How to slow dance for your man

5 Simple Steps to Master the Slow Dance for Beginners

There are many occasions to slow dance such as weddings, proms, and just wherever there is a music of a slow tempo. But, maybe you are intimidated by a slow dance. You don’t know where to put your hands, or don’t know how close to stand to the other person. What steps do you do in the slow dance? We’re not talking about a specific dance step like the Foxtrot; we are just talking about the slow dance in general. Are you a beginner-level dancer and looking for easy dance moves? In this article, we will give you five simple steps to master the slow dance so you’ll never again be fearful of being out on the dance floor when the music slows down.

Slow Dancing Arms

There are two options for your arms when you slow dance.

Option 1- Slow Dancing Arms

In this option, you can think of slow dancing as an extended hug as you and your partner sway back and forth. The female places her arms on the guy’s shoulders or hangs them loosely around his neck. The guy puts his hands on the female’s hips or wraps them loosely around her lower back. Leave enough room between you so that you both feel comfortable.

As for head placement, this depends on you and your partner’s height. If you are a couple and are dancing closely, you can rest your head on your date’s chest or over his/her shoulder. Or, you can look at each other.

It’s important to stay relaxed. Try to control your breathing by inhaling and exhaling steadily to maintain an even heart rate.

Option 2 – Slow Dancing Arms

Holding your partner’s hand is the more traditional way to sway in a slow dance. If you aren’t dating or don’t know each other well, this position can be more comfortable. The guy puts his right hand on the females’ hips or on her mid- or upper-back. If you’re dating and close, the guy can wrap his arm loosely around her waist. Then, he uses the left hand to take her hand or lace his fingers into hers. The female should put her left hand on her partner’s shoulder and hold his hand with her right hand. With this stance, your heads will probably stay forward, so you are looking at each other. Be sure to smile at your dance partner and maybe start a conversation to help relax.

Slow Dancing Feet

It’s good to be cautious of where you put your feet when slow dancing so as not to step on each other’s toes. When you first join together to dance, look down at where you and your partner’s feet fall. This gives you a general idea of how far over you can move your feet without stepping on his/her toes. 

If you are close together in the slow dance, you can put one foot between your partner’s feet and your other foot on the outside. If there is more space between the partners, you can put your toes in front of your date’s toes and about an inch off to the side. Don’t get too technical on this aspect. When your bodies come together to dance, your feet should naturally fall in place.


It’s traditional for the guy to lead a slow dance. If this is just way too traditional for your taste, then the female can change it up and lead. But, someone has to lead. To lead, gently push your partner’s hand in the way you want to go as you also move your body in that direction. Follow the music and move to the beat. To follow, just follow your partner’s moves.


The basic slow dance doesn’t require much footwork at all, so it is an easy dance for beginners. You can keep your feet planted in one place, make sure your knees are loose, and then gently sway back and forth using your hips and knees. If you are confident with this, you can gently lift your feet off the floor just a bit. These small lifts can turn you in a slow circle. Remember to keep your arms and elbows loose. This will make it easier to breathe and sway comfortably.

The Twirl

If you are leading and are feeling confident and a bit adventurous while you’re slow dancing, you can invite your partner to twirl. This is a common move so your dance partner will probably know what to expect. Take a step back from your embrace and hold your partner’s left arm up in the air with your right arm. After guiding her in turning 360 degrees, you simply return to your starting position and resume swaying.

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No Partner Necessary

How to get the slow dance right

Invariably this moment will come: you’re at a wedding reception or holiday party and the band starts up a ballad. A few couples take to the floor and your stomach tightens: there’s a beautiful woman you’ve been eyeing all night but haven’t approached yet, and you know this is your chance.

So here’s all you need to know to pull off a sophisticated, seductive slow dance that’s more Cary Grant than high school student, with no ballroom training necessary.

Step One: The Asking

Don’t be afraid of asking a woman to dance even though she’s surrounded by others. Walk over and simply say, “Would you like to dance?” If she’s surprised — understandable in this day and age — her friends will likely encourage her. (If she says no thanks, move on and ask someone else.) As you head to the dance floor, you can offer your arm for chivalry points if you want, but don’t grab her hand and drag her to the floor like a couple of teenagers sneaking off to make out behind a tree.

Step Two: Assume The Position

You don’t need special skill to slow dance, but posture and attitude separate the men from the boys. If you’re not wearing a tuxedo, imagine you are. Stand tall and firm, but not military stiff. Your left hand goes out and meets hers around shoulder height, while your right arm goes around the middle of her back. Don’t pull her against you, which would be too intimate, and don’t place her so far away you could fit a beach ball between you. Do not assume a hugging position. Do not put both hands on her waist. Do not slouch or act like you’re cuddling on a sofa watching Netflix. If you’re lucky, that’ll happen soon enough.

To avoid stepping on each other’s feet, place her slightly to the right of you, with your right foot aimed between her two feet. That also means her face should be on your right side as well, if you were going to dance cheek to cheek, as the old song goes. If you’re going to talk, it’s into her right ear, or left side from your point of view.

Step Three: How To Move

Ballads are slow, but they still have a steady beat, which leads us to the most important thing. Do not start marching on every beat. Instead, allow two beats per step. It should feel very slow, which is more relaxed and sophisticated than writhing around on every beat in a crude caricature of dancing. Put your weight on your left foot and then on your right, and rock back and forth like this while rotating in a clockwise direction in small degrees. That’s it.

Now for some more don’ts. Don’t pump your left arm up and down or push and pull it back and forth. It shouldn’t move at all; this is crucial to having a controlled, masculine embrace. And don’t gyrate your hips from side to side, but stay straight and tall as if you were simply walking.

Depending on your personality and the mood you’re after, you can either start a conversation or you can stay silent and mysterious and try to build romantic tension. You can turn her under your left arm, but don’t send her so far away that you nearly dislocate your shoulder trying to hang on to her. Make it a small turn, and then go back to gently rocking.

Step Four: What Comes Next

When the song ends, the ice is broken. Offer to get her a drink, meet your friends, or go over and meet hers. You should be able to take it from here just fine.

One more tip from Cary Grant. In the movie “Indiscreet” he tells a friend how he handles women. He says he makes clear his intentions (in this case, to remain a bachelor) before anything happens. “That’s where the honor comes in,” he explains.  That’s a good rule to follow.

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How to dance a slow dance (slow dance) with a girl. First slow dance Dance moves for a couple slow dance

If you are invited to a slow dance by a handsome young man, do not miss the opportunity to make a new romantic acquaintance, putting all doubts about your dancing abilities aside. The main thing is your confidence and a charming smile, and your partner should take care of everything else.

