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Witch Circle/Ghost ring – Crazy Green Thumbs

I love making Halloween decorations, but I think they should be nearly free. Most of the things in our yard are homemade (with the exception of a couple of blow up displays and some skeletons.)

I need my display to make a big impact (because we are trying to get people to walk down a long street where no one else is decorating.) I’ll put time into projects, but it has to cost next to nothing AND draw people down our lame, dark street that doesn’t have a lot of people participating.

Our entire subdivision really gets into Halloween but for some reason not a lot of people do on the side streets near our home. Here’s to hoping that they get in the spirit next year!

This is an idea that involves 6 ingredients (mostly odds and ends around the house) to make an impressive display (only one of the ingredients needs to be purchased ahead of time, but it still costs very little. )

It’s a circle of witches, and it turns out even better if you have something for them to stand around. This year we got a 12 foot blow up ghost on a half price sale. My witches are going to make my 12 foot ghost even more impressive!

For each witch you will need:

1 four foot length of rebar

3 lawn and leaf size, black plastic trash bags

10-15 plastic grocery bags

black duct tape

a glue gun

cheap bulk witch hats off of ebay or somewhere else online (I got a package of six here for around $10.) To get cheap witch hats outside of listed as “in stock” ones on Amazon, you will literally need to enlist the help of a slow boat from China. If you do not have Amazon prime, and you order directly from China, this needs to be ordered at least a month ahead of time to be sure they arrive in time. Always check when they estimate delivery for anything you order online. If it’s too late to get the hats, just switch to white trash bags and you can make ghosts instead. For ghosts: use these directions, omitting the witch hats.

You probably have everything else! If you don’t have the duct tape, you can find it in the paint aisle of your local home improvement or big box store. And hot glue is standard for crafting. If you don’t have a glue gun, trust me, it won’t go to waste if you purchase one. I get mine out all the time to create, or fix, just about everything!

Now let’s get down to the witches! The first part is cutting up your lawn and leaf trash bags. First pull out the tie strips (if you have them) and cut them off as close to their base as possible on all three bags. Don’t throw the ties away! You can use them in a minute.

Next you will need to shred two of the three bags. The easiest way to do this is to fold your trash bag in half. (This makes 4 single ply layers) cut through the area that had the ties (if your bag had them) which will be the opening that came on the bag. Hold the bag on either side of the scissors with your fingers and slide the scissors up through the bag, slicing as you go. This is the same thing as when you cut wrapping paper for the holidays. It should just slice as it moves along: you shouldn’t have to move the scissor handles. Try and cut in fairly straight lines through about 1/2-2/3 of the bag, leaving 1/2-1/3 uncut (you’ll come up with your preference for the perfect amount to cut as you make more of these.) Do this to 2 of your 3 bags you will use per witch.

At the bottom (closed end) of your bag, cut a 3 to 4 inch hole in the middle. This will make some lengths you can tie on the rebar.

My cut is angled and crooked. You can see the idea here, you definitely do not need to be perfect for any of this project!

Now that the first two bags are cut, put them aside. It’s time to make the head.

For the head you need to take your grocery bags and fluff them up. Don’t try and use anything made of paper for this. The overnight dew (or rain, or sprinklers) will ruin what you made if you use paper. Stuff the witch head (and anything you make for the outdoors) with something that is waterproof (like trash bags or grocery bags). You should loosely ball up the grocery bags. A good rule of thumb is to fill a single grocery bag completely full of the fluffed ones. You should have the right size for a head that way.

Cut some lengths of duct tape maybe 8 or 10 inches and then cut it in half length-wise so you have two long, narrow strips. Put one end of each of the duct tape pieces on whatever you are working on to hold it out of the way: like the edge of a table, counter or something similar.

Take your 4 foot rebar (these are always rusty so make sure you don’t do this over carpet/upholstery or while you are wearing nice clothes!) and slide your witch’s head onto it. As you are holding the head, fold any excess or corners down around the rebar.

Take one of your strips and carefully put it around the neck of the witch’s head. It needs to be fairly tight but: you are going to slide it back off to hammer the rebar in the ground, and then back on, when you are done.

