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Since 1965, Beverly’s School of Dance has welcomed students with open arms, teaching them contemporary dance fundamentals. Our choreography draws inspiration from ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop, with classes grouped by age and skill. We try to instill a love for music and dance with the proper techniques at our dance academy, while having fun, learning confidence and performing in front of people!
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Teaching the Fundamentals of Dance

Dance is a wonderful form of expression that can be explored at any age. At Beverly’s School of Dance, we welcome students as young as 3 and strive to teach them the fundamentals of dance, so they can develop skill, confidence and poise from a young age. Our dance school in Brandon, MS is renowned for producing dancers of a superior caliber, who are trained in jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop styles. Whether for competition or just for fun, we make sure our students have a great time learning timeless skills! We make dancing fun and enjoyable, and something your child will continue to pursue as they grow up.
Why come to us for dance lessons in Brandon, Rankin County, Pelahatchie, Whitefield, or Jackson, MS? Because you won’t find a dance studio with a more impressive track record than ours! We’ve taught classes for decades, producing top-level dancers who have gone on to complete at local and national levels. Not only do our students go on to succeed in dance—they also become well-rounded individuals. Through dance we instill motor skill development, self-confidence, discipline, mental stimulation and physical fitness. All of these traits help our dancers mature into positive individuals who go on to lead successful personal and professional lives. Come and see our dance studio for yourself and explore the many reasons why parents continue to bring their children to our dance school in Brandon, MS!

  • Our studio has been open since 1965, teaching a wide assortment of dance lessons to students ages 3-18.
  • We’re a founding member of Dance Teachers United and our founder, Beverly Smith, is a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the organization!
  • Our dance teachers have traveled the world teaching and judging dance competitions, and many of our students have gone on to open their own successful dance studios!
  • We offer a wide range of dance lessons, including choreography for ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop, as well as tumbling and gymnastics.
  • In addition to classes, we also have a competition dance team that travels to several competitions throughout the year.

Meet Shey Allen Campbell

Shey Allen Campbell of Brandon, Ms is a dance instructor at Beverly’s School of Dance where she teaches many forms of dance, modeling, tumbling and baton twirling.
Shey has performed professionally with Universal Studios and has traveled the U.S. with Joel Ruminer’s Dance and Performing Arts Camp. Mrs. Campbell has trained under professional dance and baton educators from across the United States as well as competed and won national and regional competitions.
Shey Campbell serves as a board member and talent coordinator of Dance Teachers United. Dance Teachers United is a non-profit organization that holds competitions and workshops over the state.
Dance has always been a part of Shey’s life and she loves nothing more than to share her love of dance to her students.

Founding Member and Lifetime Achievement Award winner of

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For more information about our upcoming dance lessons or to get in touch with us about competition dancing, please contact our dance academy today. We welcome any questions!
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Areas Served

Since 1965, our dance school has been located in Brandon, MS. In addition to Brandon, we have been blessed to work with dancers from these surrounding areas:

  • Pearl, MS
  • Pelahatchie, MS
  • Flowood, MS
  • Forest, MS
  • Brandon, MS

Mom of Ever from @foreverandforava – taudrey

Now reading: 21 Things You Need to Know about Savannah Soutas from Instagram's @savv_soutas


For our Mother's Day edition of "a taudrey girl answers 21 questions," we're featuring Savannah Rose Soutas. The stylish photographer-turned-blogger is the proud mommy of 3-year-old Everleigh, whose sweetness has taken the Instagram world by storm. And while Savannah is often the mastermind behind the camera, the model mom also stuns in front of the lens with her enviable flowing locks and mesmerizing eyes.

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1.  Name and city?: Savannah Rose Soutas. Orange County, CA

2. Tell us about your family: Everleigh was born when her dad and I were 19. We are now both 23. We are young parents and I wouldn't change that for the world!

3. What’s the best part about being a fashion blogger? I just recently began fashion blogging but I absolutely love it! I love being able to do what I love doing. Everleigh loves getting dressed up with me and posing for the camera!

