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As seen in "Country Weekly" magazine

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Perfect for New Line Dancers or Instructors who teach New Line Dancers!

Newbie Special includes the above DVD with
15 Line Dances and
2 CD's of Music....

Starter Series Level 1 DVD with 15 line dances instructed by Ms Jo Thompson. Once you have learned the Basic Steps this DVD will begin teaching you generic starter line dances that you can do to many of the songs on the CD's that are also with this order ysl outlet. We will build your confidence to get out on the floor.

Dances: Cut A Rug / Swingin Thing / Rockin' Cha / Cajun Thing Texas Barefootin' / Two 4 One Twist 'em / Puttin' On The Ritz Just Because / Cowboy Charleston / Locomotion
and more. ...


A product of Scooter Lee and
Dancing For The Dream, Inc
(501c3 Nonprofit Health Charity)


Are you tired of always being on the outside looking in, wishing you were having all the fun?

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Having problems with the
Mambo, Applejack, a
Monterey Turn?
Kick Ball Change, Slap Leather, Vaudeville...
or what's a Syncopated Split, a Sugarfoot,
a Sailor Shuffle, a 3 Step Turn, a Heel Grind??

Don't Worry!

Ms. Jo Thompson, World Renowned Choreographer Instructor takes you step by step through the 70 most common dance steps used in line dancing. Learn these and there isn't a line dance you can't do. You'll feel great on the dance floor! Also included are 6 easy dances to help you with balance and rhythms:

• Cowboy Charleston 1 or 4 Wall
• Mini Cab Driver - 4 Wall
• Mack The Knife - 4 Wall
• Rita's Waltz - 4 Wall
• Swinging Thing - 1 Wall
• Cut A Rug - 2 Wall

  • Reduces stress / Increases energy
  • Increases strength & muscle tone
  • Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Age Is Not A Factor
  • No partner needed
  • Encourages interaction
  • Eases levels of depression
  • No special clothing is needed

    Dancing For The Dream Charity - Adding years to your life and life to your years one step at a time! 10 Reasons to Line Dance 3 times a week. omega replica

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    Includes both DVD's and 2 CD's below

    As seen in "Country Weekly" magazine

    Two GREAT CD's with 21 songs each
    The More Of The Best and Puttin' On The Ritz

    Conventions – Scooter's DJ Service

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    The CORPORATE MARKET is Scooter’s LARGEST! Scooter can be the professional DJ playing music from the Big Band era through today’s music at your black-tie awards dinner OR he can get down and funky in the “Carrot Top” or “Gallagher” mode for a wild and crazy sales force that’s being pumped up for a big year.

    Chances are if you’re reading this, you are an event planner whose reputation is on the line if your entertainment fails. Scooter is one knucklehead who has the wit needed to keep your party moving and the experience to pull back on the reins when your group might only need background music as they network with one another. Whether you need ‘em rocking or you need ‘em talking, you make the call!

    You are paying Scooter to run with your format or feel free to turn him loose! Scooter’s ability to read the crowd is second to none!

    Companies who have seen Scooter at major theme parks and resorts in Florida are now bringing him with them wherever they go! Scooter never knew the international/national market existed until he met some special northerners from across the border. They trusted Scooter first! Scooter thanks the Canadian Crazies from Chateu Travel in Montreal, “We’ve travelled the globe together and you guys are the best!”

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    Helpful Audio and Equipment Information

    Most event planners already have an A/V company for their meetings and even use those same rooms for the night functions. The A/V team can usually re-aim some speakers and re-focus a couple of lights toward the dance floor and it’s PARTY TIME!

    Scooter brings his laptop, CD player, mixer, microphone, and don’t forget the Scooterprops. All he needs to do is plug in! This keeps your cost LOW!

    Added Value Shows

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    Dog rides scooter to Drake's song. Video

    A border collie named Supra from Texas joined the challenge of dancing in front of a moving car to the song of the American rapper Drake In My feelings. Moreover, this dog not only dances, but also arranges a car chase on a scooter. However, it turned out that there is a whole gang of such dogs in Texas, calling themselves the Unstoppable K9, and they are ready for anything.

