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Is the dancing dolls still a team?

Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. They have a subteam, Baby Dancing Dolls....Dancing Dolls. Student informationKnown MembersKayla Jones Camryn Harris Sunjai Williams etc.4 more rows

Where is the Southern University Dancing Dolls located?


How much does it cost to be on the dancing dolls team?

$25 registration fee per dancer and 1st month tuition due at registration!! $55/ month ages 3-7 and $60/month ages 8-18. Classes offered are Ballet, Majorette, Hip Hop and Majorette!! **ADVANCED Majorette 2 taught by Kayla Jones, Captain of the Dancing Dolls!!

What school does Camryn Harris go to?

Camryn HarrisHometownJackson, MississippiTeamDancing Dolls (former) Southern Fabulous Dancing DollOccupationDancer StudentEducationGermantown High School Southern University13 more rows

What colleges did the dancing dolls go to?

She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in Season 1 and 2.... Kayla JonesTeamDancing Dolls (former)OccupationDancer Student DD Assistant Coach {former}EducationCallaway High School (2011-15) Hinds Community College (former) Stillman College (former) Grambling UniversityFavoured Genres13 more rows

dancing form

southern university dancing dolls captain 2022 southern university dancing dolls 2022-2023 southern university dancing dolls captain suspended southern dancing dolls auditions 2022 southern university dancing dolls location southern university dancing dolls camryn southern university dancing dolls tv show southern university dancing dolls show

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People also ask

Where does dancing dolls take place?

Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. They have a subteam, Baby Dancing Dolls.... Dancing DollsStarted2001Affiliated StudioDollhouse Dance FactoryDirectorDianna WilliamsLocationJackson, Mississippi3 more rows

Who was the captain of the dancing dolls after Camryn?

Former captain Camryn stepped down two months before leaving for college, which meant it was time for Crystianna to step up and lead the Dancing Dolls along with fellow dancer Makya. "I am so excited to be captain this year," Crystianna said at the time.

How much does it cost to be a member of the dancing dolls?

$25 registration fee per dancer and 1st month tuition due at registration!! $55/ month ages 3-7 and $60/month ages 8-18. Classes offered are Ballet, Majorette, Hip Hop and Majorette!!

Is Crystianna the captain of the dancing dolls?

Crystianna Summers is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former captain of the Dancing Dolls alongside Makya Griffin in Season 5. Her mother is Valisa Summers and her aunt is Rittany Anderson.

How old do you have to be to be a baby dancing doll?

Baby Dancing Doll Camp participants must be between age 5-11.

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Fabulous Dancing Dolls Audition Registration

Hi Dancers! 

Welcome and congratulations on your dance accomplishments thus far! We are excited to announce the Fabulous Dancing Dolls auditions process. As we have all had to adjust to the restricts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Human Jukebox continues to monitor the challenges young people face in transitioning from high school to college, and during the matriculation of your college career. We realize that it takes a tremendous amount of courage and tenacity to navigate these uncertain terrains and are here to support your dreams of becoming a Fabulous Dancing Doll. The work that you will put in to prepare for auditions does not go unnoticed and we appreciate your efforts in planning and investing in our program. Please note, although the process is changing to fit the needs your health and safety, we will still uphold the integrity of the organization’s traditions and values. 

 With that said, the following information is what you will need to determine if you will move forward with the auditions process, requirements during the process, and expectations of you as a student first, then a Fabulous Dancing Doll.

Requirements to Register for Auditions:

1.      Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of auditions

2.     Must be fully admitted and/or enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at Southern University and A&M College (this excludes SUSLA-Connect students). 

3.     Must have a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA at the time of preliminary auditions (audition packet submission).


Requirements for Audition Packets: 


1.     Must have a completed packet and paid audition fee.

2.     Must submit at least an unofficial copy of your final high school/last attended college transcript (Official copies will also be accepted).

3.     Must submit a “Professional Headshot” (Cannot include a headshot or body shot in a dance costume. )

4.     Video submissions are now a part of the preliminary audition process. Applicants will need to register to get specific instructions on what the videos should include!


