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How To: Pretend You Can Dance

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You go to your corporate party, and the DJ breaks into the latest dance tunes. Your date is pulling you onto the dance floor, but you're still traumatized from the incident at your prom, after the spotlight was on you because you had just won "The Biggest Spaz on the Dance Floor" Award.

Well, not this time. You refuse to be mocked for your dancing again, but on the other hand, you don't want to be the bore of the party and be reduced to talking to the hors d'oeuvres waiters all night long, while your colleague moves in on your hot date.

You don't have to be the life of the party, but you at least want to join in on the festivities. So learn how to at least pretend that you can dance, and look normal on the dance floor — without having to depend on alcohol to let loose.

Move with the music
Let the music be your guide, and just move your body along with the rhythm and beats. You don't have to do impressive steps — just let the music take you away.

Snap your fingers or clap your hands
If you're really at a loss on how to move, then just look like you're having fun by snapping your fingers while swaying your body from side to side. Just don't clap too much — you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.

Go to the YMCA
In order to start small on the dance floor, join in during a dance that has traditional steps and gestures, such as "YMCA" by the Village People, "Staying Alive", by the Bee Gees, "The Time Warp", or a line dance such as Kool & the Gang's "Celebrate" or even "Macarena" (that is, if that song is still played). This way, not only will you know the moves required, but these are also songs that allow you to go crazy and look foolish — that's part of the fun.

Grab a partner
If you're at a party with someone you feel close to or comfortable with, then let them guide you on the dance floor, by imitating their steps to a degree. It'll also be easier for you to let loose and get accustomed to the moves if you hold your partner's hands while dancing.

You don't need to be doing fancy dances like salsa or swing, just take your partner's hands and move with her. Remember, there's a reason why it takes two to tango.

Talk to your partner
You don't need to actually hold your partner's hands, but talking to her while you're moving your body will at least distract you from the task at hand, so you'll be able to move minimally while randomly talking to your partner.

Obviously, this is not the time for deep conversation, just random chitchat.

Sing along
By the same token, if the music is too loud or you find it difficult to actually talk to your partner while dancing, at least sing along to the music, which will help you move to the rhythm, and distract you from trying to dance perfectly.

Do less than more
If you feel very awkward or uncomfortable on the dance floor, try to do less rather than trying to show off. Just avoid drawing attention to yourself, and stick to basic moves such as swaying, moving from side to side, and moving your body more than your feet.

Avoid these things at all costs, unless you want to be the joke of the party...


Kiesza's Guide to Dancing for Dudes Who Can't Dance

[#image: /photos/55828f391177d66d68d53ae8]||||||

For the self-conscious and less rhythmically-endowed, going out can be a stressful. But according dance wunderkind Kiesza, it doesn’t have to be like that: If you put enough feeling into it, you can get by with very little. The Canadian singer knows a lot about dancing like a boss (her elaborately-choreographed video for "Hideaway" has over 200 million views), so GQ called her up to get a few pointers. Fresh off two weekends of Coachella and currently on her "Sound of a Woman" tour, Kiesza told us how to get away with zero dance skills.

What is your advice to guys who think they can’t dance?

Kiesza: For me, there’s nothing more charming than a guy who knows he can’t dance, but doesn’t give a shit, and goes for it anyway. If you come across as confident and put one hundred percent into your dance moves, which may not be perfect, you’ll look great regardless. Also, you can focus on one body part, and work with that. You don’t have to use every limb at the same time. Keep it simple.

What makes someone a great dancer?

Even if everyone’s doing the same dance, an incredible dancer makes the moves their own. With their attitude, it becomes their own expression. When someone really puts themselves into a dance, I find it very captivating.

For a someone who isn’t self-conscious, but legitimately has poor rhythm, what move would you recommend?

You can do flowing dance moves that aren’t necessarily hitting the beats right on. Pretend you’re made of liquid, and then just move like that. You can sort of fake it.

**What’s the most underrated dance move a guy can do? **

The pelvic thrust. But that’s not really underrated, is it? I think it’s hilarious. Other than that, the Electric Slide--it’s one everyone can do.

What do you not see enough of on the dance floor?

You don’t see enough people dancing like there’s nobody watching. In certain countries, like Brazil, that’s how they dance. There’s nothing better than being on a dance floor where people are just moving because they want to move and freestyling even they don’t know how to freestyle.