Relax, forget about all the worries and worries, completely surrendering to dance and music. There are a lot of amateur dancers in nightclubs who are far from professional dance skills, so you should not be embarrassed by anyone. According to all the rules of etiquette, guys invite girls to a slow dance, with the exception of the “white”, where the fair half can use this right.

If you have only slow danced a couple of times and are going to a party with guys, and presumably couple dances, start training at home. Of course, this does not mean that it is boring to circle the room with an imaginary partner, but it would be nice to work on posture and physical exercises. A straight straightened back, tactful soft movements, the correct position of the hands - and half the success is guaranteed to you!

Slow dance technique for girls.

The distance between partners depends on the proximity of their relationship. If you just met today, then you should keep your distance. According to the rules of pair dances, the guy puts his right hand on the woman's waist, holding her palm with his left. If you are dancing with your young man, you can put your arms around his neck. In a slow dance, you can make swaying, smooth turns, steps - the main thing is that all movements fall in time with the melody. Dance the way you want and know how, do not give out the present excitement to your partner and believe in your uniqueness.

The basic rules of slow dancing for girls:

  • women in slow dance are led, the process is completely controlled by the partner, and the lady only needs to repeat the movements after him. The initiative should be taken into your own hands only in the case when the young man is confused and cannot concentrate on the dance;
  • keep your legs and your partner's legs in line so you won't interfere with each other;
  • try not to make your movements abrupt, but confident and smooth;
  • watch your posture and legs - they should not drag on the floor and be "wooden".

Dance school - your step to stunning success

If you want to learn how to dance slow dances at a professional level and surprise your partner, enroll in a dance school where experienced masters will teach you all the skills of beautiful steps in pair dance. At first, all students have to face difficulties, but thanks to regular loads and training, you can very quickly come to a positive result. How quickly you will work out dance tactics and show the first results depends directly on the coach and the type of lesson. In individual training, more time is devoted to exactly your needs and developing the necessary skills. The trainer develops an individual program for you, which you gradually go through.

Not a single disco can do without a slow dance, or, as it is called by the people, a “slow dance”. On the one hand, there is nothing complicated in it, but on the other hand, such a dance hides various secrets. Let's figure out how to learn how to dance a slow dance to shine in all discos.

How to dance slow dance: a guide to action

Slow dance begins with an invitation. Traditionally, the guy should invite. Sometimes the host of the event announces a white dance. This means that the girls are invited. However, in modern society it is not particularly important who invites whom, so if you want to dance with a guy, but he is not too active, feel free to go to him yourself. Invite you to a slow dance with a smile, and then your partner will definitely not be able to refuse you.

How to dance a slow dance so as not to embarrass yourself in front of your partner?

Get into position to dance. Traditionally, the girl's right hand should lie in the guy's hand. The girl's left hand is on the guy's shoulder, and the guy's right hand is on the girl's waist. Sometimes it is acceptable to put both of the girl's hands on the guy's neck, and both of the guy's hands on the girl's waist. Put your feet in a comfortable position, at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other. The distance between the couple should be at least 15-30 cm. Only if you are in a relationship can you get closer.

Any slow dance is led by a guy. To do this, he must slightly pull the girl by the hand, showing her where he is going to move. A girl needs to feel a partner and follow him. All movements should be smooth and soft. Sharp movements in this dance will be inappropriate.

If you don't know how to dance, it's not scary, everyone learns at some point. Before the dance, you can ask your partner if he can dance. If yes, let him teach you. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You will be happy to help. Here are some more helpful tips.

  • Do not lift your feet, but slide them on the floor. This way you won't step on your partner's foot.
  • Periodically make eye contact with your partner to show your interest, but don't stare at them all the time.
  • Have casual conversation while dancing.
  • If you stepped on your partner's foot, apologize and be careful in the future. If you have been attacked, do not be angry.

And don't forget to thank your partner when the dance is over. This old-fashioned gesture is very cute and quite appropriate.

Dance lessons for boys

First slow dance

Disco, school party, friendly party - everywhere you need the ability to dance.

Slow dance, or colloquially "slow dance" is a separate conversation. Slow dancers don't dance with the first girl they meet. This dance is reserved for a special person. To invite a girl to a slow dance means to distinguish her from others. Often, slow dancing can help start a deeper, more serious relationship. However, one should not think that a slow dance is tantamount to a declaration of love. This is just a way to show a girl that you enjoy her company. How to behave further, after the final chord of music, is a completely different topic.

Here we will just talk about slow dancing, how to invite a girl and how to dance with her.

First of all, remember that slow dancing is not a separate art, but just a kind of dance.

Dance is rhythmic and plastic movements to music. They are performed in a certain rhythm and tempo, which are set by the music. The set of movements itself also depends on the nature of the music. Therefore, if you want to dance well, first of all learn to catch the rhythm and feel the music. You won’t dance a slow dance to a fast, cheerful melody, and you won’t dance a break dance to a long song.

How to develop a sense of rhythm

A sense of rhythm is half the battle in dancing.

Rhythm is the ratio of the duration of the sounds that follow each other. Music consists of sounds of different duration. One note sounds for half a second, another for a second, and so on. There are pauses between sounds, which also last for different times. Each particular song has its own specific rhythm. Imagine a piece of paper with a wavy line drawn on it. In one section, the line bends widely and smoothly, in another it is drawn with small teeth, in the third it jumps high up and falls sharply down, in the fourth it practically turns into a straight line. If we translate this picture into the language of music, we have a rhythmic pattern. It is varied. But it is drawn on top of cells of the same size. The cells are the meter. Meter is a uniform alternation of elements. The sounds in a rhythm can be of the same or equal length. The duration of sounds in a meter should be constant, the same. The simplest example of a meter: for one - a blow, for two - a pause. The meter consists of weak and strong beats. The beat must coincide with the downbeat in the measure, i.e. with the sound that stands out the most from the others. The pause should coincide with the weak beat. In our beat-pause example, there is one upbeat and one downbeat. But there are other varieties of meters. Remember: inside one “cell” of a meter there can be only one strong beat and from two or more weak beats. For example, "blow, pause, pause" is a three-part meter in which all waltzes are written. "Beat, pause, pause, pause" is a four-beat meter characteristic of tango.

So, meter is an abstract concept, and rhythm is a concrete one. The meter is the parallels and meridians on the globe, the rhythm is the trajectory of the ship, plotted taking into account these parallels and meridians.