    In early July, rapper Drake released a video for the song In My Feelings, in which he confesses his love to his ex-girlfriend Kiki. However, the performance of the performer seemed so emotionless to the fans that they decided to help him by launching a flash mob in which people from all over the world showed how Drake should actually behave in this video.

    Posted by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj)

    Over time, the flash mob evolved (or degraded), turning into a challenge. Fans began to not just dance: they jumped out of the cars on the move, trying to continue moving in the dance. And they didn't always succeed.

    Posted by Palita Natural Extracts (@palita_naturalextract.official)

    Now the difficulty level of the challenge has increased to Hard: a dog named Supra took part in it.

    First, this seven-year-old border collie dances to keep up with a moving car.

    And then he jumps onto the scooter and continues to chase on it.

    According to Supra owner Ana Guzman KHOU11, her dog has been able to do such tricks for a long time.

    She has been able to ride this scooter for six or seven months, and now she literally cannot be torn off from it. She really likes it.

    Supra trains at the Unstoppable K9's Dog Training Center in Texas. And if you think her performance is not cool enough, check out the video from December 2016. Then the students of The Expendables took part in the Mannequin Challenge.

    Mannequin Challenge Accepted at Unstoppable K9's ! ???LIKE AND SHARE !

    Geplaatst door Unstoppable K9's op Donderdag 1 december 2016

    Modern dogs are so cool that they can even now replace people in the cinema. For example, the dog Shorty from the USA plays different heroes of the Game of Thrones every day, sitting on the Iron Throne. And he has a good reason for such behavior.

    Dogs know how to look perfect even in the most awkward positions. You turned the room upside down, and your huge head is stuck in a stool? You're still a good boy with thousands of likes and views because you look like an M.Sc.

    Play billiards, ride a scooter and dance at 67? Petrozavodsk resident Irina Mikhailovna will tell you how this is possible

    Photo: Gubernia Daily

    Irina Mikhailovna Pankratieva is a woman of many talents. He plays billiards, rides a scooter, dances, and also helps children with four grandchildren. In her youth, she was seriously involved in athletics and played table tennis. All her life, Irina Mikhailovna took numerous courses: from cutting and sewing to massage. It seems that everything is interesting to her and she looks at everything with an infectious smile. Where to get so much energy at 67 years old? That is what we tried to find out.

    My whole life has been interesting. I am the kind of person who always wants to try everything. I set a goal for myself, I achieve results. For example, in billiards - until I win at least one man, I will persevere in it. I choose the type of activity in which I will not be disappointed either after the first, or after the tenth, or after the hundredth session.

    I had a good childhood, in which there was no opportunity to get carried away by bad habits: school, sports, circles, friendship . There wasn't enough time. Now children do not have many opportunities to do different things, everything depends on money. And we had a lot of free circles with excellent teachers. Initially, I was involved in athletics and wanted to become an Olympic champion. It was mine! I was a sprinter, long jump and high jump. But it didn’t work out because of a complication after a sore throat, after which the results began to fade. It was my grossest mistake, which I regret, I did not believe the doctors.

    On reflection, I went to table tennis in the section at the House of Railwaymen. I came and asked to practice, and the coach Mikhail Pavlovich Semyonov replied that it was too late, we should start earlier. But, nevertheless, he did not refuse, he simply said that there were no free tables. He suggested that I study in the hallway. And so I worked with the wall there: I trained the rolls and cuts. I went like that for probably six months. He saw that I was so stubborn, and took to fully train. I got into the railway team, we went to perform in Leningrad. Mikhail Pavlovich was generally a wonderful person and teacher. For example, he always kept one table for children with special needs.

    I went in for sports before marriage. At the age of 21 she got married, at the age of 22 she already gave birth to a daughter. All the time was already occupied by work: I was a teacher of geography and astronomy, and also conducted work. She led the "Painting on Wood" circle based on a teenage club and boarding school No. 1, and when the boarding school became an art school, I stayed there to work until retirement, and I came across new interesting courses. This includes lace making, glass painting, cutting and sewing courses, and weaving (homespun rugs). I recently restored an old loom that takes up half a room. And I also graduated from the courses of guides and group guides, led tourist groups around our city.