Audition Process: There are 4 rounds in the audition process. Each advanced candidate will receive instructions on the upcoming round. Please be reminded, you will not receive information about round 2 unless your scores in Round 1 qualify you to move to Round 2. 

1.     Round 1 – Preliminary Process: Each dancer will be assessed and scored based on the information submitted in the Audition Packet Requirements. Should you not meet the score requirements, you will not make it to the second round of the audition phase. 

2.     Round 2 – Remote Audition 


Expectations After Auditions:

1.     Each student that is chosen for the final line up of Fabulous Dancing Dolls will be expected to move into their assigned place of residency after auditions are over. Freshman Camp will begin that following day. 

2.     Each student will be required to sign a “Student Participant Agreement and Handbook” that will be shared on the first day of Freshmen Camp. 

3.     Each student will be expected to complete and submit a final class schedule, financial aid obligations, and proof of completed enrollment. 

4.     Each student is expected to attend ALL rehearsals and related activities while maintaining the required cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Preliminary audition registrations will open on June 1, 2021. Please be reminded that audition packets will not be considered complete until all required information is received including the audition fee. Registration will close June 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm. There will be no exceptions to this process or the rules of auditions. Late information and emailed information will not be accepted. For your review, we have attached a FAQs information sheet. We look forward to meeting you! 

Best Regards,

BRICS Puppet Festival | Theater To Go

From October 5 to 20, the anniversary X International Puppet Theater Festival named after Sergei Obraztsov will be held, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation . Puppeteers from Brazil , Russia , India , China and South Africa will bring their best performances . The theaters of Hungary, Greece, Spain, Canada, Kenya and France will also be guests of the festival, because this year they celebrate 90th anniversary of the World Union of Puppeteers UNIMA. Spectators are expected as performances based on world-famous literary works - "Turandot" by C. Gozzi, "Baron Munchausen" by E. Raspe, "Treasure Island" by R.L. Stevenson - and less well-known, but no less interesting, touching, funny and sad stories. Artists will tell them through puppet theater, shadow theater, pantomime, dance and music.

Turandot performance

Festival program:

  • Treasure Island, Brazil. October 5th.

A story about sailors, pirates and treasures, beloved by more than one generation of children, will be told by one actor and many charming dolls. The pirates here, although harsh, are not at all scary, and the main character, the boy Jim, performed by a doll with huge eyes, immediately wins the hearts of the audience.

  • Turandot, Russia. October 5th.

Where, if not in the puppet theater, to tell fairy tales? For a small audience - Andersen, and for a respectable adult audience - theatrical fiabs of Carlo Gozzi. Going to the "Turandot", you will walk around Venice and find out how the unknown wanderer managed to become the chosen one of the most hard-hearted beauty!

  • “When the land becomes water”, India. October 6

An unusual combination - Indian theatre, ancient stories and legends and the orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov, People's Artist of the USSR. Three stories - about the biblical Noah, the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh and the Indian Manu - are united by one theme - the Flood. Under musical accompaniment (conductor and author of the idea of ​​the performance - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Evgeny Bushkov), the audience will see the clash of two elements, the struggle and the triumph of beauty and life.

  • “About the dream that was my life”, France. October 6, 7, 8

Performance-story about Camille Claudel, beloved and muse of the sculptor Auguste Rodin. About their difficult love story, about creativity and about the tragic fate of Camilla. The title of the performance is a quote from Camilla's letter. “This story is a nightmare that my whole life has been,” she wrote. The audience will see how thin the line between reality and madness is, they will touch the naked soul of the artist, they will feel her throwing and despair.

The play "About the dream that was my life"

  • "White Woman", Canada. 7, 8 October.

The fact that Magali Chouinard is an artist and poet is clear even to those who have no idea about her. One has only to look at the dolls - these are real works of art. The play "White Woman" is a poetic statement without a single word. The actress and her puppets talk about loneliness, recreate a whole world on a tiny stage, filled with images and allegories, in which each viewer will see something of their own. This is a performance-contrast, which combines black and white, old age and youth, man and puppet, drama and pantomime, street square theater and something very intimate, chamber.