When the meter is struck, make sure that the same time elapses between one and the second strike. When the rhythm is beaten, they make sure that the required number of beats fits in a certain period of time.

Rhythm and meter are beaten at the same pace, that is, with a certain speed. Each song has its own rhythm and tempo. School music lessons are just aimed at developing a sense of rhythm. It's good that teachers remember this.

One often hears about the innate sense of rhythm. Indeed, there are people who, almost from the cradle, drum with their palms to the beat of the music, that is, they just tap out the rhythm at the right pace.

But the sense of rhythm can be developed. If you find it difficult to catch the rhythm and maintain a given pace, do not lose heart. They say that drummers have the best sense of rhythm. And it is true! Follow the example of the drummers and practice. Make a playlist of your favorite music, and it should include both slow and fast songs, both sad and incendiary. While listening to them, beat the rhythm. It is better to start by beating the meter. A loud blow - on a strong beat, quiet blows - on a weak one. At first, you can count the shares, highlighting the strong shares with your voice: one, two, three; one two Three. However, it is not necessary to abuse the account, otherwise, during the dance, you may begin to mutter the account under your breath from excitement, and this will not make a good impression on your partner.

When you learn how to confidently tap strong and weak beats, stop getting confused, stray, start practicing rhythm tapping. It is more convenient to learn from songs with words: accompany each syllable that the singer utters with a blow. Remember to tap a little louder on the strong beat than on the weak ones, so as not to go astray.

Learned how to beat the beat and rhythm with your hands - use your feet. Tap your favorite melodies with your hands and feet, dance. While alone with yourself, you can not care about plastic. Your task is to develop a sense of rhythm. When you achieve this, you can no longer worry that you will step on your partner’s foot in the dance. As a rule, the problem of clumsy dancers is not at all that they cannot move plastically, but that they dance separately from the music.

How to learn to dance

At the same time, learn the simplest dance moves, or steps. As already mentioned, slow dancing is not needed in order to demonstrate your athletic skills or acrobatic dexterity. Believe me: if a girl enjoys your company, she will gladly trample on the spot with you or sway from side to side. But, of course, you will impress your partner much more if you show your dancing skills as well.

If something doesn't work out, don't give up and think that dancing is "not for you." You may not learn how to dance the tango or the rumba, but you can master a few simple dance moves.

Of course, don't rely on luck. Do not expect that at the first sounds of music your body will begin to move as it should. In order for dance movements to turn out “by themselves”, you need to train a lot. Feel free to rehearse at home in front of a mirror. If you have the opportunity, record your workouts on a video camera. Then you can calmly review the records, look at yourself from the outside, analyze mistakes, note your achievements. This is exactly what many famous dancers, singers, actors, athletes do.

It's good if there is a person in your environment who can help you: give you useful advice, agree to act as a dance partner. Reach out to a close friend, brother or sister. Do not write off from the accounts and parents.

If you don't want to tell anyone about your dance plans, it doesn't matter. But remember: dancing with the air is not the same as twirling in a dance with a living person. When you feel confident enough dancing with an imaginary partner, move on to "weight training." Let a chair with a back, a pillow, a plaid rolled up in a roller, dressed in a mother's dress, etc., make a couple for you.

Partner should be nicely invited. We will talk about the intricacies of interpersonal communication a little later. In the meantime, let's learn the simplest thing: straighten up and, holding your posture, approach your partner. At the same time, give the girl your right hand as an invitation and say some simple phrase, for example: “Hi. May I invite you?" The hand that you serve should be slightly bent at the elbow and placed palm up. It is assumed that if the girl accepts the invitation, she will put her pen in your palm.

During the dance, your hands should lie strictly on the girl's waist, i.e. where the back meets the line of the belt. Make sure that your hands do not slip on her buttocks, but also do not raise your palms to her armpits, to the chest area. These are forbidden areas. If you are a real man, then do not allow yourself to disrespect a girl.

Do not snuggle up to a girl while dancing. From the first to the last sound of the “slow”, the distance between you should be at least 15 cm.

It is customary for a man to lead the dance. This means that you should give direction to the dance and suggest dance moves. The initiative should be yours. First of all, catch the rhythm and tempo of the music you are about to dance to. If you are well prepared, it will take a moment.

Take a step to the right with your right foot. Once your right foot is on the ground, move your left foot to the right as well. You have returned to your starting position.

Now step with your left foot to the left, and when it touches the ground, move your right foot to the left.

Alternate steps: right foot to the right, pull the left leg behind it; left leg to the left, pull the right leg behind it. Do not spread your legs too wide, but do not stand as a "soldier". The position of the legs should be such that you can dance freely.

Your body should be completely relaxed. The dancer on "wooden" legs looks awkward. Let not only your feet be involved in the movement, but also your legs, hips, shoulders. Movements should be smooth and moderate. Don't stagnate, but don't sway from side to side like a sailor in a big storm.

Maintain the correct posture: then it will be easier for you to dance. The main thing is that you move to the beat of the music.

This is the minimum that a young man must master for the first slow dance.

The first step is to change the rhythm of the dance: make the movements either faster and sharper, or more measured and smooth. Of course, the dance moves must match the music.

The second step is to alternate steps with turns. When training, be sure to try a variety of options. But whether it is worth including turns in a dance with a real partner depends on the situation. First, pay attention to your girl's dancing skills, her mood, the degree of emancipation. If she is not very confident on the dance floor or is clearly embarrassed, do not put her to the test. Show delicacy. Second, objectively assess your own skill level and mood. If you feel insecure, constrained, it is better not to risk it.

Don't stop the dance early, but don't linger on the dance floor after the music is over. The final chords of the song play and you complete the slow dance.

No matter how the dance develops, after its completion, do not leave your partner in the middle of the hall. Smile at the girl, thank her for the dance, and be sure to escort her to where she was before you invited her. Why is this item placed here? Because in training you have to rehearse your first slow dance inside and out: invitation, dance, end. Sometimes from excitement all thoughts are confused. In a real situation, you can so forget with joy that after the end of the dance you really leave your partner and hastily leave. The reason for this will be an overabundance of emotions, and the girl will regard your act as rudeness. Therefore, everything must be worked out to automatism. But even in this case, remember: in reality, unforeseen circumstances may arise. Do not be afraid of them, tune in to act according to the circumstances. You also don't need to get lost if you make a mistake. Nobody is perfect. But a real man is distinguished by the ability to save face: admit a mistake, take it lightly (but not frivolously!), With humor, healthy self-irony, and most importantly, correct the mistake made. Sincerity and endurance will atone in the eyes of the girl for any of your random mistakes.

