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  Key:C Minor
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DEMI LOVATO - Dancing With The Devil Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano

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This song is from the album Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over(2021), released on 01 April 2021. The vocals are by Demi Lovato, the music is produced by Mitch Allan, John Ho, Demi Lovato , Blush, and the lyrics are written by Mitch Allan.
This song is originally in the key of C Minor. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 75 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.

Vocals: Demi Lovato ,
Producer: Mitch Allan,
Writer: Mitch Allan, John Ho, Demi Lovato , Blush,

 Original Key: C Minor Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 75 Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU c h o r d z o n e . o r g [INTRO] Cm Bb F . Ab Oh woah [VERSE ONE] Cm Bb F Ab It's just a little red wine, I'll be fine Cm Bb F Ab Not like I wanna do this every night Cm Bb I've been good, don't I deserve it? F Ab I think I earned it, feels like it's worth it Cm Bb 52 In my mind, mind [PRE CHORUS] Fm Eb G Ab Twisted reality, hopeless insanity Fm Eb G I told you I was okay, but I was lying [CHORUS] Cm Bb F Ab I was dancing with the devil, out of control Cm Bb Almost made it to Heaven F Ab It was closer than you know Cm Bb F Ab Playing with the enemy, gambling with my soul Fm Eb Ebmaj7 G It's so hard to say no G Cm Bb F Ab When you're dancing with the devil Cm Bb F Ab Mm mm mm, yeah, yeah [INSTRUMENTAL] Cm Bb F Ab x2 . [VERSE TWO] Cm Bb F Ab It's just a little white line, I'll be fine Cm Bb F Ab But soon, that little white line is a little glass pipe Cm Bb Tinfoil remedy, almost got the best of me F Ab Cm Bb F Ab I keep praying I don't reach the end of my lifetime, mm [PRE CHORUS] Fm Eb G Ab Twisted reality, hopeless insanity Fm Eb G I told you I was okay, but I was lying [CHORUS] Cm Bb F Ab I was dancing with the devil, out of control Cm Bb Almost made it to Heaven F Ab It was closer than you know Cm Bb F Ab Playing with the enemy, gambling with my soul Fm Eb Ebmaj7 G It's so hard to say no G Ab When you're dancing with the devil [BRIDGE] Cm Thought I knew my limit, yeah Cm I thought that I could quit it, yeah Ab Cm I thought that I could walk away easily Cm Bb Fm But here I am, falling down on my knees Eb Praying for better days to come and wash this pain away G Could you please forgive me? G Cm Bb F Ab Lord, I'm sorry for dancing with the devil Fm Eb Ebmaj7 G Oh, yeah yeah [CHORUS] Cm Bb F Ab Dancing with the devil, out of control (Yeah, yeah) Cm Bb Almost made it to Heaven F Ab It was closer than you know (Closer than you know) Cm Bb F Ab Playing with the enemy (Oh), gambling with my soul (Woah, woah) Fm Eb G It's so hard to say no G Cm Bb F Ab When you're dancing with the devil, mm [OUTRO] Cm Bb F Ab Yeah, yeah, mm 

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Devil's violin

The violin occupies a special place not only in the orchestra, but also in art. The owner of a unique voice, she is magical, infernal, associated with otherworldly forces. Devil and violin - this combination appears in literature and fine arts from century to century.

Louis-Leopold Boilly. "The Dream of Tartini". 1824 Photo: Depositphotos

As you know, the devil plays all musical instruments perfectly, but he especially loves the violin. That is why Nikolai Gumilyov's poem "The Magic Violin" ends with the boy's throat being torn by rabid wolves, because he could not fulfill the terms of the deal with the devil. The devil's love for the violin is worth remembering when you listen to Saint-Saens' Dance of Death or Paganini's Dance of the Witches. And also, when you read Leo Tolstoy's Kreutzer Sonata, it ends with the murder of a woman out of jealousy, who is too carried away by the performance of Beethoven's sonata for violin and piano. Why has the violin become an archetypal devilish motif in art?