  • Nature Exploration, India. October 9

Short parables about nature are told with the help of puppets, light and classical Indian and European music. Each story is an illustration of how a person destroys the fragile world of nature, unceremoniously invading it, how he takes and takes, giving nothing in return. The performance does not teach, but makes you think about how thoughtlessly and ruthlessly we treat nature, puts a destroyer in the place of what he destroys. But besides this, "Conquest of Nature" is a very beautiful performance that will appeal to both children and adults.

  • Rama's Journey, India. October 9

The Ramayana is the most important work of Indian folklore. This is the story of Prince Rama and his wife Sita. The life of Rama is a model, something ideal, which is impossible to achieve, but which one so wants to strive for. The story of his heroic life appears before the audience in the form of a shadow theater. National songs and dances, music performed on Indian instruments will take the audience to an ancient and wise country, introduce them to its culture and history.

  • Carnival: Puppets and Shadows, China. October 12

This performance intertwined two types of theatrical art - puppet theater and shadow theater. With their help, the artists will tell the audience the fairy tales and myths of China.
China is the birthplace of the shadow theater, from where it was first brought to Asia, and in the 18th century to Europe, where it was called "Chinese shadows". Performances involving puppets in China began to play four thousand years ago. But both then and now in the Celestial Empire, the main criterion for professionalism was and remains the skill of puppetry, which is passed down from generation to generation.

Carnival: Puppets and Shadows

  • Tears by the River, Kenya. October 13

This performance raises the theme of death, which is difficult and unpopular for children's works. However, death is an inevitable part of life, and talking about it with children is necessary so as not to create unnecessary taboos and fears. But it is important to speak correctly. So, as in the play "Tears by the River". This is a story about the brave monkey Libendi, who, during a great famine, goes in search of food, but after an exhausting journey, she dies right by the river. This case brings her posthumous fame, even the river is named after her. For many animals, this causes envy, they crave the same fame, and for this they decide on the most insane acts.

  • NYMIO: Stories told by hands, Spain. October 15, 16

In the play "NYMIO" the actor tells five short stories about little creatures that are sad and happy, dance and dream of learning to fly. All creatures appear from the hands of the actor right before the eyes of the audience. The actor uses the amazing possibilities of his own hands, creating unforgettable images that all viewers will fall in love with, regardless of age.

  • Petit Fours, Russia. October 15

Limericks, short humorous rhymes originally from England, are the literary basis of the play. In the "culinary" basis - petit fours - small cakes, in the play, reborn into tiny stories that happened to grandparents. Poetic lines appear to the viewer in funny, but more often sad sketches in a puppet format. These old men and women are mostly pretty, but they rarely manage to hide their loneliness. So, despite the sweet name, this performance is an attempt at a very important conversation with an adult audience and big children.

  • Bridgette's Last Dance, Spain. October 15

A performance-nostalgia, a performance-remembrance… It looks like an old film on black-and-white film, watched to holes, but so beloved. Two mimes and one doll tell the life story of old Bridgette. Bridgette is very old, she has no close people left at all, and even memories are gradually eluding her. But a few - the strongest - are still with her. These are memories of the strongest friendship and the greatest love. Exploring different ways of movement, using the expressive and poetic potential of both mime and puppet theatre, the creators of the play ignite these vivid flashes of memories in front of the audience.

  • Andras Lenart Show, Hungary. October 16

The performance consists of two stories. "Conanaima" is a variation on the theme of the creation of the world. The heroes of the production - God the size of a little finger and tiny Adam and Eve - live their short stage life in the quivering candlelight, revealing to the viewer the magic of the universe. Stop (originally titled Stop and Watch the Dolls Live) is a collage of several miniatures played out by fantastically tiny dolls. This story will allow you to fully appreciate the skill of Lenart, who masterfully manages his "actors".

Performance "White Woman"

  • "Man. Soul Mechanics, Spain. October 16

This performance is performed by several actors and one puppet. Determining who is who can be tricky at first glance, because the actors are so masterful in leading the human-sized doll that it seems as if she (or rather, he is Nolan) is moving on her own. This is the story of a man imprisoned in his own body, unable to move independently, but able to understand and feel everything. Therefore, the only thing left for him is to come up with his own world, full of magic and hope.