How to ask a girl to dance

Many boys are embarrassed to ask a girl they like to dance because they are afraid of rejection. Another reason is the fear of others, because there are a lot of people around at the dances, and a couple of her girlfriends will probably stand next to the girl herself.

But think for yourself: if you constantly pay attention to those around you, you will stand on the sidelines all your life, and the girl you like will be invited by another, more courageous and most likely less worthy young man.

Moreover, you should not be afraid of the girls themselves. In fact, all girls dream of being invited to a slow dance. A girl can stand with an impregnable look or portray indifference, even boredom. Don't let this confuse you: in the soul, every girl expects that a handsome prince is about to appear and spin her in a dance. The only problem is that invitations may not be expected from you at all. But if you don't try your luck, you'll never know.

Never set yourself up for failure, but at the same time be prepared to hear "no". Remember: neither consent nor refusal should come as a shocking surprise to you. Both outcomes absolutely equally have the right to exist, and there is nothing terrible or shameful in any of them. But your own reaction to refusal or consent is just the same very important.

When inviting a girl to dance, be confident, but not impudent. Girls like calm, confident men. These qualities have nothing to do with rudeness and swagger. Be sincere: show that you will be very pleased if the girl accepts your invitation, but do not beg or humiliate yourself. The girl must understand: her refusal will upset you, but will not crush you, will not unsettle you.

Do not mumble, do not stutter, but at the same time do not shout. Pronounce the words clearly, distinctly, so that the girl and those who stand in the immediate vicinity of her can hear you, but not the entire dance hall. No need for long ornate “beautiful” phrases: among the noise of music they are difficult to hear and even more difficult to pronounce. Use a simple phrase: "Can I invite you?", "Let's go dancing?"

Don't try to act indifferent: the girl will think that you treat her with disdain. Sincerity, interest, hope and goodwill - this is what a girl should see on your face.

If a girl's father is standing next to her, address him: "Let me invite your daughter to dance." This will make a good impression on both the girl and her father.

If a girl's friends are standing next to her, you politely greet the whole company and invite the one you want to dance with. The girl herself and her girlfriends at this time are likely to giggle and even whisper. Don't be embarrassed and don't take it personally. Remember that the girl you invite to the dance is just as embarrassed as you. Her laugh is a defensive reaction. Her girlfriends laugh because they envy the lucky woman, and besides, they are embarrassed: after all, they have become unwitting witnesses to your conversation.

If your potential rival is standing next to a girl, you politely greet or simply nod, and address the invitation exclusively to the girl. It is up to her to choose who to dance with. Just be prepared for the possible consequences: it is possible that after the dance you will have to deal with the rejected opponent “like a man”.

The girl smiled back, gave her hand, and you went dancing. Then do everything as you rehearsed. We will talk about how to behave during the dance a little later.

But another situation is also possible: the girl said no. If she is well brought up, she will be able to refuse you politely. If not, then think about why you even need such a girl. You yourself must be polite in any case. If you are very upset, if you are angry, if you have been answered rudely and even showered with ridicule, you, as a man, are obliged to keep your cool.

To be rude in response (especially to a girl!) is absolutely unmanly. Smile, shrug your shoulders slightly, say, “Well, thank you. I'm sorry," and leave quietly.

If you receive a refusal, in no case do not immediately invite the first girl standing next to you. Firstly, by doing this you will offend the girl invited to "replace". Secondly, create an impression of yourself as a frivolous, frivolous and promiscuous person. The best solution would be to just skip this slow. Sit or stand aside, think about something pleasant.

Is it worth inviting a girl again after one refusal? It all depends on the reasons for the refusal. If a girl clearly shows that she is not interested in you, you should not beat your forehead against the wall. But there may be another situation. For example, a girl was shy of her girlfriends or was already invited to this dance by others. In this case, it is worth trying your luck again. But don't be intrusive. Most likely, your "stickiness" will scare the girl away.

If you yourself are invited to a dance by a girl, never refuse! You have the right to say "no" to her only if you have already invited another to this dance. A guy who kicks a girl deserves nothing but contempt. Just don't give her false hope. Be polite, but nothing more.

How to behave during the dance

In the old days, young people met mostly at balls and talked during the dance. Today, of course, both manners and dances have changed.

But something has remained unchanged.

So, what to do during the slow dance? Anyway, don't be silent! Wait a bit (10-15 seconds) and start a conversation. No need to tell your whole life or lay out detailed information about your hobbies and habits to a girl. No need to interrogate the girl herself! The conversation should be easy, relaxed. Choose a neutral topic, but at the same time be sincere, show interest. For starters, you can ask if the girl likes music. You can note how fun the holiday is, how great the party is organized, or how skillfully the DJ at the disco works today. A little later, say that the girl dances well. Just don’t lie frankly: if a girl stepped on your foot five times during a dance, it’s better to keep silent about her dancing skills. If the girl herself suggested some topic for conversation, keep the conversation going, but make sure that your speech does not turn into a monologue.

While slow dancing, look the girl in the face. Your eyes should be fixed on her eyes, and not on your partner's chest, shoulders or "nowhere". The girl should not get the impression that during the dance you are thinking about something extraneous (even if you really are).

If you step on your partner's foot, excuse yourself calmly and continue the dance. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. If a girl steps on your feet, do not show that you are unhappy. If possible, pretend not to notice.

And most importantly, enjoy the dance!

After the dance, don't forget to thank the girl and take her to her place.

Slow dance :you probably love him or hate him too, since the first slow dance starts in middle school. Dancing can be so romantic and there are still plenty of people who don't have any trouble pumping their booties all night and start
towards the curb when the music slows down. Don't turn into a lonely girl at the end of the evening. You, too, can learn to love slow dancing.


1. Ask someone to dance . You can't slow dance alone, at least without looking, and slowly. If you visit someone on a significant date
, you probably want to ask him or her to dance. If you don't have a partner, find a partner. Set yourself in a good mood by looking
into the person's eyes when you ask him or her to dance. A smile or even a playful smile will go a long way in putting both of you into a relaxed state. If you are
is nervous, don't show it, and be more understanding if he or she doesn't want to dance.

2. Accompany your partner to the dance floor slowly and smoothly . The easiest way to do this is to go in hand in hand, as you walked out onto the floor together.
Guys, clasp your partner's right hand with the left hand, raise it slightly, and head to the dance floor. Girls, if your partner cannot automatically direct
you to the floor, give him your right hand or by all lies your elbow in his and go to the floor. If you are already on the dance floor , key here, may be in
save yourself and your partner on the dance floor is no easy task if one or both of you are nervous about slow dancing. If your partner is nervous,
smile and tell him or her that there is nothing to worry about.

