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How to Slow Dance at Wedding or Prom- 6 Easy Steps (with Video Instruction) — Duet Dance Studio Chicago

Ever wonder how to dance when a slow song comes on at a wedding or a prom? Slow dancing is an important skill to know whether you are attending a wedding, prom or social event where there is music and social dancing. Slow dancing isn't too difficult to master as long as you know the basics and practice often. Impress your date at your next event with these 6 easy slow dance steps! And if you’d like to learn more dance moves, make sure check out our Online Dance Programs!

1. Escort your Partner Gracefully

Ask your partner politely by saying "would you like to dance?" or "shall we?" If he or she says yes, hold your partner's hand and escort him/her to the dance floor. Find a good spot on the dance floor where it isn't too crowded and start dancing. It's that simple. But if you'd like to spice it up a little, check out this video for a fancy way to get on to the dance floor.  

2. Dance Position 

It's important to start your dance with a good dance position, which allows you to lead or follow your partner better. 

Leader —­ Place your right hand behind your partner’s left shoulder blade (cupping the shoulder blade). Make sure your right elbow is up and your elbow bone should be pointed out to your right side.

Follower — Wrap your left arm around your partner’s lifted arm and place your hand around his/her biceps.

Both of you can now bring the other arm up and clasp your hands together. Your elbows should be relaxed and pointed down slightly.

3. Listen to Music and Find the Beat

Before you start dancing, listen to the song, find the beat and then sway (shift your weight from one foot to another) to the beat of the song. The tempo of the song determines how fast or how slow you move. Watch this video and learn how to dance to the beat.

4. Basic Step

The basic step shown in the video below is perfect for beginners. It is simple to do and work great with a lot of slow dance songs. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature. And when you lead this step, make sure to do this confidently so that your partner can follow you.

5. Spice it Up with a Turn

Once your partner feels comfortable dancing with you, it's a great idea to spice up your dance with a turn or two. Surprise your partner with this fun turn below!

6. End with a Dip

No dance is complete without an impressive dip. It is like the icing on a cake! Depending how comfortable or experienced your partner is with social dancing, you may want to adjust how low you dip your partner. If you weren't sure how comfortable your partner feels about being dipped, ask for permission first. Watch this video to learn how to dip your partner safely and confidently. 

What is your go-to slow dance move? Please comment below.

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How to Dance at Prom

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Even if you have two left feet.

By Carolyn Twersky


You have spent months picking out the perfect prom dress, styling that just-right hair style, and planning the most over the top promposal your school has ever seen. You are all ready to take prom and completely slay the night. Except, for one little have NO clue how to dance. You'll look absolutely gorgeous, but you'll be glued to the back of the room all night, too afraid to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Does that sounds like you? Then read on, because I'm about to teach you how to dance at prom, no matter what your skill level.

Before you start getting down, though, just remember that dancing is all about trust. So, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And before you start getting physical with someone of the dance floor, make sure they give their consent first and that everything is appropriate.

Milly Rock

If there's one dance everyone is going to be doing at prom, it's probably the Milly Rock. The dance may seem complicated, but once your break it down it's actually pretty easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Let's start with the arms. Starting with your right arm, keep your elbow close to your body and make a motion almost like you're patting yourself on your front left shoulder, but don't actually hit your shoulder.
  2. Then, do the same motion with your left arm to your right shoulder.
  3. When you go back to your right arm, start moving it to your left shoulder, but then stop, almost as if it's a fake out. Then, continue through with the motion. Let's call that move a double.
  4. You're going to continue with your arms in this pattern: right, left, double right, left, right, double left.
  5. While you're doing the arms, take the opposite leg of the arm you are using and lift your heel while tracing a small half circle with your toes. Then, when you switch arms, switch legs.
  6. On the doubles, you're going to do a kind of fake out with your feet where you start to lift your heel, but then you stop, before lowering it back down, lifting it back up and then completing the half circle.
  7. Put it all together and there you have it! You're doing the Milly Rock!

Find the Beat

Ok, finding the beat may seem super simple, but some people aren't musically inclined and can struggle to get into the rhythm. If this sounds like you, use these steps to help you find the beat, and the dancing will come a little more naturally.