**What’s the best strategy to get someone to dance with you? **

You just gotta go right up to that person and start dancing, and then see if they start dancing, and usually they will--unless it’s a really creepy person that you shouldn’t have approached anyway. You can really feel people’s energy on the dance floor. It’s an unspoken thing, like a language in and of itself.

What’s your stance on grinding?

Well, I’ve always felt very awkward grinding, but you know what, I’ve seen some people grinding, and it looks really good! As long as the person you’re grinding with is into it, and you’re not creeping them out, I’m totally supportive of people who like to grind. It’s a free world!

How do you feel about the rolling the dice move Seth Rogen does in Knocked Up?

I think it’s awesome. I have this saying, "Shit and commit." It comes from when I was learning how to do a back handspring. You have to squat like you’re taking a shit, and then just commit to the flip--otherwise you’re not going all the way around. If rolling the dice is your only move, then you’ve got to give it 200%. Shit and commit.

Read Nonfunctional Test - Moran Kelly - Page 52

As everyone cheered and clapped their hands toasting Camryn's speech and to the newlyweds, Troy gazed at the woman he'd known for more than half his life and never known . And at that moment he decided to fight. He will fight for her, for them. He will not give it to anyone, no matter what the consequences will be and how everything will turn out. It does not matter that he is a simple builder and his father is a drunkard. He won't even take a drop in his mouth. He will give her all the babies she wants. He will do everything in his power to make her happy.

If she wants it.

Kamryn sat next to him. And before she could pull her chair up, he wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her. Right in front of everyone, letting them know that she belongs to him.

Pulling away, he lowered his forehead to hers.

— That was great, Cam.

Thank you. The girl leaned back, letting the waiters put their plates down. She raised her fork to butcher the salmon. - I'm picking up on you. And I turn into a sentimental woman. You know, I actually stepped in earlier for Cathy and John. I .

She laughed. He swallowed.

— Kamryn…

She looked at him and he couldn't find words to express what he felt. There were not enough words in the whole world that could even remotely explain his feelings. He seemed to be drowning. In her.

Anxiety flickered across her face.

— Are you all right? He shook his head. She turned around in her chair. - Have you eaten today? He shook his head again. “You look pale, Troy. Eat something.

- Food won't help.

— Then what's the matter?

Looking into her brown eyes, he tried to blink. Tried to squeeze out three simple damn words and couldn't. Now is not the time. And not a place. He needs them to be alone. Just him and her.

“Nothing,” he replied. - Never mind. Let's eat before it gets cold. Cam looked dubious, so he stuffed a spoonful of wild rice into his mouth to prove he was okay.

By the time the cake was served and the plates were empty it was already dusk. Garlands flickered on the trees, casting a white glow through the leaves. Justin led Heather to the platform through the open space in the center of the set tables. The DJ played their song for the first dance.

Camryn rested her chin on her palms and watched with the air of a dreamy little girl imagining her own great event. She became different. Everything about her was different. She was still Cam, calm and too smart for her own good. But all that weight that burdened her, all those doubts that limited her freedom, was gone.

He may have done it. Perhaps all this farce was leading them to where they were meant to be.

Emily ran up to them and climbed onto Cam's lap.

“The lights really look pretty,” she whispered to Cam. Will everyone fall in love now? Because of the romance?

— Romantics, you mean? Camryn smiled at her niece, and Troy's pulse quickened. He had never seen her smile like that. Until now, there was always a pause before she smiled, as if she had to force herself to smile.

“Maybe,” she told Emily. If they are lucky enough to fall in love.

Saints. He did it. He made her believe in magic, love and happy endings. Made her smile carelessly and laugh out loud. Goofing around, doing something spontaneous, getting angry… it all worked. Watching her now, he understood. She believes.

But does she want him?

Fisher came up and pulled Emily off Cam's lap.

The next dance is yours, Em.

A small group of guests filled the dance floor. Fisher went that way with Emily. Once he was out of earshot, Troy glanced at Kamryn.

— If I ask you to dance, will you let me lead?

She laughed.

— Everything depends on the circumstances. Can you dance?

- No, but I can pretend.

He took her hand and led her to the edge of the dance floor. He pulled her to his chest and began to dance. She let him lead. Closing his eyes, he smiled into her hair.


Do you see this? she asked.

He stepped back with great regret. His gaze followed her to Kathy and John, who were dancing and smiling.

Looks like you did it, Cam. And you said you didn't believe me.