3. Get into item slow dance. Stand facing your partner so that your head is about a foot or two from his or
her head. Some pairs stand offset, with the right foot inside the other pairs; some partners may step on a woman's feet. If you are a teenager, you can always0183 place both hands on the girl's thigh, and if you are a girl put both hands around his neck.

4. Create an appropriate level of intimacy . You need to know where to put your hands and how close to dance. It shouldn't look awkward. To be safe in
, the man must place his right hand on his partner's left thigh, and his left hand, gently grasp the partner's right hand and hold it up at shoulder level
(above the partner), so that both partners' arms are bent upwards from the elbow . The woman's left hand will be mainly placed on the partner's shoulder. This is traditional ballroom dancing
(basic position as well as safe position) and you must still be about a foot away from your partner. If both of you are in a romantic relationship
you can even get into a hug position where the guy has his arm around the girl's waist and the girl has her arm around his shoulders. (Same-sex couples can decide which
takes which position, or even take turns.) Generally speaking, you shouldn't let your hand wander. Even if your partner doesn't mind, it distracts others

5. Allow is hard to lead. Traditionally, the man leads the dance and the woman follows. (If you're a same-sex couple, one of you can be the
natural leader and one follower, or you can just take the turn.)

  • Guys, this can't be overstated : if you are driving, then this is guide for your partner . This doesn't mean you have to dance around her
    like a mop, it means you have to be confident enough in your bodily movements to tell her what you want to do. The easiest way
    do it - subtly push or pull her right hand (if you're holding it in your left hand) in the direction you want to go. However, make sure you don't do all of your
    lead moves with just your arms, if your body is doing one thing and your arms are doing another, you may get a pushy response so you need to know what you are doing.
    Instead, needs to lead the whole body with you : hold your shoulders and elbows tight but not tight (you don't want to move like an automaton) and then step in the
    direction you want to take your partner. That's right, and you will soon be the envy of all the girls floating around the dance floor with their partners.
  • Ladies , unfortunately, is often not carried out, which means relying on the mercy of a partner with all the guiding capabilities of dead jellyfish. How boring they are, and
    must do everything possible to never take her to the dance again or he will never learn. (In fact, you can even try to go for the passive aggressive approach,
    swaying in place while he gets the hint. ) If, on the other hand, you're lucky enough to get a partner to lead - even if awkward - don't fight
    with him. In fact, do your best to follow along, the more clear you make that he's in charge here, the more likely he is to try and trick you

6. Slow and easy . Lucky for you, slow dancing is about as easy as it gets. Movements should be slow and fluid, and you don't need to
move a lot. Rocking back and forth as if you are moving in a circle is perfectly acceptable. Even if you are knowledgeable enough to dance a
established dance form such as the waltz or foxtrot, chances are your
partner doesn't know how to do it. It just needs to shift the weight back and forth, which is body language. Change, move or rotate, lift your leg slightly and put your weight on it and move your leg slightly forward, backward or sideways.

7. Move to the beat . Your steps should move at approximately the same time to the music as you step. It's not as difficult as it might seem with
music, it's more likely to be slow during the slow dance.

8. Interact with your partner . For most of us, the slow dance is more about being close to your partner and getting to know each other better. Feel free to talk to your partner to look into his or her eyes and, if the situation is right, steal a kiss or two.

9. Thank your dance partner . You danced with your wife of 60 years or someone you've never met before, thank your partner.

10. Continue on the next dance, or gracefully back off. Once you get comfortable with slow dancing, you may not want to run the floor as fast as
is possible: one dance is just the beginning. If, however, you've had enough dancing for now, step back from the dance floor. Ladies if you must find your
friend's girlfriend and squeal about cute boy you just dance do it. Guys, if you need to go show off, pretty girl, you danced, do it. Keep in mind at
, however, that retreating can also be used to find a place to just stand and relax, or if you don't want another dance.

  • Make sure your posture is comfortable when dancing. The position of the feet should be such that you don't have to tense up or stretch when you dance.
  • If you know how to dance freely or at beginner level but have no idea who to dance with, ask them. Ladies, feel free to ask your partner
    if he knows how to dance. If he does this and you don't have to ask him to teach you, you can get a little more than just dancing all night.
  • Be respectful.
  • Let's talk if it happens. Many people will slow dance just to get a chance to talk to you. If the conversation flows, let
    goes on as usual. If you allow this flow, be genuinely interested in the conversation, and be genuinely interested in your partner.
  • Try moving your legs instead of collecting them. This way you are less likely to step on your partner's feet.
  • Guys, be sweet. Girls are attracted to it.
  • Girls, if you really can't dance with a guy, just say that your legs hurt.
  • Make sure you don't look at your partner.


  • Talk to and look at your partner as your friend! Looking over your partner's shoulder at someone else will not end well.
  • Men never even consider leading women for purposes other than affectionately. It can be hard and tender, but it's better to be soft. There are several reasons: A) If you
    hurt her, she will most likely not dance with you again, and she will probably tell her friends about it. Worst case scenario, she'll tell security, and
    then you're in trouble. C) Practice will really make everything perfect. Maybe it's not dancing with you again someday - but maybe you just noticed how you treated
    this dance like a gentleman... and she's looking for the next time you're free.
  • If you step on someone's feet, apologize, and for God's sake, try not to do it again. If someone steps on your feet and apologizes, I'm sorry. There is a possibility,
    , that it was just an accident.

Everyone has danced a slow dance at least once in their life. Someone is delighted with the slow mover, someone does not like it. But in any case, you should at least have an idea how you need to move and what to do. Otherwise, you will step on your dance partner's foot and spoil the mood. In fact, there is nothing complicated about this, after all, you don’t need to dance the waltz. Therefore, having trained a couple of times at home, you will master it and be able to invite someone you like.

Even if you are not going to invite anyone, it is possible that you will be invited. And what will you do in this case? Constantly refusing is not an option, you can offend the person with your behavior. Yes, no one is to blame for the fact that you have so many complexes and you cannot learn the simplest movements.

Practice at home . But with whom? It is desirable that you have a partner, let it be mom or dad, sister or friend. Yes, anyone! If this is not possible, you will have to imagine that you are dancing with someone.