4. What do you love most about being a #taudreygirl? I love taudrey jewelry! It's absolutely amazing and I love the "mommy and me" sets the most.

5. In your opinion, what makes taudrey so great for moms? Taudrey is amazing for moms because pieces can be customized as "mommy and me" sets and the jewelry is simple enough to go with everything while still being so unique!

6. How would you describe your style? I love dresses. They have to be my favorite. I am definitely a Free People kind of girl.

7. Tell us a bit about Everleigh? Everleigh ("Ever") has modeled since she was 8-months old and has a fashion blog with her best friend, Ava. Their Instagram, @foreverandforava, has 320,000 followers! Ever and Ava have appeared on news shows and modeled for big brands including Kardashian Kids. Everleigh LOVES to dance and is on a competition team. She also loves her gymnastics class.

8. What kind of styles does Everleigh lean towards? Everleigh puts on whatever I pick out. She's super easy and doesn't throw a fit about any clothing. She loves getting dressed up!

9. Who does Everleigh get her dancing skills from? I grew up dancing--starting when I was 2 years old-- so I would have to say Everleigh gets the dancing gene from her mama! 

10. What’s it like raising such a fashionista? I love my little fashionista! She's full of personality, sass and sweetness, and loves showing her clothes to her family and friends.

11. What’s it like when you and Everleigh are recognized on the street? It's so sweet when people stop us to take pictures with us. Well, mostly Everleigh- haha! I think it's adorable. They ask a lot of fun questions and I love meeting new people!

12. What does Everleigh think of her fame? Everleigh is just starting to realize that people know her from her pictures and videos and I think she thinks it's pretty cool! I never use the word "fame" because I don't want to raise her that way, but she knows that when people stop to take pictures with or meet her, it's because they recognize her from her pictures and videos on musical.ly. She's very sweet to them and let's them hold her hand and take pictures. I think she enjoys it. I want to raise her in the most HUMBLE way I possibly can.

13. Tell us what you love about you and Everleigh’s matching taudrey pieces?  Everleigh and I love our matching bracelets! They go with literally every outfit!

14.  What does Everleigh think of her new taudrey? Everleigh loves matching me!

15. What are your Mother’s Day plans?  We are having brunch with our whole family and then going to the beach!

16. Describe taudrey in one word: Classy

17. Gold or silver? Gold

18. What’s your best piece of fashion advice?  Make sure you absolutely love what you're buying. Otherwise, you'll never wear it!

19. What your best photography tip? Make sure to shoot from the right angle and have a pretty background!

20. What message do you strive to communicate to your fans? I would love to let people know that's it's not all about pictures and glam. Half of the time, I have my hair in a bun and look like a mess. And sometimes, Everleigh and I are wear our pajamas around the house all day! Everleigh and I go to Disneyland, the park, work on preschool, and have tons of fun together, just like all other mommas and babies out there.  It's not all about the pictures, although we both love getting dressed up and taking them!

21. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I'm a young mommy and had Everleigh when I was 19. I grew up modeling my whole life and I love that Everleigh loves doing it too! I'm currently studying to earn to Bachelor's degree in teaching and I will always encourage Everleigh to put her education first! 


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I would like to have 15 children

“The audition for Jupiter Ascending began with the question of whether I was ready for extreme physical activity,” says the actor. “And then directors Lana and Andy Wachowski asked if I knew what true love is…”

Various dances
January 2015. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

- Do you want everyone to laugh at me?

Without honoring her husband with an answer, petite Jenna decisively led him to the dance floor. Music was playing in the banquet hall of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The official part of the Golden Globe Awards ceremony had just ended, the best representatives of the film industry were flexing their stiff legs with pleasure, and Jenna was not going to deprive herself of the opportunity to have fun because of Channing's shyness. “I don’t know what I was thinking when I married a dancer,” the actor jokes. “Before meeting her, I thought that I was moving well, but against the background of a professional, a self-taught person always looks ridiculous.”

“Close your eyes, Chen,” Jenna ordered, “and imagine that we have just met.

