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Teach me how to dougie w/o teaching me how to dougie 😂👨‍🏫 dancing with @Merrick Hanna 🔥b

Teach me how to dougie w/o teaching me how to dougie 😂👨‍🏫 dancing with @Merrick Hanna 🔥b - YouTube

Merrick Hanna




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Cali Swag District - Teach me how to dougie (Dance Video)

Dougie Dance

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Teach Me How To Dougie! Teach Me, Teach Me How To Dougie!

Free and Funny Music Ecard: Teach Me How To Dougie! Teach Me, Teach Me How To Dougie! Create and send your own custom Music ecard.

Dougie Dance

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How to Dougie | Sexy Dance Moves

Full Playlist: these Dance Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple...

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Watch Them Whip: A Decade of Viral Dance Moves

Dancers from around the country perform the most popular dance moves, from the Dougie to the Quan.

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Teach Me How to Dougie Dance/ Jookin and boppin dance

SUBSCRIBE: Fresh Talent Gives a lil preview to the people of how he dances. this is not my best i promise :). me I do Not own rights to both songs. but the s...

Dougie Dance

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Bottoms Up

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When Zayn and Harry unofficially auditioned for 'N Sync.

And they say they can't dance...

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Dougie Dance

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How to Dougie | Viral Dance Moves

The Dougie is a hip-hop dance generally performed by moving one's body in a shimmy style and passing a hand through or near the hair on one's own head.The da...

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Tonight Show Hair Flip GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Dougie | Know Your Meme


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The Dougie is a style of hip hop dance that involves shimmying from side to side and passing one’s hand over or through one’s hair. Since being introduced by Dallas rapper Lil' Wil in his 2007 hit single "My Dougie," the dance has been further popularized with participation from well-known athletes and celebrities.


The dance takes its name from the American rapper and beatboxer Doug E. Fresh[1], known for this signature move in the 1980s. It was initially popularized in 2007 by Dallas rapper Lil Wil with his hit rap single “My Dougie." In the official music video, Lil Wil and his dancers can be seen swaying back and forth while moving their hands over their heads.


A few instructional YouTube videos of the Dougie and Yahoo Answer threads[3] were posted in 2007 and 2008, but the trend stayed contained within Lil Wil’s hometown of Dallas, Texas, where the term “dougie” was also used as a synonym for Swag.[2] That May, the first question about the Dougie was asked on Yahoo! Answers.[3] The dance was introduced to a wider mainstream audience when the hip hop group Cali Swag District released the single "Teach Me How to Dougie"[4] on April 12th, 2010, without any credit given to Lil Wil. [17] The song was certified platinum in the United States on January 6th, 2011[5] for more than a million downloads.

As of May 2012, the official music video of "Teach Me How to Dougie" has more than 10.5 million views on YouTube and more than 450,000 shares on Facebook.[6] An official site[23] featuring fan-submitted dance videos was registered in March 2010, but has not been updated since 2011. The song has two fan pages on Facebook, one with 227,166 likes[7] and a second with 39,230 likes[8] as of May 2012.

Notable Examples

The dance itself has more than 40,000 likes on Facebook.[9]Posts about the dance can be found on Tumblr[21] and Twitter[22] with the tag #Dougie. On YouTube, there are more than 77,500 results for Dougie[24] and more than 21,000 results for “how to dougie”[25] as of May 2012.


Many American basketball and football[18] players have used the Dougie as a victory dance or sharing YouTube videos of themselves doing the dance, including Washington Wizards player John Wall and Orlando Magic’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis. In August 2010, ESPN[13] and men's humor site The Smoking Jacket[16] reported on the dance becoming a trend amongst sports players, followed by a similar article shared on the Wall Street Journal[14] that November. In December, the Dallas Observer[15] published a compilation article featuring the year’s best Dougie videos.


In April and May 2011, videos of First Lady Michelle Obama[19] and model Kate Upton[20] doing the dance surfaced on YouTube. Pop musicians like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have also incorporated the Dougie into their live performances. Justin Bieber has several Dougie-related Facebook fan pages, each with more than 10,000 likes including They Be Like Justin (what?) Can You Teach Me How To Dougie?[10], Dear Justin Bieber: Can U Teach Me How To Dougie?[11] and Justin Drew Bieber University of Dougie.[12]


Aside from instructional videos of the dance, there are a handful of parodies of the Cali Swag District song as well.

Search Interest

Since “Dougie” is also a popular nickname for Doug, there has been consistent queries for the keyword, but the volume of search interest began to pick up in late 2007, which may be attributed to the release of Lil Wil’s “My Dougie.”

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[25] YouTube – Search results for "how to dougie"

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Entertainment "Our cheerful snowman" | Teaching material (middle group) on the topic:

Cheerful Snowman

Integrated entertainment scenario in the middle group

Purpose. Contribute to the strengthening and preservation of the physical health of children.