This is all you need for the neck.

Make sure that you have the rebar inside of the stuffed bag so you can fluff or reposition the head the way you like it. Before you set her head aside: lay the head across a table, floor or counter and see if you like how it’s stuffed. Then start shredding the lower part of the bag.

Cut strips up the bag until you are close to the taped neck area. I don’t shred the lower part of the stuffed “head” bags when I’m cutting the other “dress” bags because I found it is really difficult to guess how much space the head will take up. Do the stuffing and taping first, then you can shred the lower part of the bag. You also don’t want the actual “head” part to be cut in strips, just the “dress” area below the neck. I also didn’t cut the bag while it was on the rebar because I was getting crooked cuts. As some cuts crossed: I lost bits of the witch dress.

This is optional: depending on if you like the look. I used the second strip of duct tape, to anchor the ties I cut off earlier. It was just to add a little decorative detail and because then: I’m not wasting anything. If you want to try this: place the tie’s ends very close together on the tape. It doesn’t take much tape to go around the neck and you have some control over how it looks if they are very close together.

Remove the witch’s head and set it to the side.

Take one of your cut up “dress” bags and slide the rebar through the center hole that you cut. Put the end of the rebar on the ground and bring the bag up, so that: the strips hang like a skirt around the rebar. Tie the center edges that you cut together.

You can see the center cut that I made is how I tied this knot, while the outer edges of the bag are not tied yet.

Place some duct tape around the tied end, so it is firmly attached to the rebar, and won’t slip.

Then tie the ends (of the corners of the closed end of the bag) together. Tape the knot ends in the same way you did the center cut knot.

This will give you some fluff so that the skirt has some shape. Next slide the second “dress” bag onto the top portion of the rebar. You need to position this right under where the head will sit. If you forgot where that is: just slide the head back on and check. Once you have tied and taped the second part of your witch’s dress, place the head back on top.

Plug in your glue gun and glue the inside rim of the hat. Place it (and arrange it) on the head before the glue hardens. When you are done, set your finished witch aside and continue assembling until you are done with however many witches you are making. (I made two a night until I had 6. That’s a reasonable pace for this project. I would have gotten frustrated if I’d tried to make them all at once.)

To place them in the ground: take the head back off, one last time. Bring your witches to the area you are installing them. Place the witches on the ground, laying them down in the pattern of your choice. If you are making a circle, place pairs opposite each other as you go.

Hammer the rebar in place and replace the heads. You can tie some of the cut strips together so they look like they are holding hands (if you set them close enough. Ours looked kinda dopey like that so we didn’t choose to leave them that way.) We had some really strong winds today and I’m happy to report that none of the witches were damaged! You never know how your decorations will do until they make it through a good storm!

Your witch circle is complete!

“Woooooo hoo witchy woman, see how high she flies! Woo hoo witchy woman, she got the moon in her eyes!”
Yes. I went there!
Our attitude towards Halloween (and most of life) is go big or go home! Here’s what the rest of the yard looks like.

I had to put my packing tape ghost back on the form this year. I just threw her in the garage last year. Big mistake! Take the time to pack your homemade Halloween creations properly or you’ll end up having to remake them every year!

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16+ Easy & Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations

Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Easy homemade Halloween decoration ideas

It's already that time of year! You know, when we decorate our homes with ugly, terrifying homemade Halloween decorations. Ah, Halloween house decor, I love it! I try not to be too distasteful, but there is just something strangely fun about having creepy things dressing up my home; even if I only get one month! 

My kids enjoy the projects more than anything, so I try to make a few things every year from home. Although I enjoy being all artsy and stuff, I also like quick and easy. It should be FUN, right!? I've rounded up a few of my favorite DIY Homemade Halloween decorations that the adults and kids will love even a Halloween Doll house! They are all pretty painless but also very effective. 

This post contains affiliate links.  Please see our Disclaimer Policy.

Easy to Assemble Homemade Halloween Decorations


Glowing Eyes

Toilet paper rolls and glow sticks? Well, yes, if you want to scare all of the cute little trick-or-treaters. Of course you do. Just hide them in your bushes, shrubs and trees, and watch as your glowing eyes terrorize the neighborhood. Keep this idea in mind as you scroll to idea 22 the Halloween doll house. 