Channing closed his eyes with a smile - his memory obediently transferred him almost ten years ago, to another hall where the auditions for the film "Step Up" were going on. He, an unknown guy from Alabama, got the main role - he was to play a young street dancer who, by chance, becomes a partner of an art school student. Now he is forced to hang around in the dance hall, repeating the same movements over and over again with each contender for the role of the girl of his dreams. When it was Jenna Dewan's turn, Channing felt like a clockwork toy for a while, but Jenna's first glance hit him like a breath of fresh water. He vaguely remembered what and how they danced, there was a feeling of closeness, which, obviously, was noticed by everyone in the hall. Anyway, with the last beat of the music, the female director sent an assistant to tell the other candidates that they could go home.

“You're good,” Jenna complimented him when they went outside together. “Have you ever danced in public before?” "Yes," Channing replied, hoping he didn't have to go into details. Maybe someday, but not in the first minutes of meeting this amazing girl who bewitched him - a graduate of a ballet school. "What were you dancing?" Jenna asked. Channing sighed. "Striptease," he answered curtly.

In Hollywood, the actor's marriage to Jenna Dewan is considered phenomenal - Channing does not even look at other women. At the Golden Globe Awards (January 11, 2015). Photo: Global look Press

Boy Scout naked
September 1999. Tampa, Florida

19-year-old Channing Tatum was brought to the strip club scene in Tampa, as he later said, by a desire to get acquainted with the dark side of life. “I didn’t go there for the money,” he recalled. - For a successful evening, you could cut down a maximum of $150, and sometimes you could barely scrape together a fifty-kopeck piece. Contact with the dark sides of the soul was exciting.

I was lucky that I didn’t get hooked on drugs, didn’t get infected with anything, didn’t make anyone a child, although we played without rules.” Channing's number was called "Boy Scout" and provided for the appropriate suit, which the guy fiercely hated: "Undressing itself never turned me on. The audience in the club greets you like a rock star, but in reality you are nobody - a beautiful body in idiotic clothes.

At some point, he decided to finish, if not with striptease, then with Boy Scout. For this, it was necessary to learn ... to dance. Chen has always liked Latin American dances. There were a lot of emigrants from South America in Tampa, but it turned out that all his peers prefer club stompers that do not require much skill. Therefore, none of them could show him the necessary movements. “When I went to my friends to invite them for a walk, they often left me waiting on the porch,” Channing recalled. - And on the porch there was usually a Hispanic old woman with knitting. I raked her in an armful and asked: “Teach me how to dance your way, abuela (in Spanish “grandmother”. — Approx. “TN”)”. Thanks to these old women, I became a decent enough dancer and a few years later got the lead role in the film Step Up, which opened the doors to Hollywood for me.

Tatum generally believes that people have given him much more knowledge than books or school curriculum. His father strongly disagreed with this - until the moment when the skills gleaned on the streets and in the strip club did not make his son a Hollywood star. The elder Tatum, a huge man with a very stern personality, relentlessly scolded Chen for dropping out of college. “Pa, a roofer by trade, dreamed of his son getting a college education, sitting in a warm office instead of climbing scaffolding. But even before school, I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, complicated by dyslexia. No one could understand where and how to teach me. In the class for children with developmental delays, I looked like a genius, among ordinary children - mentally retarded. My classmates bullied me. Strong pills allowed me to stay on a par with everyone, but gradually the effect weakened, academic performance fell, and I felt and behaved as if my soul had been taken out of me,” says the younger Tatum. - Still, I went to college at the insistence of my father, but soon realized that I had nothing to do there. After all, it takes me five times more time to read any text than ordinary people. Yes, then I can retell this text verbatim, but who will wait so long? After being expelled, he worked a little as a roofer, and then a striptease turned up - easy money.

Channing didn't want to tell the whole story to a girl he barely knew. He thought that this would either push her away, or she would begin to feel sorry for him. Despite the fact that Jenna won him over at first sight, Chen decided to focus on work and keep his distance.