  1. When you hear a song, start tapping your foot.
  2. Start counting: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
  3. While still tapping your foot and counting, start to clap every time you say 2: 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap.
  4. Stop tapping your foot and get your body into it a little more. And there you go, you've found the beat!


If you want to up your slow dance game, try the foxtrot. It's super easy, but it will totally impress your friends on the dance floor. To perfect the dance, just follow these steps:

  1. The leading partner should step forward two steps. Then, step to the left, and bring your feet together.
  2. Meanwhile the other partner starts on their left foot, and step backward twice while their partner is moving forward. Then, step to the right, and bring your feet together. So, both partners are doing mirrored motions.
  3. Now, for arms. The leading partner should have their right hand placed on their partner's back, while the following partner has their right hand on the other's shoulder. And then both partners extend their left arms and hold hands.
  4. Keeping your arms in position, repeat the feet movements over and over and you're foxtrotting!

    Slow Dance

    Slow dancing seems terrifying, but it's actually super easy. All you need is a partner and a slow song and then just follow these steps:

    1. Hand placement is completely up to you and your partner. In this video, the man has his right hand on his partner's back left shoulder, while she has her left hand on the top of his right shoulder and their other hands are holding at about waist length. Alternatively, you could do both hands around the neck with your partner's hands on your waist, vice versa, or really whatever feels comfortable.
    2. The important aspect of this move is the feet. As explained in the video, to master the slow dance, you need to master the step-touch. Basically you are stepping to the left with your left foot, then bringing your right foot to meet it, stepping to the right with your right foot and then bringing your left foot to meet it. Literally repeat this over and over and over again and...BAM! You're slow dancing! Make sure you step to the beat of the music and you'll be good to go.
    3. If you want to get really fancy (this isn't necessary) you guys can start going in circles together. To do this, simply step at an angle instead of in a straight line. Lead your partner or be lead and you'll be moving magically in a circle!


      The 2-step is the perfect dance move because it's so simple and works with a huge range of songs. Once you've mastered the simple move, you can add your own flair to spice it up any way you want.

      1. Good news! You're doing the exact same foot movements that you do when slow dancing! Meaning, step to the left with your left foot and then step with your right, bringing your feet together. Then, step to the right and bring your feet together. Keep your knees loose and then add whatever arm movements you want!

      Are you really feeling the music? Maybe getting down on the dance floor with your date? Here's how to dance with your partner, without getting too up close and personal.

      1. Stand with one partner in front of the other and bend your knees.
      2. Both partners start to move their waists in a circular motion.
      3. One of you can move to the left, one can move to the right, or you can move together.
      4. There's no reason to touch, you can leave space between you two so it's school appropriate and you feel comfortable.

      Shoot Dance

      You've definitely seen everyone dancing like this (even your Fortnite character), so you'll prob see it on the dance floor at prom.

      1. Bend your left leg and lift it back.
      2. Jump on your right leg and kick your left leg forward.
      3. Continue to kick your leg back and forth while you jump.
      4. Now, it's time for arms, hold them down and while you're kicking your leg, move the arms back and forth with the leg.
      5. Then, after four pumps, take your left arm and raise it above your head. Pump your arm forward four times as you kick you leg. Then, switch back to having your arms pumping by your legs!
      6. Keep going, switching between arms, until you tire out.

      If you have never heard of the floss, where have you been? If you don't know how to floss, that's more understandable, because it's a little difficult.

      1. Take your hands and hold them straight down, forming them into fists.
      2. Pretend like your holding a stick in your hands that is about waist length. Then, pretend like you're breaking that stick by bringing it against your hip.
      3. Bring your hands (still in the stick-holding formation) all the way back, and then back up, so they are parallel to the floor.
      4. Shift your hips to the other side and "break the stick" on your other hip.
      5. Pull your arms back up and parallel to the floor and then continue over and over and over again!

      Fun Dancing

      Basically, you can dance however you want, as long as you're having fun. Here's a video that shows off ten different dance moves that will stun on the dance floor.

      Carolyn Twersky Associate Editor Carolyn Twersky is an associate editor for Seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, trends, and health.

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      How to slow dance with a girl.

      Club dances

      Dance, as an art, entered the life of mankind already when music was born. He was the personification of everything that was in the minds of primitive people.

