How to step dance

10 Basic Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how they come up with moves so easily?

Great dancers often master a specific set of moves that they can fall back on again and again.

Read on for 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna dance.

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1. The Two-Step

When I first started dancing at parties, the Two-Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me.

It really is as simple as stepping from side to side to the beat!

If you're looking for something foolproof that allows you to just groove and enjoy the music...

Boom. Here it is.

2. The Monestary

This move was born in a club called Monestary out in St. Louis!

It’s built on a Two-Step, so if you took that class, you’ve already got a foundation for the footwork.

But rather than bringing your feet together, you’ll tap them to the front with your knee and foot turned inward.

Then, as you tap the feet, you’ll move your arms and shoulders in a circular movement.

3. Booty Pop (Side To Side)

Like the Woah, this sexy move is super TikTok-friendly – but with more feminine energy.

To do a booty pop to the side, you’re gonna bend your knees, put your hands on one knee, and then bring the other leg from bent to straight while turning your knee inward.

If you’re a long-haired baddie, be sure to keep all your hair on one side so it doesn’t flop in your face as you pop!

Read this article on How To Dance Sexy to get more tips on pulling off moves like this one!

4. The Billy Bounce

Surprise – this club-ready move is built on… a bounce!

But what makes it unique is that your knees will come inward on each bounce rather than just up and down.

Once you’ve got the funky lil knee bounce down, you’ll add in an upward kick on each side.
The best thing about this move is that while the footwork takes a few minutes to learn, you don’t necessarily need to add an arm movement to make it look cool.

Just keep your arms front and center.

5. The Woah

Even if you’re not actively involved in the dance community, you’ve probably seen people hitting the Woah – on TikTok, Reels... all over your newsfeed!

Whether you wanna make a viral video of your own, or you’re just looking for a fun, basic dance move to pull out at the clerb, this one is too good not to learn.

Since the locking arm motion is so sharp and pronounced, use the Woah to accent the heaviest bass beats in your favorite songs.

6. The Dougie

Yes, the Dougie is a real dance move!

Like the Two-Step, you’ll be shifting your weight from side to side, but this time, adding some shoulder movements and a lil more attitude.

Try this one out to some songs other than the one that made it famous – you’ll find it works with any hype beat.

7. Scoop Arm Into Hip Sway

Sooo this one is more of combo than a move, but it only takes a few minutes to learn and it works with any fun sassy song…

So it deserves to be here, ok?!

For this move, you’re gonna scoop your arm across your chest, then bring it over your head, and finally point it in front of your chest.

Once you point the arm in front of you, you’ll sway your hips from side to side and groove it out.

8. The Bust Down

The Bust Down was popularized by LA rapper, Blueface, in his 2019 club jam “Thotiana”.

You’re gonna grab your belt, put one arm in the air, and allow your body to dip with the beat.

Note: Licking your eyebrows like Blueface is fun, but not required. 😛

9. The Biz Markie

The Biz Markie is an old school party dance inspired by, you guessed it, rapper Biz Markie!

It rose to popularity in the 90s, when Biz Markie himself began performing it on stage.

As you practice it, remember to allow your shoulders to bounce – the bounce is what gives this move its cool, laidback flavor.

Wanna learn more about classic Hip Hop moves? Read this: How To Dance Hip Hop for Beginners

10. The Humpty

For this bouncy move, you’re gonna circle your hips to one side as your bend your knees.

Then, you’ll jump and cross your legs, allowing your feet to tap the floor briefly before you jump back to your original legs apart position.

Once you’ve got that down, you can complete the move by adding in a windmill motion with your arms.

The leg cross in this move makes it perfect for any Hip Hop song that features a double bass (aka that BOOM BOOM sound that you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama)

We hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorite basic dance moves.

Of course, this list is just a start!

In addition to the 10 moves on this list, STEEZY Studio has 100+ other FREE beginner classes where you can learn step-by-step from the world’s best teachers.