The actor regrets only one thing: due to his heavy work in the cinema, he cannot spend as much time with his family as he would like. Jenna with daughter Everly (January 2015). Photo: All Over Press

Mexican confession
Winter 2006. Baltimore, Maryland

The Mexican bar gradually emptied, but Channing didn't move. I sat at a table over which hung a huge sombrero, looked at the night lights outside the window and drank one glass of tequila after another. The shooting of the film "Step Up" was coming to an end. He needed to accustom himself to the idea that he would no longer see Jenna every day, hug and kiss her - even if it happens according to the script.

- Broke up with a girlfriend? his boyfriend asked sympathetically from the next table.

“Not yet,” Tatum said. - Going to…

- Did you have a fight?

Chen did not know the answer to this question. While "Step Up" was being filmed, she and Jenna became very close. “He was kind to me,” she recalled. “I took him to a cafe or a square to rehearse dialogues outside the stuffy pavilion.” Toward the end of filming, while working on the kiss scene, Channing suddenly caught himself kissing Jenna for real. He shuddered, recoiled, and when she asked what was the matter, he unexpectedly rudely answered that she had bad breath. He couldn't help but notice that his partner liked him. He wanted to make Jenna angry with him and not regret the breakup.

“She and I are here on a… business trip,” he finally said. - We work together. Home soon.

— Do you both have someone at home?

— No. Channing stirred the tequila with a toothpick. — She doesn’t have a boyfriend now, and I broke up with my girlfriend.

“I didn’t understand something,” the guy moved to Channing’s table. - Since you are both free, what prevents you from going home together? After all, you, my friend, are deeply in love. Maybe she doesn't love you?

“How do I know if he loves me or not, I didn’t ask,” Chen muttered. - Jenna is the kind of girl you can't just sleep with, she's the kind of person you marry. And I can't offer her anything good. I don't have a stable job, I love her too much to ruin her life.

“Here’s what I think, nerd: you’re making a big mistake…” Channing’s new buddy got up from his chair, took his sombrero off the wall and tucked it over the actor’s head, apparently for courage. - Go to your Jenna right now and tell her everything frankly. Come on, come on, amigo!

A knock on the hotel room door woke Jenna up. She wondered who it brought in the middle of the night, but she heard Channing's voice in the corridor and opened it. The actor hesitated at the door, because the sombrero did not want to crawl through the opening, and clouded with tequila, he could not figure out what to do in this hopeless situation.

— Where did the little thing come from? Jenna laughed, taking off his headdress.

“Stole… from a bar,” Channing said. “I came to say that I love you. Details in the morning.

He turned to crawl away with dignity on shaky legs in the direction of his number, but Jenna caught him by the sleeve.

— Jesus, Chen, I thought you would never confess! And so that you don’t change your mind by morning, I’ll probably leave you to spend the night here.

A still from the film Jupiter Ascending

The measurement of feelings
May 2013. London

Channing shot out of the delivery room like a bullet, broke into the toilet, and only then stopped biting his lips so as not to burst into tears. It seemed to him that Jenna's labor went on for an eternity. During this time, Chen hid in the toilet at least three times to cry.

When Channing returned to the delivery room after washing his face, he was introduced to his newborn daughter, Everly. “At first I was also afraid to take her in my arms,” the actor admitted. — And for the first months he continued to feel absolutely useless. Then Jenna gradually taught me how to feed Everly and change her diapers.”

Channing has only one regret: “Everly came into the world when they started offering me a really interesting job. Jenna and I had no idea that we would make a baby on the first try, so before the news of her pregnancy, I agreed to participate in several projects that I can’t get rid of now. Everything about Everly seems like a miracle to me: the first amazingly sharp teeth, the first steps, the words - I don't want to miss anything! In the future, I would love to have 15 children, but Jenna says that in this case I will have to find another wife for myself.

In Hollywood, their marriage is considered phenomenal. “Crowds of women swirl around Channing, but it’s impossible to imagine that he would even look at someone other than Jenna,” familiar couples say. — They have some kind of swan loyalty. Although more different people still need to be looked for.