Devil's trill

There are several legends about the devil's love for the violin. One of the main ones is a story that happened in 1713. The main virtuoso violinist of that time, the Italian Giuseppe Tartini, said that the devil appeared to him in a dream. The musician gave him a violin to listen to how he plays - and the unclean one played such an amazing melody that Tartini felt bewitched. Waking up, the violinist rushed to record the music he heard, but - by his own admission, it turned out to be a hundred times worse than the variation performed by the devil. The sonata in G minor, composed (or recorded) by Tartini, is called “Devil's Sonata” or “Devil's Trill”, and it is quite popular with violinists who want to demonstrate virtuoso playing.

Photo: Interfoto/Alamy/TASS

Paganini's black PR

The fact that Niccolò Paganini sold his soul to the devil for the sake of his mastery was often said by those who heard the great violinist, who toured all over Europe. Tall, pale, thin, with flowing black hair, he made an impression on his own, off stage. When Paganini took the Guarneri in his hands, the audience seemed to be under hypnosis - his playing was so expressive. As soon as he wanted to, the audience began to sob, women fainted, and so on. Paganini loved theatricality - this was one of the components of his success. There were rumors that the strings of his violin were made from the intestines of not animals, but unfortunate women in love with him - and according to all the rules of black magic. The maestro went on stage wearing dark glasses (they say, because he had actually already died), otherwise everyone would have seen that his eyes were burning with hellish flames. Then, in the first half of the 19th century, Goethe's Faust was extremely popular and greatly influenced the perception of the violinist.

Monument to Tartini on the square named after him in Piran (Slovenia). Photo: Depositphotos

Cartoonists of that era depicted Paganini casting a shadow with horns and hooves, playing on a witches' coven, in flight, making skeletons dance. .. The brilliant musician died before he could take communion - the Catholic Church refused him burial in Italy. It took more than a dozen years and a papal appeal for reburial.

Gumilyov, Blavatsky and all-all-all

Arnold Becklin. Self-portrait with death playing the violin. 1872 Photo: Art Collection 3/Alamy/TASS

Subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) Tartini and Paganini used legends about the "devilish nature" of the violin to increase their popularity. Already in the 16th century, almost simultaneously with the appearance of the instrument in its classical form, a poem about the devil with a violin appeared (attributed to Pamphilus Gengenbach). In the 16th-17th centuries, numerous engravings and paintings were created, in which the violin is held by a skeleton (the personification of death, that is, the incarnation of the devil). In the era of romanticism, this image becomes commonplace: for example, in the philosophical poem "Faust", written by Nikolai Lenau (1836), Mephistopheles plays the violin excellently. In 1849In 1999, the ballet-pantomime Un Violon du Diable, about a violinist who received a magic instrument from the devil, was staged at the Paris Opera to the music of Caesar Pugni. The list of works using a similar plot is impressive.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Portrait of Paganini. 1819 Photo: Depositphotos

Gumilyov was also fascinated by the image of the infernal violin. In addition to the already mentioned poem of 1907 about the "dear boy", the next year he writes the story "The Stradivarius Violin". The devil appears to the main character, an old violinist, with the words: “Today you accidentally attacked that melody that I composed on the night when the Huns deprived of innocence one and a half thousand virgins hidden in the walls of the Franconian monastery. This is a lucky thing. If you want, I'll play it for you, finished. After that, the maestro goes crazy and breaks the Stradivarius, suffering from the fact that he is unable to repeat the melody played to him. Gumilyov returned to the theme of a magical musical instrument that can turn people into wolves in the play "Gondla". But since he decided to devote the work to the history of the Vikings, the violin had to be replaced by a lute.

Hans Holbein Jr. Engraving from the cycle "Dance of Death". 1538. Photo: The Granger Collection, New York/TASS

The image was popular among the writers of the Silver Age. Even Madame Blavatsky wrote the story "Violin Revived" - about a young violinist who decided to take up black magic in order to surpass Paganini. In the 20th century, the violin was no longer so important, but in the most important genre of the century - cinema - we again meet it in the hands of demonic figures, for example, in the Phantom of the Opera.

