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Line dancing is one of the most fun county dances out there because you can do it anywhere, and you do not need a partner! Line dance steps can vary greatly as there are a million of combinations that you can learn. Here is a video that will help you learn how to line dance online. This is a great combo you can do at events, parties and other functions. Below we included a few line dance video lessons to help you learn.

Line dancing Lessons – Mini video series

Move #1: The cupid shuffle move:

Text summary of the move:
The cupid shuffle is one the easiest line dance steps that you can learn. It starts with 8 counts of side steps to the right, with the last step being a touch (no weight change). Then repeat the same 8 counts to the left. Then you do 8 counts of “heel steps” in place. Lastly, you do 8 counts of stepping in place to turn 1/4 to the left. Now repeat the same steps all over facing the new wall.

Move #2: “The wobble” line dance move:

Text summary of the move:
This move starts with a jump forward and wigling/grooving then you jump back and again wigling/grooving in place. Then you wobble your hands to the left and then wobble your hands – you can put your own style into it! Then you will do a simple cha cha step where you fowrwad, back and cha cha cha in place, Again – forward, back and cha cha cha in place. From there you are just going to do rhythmical steps in place to turn and face another wall. Then you start all over again.

Move #3: The cowboy boogie

Text summary of the move:
This line dancing step starts with a “grapevine” step to the right (side, behind and side) with a “hitch” (knee up) at the end. Then repeat the same “grapevine” step to the left and do the hitch again. Then 1 step forward and hitch, 1 step foward and hitch. Now you step back for 3 counts and hitch at the end. Then you going to “boogie” with the hips, which just means you going to do a small hip movement forward and back, then you turn 1/4 turn to face the new wall and hitch. Then do the same steps facing the new wall.

To help your line dancing, you may also want to learn how to country dance. Furthermore, Ballroom dance lessons will also help you to develop balance and coordination.

Tips for getting better better in Line dancing:

1. Learn the counts. Line dancing is not hard when you can count the entire choreography as you do it. Each single step, hip movement, or wobble has to be timed to the music.

2. Distinguish between a “step” and a “touch”. A step is when you change your weight on the foot and a touch is when you do not change weight on the foot. Touches are very commonly used to switch directions so make sure you know when its a touch versus a step.

3. The magic is in between the steps. While the steps and the counts are set, the way you dance in between is what counts. Put your own style into the steps. You can do many different things with your hips, upper torso and arms to stand out.

Want to learn more dancing?
Visit Learntodance.com for other dance lessons.

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3 Websites To Learn Line Dance Lessons Online (Free And Paid)


Learn Line Dance Lessons Online

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

There might be some who love to indulge in games and exercises to stay fit and healthy. Some people have a knack for sports, but a huge chunk of people consider exercising the boring thing makes which takes away from the health edges.

However, there are people who are constantly thinking about enhancing their lifestyle by incorporating exercises (without the boredom factor, right?)So, there is good news for all of them because there is a form of dance that has been being used as the exercise over the past couple of years.

The dancing form is line dancing with aerobics-like steps and people can easily gain some health benefits from it. Line dancing is an amazing dance form that yields health benefits and help build a good relationship with body and soul.

With line dancing, the dancers will learn how to actually move their bodies and in the longer run, the dancers will learn how they can actually move their body to the beat while maintaining the ultimate balance.

Whenever it comes to dancing, identifying the beats is essential and with line dancing lessons, you will understand the beats and time the dance accordingly.

With line dancing, the dancers can learn how to do turns and slips, while honing the skills of triple steps and rolling steps. All in all, line dancing is an epitome to bring in confidence and learn the perks of practicing and dancing around toes, while creating the outlet.

So, if you are ready to learn some line dancing, we have outlined top websites, teaching line dancing through online courses!

3 Websites To Learn Line Dance Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

There is a wide variety of dances available in the world. Some people like to indulge in ballet while some enjoy dancing salsa, but most of them are pretty complicated and require years of training.

In contrast, line dancing is a completely different thing because it teaches it basic footwork and how dancers can move their bodies.

If you want to learn line dancing but don’t have time to get themselves enrolled in studios and physical classes, this is the perfect online website with a wide array of line dancing courses.

The website has been offering line dancing courses for years; the courses start from basics, and in the progressive courses, the students can easily learn the advanced moves that set the dancefloor on fire.