Before you start dancing, you must invite a person . It can be any appeal: “Let's dance”, “Do you want to dance with me”, “Do you mind?”. If you are a young man, it would not hurt to extend your palm to a girl. When inviting a person, look him in the face, do not be shy. If they invite you, answer: “I don’t mind”, “With pleasure”.

Be careful not to shake your limbs, as this will confuse your partner. It is possible that he also cannot dance and is as afraid as you are.

Rule of thumb: don't make sudden movements . Slow - that's why he's slow, the movements are smooth and measured. If you twitch strangely, not only will it look funny, in addition, you will also injure the person you are dancing with.

If you are a man, you must accompany the girl not only on the dance floor, but also immediately after the invitation to dance, and also after the end of the dance. It will be strange if you leave the girl halfway, she is unlikely to like it.

How to slow dance with a girl correctly:

  • Well, let's get down to the most important thing - the stance and movements. First of all, pay attention to the position of the hands - with your left, grab the girl's right hand and hold it at shoulder level. Thus, the arms should be bent at the elbows. Your second hand (right) is located on the back or thigh.
  • What about the distance from each other? Of course, you don’t need to cuddle up to a partner (unless you have a close relationship with him). This will hinder movement, so keep a distance of about 20 cm, this is quite enough.
  • How should a girl dance? Put your left hand on the shoulder of the man, this movement is taken from ballroom dancing. In addition, this way you definitely will not provoke a man to something more.
  • If you have a close relationship - you can not keep the distance, which we wrote about above. The same applies to the position, hug the man by the shoulders. If this is your girlfriend, hug her around the waist.
  • Never put your hands on the buttocks, do not try to reach the chest of the woman you are dancing with. This is not only uncivilized, but also unpleasant. It is unlikely that you will make a good impression this way.
  • What to do with the legs? Your steps should not be too short, or vice versa, too wide. It is important that your partner keep up with you. Try to feel it and understand at what pace it moves.

Leading a slow dance

Well, you have found a suitable position for yourself, now you need to start the dance itself. As you understand, the man is leading, he is in charge here. Therefore, you do not need to stand like an idol and wait for the weather by the sea.

Your movements must be confident, but at the same time not abrupt. No need to treat partners like a thing. Just point her hand in the direction you are going to move, so she will determine the direction. You can also gently push it in the right direction (push, not push !!!).

Watch your shoulders, because they are of great importance in the dance. The posture is even, the shoulders are almost motionless, straightened.

If you can't decide on a direction, or if you find your partner can't keep up with you, talk to him. There is nothing wrong with talking while dancing, so you will avoid mistakes and awkwardness.


No less important stage than the beginning of the delay. Say thank you to your partner for dancing with you. In this case, you can touch the elbow of a girl or a guy with your hand, smile. And it does not matter at all whether you danced well or badly - in the end, your partner will be pleased to hear good words.

practical advice that will come in handy in different situations How to dance a slow dance with a man

The first slow dance

Disco, school party, friendly party - everywhere you need the ability to dance.

Slow dance, or colloquially "slow dance" is a separate conversation. Slow dancers don't dance with the first girl they meet. This dance is reserved for a special person. Inviting a girl to a slow dance means making her stand out from the crowd. Often, slow dancing can help start a deeper, more serious relationship. However, one should not think that a slow dance is tantamount to a declaration of love. This is just a way to show a girl that you enjoy her company. How to behave further, after the final chord of music, is a completely different topic.

Here we will just talk about slow dancing, how to invite a girl and how to dance with her.

First of all, remember that slow dance is not a separate art, but just a kind of dance.

Dance is rhythmic and plastic movements to music. They are performed in a certain rhythm and tempo, which are set by the music. The set of movements itself also depends on the nature of the music. Therefore, if you want to dance well, first of all learn to catch the rhythm and feel the music. You won’t dance a slow dance to a fast, cheerful melody, and you won’t dance a break dance to a long song.

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Dance Dervish dance (the grace of God descends to the dancer through a raised hand, penetrates through his body and spirit and, leaving him, connects with the earth through a lowered hand) The main symbolism of the dance: cosmic creative energy, transformation of space into time, rhythm

From book 100 great monuments author Samin Dmitry

Dance (1869) Jean Baptiste Carpeaux was born in 1827. The son of a poor Valenciennes mason studied first in various small drawing schools, and then with Rude, Dure and David of Angers in Paris. In 1854 he received the Prix de Rome for the group "Hector entrusts his son, Astyanax,

From book A million dishes for family dinners. Best Recipes author Agapova O. Yu.

From book Great scientific curiosities. 100 stories about funny cases in science author Zernes Svetlana Pavlovna

The origin of the waltz is still being debated, but it was popularized in Austria in the 18th century, and then spread to other countries. Its name comes from the German word "walzen", which means "circling".

This dance was not immediately accepted by the upper class of society and was even considered indecent due to the close contact of partners in the dance. Nevertheless, now the waltz is known, loved and danced in many countries of the world. Today we will talk about how to dance the waltz.

A distinctive feature of this dance is that it should be danced in three-quarters time, that is, there are three steps for each beat. Try to count out loud: “one, two, three”, “one, two, three”, with an increase in “one” - this is one measure.

Types of waltz

  • It was the Viennese waltz that was preferred to dance at high-ranking balls in Europe, and it also adorns the annual Viennese ball. The number of bars of this dance is about 60 per minute. In fact, it is quite difficult compared to other dance styles, as it is a fast waltz, which is also accompanied by a series of rapid turns. The Viennese waltz is included in the European ballroom dancing competition program.

  • The slow waltz differs from the Viennese waltz in the pace of performance, it must be danced twice as slow - about 30 beats per minute. The Boston waltz is also a slow type of waltz. Just like the Viennese waltz, the slow waltz is included in the European ballroom dance program.
  • The figured waltz is a variation of the Viennese waltz, but is distinguished by the presence of additional figures: a wave of the foot, jumping on one knee and the other.
  • Tango waltz, or Argentine waltz is a hybrid of waltz and tango. The movements of this dance are basically the same as in the tango, but it is performed in a musical time of ¾ and from the third position, like a waltz, but waltz rigor is not at all characteristic of it.

How to dance a slow waltz

These are the basic waltz figures for beginners. Start the waltz with a square, then alternate right and left turns with turns and lanes. Having mastered these figures, you can proceed to the study of more complex ones, such as temple, weaving, spin-turn, impetus-turn, chasse, telemark and others.

For some, the question of how to dance the slow dance becomes relevant in their school years, and for some, only at the institute. Well, someone will take care of the issue of slow dance technique only by the day of their own wedding. Well, let's figure out how to learn such an important thing!