Her cheek lightly touched his as she turned to him. She felt too good, too real in his arms. He only had one item left on the list. One more night with her. After that, the day after tomorrow, he must let her go.

But his heart won't stop beating.

Camryn, tell me something. Did these men before me make your heart beat faster? viscera flutter? Laugh dizzy?

She froze and leaned back to look at him. A thousand emotions flashed by at once, until he couldn't even breathe as he waited for her response.

“No,” she replied, looking away and moving again.

— And me?

And again she froze, this time not looking at him. Her fingers tightened in his palm. Her breath hit his neck.

— Have other women before me made you feel this way?

Crazy, but he almost said that there were no women before her.

— No.

— And me? “She used his own tactics against him. Smart girl.

- Answer my question, Cam.

But then John patted her shoulder. She turned around sharply.

"Let me borrow Camryn for a minute," John said. - Just a few words. And I will return it right away.

Troy looked at her, eyes downcast, shoulders tense. He'd been waiting so long for that answer from her that he might last a few more minutes. Troy nodded.

— I'll be waiting for you at the table. And we will end this conversation.

Chapter 19

Camryn's Life Lessons:

Sometimes beauty contemplators need glasses.

Kamryn watched Troy leave and sighed for the first time in several minutes. John took her hand and led her to the dance. Her head was spinning at Troy's question, and she almost jumped when John began to speak:

— I took your advice.

She forced herself to concentrate and smiled at him.

- It looks like everything went well.

Yes. He paused, looking at her. “I never thought of Cathy more than as a friend. When I woke up this morning and saw her, something inside me changed. It's strange, you know? She was right in front of me.

— I understand. She understood too well. At least it will end well for John and Kathy.

— I'm glad I came to the wedding and got to know you a little better. You are not what I imagined you to be.

Her eyebrows rose in surprise.

— And how did you imagine me?

He shrugged.

- Honestly, I always thought of you as a reserved, unapproachable woman. Guess I was wrong. You seem happy.

She nodded, really cutting her in half.

I hope you two are happy too.

When the song was over, the DJ played the next uptempo, one of Heather's favorites from the album of the hairy band that Camryn hated.

- Here's my signal to sit down.

He delayed her for another second.

Thank you, Kamryn.

- You are always welcome.

At that moment a hand grabbed her from behind and dragged her deeper into the dance floor. When she turned, Heather was smiling at her.

“Dance,” the sister commanded.

Kamryn crossed her arms over her chest.

- I'll skip this song, Heather.

Kathy put her arm around Camryn and Heather, pulling them both along with her. And before Kamryn had time to realize, she was already jumping and dancing for the second song in a row. And although it didn't feel like dancing, it was fun for her.

Justin's friend Jessie caught the bouquet and Cade caught the garter. Camryn frowned. A new couple has formed. After that, some guests began to go home or went to the hotel. Read Lessons in Seduction online Fairyne Preston (Page 6)

He managed to capture her attention.

— What do you mean?

He took her hand:

— Come on, I'll show you.

Before she could protest, he grabbed her arm and lifted her to her feet in one motion. Maybe pretend I have a headache? Jill thought.

The lights on the stage went out, the club was plunged into intimate twilight, it seemed that each couple on the site lived in their own little world - no one around, just the two of them ...

- I don't need dance lessons, Colin, I can dance, - said Jill .

He hugged her:

— I know that you can dance, but only at arm's length from a man. - And what kind of dance is this if the partners are held at arm's length?

- Dance is like a dance. Partners see each other and can carry on a conversation.

Smiling, he shook his head slowly:

— You know what I'm thinking?

— No. At that moment, she would give anything to read his mind.

— I think you are lucky to have met me.

She couldn't help but laugh:

— You obviously don't lack self-importance, do you?

— No, but you are definitely missing a few dance lessons. He pulled her closer to him. “That’s the way to dance with a man,” he whispered in her ear, “it does not interfere with the conversation at all.

She felt his warm breath on her cheek. It caressed her skin and hair. A shiver ran down her spine. Instinctively, she tried to back away, but he was faster: guessing what she was going to do, he squeezed her even tighter in his arms.

- Trust me Jill, this is exactly the kind of dance Des would be looking forward to, you need to snuggle closer if you want to marry him.

She knew he was right. He told her about things that would never have crossed her mind. But the thing is, at that moment, the last thing she thought about was Desa. Colin intoxicated her with his masculine musky scent and took her where she shouldn't have gone. But she had no choice.