To consolidate the performance of the main types of movements: walking in a circle, snake, on toes, heels, walking along a ribbed path, running, jumping.

Develop coordination of movements, endurance, speed of reaction.

To form children's interest in musical and rhythmic exercises, game tasks.

To fix the passed musical material.

Cheer up children.

Equipment: Rope, flat hoops, footbridge, massage track, arches, snowballs, sled, dance carrots, house for theatrical performances.





Entertainment progress:

Presenter: Hello children. A letter arrived in our garden today. To find out from whom you need to guess the riddle.

We made a snowball,
Made a hat on it,
Attached a nose, and in an instant
It turned out ...

Presenter: Of course, this is a letter from a snowman. He writes that he will soon come to visit us to play with you.

Cheerful music sounds. A snowman runs into the hall, pushing a sleigh full of snowballs behind him.

Snowman: Hello my friends, I was in a hurry to see you. Did you receive a letter from me?.......... Winter is in the yard. A lot of snow fell, you can play and wallow in the snow, ski and skate. Look how many snowballs he made - a full sled ..

Presenter: We were waiting for you Snowman. Our guys learned a song for you.

The song “We are snowmen friends”

Snowman: Wonderful song. Now I will sing it. Do you like to play? And do you love winter? And you're not afraid of the cold? Hide your hands and nose, the frost will freeze you.

Game “I'll Freeze”

(Children stand in a circle with their arms outstretched forward. The snowman tries to touch the fingertips of the children. Children hide their hands behind their backs).

Host: Wow, froze us, you are a snowman. It doesn't matter, because our children know how to bask in the cold and they will teach you.

The game "We will warm up a little."

Snowman: Are you warm? Look at my wonderful sled. Do you know how to ride them?

Children's answers.

Snowman: Then let's get into the sleigh, hold on tight, let's go!!!!

Sledge game

Children stand one after another, put their hands on each other's belt. Snowman ahead. They go either slowly, climbing up the mountain, then quickly sliding down the mountain. At the end of the game, they fall to the floor behind the Snowman.

Presenter: Snowman, how clumsy you are. Are you sure you're not charging?

Snowman: No. (offended)

Presenter: And our children do exercises every morning, and they will teach you.

Children and a snowman follow a physical education instructor to cheerful rhythmic music. They sit on chairs.

Snowman: It's great and fun to exercise, I feel a surge of energy. Do you know how to guess riddles?................. Then listen.


Quietly from the sky, as in a dream, falls to the ground . .. (snow).

And fluffs fly - White ... (snowflakes).

Quietly falls on the road, on the meadow ... (snowball).

As if dressed in a white down jacket ... (snowman).

Likes carrots, runs smartly……(hare)

Snowman: Well done guys.

A snowman walks through the hall and finds a carrot.

Snowman: Oh, look, a carrot. Who loves carrots?

Children: Hare.

Snowman: Let's go to the winter forest and give the carrot to the hare? I will show you the way.

They snake on their toes, on their heels, along the massage path, along the rope sideways, cross the bridge, jump along flat hoops, crawl under the arches.

Snowman: So we came to the bunny's house.

They approach the house where the sad bunny is sitting. They knock.

Snowman: Hello, bunny. We came to visit you and brought you a carrot.

Hare: I am very glad to have guests. Thanks for the carrot. In winter, no one comes to me. And I love to frolic and dance. Will you dance with me?

Dance with carrots

Snowman: Look, bunny, how many snowballs we have. Will you play snowballs with us?

Snowball fight

Snowman: Well done guys! Deftly, the bunny and I had fun,
but it's time to return to the kindergarten.

Hare: I had so much fun with you today. It's lonely alone in the winter forest...

Snowman: Don't be sad, I'll stay with you, and you guys get into the sleigh and go home. Goodbye kids. You are so friendly, smart, funny!

Sledge game

Presenter: So we are back to kindergarten. Played, had fun, not tired? Well done!

Life is unpredictable - Chapter 18

...listen to my desire, you will wear the dress I bought you and you will obey me all evening! - he stood with a satisfied expression on his face.

- Hey, there are two wishes! - started to argue with him.

- Two in one.

- Douglas, don't be impudent!

- Desire, there is a desire.

- Doug, maybe not? - John tried to soften the situation.

de3efa4cb25ad2"> - No, you have to, - he confirmed seriously.

-Give me your filthy dress.

- Keep it to your best!

-And if it only works out for ninety? -I asked him ironically.

-Don't forget, you have to obey me, - he looked at me slyly.

I gave him a disgruntled look and went upstairs to change.

-I need to see what kind of dress he bought me.

-Let's open it!

- Heh, do you think this artiodactyl creature will buy me something normal? I will definitely look like a peacock or who knows what!

