How to spell dance

Correct spelling for dance [Infographic]


I would have danced

you would have danced

he/she/it would have danced

we would have danced

they would have danced

I would have dance

you would have dance

he/she/it would have dance

we would have dance

they would have dance


I would have been dancing

you would have been dancing

he/she/it would have been dancing

we would have been dancing

they would have been dancing


I would dance

you would dance

he/she/it would dance

we would dance

they would dance


I would be dancing

you would be dancing

he/she/it would be dancing

we would be dancing

they would be dancing


I will dance

you will dance

he/she/it will dance

we will dance

they will dance


I will be dancing

you will be dancing

he/she/it will be dancing

we will be dancing

they will be dancing


I will have danced

you will have danced

he/she/it will have danced

we will have danced

they will have danced


I will have been dancing

you will have been dancing

he/she/it will have been dancing

we will have been dancing

they will have been dancing


you dance

we let´s dance


to dance


I was dancing

you were dancing

he/she/it was dancing

we were dancing

they were dancing




I had danced

you had danced

he/she/it had danced

we had danced

they had danced


I had been dancing

you had been dancing

he/she/it had been dancing

we had been dancing

they had been dancing


I dance

you dance

he/she/it dances

we dance

they dance


I am dancing

you are dancing

he/she/it is dancing

we are dancing

they are dancing




I have danced

you have danced

he/she/it has danced

we have danced

they have danced


I have been dancing

you have been dancing

he/she/it has been dancing

we have been dancing

they have been dancing


he/she/it dance


I danced

you danced

he/she/it danced

we danced

they danced

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[ dans, dahns ]

/ dæns, dɑns /

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See synonyms for: dance / danced / dances / dancing on

verb (used without object), danced, danc·ing.

to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.

to leap, skip, etc., as from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly: to dance with joy.

to bob up and down: The toy sailboats danced on the pond.

verb (used with object), danced, danc·ing.

to perform or take part in (a dance): to dance a waltz.

to cause to dance: He danced her around the ballroom.

to cause to be in a specified condition by dancing: She danced her way to stardom.


a successive group of rhythmical steps or bodily motions, or both, usually executed to music.

an act or round of dancing; set: May I have this dance?

the art of dancing: to study dance.

a social gathering or party for dancing; ball: Was he invited to the dance?

a piece of music suited in rhythm or style to a particular form of dancing: He liked the composer's country dances.

Animal Behavior. a stylized pattern of movements performed by an animal, as a bird in courtship display, or an insect, as a honeybee in indicating a source of nectar.

the dance, ballet, interpretive dancing, and other dancing of an artistic nature performed by professional dancers before an audience.


2 cavort, caper, frolic, gambol, prance.

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Idioms about dance

    dance attendance. attendance (def. 3).

    dance on air, Slang. to be hanged.

    dance to another tune, to change one's behavior, attitudes, etc.

Origin of dance

1250–1300; (v.) Middle English da(u)ncen<Anglo-French dancer, dauncer,Old French dancier, perhaps <Old High German *dansjan to lead (someone) to a dance; (noun) Middle English da(u)nce<Anglo-French; Old French dance, derivative of dancier


danc·ing·ly, adverban·ti·danc·ing, adjectiveoutdance, verb (used with object), out·danced, out·danc·ing.un·danc·ing, adjective

well-danced, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022

Words related to dance

disco, samba, tango, waltz, prom, boogie, conga, foxtrot, frolic, hop, hustle, jig, jitter, jitterbug, jive, jump, leap, one-step, promenade, rhumba

How to use dance in a sentence

  • Think of a folk dance where people change partners, says Manas-Zloczower.

    How to recycle ‘nonrecyclable’ plastics|Kathiann Kowalski|October 2, 2020|Science News For Students

  • The app, majority-owned by investor Proxima Media, gives users editing tools and video filters to make short videos of their dance challenges and comedy skits.

    These 5 apps are up-and-comers with Gen Z, report says|Danielle Abril|September 23, 2020|Fortune

  • They enjoy just a brief dance of death lasting perhaps hundreds of nanoseconds.

    The exotic ‘atom’ positronium surprises scientists|Emily Conover|September 23, 2020|Science News For Students

  • Kara Billington, a 16-year-old TikTok user from Richardson, Texas, says users of Instagram, and therefore Reels, seem to skew a little older, meaning fewer dance challenges.