Calm music poured out of the speakers. She didn't remember the title of the song, but it was about pain, desire, and love.

Colin put her hands on his shoulders so that she hugged him, his hand slipped into the V-neck of her dress on her back and now touched her bare skin. The other hand lay below the waist. Their bodies seemed to merge into one. Her breath stopped in her chest and a fire broke out inside. She closed her eyes, trying to resist the desire that engulfed her, but it was like volcanic lava. Nothing could hold him back.

“Relax,” he whispered in her ear. - You're safe. You are with me, and there are many people around us. You have nothing to fear.

He didn't understand, she thought helplessly. For the first time in her life, Jill was afraid of her own feelings.

And the music was so slow and sexy. Her rhythm penetrated every cell of her body, made her heart beat in the same rhythm, until she began to feel like a part of the song, and she - a part of herself. The singer's voice was husky, sexy. He opened his heart in song. It seemed to bleed from an unhappy love.

Jill has never experienced anything like this. The song, Colin awakened in her such feelings, the existence of which she did not even suspect. She tried to regain her usual composure and equanimity, but it did not work. In time with the music, her and Colin's movements were slow and sensual.

He pressed her tightly to his strong body, between her breasts and his bare skin there were only two thin layers of fabric - her dress and his shirt. His hand caressed her bare back. She felt that he was aroused. Her breath stopped in her chest. The knees are weak. She would have fallen if he hadn't held her so tightly in his arms.

Jill melted into his strong body. She has lost the ability to think. I even stopped following the movements in the dance. Yes, this was not necessary. Because in the dance they became one. Their bodies swayed in the same rhythm, guessing each next movement of the partner. And it was already something more than a dance, their bodies seemed to be talking to each other in a language of passion only they could understand.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his soft hair. She was on fire with passion and did not know how to stop the flame that burned her. She could feel his arousal growing, but he didn't move away. And she just couldn't do it. But she didn't want to. The close embrace of their bodies was the only thing she could think of at that moment. She wanted to see him naked. Part of her being was screaming that this had to be stopped, another that she couldn't do it.

He pushed her legs apart with his knee. She felt his muscular leg between her thighs. A wave of desire washed over her. Without interrupting the dance, he began to slowly move his foot back and forth, exciting her. She obeyed her every move, feeling completely helpless before the pleasure she experienced.

They did it over and over again, and the desire grew in her. On the dance floor, surrounded by dancing couples, they made love. The flames that burned Jill now concentrated between her legs. This is unbearable, she thought. Something must happen. Something, someone must help her escape. And Colin seemed to read her mind again.

The moment she realized she couldn't take it anymore, he stopped. Though the music continued and everyone around him danced, he simply stopped, letting her trembling body lean against his for support. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he began stroking her back with the other, comforting her.

After a minute, which seemed to her an eternity, he pulled away from her, continuing to support her waist. He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.

- Is that enough for today?

She could not speak. I was afraid to look at him. Then, by some miracle, she managed to free herself from his embrace. She collapsed onto the deep blue sofa and reached for a glass of wine. Hands trembled, wine spilled. But she ignored it and took a sip.

- Coffee would be better.

She looked at Colin, who sat across from her. Thank God it didn't occur to him to sit in the old seat next to her. She couldn't be that close to him anymore. Even now, when the table separated them, she could feel the warmth of his body.

His hands were folded on the table. He looked absolutely calm. But the chest rose and fell more often than usual. He was also affected by their dance. This made her a little happy.

— I would like to leave.

He looked at her and she begged him not to notice how she felt. Because she felt the desire. There, on the dance floor, she realized that she could not control her body, she wanted it so much. But he nodded, and she let out a sigh of relief.

- Okay, I'll just cry.

After a couple of minutes he threw a shawl around her shoulders and led her out of the club. She stopped to look around. The street lights seemed blindingly bright to her after the dim blue lighting in the club. And there seemed to be even more people on the street than a couple of hours ago when they entered the club.

Was it only a couple of hours ago? She took a deep breath. She felt like an eternity had passed. She felt Colin put his hand on her waist.

“The car is not far,” he pointed in the direction of the parking lot.

She had absolutely no strength. Her legs did not obey her, it’s good that the car was really nearby, and soon Colin was already opening the door for her. She slid into the seat and watched helplessly as he straightened her dress before slamming the door.

Both were silent all the way home. Jill tried in vain to collect her thoughts. But by the time they reached her house, she had made up her mind.