There are specialized line dancing courses available on Udemy.com through which students can learn line dancing in integration to hip hop steps. All the courses are designed to offer comfortable dancing.

Even more, there are specialized courses that teach nine basic line dances while learning the counts. Overall, Udemy.com is an amazing website, offering well-integrated courses designed by professional dancers to upscale the dancing moves!

Visit Website

2) LearnToDance

Be it hip hop or salsa, ballet, or breakdancing; this website has been designed to teach multiple dance forms through online courses.

The students don’t need to pay hefty fees to access the courses or video lessons because some courses are available for free, while some can be learned with minimal fees.

The best is that you won’t have to commute to studios for learning the hit moves.So, if you want to learn line dancing, LearnToDance.com is an exceptional website that has been designed with a wide range of dancing lessons that teach basics as well as complex moves.

The demand for line dancing lessons is increasing with each passing day, and this website is constantly adding new lessons to enhance the learning experience, helping you ace the dancefloor wherever you go.

There are specialized video lessons through which students can learn the cupid shuffle moves, in addition to the wobble line dance.

The best thing about this website is that it focuses on the cowboy boogie, and all the courses are well-designed to offer an optimized learning experience, and by the end, you will start reflecting magic from your moves. The website is your answer to all line dancing needs!

Visit Website

3) DancingExperts

Ranging from argentine tango, belly dancing, pole dancing, to tap dancing, club dancing, and ballet dancing, DancingExperts. com is a top-notch website designed with a plethora of courses meeting the demands of people teaching different dance forms, and if you are trying to learn lien dancing, there are specialized courses available on this website.

Line dancing is the simplest yet fun country dance form, and if you want to learn these simple yet fun moves, this website has been designed with a wide range of line dancing lessons.

The website has been designed with mini dance move videos to enhance the learning experience, and you will be empowered to access the small details and focus on them that ramps up the lien dancing experience.

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Choosong The Best Line Dance Lesson Online

Line dancing is one of the most fun and exciting dancing forms, and if you want to try your feet on it, joining studio lessons can be difficult. But with this article, we have come up with a wide range of websites offering online line dancing videos.

So, take out some minutes from your day and watch the video lessons and harness the line dancing steps like never before!

Best Video Lessons for Online Dance Learning (2022) • OnDistance

Have you always dreamed of learning how to dance but didn't find the time or opportunity? Fortunately, now you can learn everything without leaving your home and at any convenient time - including learning to dance! In one article, we have collected for you the best resources, applications, sites and video lessons for online dance training. Here you will find dance lessons from experienced teachers and famous dancers. Remotely learn dances such as zumba, shuffle, bachata, classical dance, strip palastika, hip-hop, oriental dances.

YouTube channels for teaching dancing online

1. Online dance lessons with show ballet “Cultural Revolution”

  • Founded in 2015
  • Views: 55 010 431
  • Subscribers: 601 000

Christina Kristina Kristina Kristina show-ballet "Cultural Revolution", a young, but already very successful team. In their video lessons, the guys generously share their dance experience.

On Kristina Matskevich's channel you will learn how to dance beautifully, you will have a wonderful stretch and develop a sense of rhythm. There are already many different dance lessons here, and every Friday a new form with an online lesson appears on the channel.

Learning the Dance "KAZKA-CRYING". Dance link. Modern dance .


  • Founded in 2015
  • Views: 308 052
  • Subscribers: 3 290

The creators claim that they "educate stars", no more, no less.

You can check the statement by watching demonstration performances of students and teachers of the studio. It also hosts videos of master classes and seminars on modern dance, reviews of dance stories about the studio, reports from performances, concerts, parties, shows, as well as interesting moments from rehearsals and lessons.

Choreography for children ONLINE | Summer Five Minutes #10 | EXPROMT

3. Model357

  • Founded in 2007
  • Views: 33 886 165
  • Subscribers: 101 000

The school is over 15 years old, and it has firmly established itself in the dance world as an absolute leader, a flagship of dance fashion and a pioneer of the latest trends.

Model-357 is a complex of two premium branches. The teachers of the school demonstrate stellar skill, professionalism and the highest qualifications. The Model-357 has a huge selection of dance and fitness areas. The masters of the school in their videos on youtube teach the most fashionable dance techniques and techniques.