    Instagram’s would-be TikTok killer, Reels, struggles to gain traction|Danielle Abril|September 22, 2020|Fortune

  • Instead, as proof of the appeal of Reels, it pointed to several high-profile influencers who are using the service to make videos focused on food, beauty, and dance.

    Instagram’s would-be TikTok killer, Reels, struggles to gain traction|Danielle Abril|September 22, 2020|Fortune

  • There is one time, however, when couple dancing is in high demand, and that is around weddings.

    Iran’s Becoming a Footloose Nation as Dance Lessons Spread|IranWire|January 2, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • I ask Atefeh and Monir if they see dancing as a form of income in the future, a potential career.

    Iran’s Becoming a Footloose Nation as Dance Lessons Spread|IranWire|January 2, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • Her very first performance onstage came at the age of 4, when she cameoed as a dancing flower in the musical Bye Bye Birdie.

    Jena Malone’s Long, Strange Trip From Homelessness to Hollywood Stardom|Marlow Stern|December 22, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • And so it was that the federal government did not shut down just when we all had visions of sugar plumbs dancing in our heads.

    Congress’ Gift That Keeps on Giving|P. J. O’Rourke|December 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Pakistan was dancing for the U.S. dollar and joined up with it without any dignity.

    Pakistani School Killers Want to Strike the U.S.|Sami Yousafzai, Christopher Dickey|December 17, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • The storm, however, was over; the moon and stars were shining in a clear sky, and the aurora was dancing merrily.

    The Giant of the North|R.M. Ballantyne

  • This slaughter is accompanied by the tabagie and what follows it—namely, the singing and dancing.

    The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. II: Acadia, 1612-1614|Various

  • Then there was dancing and singing under the palm-trees by old and young, and when evening came there were displays of fireworks.

    Alila, Our Little Philippine Cousin|Mary Hazelton Wade

  • He had taken an immediate fancy to Isabel and promised to show her the lower rooms as soon as she tired of dancing.

    Ancestors|Gertrude Atherton

  • Looking through this hole, the king perceived an old man weeping, a man in mourning garb singing, and a nun or widow dancing.

    Our Little Korean Cousin|H. Lee M. Pike

British Dictionary definitions for dance


/ (dɑːns) /


(intr) to move the feet and body rhythmically, esp in time to music

(tr) to perform (a particular dance)

(intr) to skip or leap, as in joy, etc

to move or cause to move in a light rhythmic way

dance attendance on someone to attend someone solicitously or obsequiously


a series of rhythmic steps and movements, usually in time to musicRelated adjective: Terpsichorean

an act of dancing

  1. a social meeting arranged for dancing; ball
  2. (as modifier)a dance hall

a piece of music in the rhythm of a particular dance form, such as a waltz

short for dance music (def. 2)

dancelike movements made by some insects and birds, esp as part of a behaviour pattern

lead someone a dance British informal to cause someone continued worry and exasperation; play up

Derived forms of dance

danceable, adjectivedancer, noundancing, noun, adjective

Word Origin for dance

C13: from Old French dancier

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Other Idioms and Phrases with dance

In addition to the idioms beginning with dance

  • dance attendance on
  • dance to another tune

also see:

  • lead a chase (dance)
  • song and dance

The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

"BaL" or "Ball" - how to spell correctly :: Sochinyashka.Ru

Often there are doubts how to write the word BAL : with one letter L or two? It should be noted that both spellings of this word are correct, and their choice depends on the meaning of the context in which they are used.

The meaning of the word "ball"
The word "ball" is a noun. This word is spelled with one letter L, if in the context it is used as "a festive evening with dancing. " The words “ball” and “raut” should be distinguished: the word “raut” also means a secular ceremonial reception, but without dancing.

The very word "ball" in the meaning of "dancing" came to Russia at the dawn of the 18th century from France, during the reign of Peter the Great. It was then that it became fashionable in Russia to arrange secular receptions with obligatory dances, and by the 19th century this phenomenon had developed everywhere.

The word "bal" comes from the French abbreviation "bal", the full word "bailare", which literally means "to dance". As can be seen from the French combination of letters, there are no double consonants, therefore in Russian the word "bal" in the meaning of "dancing" is written with one letter L.

Synonyms for the word BAL : dancing, evening, reception, banquet.

Sample sentences with the word BAL

What dress are you planning to wear to the prom?

Natasha Rostova was at the ball in a snow-white dress with a pink belt.

Cinderella dreamed of attending the ball so much that, without hesitation, she accepted the offer of her godmother.