Source: Rust & Sunshine

2. Eyeballs in a Tree

What better way to give your trees a little personality? The hardest part of this project is getting them up in the tree (that's what husbands are for), but the rest is quick and easy! Just go check out Anna's Instructions (you can buy the plain white beach balls here), or even buy these giant eyeball beach balls if you'd rather take the easy way out. 🙂

Source: The Princess & The Frog

3. Bloody Handprint Clings

What's Halloween without bloody handprints all over your windows and mirrors? Make them yourself with Elmer's glue and red food coloring! They cling to just about any smooth surface. I like this idea for the inside of a glass front door and surrounding windows. Creepy!

Source: Felt Magnet

4. Wall Spider Web

Quite impressive, I must say! Yarn, double sided tape and Karen's hilarious instructions are all you will need to pull off this faux spider web. Oh, and maybe a few spiders, too.

Source: The Art of Doing Stuff

5. Silhouette Lamp Shade

You've already got the lamp, so why not add a few silhouettes to spruce up your Halloween decor? It really doesn't get much easier or cheaper than this! And, you probably already have the supplies on hand. Check out the full details for this project over at Young House Love.

Source: Young House Love

6. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Adorable in the day AND night! These mini ghost lights are constructed with a strand of white lantern lights covered in white fabric. They almost look like something you could buy at Pottery Barn. I love the way they turned out! You will find the full instructions here.

Source: Design, Dining, & Diapers

7. Monster Face Archway

Now, THIS is an entrance fit for Halloween. This project is fairly simple with very few supplies, but just look at how effective it is! When attached to an archway, it gives the appearance that you're entering a monster's mouth. Very cool!

Source: Nifty Thrifty Living

8. Dancing Lawn Ghosts

For this project, simply poke a styrofoam ball through the top of a white or green, tall garden/fence stake or spray-painted dowel, and then cover it with white fabric or cheesecloth. Lightweight fabric will pick up in the wind more, giving them the illusion that they're dancing. If your fabric is on the sheer side, you might want to use a couple of layers.

Make several of them and place them in a circle with the fabric corners tied together. You can secure the fabric over the styrofoam with hot glue and a few white push pins in the very top for extra security. They look really cool dancing around a tree or faux fire pit!


Hanging Bats

These are made from black craft foam and fishing line so that they'll withstand even the wettest of weather! Hang several of them in a tree for a spooky little bat colony in your front or back yard. It's simple enough that the kids can do most of the project themselves. Read the full instructions and get the bat template over at HGTV.

Source: HGTV

10. Halloween Luminaries

Grab your mason jars because this Halloween Décor craft is a great way to upcycle those old mason jars just sitting around the house. Create Halloween Luminaries out of your recycled mason jars and some festive paint. Simply add a tea light and light the way for trick or treaters with your homemade Halloween luminaries. These would look great in your Halloween house See the step-by-step tutorial for making this easy Homemade Halloween décor here. 

Source: Most Craft

PLUS, MORE Homemade Halloween Decorations!

11. DIY Halloween Door Mat

Customize your own Halloween door mat with just about any stencil! You can spruce up an old door mat or buy one with a blank canvas. Just surround it with a few pumpkins, and you've added a touch of subtle festivity to your front porch. Check out the full instructions here.

Source: Celebrations

12. Huge Black Spider

Start Halloween night off right by greeting your trick-or-treaters with a huge black spider! It's an easy, terrifying homemade Halloween decoration.  I like this idea for a large shrub or bush covered in spider webbing. A milk jug (with the top cut off and cleaned thoroughly), black Duct tape and black pipe insulation is all you will need to make this eight-legged friend.

  • You can also use spray painted styrofoam balls in place of the milk jug (one large for the body and one a little smaller for the head).
  • Glue feathers from a black boa all over the body to make it hairy!
  • Cut small triangles out of the pipe insulation where you want the legs to bend, and then use duct tape to secure it in a bent position.
  • Use ping pong balls or large googley eyes for the eyes, and add detail to the body with paint if you'd like.

