How to do the wop dance

The Wop - Popular dance moves that make you go hmmm…


Popular dance moves that make you go hmmm…

The day after the MTV Video Music Awards, which was held earlier this week, netizens of the world logged on to ask the one question that had them all baffled: <br><br>“What is twerking?” Their query was soon answered when the Oxford Online Dictionaries added it to its lexicon, defining it as a “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” <br><br>It might not be too long before these other dance styles bust a move from popular culture to popular jargon.



Let’s get one thing clear — twerking existed in dance circles before Miley Cyrus’ facepalm-inducing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. <br><br> Before the Oxford Dictionary definition, twerking was described as a dance with a lot of wiggles, low hip rolls and thigh-shaking turns. <br><br> While it appears to have its roots in hip hop culture, twerking is not exactly a dance form that many proudly associate with. <br><br>


The Wobble

This dance starts with the Bernie, with the body lurched outwards. <br><br> Then one must shimmy, a handroll on each side and then sway. <br><br>


The Bernie

Based on the moves of the dead guy Bernie from the 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie’s, this dance was brought back to life when a rapper Isa recorded his track Movin like Berney in 2011. <br><br> To master the Bernie, one must flail one’s body as though one is being dragged and must demonstrate no control over the limbs. <br><br>


The Stanky Legg

Stanky Legg is the debut song by hip hop group GS Boyz, and the dance that goes with it is a mix of the other popular dances such as the Dougie. <br><br> <br><br>It requires the dancer to move each leg in a circular motion, alternately. <br><br> You may hold your nose, like there’s a stink, but most dancers leave that move out. <br><br>


The Shopping Cart

This has to be the dance for dummies and those who complain they can’t move at all. <br><br> Just pretend you’re shopping at a supermarket: grab items from the top shelves, throw them down in your imaginary cart and scoot along in the front. <br><br>


The Wop

Singer J Dash released his song WOP with instructions: “Ladies, take it back throw it back to the front / Bend yo’ waist look to the front / Now bounce yo body to the beat just a little bit harder. <br><br>”


The John Wall

Named after the US basketball player. <br><br> The John Wall is a fist and bicep show-off, and is also known as “Fist Pumping. <br><br>”


The Cupid Shuffle

The dance stems from R&B singer Cupid’s song, Cupid Shuffle, which was released in 2007

33 Doo-Wop Dances (CD) - Discogs

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1The Blanders–Jitterbug
2Herb Price And The Darts–Shimmy Shimmy Cha Cha Cha
3The Clovers–Bossa Nova Baby
4Joe Lyons And The Arrows–Bop A Loop
5The Corvets (5)–Let's Do The Pony
6The Dumonts–Do The Twist
7The Calvaes–Mambo Fiesta
8The Dappers–Chicken Twist
9The Magics (2)–Let's Boo Ga Loo
10Lewis Webber–Queen Of Rock And Roll
11The Belgianetts–Do The Crank
12Dillard Croom Jr. *–Rock And Roll Boogie
13The Beau-Belles–Honkey Tonk Hop
14The Robins (6)–Doing The Popeye
15The Cardigans (2)–Cha Cha Baby
16Jimmy Charles, The Revelletts–Hop Scotch Hop
17Joe Lyons And The Arrows–Shufflin' Jive
18Harold & The Casuals–You Can Shake A Tail Feather
19The Blendtones–The Slide
20Majestics*–Teach Me How To Limbo
21The Buddies (7)–Hully Gully Mama
22The Invictors (2)–The Wiggle
23The Casual-Aires*–Bossa Nova Twist
24The Erdells–Monkey Dance
25Little "Butchie" Saunders & His Buddies–Rock And Roll Indian Dance
26The Four Buddies*–Slow Locomotion
27Johnny And Dell–The Bounce
28The Coanjos–Do The Boomerang
29Arrows*–Indian Bop Hop
30The Five Splendors–The Elephant Walk
31Bobby Lawrence & The Angeleos–Hully Gully Fever
32Bobby Taylor–Ubangi Stomp
33Herman Jones & The Kilts–Mashed Potato

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How not to look stupid on the dance floor?

How not to look stupid on the dance floor?

1. The dance floor is a “stage” with special rules. The main rule is "Do not disturb others" : do not push, do not whip everyone with your hands, do not stomp with your heels, do not stick cigarettes, do not pour drinks, do not be pushy. To make it pleasant to be around you and look safe for others, you should adapt the dance to the conditions of a limited space. Amplitude swings, kicks, elbows, jumps, splits and randats are not suitable for the dance floor. You must be able to move compactly and in a variety of ways. nine0006

2. The only dance suitable for the dance floor is improvisation where you move spontaneously in real time. Movements arise as a consequence of the reaction to the sound, and not the repetition of memorized "expressions". Have you ever interacted with a robot at a technology expo? Remember your emotions when you ask him a question and wait for an involved reaction, and he monotonously answers you with a formulaic answer, often unrelated to the question. People dancing bundles evoke similar emotions. nine0006

3. Dancing on the dance floor is a form of communication, not a performance . The movements create the background, but are not the goal. "Dance for relaxation" means that you dance while relaxing, chatting with friends. When you dance a bunch, you completely deprive yourself of the opportunity not only to communicate with friends, but also to perceive others, enjoy the party, listen to music. All attention is directed to remembering and reproducing the sequence of movements. Movements must be performed automatically at the level of motor memory in order to engage in improvisation, creativity and communicate freely. nine0006

4. In order to win people over properly, you need to move in a relaxed and natural way, for this movement should be simple and comfortable. Movements should convey the mood of the music, they reveal your state and perception of the sound. From the point of view of style, the movements should correspond to the music that sounds, so a bunch invented for music of a different style will not look harmonious.