Emma Bovary dreamed of attending a ball and dancing, surrounded by the attention of numerous admirers.

Who do you want to go to prom with?

Do you know the difference between a ball and a reception?

Artwork by L.N. Tolstoy's "After the Ball" can be conditionally divided into two equal parts.

This is probably your first ball?

I just love balls and social entertainment!

Meaning of the word "score"
The noun BALL, like BAL, appeared thanks to Peter the Great. Once upon a time, the French had a voting system, with the help of which, by laying out white and black balls, they expressed their agreement or disagreement in favor of one or another ruler.

Votes were counted using points (Balle). The participant who scored the most consents (white balls, Balle) became the ruler.

Since in this sense the word BALL has a double LL in the source word, it is not surprising that it was preserved in the Russified version.

Synonyms for the word SCORE : assessment, points, scoring system.

Sample sentences with the word BALL

Student Petrova received the highest score for the computer science exam.

Could you tell me, please, how many points do you need to score in order to enter the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics?

Unfortunately, all your points expire and you do not qualify for the next stage of our competition.

I received three hundred points for these purchases.

I got a three mark for my physics exam.

So, all your points burn out and go to the next player in the game.

I will give you a mark of two if you do not provide me with an abstract for the next lesson.

If you want to get more points, please complete this task.

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  • Words "dance" morphological and phonetic analysis

    Explanation of the rules for dividing (breaking down) the word "dance" into syllables for transfer.
    The online dictionary will help: parse the word “ dance ” phonetically and morphologically by composition, correctly divide it into syllables according to the rules of the Russian language, highlight parts of the word, put stress, indicate the meaning, synonyms, antonyms and compatibility for the word “ dance ".

    Word dance by syllables


    • 1 Syllables in the word "dance" division into syllables
    • 2 How to transfer the word "dance"
    • 3 Morphological analysis of the word "dance"
    • 4 Analysis of the word "dance" by composition
    • 5 Words similar in morpheme structure "dance"
    • 6 Synonyms of the word "dance"
    • 7 Stress in the word "dance"
    • 8 Phonetic transcription of the word "dance"
    • Phonetic analysis of the word "dance" into letters and sounds (Sound-letter)
    • 10 Sentences with the word "dance"
    • 11 Matches of the word "dance"
    • 12 Meaning of the word "dance"
    • 13 Declension of the word "dance"
    • 14 How to spell the word dance correctly
    • 15 Associations to the word dance

    Syllables in the word dance division into syllables

    Number of syllables: 2 initial, covered, open, 2 letters

  • nets - final, covered, closed, 3 letters
  • How to transfer the word "dance"


    Morphological analysis of the word "dance"

    Part of speech:



    part of speech: noun;
    animation: inanimate;
    gender: male;
    number: singular;
    case: nominative, accusative;
    answers the question: (is) What?, (see/blame) What?

    Initial form:


    Analysis of the word "dance" by composition

    dance root
    ø zero


    Words similar in morphemic structure "dance"

    Words similar in morphemic structure

  • twist
  • waltz
  • charleston
  • foxtrot
  • Menuet
  • Synonyms Words “Dance”

