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What the Stars Are Doing Over 10 Years Later

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"Dance Moms" first aired nearly 10 years ago. Jason Merritt/KCA2015/Getty Images
  • The reality show "Dance Moms" first premiered on Lifetime 10 years ago in 2011.
  • JoJo Siwa has gone on to achieve a massive social-media following. 
  • Maddie Ziegler made it big when she danced in Sia's music video.
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Maddie Ziegler was 8 years old when "Dance Moms" started filming.

Maddie Ziegler on "Dance Moms. " Lifetime

In the first episode, her mom, Melissa Gisoni, proudly declared that Maddie was Abby Lee Miller's, the controversial and strict teacher of the elite Abby Lee Dance Company, favorite student.

The dancer kept that title for most of her ALDC career.

The 19-year-old is one of the most famous dancers to emerge from the show.

Maddie Ziegler appeared in the "West Side Story" remake. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In 2014, Maddie hit it big when musician Sia tapped her to appear in the "Chandelier" music video. The two have continued to work closely together, and Ziegler starred in Sia's 2021 movie "Music," which has been criticized for casting an able-bodied actor to play a disabled character.

Maddie also played Velma in the 2021 "West Side Story" remake.

In addition to dancing and acting, she judged Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?" in 2016, released a memoir titled "The Maddie Diaries" in 2017, and launched a makeup collection with Morphe in 2020.

Maddie's younger sister, Mackenzie, was one of the youngest ALDC dancers.

Mackenzie Ziegler on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Mackenzie was around 6 years old at the start of the show, so she competed in a lower age bracket than the rest of the team.

She was known for her comedic quotes, like when she said she didn't need to be a Broadway dancer, she just wanted to stay home and eat chips.

She's now focusing on an acting and singing career.

Mackenzie Ziegler released an album, "Phases," in 2018. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

After leaving "Dance Moms," Mackenzie has released music under the stage name Kenzie.

She dropped her first album "Phases" in 2018 and even collaborated with Sia for her 2020 song "Exhale. "

With a growing presence on YouTube and TikTok, Kenzie's also branched into acting by starring on the Brat web series "Total Eclipse" and voicing the main character in the US version of the film "Ice Princess Lily" (2019).

Recently, Mackenzie competed as Tulip on Fox's "The Masked Dancer" and came in third place. She also played Ivy in "Let Us In" (2021).

In September 2021, she marked a new era of her music career with her single "Happy for Me," and she also released her collaboration with NOTD, "Worst Thing," in May 2022.

Chloe Lukasiak often played second fiddle to Maddie.

Chloe Lukasiak on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Chloe was 9 years old when she first appeared on "Dance Moms," and she was one of Maddie's biggest challengers.

Every week was a battle to see which one of them would win the solo at the competition.

Now, she's a published writer.

Chloe Lukasiak has talked about attending Pepperdine University. John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Chloe stepped away from the often-toxic competitive-dance world when she left the series at the end of season four. Now, she's 20 years old.

She has a separate Instagram where she posts her poetry, and she previously released a book in 2018 called "Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking on the World."

She also uploads vlogs on YouTube for over 2 million subscribers. In her videos, she talks about attending Pepperdine University and her college experience.

Additionally, Chloe has appeared in various movies like "Center Stage: On Pointe" (2016) and "Loophole" (2019).



Nia Sioux was 10 when her "Dance Moms" journey began.

Nia Sioux on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Although Abby Lee seemingly didn't consider her one of the top dancers, Nia held her own and even learned how to perfect a difficult signature move — the death drop, in which the dancer falls to the ground in a split-legged pose.

Nia is currently enrolled at UCLA.

Nia Sioux is acting and singing while attending UCLA. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 20-year-old is attending UCLA while also staying busy with a budding singing and acting career.

She's worked on shows like CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" and Brat's web series "Sunnyside Up.

Nia dropped her latest single "Low Key Love" in 2020, and she vlogs on YouTube for over a million subscribers.