      Grief and joy, sadness and horror, requests for good weather and thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest - all the semantic load, inaccessible to speech that had not yet been formed, fell on the dance. Shamans danced their ritual dances to the rhythms of the drum and tambourine, and the enchanted people believed their every gesture and movement. The power of dance was undeniable. Probably, only those who had an excellent sense of rhythm got into shamans.

      It is now dance that has lost its position when other forms of art have developed, but still it remains one of the universal means of communication and information transmission. True, to a greater extent, this applies to intimate information.

      How to learn to dance with a girl?

      You like a girl, but there is no reason to meet her. And suddenly, you find out that there will be a big holiday with a dance program, and she plans to be there. The heart stops in anticipation of the meeting. This is a chance! Realizing that dancing is a great way to make acquaintances, you intend to take a serious step and invite the lady of the heart to dance. But! -

      You have never done this and have no idea where to start. Don't worry - let's figure it out. Some preparatory work will be required.

      • First, the clothes must be clean, neat and appropriate for the moment. The first impression should be positive.
      • secondly, shoes should be comfortable (I think there is no need to mention cleanliness).
      • thirdly, if you know that you dance no better than an elephant, then take a couple of lessons from professionals. Otherwise, your body movements, instead of a romantic mood, will make your partner laugh or, much worse, make you leave, limping.

      You have made up your mind! Then go ahead - act without delay! And then there will be no one else to invite - they will take away. And do not train on her girlfriends, such experiments do not end in anything good.


      An invitation to dance should be casual and natural. But don't be rude. Sometimes a slight nod of the head in greeting is enough, it is better to introduce yourself and offer your hand with an open palm up. Think over the phrase with which you will begin the invitation. If you are not sure, practice at home.

      Try to create a feeling of confidence and relaxation in yourself. Don't be too serious, relax. Do not take alcohol (no comment). It's great when a girl is sociable and will meet halfway. Introduce yourself in response, set some topic for conversation, help to establish communication.


      There is no point in describing the dance itself. Put your right foot there, your left foot here, your hand on your shoulder, your hand on your waist, what movements to do - by and large, all this does not make much difference. The main thing here is to establish contact. You can silently stare into the eyes, hugging your partner, and lead her to the rhythm of the dance. You can lean to your ear to say something. What? Let your imagination, intellect or even sense of humor work.


      Completion of the dance must also be done correctly. When the music is over, you should take your partner to the place where you invited her from. Thank her for the dance. If you want to dance the whole evening with her, tell her about your desire.


      Each dance begins with an invitation. It is not necessary to immediately ask the name of the one you like. Since clubs usually play loudly, it can be difficult to hear something even with calm music. But this is a great reason to lean closer to the girl’s face and, referring to the noise, ask where she works, learn how often she goes to nightclubs, what she is interested in in life, and so on. Of course, you don’t need to ask all this right away, otherwise it will not be a dance, but an interrogation. Remember that you have less than 5 minutes to study your partner and earn her affection.

      Half a minute after the start of the dance, start talking about how long ago you danced to this tune for the first time. Of course the song you dance to must be an old hit. Tell that then you danced at a pioneer distance, but now you are not interested. If by this moment you have already relaxed, then it will be easy for you to lead it. Since he must lead, then you need to learn a couple of movements in advance. However, a slow dance is an expression of emotions, so there cannot be a specific one in advance.

      Turn a couple of times. How you do it will depend not only on your experience, but also on the degree of intoxication, mood, emancipation of you and your partner.

      Then start moving slowly, the slower you move, the more it will turn the girl on. Connect the movements of the hips. Left, right, figure eight. At this time, "explore" her body with weightless touches.

      When the music ends, both of you will return from the world of sensations for some time. It is not necessary to stay after the dance for closer communication. Slip away for a few minutes. If you did everything right, then the girl will look forward to your return.


      • how to learn to slow dance

      The famous phrase "the girls stand aside" is not applicable to modern discos and dance parties. For a long time it is no longer considered something shameful for the girl herself to invite guys to dance . Moreover, in every self-respecting nightclub and even at a school disco, a DJ at least once a night will announce a "white dance "when ladies invite gentlemen. And yet, not everyone dares to take the first step and tell the young man "let's dance." But in vain, because, most likely, he will say "yes."