This question is equally important for both girls and boys. Only here it is necessary to pay attention to several different points. As a rule, a guy invites you to dance. It must be done correctly. The young man approaches the girl and asks if she is dancing. If your throat is dry from excitement, you can simply extend your right hand with your palm up - this is a generally accepted inviting gesture. If the girl agrees, she bows her head and puts her hand over the guy's outstretched hand.

A young man, before dancing a slow dance, should learn that in the process he should not cling to the girl too much. Feeling her figure, trying to grab her hips is not the best course of action. It is much more correct to smoothly lead the partner, embracing her by the waist with her left hand, and the girl’s right hand should be held in her hand, slightly bent at the elbow. It would be nice to get in time with the music (at least not try to "overtake" the rhythm). In order not to doubt how you look in the eyes of a partner, it would be nice to rehearse in front of a mirror how to invite a girl. And in how to move to the beat of the music, it also does not hurt to practice!

What should a girl know?

A girl, before being interested in how to slow dance, needs to learn how to accept or refuse an invitation correctly. If you agree to dance, bow your head and take the outstretched hand. If not, do not shake your head frantically and loudly declare that you do not want to dance with this individual. Just shake your head and apologize.

In the dance, you should not hang yourself on your partner's neck, lay your head on his shoulder (unless, of course, you are an official couple). It is definitely not worth taking on a leading role and trying to lead. guy. That's all! There is nothing complicated about how to slow dance with a guy, no! You just need to demonstrate the femininity that is characteristic of girls.

For both girls and boys, in order to understand how to slow dance, it is worth watching a couple of films - this will become an object lesson.

How slow is it at celebrations?

Of course, at a school disco, it is significantly different from dancing at a social reception or, for example, a dance of newlyweds. To make the right impression, you need to practice first. It is not necessary to dance tango and waltz at a professional level, but it is still better to learn the basic movements. This will allow you not to goof off at an important event.

A very important moment for girls is the ability to dance in high heels and in a long dress. This is not so easy, but you need to practice in order to learn how to move so as not to step on the hem with your heels.

That's all!


Each dance begins with an invitation. It is not necessary to immediately ask the name of the one you like. Since clubs usually play loudly, it can be difficult to hear something even with calm music. But this is a great reason to lean closer to the girl’s face and, referring to the noise, ask where she works, learn how often she goes to nightclubs, what she is interested in in life, and so on. Of course, you don’t need to ask all this right away, otherwise it will not be a dance, but an interrogation. Remember that you have less than 5 minutes to study your partner and earn her affection.

Half a minute after the start of the dance, start talking about how long ago you danced to this tune for the first time. Of course the song you dance to must be an old hit. Tell that then you danced at a pioneer distance, but now you are not interested. If by this moment you have already relaxed, then it will be easy for you to lead it. Since he must lead, then you need to learn a couple of movements in advance. However, a slow dance is an expression of emotions, so there cannot be a specific one in advance.

Turn a couple of times. How you do it will depend not only on your experience, but also on the degree of intoxication, mood, emancipation of you and your partner.

Then start moving slowly, the slower you move, the more it will turn the girl on. Connect the movements of the hips. Left, right, figure eight. At this time, "explore" her body with weightless touches.

When the music ends, both of you will return from the world of sensations for some time. It is not necessary to stay after the dance for closer communication. Slip away for a few minutes. If you did everything right, then the girl will look forward to your return.


  • how to learn to slow dance

The famous phrase "the girls stand aside" is not applicable to modern discos and dance parties. For a long time it is no longer considered something shameful for the girl herself to invite guys to dance . Moreover, in every self-respecting nightclub and even at a school disco, a DJ at least once a night will announce a "white dance "when ladies invite gentlemen. And yet, not everyone dares to take the first step and tell the young man "let's dance." But in vain, because, most likely, he will say "yes."


The easiest and surest way is to act directly. That is, to approach and simply invite him to go dancing. But to be sure to get consent, proceed with caution. It is best if the young man is not in the company at this time: in this case, he is likely to be shy and refuse. Or maybe he doesn't want to end the conversation. Also, take your time with an invitation if he is clearly heading somewhere from the hall: perhaps he is in a hurry to go to the toilet and he is not up to the dance now. But if your chosen one is standing or sitting alone and looking at the dancing couples, feel free to go to him. Smile and look the guy straight in the eye and say, "Let's go dance?"

If you have time to spare, start from afar. Sit down who you want to invite to dance , and start a conversation about a party, mutual acquaintances. Chat at ease, and when slow music starts, as if suddenly exclaiming: "This is my favorite! Let's dance!" if a young man starts to balk, saying that he doesn't know how or , assure him that you are not waiting for the master, you just want to move to a beautiful melody. And since you are still sitting next to me, why not dance?

If you're not sure the guy will say yes, use a little . Approach him when he is alone, or recall him from the company under the pretext that something important needs to be said. And then report that a friend took you "weakly", saying that you would never invite someone like him. Men love flattery, for sure he will not miss this one. Next, let the guy know that only he can help you out now. As a last argument, you can helplessly bat your eyelashes and say: "please." It is unlikely that he will decide to refuse.

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Pay attention

Psychologists do not recommend starting a question with a negative. That is, you don’t need to ask the guy “Do you want to dance?”, Because it’s easier to answer such a phrase: “I don’t want to.” Say better: "Let's dance" or "I want to dance with you."

Useful advice

Remember that any guy will be happy to go dancing first of all with that girl who smiles and smells good. So do not forget about a smile and personal hygiene.


  • Social Dance Etiquette

There are people who don't care if they can dance or not. Often they are simply sure that as soon as a beautiful melody plays, they will spin in a slow dance. But, unfortunately, it happens that a person looks clumsy and awkward. Therefore, in order to master the art of dance, it is important to remember some rules.


Any consists of several simple figures. Anyone can master them. Of course, there are movements, but at first you need to master the simple ones. Therefore, do not rush and do not rush things. In order to become a great dancer, remember your mother to keep your back straight. After all, it is a straight back and a raised head that compensate for clumsy steps and missing the musical rhythm. Starting, you need to listen to the beat, and repeat smoothly, without fuss. And you will succeed.

Keep your distance. Keep a small space between you and your partner so you can easily follow your partner's movements. And remember, the main thing is to look at your partner during. It is very important that you remain confident. Relax and don't skimp on smiles.