In 2021, she started the podcast "Adulting with Teala and Nia" alongside Teala Dunn and played Hanna Brooks in the TV movie "Imperfect High."

She also appeared in the film "I Am Mortal" in 2021. 

Brooke Hyland was the oldest member of the team when the show started.

Brooke Hyland on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

At 13 years old, Brooke had already been dancing for years and seemed, at times, to be getting tired of it.

Throughout the series, she would say that she was missing out on regular high-school activities because she was so focused on dance.

Brooke eventually got the normal school experience she wanted.

Brooke Hyland graduated from Ohio University. Presley Ann/Getty Images

After leaving the show at age 16, Brooke finished up high school and eventually went on to graduate from Ohio University with a marketing degree in 2019.

She tried her hand at a singing career shortly after she left "Dance Moms," but now she runs a popular food-themed Instagram account and occasionally posts on her YouTube channel, which has over 200,000 subscribers. 

She still seems to be close friends with Nia and was pictured hanging out with her in late 2020.

Brooke's younger sister, Paige, was 10 years old when the show started.

Paige Hyland on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Paige tried hard to keep up with Chloe and Maddie but often found herself relegated to group dances instead of solos.

Kendall Vertes joined the show on season two.

Kendall Vertes on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Dancing since she was just 18 months old, the then-9-year-old stayed on the show through season seven.


Kendall is now an actress and singer.

Kendall Vertes has appeared in several films. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Under the stage name Kendall K, she released several albums and singles, with her latest song "Girl Talk" debuting in 2018.

The 19-year-old also branched into acting, recently appearing in the movies "Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time" (2019), "Santa in Training" (2019), and a live-action version of "Anastasia" (2020), about the Romanov royal family.

In 2021, she started hosting "The Kendall K. and Friends Show" on CBS-TV.

She also regularly posts on her Instagram page, which has over 9 million followers.


Asia Monet Ray joined the show during season three.

Asia Monet Ray on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

When she was 8 years old, Asia was brought onto the ALDC team and challenged other performers like Mackenzie.

Asia is now focusing on a singing career.

Asia Monet Ray posts song covers on YouTube. Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

After "Dance Moms," she had her own Lifetime reality show called "Raising Asia" that ran for a single season in 2014.

Asia also jumped into acting, appearing on multiple episodes of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and FX's "American Crime Story."

These days, the 16-year-old is prioritizing a music career, as she released her single "Real Life" in 2019 and frequently posts song covers on her YouTube page to nearly 500,000 subscribers. 

Kalani Hilliker joined the elite dance team during season four.

Kalani Hilliker on "Dance Moms. " Lifetime

Kalani gained attention on Lifetime's "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition," a "Dance Moms" spin-off in which young performers compete for $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School.

She officially joined the reality-show cast when she was 13 years old.

The 21-year-old is still dancing.

Kalani Hilliker launched a line of prom dresses. Dana Pleasant/Getty Images for

Her Instagram page, which has over 6 million followers, is filled with videos showing off her moves. She captioned one clip, "Dance is always my 1st love."

In addition to dancing, Kalani now vlogs on her YouTube channel for over 800,000 subscribers.

She also dove into the world of fashion with a line of formal dresses for Prom Girl, and several "Dance Moms" alumni, like Nia and Kendall, attended her launch event.

Kalani's also acted in projects like the movie "Swiped" (2018) and on the Brat TV show "Dirt."

She still seems to be friends with Kendall, and shared a selfie with her on Instagram in January 2021.

JoJo Siwa joined the "Dance Moms" cast in 2015.

JoJo Siwa on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

JoJo was a late addition to the series, officially joining during season five.

Before her entrance to the official team, JoJo was on "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" when she was only 9 years old.

She's one of the most famous stars to come from the show.

JoJo Siwa has millions of followers and subscribers across multiple platforms. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GLAAD

JoJo has over 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and she's also gained over 41 million followers on TikTok. 

The 19-year-old does a little bit of everything, from acting to singing to vlogging.

JoJo also has an accessories line with Claire's, portrayed T-Rex on Fox's "The Masked Singer," and was named one of Time's 100 most influential people of 2020.  

