How to dance at homecoming with your date

The Homecoming Experience: Dates, Dresses, and Dancing

By Sarah Moore

About a month after school starts, many teenagers are preparing for their school’s homecoming weekend. For most schools, Homecoming typically includes a Friday night football game followed by a Saturday night school dance.

Having a Date for Homecoming

The most popular factor that differs between schools is whether the majority of people go with dates or not. At some schools, many people feel as though they would be ostracized if they don’t walk into the school with a boy/girl on their arm. However, one thing that accompanies going with a date is an elaborate ask or proposal. When asking someone to homecoming, there is a lot of pressure to be as creative as possible. I have heard of proposals that range from spelling out “Homecoming?” in Chik-Fil-A nuggets and decorating their (soon to be) date’s room to proposing by singing a song in front of everyone during lunch. Although there is a lot of pressure to come up with a creative proposal, it is not anything to stress about, and you can find plenty of ideas online.

I had an awkward experience when a boy I barely knew asked me to his school’s homecoming. My friend, who went to the same school as the boy, was trying to find a homecoming date for him. She asked me to go with him, and though I was hesitant, I agreed. One week later he was standing on my doorstep with flowers and candy. This proposal lived up to my expectation of awkwardness (but not quite as bad as I thought it would be). I went to the dance with him, and it ended up being fun despite the initial uncomfortable situation.

Going to Homecoming with a Group

My school is casual about dates. At my school, the “norm” is that people go to homecoming with a large group of friends. What I’ve learned from personal experience, and from friends who go to other schools, is that going with a large group of friends is the easiest way to include everyone who wants to go and to ensure that nobody feels left out. And it removes the pressure for “needing” to have a date.

Planning for Homecoming

And then there are the plans before the dance. Usually a large group of friends will meet at one person’s house. Parents are invited to take pictures of the group, and each person typically brings some type of food. Going to someone’s house before homecoming is a fun way to see everyone dressed up and prepare for the evening.

Which brings us to another element of homecoming — the attire. Since Homecoming is more casual, most guys wear dress pants with a dress shirt and tie and most girls wear short dresses with heels. The dress can be a struggle. Some people spend a lot of money on the “perfect homecoming dress,” while others spend as little as possible—from upwards of $200 on a dress to under $30. Although there is no universal key to finding the “perfect dress,” the goal is really just to find something that looks good, makes sense, and allows for lots of movement and dancing.

Being a senior, I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to homecoming, from the stress of where pictures should take place to the drama that follows two girls buying the same dress and the creative ways people ask someone to be their date.

The No. 1 rule I have learned is—Don’t Stress!—because homecoming is what you make it, and there is every reason to make it fun!

Homecoming survival guide – Cutlass

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Morgan Anderson and MaryRose Weatherton
October 8, 2014


DO-> attend the homecoming football game
It definitely helps get you excited for the dance. Plus, this year it’s against Fremd! What could be better than watching Palatine beat Fremd then having a great time at homecoming the next day?

DO-> go all out for spirit week
Maybe you’re not the most outgoing, but spirit week is the one week of the year where it’s okay to dress wacky and wild. If nothing else, make sure to go all-out for super fan friday! Also, you might want to ask your teachers about spirit week, some will give out extra credit if you dress for the day and show your school spirit!

DO-> talk to your date.
If you don’t know them then ask about their lives, use the dance as a chance to get to
know them not just an excuse to go. If you don’t know them, then remember: it’s only
awkward if you make it awkward, so just be yourself and when they see you being
comfortable, they’ll be more comfortable and look at that- BAM- awkwardness
nearly eliminated.

DO-> gather up a group of friends to take pictures with
This is mainly for your moms, and for cute profile pictures. Remember, the more people you have in your group the harder it is to plan things. Pick a nice place to take pictures, like Twin Lakes or even someone’s house if it’s nice enough. Make sure to teach your mom how to use her camera before Saturday, though.

