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Dance music has spread across the world transcending religious & racial barriers connecting to the hearts and souls of millions. People have always felt the rhythm of music and have as a res... Read allDance music has spread across the world transcending religious & racial barriers connecting to the hearts and souls of millions. People have always felt the rhythm of music and have as a result evolved countless dance styles throughout the ages. Beginning in the late 80's in Melb. .. Read allDance music has spread across the world transcending religious & racial barriers connecting to the hearts and souls of millions. People have always felt the rhythm of music and have as a result evolved countless dance styles throughout the ages. Beginning in the late 80's in Melbourne's underground dance music party scene, a revolutionary freestyle dance began to grow... Read all





    • Stephen Coles
    • David Knispel
    • Michael Knispel
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    • Tim Day-Lewis
    • Mike Daniel
    • Scott Alert
    • Stephen Coles
    • David Knispel
    • Michael Knispel
  • Stars
    • Tim Day-Lewis
    • Mike Daniel
    • Scott Alert
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    What an awesome underground documentary!

    This documentary focuses on the underground dance style known as the Melbourne Shuffle that has notoriously spread across the world to Malaysia, UK, Thailand and parts of Europe. . It shows how it evolved, why these people dance like this, what they think it's all about. If you have any interest whatsoever in dancing, dance music, raves, clubbing, parties or just enjoy learning about different cultures from around the world then check out this documentary! It has interviews with big name DJs.. like Leeroy Thornhill (formely of The Prodigy) and tons of cool Melbourne Shuffle dance footage. I bought it on DVD from their website and it features over 3 hours of special features!! Highly recommended! 10/10



    • lassie01
    • Apr 11, 2006

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    Modern dance style Shuffle » RuDance

    Street dance Shuffle is a style of modern dance , the wave of development of which has spread today over the vast territory of Russia, all over the country. The Shuffle dance style has gained popularity and has found its followers in the face of advanced modern youth, not only in the Russian Federation.

    The youth of all modernized countries, without exception, fell under the wave of development and formation of Shuffle. The guys who want to stand out from the crowd of their own kind and are hungry for new experiences and emotions are actively developing shuffle today and involving an increasing number of peers and like-minded people in dance halls. nine0007

    Melbourne Shuffle (Melbourne shuffle) - originated in the late 80s in Australia, in the underground scene of the city of Melbourne. The
    Shuffle is one of several dances that originated in the acid house era. In the same era, other similar dance styles of jacking and step also occurred. However, the acid house genre became more diverse and split into two different sub-styles with the same philosophy: back-step and shuffling. The shuffle continued to develop in Melbourne's nightclubs and other rave scenes. nine0017 Many events, clubs, communities have been involved in the development of this dance style over the years. In the early 90s, they began to dance it under Trance, at the same time the speed of this dance increased. In 2007, in Melbourne, they already began to dance to hard trance, hardstyle, jumpstyle, hard house, album, breakbeat, drum and bass, Tribal house and techno.

    Youth dance direction Shuffle today is actively promoted by various DJs, party-goers from other countries who came to raves in Australia, in Melbourne. They dance shuffle not for competition, but for themselves, for pleasure and self-expression. When training shufflers - professionals made sure that each dancer had his own individual and unique style. nine0007

    Some dancers sprinkled talc on the dance floor to make it easier to slide their feet. Thus, the sliding speed increased. By the way, until now, in some Russian clubs, the floor is sprinkled with talcum powder, which makes it much easier for dancers to move around the dance floor.

    Since 2002 shuffle has been actively promoted by various mass media, radio, television, newspapers and other media. A lot of material has been released about this dance, from the usual articles, newspaper articles and radio broadcasts to DVDs with the history and teaching of this dance. nine0007

    Style Description Shuffle
    The basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been footwork performed by combining three basic steps. This is known as the "Shuffle" in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    Slide left or right and then back and forth. When performed well, shufflers can appear to slide across the floor, seemingly defying friction.
    Trailing spot is used for various reasons. A shuffler using this step can conserve energy for a few moments before changing, in rhythm and pattern of music. The Shuffler can step back and let the other dancer take the center position, meanwhile Putting on the Spot. Hand movements come into play more often while in this step as it allows the dancer to express the connection with the music regarding the kicked. nine0017 The triangle shuffle is a very energetic move that can be executed with great flair.

    The modern shuffler usually performs about 5 different steps, shuffle:

    1. Running Man (Running Man) is the most popular move where the shuffler "runs" in place. One leg is raised from a fixed position and is in front while the other is lowered, when the back leg is raised to a fixed position, then the front leg goes to a fixed position and the process is repeated periodically. This is also known as the two-step technique. nine0007

    2. T-motion shuffle, a motion where the shuffler moves one foot up and down while moving the toe of the other foot to the left and right, creating a T-shaped like shape. This is the main move among the Shufflers.

    3. Sliding, where the shuffler usually slides left and right sometimes, slide is usually a long "slide" on the dance floor and is mostly accompanied by rotation.