Learn some exercises to help you learn different dance moves. To give flexibility, the Eiffel Tower exercise is suitable: the feet rest on the floor, and the body stretches up. Then, without looking up from the floor, lean in different directions. For the flexibility of the hands, you can do the following: in turn, raise your hands and make circular movements with them, starting with the hand and ending with the whole arm.

Who is in charge - there is no definite answer. As for the partner, he should lead the partner politely and subtly. Anyone likes gallantry and, of course, compliments, but everything should be done in moderation. Do not press it too hard, but also lead too sluggishly. The main thing is to keep in rhythm. For a partner, there is only one piece of advice: carefully catch every movement of a partner and give him the opportunity to lead you.

If you decide to learn to dance from professionals, take someone you know with you to the first lessons. Such viewers will always be able to evaluate you from the outside and support you with the necessary advice.

Slow music, smooth movements, and there is no one on earth except the two of you... Slow dancing is not only a way to get to know each other or get closer, but also a step towards reconciliation and even an occasion to make a marriage proposal. But in order to fan these moments with a halo of romance, you need to at least learn how to dance.


Many people think that there is nothing easier than slow dancing. Well, probably yes, if in your mind this romantic moment looks like a banal “stomping” in one place to the music. In fact, the dance contains many subtleties, such as, for example, the position of the hands. If the couple is not (or corporate), the partner's hands should be at the waist, and not slide down, even if you really want to.

Keep your distance and try to make eye contact with your partner(s). This speaks, if not about love feelings, then about showing respect for her. If you're ignoring her by looking at nearby couples, or praising the beauty of her eyes by staring at her cleavage, then why did you ask her to dance at all?

Don't be afraid to make an awkward move or step on your foot. In the end, it happened to everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. It will be enough to apologize, or maybe you will laugh together at your own clumsiness. Wouldn't it be better if you miss the party without dancing with the one you've wanted to do it with for so long?

Being invited to a party or a club, we often find ourselves at a loss, because there we will not only have to communicate, but, most likely, also dance. Perhaps the event will be attended by people who will need to express their respect in this way, show courtesy. And if a passion is present at this party, the question of how to dance correctly and gracefully becomes even more important.

Of course, this had to be done back in school or university years, but then everything was different, and now ” will require more serious skills.


Not a single disco can do without it, especially if you need to get to know and chat with your favorite member of the opposite sex. Often, guys are embarrassed to approach the girls, and the latter - to answer the invitation, if it nevertheless took place, with consent.

Most often, the reason lies in the lack of confidence in one's abilities. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the process itself - you just swing left and right, moving in a circle in time with your partner. It is not difficult to dance the slow dance itself, the main thing is to know how to behave correctly when invited, during the dance itself and at the end of it.


If you, even being very modest, decide to take the initiative, do not show that you are worried. Keep in mind that a man can also get excited about such an offer.

Things to remember:

  • Smile. This will make you and your partner less anxious;
  • Man in front. Regardless of which of you initiated the dance, a young man should take the girl by the hand to the dance floor. At this point, awkwardness may arise. To avoid it, just take his hand, and then slow down on the way to the dance floor, letting him go ahead;
  • Seeing your partner's undisguised excitement, tell him directly that there is nothing to worry about, and that you are not a professional dancer either.

If the young man himself invited you, you only need to smile, extend your hand in response to the guy's outstretched right hand and follow him to the site. Of course, you shouldn’t show excessive slowness, but jumping up from a chair while the guy hasn’t even voiced the proposal yet, and walking ahead of him, too.

Feel free to invite your crush, but it is advisable to do so when "white" is announced. » dance. Don't worry if you think you haven't learned how to dance properly yet, because your gesture itself will be highly appreciated.


An important role in it is played by the position of the hands. The woman's right hand should be in the man's hand, and his right hand should be on the girl's back (closer to the middle). The woman's left hand should be located at the level of the partner's shoulder. Clasped hands should be bent at the elbows, and the hands should be at a level just below the shoulders.

The music itself will tell you how to dance correctly to a particular composition, and in the meantime you control your position and your behavior:

  • Watch your hands. Movements will lose style if the hands wander or dangle in an ugly way. It is also important to follow the hands of a man - if you are unfamiliar, it is unacceptable that they fall below the waist. Do not be afraid to offend the young man by hinting at decency - in this way you will not offend him, but show prudence;
  • The distance between the dancers should be 15-30 cm. If you are not in a love relationship with a partner, you cannot shorten the distance, it should be at least 30 cm. As a couple in love, you can approach each other, hug, but still have respect to others - restrain your romantic impulses;
  • It is also important to watch your feet. They should be spaced at a distance of about 30-40 cm, so that it is convenient for you to take steps. As a rule, in the initial position and when moving, the girl's legs are between the legs of a young man;
  • You can look each other in the face if you are well acquainted with the person or are in a love relationship with him. Otherwise, the girl can tilt her head a little to the left, and the man - to the right (you can vice versa, if it's convenient).

Your arms, torso and legs should move in the same direction, creating a single composition of movements. Otherwise, you will bring discomfort to yourself and your partner.

Having decided to move a little, you can, without stopping the slow move, move in the right direction, taking the initiative in your own hands for a while. You can communicate your intention to your partner so that there are no misunderstandings and embarrassment.

A girl on the move is always led. Don't try to lead, even if you find the leader a little awkward. Most importantly, don't forget to listen to the music and move to the beat. Slow is usually a reason to communicate, so talk with a partner, especially if you are interested in him as a member of the opposite sex.

After the dance

Show respect for the person you danced with. A girl just needs to smile, a man usually makes a nod or a shallow bow.

It is good manners for a young man to say thank you for dancing. If the guy plans to continue to communicate with the girl, he needs to take her to the table.

But different events do not attract one by one.


The ability to express yourself in this passionate dance may be needed if you go, for example, to a theme party. Often it is danced at weddings, corporate parties and other events.

In this folk dance, the leading role went to a man who, through a lezginka, shows his feelings for a woman. Dynamic and incendiary movements of girls should also be graceful and beautiful. At the same time, the partner should be modest, her eyes should look at the floor, and only occasionally they need to be raised to give the partner a languid look.

Lezginka is an expression of emotions, but a girl's hands, hair and even her outfit should not touch a man. Like Eastern young women, you must show chastity in the dance.

In general, the meaning of the dance lies in the desire of the man to block the girl's way, and the partner should avoid any contact with him. But in more detail about how to properly dance a lezginka for a guy and a girl, you can learn in the lessons at the choreographic school or from video lessons.


This style has been known for a long time and does not lose its popularity. At any disco you can show your talent by performing this dance.

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