Colin parked in front of her house and turned off the engine. In the silence of the car, she could hear her own heartbeat. She looked down at her intertwined fingers. She knew what she should say, but she didn't know how. Colin unbuckled his seatbelt, then turned to her. Despite looking at him, she could feel his eyes on her. He was waiting...

But she couldn't wait. She said:

- I think the lessons are enough.

I disagree. We need at least two or three more days of work. Perhaps four.

Her head jerked.

— Days?

He nodded.

— Actually, I planned for several weeks, but after tonight I decided that we need to speed up the learning process.

After tonight.

That said it all. On the dance floor, in his arms, she lost her head. He thought that they had a business agreement, and she, being in his arms for the first time, lost control of herself. No wonder he didn't want more lessons.

“We have a few more days ahead of us,” Colin said.

“Listen,” she said with difficulty, “I don't know what you think about this, but I think the lessons are enough.

— What's the matter, Jill? He leaned towards her. - What's bothering you? That you don't understand what happened tonight?

He read her mind again. There was no point in denying what he already knew.

“There is something,” she said slowly.

— And that's why you need a few more lessons. You're not used to male touch. You are not accustomed to being close to a man and in general to everything connected with sex. And Des, by the way, has the right to expect that his wife will ardently answer him in bed. In case you didn't know, that's how lovers behave.

She cleared her throat.

— I know, but he doesn't have to love me.

— Is that what you want? Marriage without love?

“Of course,” she answered automatically. “But…I mean, I know sex is part of marriage, but Des and I might have…well…just a business deal or something…”

His laughter cut her off.

— If you really believe that, dear, my lessons weigh on you even more than I thought. How can you know so little about the man you're going to spend your whole life with? Des not only wants to have love, sex and children, he wants even more.

She wondered what more could he want?

— For example?

- For example, a friend and companion.

— That's another matter.

Children. She never thought about them. And love. Does Des really want love? She thought he would understand the benefits of an arranged marriage. Besides, Des knew how happy Uncle William would be if he married one of his nieces. And Colin says it's not enough.

She suddenly felt a headache. Hurry home before Colin sees it. All that was missing was a repeat of last night.

Today... She couldn't think about what happened today anymore. She quickly opened the door and jumped out of the car.

- Wait. Colin got out of the car too and stood beside her as she put the key in the front door.

— I'll think about everything you said and call you in the morning. She flung open the door.

He detained her. Her first desire was to snuggle into his warm body and enjoy his closeness. Oh god, when will she ever learn anything? She recoiled. She crossed the threshold and tried to slam the door, but Colin prevented her by stopping the door with his foot.

— I know you're upset, Jill, and I know why. All this indicates that you have not thought out your own plan properly. You have no idea how to get and keep Des.

“I will do everything for this,” she burst out involuntarily.

- Good. Then I'll pick you up tomorrow at nine. Get ready.

She was frightened.

— Wait, I haven't decided yet whether I want to continue the lessons.

He stopped on the threshold and touched her bottom lip with his thumb.

- But you want to. Want.

Suddenly he took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue entered her mouth, and the flames of passion engulfed her. She lost control of her feelings again. She wanted to scream with impotence and at the same time wanted to stay in his arms and experience everything he could give her.

His lips were hard and hot. The taste of them intoxicated her like wine. His kiss was hot and wet. He kissed her with the confidence of a man of great experience. His tongue sank deeper into her mouth, drawing her tongue in a sexy dance that ignited desire in her. She grabbed his wrists.

Finally he pulled away from her lips and whispered:

— Another lesson. Des will expect your first date to end this way. Kiss. And then…

She understood everything perfectly.

Headache worsened. He mustn't notice it, he mustn't repeat the mistakes of last night. Hurry up to go up to the bedroom and take some pills. She knew that the cause of the current migraine is the stress experienced today.

“I'll call you tomorrow,” she said.

"See you," he whispered, and touching her lips in one last brief kiss, he disappeared.

She closed the door behind him and leaned against it. The strength left her. No one has ever kissed her like Colin. No one had ever hugged her like that, touched her body, talked to her like that. She knew she would never be the same again.

Chapter Six

Jill woke up still feeling tired but without a headache. She took the pills yesterday and went to bed, and it was the best of medicines. She hated her dependence on them, hated admitting that there was something in her life that she couldn't control. But by taking the medicine at the first sign of a migraine, she had at least avoided yesterday's medicine—the presence of Colin—and it was damn strong.