    4. Scrolls (rotations) can be "normal" or "inverted". Normal rotation means you lift one leg from a standing position and use it to move your body in a clockwise direction. An inverted rotation is the opposite, where you lift one leg from a standing position and use it to propel yourself in a counter-clockwise direction. Both spins are basic and included in the Shuffle. nine0007

    5. Kicks are made with one foot while the other is used to "shuffle" to one side. Kicks can be low (some shufflers kick at the bottom, shuffle to one side) and high (some shufflers kicking up to their waist). The point of the kick should look balanced and controlled, thus applying the kick repeatedly..shufflers prefer not to bend their knees while their leg is in the air.

    Dance steps from other styles such as miemeing, popping, locking, liquding, running man and breake can also be included in the Shuffle. nine0007

    Melbourne shuffle (dance) -

    For articles of the same name, see Shuffle.


    Work people in Melbourne shuffle.

    The Melbourne shuffle (or MelbShuffle for short) is a dance born in the late 1980s in Australia, more specifically in the underground stage in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city. The basic movements in this dance involve the rapid movement of the heels and toes, but a few variations involve hand movements. In terms of musical style, the Melbourne shuffle prefers the fastest electronic music. nine0007

    Dance with variations spontaneously practiced in Quebec in 1987.


    Melbourne shuffle is one of several dances that emerged during the heyday of acid house in the 1990s. Although the exact origins of this style are unknown, it bears a strong resemblance to previous styles of jazz dance.


    • 1 1980s and 1990s
    • 2 Since 2000s
    • 3 features
    • 4 Music
    • nine0075 5 media
    • 6 Notes and references

    1980s and 1990s

    The Melbourne shuffle is beginning to emerge as a separate dance, incorporating more hand movements than previous styles. The first video showing that the style exists was filmed one night. at the Sarah Sands Hotels in Melbourne. Techno was gradually replaced by trance and acid house music. A series of videos documenting the style during this decade explain how the style became popular. This dance is characterized by many variations, but the heel-toe movement remains the main key movement, giving rise to the term Melbourne Shuffle. nine0007

    Since 2000s

    In 2006, with the advent of YouTube, dancers contributed to the international internet shuffling, published (uploaded) their own versions and learned from others. In 2007, thousands of Australians created a similar fashion phenomenon for the tecktonik (or electro vertigo dance) in France. Having a different mindset than former Melbourne shufflers, most of the participants in this phenomenon are between the ages of 12 and 17. They create "teams", they "fight" and have dance battles, contrary to the culture of the Melbourne shuffle, the true spirit of which is to express themselves by dancing, dancing, having fun through music and dancing as everyone wants. The word unites (or unites) both real shufflers and ravers: PLUR, which means peace, love, unity, respect . This word also comes from rave, like "Melbourne shuffle". These teenagers are changing their dance style, their favorite shuffle music becomes hardstyle, a musical style very common in the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and Spain. However, there is still a lot of old-school Melbourne shuffle that only dances in clubs, parties or even techno festivals.


    Known to the people of Melbourne as "shuffling", the name "melbourne shuffling" has been derived from foreign DJs, party/rave parties, attendees and the media trying to describe the phenomenon. Australian newspaper The Age mentioned that it was like "a cross between a chicken dance and robot kicks", but it has simply been referred to as "shuffling" by Melbourneers since 1992. A few dancers dust him with talcum powder on the floor below. their feet to help them glide more easily, some of them involve spinning (milling) 360° or jumping in their movements. Many people use "fat pants (in)" for the Melbourne shuffle because they hide the actual movement of the legs, making the dance smoother. The 'Phat Pants' are wide-leg trousers that are used by shufflers and ravers for water bottles carried in their very large pockets, and to ventilate the feet because after long hours of dancing. To rave, the sweat on the calves itches and is very unpleasant. “Everyone has their own unique veil that reflects their personality”, with colors, patterns, most often reacting to light (reflective material). Some shufflers also use liquid , derived from the word popping, to relax and "feel the music".


    The music that the first shufflers danced to in the late 80s was house and acid house. In the early 1990s, when trance music became popular, the dance style changed to "slid" or "slide". He returned to the old style when the minimalist house appeared. In 2007, shufflers typically listen to hard trance, hardstyle, hard house, hard dance, and electro. Although the shuffling dance style can be performed on any genre of music, there is a preference for music with a tempo of 130-150 BPM, although ultimately the music depends on the tastes of the shuffle. nine0007


    The Melbourne shuffle has remained relatively underground since its inception in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The term "Melbourne Shuffle" was written into the media when Rupert Keiller of the musical group Sonic Animation was interviewed on an Australian music television show. The editor asks Rupert what his unique style of dancing is, and he replies, Melbourne Shuffle. B Australian newspaper Age mentioned the term in a front page article in an attempt to illustrate what a Melbourne shuffle is.

    In 2004, Six Flags launched an advertising campaign featuring Mr. Six, an old man performing Melbourne shuffle, jumpstyle and tectonics.

    The shuffling has spread to Malaysia, where "competitions and random gatherings" are held. Shufflers export their "self-expressive" art form and dance style overseas, and are regularly seen at raves in the UK, Germany, Malaysia as well as Thailand where shufflers can be seen on the beaches of Koh Pang Ngan during the Full Moon Rave. nine0007

    A documentary on the subject called Melbourne Shuffler was made in 2004-2005 and then released in late 2005 on DVD.

    Notes and links

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