    1. Minion

    2. Shimmi

    3. Round dance

    4. Linda

    5. Tango

    6. Step

    7. Boston

    8. Bossanova 8. Bossanova 8. Bossanova Bossanova 8. Bossanova Bossanova 8. Bossanova Bossanova.

    9. raider

    10. ril

    11. calinda

    12. Carioka

    13. CHA-CH-T.

    14. KOGA

    15. Schafl

    16. Siciliana

    17. Flmenko

    18. Cossack

    19. Limba

    20. Matchish


    21. Tamburin

    22. Volt

    31. sarabande

    32. bullseye

    33. Trepak

    34. Foxtrot

    35. Hula

    36. Cocial

    37. TerSihora

    38. Ecosze

    39. Bergamaska ​​

    40. Bluez

    41. Broove 9000


    43. Burre

    44. Gavot

    45. Galop

    46. Dzhiga

    47. Zhiga

    48. Kadril

    49. Kankan

    50. Pocketiola


    53. Krakowiak

    54. Kunta

    55. Lansier

    56. Arkan

    57. Matlot

    58. Muset

    59. Pavana

    60. Passaal

    61. Pompadur 9000

    62. Rigodon 9000. Rigon

    64. Segidilla

    65. Tarantella

    66. Fandango

    67. Farandola

    68. Habaner

    69. Hota

    70. Chacon

    71. Chardash 9000

    74. Faruka

    75. Guarachi

    76. Houdown

    77. Hornpipe

    84. Uan Strack

    85. Paso -Aviation

    86. Passakaly

    87. Pasier

    88. Twist

    89. Hutsulka


    94. rock and roll

    95. Bugi-vuhi

    96. Gopak

    97. Counterdance

    98. Lezginka

    99. Metelitsa

    100. Moldovenensyaska

    101. Regham

    102 102. Samba

    103. Hali-Gali

    104. Charleston

    105. Shayk

    106. Bulba

    107. Galarda

    108. Islam

    109. Kabardinka

    110 112.

    113. Kryzhachka

    114. Kuyavlyak

    115. Lura

    116. Lyavonikha

    117. Oberek

    123. Puffers

    124. Forlan

    125. Furlan

    126. Furiant

    127. Halling

    128. Verthezh

    129. Lambada

    130. Letka-Oenka

    131. Zhok 916 131. Zhok

    016 132. Echor

    133. Kafa

    134. SIMD

    135. Choir

    136. Horo

    137. Break

    138. Jayv

    139. Lipsy

    140. Cherba


    142. Angles

    143. Mirzai

    144. Horumi

    145. Kaltak

    146. Kochari

    152. brankle

    153. Davluri

    154. Lendler

    155. Moreska

    156. Olyandra

    157. Morsokhay

    158. Palotash

    159. Perkhuli

    160. Strashak

    161. KVIKSTY


    163. Slowfox

    164. Suktinis

    165. Ballabil

    166. Grosfater

    167. Paspan

    168. Estampide

    169. Rutsavitis

    170. Sudmaline 9000


    172. Innabi

    173. Cossack

    174. LANCE

    175. Clum-Pacific

    176. PA-de-Catra

    177. Pa-de-patner

    178. Freilehs

    179. Variation

    . 180. Russian

    181. Galopad

    182. Grand PA

    183. Cascade

    184. Calenda

    185. Kek-uk

    186. Cruise Danzis

    187. Lanced

    188. Madrillei


    189. manolla

    190. Moldavenlyaska

    191. Monyaska

    192. Pa-de-de-de

    193. Pa-de-Trua


    199. Medison

    200. Hip-hop

    2016. Sirtaki

    202. Slot

    203. Dance

    204. Acom

    205. Butada

    Her stress in the “Dance”

    TAK stress falls on the 1st syllable

    Phonetic transcription of the word "dance"


    Phonetic analysis of the word "dance" into letters and sounds (Sound-letter)

    Letter Sound Sound characteristics Color
    t [t] consonant, deaf double, hard, noisy t
    a [`a] vowel, stressed a
    n [n'] consonant, voiced unpaired (sonor), soft n
    e [and] vowel, unstressed e
    c [c] consonant, deaf unpaired, hard, noisy c

    Number of letters and sounds:
    Based on the analysis made, we conclude that the word has 5 letters and 5 sounds.
    Letters: 2 vowels, 3 consonants.
    Sounds: 2 vowels, 3 consonants.

    Sentences with the word “dance”

    He invited me to a slow dance and talked about all sorts of nonsense for half an hour.

    Source: Anna Platunova, Rainbow Bird.

    When dances start, it will probably be too late.

    Source: Tatyana Smirnova, Death for two, 20110006 you did not find!

    Source: Ivan Afrin, male archetype in the unconscious space of Russia, 2015.

    The compatibility of the word "Dance"

    1. Ball dancing

    2. Slow dance

    3. Ritual dance

    4. abdominal dance

    5. dance of death

    6. dance of the little swans

    7. dance lessons

    8. dance teacher

    9. dance school

    10. dance ended

    11. The dance ended

    12. The dance continued

    13. Dilies in the dance

    14. Perform dance

    15. Walk in dance

    16. (Full Complexity Table)

    The meaning of the word "Dance"

    DANCE, -ntsa, m. 1. An art form, the reproduction of artistic images with the help of a rhythmic change in the expressive positions of the human body. Dance history. dance theory. (Small Academic Dictionary, MAC)

    Declension of the word "dance" according to the clothes

    Case Question Singular unit Plural Mn.
    Nominative Name. what? dance dancing
    Genitive what? dance dancing
    DativeDat. what? dance dancing
    accusatory what? dance dancing
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