Online lessons - Shuffle Shuffle - Lesson N1 (Alexander Ivanov)

4. IMAGINE dance

  • Founded in 2018
  • Views: 594 620
  • Subscribers: 23 400
  • online channel dancing number 1 in Russia. Fresh video dance lessons for beginners are regularly published here. Thanks to these online lessons, you can learn to dance at home, at any convenient time.

    Bachata for beginners. Basic movements | Educational video dance lessons at home.

    5. Dance School ONLINE

    • Founded in 2016
    • Views: 1 051 094
    • Subscribers: 14 400

    Here you will find many video lessons in CONTEMPORARY-JAZZ dance technique. In addition, this channel has a lot of useful information from the world of choreography. This channel will certainly appeal to teachers and leaders of dance groups. Video lessons will be useful both for performers who decide to try themselves in new dance directions, and for beginner dancers.

    LEARN DANCE ONLINE. Modern jazz dance #29.

    6. Develop dances - Dance Zumba

    • was founded in 2017.
    • Views: 19 342 062
    • Subscribers: 80 800
    Zumba for beginners

    7. The floor Larry

    • was found : 765 662
    • Subscribers: 6 460

    "Etazh Larry" channel of an unusual dance studio in Minsk.

    Hip Hop Choreo | Video lesson @skoblika.va x @etazhlarry

    8. Evolvers Dance School

    • Founded in 2013
    • Views: 1,115,320
    • Subscribers: 7,600
    Jazz Funk Tutorial by Liliya. Evolvers Dance School

    English YouTobe Dancing Chances

    9. Online Dance Casses

    • Founded in 2006
    • Views: 9 889 944
    • Subscribers: 136 000
    • Founded in 2009
    • Views: 819434,953
    • Subscribers: 4,480,000
    DUA LIPA — Break My Heart | Dance Tutorial with Kyle Hanagami

    11. LJ Dance

    • Founded 2010
    • Views: 86,448,280
    • Subscribers: 666,000
    DOJA CAT — BOSS B*TCH Dance Tutorial | CHOREOGRAPHY by MIJU | LJ DANCE | 안무 춤 배우기


    • Founded in 2013.
    • Views: 62 272 250
    • Subscribers: 689 000
    Learn tenes 6 satisfying dance w/ tenistan edpao (Impress Youth! STEEZY.CO

    13. 1million Dance Studio

    • Founded in 2015.
    • Views: 6 605 572 631
    • Subscribers: 24 100 000
  • Views: 225,296,918
  • Subscribers: 1,780,000
[Choreography] Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY | MYLEE Dance


  • Founded in 2012
  • Views: 176,815,976
  • Subscribers: 3,080,000
SAVAGE — Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce Dance TUTORIAL | Matt Steffanina

16. Samantha Caudle

  • founded in 2009.
  • Views: 5 014 331
  • Subscribers: 55 900
"Body" Full Dance

17. Chop Daily

. How to Dance the Top 5 Afro Dance Moves of 2020 (Legwork, Moonwalk, Network) | Chop Daily

Online dance schools


Dream Team dance school in Kiev

19. Ladies Dance

20. Style Dance

21. Online dance platform Dar

22. Video dance lessons online 30.08 Dance lessons online

English-language online dance schools

24. Sydney Dance Company

Cool site of choreographer Kylie Minogue - Soledad Bonachelo. This is a full-fledged virtual dance school, where, in addition to the maestro, top choreographers and dance teachers in Australia teach.

You can choose any lessons in all areas of dance and create your own class schedule. A weekly subscription with full access will cost $28, a monthly subscription will cost $122.

25. Online dance school STEEZY

STEEZY is one of the most famous online projects for teaching street dance. On the project website you can choose video lessons of breakdancing, locking, waking, high heels, crump, dancehall and other styles. Some of the most significant and famous choreographers of our time teach at STEEZY: Boogie Frantick, Jojo Diggs (Jabawockeez), Jade Soul, Sherwin Salonga. With a $20/month subscription, you can join live lessons or choose one of the 600 pre-recorded lessons on the platform.


DANCE PLUG is one of the most popular dance learning websites. There is no bias in any particular dance direction. Here you can find video lessons of ballet, bellydance, and even acting skills. The subscription price will depend on the direction you choose and the number of classes per week. On average, this is about $29 per month.