5. Move according to your style . No matter how beautifully the choreographer dances, but if you have different types and you don’t feel the same as him, his movements will look sticky on you. It is important that the movements you are taught be flexible in style, i.e. so that they can be given different properties and manner. Only under these conditions will your knowledge be applied in practice and merge with your personal style and charisma. All movements in our program are freely adaptable to any style of music and suit people of different types and builds. They can be danced both at a disco in a stiletto skirt, and at a social reception in an evening dress. nine0006

6. Move in a balanced way whole body, including all muscle groups; this will allow you to dance for a long time and not get tired, due to the fact that the load will be evenly distributed throughout the body. This will allow you not to overwork, not sweat like a horse and stretch the pleasure of dancing for the whole party.

7. You need to be able to move in a wide range of moods : from light unobtrusive dance to active and incendiary at peak moments. To do this, you need to be able to do the same movements, do it differently in terms of presentation, style and activity. nine0006

8. Your dance should reveal your strengths, not your weaknesses . Dance is a weapon, but it should not be directed against you. If your muscles are atrophied, then your every movement will scream about it. With good physical shape, even the simplest movements will delight with their beauty. The main objective of our program is to restore atrophied muscles, and teach you how to do simple things, but beautifully.

9. You must have a good rhythm, basic movement and coordination . Without these skills, dancing will not work. Plastic is loyal: it cannot be done wrong, you can always refer to your taste. With rhythm, everything is much tougher: if you do not get into the rhythm, it is immediately noticeable, and smearing past the rhythm is not forgivable.

10. Now the most important thing: in order to dance well, it is enough to master only a few movements of high quality . No one will count how many movements you know, but everyone will see whether these movements are beautiful or not. What matters is not what you dance, but how you do it! The overall impression of the dance will be determined not by the quantity, but by the quality of the movements. The good news is that it only takes a few sessions to master a few movements. nine0006

How to dance modern dance? Dance for the dance floor.

Dance for the dance floor. How to dance modern dance.

90% of the information coming from you is non-verbal (movements, gestures) and only 10% are words. No matter how hard you try, your movements say more about you than words. Many people understand this and prefer not to dance at parties. Just as you have learned to speak - to express your thought - you also need to be able to express your thoughts and feelings non-verbally. When you don't know how to move, your body is not silent, it flogs nonsense uncontrollably, or leads to stiffness and tightness. nine0006

There are two kinds of beauty - innate and acquired. What matters is not how you look naturally, but how you use it. All the richness of the inner world is worthless if you cannot express it.

Despite its popularity, the theme of dance to modern music has been little studied. Try searching the Internet for articles about modern dance. What do you see? The history of the development of dance, biographical sketches of dancers, artistic descriptions of dance shows, advertising of dance classes, announcements of dance festivals. Did you manage to find informative articles about modern dance that would provide valuable information that can be applied in practice? Where it would be said how to dance modern dance, what are its main elements, how to master it; what you need to know to quickly learn to move freely; how to develop mobility, master rhythm, plasticity and coordination, etc. ? It is unlikely that you are something additional to what we have written. The fact is that dancing to modern music has not advanced far, because the music that is now being danced to on the dance floors of the world has been formed relatively recently. nine0006

The modern world is rich in all kinds of dance styles, but all of them are specific, narrowly applicable in practice, do not give the slightest idea how to dance modern dance. Take, for example, dance styles such as R'n'B and Hip-Hop. How often do you find yourself on the dance floors with such an accompaniment? You have to try hard to get to such a party. The same can be said about hundreds of other styles - they are specific: be it latin, hustle, salsa, etc. All these are narrowly focused styles that are suitable only for specialized parties. nine0006

Dance style is a limitation, where there is what is possible and what is not. Style - specific, recognizable, subject to fashion, applicable only in narrow circles. By choosing a style, you are choosing a path that leads to a dead end. The only way to develop in dance for someone who owns a certain style is to learn a new style, which will also cease to be fashionable and relevant over time. Why does style go out of fashion? Because times, people and music change.

Up to a certain point there was no question of how to dance modern dance, because dance and music went side by side. The music changed, the dance changed, everything developed in harmony. But the breakthrough in music production technologies and the massive development of the club industry have changed the balance of power. There was a gap between music and dance. The music surged forward, spreading to the world's arenas and dance floors, relegating dance to the stage. nine0006

Modern dance is dancing to modern music played on the dance floors. This is the most massive, widespread type of dance.
A dance floor is a place where music plays and people dance; in other words - a dance floor: corporate party, disco, holiday, party, feast, club, bar, restaurant, etc.

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