Groaning, she reached for a pillow beside her and covered her face with it. But then I realized that it was stupid to hide from problems. Still won't help.

But Colin...

Moaning again, she threw the pillow across the room. You need to get up. She sat up in bed and pushed her hair back from her face. Where does this fatigue come from? She remembered and collapsed back onto the pillows. All night she was tormented by erotic dreams. She dreamed of Colin.

Here's the thing. They need to break the deal. The thought was unbearable: she would not survive another evening like yesterday at the blues club.

Jill tried to reach for the pillow with her hands, but failed and covered her face with her hands. What's the matter? After all, she can not afford to hide from reality, as it happened in childhood.

As a child, she thought that if she hid in the closet, her father would not find her and she could avoid the traditional dinner. It was her secret, Tess and Kit didn't seem to know about it.

But their housekeeper found out about it. She was the only one who knew where to find Jill. Not an evil woman, she, like everyone around, was intimidated by their father, so she forced Jill to go down to the table.

Sitting at the table with their backs as straight as possible, the sisters had to tell their father about their day. What exactly did you learn at school, what grades did you get or what places did you take in competitions. If they didn't get an A or lost a competition, they had to listen to their father's disappointment in them. Jill couldn't eat, there was a lump in her throat.

Lying in bed, hungry, she thought about how she could show her best tomorrow.

When the sisters grew up, their father forced them to play tennis and golf, arranged competitions between them, encouraging them to quarrel with each other. She hated sports. And she invested all her ambitions and sports interest in business.

Until Tess got married last year, the sisters fought tooth and nail to be #1 on the Baron Industries financials by the end of the year, making the most money. But after the wedding, Tess lost interest in this. With her departure, the competition lost its meaning. What Kit was doing now, Jill had no idea.

No. You can't hide from a problem. And besides, she's not afraid of Colin. Just tell him that the lessons are over, and he will have no choice but to put up with it.

Sighing, Jill forced herself to rise. It was time to start the day.

She took three steps, but something made her turn around and look at the bed. My God, how terribly wrinkled linen. Her erotic dreams stood before her eyes. She rushed to fix the bed.

— What appointments do I have for today? Jill asked her assistant as she entered the office.

“Here is the list.” Molly put the brown folder on the table.

Thank you.

Jill opened the folder. The first meeting was only an hour later, but then they followed one after another. At least she has an hour to make calls, go over paperwork, and check on the progress of projects.

- Do you need anything else? I'm currently working on the Bairstow report.

- Great. When Molly left, Jill poured herself a cup of decaffeinated coffee that Molly always made for her. There were moments when she was ready to give her life for a cup of ordinary coffee, but because of headaches she refused it.

- Good morning.

She almost choked on her coffee.

— Colin!

Ignoring the chairs, he sat down on the edge of the table.

- Gorgeous morning, isn't it?

Molly appeared at the door.

- Mr. Wayne? Do you have an appointment?

So Molly asked politely why he came here. Jill did not suffer from an excess of politeness.

— What the hell are you doing here?

Colin laughed as he turned to Molly.

— Does she always swear like that? OK. Could you make me a cup of coffee? Only normal, strong coffee.

Molly looked questioningly at Jill. She nodded with a sigh, and Molly left, leaving the door open.

Colin's unexpected appearance unsettled her, but Jill forced herself to pull herself together. She folded her arms across her chest and looked up at him.

— Shall I repeat the question?

— No thanks. I heard everything perfectly.

— And where is the answer?

— The fact is that we have an appointment for today. Remember, I said at nine. He glanced at the gold watch on his wrist. “And it’s already fifteen minutes past nine. Sorry I'm late, that's because I picked you up first. I remember exactly that I promised to do it. However, it does not matter, it was necessary to immediately arrange a meeting here. Golden sparks lit up in his eyes. She looked at them as if mesmerized. “But I was also nervous after the evening we spent together.

She sat very still, trying not to worry.

You shouldn't have come, Colin. I said - I remember it very well - that I myself would call you in the morning.

Colin defiantly looked out the window, which opened up a panorama of Dallas. Sunlight streamed through it into the room.

I don't know about you, but I call it morning.

Molly returned with coffee for Colin. He took the cup, smiling.

— Please, Molly, correct me if I'm wrong. It's morning now, isn't it?

- Morning. She looked at Jill in surprise. She was silent. - Anything else?

Jill shook her head.

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