Recently, she starred in Nickelodeon's dance flick "The J Team" (2021).

She also competed and got second place on season 30 0f ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," though she earned the first perfect score of the season for her and dance partner Jenna Johnson's foxtrot. 


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The series follows doting mothers and their childrens' early steps on the road to stardom, all under the discerning eye of a notoriously demanding and passionate dance instructor.The series follows doting mothers and their childrens' early steps on the road to stardom, all under the discerning eye of a notoriously demanding and passionate dance instructor.The series follows doting mothers and their childrens' early steps on the road to stardom, all under the discerning eye of a notoriously demanding and passionate dance instructor.






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    The Show is Going Downhill

    I would like to see Abby stop yelling and berating the girls and hating on the moms. I think I dislike the moms fighting as much as I dislike Abby's screaming. I don't remember the show being like this in the first season. Unless this is all really fake and just for the show, I can't see the moms putting up with their kids being treated like this. I don't get where this show is headed. I love to watch the girls dance, otherwise I would quit watching. I would also like to see the full dance instead of the camera showing the moms and whatever during the dance. Even a split screen would be OK, but I would like to see the entire dance.



    • jmvitale
    • Feb 4, 2014

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    Brynn Ramfallo, biography and wiki

    Brynn Ramfallo (born Brynn Adela Ramfallo) is an American reality TV actress, dancer and model. She gained wide recognition in 2013 after appearing as a contestant on the 8th season of America's Got Talent.

    Her team was able to reach the quarterfinals of the competition, after which she won the national and regional competitions. Brynn also appeared on the show during the next show's eighth season.

    In 2015, she appeared as a guest on the reality show Dance Moms. In 2016, she managed to become the main member of the Dance Moms collective, she appeared in three seasons, after which she left in 2017.

    Brynn Rumfallo Age and birthday

    Rumfallo as of 2019 is 16 years old, she was born on July 1, 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She celebrates her birthday every July 1 of each year and she will be 17 years old on July 1, 2020.

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    Brynn is a woman of average height, and in the photos she seems quite tall. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.68 meters) when descending. She also weighs 112 pounds (51 kg). She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is 32-23-32 tall.

    Brynn Rumfallo, father and mother

    Brynn was born to Aaron Rumfallo and Ashley Allen. She spent her childhood with two younger siblings, Sadie (sister) and Noah (brother). She loves pet dogs and owns two of them, namely Gigi and Lucy.

    Brynn Ramfallo Measurements and Facts

    Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about her;

    • Full name : Brinn Adela Ramfallo
    • : Highland High School
    • Birthday : July 1st
    • Nationality : American
    • Name of father : Aaron Ramfallo
    • Mother : Ashley Allen
    • Brothers and sisters : Sadi and Noah
    • Put : Unknown
    • :
    • Height : 5 feet 7 inches
    • Weight : 112 pounds
    • Occupation : Actress, dancer and model
    • Famous : Dancing Moms
    • Net Worth : $0. 3 million

    Brynn Rumfallo Dancing Moms

    Dance Moms is an American reality television series that first appeared on July 13, 2011 on Lifetime. Rumfallo made his debut on the Lifetime reality show in 2015, and in 2016 he became the main cast of the elite team.

    She painted herself. Brynn also appeared in the 2016 film Dance Moms: A Girl's Guide to Life as herself in television and online miniseries.

    She also appeared in Dance Moms: Game Night and Girls' Day Off in the web series and miniseries respectively in 2016–2017.

    After appearing on Dance Moms, she was honored to be compared to Maddie Ziegler, the show's best and most notable contestant. She was given the title of "The Next Maddie" and appeared to replace Maddie for the following seasons.

    Brynn Ramfallo AGT

    AGT is an acronym for America's Got Talent. In 2013, she joined the Fresh Faces dance group, where she danced in modern dance styles.

    Loading. .. Loading...

    The group that competed in the eighth season of the Americas received a talent and advanced to the quarterfinals before their group elimination.