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History Of Stepping - Essence

Jay L. Clendenin

By Veronica Hilbring ·

We’ve seen the art of stepping in major motion pictures in films like School Daze, Drumline and Stomp the Yard.

But the new documentary STEP takes a deeper look into one of the most artistic and cultural dances in our culture. STEP follows the senior year of an all-girls high school step team in Baltimore fighting against all odds to win a city-wide competition and become first-generation college students. 

Stepping is more than a dance. It’s an art form.  Noted American dance historian Jacqui Malone even labeled stepping as “one of the most exciting dance forms to evolve in the 20th century.” Here are 

– Stepping is now a worldwide phenomenon practiced amongst people of all ages from drill teams, churches, high schools to college fraternities and sororities and more. In stepping, the body is used to make sounds through clapping, stomping and spoken word. Modern day stepping also uses elements of tap dancing, break dancing, gymnastics and Afro-Caribbean dance.

– Stepping has had a long tradition in African and Black communities. While its origins are in the Black community, stepping has spread to Latino, Asian cultures to multicultural fraternities and sororities as well.

– There isn’t a specific origin date, but the start of stepping dates back to Africa.

– The African gumboot dance performed by dancers in boots is said to be one of stepping’s biggest influence. Its modern day roots began in the early 1900s when organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council held “Greek Sings. ”  The organizations of the NHPC (the Divine Nine) used songs and dance as a call and response to uplift audiences. It has also become a way for organizations to show pride and unity in their group.

– That grand tradition of unity and camaraderie in step has been passed through generations of organizations. “Greek Sings” evolved into Greek shows which eventually progressed into step shows that remain popular to this day. Stepping is judged on sportsmanship, originality of the step routine, stage presence and uniforms. Stepping competitions and battles can be fierce and only the team with strongest performance will prevail.  

– The pop culture impact of stepping has multiplied over the last 30 years.

– Stepping was featured in many episodes of the Cosby Show spinoff Different World. In 1992, the first nationally syndicated stepping contest S.T.O.M.P was televised. In that same year, the Black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha stepped at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. The Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta also featured stepping.

– BET Networks was an early supporter of step shows, often showcasing step teams on popular shows from Teen Summit, to 106 & Park to the annual Spring Bling event. The popular MTV show America’s Best Dance Crew featured teams which regularly used step routines in their performances.

With the release of STEP, the legacy of the art will continue to grow and reach new generations of young people.

Step dance

Step dance

Tap dance is one of the most stylish types of dance. Learning to dance, or, as the professionals say, to tap dance, is very fun and interesting. This dance can be based on your own rhythm, beaten with your feet, regardless of the tune you dance to. The qualities that a tap dancer needs to have are a good sense of rhythm and coordination of movements. Tap dancing is a very spectacular dance, you must love to perform in front of the audience. The main movements of the tap dance are made with the feet and part of the leg from the knee. The movements of the arms and head are also important, but they only complement the movements of the legs.

Tap is an American dance, but in a slightly modified form it has been developed in Europe. The main feature of American tap dance, which is called jazz, is free movement, which makes the dance very graceful and smooth. The European style of tap dance is more like an Irish or English dance, which is danced in wooden shoes (country tap dance). The movements of this style are more springy, but the body of the dancers remains motionless. Whichever style you choose, the main feature of this dance is that the performers always improvise, expressing their mood through dance.

Training programs

Depending on your level, you can enroll in a training program that suits you

  • Entry level program

    for children (from 7 years old) and everyone who wants to learn how to dance step.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Program

    For those who are in the subject

  • Advanced Professional Program

    For step dancers

We are waiting for everyone.

Level / Group teacher Mon W CP Th SB
Starting level Starting level initial level. Starting water Timofeev Timofey 19.00-20.00 19.00-20.00 19.00-20.00
Entry level Shustov Viktor 20.00-21.00 19.00-20.00
Advanced Timofeev Timofey 20.15-21.15 20. 15-21.15
Advanced Shustov Viktor 20.00-21.00 20.00-21.00 20.00-21.00

If you want to sign up for classes or if you have any questions,

contact us in any way convenient for you.