  • Silence. Dedication to Edith Piaf, Russia. October 16

Through puppet theatre, music, dance and pantomime, the performance will tell the story of the life and death of the famous French singer Edith Piaf. 5 men - 5 chords of Edith's life. In the space of the French street and the chamber atmosphere of the cabaret "Gernis", the viewer will become a direct participant in overcoming the silent vacuum. He will see, hear and feel that very silence, which for the singer is worse than death.

  • Greek Jovan, Greece. October 17

Rembetiko is a musical genre formed in the 1920s in Greece by folk musicians and immigrants from Turkey. To the accompaniment of stringed plucked instruments, the rembetis sang about love, about human joy and sadness, but the authorities considered this genre marginal, and for many years rembetiko was officially banned. The performances of the musicians took place only in special secret coffee houses. Greek Jovan is a modern rembetis. He lives an ordinary everyday life, consisting of rehearsals and performances, but one day events take an unexpected turn, and Jovan's character is revealed in a completely new way.

  • Baron Munchausen, Russia. October 19

Meet the most truthful person in the world - the same Baron Munchausen! His incredible puppet adventures at the North Pole, St. Petersburg and overseas countries!

  • Alzheimer Operetta, France. October 18,19

An incurable disease is a huge tragedy both for the person himself and for his loved ones. Alzheimer's disease is especially tragic because it takes away more than just health. It takes away from a person himself - memories, habits, close people whom a person gradually ceases to recognize. But even in such a life there can be a place for joy, something beautiful and interesting.
"Alzheimer Operetta" is not a gloomy, heavy performance, a non-social statement. This is a tragicomedy that life still wins,
and the line between the animate and the inanimate is very thin.
A charming old woman, the main character of the play, falls in love with her at first sight, making the viewer sad and happy with her.

This wonderful program pleases the audience with the X International Festival of Puppet Theaters named after Sergei Obraztsov. It will be a real theatrical celebration, an express trip around the world right in the audience chair.

Doll dance idea for kids. Puppet dances - images of puppets in various dances, puppets

Or only in adults. But no! There are many dance styles and age groups where this look fits in very well. Plus, it has a lot of options.

Here you will find not only tips, but also photos and videos from Divadance studio concerts. Different styles of dance, different ages, different versions of the image of a doll in a dance.


The doll's dance begins with the right choice of music. It should have a clear, jerky rhythm. You should be able to imagine the movements of the doll while listening to this kind of music.

The most common option is a puppet for the sake of mechanicalness

The main specificity of puppet dances is sharp "mechanical" movements. The doll is interesting because it can be shown as a "mechanical man". Why not a robot? Well, we want to look feminine and attractive, pretty, etc., don't we?

The universal version of puppet dance does not imply any special sex appeal, therefore is the same for children and adults . Most often, this is a fluffy knee-length skirt, which should puff up well. This function is best played by the grid. Thankfully it comes in different colors. You can make different dolls of different colors, or you can use different colors within the same skirt.

How to make a mesh skirt for a doll dance?

The width of the mesh fabric is usually 110 cm. This is just two lengths of our skirt. Immediately determine the coverage of your waist and connect the ends of this elastic band so that the belt is completed and completed - the elastic band has become a flexible ring around which we will tie strips of mesh.

I hope it is clear to everyone that the mesh does not split and there is no need to tuck and sew on the bottom. We just cut it with scissors and do not process the edge in any way. We cut the grid into strips of 20 centimeters. It can be wider, it can be narrower. If you alternate colors, then the narrower the grid stripes, the more colorful it will be, since the alternation will be frequent. Each strip length will correspond to the width of the fabric (after all, we cut across the long edge).

Now we take a good elastic band - it will serve as a belt for us. We bend the first strip through the elastic band so that two identical ends hang from the elastic band. They can be tied in a knot if the mesh is soft. Or fasten in any other way, to which we will return later. We do the same with the next color, and so on. It turns out that we tied all the strips to our elastic belt. If you are making a multi-colored skirt, then alternate stripes of different colors. If a one-color skirt - then all the stripes of the same color.