And this is easily confirmed by examples. Jenna believes in everything supernatural, goes to fortune tellers and psychics, buys protective crystals and amulets for her house. The materialist Chen does not recognize anything supernatural, does not believe in the existence of a parallel reality, and prefers not to stick his nose into the future, but to wait until it comes. No wonder that in every interview he is asked how he and Jenna get along together. “In all questionable situations, one of us asks the other: “How much do you love me now on a scale of one to ten?” Chen says. “You just have to answer honestly. And do not be offended when you hear that at the moment you are only loved by six. It’s better to sit down and calmly figure out why and how to fix it.”

Channing Matthew Tatum

Born: April 26, 1980 in Cullman, Alabama, USA

Family: wife - Jenna Dewan-Tatum (34), dancer and actress; daughter - Everly (1 year old)

Education: attended Glenville State College in West Virginia

Career: worked as a stripper in a Tampa nightclub until he moved to Miami at the invitation of a modeling agency. Played in more than 30 films, including: "Step Up", "Johnny D.", "Dear John", "Eagle of the Ninth Legion", the trilogy "Macho and Nerd", "Magic Mike", "The White House Down", Foxcatcher, Jupiter Ascending. Named the sexiest man in the world by People magazine in 2012


Shalva Papiashvili: “What about me? I was just dancing…”

In October, the Honored Song and Dance Ensemble of Georgia “Salkino” performed successfully in regional and district cities of Belarus. Despite the fact that the band performed here for the first time, and so far almost no one has heard this name, the Belarusian audience enthusiastically applauded the young Georgian artists and did not skimp on flattering reviews.

On October 15, Salkhino gave a concert in the Belarusian capital, causing a flurry of emotions among the guests of the Minsk concert hall - the dancers received a standing ovation. However, this is not surprising: Salkhino has an absolutely incredible energy, the artists capture the attention of the audience from the first seconds of the performance and do not allow them to take their eyes off the stage until the final exit.

We could not help but take the opportunity to meet the artistic director of the ensemble, Honored Artist of Georgia, holder of the Order of Glory Shalva Papiashvili, who told MAMULI.BY about how Salkhino was created.

- For twenty-six years I danced in the State Academic Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Georgia "Rustavi", and in 1993, when I left the stage, I opened my own studio and began to teach the art of dance to young children. Children grew up and left for Sukhishvili, Erisioni, Rustavi and other ensembles. And five years ago, the decision to create their own team was ripe. We were supported by the mayor's office of our city, appointing a small salary, and we began to train.

- And how did the name "Salkino" come about?

– This cannot be translated into Russian literally. There is a Georgian word “lhini”, which means a celebration, a feast, fun, when people gather, raise toasts, enjoy life. “Salkhino” is like giving joy, bringing a holiday. We are an ensemble that makes fun.

– What countries has the team already visited?

- We were in France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland. Three times a year we are invited to Turkey. We are in Belarus for the first time, and this is the first tour of such a scale. Because it's one thing to perform 2-3 dances at the festival, and quite another - full-fledged concerts. I am very happy about this, because I am sure that the guys here will learn a lot.

– How do you like Belarus?

– I myself am far from being here for the first time: when I danced, I came to Belarus twenty times, if not more. Therefore, I know the Belarusian people and their kind soul well. I feel myself here, as in Georgia, because the relations are very warm and friendly. And we also have one very good thing in common - we drink a lot of wine and make good toasts (laughs).

- In Georgia, literally at every step you can see recruitment announcements for various dance studios and schools. But there are not so many groups that do not just dance in restaurants, but reach a higher, international level. Why do you think?

– We now, like all over the world, have a tendency to get an education. A young man should be polite, love his country and study. And then everything else - sports, dancing and so on. Moreover, now there are no evening departments in Georgian universities, everyone studies during the day, so there is simply no time left for training. And many parents adhere to this position: my child worked out, learned something, it will be good to dance at weddings - and okay, that's enough. True, later, when they see other dancers on stage, they regret: “Oh, why did I take my son or daughter from the studio ?!”

– I was told that dance teachers in Georgia are very strict with their students. Are you a strict teacher?