The source of magic

Why did the violin take such an unusual place in culture? First of all, this was facilitated by a special sound that distinguishes it from a number of other musical instruments. Another important reason is that the classical violin, which appeared in the 16th century, was at first used only as a folk instrument to accompany dances. Church music was either represented by choral vocals or created for majestic organs. And the church did not approve of folk music. The violin, to which one could easily dance around the fire, at winter carnivals, really seemed to be the "tool of the devil", incline the peasants to all sorts of indecencies like dancing in an embrace with girls.

McGee van Dusen. "Mormon and His Wives Dancing to the Devil's Violin." 1850 Photo: The Picture Art Collection/Alamy/TASS

And the sound of the violin was distinguished by its special sensuality… And dancing is a sin. Not without reason in the art of the XIV century appeared the plot of dances of death (skeletons dancing with sinners). It is noteworthy that two centuries later a violin falls into the hands of a skeleton, as, for example, in the engraving of Holbein the Younger. Violinists at that time were vagabonds and were perceived as suspicious and dangerous figures. Time passed, but the situation did not change much. Interesting are the arguments of Jonathan Swift, who in 1717 found a man guilty of rape: "After all, he is a violinist and, therefore, a scoundrel. "

Today, all those stories about the devil and the violin have faded. Now there are other "characters" on the stage. Americans make films and write songs about how guitarists sell their souls to the devil for the sake of mastery - times have changed.

Read about the most interesting exhibitions, concerts, auctions, tournaments, championships and other significant events in MY WAY.

Text: Sofia Bagdasarova

Demi Lovato: "Dancing With the Devil…The Art of Starting Over", album - "The story of how not refusing to dance to the Devil once, you risk losing your soul forever"

Salute, comrades! It's no secret that the last couple of years of a twofold game called life have appeared to humanity in the form of a kind of level of increased complexity. Tension multiplied, primordial chaos broke into the general galactic superiority. And ordinary people were forced to do everything in order to cope with the stones, so furiously thrown up by modern realities. To be fair, no one made it to 2021 without incident. This is true, however, some may have had it worse than others. It was truly difficult to maintain composure - now, the anarchy of any heart organization, coupled with the disorder of the soul, began to make the most complete sense. I would like to devote today to the internal war of the immensely talented musician , but infinitely confused and sometimes not knowing the true meaning of his own actions person . Well, I hope you like it, but even if you don’t like it, this is also quite a normal phenomenon and I fully and completely respect your opinion.

ATTENTION: also, I would like to point out one point, in this review there may be references to topics that quite rightly can cause you negative emotions, some trigger topics. I would not like to enter into such complex issues without first informing the reader about it. Also, I note that quite recently Demi declared themselves a non-binary person, changing the pronouns to they / them, as a kind of tribute to self-identity, I will also use these pronouns. Happy reading!

You can never predict what is hidden behind a person's smile. The generous gloss of a snow-white smile is not always unique in the spectrum of its interpretation. It, equally, can be both an expression of the true love of life and ardor of nature, and the brightest masquerade ball in the name of hiding the real feelings of the sufferer or seducing someone who hides something darkest behind his soul. People, by their nature, for the most part, are unpredictable and capable of deceiving even the best connoisseurs of character, and, sometimes, you won’t even know what they actually have / had to go through until the last threads, once cash control has been lost.

"Dancing with the Devil... The Art of Starting Over" is the album that justifies its name in the most volume. This is, in a way, a sincere metaphor for the far from literary life of the author - Demi Lovato. An insanely talented person who always brings something of his own to every song performed, no matter whose it is. A man with a voice seemingly equal to the roar of a thousand lions, but with a colossally sad life story. I will try to focus purely on the music and life background, which is a stable sponsor of this very art, without affecting the character of Demi, because, let's be honest, in this case it's something like elephant in room is not an easy task.