    She trained more and appeared on the next show of the season as a guest. She was named Best Mini Class Dancer of 2014 at The Dance Awards in Vegas.

    Brynn Ramfallo Tiktok

    To access and watch her Tiktok, follow the link below;

    Brynn Ramfallo 2019

    In 2019, she played the role of Charlotte S. in the television series known as Boss Cheer. She had a recurring role from 2018 to 2019, most notably in the seventh episode.

    Gabriel Iglesias Claudia Valdes

    Brynn Ramfallo 2020

    She uploaded the following video;

    Brynn Ramfallo Vaping

    She was caught vaping as shown in the following video;

    Brinn Ramfallo Brinn
    • 2013 - America has talent (participant, participant of the dance team "Fresh Faces")
    • 2015 - The America has a talent for ( participant, member of the dance group "Complexity")
    • 2015 - Dancing With the Stars as herself (guest performer)
    • 2015–2017 - Dancing mothers Like
    • 2016 - Mama -Tanzores: a guide to a life for a girl as
    • 2016 - Show Ellen Dedezhens as
    • 2016 - - - - Teens want to know as herself
    • 2016 - Dance Moms: Game Night as herself
    • 2016-2017 - Dancing Moms Girls Day Off as Herself
    • 2017 - Battened as she herself, next to dancing mothers
    • 2017 - Sweety High , the appearance of guest
    • 9000–2019 - Boss Average S.

    Brynn Rumfallo Net Worth

    Rumfallo has had a long career in the creative entertainment industry for quite some time now. Thanks to the income from her work as an actress, model and dancer, she was able to amass a modest fortune. His fortune is estimated at about $0.3 million.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Brynn Rumfallo

    Who is Brynn Rumfallo?

    Brynn is a famous American reality TV actress, dancer and model. She gained wide recognition in 2013 after appearing as a contestant on the 8th season of America's Got Talent.

    How old is Brynn Rumfallo?

    Rumfallo for 2019 is 16 years old, she was born on July 1, 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

    How tall is Brynn Rumfallo?

    She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.68 meters) when descending. She also weighs 112 pounds (51 kg). She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is 32-23-32 tall.

    Brynn Ramfallo Married?

    No, she is not married. She is only 16 years old, she goes to school.

    How much is Brynn Rumfallo worth?

    Her fortune is estimated at about 0.3 million dollars. This amount was received for her leading roles in the creative entertainment industry.

    How much does Brynn earn?

    Her annual salary is being specified.

    Where does Brynn live?

    She is from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America, we will upload photos of her home as soon as we have them.

    Rumfallo alive or dead?

    She is alive and well. There were no reports of her illness or health problems.

    Where is Rumfallo now?

    She is still active in the creative entertainment industry, still dancing, modeling and acting.

    Brynn Ramfallo on Instagram

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    A post shared by Brynn Adela Ramfallo (@brynnrumfallo) April 27, 2020 6:01 PM PDT

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    Sophia Lucia (dancer, age, wiki) , height, parents, boyfriend, dance moms and net worth.

    * Famous People In The U.S. Edited

    Who is Sophia Lucia? Sophia Lucia Biography and Wiki

    Sophia Lucia, born September 7, 2002, is an American dancer and social media star who gained immense fame for her life-changing performance on Dancing Moms. She also received wide recognition for her performances as a dancer in America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. In addition, Lucia played one of the main roles of Sadie in the 2016 TV family drama Christmas with the Nutcracker.

    Sophia Lucia Age and birthday

    Sophia Lucia was born on September 7, 2002 in San Diego, California, United States . She celebrates her birthday every year on September 7th. Sofia will turn 18 on September 7, 2020.

    Sophia Lucia Height and Weight

    Sophia is a woman of medium height, besides, in the photographs she seems quite tall. She is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall and weighs 121 pounds (55 kg).

    Chanel West Coast Mom and Dad

    Sophia Lucia Parents and brother

    Sophia was in San Diego, California. She belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity and has American citizenship. Sophia 's father Mike Lucia and mother Jackie Lucia who appeared on Dance Moms. She also has a brother named Winnie Lucia .