+7(495) 134-3510

How to learn to tap dance

Home Male and female Teaching How to learn to tap dance

Content of the article:

  • 1 Fundamentals of the execution of the leaks
  • 2 Success Secret
  • 3 The main elements in the dance
  • 4 Rhythms of leaks

Fundamentals of the leaks

Hut of the main basis for which are considered the main basis for which by gender. Simply put, it is music played with the feet. Each time the celebrity of this dance only increases. It is compared with the Irish jig, because the tap-dancing rhythm is also of paramount importance there.
In order to start tap dancing, you need to buy special comfortable shoes for this. It should be in the form of shoes with metal heels. It is also important that the flooring is solid. This is necessary for a clearer sound of heels.
Tap dancing shoes can be purchased at a specialty store or made to order at any shoe repair shop. It is important that the shoes fit well enough on the foot. Very tight shoes will rub the foot, causing discomfort, and also further lead to foot deformity. Too loose shoes can lead to injury.
For such a dance, it is better to choose a place for classes in advance. It is best to dance outdoors on a special platform. It is important that there are no foreign objects nearby. This will improve the quality of classes, because swings and turns require a lot of space. It is advisable to tap dance under the guidance of an experienced master who can teach correctly and point out shortcomings. You can also learn to tap dance on your own. You should not engage in tap dancing in a multi-storey building, because it will cause negativity among the neighbors. It is best to do this in a special sports club. Suitable for any hard surface floor. Linoleum or carpet should be avoided, such coatings interfere with sound.
After the theory is mastered, you can move on to practice. If the classes will be held at school, then for clarity, a lesson will be shown with step-by-step instructions on how to start tap dancing. Then you need to slowly begin to repeat after the instructor, alternately performing each element of the dance. Performing everything slowly but clearly, you can quickly memorize the main elements of tap dancing.

The secret of success

For a good mastery of the tap dance movements, you need to train every day for half an hour. Additional classes also do not interfere. You can simultaneously master some other dance, for additional physical training.

The basic elements of the dance

All the basic elements of the dance are formed with the heel, toe and swing. Legs can be crossed, legs are swung, the toe can alternate with the heel. U-turns and jumps also look skillfully, with which leg swings are made. Turns are performed with the help of a sock, which is placed on the heel. And all this is done at a fast pace. The main thing here is that the leg stance must be performed correctly and at a certain slope. Movement must be precise.
First you need to learn everything separately, each element. The main thing is the rhythmic step. Then there are 4 main movements. To execute the first brush element, you need to hit with your heel, putting your foot forward, and then put your foot back, hitting with your toe. Ball-change consists of performing a kick with one leg and subsequent kicks with the other leg. And so each leg alternates in turn. Flap is done by hitting the heel and toe of one foot, and then the other foot. Shuffle is an element that is executed when stepping forward. All these movements are worked out to automaticity, and then they are easily combined in a dance.

Tap-dancing rhythms

Each time a heel tap on the floor is made, and then a toe tap. And so there is an alternation between them. Learn sanchal at a slow pace and without music. Once the basics have been learned, you can turn on an easy tempo, and then a fast one.
Knowing the main movements, you can begin to combine them into a dance. Otherwise, you can improvise, showing imagination. After all, such a dance is, first of all, an art. Their elements are added to the basic methods, and a new dance is obtained. Now you can create your own individual dances, with the basics of tap dancing.
So, to learn how to tap dance you need:

• Enroll in a dance school.
• Buy a video tap dance course.
• Find a tap dance choreographer.

It is not always necessary to choose one option for tap dancing. You can enroll in a dance school and buy a course of video lessons. Thus, you can learn to dance not only at one time, at school, but also at home, according to the course of video lessons.

Learn more