      The easiest and surest way is to act directly. That is, to approach and simply invite him to go dancing. But to be sure to get consent, proceed with caution. It is best if the young man is not in the company at this time: in this case, he is likely to be shy and refuse. Or maybe he doesn't want to end the conversation. Also, take your time with an invitation if he is clearly heading somewhere from the hall: perhaps he is in a hurry to go to the toilet and he is not up to the dance now. But if your chosen one is standing or sitting alone and looking at the dancing couples, feel free to go to him. Smile and look the guy straight in the eye and say, "Let's go dance?"

      If you have time to spare, start from afar. Sit down who you want to invite to the dance , and start a conversation about a party, mutual acquaintances. Chat at ease, and when slow music starts, as if suddenly exclaiming: "This is my favorite! Let's dance!" if a young man starts to balk, saying that he doesn't know how or , assure him that you are not waiting for the master, you just want to move to a beautiful melody. And since you are still sitting next to me, why not dance?

      If you're not sure the guy will say yes, use a little . Approach him when he is alone, or recall him from the company under the pretext that something important needs to be said. And then report that a friend took you "weakly", saying that you would never invite someone like him. Men love flattery, for sure he will not miss this one. Next, let the guy know that only he can help you out now. As a last argument, you can helplessly bat your eyelashes and say: "please." It is unlikely that he will decide to refuse.

      Related videos

      Pay attention

      Psychologists do not recommend starting a question with a negative. That is, you don’t need to ask the guy “Do you want to dance?”, Because it’s easier to answer such a phrase: “I don’t want to.” Say better: "Let's dance" or "I want to dance with you."

      Useful advice

      Remember that any guy will be happy to go dancing first of all with that girl who smiles and smells good. So do not forget about a smile and personal hygiene.


      • Social Dance Etiquette

      There are people who don't care if they can dance or not. Often they are simply sure that as soon as a beautiful melody plays, they will spin in a slow dance. But, unfortunately, it happens that a person looks clumsy and awkward. Therefore, in order to master the art of dance, it is important to remember some rules.


      Any consists of several simple shapes. Anyone can master them. Of course, there are movements, but at first you need to master the simple ones. Therefore, do not rush and do not rush things. In order to become a great dancer, remember your mother to keep your back straight. After all, it is a straight back and a raised head that compensate for clumsy steps and missing the musical rhythm. Starting, you need to listen to the beat, and repeat smoothly, without fuss. And you will succeed.

      Keep your distance. Keep a small space between you and your partner so you can easily follow your partner's movements. And remember, the main thing is to look at your partner during. It is very important that you remain confident. Relax and don't skimp on smiles.

      Learn some exercises to help you learn different dance moves. To give flexibility, the Eiffel Tower exercise is suitable: the feet rest on the floor, and the body stretches up. Then, without looking up from the floor, lean in different directions. For the flexibility of the hands, you can do the following: in turn, raise your hands and make circular movements with them, starting with the hand and ending with the whole arm.

      Who is in charge - there is no definite answer. As for the partner, he should lead the partner politely and subtly. Anyone likes gallantry and, of course, compliments, but everything should be done in moderation. Do not press it too hard, but also lead too sluggishly. The main thing is to keep in rhythm. For a partner, there is only one piece of advice: carefully catch every movement of a partner and give him the opportunity to lead you.

      If you decide to learn to dance from professionals, take someone you know with you to your first class. Such viewers will always be able to evaluate you from the outside and support you with the necessary advice.

      Slow music, smooth movements, and there is no one on earth except the two of you... Slow dancing is not only a way to get to know each other or get closer, but also a step towards reconciliation and even a reason to make a marriage proposal. But in order to fan these moments with a halo of romance, you need to at least learn how to dance.


      Many people think that there is nothing easier than slow dancing. Well, probably yes, if in your mind this romantic moment looks like a banal “stomping” in one place to the music. In fact, the dance contains many subtleties, such as, for example, the position of the hands. If the couple is not (or corporate), the partner's hands should be at the waist, and not slide down, even if you really want to.

      Keep your distance and try to make eye contact with your partner(s). This speaks, if not about love feelings, then about showing respect for her. If you're ignoring her by looking at nearby couples, or praising the beauty of her eyes by staring at her cleavage, then why did you ask her to dance at all?