It is worth noting the event preceding the much anticipated release. Early popularity and exposure of all aspects of adult life to a child actor, seasoned to the stuffiness with family turmoil, led to a great many psychological problems and self-perception. Thanks to their remarkable perseverance and willpower, Demi was able to overcome all this and finally embark on the path of true enjoyment of life, without harming their already wounded soul. But then, being at the peak of a healthy perception of themselves through the eyes of the general public, whose love was so needed, they did not even suspect what awaited them in the future. And so, in the scorching summer of not so long ago 2018, after six years of suffering sobriety, Lovato relapsed.

24 July , having taken an overdose of heroin, i.e., an overdose occurred, which in turn caused three strokes, a heart attack, multiple organ failure, pneumonia, permanent brain damage and now chronic vision problems (also, the possibility of chronic deafness was not excluded). As they later explain in their documentary of the same name, in addition to all of the above terror, on the night of the overdose, the dealer who had supplied them with drugs for so many years raped Demi on that unfortunate night and left her for dead. A happy accident, which subsequently saved her life, was that the personal assistant, who trusted a bad feeling that had suddenly awakened in the night, decided to look into their room before going to bed. This happened exactly one month after the release of the song "Sober". A heart-rending first-person ballad about the shame they felt after admitting they had started drinking and using drugs again in front of the whole world that supported Lovato all these years and found in them an idol / role model, and sometimes even the only point is to cling to life. The song really came out emotionally filled and heartbreaking, forcing me to make an iTunes purchase on the day of release, just like the first song of this album. Well, let's pretend that our Western comrades speak through my mouth, without further ado, as they say, let's get down to business!

1. “Anyone”

The album is clearly on par with the documentary of the same name, as now Demi is now at the helm of telling her life story. Despite the words that "I would like to find deliverance from all personal demons", it seems that Lovato still comes to the conclusion that he just needs to learn how to live with them.

This album opens with this very song, which tells us about the comfort that was so desperately needed. Which they tried to find in guitars, pianos, white sheets of paper and ink, music and their own imagination. And the search for which, so tragically, was doomed only to such a hopeless path to alcohol.

A hundred million stories
And a hundred million songs
I feel stupid when I sing
Nobody's listening to me
Nobody's listening

I feel stupid

No one is listening to me

No one is listening to me

It's hard to imagine what it's like to say all these lines live on stage in front of millions of people. After all that nightmare that happened to you, everything is in front of the same millions of people, almost on the air. But maybe I’ll say a moderately contradictory thing, but don’t give a damn about people, even if it’s a crowd of a gazillion onlookers, people will always demand bread and circuses. But much more terrible is the journey alone. What happens to your mind and body, which so resignedly pass into the plane of all-encompassing hopelessness.

I talk to shooting stars
But they always get it wrong
I feel stupid when I pray
Why the fuck am I praying anyway?
If nobody's listening

Trying to trust the stars that are falling from the sky

But it looks like we speak different languages ​​

Kneeling in prayer, how pathetic I am

Well, what's the point?

Nobody can hear me anyway

DAMN DEMI. If you want to hear a real, emotional performance, you can count on Demi - you will never be disappointed. When I heard this song for the first time, even before the release of the album itself, if I'm not mistaken, I sat in silence for a long time after the final chord sounded. In my heart I just patted what I heard. Because it was really powerful.

Some may say that I am a victim of a bad wolf in the face of marketing, but with all my, in fact, deep-rooted skepticism, I believe in the background story of this track. This track, according to insiders and, if I'm not mistaken, according to Demi, was recorded a couple of days before the overdose. It is also worth noting that in the official version of the song there are absolutely no processing and auto-tuning, we can say that this is a kind of demo version, I think, for the same reason. One of the best songs in the repertoire, definitely, so I can advise you to watch the performance (the first (!) performance since the overdose) of Demi with this song at the Grammys. This, in my opinion, was unusually strong.

A song about how much, in fact, a single person who sincerely extended a helping hand to another person could change. As the notorious Daniel motherfucking Radcliffe once said: "The most courageous thing you can do is to lend a helping hand to another person."