How much fabric?

Approx. 3 meters. You can take three colors of each meter.

How to fix the strips on the waistband?

One of the options is to tie it in a knot. You can sew with threads, which is the most troublesome. Or you can take a thin hat elastic and walk along these strips immediately under the elastic, twisting them one way or another. As if you are weaving a wreath for your hair.

Small bows can be sewn to the belt or one large bow can be sewn to the front side. You can also sew on rhinestones or sequins.

What kind of top is suitable for dolls:

The most logical option is the body. In it, the fabric is stretched on the body, it does not gather into folds. This is how we create the illusion of a plastic doll body.

A logical addition to such a costume would be a ponytail (or ponytails), bows, bows, gloves.

at City Day 2012 - Palace Square

Scary doll - doll horror stories.

The ominous image of a doll seems to come from horror movies, where even toys can be scary: clowns and dolls. To do this, the music, of course, must be sinister, gloomy. Well, if it has the sounds of a clockwork toy (or you put them in there). You know: they wind up a hurdy-gurdy toy with a key, and as a result, the doll slowly spins and the melody plays.

Cool colors must be worn in the suit. It can be light, it can be dark, but cold shades. You can make tears, tatters, tears on the suit. Add splashes of paint (like blood) if you want to bring the degree of fright to the maximum. We do make-up scary, specially smeared in places. Hair is tousled.

Indian puppet dances.

Dance studio Divadance (Divadance) - dance school in St. Petersburg.
Designers: Zhuzha Divo dance
© 2005 by Zhuzha

Dance is not only a way to express your feelings, mood and just have fun, but also an opportunity to tell the viewer a story, show coherence of movements and create the necessary atmosphere on stage, but there are quite original dance directions, one of which is is dance puppets.

Puppet dance: preparation of the number

Before preparing the presented type of dance, you need to think about the event for which the number is being prepared. Based on this, he ponders the plot of the dance.

Also doll dance is quite often performed with props in the form of various soft toys. The dancers or dancers themselves (the dance presented in most cases is performed by girls) put on doll dresses and large bows on their heads.

The dance can be performed by both adults and children.

Baby doll dance

Baby doll dance differs from this dance performed by adults only in that the topics of growing up and saying goodbye to their toys are never touched upon here, on the contrary, children try to show their affection for a soft “friend” with various smooth, and then energetic movements.

Boys can take on the role of the Nutcracker or any other. It is noteworthy that only boys and only girls can take part in the number, or a combined version, where both boys and girls take part. The performance, where children of different ages dance, looks quite interesting. In this case, children can be divided into several groups and a movement can be allocated to each.

Puppet dance for the group

Is it worth saying directly that puppet dance can be performed not only by schoolchildren and kindergarten visitors, but also by professional dance groups. However, the self-name of such, puts the bar a little higher, due to which the dance should be filled with professionalism and a responsible attitude towards staging the number.

In order to get the perfect result, you can use your own imagination, as well as puppet dance video, in order to get original ideas for yourself or to add new elements to an existing dance, which your audience will definitely appreciate accordingly.

Puppet dance music

Another very important aspect that you should pay your attention to is the puppet dance music itself. Agree that for the specified number, careful attention is required directly to the choice of musical accompaniment in order to obtain a high-quality end result.

Thus, not all music tracks are suitable for the direct design of such a number. If yours consists of adults, then it will be somewhat incorrect to choose children's songs for staging a number. For children, you should not use the repertoire of modern performers, which will also be somewhat wrong.

The first thing to get rid of when staging such a choreographic number as puppet dance is the fear of doing something wrong. For a high-quality end result of your efforts, you just need to use all the tips that were described above in this article. Also, in children's rooms, you should avoid frankness and sexuality as much as possible, the problems of issues that are very acute in society today.

It must be remembered that the presented dance should plunge the viewer into childhood, when he was still a child and also played with dolls. Surely, after all, there are many boys who, in their childhood, played not only with soldiers, but also with dolls.