      Don't be afraid to make an awkward move or step on your foot. In the end, it happened to everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. It will be enough to apologize, or maybe you will laugh together at your own clumsiness. Wouldn't it be better if you miss the party without dancing with the one you've wanted to do it with for so long?

      Every person has danced a slow dance at least once in their life. Someone is delighted with the slow mover, someone does not like it. But in any case, you should at least have an idea how you need to move and what to do. Otherwise, you will step on your dance partner's foot and spoil the mood. In fact, there is nothing complicated about this, after all, you don’t need to dance the waltz. Therefore, having trained a couple of times at home, you will master it and be able to invite someone you like.

      Even if you are not going to invite anyone, it is possible that you will be invited. And what will you do in this case? Constantly refusing is not an option, you can offend the person with your behavior. Yes, no one is to blame for the fact that you have so many complexes and you cannot learn the simplest movements.

      Practice at home . But with whom? It is desirable that you have a partner, let it be mom or dad, sister or friend. Yes, anyone! If this is not possible, you will have to imagine that you are dancing with someone.

      Before you start dancing, you must invite a person . It can be any appeal: “Let's dance”, “Do you want to dance with me”, “Do you mind?”. If you are a young man, it would not hurt to extend your palm to a girl. When inviting a person, look him in the face, do not be shy. If they invite you, answer: “I don’t mind”, “With pleasure”.

      Be careful not to shake your limbs, as this will confuse your partner. It is possible that he also cannot dance and is as afraid as you are.

      Rule of thumb: don't make sudden movements . Slow - that's why he's slow, the movements are smooth and measured. If you twitch strangely, not only will it look funny, in addition, you will also injure the person you are dancing with.

      If you are a man, you must accompany the girl not only on the dance floor, but also immediately after the invitation to dance, and also after the end of the dance. It will be strange if you leave the girl halfway, she is unlikely to like it.

      How to slow dance with a girl correctly:

      • Well, let's get down to the most important thing - the stance and movements. First of all, pay attention to the position of the hands - with your left, grab the girl's right hand and hold it at shoulder level. Thus, the arms should be bent at the elbows. Your second hand (right) is located on the back or thigh.
      • What about the distance from each other? Of course, you don’t need to cuddle up to a partner (unless you have a close relationship with him). This will hinder movement, so keep a distance of about 20 cm, this is quite enough.
      • How should a girl dance? Put your left hand on the shoulder of the man, this movement is taken from ballroom dancing. In addition, this way you definitely will not provoke a man to something more.
      • If you have a close relationship - you can not keep the distance, which we wrote about above. The same applies to the position, hug the man by the shoulders. If this is your girlfriend, hug her around the waist.
      • Never put your hands on the buttocks, do not try to reach the chest of the woman with whom you are dancing. This is not only uncivilized, but also unpleasant. It is unlikely that you will make a good impression this way.
      • What to do with the legs? Your steps should not be too short, or vice versa, too wide. It is important that your partner keep up with you. Try to feel it and understand at what pace it moves.

      Leading a slow dance

      Well, you have found a suitable position for yourself, now you need to start the dance itself. As you understand, the man is leading, he is in charge here. Therefore, you do not need to stand like an idol and wait for the weather by the sea.

      Your movements should be confident, but at the same time not abrupt. No need to treat partners like a thing. Just point her hand in the direction you are going to move, so she will determine the direction. You can also gently push it in the right direction (push, not push !!!).

      Watch your shoulders, because they are of great importance in the dance. The posture is even, the shoulders are almost motionless, straightened.

      If you can't decide on a direction, or if you find your partner can't keep up with you, talk to him. There is nothing wrong with talking while dancing, so you will avoid mistakes and awkwardness.


      No less important stage than the beginning of the delay. Say thank you to your partner for dancing with you. In this case, you can touch the elbow of a girl or a guy with your hand, smile. And it does not matter at all whether you danced well or badly - in the end, your partner will be pleased to hear good words.

      Slow dance is the most romantic dance in the world, no other can compete with it in romance. Some have loved it, some have hated it since high school. But still, most people who had no problem dancing to fast music went to the bench after the slow music started. But don't worry, even if you can't or don't know how to dance a romantic slow dance, you don't have to sit back at the end of the dance. If you want to learn how to slow dance correctly, then you just need to learn a few basic rules, trust your partner and slide very gracefully to the music.