13. Frankenstein Door

I'm not suggesting that you paint your door green, but this Frankenstein door is too cool! The project itself will cost you under a buck, and for the ease and low cost, it sure does create a big impact! Check out how it was done here.

Source: East Coast Creative

14. Trash Bag Spider Webs

You don't even have to bother leaving the house for this super cute and thrifty Halloween craft. A few black trash bags and scissors will do the trick! They look really cool hanging in front of the window, and they create a nice silhouette in the window at night. Check out the instructions over at Fast Forward Fun.

Source: Fast Forward Fun

15. Mice Silhouettes

Place these little critters running along your baseboards, adorning your staircase, and running up the walls! Just black paper and double-sided tape! It's super easy with this free template from Martha Stewart.

Source: Martha Stewart

16. Halloween Window Decor

If you want something that really stands out this Halloween, then I have a suggestion for you!  Yep, window silhouettes because they are easy and really impressive! You can purchase them at party stores or make your own cut-outs on black paper or cardboard. There is also a large selection to choose from on Amazon. I purchased a few of these a couple of years ago. After it's attached to the window with a bit of tape, then all you have to do is turn your lights on! I'm going to do some experimenting on the windows by my front door this year with blackbirds and tree branches.

Source: Amazon

17. Movable Mummies

These creepy yet adorable little mummies are made with just 2 simple materials! They're so easy to make, even the kids will have fun putting them together. You can assemble these homemade Halloween decorations as little or as big as you would like, and then add them to your Halloween decor. They're fun to play with too! Check out the full instructions over at Fabbri Designs!

Source: Fabbri Designs

18. Pumpkin Porch Light Covers

It's doesn't get much cheaper than this! Head on over to the Dollar Store.  Then, pick up a few plastic pumpkin pails, do a little bit of creative cutting, and voila! You've got yourself an easy Halloween decoration for your front porch. So, head on over to Instructables to see the full instructions.

Source: Instructables

19. DIY Eyeball String Lights

These eyeball string lights are a super fun way to decorate your porch for Halloween! Simply get the family together then be creative drawing creepy eyeballs onto ping pong balls. Check out more pictures and the full instructions over at Landee See Landee Do! She has a clever way of easily getting the ping pong balls onto each light without them falling off.

Source: Landee See Landee Do

20. Illuminated Ghosts

Light up your porch with these easy DIY illuminated ghosts! Unfortunately, the source for this ( has let their domain expire, but the instructions seem self-explanatory. Simply wrap string lights around a tomato cage, then top it with something round such as a styrofoam ball, cover it with a sheet (or any thin white material), glue on felt eye cut-outs, and voila! What an easy homemade Halloween decoration!


Floating Witches

What a wicked party idea! Floating witch hats for your Halloween party décor is such a creative idea. I knew as soon as I saw this awesome DIY idea from R & R At Home I need to share it here. I cannot believe how easy this is but what a fun impact it makes to your Halloween home décor. The floating witch hats make it feel like you are being surrounded by an especially witchy crowd for this creepy holiday. See the full instructions at randrathome.

Source: R & R at Home

22. Halloween Doll House

I might be a little obsessed over this DIY Halloween Doll House. What a transformation! I think I love it so much because it is so unique and has an eerie Halloween feel when it is done. The creativity from Samantha Browning for her Haunted Halloween dollhouse is something to be majorly impressed with. She even detailed the tiny creature's eyes red on this Halloween dollhouse. Turn your old dollhouse into a featured Halloween decoration in your home. 

Source: Samantha Browning


Halloween Centerpiece

What a lovely way to dress up your party tables. Such a simple and inexpensive Halloween flower arrangement! Just take some ghost marshmallow peeps, candy corn, and some fresh or fake flowers. You can put a small vase inside a large vase. Then fill around it with the candy so your flowers and candy do not mix. We love this idea from Pockets filled with posies because it is so easy, inexpensive, and super fun to make too!

Source: Pockets Filled with Posies

So we hope you were inspired and intrigued by these Halloween decor ideas.  Because we sure had a great time sharing them with you! Be sure to join our email list and get new creative ideas every month! 