The LEARN TO DANCE service is suitable for beginner dancers and those who want to learn a new dance style from scratch. Not a very large number of directions are presented on this service, but they are all original. For example, here you can take online lessons in Argentine tango, Irish folk dance, breakdance, bellydance and even American country. To get access to all these classes, you need to subscribe. But there is also a large section with free lessons.


Online Dance Academy

Mobile app for learning dance

29. STEEZY app - Learn How To Dance

STEEZY app from famous dance studio for Android devices or smart TVs. With this program, you can easily learn to dance in a place convenient for you and at a convenient time.

The application has 800 dance courses, which are updated every week with new styles and new teaching methods. There are courses for both beginners and experts, in dozens of different dance styles.

Here you can learn from real professionals - the leading teachers of the world-class dance school. All of them regularly participate in international competitions, tour around the world or star in music videos of stars.

Each lesson is a step-by-step instructional video to help you learn the moves and master the basic dance techniques. All videos are shot in STEEZY's unique digital studio using special technology, which allows you to watch the teacher's movement from different angles. You can save the activities you like and repeat them as many times as you want. Or you can take one of the ready-made programs to master the style of your choice.

You can choose to pay a monthly subscription for $20/month or an unlimited package for $99.99/year.

2020-12-23 iOS Sizzle 30s 1920×1080 v2

30. Advanced Arabic Dance Course 2

In this application, you can take an advanced Arabic dance course. Video lessons can be saved and watched even without the Internet. This is the second version of the application with an updated interface that has become more convenient and better. The developers promise that you will master the basics of Arabic dance in a week of regular classes. This course is suitable for all ages and all levels of dance skills.

31. How to breakdance

Have you always dreamed of learning how to breakdance? Then this application is just a godsend for you. Here you will find the complete choreography of breakdancing lessons, and in time you will be able to become a real breakdance dancer.

How To Dance The Breakdance is a comprehensive guide to teach you the basic breakdance techniques step by step in simple and structured lessons.

32. Learn to dance with Everdance: Short dance lessons

Everdance is a handy application for learning choreography. It is designed to connect those who teach dance and those who want to learn how to dance. All dance styles are represented here: hip-hop, belly dance, ballet, pop and many others.

With this application you can learn to dance without leaving your home. Lessons are short videos from professional dancers and instructors. Talented choreographers post their lessons in a variety of styles: hip hop, house, jazz funk, krump, twerk, vogue, waacking and many more.

After registering, you will be able to save videos in your profile to your own dance manual, upload videos of your workouts and share your progress with other dancers.
The application has a special offer for dance studios to organize dance classes online or live. In addition, you will be able to attract new students to online learning.

EVERDANCE - Dance Training in a NEW WAY

33. Salsa Go - Learn How to Dance

With this app, you can learn how to dance salsa on the go.
A specialized curriculum has been developed for Salsa Go to teach the basics of salsa. Gradually, you will be able to move on to more advanced dance elements.

By installing this application, you will have access to the best instructors in the world of salsa dancing. Here you can also listen to podcasts that discuss various dance topics. The application also publishes news about festivals, promotions and announcements of dance events taking place around the world.

34. Pocket Bachata

Pocket Bachata is a handy app with video tutorials to teach beginner dancers from bachata masters with flawless technique.

Your trainer will be Fernando Flores, an eminent bachata teacher with ten years of experience. All training is divided into 3 stages according to difficulty levels. For ease of search, videos can be sorted into categories: training, mastering and downloading.

Pocket Bachata - Promo Video

35. OpenDance Academy

Once you purchase the OpenDance Academy app, you get lifetime access to all content. Here are hundreds of video lessons from the best choreographers in the world. Among them: Evgeny Greshilov, Kira Noire, Marion Crampe, Dmitry Politov, Olga Trifonova, Natasha Van and many others.
New lessons and teachers are added all the time. In your profile, you can create your own playlists and watch them even offline.

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Dancing - Video lessons - Watch online video lessons for beginners for free!