- No, I'm not like that. When small children come, you caress them, become their friend. Of course, you make comments, sometimes you can give a slap on the back of the head. But we must not forget that every person has pride. Therefore, I still try to act more with words, communicate in a friendly way.

– The dancers in Salkhino are very young. Do you think they will continue their creative career further, or will they grow up and leave the stage?

- Yes, we have young guys dancing: the youngest girl is 16 years old, the oldest is 22 years old. Everyone has to combine dancing with study. And this is a huge work: 4-5 hours of training a day, there are often injuries. Of course, not everyone survives, someone leaves. But those who have the strength and desire remain. And they themselves are already asking: let's do more, let's work, let's move on!

- At the concert, I noticed that you do not adhere to the classical canons of Georgian dance in everything, you bring in a lot of your own, unusual. Is this approach deliberate?

– In fact, there are about 40 dances in Salkhino's repertoire at the moment, it is simply impossible to show them all within the framework of one concert. We have two programs: one is folklore, classical. You know that in Georgia it is traditional when a woman comes out to dance, she moves with incredible grace, as if floating above the ground. But today, the cosmos itself requires that a woman sometimes behave differently, light up. Therefore, in the program that we showed today, the dances are chosen in such a way that the rhythm of the concert is not lost. If we added, for example, an Ossetian dance or "Samaya", the dynamics would go away.

– Almost everyone dances in Georgia. And they dance their own, dear. But what you see in everyday life and what happens on the professional stage is different. What do you focus on when putting on new dances?

- I have already said that many people work out for 3-4 years, and then “light up” in restaurants, as they say, for themselves. And many have never even danced professionally, but they still dance from the heart - it's in their veins, in their blood. I love watching them and noticing interesting moments, and then polishing them and using them in our productions. We also travel to the regions of Georgia, watch how older people dance, take something interesting from there.

- So you are not only a teacher, but also a director of all productions of Salkhino?

– What to do? ( laughs ). People in Georgia often ask me: do you teach girls too? Well, of course I am, who else is supposed to teach them?

- Shalva, you are not only the holder of the title of Honored Artist of Georgia, but also a holder of the Order of Glory. Please tell us more about yourself and your accomplishments.

– Why am I… I was just dancing…

Sergei Klimovich, Deputy Director of the Art City Center company, the organizer of the tour of the Salkhino Ensemble in Belarus, joins our conversation:

– Shalva is very modest and does not like to talk about himself, therefore, if you will, I I will speak for him. Do you know why we chose this particular team, despite the fact that Salkhino is not well known to us, they are not known in Belarus? When we were in Georgia, we were amazed by the amazing energy that these young guys have. Unlike recognized professionals dancing in eminent groups, they do not consider their performances just work. However, I can safely call the Salkhino dancers pros, and you yourself had the opportunity to see this for yourself. But the main thing is that the guys dance with all their heart, they have enthusiasm, they are ready to squeeze the maximum out of themselves on stage!

Therefore, we deliberately brought Salkhino to Belarus, although we were aware that we could incur losses. This year we want to show the ensemble in Latvia and Lithuania, we are negotiating with Germany. And we are sure of success, because you yourself could feel their energy when, after the first composition, “Bravo!” flies from the audience!

People feel the positive attitude of the dancers and see the work that Shalva puts into the team. He is an incredibly modest person and does not stick out his regalia, does not like to mention them. That's why we love him even more! Shalva is a person who is always at work, and everything that he earns, he spends on the team. Recently there was a case: at one of the festivals he was personally given an award, so he spent all the money on costumes. Even his wife doesn't know about it! (laughs).

P.S. After the interview, Shalva Papiashvili traditionally left an autograph for MAMULI, then the dancers, together with their leader, boarded the bus and went on to win the hearts of new spectators. And I'm sure they will succeed!

P.P.S . During the Salkhino concert, I looked at the stage as if spellbound, and simply could not take my eyes off the dancers. Therefore, I didn’t even take photos - it was just a pity to miss at least one moment of this spectacle. Therefore, for illustration, the photos are taken from the Internet.

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