Create a ghost effect in Premiere Pro


Learn how to create a ghost effect in a video clip.

You will need

Download materials for lesson

Download Premiere for free

Now try it yourself

1. Download the project file and open it in Premiere Pro. Make sure workspace 9 is selected in the top menu0017 Graphics .

You can change the layout of your workspace at any time or save your own workspace by selecting Window - Workspaces - Save as New Workspace from the main menu .

2. Click and drag video from the project panel to the timeline. Premiere will automatically create a sequence named video and add the clip to the first video track V1 .

3. The height of the timeline video track can be adjusted by dragging the borders between the video or audio tracks. Change the position and scale of the timeline by moving the zoom bar at the bottom of the timeline, or by stretching and squeezing it.

Create a static background frame

4. Move the slider on the timeline just before the girl appears in the scene (approximately 00:00:00:13).

5. On the Tools panel, select the Trim tool and position the cursor next to the slider over the video clip on the timeline. When the tool is close enough to the slider, the dotted line indicating the cut location will “stick” to the slider's current position - cut the clip here by clicking on the mouse button.

6. To move the second part of the video clip to another video track, select the tool Selection from the toolbar Tools .

Use keyboard shortcuts to change tools. Use key C to select tool Trim and key V to select tool Selection .

7. With the Selection tool selected, drag the second part of the video clip onto the second video track V2 on the timeline.

8. Hover over the right edge of the video clip on video track V1 until the cursor changes to a square bracket with an arrow, then click and drag the clip to the same length as the video clip on video track V2 .

9. To create a static frame from a clip, right-click on the clip on the video track V1 (or left-click while holding down the Control key) and select item 9 from the menu0017 Add block stop . Video on V1 will now show this freeze frame from the current position to the end of the clip.

10. Move the slider to the position where the girl is visible. By clicking the small eye icon to the left of the clip track, you can make the video track invisible. Click on the eye icon next to the video track V2 and the girl will disappear.

Add ghost effect

11. Make sure the video clip on video track 9 is selected0017 V2 . On the panel Effect Controls on the left, expand the settings of parameter Opacity by clicking on the small arrow.

12. Decrease the value of parameter Opacity for the clip from 100% to 60% .

When you hover over the blue percentage values, the cursor changes to a hand with arrows. Click on a value and move the cursor left or right to decrease or increase it. You can also click on the number and enter the desired value.

Adjust color settings

13. From the top menu, select Color , and the layout of all workspace panels will change for the convenience of video color editing, in particular, the Lumetri Color panel will be on the right.

14. Make sure the video clip on video track V2 is selected. On the panel Lumetri Color find the section Creative and in the drop-down list Look select SF BLUE STEEL .

15. Apply the view SF BLUE STEEL also to the clips on track V1 .

16. Now, to see the ghost effect, press the Playback button on the Program Monitor or press the space bar on the keyboard.

That's it! Now it's your turn. Create a ghost effect in Premiere in a minute. Download our materials or use your own. Post your finished work on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #MadewithPremiere . Get feedback and connect with other creative people.

Download lesson materials





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Ready translation Dragon-Blooded War God Chapter 182 - Charm of Lightning! 12 shifts ::

Lan Liu also looked at this magical blood space at that time, and she felt that the blood on her body was also under a magical attraction, and the source of this attraction was Long Chen's body.

However, this attraction was very weak. This was only slightly unpleasant for Lan Liu.

For Chu Yunxi and Jin Shenen, however, there was a clearly painful look on their faces, and they were just forcing themselves to endure it.

"Long Chen, this brat, how could he have such a magic skill, what is it?" Lang Liu's face was filled with shock, this bloody space, she saw it when Long Chen defeated Jin Shengen, but at that time it was not like that. It's just not clear.

"How could he have so many secrets?" Coming to his senses, looking at Long Chen's outstretched scaly armor, Lan Liu's eyes couldn't help but fall into his cold, murderous gaze.

Suddenly, Lan Liu saw a hint of the shadow of this legendary creature in the midst of the blood mist wandering around.

"That phantom shadow, although it's not actually visible, how come it's that legendary Ancient Dragon"? Her face was filled with intense horror, she didn't care before, but now it looked more and more like.