DON’T-> be afraid to dance
It’s no fun if you just stand there and sway to the music. Sure it might be a little out
of your comfort zone but trust us, there will be better and worse dancers out there-
so why not dance like nobody’s watching? (Come on, you know you want to.) Plus, getting out of your comfort zone for one song, makes those slow dances that much better.

DO-> consider wearing a bow-tie
Boys, if you’re thinking about wearing a bow tie, or even a bow tie and suspenders, then go for it! You’ll stand out from the mass of people by doing something a little different, not to mention that it makes you look good. Girls will be very appreciative, trust us on this one.

DON’T-> forget your ID and ticket
You must have your school ID to get into the dance and of course your ticket too! You don’t wanna be that person who makes their date drive them all the way back home!

DO-> check in any extra stuff you have
Got a jacket with you? Want to take off that corsage so it doesn’t get ruined? In the
cafeteria, there will be a check in to drop off any extra things you have, like that
corsage and coat you got there. The parents volunteering there write a number on
your hand and the bag that your stuff is in so you can pick it up after.

DO-> take off your heels before going on the dance floor
Girls, if you are wearing heels you will most likely trip if you go out and try to dance
in them. Plus, no one want to get impaled out on the dance floor.
There are going to be lots of people (especially in the center of the gym)
and you could get jostled and land badly on your ankle. Although, sometimes the
dance floor isn’t exactly the cleanest and there is still the chance of getting your toes
stepped on, we recommend bringing a comfortable pair of flats with you, like Toms,
to change into when you go out to dance.

DO-> wear waterproof makeup, if you wear any
Half of the school packed into the gym? It’s gonna get hot. Really hot. So make sure your makeup is sweat-proof, you don’t want to look like a clown after two or three songs. On the same note, DO bring things to touch-up your makeup, just in case.

DO-> get your date the appropriate corsage/ boutineer
If you have a date, then make sure you get them the appropriate flower
arrangement. Boys receive a boutineer, girls receive a corsage. Pick one that goes with your dress or general color scheme. Boutineers are around 15 and corsages are around 20 dollars each. You can order them at Mariano’s or Jewel or a florist shop, like Kinsch’s. Make sure you don’t wait till the day of Homecoming to order it though!

DO-> be aware that people correspond outfits for Homecoming.
You don’t necessarily have to (seriously, whatever floats your boat), but if you want
to know, most couples correspond their outfits. For example, if a girl’s dress is blue
then the boy might wear a blue tie and buy the girl a blue corsage. The girl would
then (already having her blue dress) buy the boy a matching blue boutineer. If your dress is monotoned try to add jewelry or shoes of a different color. (Color blocking is so not in right now.)

DO-> make sure your dress is secure
Girls, chances are you’ll be jumping around on that dance floor and having a great
time; the last thing you want to worry about is your dress. If you’ve got a poufy
dress that flies up, maybe wear a pair of black Spanx. For the dress, make sure it’s
fitted properly, especially if it’s strapless.

DON’T-> ditch your date once you get there
You can dance with your friends, but make sure that you save a dance or two for your date! Remember they obviously really want to go with you, so don’t leave them hanging.

DON’T-> be afraid to go if you don’t have a date
It is perfectly fine to go with a date. And it is perfectly fine to go stag. You’ll have a
great time either way, we promise. Sometimes the funnest way to go is with a group of friend, that way there’s no need to be anxious about asking someone. While other school dances are mainly for couples, homecoming is the best time to go with a group of friends!

DO-> make plans for after the dance
Whether it’s going to Denny’s or going out to a friend’s house, after homecoming it’s time for the after party! Sleepovers, food, or any other group activity is a great idea. Go solo with your date for more one-on-one time, or go with your friends to keep the party going.

DON’T-> drink before, during or after the dance
Stay above the influence and party safely, Pirates! You’ll get kicked out or worse if you bring anything to the dance; and if you’re under 21 drinking is illegal all the time. Homecoming is only fun if everyone follows the rules, stay safe!

This is a high school dance. We’re all here to have fun. Hopefully these tips quell any worries you might have!
Students at last year’s Homecoming packed the dance floor and had a great time.

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