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In this how to video, Gary and Bonnie present an overview of some basic Jitterbug patterns. Learn how to do the cuddle back, the helicopter, the handshake and many other Jitterbug steps with this dance tutorial. Follow the steps in this lesson and you will be dancing the Jitterbug in no time.

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(1) Part 1 of 3 - How to Do a basic Jitterbug dance routine, (2) Part 2 of 3 - How to Do a basic Jitterbug dance routine, (3) Part 3 of 3 - How to Do a basic Jitterbug dance routine

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Jitterbug Basic Step - Jitterbug (East Coast Swing) Basic

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Jitterbug Basic

The jitterbug basic uses the same pattern for all three rhythms of the East Coast swing. Swing dancing used single, delayed single and triple rhythms. The only difference is how many weighted steps are used for the for the side steps on counts 1,2  & 3,4. The jitterbug is also called single rhythm East Coast swing. This form of swing is a popular form that goes back to the 1930’s & 1940’s.

Swing dancing has evolved since it began in the 1920’s with the Lindy hop. The East Coast swing is often taught in dance studios. The East Coast swing has three rhythms: single, delayed single and triple rhythm. The rhythms are named by the number of weighted steps are taken for two beats, so single rhythm equals one weighted step for two beats of music.  The single rhythm East Coast swing is a generic, simple form of swing dancing that some people call  jitterbug. Other forms of swing dancing have used this term in the past. Here Pattie Wells does a quick review of the basic step pattern for the single rhythm East Coast swing (jitterbug). The step pattern is referred to as the jitterbug basic.

Jitterbug Basic (transcript):

Hello I’m Pattie Wells at We’re going to do the jitterbug basic today. The jitterbug, we call it the jitterbug, another term for this dance is single rhythm east coast swing. Single rhythm because we are taking a single weighted step per two beats. So, here’s the basic step starting out with the lead part.

Jitterbug Basic Lead Part:

The lead is going to move (step) to the left using a touch- right, then to the right touch-step. And a small breaking action known as a  rock-step, the count is 1,2  3,4,  5,6 .

Jitterbug Basic Follow Part:

For the follow part, we start with the right foot, we move (step) to the right step-touch, then  left step-touch finish with rock- step.

Jitterbug Technique:

And if you are a  beginner you might want to do your rock step by just placing the ball of the foot back (not the heel) and then replace on the front foot , ball flat, so you don’t fall back to far. We use a little cushion in the knees when you step off and we do the same thing on the ball flat.

So for the jitterbug, we’re going to go  side- touch, side- touch then rock- step. Now, if the song is fast we can eliminate the touch and just go step (two beats),  step (two beats), rock- step, step, step, rock- step. So,  the touches are just marking time, it’s a nice way to make sure your doing something on every  beat of music. That’s why I prefer it (using the touches to mark the music) and have taught it that way for the last 30+ years.

Thank you for checking into, my name is Pattie Wells,  hopefully I’ll see you on the dance floor.

East Coast swing single rhythm (also know as Jitterbug) basic step review by Pattie Wells, who currently teaches private lessons only in San Diego. This  jitterbug basic step video was filmed on location at Dance For 2 studio.

Currently, Pattie produces article and video blogs for her world dance website, and blogs for her new writing resource website at She is also working on completing a linked stories novel and translating a book of Italian poetry by Eugenio Montale. Pattie writes web content for a limited number of clients and still teaches a few private dance lessons exclusively in San Diego, California where she currently resides.

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jitterbug - translation into Russian , Examples

My mother could dance the waltz, tango, rumba, charleston, lindyhop, jitterbug watoozi and twist.


O la Srta. Jitterbug .

Not miss Jitterbug .


En ese momento dependían completamente de la Jitterbug .

At the time, the " Jitterbug " was highly dependent on everyone.


Aparte del two-step cajun, nos ha enseñado el jitterbug , Praise Allah, y Kickin' the Mule.

In addition to Cajun27 two-step, she taught us the jitterbug , "glory be to Allah" and "kick the mule."


Había escandalizado a todas y molestado a su marido cuando enseñó al teniente de alcalde a bailar el jitterbug .

She shocked everyone and embarrassed Mervyn by trying to teach the deputy mayor how to dance jitterbug .


Pritchard lo llamaba el "boogie del campo de batalla", y Vernon, el " jitterbug de la yihad".

Pritchard called it "field boogie", Vernon called it "jihad jitterbug ".


Mientras esperaba, trabajé ayudando a preparar la carga que la Jitterbug se llevaba en cada trayecto.

While we waited, I worked helping to stack the cargo that was delivered with each flight. Jitterbug ".