Looking at the dragon's scale armor again, she remembered that dragons are also covered in scales, so she thought somewhat magically, "Maybe the dragon is the same as that ancient one. Shenron, does it matter?"

The red mist wandering around, as if an image of a divine dragon scheme was conceived between them, brought this idea into Lan Liu's mind.

Immediately she smiled bitterly, the divine dragon disappeared for an infinite time, it was something that only existed in the legendary archaic period, now even hundreds of thousands of years have passed since the Middle Ages, not to mention how far the archaic period was, the legend of the dragon would not have survived to this day if the divine dragon was not too shocking.

While Lan Liu was invading her thoughts, the dragon was sitting in a fight with Jin Shengen and the others!

In Long Chen's heart, there was another layer of anxiety that the man in black, so for now, he had to solve two super problems, Jin Shenzhen and Chu Yunxi, in the shortest possible time!

After using the Absorbing Blood Realm, Long Chen completely overwhelmed them!

"Brother Jin, kill! This guy is fucking scary!"

At this time, Chu Yunxi was anxiously writing under such immense pressure, and he forcefully suppressed his falling blood, bursting out with a loud cry, and then killed Long Chen again by moving Wind Cloud Finger towards him!

"Is this the same trick?" Long Chen sneezed, even though it was the same move, under the Blood Absorption Realm, Chu Yunxi’s Xuan Stage of Ultimate Martial Technique’s strength suddenly decreased!

On the other hand, Jin Shen Yong wasn't weak either, he shook his leg on the ground, and his entire Judea was like a cannonball falling towards Long Chen!


The entire rotten temple began to tremble under the powerful physical strength of Jin Shengen!

Long Chen! You dare to take my place in the Inner Circle, go to hell! Great Glazed Fighting Fist!"

Under the siege of the Rolling Wind Cloud and the Great Glazed Martial Fist, Long Chen's face remained unchanged, but his eyes were thick with a murderous aura!

"Using the Blood Absorption Realm surprisingly causes my True Qi to weaken and my physical strength to decay, I must fight quickly!" Upon discovering this, Long Chen realized that there was no such divine ability that was truly not in line with the rules of heaven and earth, and that consuming the blood realm, albeit against all odds, was also in its nature. Within the rules!

Even if the Dragon Spiritual Transformation and Artificial Blood Art and Dragon Blood Transformation were within the rules of nature, it was just that the duration of the Spiritual Dragon Transformation was much longer than the Blood Absorbing Realm.

"Do it!"

At this time, the Rolling Cloud Finger and Great Glazed Martial Fist appeared before Long Chen's eyes, and Long Chen exploded along with True Qi!


The roar of the dragon vibrating violently in four directions, at this time, the irresistible thunder of the second level martial body erupted to the limit, while the center of Long Chen’s right hand suddenly lit up with starlight, and at that moment, Long Chen left Jin Shenen and killed him in the direction of Chu Yunxi without turning back!

"Spirit! Devil! Sword! Finger!"

That dazzling sword light, as if it were a blooming firework, flickered for only a moment, and a powerful explosive force directly shocked Chu Yunxi, who was under the suppression of the Blood Absorbing Realm, flying away and crashing into the wall!

"Long Chen, suffer death! Haha!" Seeing that Long Chen had ignored him, Jin Shen En was overjoyed, and the Great Glazed Martial Fist was killed towards Long Chen's back!

"It is you who are suffering from death!" With a taunt, Long Chen turned back, accompanied by another chasing silver sword of light! This burst of sword energy instantly collided with the Golden Saint Grace Great Glazed Fist of Battle!


An explosion of true energy washed away the dust from the rotten temple!

"What? You really managed to use the Xuan Progressive Martial Technique twice in a row!" Jin Schengen was shocked to the core, and if he hadn't finished flashing that sword light with his body fighting skills, that sword light would have just killed him! Sex!

How could he think that Long Chen would be able to use another move so quickly when he used the Spiritual Demon Sword Finger for the first time, causing him to immediately return!

"I was aiming at you, Kim Sung Eun!"