2. “Dancing with the Devil”

Our next step takes us to the song, which is, in a way, this very key point in the broken chain of the whole life-long system, which and led to a tragic lesson. The narration is conducted in the first person, showing us the mental state in which the person was, deceiving everyone around him and, most importantly, himself.

It's just a little red wine, I'll be fine

Not like I wanna do this every night

I've been good, don't I deserve it?

I think I earned it, feels like it's worth it

In my mind, mind

Twisted reality, hopeless insanity

I told you I was okay but I was lying kill,

I don't do it every day, right...

There was so much nobility in my actions, didn't I really deserve it?

I think I deserve it and it feels right, right,

In my head. .. In my head it's worth it,

But in fact, my reality is the most crooked of mirrors, on the madness of itself doomed,

I told you that everything is fine with me, but know that there was not a drop of truth in my words

Bargaining with a conscience seems to be the leitmotif of the track along with remorse for what you have done to yourself. Honestly, this composition creates the feeling of a heart-to-heart conversation, but filled with... No, not with passion, as it might seem. This is a bitter guilt that comes with the pangs of conscience frantically pulling by the hand, and sincere repentance. The story that the Devil really lies in the little things that can so eloquently create this monstrous unconsciousness. They can make you really believe in anything in order to reach a catastrophic end.

I was dancing with the devil, out of control

Almost made it to Heaven, it was closer than you know

Playing with the enemy, ganbling with my soul you dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil, completely forgetting about control,


No, I could not refuse

The Devil in this dance

I advise you to watch the video for this track. In it, almost in detail, the very day of the overdose is recreated, followed by a return to life in the hospital. Demi's real tears, which, as those who made the video itself said, no one even tried to stop, because it looked strong. There are many little things worth noting, such as the fact that throughout the video Demi was wearing clothes that they really wore on that ill-fated day. Still, I think that this is one of the best songs in Demi's career.

3. "ICU (Madison's lullabye)" - "YaVT (Madison's Lullaby)"

A song that is dedicated to Demi's younger sister Madison, who was with them all the time in the hospital.

I didn't want those innocent eyes to watch me fall from grace
Tried to protect you, I wanna direct you
To keep you from my mistakes, yeah
I wanna be the one you look up to when you wanna run
I want you to see my face whenever you're feelin' out of place
You can pick up the phone, if you're ever feeling scared and alone
I'll be the one to tuck your hair behind your ear, until you fall asleep
I'll say a prayer and keep you near
You' re always here with me
I promise I'll be there, don't worry
'Cause I was blind, but now I see clearly

I see you

Always tried to protect you, guide you on the right path

Save you from the mistakes I once made, yes,

I want to be the one you look up to when life seems to lose its meaning

I want to be in your thoughts when you feel out of your own plate,

I want you to know that you can always call me when the soul is seized with fear and loneliness,

you in the hope that you will always be by my side

You will never leave my embrace

I swear I will always be with you, do not be afraid

Once I was blind, but now my eyes are clearer than ever

I see you family, Lovato was diagnosed with REAL blindness. And when they woke up, Demi did not recognize her sister, who was next to the hospital bed all that time. The track is about something that is both metaphorical and quite real – Demi now sees everything very clearly. An insanely beautiful song filled with tenderness and palpable softness towards the family, the younger sister. I liked it inside and out, like the previous two.

4. The Art of Starting Over

The second part of the main idea of ​​the whole album. The song is about what it's like to start all over again, from a blank sheet. That it is, in fact, art. Also, in passing, the topic of Max Erich is touched upon - an actor, a homeless circus performer, Demi's ex-boyfriend, with whom they were engaged, but then broke up (the look blurred, I initially accidentally wrote "doomed" and you know what? DID I LIE THOUGH, a disclaimer on Freud).

