How to dance like magic mike tutorial

6 Sexy Masculine Dance Moves To Try Now | Tutorial Video

So it’s Saturday night and you’re about to hit the dance floor when, BOOM. You’re hit with a wave of fear. 😳

In a panic, you wonder… How do other guys manage to look sexy when they dance? How do they look so confident?!

Whether you’re at the club, a party, or at home with your significant other, there’s nothing worse than feeling awkward in your own body.

So watch this video featuring Patrick Packing, a Magic Mike show dancer!

He'll walk you through 6 moves that are sure to impress.


hey what's up y'all this is Patrick
Packing or you can call me... "Magic Pat"

and I'm from the Magic Mike live show in Las Vegas

today I'm at STEEZY to teach you six sexy dance moves, that you can learn right now.

If these feel awkward for you at first, don't worry.
I'm gonna teach you how to get into these

moves at the end of the video. So make
sure you watch it all the way through.

All right. Move number one is the Body Roll.
First lift your chin up

then push your chest forward.
At this point your lower back is arched

so, let that movement continue down
until your back gets rounded and your knees are bent.

When you first start off, practice with a
big body roll so you get a feel for it

and then over time make it smaller and more subtle.
A tip for beginners,

try doing it against the wall.
it'll help you isolate the parts in your body roll.

Move number two: the wine.
This move is like you're hula hooping but with a really

small hoop.
So plant your feet around shoulder-width apart

with your knees slightly bent
and rotate your hips in a circular motion.

Keep the movement focused on your pelvic area.

Move number three: the baby-maker.

Get on your hands and feet like this.
Start by pushing your hips upward into a bridge

and circle your knees out to in. It's just like you're body rolling, but in a different position.

You don't want to look like
you're going into labor.

control the movement so you look strong
and sexy. Move number four: the dolphin dive.

Yes you're gonna need to use your
upper body strength, all right but don't

worry it's not gonna be as difficult as it looks

plant your hands on the floor in front of you.
keep one foot on the floor as you

kick your other leg into the air.
your head should initiate your dive

grazing the floor and then coming up.
the rest of your body should follow that

motion all the way through to your feet.
once you finish the full motion

you can push yourself off the floor and sit back.
if you like doing yoga, it's sort of like

going from a downward to an upward dog. the dolphin dive is a perfect transition into the next move.

Which is move number five: floor humps.

get on your hands and knees.
remember the babymaker? you're gonna do

the same thing with your legs, but this
time you're gonna be pushing your hips

towards the ground.

This might be a little rough on your knees so make sure you have knee pads.

move number six, well it doesn't really have an official name, but I think we'll call it

the R&B move number forty-seven or the around step drag.

bring your right knee up
and rotate it out to the side in a circular motion.

complete the circle by
stepping out with your left.

this should bring you to a side lunge position with
your weight on your right leg.

at the same time bring your arms up like you're
holding a pull-up bar. press up on that

right leg and drag that left foot back
in as you pull your arms down to your hip.

keep practicing these steps and
you'll start to loosen up and feel more fluid.

these moves can feel a little
awkward on their own but here are some

tips that I use in the Magic Mike show
to create a sexier experience.

eye contact
locking eye contact with the person

you're dancing for keeps you connected
in that moment together.

confidence. 99% of sexiness comes from confidence.
I feel more confident when I'm committed to what I'm doing.

asking for permission

the main thing I do is extend my hands out to gesture an invitation.

when the person accepts the invitation this gives

you permission to enter their space.

touching. touch similar to eye contact acts

as a connecting device to keep you and
that person engaged.

have fun.

don't take yourself too seriously. smile,
laugh just serve that charm and just be yourself

nothing is more attractive than someone

who's just having fun.
so there you have it. my six favorite sexy dance moves

STEEZY has the best dance tips on YouTube
so just make sure you click on that

button to subscribe.
again this is Pat Packing for STEEZY.

thank you for watching.

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Magic Mike dance tutorial - strip dance training video for men |

Home Video Magic Mike dance tutorial

Magic Mike dance tutorial - strip dance training video for men

Video Strip plastic (strip dance) Lessons of strip plastic (strip dance)


We don't often see men's strip dance, but it's always an incredible act that causes excitement in almost every woman. And this video training is especially for guys who want to make a pleasant surprise for their ladies - strip dance training for men - "Magic Mike dance tutorial". the universe of dancers. After all, to make a really colorful show for ladies, it is enough to have a beautiful body and self-confidence. While of course it's also important to put in some charisma, learn a few chords, and pair it all with upbeat music, the most important thing is to look confident in it and be confident in what you're doing.
We offer several videos of Magic Mike dance lessons, as well as videos of how girls react to such men's dances.
In the lessons of strip dance for men "Magic Mike" you can learn simple basic movements, combinations, put them on the music. And then - it all depends on your imagination.
These dance video lessons for men are suitable even for beginners. Just watch, repeat and practice. Remember, confidence is the key to success!
And believe me, almost every girl will appreciate such a dance and will not remain indifferent!

Tags: Alison Faulk

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