    I retired exactly at the age of 50, because I had to help my mother take care of my bedridden father . The work is over - there is time. She received a massage therapist diploma, did massages for dad. Then she took care of her mother, we lived together for 12 years. For the past two years, she hasn't even gotten out of bed. I buried my mother two years ago, I miss her very much. Mom did not forbid me sometimes to run away to dances and billiards, which were a lifesaver and an outlet for me.

    I have been playing billiards for 15 years. This is my latest hobby. She began to train at the Atmosfera club, in which pensioners were allowed to practice for free for several hours every day. I went without a pass. I play both Russian billiards and pool. When I came to the first training, I had only two hours. It was not so easy to study: there were few tables, and many people who wanted to. Men at first did not want to waste time on me and be distracted. One even casually said: “Why did you come here? It would be better to cook borscht.” I'm not vindictive, but I remember it. I thought to myself, "You'll be one of the first ones I beat."

    It was not easy to study, but I am persistent and stubborn. There were also good male mentors - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Slotin and Sasha Ermakov. Their recommendations and explanations were correct, they helped me reach new heights. I myself took part in the tournaments of our city: I have nine cups and many medals.

    Alas, the veterans' tournaments have now diminished, because the old team is dying . Now I just play and teach someone. Still, pedagogical education, I easily find an approach to children. Billiards is a sport about the symbiosis of mental and physical effort. Without physical preparation, you will not have the correct stance and delivered blow. And without mental effort, you cannot make the right cuts. This sport is like chess: beautiful and smart.

    Photo from personal archive

    And there are many dances in my life. I started with folk. She studied in the studio on Drevlyanka. Then I came to the concert and saw the Cossack ensemble. Their performance turned my whole soul upside down. Such beauty, such energy! I asked to join them in the ensemble with my partner, they took us. We began to sing and dance, go on tour. Three years, at least. There was a great team. But I don’t have Cossack roots, and I didn’t know how to read sheet music, so I left the studio.

    Later, beautiful and bright oriental dances came to life - I began to study in the Northern Bells ensemble. I have been with them for eight years. And then she returned to folk dances. Our team "Onega Laces" under the leadership of Tatyana Remshuyeva achieves success: we participate in festivals, take first place in competitions. We have a very active and talented team.

    From personal archiveFrom personal archive

    I don't have days when I don't want to do anything and just want to lie down. The only thing that distracts me from my hobby is the dacha, which I go to every year in the summer, as they say, I am there all the time. We have an old house in the ancient village of Megrozero. It was only last year that electricity was brought to the village. For me, this is not just a dacha, but also a place of memory, as it was built by my close talented ones, who are no longer with us. Neither the father-in-law, nor the husband, nor his brother Ivan, who built this house.

    Four years ago I bought a scooter in order to be able to do all my business faster. I'm not afraid at all! I don't drive fast, I don't break anything. Still, I have a great driving experience. In the winter, I run. I know a little about technology: I went to computer courses several times, I have my own page on VKontakte. But I am not particularly drawn to the Internet, I prefer live communication. I still have a push-button phone.

    My activity is my natural talent . I'm really always on the move, always smiling. It's not really about active retirement, I'm like that in life. My pension is enough for my hobbies, there is support from my children.

    Our family is big. Daughter Lena is 45, son Sasha is 35 years old. They live with their families but regularly help and visit me. Four grandchildren: elder Bogdan, 9-year-old Arina and four-year-old twins Taisiya and Vasilisa. Unfortunately, I am not often asked to sit with my grandchildren. But Sunday is mine. I will of course help as much as I can. For example, she sat in line at the Finno-Ugric school all night to arrange for her granddaughter. She came with a stool, so she spent the whole night on it.

    What do I dream about? I want to go to a sanatorium where there is a billiard table! And there to play and win. But I can’t do this, because the dacha.

    Irina Mikhailovna's rules of life:

    1. Never lie to anyone. Helps to get along with everyone. No need to remember who and what you lied to.
    2. Do not close on the house. Sometimes I tell my friends: "Come dance with me.

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