I'm like a watch, I'm unwinding like a clock
It's okay if I don't know what the time is
I just woke up from drinking, had half of a cup
The universe is trying to remind me
Give me a pen, I'm rewriting another ending
It didn't turn out the way that I wanted
I had the armor, I wore it much in the summer

But the arrow hit me right where the heart is
I guess I'm mastering the art of starting over


But I'm not complaining, it's ok as long as the time is unknown,

I just woke up after a night full of alcohol, but only half empty glass reached me,

I think it's the Universe giving me hints.

Where is my pen? Need to rewrite one more ending

Didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it

I had my gear, I was armed all summer

As soon as an arrow hit me right in the heart

It looks like I'm just getting up on this way of knowing the art of the white sheet

I never meddle and don't know anyone's personal life intentionally, because with the internet you are very formal because I'm not really interested in it. But, ironically, I know a lot of things, because a lot catches my eye involuntarily. I saw him in iCarly and in the TV series The Way, but I didn’t remember both times (bros, if Aaron Paul is standing next to you, you can go to sleep, or something, no one will even notice), only then collecting it all in your head in the form puzzle. And I will say this, he did not cause me any bad emotions then, because ... Why? Nondescript actor, nothing personal, just not hooked something special. But in the case of Demi, everything happened exactly as I expected. Chuika never lies. Taking advantage of a wounded man, pushing the case to betrothal, knowing his real intentions, raising his status in the eyes of a couple of university comrades and throwing a partner, then calling custom paparazzi on the beaches, along the way playing performances with prayers by the ocean and tears in odes to "lost love"? Soft and warm, as they say.

About the song itself - soft rock, I like the message and really liked the outro, but the song as a whole did not go completely, as a composition for some reason. I will say this, out of five times I will not skip it two times.

5. Met Him Last Night

Collaboration with Ariana Grande. Basically, everything. That should be enough, these two voices in one track.

Late at night, I'm sipping as you pass me by
Red or white? You pour another, say, "It's fine"
I don't believe in you (I, I don't believe that)
'Cause I know just how you do (I, I seen it right through)

I've seen the devil, yeah, I met him last night
Had conversation, yeah, I think he's alright
Seemed kinda funny, yeah, he kinda my type ( Yeah, he's kinda my type )
Yeah, yeah, yeah

One conversation, now we're spending the night

I think I love him

Though I know it ain't right


White or red? Pour me more while whispering it's okay

I don't believe you (I. .. I don't believe it)

I know what you'll do to me, I know all these tricks (I... I I see right through you)

I saw the Devil, yes, last night we met

Just a few words, but he already seems nice to me,

You know what? And he's funny, yes, my type (Yes, that's my taste)

Yes, yes, yes

We've only had one conversation and I'm already completely in his hands,

It seems like I already love him,

Even though I know it's wrong

Despite the literal formulation of the Devil in person, the song does not mean exactly the Devil, like Lucifer, not like the owner of Hell. This refers to the personalization of personal dependencies of each person. About a tragic fall inside a person who is trying to recover from his addiction. The song is about the fact that despite the inner voice, which quite reasonably resists the obsession with obsessive desires, you still succumb.

How could I ever believe him? ( Yeah )
That one look could be so deceivin' ( Yeah )
Boy, you were my only vice, I never feel this way
Won't be no hostage, I'm leavin' ( Yeah
Boy, you just gave me a reason
No one ever thought I'd be the one
No one ever thought I'd be the one to fall
Watch me bounce before I give you my all promise tonight is the last call

How could I believe him? (Yeah)

First impressions can be so deadly deceitful (Yeah)

Boy, you were my only vice, I've never felt like this before yes)

Boy, you just gave me a reason,

Never would have even thought that I would be the one

No one would have thought that I would be the one to fall the way I give you everything I ever had0003

So I swear this night is our last meeting

I love the vibe of this song, the two divinely beautiful and devilishly strong voices combined to create such a ghostly sound. I liked it from the first day of release, I didn’t have to stick to it, you can definitely find it in one of my playlists.

6. "What other people say"

Maybe I'm lying now, but if I'm not mistaken, this song was the very first after "Anyone". Having merged in a duet with the Australian singer Sam Fisher, a rather pleasant song of inner awareness of himself, and his actions and a number of consequences that were caused by all this, came out.