"Open that box once already!" shouted Chris.

-Here and now I'm opening Pandora's box, get ready ladies and gentlemen.

- Don't exaggerate.

- Never - I opened the box, there was a black dress.

- Dress him up now!

- But it seems short to me, I will be like a frivolous girl, - I began to resent the outfit.

- Dress and see.

I put it on. The dress opened one shoulder and was short. But maybe it's not so short, I'm just not used to such a length.

-It sits beautifully on you and the length is normal, it covers everything you need, - she was silent for a bit, - You only need make-up and hair.

"Ehh... Douglas with his wish," I sighed.

-There is also my share of guilt, I will make you the star of the evening.

When Christy finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. I look very pretty, I didn’t even think that I could look like that.

- How sexy we are! - a friend admired.

"Speak for yourself," I muttered.

-Everyone will be at our feet, our time to rule has come, my friend!- such a funny face grimaced.

-Christy, you are in your repertoire.

-Let's go down.

- You can go, but I have to call Rick.

-Ahh...okay, I'll leave you. But just go down, it’s not for nothing that I conjured over your image for so long.

-Yes, boss!

I picked up the phone and called Rick.

-Hi, where are you?

- Hello, I'm on my way.

-Okay, I'll wait.

- See you soon.

If you think about it, desire is normal. I was expecting something terrible, but here it’s just to put on a dress, or he knew that I would dress quite simply without any problems.

As I was going down, I immediately noticed that there was quite a large crowd of people on the first floor. When did they get together? Everyone turned towards me.

I approached my beloved friends.

"Jani, you look great!" John complimented.

-Thank you, you too!

-I told you Jen that you would be just stunning!


We were shouting, the music was playing very loudly. Suddenly, I felt someone's hands on my waist. I turned around and saw Douglas.

He approached my ear and said:

-You look gorgeous, - ran his finger along my back, - Good girl for listening to me.

- Take your hands off!

- Heh, as always, don't forget about the second part of my wish!

- Go away! - pushed him away from her.

Some girl came up to us and started flirting with Douglas, she asked him to dance. He is wearing a T-shirt, but it somehow looks special on him. Indeed, when the body is in good shape, everything almost looks twice as beautiful.

I saw Rick, he saw me too and came towards me.

-Jani, hello! You look beautiful!

- Hello, thank you!

-Let's dance, he suggested to me.

We went dancing, I got tired and went to drink. Among the rest of the people, I drew attention to my friend, Christie was already in a state of intoxication. She took a mop, put a pan on her head and sat on John as if on a horse.

- Come on, my horse! But-but!

-Christy, have you been drinking?!

-Nooo...hey, Janie, do you know that birds can fly and chirp? -She didn't stay on her feet very well and staggered.

Christy got drunk and so did John, what to do?

- Hey! Janie, have a drink," she handed me a glass.

-What is this Christy?

-Juice, what can't you see, it's still... well, it's... with many fruits.

- Multifruit?

- Exactly, multifruit!

I drank a few glasses, Chris forced me to. Hell, not that, I don't need much to get drunk. I ran quickly to the bathroom and when I entered it, I saw bottles of foam there. I took three bottles with me and returned to the first floor.

- Narooood, who wants foam?

- Weyyyy! - everyone shouted in one voice, and I started to spray the contents of the spray cans.

I saw Douglas approaching me and splashed him in the face.

-Douglas, you are a cute snowman, a chubby snowman!

- What are you drinking? - This question sounded a little rude and dissatisfied.

- No, I'm an intelligent person, Ph.D.! - started laughing.

"Damn," he scratched the back of his head in confusion.


-What? Arcs?

- Sounds very nice, doesn't it?

- Grace just rushing!

- Well, well ... my boy, you are so good.

I saw how Christie sneaks up to Douglas with some kind of package in her hands and put it on his head, and I wasted no time climbing onto the table and started dancing.

- Everyone is dancing!

I noticed that Christy and John used markers to draw tattoos for themselves. Right, where's Rick? I need to go look for him. But before I went to look for him, I went to my comrades.

-Hey! Guys, what are you doing?

-Oooh! Spongebob has arrived.

-Where's SpongeBob?! - I shouted.

-You are SpongeBob!

-I'm not yellow.

-That's what you think, but we creative souls see you yellow! - John said with a serious face, and then, together with Christie, began to laugh.

- Okay, I went to look for Rick!

-I saw him, he went upstairs with some girl.

"Mmm...up to heaven," John began to laugh.

- Okay, I'm going.

I went upstairs and entered one of the rooms, where I saw Rick with some girl. I immediately sobered up, tears flowed from my eyes.

- Janie?

-In my own person, as you can see, I don't want to see you anymore.

-Jennifer, it's not what you think!