      How to invite me to a lingering party?

      Ask someone to dance with you. If you want to start dancing the slow dance correctly, then you need to ask your partner to dance as gracefully as possible. If you are a guy who asked a girl out on a date, you can wave your hand to her and say: “Let's dance?”. If you are a girl who made a date herself, then you should gently take your partner's hand and gently pull it, so you ask him to dance with you. Even if you are without a partner, you should still look the person straight in the eye, if you are planning to dance with him or her, you can even playfully grin or smile at her or him.

      Don't worry, if you're nervous, that person is probably just as nervous as you. It is better to hide your nervousness, and smiling to ask with confidence.

      How to dance correctly?

      You need to smoothly accompany your partner on the dance floor. After the partner has accepted the tempting offer that you made him, you need to accompany her or him on the dance floor gently and slowly, there is no need to rush. Don't forget to savor the moment. If you are dating or know the person very well, then you can hold your hands or join your elbows as you head towards the dance floor. On the way to the dance floor, the man should lead the lead on it too, so the man must necessarily wrap his left hand around the right hand of his partner, and slightly lift it, and so lead the girl to the dance floor.

      • Girls, if your partner on the dance floor does not automatically lead you, then give him your right hand and turn yours to his elbow and go to the dance floor.
      • If you are already on the dance floor, the main task is to keep your partner and yourself on the dance floor, the work is not easy, if one of you is worried about the slow, two can also be worried. If you notice that your partner is nervous, then smile at her or him and say that there is nothing to worry about.

      How to dance properly

      Position your hands correctly. The correct position of your hands plays a big role in starting the slow dance correctly. For the traditional slow dance pose, the guy should place his right hand on the middle or upper back or on the left side of the thigh of his girlfriend partner, and with his left hand gently take the right hand of his dancing partner and hold it approximately at the level of the shoulders of the taller partner, thus so that the arms of the two partners are bent upwards from the elbow. you need to stand at a distance of twenty to ten centimeters from your partner, depending on the level of intimacy that you plan to create.

      • As a general rule, the girl's left hand should be placed on her partner's shoulder. This is considered the traditional ballroom dancing position, and the safe dance position for the middle school, and you still need to stand at least twenty centimeters from your partner.
      • If you and your partner are in a romantic relationship with her, or with him, then you can safely get into a position when the man hugs the girl around the waist, and the girl hugs her boyfriend by the shoulders. This is considered the traditional slow dance pose for middle and high school, it is much easier to get into this position, but it is very difficult for the one who leads the dance.
      • Hands are forbidden to wander. Even if your partner doesn't mind at all, it's capable of bringing down other dancers, and it's not pretty.

      How to lead the slow dance correctly

      Traditionally, the guy should lead the dance, and the woman should follow his movements. This means that not only does the guy need to give the signals that the couple needs to move or turn into a new position, but the woman must also allow herself to be led. If you are a man, then you must lead your partner throughout the dance, and not move her around the dance floor like a broom. You must be very confident in your movements to show your lady when you want to move or turn into a new position. Here is a list of those actions that you should know if you are leading a girl and dancing:

      • The easiest and most effective way to guide your partner is to gently pull her right hand or push her in the direction you plan to move.
      • However, you need to make sure that you do not lead it only with your hands, if your body does one action and your hands do another, then you will look like you do not know what you are doing or are very assertive.
      • Instead, lead with your whole body, keep your elbows and shoulders firm and supple, and then step into the direction you plan to lead your partner.
      • In the new direction, you can continue to lead your partner, and turn so that you can continue the slow dance.
      • You can also move your partner forward or backward, left or right, if you want to find a more or less crowded place on the dance floor, or if you just want to mix up all the movements.

      What to talk about while dancing

      Talk to your partner. For most people, it's more about getting to know each other and getting close to a partner than about getting the right moves. No need to be shy about your partner, talk to him, look into his eyes, if the situation is right, then you can steal a few kisses. Talking to your partner while dancing will make you feel more at ease, whether you know each other or not.