La siguiente cosa que recuerdo es que me despertó Sergei al gritar: —¡Allí está la Jitterbug !

The next thing I remember is how I woke up from the cry of Sergei: - There he is, " Jitterbug "!


¿Tendremos que bailar jitterbug también?

Are we going to dance too jitterbug ?


Bailaba el jitterbug .

Yes, fan jitterbug .


Ella accedió, y bailaron el jitterbug .

She agreed and they went to dance jitterbug .


La pieza, un jitterbug , se llamaba Concierto para Benny y estaba dedicada al judío americano Benny Goodman.

The piece to the rhythm of jitterbug was called "A Concert for Benny" and was dedicated to the American Jew Benny Goodman.


¿Ya sabes bailar el jitterbug cajun, Gibbs?

Do you dance Cajun Jitterbug , Gibbs?


¿Bailas el jitterbug ?

Do you dance the jitterbug?


Swing, Jitterbug , Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Henry Hall, Harry Roy, Nat Gonella, Al Bowlly.

Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Henry Hall, Harry Roy, Nat Gonella, Al Bowley.


La Jitterbug llevaba oxygeno en lugar de la mezcla de helio y oxygeno de la Mayflower.

The “ Jitterbug ” had pure oxygen, not a helium-oxygen mixture like the Mayflower.


Por fin llegó nuestro turno y nos amontonamos en la Jitterbug .

Finally our turn came and we climbed into " Jitterbug ".


En total la Jitterbug tenía que dejar a ocho grupos de pioneeros.

In total, the Jitterbug had eight more batches of pioneers to serve.


Bailar el jitterbug puede ser divertido.

Jitterbug is fun.


En un libro de 1947, Arthur Murray escribió: "Hay cientos de danzas regionales del tipo Jitterbug .

Arthur Murray, discussing this dance style in his 1947 book, said: "There are hundreds of regional dances like Jitterbug ."


En los años cuarenta, fue el jitterbug , y en los cincuenta, el rock and roll; pero entonces ocurrió algo extraño.

In the 40s of the XX century it was jitterbug , in the 50s it was rock and roll, but then something strange happened.


Servicio telefónico de Jitterbug .

Assistance center for the elderly.


Miami, habla Jitterbug Justice llevando de regreso un ave especial.

Miami, this is Dancing Justice bringing you a gift on a special flight.


Había unos veinte centímetros de nieve en el suelo, menos donde el reactor de la Jitterbug la había derretido.

There was about eight inches of snow on the ground, except where the engines of the Jitterbug had melted it.


Bravo - I Love Boogie Woogie şarkı sözleri, şarkı çevirisi | Bravo

First, like this. Where do you put your hands?
So from any dude you will get kicked in the teeth.
Well, on the right foot. Hold on straight let's go!
Move your feet and don't open your mouth!
Freer. Like this. And two steps forward.
Now sit down lower... and turn!

I love boogie woogie,
I love boogie woogie
I love boogie woogie
I love boogie woogie
I love boogie woogie, I boogie woogie every day.

To become a real dude,
You need, buddy, to dance normally.
You must know what "Canadian" style is -
Everything is serious here, this is not a polka, not a square dance.
There is "atomic", there is also "Hamburg triple" -
Try to learn, boy, you're groovy!

Do you like boogie-woogie,
Do you like boogie woogie
Do you like boogie woogie
Do you like boogie woogie
You love boogie woogie, you boogie woogie every day.

This is a jitterbug, this is rock and roll
You must not distinguish where the ceiling is, where the floor is
And if you get tired, then sit down, but not for long
You started dancing, why sit around doing nothing?
Hear this rhythm and feel this drive
So you are free to dance - what a thrill!

We love boogie-woogie.
We love boogie woogie.
We love boogie woogie.
We love boogie woogie.
We love boogie woogie, we boogie woogie every day.

İlk olarak, bunun gibi. Ellerini nereye yapıştırıyorsun
Yani herhangi bir chuchik'ten dişleri tırmıklayacaksınız.
Hadi, sag ayakla. Daha dik dur hadi!
Bacaklarınızı hareket ettirin ve ağzınızı açmayın!
Freer. Bunun gibi. Ve iki adım ileri.
Şimdi otur... ve don!

Boogie woogie'yi seviyorum,
Boogie woogie'yi seviyorum
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Boogie woogie'yi seviyorum
Boogie-woogie'yi seviyorum, her gun boogie-woogie yapıyorum.

Gerçek bir ahbap olmak için,
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"Kanada" stilinin ne oldugunu bilmelisiniz -
Burada her şey ciddi, bu polka değil, kare dans değil.
"Atomik" var, bir de "Hamburg üçlüsü" var -
Öğrenmeye çalış oğlum, harikasın!

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