-I'm off, I won't disturb you.

- Jen, stop!

He grabbed my wrist.

- Removed his hand immediately and quickly left my house! Just don’t forget to take your passion with you, I don’t need garbage.

I quickly ran to the balcony. Tears streamed down my cheeks, it was a shame, to be honest.

- Jen, are you crying? - Douglas's voice was heard, only I missed him.

- No, I'm laughing, don't you see?

-What happened?

- Douglas, where did you go when you're worried about my problems?

-From now on, let's talk.

-If I tell you, will you fall behind?

-Let me go.

-I caught Rick with another girl.

-What? I told you not to mess with him.

-Thank you for such support, now leave.

-Calm down, don't cry because of him, let's go back and have fun, -he hugged me tightly.

-You know, when you're not smart, it's very: cute, handsome and caring.

-Eh... you should have registered it, otherwise you won't believe me tomorrow that you said those words. Janie, you're very kind when under the influence of alcohol.

-I'm not drunk, I'll prove it now. Show me one finger!

-Why are you pointing the finger?

-If I laugh, then I'm drunk, and if not, then I'm sober.

-Where did you learn about this method?

- This information is not included with the distribution.

-Okay, here's my finger, - Douglas showed me his index finger, - Jen, you should have seen what a concentrated face you have, as if it's not a finger, but something else.

-You are laughing, you are drunk!

-I didn't drink anything.

-You're just always so drunk in life.

- A wonderful conclusion.

I started laughing with him. I don’t know why, but I pulled him towards me and began to look into his eyes, then my gaze was riveted to his lips, such an alluring feeling. I succumbed to instincts and alcohol, my mind seemed to have clouded, I poured into his lips. He didn't expect this turn of events, but it turned him on even more. One of his hands wandered through my hair, and the second circled my waist, pulling me closer, these minutes were unique. His craftsmanship deserves the highest score. Slowly we pulled away from each other.

- Don't kill me tomorrow, Jen!

-And why should I kill you?

-Because you won't believe me that you yourself kissed me.

-I could not resist a little, you are so handsome and huge, - she said the last word in a very funny manner.

- Only you can hear such compliments.

-Let's go back now, I want to dance!

- Are you sure? Can you go take a break?

-Shh...don't argue with me.

I pulled Douglas with me, coming back in the crowd I saw Rick.

-Jennifer, I've been looking for you everywhere.

-And I didn't seem to get lost for you to look for me. I told you to get out of my house, didn't I?

-I won't leave until you listen to me!

-Did you hear what she said? We won't repeat it twice. Better leave peacefully, otherwise you will have to deal with me, - Douglas interceded.

- Don't interfere!

-Don't be insolent and lower your tone when you talk to me.

-Who are you to tell me?

-Your nightmare, let's go outside and talk.

They were heading for the exit. I rushed after them, but Douglas told me to stay and stay out of it. Ehh, why is it always like this, once you start having fun something bad happens anyway.

I saw Douglas come back to the apartment and said:

- Everybody go home, the party is over!

-Uuuuuuu! -everyone started to resent, but left.

Douglas had a broken lip. All because of me, why I told him the whole situation with Rick, I would have figured it out myself.

- Douglas, let's go disinfect the wound.

-No need, I can handle it myself.

-Don't argue with me, sit on the couch and I'll bring the first aid kit.

I went to the kitchen to get a first aid kit and saw Christy and John, they were doing something again.

-Hey, what are you doing there?

"We're inventing a drug against stupidity," Chris said confidently.

-What do you cook it with there?

- Well, here are the secret ingredients.

-Okay, alchemists, don't mess up the kitchen, and this drug should be given to Douglas, who knows, it might have an effect.

- Ok, no problem!

Returned to Douglas. She opened a jar of alcohol and poured a little on a cotton swab, began to gently wipe the wound.

"Mmm..." he mumbled.

- Be patient! - he had a displeased expression on his face, - Thank you for standing up for me.

- Not at all.

-You're still good.

-Did you happen to fall in love with me and I will become the winner in our game?

I pressed on the wound and said:

- No!

-Ayy, why so rude?

-Don't talk nonsense.

-It's not nonsense, it's the truth about what you feel but don't want to admit!

-Yeah, keep dreaming. Everything, disinfection was successful.

-Look, don't cry over Rick, okay?

-I won't, the main thing is that I now saw what he really is, than to regret later. To be honest, I also found his behavior suspicious at some points.

-I'm glad you realized it yourself.

We looked at each other for a long time without making a single sound. Douglas grabbed my arm and then let go.

"No, not now..." he said thoughtfully.

I didn't understand why he said that. I lay down on the sofa and looked at the ceiling, he lay down next to me.

-What do you see there, Jen?


- Unicorns?

We turned to each other and started laughing.

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