear completely relaxed, and the dance should be cheeky. nine0003

    Who suits

    Anyone who is young or feels young, confident and bold. Hip-hop can be a useful hobby for your child. For children and adolescents, it will help strengthen the musculoskeletal system, correct slight stoop and form a proportional figure. Moreover, this dance direction brings up strong-willed qualities and determination, helps to show individuality.

    According to the study, hip-hop is the most useful dance direction for a child: 57% of the training time a person is in motion. Scientists recognized flamenco as the least active: in this case, the children were mobile only 14% of the time. nine0003

    • The main distinguishing feature: hip-hop dances not to the rhythm of the melody, but to the beat, which must be recognized and clearly captured in the musical composition.
    • This is not just a dance, but a way of self-expression and a way of life. Hip-hop fans often wear clothes that emphasize their freedom: wide leg pants, sneakers, baseball caps, hooded sweatshirts.
    • Hip-hop is always open to experimentation and improvisation. An important role in this direction is played by character, namely, confidence, self-affirmation, a certain stubbornness and perseverance. This type of dance will help you become more daring, psychologically liberated and open in communication. nine0051
    • This dance perfectly works out the muscles of the legs, arms and shoulder girdle, improves fine motor skills.

    Hip-hop can be considered a set of anaerobic exercises, so the contraindications are standard, as well as for regular workouts. People who have problems with their knee joints should be especially careful with such activities, as they have a large load.

    Strip plastic

    Workouts combine aerobic exercise with elements of a seductive dance. Each lesson includes a warm-up, including stretching, and learning the dance sequences. The muscles of the legs and arms, hips and buttocks, abdomen, back and chest receive an excellent load. nine0003

    Beginners will have to master the basic elements: waves with the body and arms, circular movements of the hips and chest, arches in the back while standing, sitting and lying on the floor. As you progress, the training includes complicated dance combinations with elements of acrobatics (splits, flips, racks).

    Who suits

    This type of dance is created for all girls and women, regardless of their physical form, appearance and age. If you not only strive for a beautiful figure and graceful walk, but also want to learn how to love yourself, attract and seduce the opposite sex, then strip plastic is ideal for you. nine0003

    • Strip-plastic will help to overcome complexes more easily, give you the opportunity to see your body and its advantages in a new way, as well as correct or hide imperfections. After regular exercise, you will not only look better, but also feel more confident and attractive.
    • When teaching this style, great attention is paid to posture and stretching, without which it is impossible to perform high-quality dance elements.
    • The program also includes a fashion show. It will take a few weeks, and you will begin to move smoothly and uninhibited, and the gait will become easy. nine0051
    • Another advantage is that many movements are done with arch in the lower back. Usually these muscles are poorly developed due to a sedentary lifestyle. This type of dance will be an excellent prevention of diseases such as scoliosis and osteochondrosis.
    • During such a training, reincarnation takes place, you will be able to reveal your sensuality and tell about secret desires, try on different roles - from a modest housewife to a vamp. You will master the art of attracting men and learn how to arouse their interest. nine0051

    Diseases of the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels and joints can become an obstacle to exercise. With osteochondrosis, there is a limitation: you can not twist strongly in the spine. At the same time, strengthening the muscles of the back and abs, stretching the muscles of the hips, shoulder girdle and pelvis will help to significantly alleviate the manifestations of the disease.

    Belly Dancing

    This is one of the sexiest trends that helps to prolong a woman's youth and attractiveness. Mandatory components of oriental dances are strikes (sharp movements of the hips) and vibration in combination with smooth waves, circles, eights. Movement coordination is very important. The dance pattern should look holistic, capturing all the attention of the viewer. nine0003

    Who suits

    Ideal for mature women. Unlike jogging or aerobics, belly dancing is a gentle form of physical activity. This means that you can perform movements without putting too much stress on your knees, shins and feet.

    • You can start mastering the eastern direction even in poor physical shape: belly dance will independently prepare your body for the necessary loads.
    • This type of activity helps to form a feminine figure. Since the movements of the hips in this dance are quite complex in terms of coordination, those muscles that are difficult to use during normal exercises are being worked out. Such physical activity contributes to a healthy pregnancy and facilitates childbirth.
    • After 2-3 months of belly dancing, women feel better in case of gynecological diseases. Blood circulation improves, especially in the pelvic organs, inflammation of the appendages disappears, menstrual pains are forgotten. nine0051
    • It is impossible to create a perfect figure by practicing only oriental dances, as this is a rather uniform load. Not all muscle groups are involved here, for example, the back of the thigh, the gluteal muscle, and triceps practically do not work.

    Classes are not recommended for gynecological exacerbations, as well as cardiovascular diseases and problems with the spine.