    Sophia Lucia Boyfriend

    Sophia likes to keep her personal life private, so information about her dates is under investigation. It is not known if she is married, dating, or has children. However, this information will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

    Sofia Lucia Salary and Net Worth

    Sofia has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. She has no doubt amassed a huge fortune, with most of her fortune coming from her professional dancing career. Despite her apparent wealth, Sophia prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. However, the specifics of her assets and liabilities are still under review, making it difficult to determine her actual net worth. Her condition is estimated at about $800,000 while her salary is being reviewed.

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    Sofia Lucia Measurements and Facts

    Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about Sofia.

    Sofia Lucia photo

    Sofia Bio and Wiki

    • Full names: Sofia Lucia .
    • Gender: Female.
    • Occupation / Profession : Dancer.
    • Nationality : American.
    • Race/Ethnicity : White Caucasian.
    • Religion : Christianity.
    • Sexual orientation: Straight.

    Sofia Birthday

    • Age / how old? : 18 years old (2020).
    • Zodiac sign : Capricorn.
    • Date of birth : September 7, 2002
    • Place of birth : San Diego, California, USA.
    • 's birthday is September 7th.

    Sofia Body Measurements

    • Body Measurements: 32 B-24.5-34 inches.
    • Height / How tall? : 1.7 months
    • Weight : 55 kg.
    • Eye color : Dark brown
    • Hair color : Light brown
    • Shoe size : 7.5 [UK].
    • Bust size : 3. 4.
    • waist size: 24.5.
    • Hip size : 3. 4.

    Sofia Family and relationships

    • Father (dad) : Mike Lucia.
    • Mother : Jackie Lucia.
    • Siblings (siblings) : Winnie Lucia.
    • Marital status : Single.
    • Acquaintance / Guy : Single.
    • Children : None.

    Sophia Networth and salary

    • Net Worth : $800,000.
    • Salary : Under consideration
    • Source of income : Entertainment program.

    Sophia Lucia Home and Cars

    • Location : Los Angeles, California.
    • Cars : Vehicle make will be updated.

    Sofia Lucia dances with moms

    At a very young age, Sofia participated in various popular television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, X-Factor, America's Got Talent and Shake It Up. The talented girl made her film debut in 2010 when she starred in the Fox Legacy Film The Shirley Temple Story as a child.

    In 2013, Sofia got a chance to star in the reality show Dancing Moms. Sofia's mother also appeared on the show with her. With her performance, she received a lot of attention on reality shows and became one of America's most famous young dancers.

    Sophia Lucia YouTube and Instagram

    Sophia started posting her videos on YouTube after performing at local events. She started getting a lot of attention from teen viewers soon after she started posting online. She soon became a YouTube sensation. Shorter versions of her videos shared on Instagram also proved popular. She ended up with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

    Who is Sophia Lucia?

    She is an accomplished dancer and social media star who gained immense fame for her life-changing performance on the TV series Dance Moms. She also received wide recognition for her performances as a dancer in America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars.

    How old is Sophia Lucia?

    She is 18 years old as of 2020 and was born on September 7, 2002.

    Loading... Loading...

    How tall is Sofia Lucia?

    She stands at a height of 1.7 meters.

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    Does Sophia Lucia have a boyfriend?

    The details of her personal life are still being considered. We will notify you when she enters a relationship or when we find out useful information about her personal life.

    How much is Sophia Lucia?

    Her net worth is approximately $,800,000 . This amount was received for her leading roles in the entertainment industry.

    Where does Sofia live?

    She is from Los Angeles, California, USA, we will upload pictures of her home as soon as we have them.

    Sophia dead or alive?

    She is alive and well. There were no reports of her illness or health problems.

    Where is Sofia now?

    Sophia is still an active participant in the creative entertainment industry, she gained immense fame for her breakthrough performance in the TV series Dancing Moms, and also received huge recognition for appearing as a dancer in the films America's Got Talent and stars'.

    Learn more