Composer Dmitry Shostakovich Mounting Isabella Gerasimova Operator Alexander Chekhovsky Screenwriter Inessa Kovalevskaya Painter Galina Shakitskaya

Did you know that

  • Dmitri Shostakovich's music sounds in the cartoon.


Warning, the text may contain spoilers!

The cartoon begins with a girl in a scarf standing at the window and watching other children play outside. Someone is making a snowman, and someone is sledding. The girl also wants to go for a walk, but she cannot - she is sick. The heroine of the cartoon moves away from the window and sits on the bed. She looks around her room full of toys, but they do not make her happy, and the baby begins to cry. Her tears fall on a teddy bear, which immediately comes to life and the music begins.

As if by magic, the figures of two people come to life and begin to dance. They dance so beautifully that a smile appears on the girl's lyceum. Petrushka comes to life next. He starts playing the harmonica and tries to dance the nesting dolls. At first they turn away from him, but when he is already desperate, the smallest of the nesting dolls begins to spin in the dance. Soon the others join her.

Puss in Boots comes to life after the matryoshka dance. He starts dancing and the rest of the toys join him. Soon Puss in Boots invites the girl to dance with them. As a result, everyone in the room dances, and the girl finally stops being sad. Having danced enough, she lays down in bed and falls asleep. This is where the cartoon ends.

Arapova O.A., musical director of the GBOU kindergarten of developing type No. 41 in Moscow, laureate of the Moscow city festival "In the world of classical music" in the nomination "Dance creativity"

Vasilyeva S.V., teacher of additional education, kindergarten of developing type No. 41 in Moscow, laureate of the Moscow city festival "In the world of classical music" in the nomination "Dance creativity"

Musical accompaniment: A. Lyadov. "Musical snuffbox". Waltz Joke, Op. 32.

As a soundtrack, you can use a recording from the textbook for the musical development program for children of preschool age and primary school age "Musical Masterpieces" by O. P. Radynova "Listening to Music", disk No. 10, theme "Musical Instruments".

Four girls participate in the dance.

Girls - dolls - stand at the corners of the square: the first numbers on the right, the second on the left.

Starting position (hereinafter - ip)

"Dolls are sleeping" - legs in 1 position, head tilted down, arms lowered.

Intro: "The Dolls Come to Life"

bars 1-4 - head slowly rises, hands in 1 position.

1 figure

5-6 bars - head tilt to the right, arms in 1st position, legs in 1st position.

7-8 strokes - Head tilt to the left.

9-10 cycles - head tilt to the right.

11-12 cycles - Head tilt to the left.

13-14 bars - the right hand rises to position 3 (up), the head turns behind the hand.

15-16 cycles - the right hand drops to 1 position (down), the head turns forward.

17-18 cycles - the left hand rises to the 3rd position, the head turns behind the left hand.

19-20 cycles - the left hand drops to 1 position, head forward.

Repetition 5-19 measures (2 volts) - repeats movements 5-20 measures.

2 figures

21 strokes - demi-plie (small squat), legs in 1 position.

22 clock - releve (straighten up).

23 stroke — demi-plie.

24 stroke - relay.

25-28 cycles - the first numbers change places with the second numbers sideways on the half-fingers. The head turns in the direction of movement.

29-32 cycles - repetition of movements 21-24 cycles.

33-35 cycles - return to their places sideways on half-toes. Head in the direction of travel.

36 stroke - turn to face their pair (the first numbers turn to the second numbers).

3 figure

37 stroke - "Air kisses" - bend your arms at the elbows, palms straight, attach to your lips.

38 stroke - straighten your arms. Tilt the body forward.

39-40 cycles - repetition of movements 37-38 cycles.

41-44 cycles - turn on half fingers over the right shoulder by 180 °.

45-48 strokes - repetition of movements 37-40 cycles with your back to your pair.

48-52 cycles - turn on half-fingers by 270 ° (stand facing the audience).

4 figure

53-54 bars - “In secret” - lunge to the side: the first numbers to the right, the second - to the left, to their pair. The first numbers bend the right hand, attach the index finger to the lips. The second numbers bend the left arm.

55-56 cycles - return to i. p.

57-58 cycles - lunge away from each other: the first numbers to the left, the second numbers to the right.

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