    Latin American dances (salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, mamba, rumba)

    Latin American dances are known for their excitement, impulsiveness and positivity. Classes consist of three parts:

    • Warm-up - semi-circular rotation of the head, hips, circular movements of the shoulders and the like.
    • The main part is the learning of movements and their repeated repetition.
    • Cooldown - usually static stretching exercises and dance moves at a slow pace.
    Suitable for

    This type of training is ideal for energetic and emotional people. It embodies the incendiary rhythm and clarity of movement. Latin American dances are also a great way to warm up relationships in a couple or make new acquaintances. nine0003

    • The main feature of such dances is the constant work of the hip muscles with a fixed back position and a springy step. Therefore, the main load falls on the muscles of the shoulders, lower back and legs. Also, this type of dance helps to improve the heart rate.
    • One of the important features is that you will not even notice the load on the body as a whole. The maximum that you will feel is a slight pleasant fatigue. This is due to the proportionality of the load on the whole body. nine0051
    • Actively engaged in Latin American dancing, you can not only lose weight, but also pump up your hips, if you have a tendency to do so.

    In the presence of cardiovascular diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system, such dances are contraindicated.



    Zumba is one of the most popular weight loss workouts. It has been distributed in over 180 countries. This fitness program combines elements of hip hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo, flamenco and belly dance. Its goal is to work out the maximum number of muscles, while not exhausting you with repeated repetitions of trivial exercises. nine0003

    The direction was invented by Colombian Alberto Perez in the late 90s. He was a professional choreographer and devoted his entire life to teaching others Latin dances. Later, zumba became the basis for the training of many stars (Shakira, Beyoncé, Britney Spears).

    Who suits

    Zumba does not tolerate restrictions, it can be practiced by people of any age, men and women with any abilities and skills. All choreographic movements are simple and clear.

    • Training is like a party where everyone dances using simple combinations of movements.
    • You don't need any special physical training to get started, so Zumba is great for beginners.
    • The dance program is very diverse, which means you won't be bored.
    • The emphasis in training is on the lower body, which allows you to tighten your muscles well and get rid of cellulite.

    Categorical contraindications are hernia of the lumbar spine, displacement of the vertebrae, diseases of the bones, ligaments, joints, thrombosis, problems with the heart muscle, high blood pressure, post-traumatic period, pregnancy at any time. nine0003


    Contempo is a combination of dance techniques from Western (classical dance, modern jazz) and Eastern (qigong, taijiquan, yoga) arts of movement.

    Basic exercises are built by analogy with classical and modern ones: from simple to more complex. The lesson includes exercises in the stalls (work on the floor), relaxation techniques, as well as stretching.

    Suitable for

    Amateur and professional dancers. Height, weight, complexion of a person are not important here. Contempo is suitable for you if you want to not only keep a good shape, move beautifully, but also know yourself. nine0003

    • Globally, contempo differs from other dance styles by its inward orientation, interest in the quality of the moving body, its relationship with space, time, partner. The dancer accumulates energy, thoughts, emotions inside himself, and then gives them to the viewer.
    • The peculiarity of the dance also lies in the alternation of muscle tension and relaxation, falling and lifting, sudden stops (often on straight legs), balancing.
    • Breathing during contempo should be measured, as if it continues to move. Martial arts brought this requirement to the dance. nine0051
    • Contempo gravitates more towards the floor, while emphasizing the ease and expressiveness of movements. Usually danced barefoot.

    Standard restrictions for physical activities. Moreover, this type of dance is quite difficult, exhausting, and you need to be in excellent psychological shape for training. Long stretches, practicing jumps can exhaust a person with a fine mental organization and lead him into a state of depression.

    Celtic dances

    This is a rather complex set of movements, during which you need to keep the whole body in tension. Training is often exhausting, with a fairly large load. Before starting, a 15-minute warm-up is necessary to warm up the main muscle groups, after which the basic elements of the dance begin to be worked out. For the performance of this style, not only the movements of the dancer are important, but also their appearance, especially shoes. The most famous type of Celtic dance that everyone knows about is the step. nine0003

    Suitable for

    Patient people who are attracted to the theme of social dancing. Complex combinations are inherent in this style, the elements of which will have to be learned not only in the classroom, but also at home (perhaps even mentally).

    • You have to get used to a rather unusual position. The dance is performed on half-toes (the dancer raises his heels and stands on his toes), the upper body is motionless, the arms are always lowered. The basic rule is fast footwork. nine0051
    • This is a group dance, so, on the one hand, you will have to give up any liberties, on the other hand, you will have to develop a sense of partnership when you feel yourself one with other people. Psychologists say that such training is especially useful for those who have difficulty joining the team or are afraid of communication.
    • Music has a clear rhythm and requires the same exact steps. It is important to hit both the note and the foot.
    • Another curious feature is that it is better not to practice any other dances before starting training. Classical choreographic training often gets in the way. For example, in ballet, the feet and hips are strongly turned to the sides. Here, on the contrary, the legs are always crossed. And forget about the hands. nine0051
    • The system of Celtic dances is extremely interesting because it heals the spine without missing a single section, just like a real doctor. The habit of keeping your back straight will form after a few weeks of regular practice.
    • Constant training will form the ideal calf muscles. Although any kind of dance has a positive effect on the muscles of the legs, the Celtic ones receive a well-deserved gold medal.
    • This type of activity does not give any load on the hands, so if necessary (or if desired) you need to work out this zone separately. nine0051

    Large shock loads (jumps) do not allow those who have problems with the heart, blood vessels, spine and joints to practice Celtic dances. Progressive varicose veins are also a contraindication.

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