I used to call my mom every Sunday, so she knew her love wasn't far away

But now I'm all fucked up out in LA to not take chances with God's name

But it's been so long since I last prayed

And now I'm all fucked up and my heart's changed

'Cause I care more about what other people say then I called my mother every Sunday so that she knew that her daughter was still with her

But now I'm up to my neck in the mud somewhere in Los Angeles,

Because I now care what people say about me

I used to not risk games with the name of the Lord, I don't remember the last time I prayed

Now I'm up to my neck in devastation and my heart is irretrievably wrong

That's why I don't give a damn about what people say about me a representative of ardent Christianity, whom they spoke of an infinite number of times throughout their careers. Also, it was about the parents from whom our surname comes to us. Demi sings about her biological father, who was an engineer and musician, an alcoholic and a drug addict. He left the family as a child Lovato and died all alone because of his addiction. The song sings about the fear of repeating the fate of those from whom we inherit our names.

I wish I could shelter the boy I knew

From the constant hell I'd put him through

'Cause I'm all grown up and I'm black and blue use some glue

I'm better than that, I'm better than that
I should be livin' my life so I go to Heaven and never come back

he knew

From all those hellish nightmares he had to go through because of me

Because now I'm grown up, even though I'm blue in the face

But I could do with some mending here and there,

I'm better than that, I deserve the best my journey

Although the song seems simple, it caught me. All the same powerful voice of Lovato and a pleasant discovery in the form of Sam Fisher, whose musical Universe I discovered for myself after this track with Demi.

7. "Good Place"

The final song of such an emotionally grandiose album. A track about finding a way out to your happiness and the knowledge of this happiness in yourself. About how sometimes, having gone through the torments of all calibers, you can find strength in yourself and become a truly happy person, now without deceit and lies.

I've been called an emotional disaster

By myself and by so many others after

I had trials and tribulations mastered

Tune it out with a little bit of paint and plaster

When I chose drugs over love, money over trust,

'Till I found us I found us

Now I'm in a good place

Took a while to feel this way

No longer have to save face

Reconciled with okay

I've always been called a walking disaster when it comes to emotions ,

And I agree with this, like everyone else before and after,

On my way there were many trials that were passed,

From which the coloring and the barely holding plaster became a sure salvation for me.

I preferred drugs to love, and trust was out of the question when money came into play

That was until I found us

What was love when I had passion? Faith was out of the question when I heard about the danger

But it was until I had us.

I'm fine now,

I had to look for a long time to feel it,

But now, I don't have to save face or reputation anymore,

I finally learned to accept.

The following tracks, in my opinion, are also worthy of mention: Lonely People , The kind of Lover I Am , Easy moments that lead a little to the wrong place), My Girlfriends are my Boyfriend , 15 Minutes (SHOUT OUT to Max Erich and Malibu's legion of custom paparazzi, what's up, kitties?) and, of course, a cover of the legendary, as for me, and one of my favorite songs Mad World - Tears for Fears. Of course, the original version of the band itself and the version of Gary Jules, dearly beloved by me, does not overshadow Lovato's version. BUT I really liked the way it was done in Demi's voice. This has something of its own.

Also worth noting is the beauty of the album concept, which forms a full circle with the beginning and end. Starting with the hopelessness of the last breaths and the doom that you never seem to be heard until when you are finally truly happy and do not need a lie, because you really feel good and everything fell into place.

Even though I don't always understand the musical decisions that are made in relation to the creative side of Demi's career (cheap tunes and lyrics that override such a gigantic talent) - I love this music. And I definitely love that voice. I say all this, throwing into the farthest drawer all the cruelty that Demi sometimes says, exposing himself as a laughingstock. But I believe that this is far from the end and still ahead (in a GOOD way, Demi, you are a good fellow, please GET BETTER CREATIVE).


My personal estimate, which no one asked for:



If you read it - thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

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