The moment he turned around, in his left hand, the Spiritual Demon Finger Swords that had been prepared instantly broke through Jin Sheng En's Great Glazed Fist and directly shook him in the opposite direction!

"Not only have I already integrated the Spiritual Demon Sword Finger, but you'll never guess that I can use it three times in a row!"


After Long Chen's second finger shocked Jin Sheng Yong, leaving him completely defenseless, an icy light flashed in his eyes, and his entire body was like an arrow, leaving a hyphen, stabbing towards Jin Sheng Yong, his left arm simply cut out the finger of the Demon Spirit Sword, and in his right hand, another sharp starlight appeared!

"For the last time, Devil Sword Finger!"

This sword light was twice as large as the previous two!

This was the last move that Long Chen kept for a long time before exploding, and when this move was used, the entire rotten temple was illuminated by this sword light, and Jin Shenen, and even the faces of Chu Yunxi and Lan Liu at that moment everyone looked stunned!

"Die!" Long Chen exploded!

"No!" Gene Schengen, who was now retreating, was in the corner of his eyes, and emotions such as regret, fear, and madness appeared on his face.

"My father is the Supreme Elder of the Jin Clan, you can't kill me!" Having said this, Kim Sung Eun already had the intention of begging for mercy.


Long Chen's face was indifferent, but his finger, instead of stopping, shot out, and this sword light pierced right into the chest of Jin Shen Yong, who was in a state of shock, piercingly!


The struggle became weaker and weaker, and only completely disappeared when Jin Schengen's eyes widened and he was completely exterminated by the dragon.

A corpse with a hole in its chest, falling to the ground!


This scream was like a heavy hammer that hit the hearts of Lan Liu and Chu Yunxi, both of them were instantly stunned, looking at Long Chen slowly turning, Lan Liu’s eyes were filled with the softness of the defeated, while Chu Yunxi was first scared, and then gone crazy!

"Tell me who is behind the curtain, who ordered you to do this, and I can leave you a whole body. " Long Chen's expression was cold, and among the lost eyes, Liu Lan was pressed against Chu Yunxi step by step.

"You think you ate me?" Chu Yunxi suddenly laughed, “Long Chen, you are overconfident, but killing Jin Sheneng, do you think I am afraid of you?”

"Oh?" Seeing that this child seemed to still have some confidence, Long Chen was somewhat interested and said indifferently, "Just bring whatever cards you still have."

"You're looking for your death, you can't blame me." Chu Yunxi slowly moved her hand into Qiankun's sack, her eyes focused on Jin Sheneng's corpse, "It seems I still underestimate you too much, thinking that we are the Second, can kill you without relying on it, but in the end you will have to use them..."

"What is this?" Long Chen was secretly alert and took a few steps back.

Looking at Chu Yunxi's position, it seemed that there really was something good.

"Long Chen, next year today is your day of sacrifice, I wanted you to enjoy the woman I fucked you with, but I ended up with a corpse. You're only to blame at the end!"

By the way, Chu Yunxi did not say a word and rushed towards Long Chen!

"Long Chen, be careful..." Lang Liu was very frightened after hearing their conversation.

"Die!" Suddenly, something appeared in Chu Yunxi's hand as he shouted out that phrase!

"What is this?" In Chu Yunxi's hands, Long Chen found a dark blue talisman paper whose material looked extraordinary, and right after that, Chu Yunxi then threw away the talisman!

"No, duck, it's the charm of lightning!"

When Chu Yunxi pulled out this talisman, Lingxi's anxious voice rang out, and Long Chen was so shocked that he was busy displaying the Nine Heavenly Wandering Dragon Steps, retreating to his back as fast as he could!

As he retreated, the lightning of the talisman that was still light suddenly flashed with countless blue lightning, like a stone that had been wildly thrown, hovering in Long Chen's direction!

This rune, surrounded by lightning, suddenly put a huge amount of pressure on Long Chen!

"Not good!" Long Chen sensed the strength in this lightning talisman, which was enough to pose a mortal threat to himself!

"Haha, in front of that lightning-fast talisman that stands millions of divine jade, you still won't die!" Chu Yunxi dodged as he laughed insanely, a furious and vicious expression.

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