Here is a large collection of free video dance lessons. Dance is a kind of art in which a certain artistic image is created through rhythmic plastic movements and changes in the positions of the human body. Dance art is one of the oldest manifestations of folk art. The dance is performed in a certain style, has such qualities as grace, elegance, beauty, is usually accompanied by music or rhythmic sounds, aims to tell a story, express feelings, etc. This section contains video dance lessons of almost all directions, video lessons of modern dances, street dances, dance training for girls, boys and children. Learning to dance online will be useful for both beginners and more experienced dancers. Some of the video tutorials on our website come with additional learning materials that you can download. You can always watch all online lessons from this collection for free. Good luck to you!

New Featured Featured

Watch lesson online

Basic Elements of Oriental Dance

This online lesson explains how to correctly perform the basic elements of oriental or belly dance. The magic of oriental dance has always attracted the attention of women and men. Belly dance is based on bright and charming femininity. This is a very interesting and informative video lesson during which you will learn a small dance piece in an oriental style that you can use while dancing at home, giving pleasure to yourself and your loved ones. At the beginning of the lesson...

Watch lesson online

How to dance Lezginka. Part 11. Combination Four

This online lesson tells you how to dance the wonderful energetic Lezginka dance. This is the eleventh video dedicated to the study of Lezginka from Asker Eneev. Here he will show you one small but very clear dance sequence. It begins with the left leg, which must first be bent at the knee, and then straightened and put forward on the heel. On the next count, a jump is made, the legs are brought together in the castle, while the main weight is concentrated on the left leg, and the right one is on ...

Watch lesson online

Lezginka training.

Part 1. Chechen move

Here is how to learn to dance Lezginka - Chechen move. If you want to dance clearly and hard, then from you, i.e. guys are required to burn their eyes and burn their souls when performing this dance. The author of the lesson Asker Eneev will show you the movements in a mirror version, i.e. his left leg will perform the actions that the right should actually perform. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to study Lezginka. So let's get started. Put your hands on your belt, keep your back ...

Watch lesson online

Tectonic Dance Study. Part 5

Video lesson “Learning the Tectonic dance. Part 5" is devoted to the question of how to dance the Tectonic dance correctly. This online lesson is the final one in this course. The author will demonstrate how to perform all the movements learned in the previous four lessons by putting them together. First, he will do them in a slightly slower pace, so that you remember what you did in the previous lessons. After that, you can enjoy watching the entire dance at a real pace. And many of you will already be able to...

Watch lesson online

How to learn to dance the slow waltz, training for beginners

The video "How to learn to dance the slow waltz, training for beginners" is devoted to the question of how to dance the waltz. This is one of the most popular dances, largely due to the ease of its execution. The waltz is often danced at various holidays and celebrations. This is a very beautiful dance, which is performed in pairs, a man and a woman. Almost no wedding is complete without a wedding waltz performed by the bride and groom. In order to learn how to perform this dance, you must ...

Watch lesson online

Hip-Hop Dance Connection

The Hip-Hop Dance Connection lesson is about how to perform a Hip-Hop dance sequence by learning one interesting hip-hop connection as an example. The author of the lesson is Anastasia Burdienko. She will first show you each element separately at a slow pace, and at the end of this video lesson you will see the performance of the entire dance to the music at a working pace. Music used during the lesson: LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out. So let's get started. Let's take a look first...

Watch lesson online

Break dance training. Gelik

This online lesson tells how to learn how to dance Breakdance, namely, we will consider the technique of performing an element called Gelik. You have probably already heard about this movement, and now it's time to learn how to perform it. What do you need to know for this? The first thing you must learn is to stand on your hands in a position in which the arm has an approximately right angle at the elbow, the hand is directed to the side. It is necessary that the elbow is clearly under the stomach. So...

Watch lesson online


Part 5. Spinner

This video tutorial tells how to learn how to perform a beautiful Caucasian dance Lezginka. The author of the lesson Asker Eneev will tell and show you how to make the so-called Pinwheel. To learn how to perform this element is in an open space, or if you are at home, then for safety reasons, stay away from sharp corners and hard objects so as not to get injured if you suddenly fall during training. Let's start by doing pirouettes (turns). Spin...

Watch lesson online

Sexy RnB training. Part 1

This video is about how to learn how to dance Sexy RnB. The author of the lesson, Anna Vinchuk, who is a dance teacher of this direction, will demonstrate to you the technique of performing each movement separately at a slow pace so that you can repeat and remember all the elements of this dance. Then you will see how to perform Sexy RnB in fast, i.e. working pace. The Sexy RnB style incorporates various elements from other dances.

Learn more