      You don't need to feel the need to talk all the time, it can ruin the whole process of dancing, or make some things awkward, especially since it often happens that it is very difficult to hear each other because of the music. Just a little conversation from time to time will make your dance more comfortable and fun.

      Slow dance finale

      You should definitely thank your partner for the dance. It doesn't matter who you danced with, you must definitely thank your partner for dancing. You can simply say, "Thank you for the dance" or "I hope we do it again" to make your partner feel special. If you're a man and you're feeling playful, you can easily bow slightly in front of your girlfriend as you thank her to make her feel special and show that you really enjoyed the dance. If you finished the dance in this way, then your partner will definitely dance with you in the future and more than once.

      • It is recommended to make eye contact with your partners as often as possible, because it makes the dance more comfortable and strengthens the relationship.
      • Show maximum respect.
      • Be sure to talk. Many people just because of this and invite you to a slow dance to talk to you. If the conversation works on its own, then let it go.
      • It is recommended to try sliding your feet instead of lifting them. Thus, the chance of stepping on your partner's feet is significantly reduced.
      • Make sure your dancing position is comfortable for both of you. It is advisable to position your legs so that you do not have to stretch or strain them during the dance.
      • Don't try to kiss her or him right away. after the dance is over, you should slowly stretch, if the partner starts to step back, then stop. If you closed your eyes or stopped, then continue.
      • If your partner makes one mistake after another, then you should not be angry with him, he probably does it by accident, or he is very nervous.
      • If a girl really can't stand a guy she's dancing with, he should just tell him that your legs hurt a lot and carefully leave.

      Read online “Slow Dance”, Lyudmila Nikolaevna Sheveleva – LitRes

      …Sofitov’s muted light…

      Everything disappeared: both the hall and the chairs…

      I am in the past, in the world of youth,

      resurrected. ...

      A slow beautiful melody sounded. In the dark hall of the restaurant, twilight reigned. Several couples were dancing. The rest sat at the tables, watched them or chatted nicely among themselves. At seven in the evening there were few people, new visitors tried to take free tables, ordering cocktails and beer, snacks. The bar was next door. And the big hall was intended for dancing.

      A beautiful, bright girl entered the restaurant. She was dressed in a mink coat and black high-heeled boots. She entered the hall and looked around, a little bewildered, hurried to take a seat at a table in the very corner so as not to attract attention.

      Liza came here to get a little distraction and plunge into the festive atmosphere on the eve of the New Year. There was no mood at all. On the eve of the holiday, Elizabeth found out that the young man she was going to marry was cheating on her. She lived with him for about two years, but when she came home earlier, she found an unpleasant picture. Like in a bad movie, she thought. I quickly packed my things and went first to a friend, and then rented an apartment for myself. Thank God, she had money for a rainy day. She received an excellent education, worked in Moscow and held a good position and received a decent salary. Therefore, I could afford to buy a car on credit. And rent an apartment. Loans were paid properly. Many live like this, so the girl believed that life was a success. She parked her brand new BMW X5 nearby. Long wanted. But in Moscow you won’t surprise anyone with it. It’s here, in her hometown, the province, you can brag and it’s not a fact that they will sincerely rejoice for you.

      The girl took off her fur coat and hung it on a hanger, which was not far from the table. Then she examined her red blouse, tugged her short black skirt a little and looked at her flawless manicure and smiled at herself in the mirror. With appearance everything is in order, you can order a coffee. She's driving, so she won't take risks. And so she did, the waiter came up to her, took the order and soon she was drinking hot, delicious coffee.

      Lisa looked around the room. How things have changed in 10 years. Exactly so much she did not visit this institution. She was 18 when she last came here. There were no tables, everyone danced and did not get tired, good mood, excitement gave strength. Who did not dance, stood on the sidelines. The guys and girls smoked indoors, the rest breathed this air and did not complain. Now, on the site of the old House of Culture, where discos were held, there was a huge restaurant that shimmered with colorful New Year's lanterns. They built a bar, set up tables, comfortable chairs, the dance hall was spacious, decorated with a mirror ball and flashing light music. The ventilation system worked well in the restaurant, air conditioning, which improved the microclimate of the room, it was easy to breathe and smokers did not cause inconvenience.

      My mood improved a little, I just wanted to relax, listen to music, not just one, but here, get distracted, remember something and forget about what happened just recently.

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