How to organise a dance party

How to organise a dance party

L’organisation d’une soirée dansante est un challenge. Pourtant, en suivant quelques étapes simples, vous pourrez proposer à vos participants une expérience inoubliable.


    1. Types of dance parties
    2. Choice of venue
    3. Equipment
    4. D‑Day

1. Types of dance parties

Before getting started on the logistics of your dance party, you will need to define its outline in order to adapt its content. Ask yourself the following questions:

a) What style of dance will the party feature?

Often, dance parties are designed around one or more dance styles. Those who like to dance usually prefer to know in advance what kind of moves will be expected of them at the party. For instance, a tango dancer might feel out of their depth around hip-hop dancers, and vice versa.

Selecting a main dance style also makes it easier to promote the party if you invite all those who like that particular style.

b) Is there an age limit for your party?

Some dances are not open to under-18s. You can either do this or choose to open your dance to everyone. It’s important that you specify these criteria in the registration form for your event.

Also, remember that the rules will change depending on whether your event is open to under-18s.

c) Will you offer a dance class?

It’s not uncommon for dance parties to start with a dance lesson given by a professional in the chosen discipline.

This format allows all dancers to warm up, discover the style or remember certain steps.
Attendees of all levels will be more relaxed and more likely to dance together throughout the party.

d) Do attendees need to have a certain level of skill?

Whether you’re organising a class or not, you will need to decide whether your event is open to all levels of dancers or advanced dancers only.

To allow everyone to have fun, with no risk of stress or boredom, you can offer different groups of levels. To do this, add a multiple choice question to the registration form linked to your online ticketing system.

e) How do I manage the allocation of dance partners?

If you are organising a party where the dance is done in pairs, you will need to consider how best to manage the allocation of partners.
To ensure that everyone can have fun at the party, there should ideally be as many ‘leaders’ as ‘followers’. As with the management of the different levels, you can suggest that your attendees choose one role or the other when they register for your event.

Once you have answered all these questions, you will have a better idea of how your event will take place and what you’ll need.

2. Choice of venue

The ideal dance party takes place in the ideal venue. You must ensure that your attendees enjoy the best possible conditions while remaining within your budget. To do this, you can explore several options:

a) Renting a room or hall

If possible, you can plan to rent a room or hall especially for the occasion. Whatever region you’re organising your dance party in, you will find halls for hire for all types of budget, either by the hour or by the evening. Either free of charge or for a contribution, venues will often offer equipment to guarantee your event’s atmosphere with music and lighting.

b) Agreement with a business

Businesses sometimes organise joint events with another organisation. You can ask bars and restaurants in your community to organise a joint event. You will then benefit from the use of a room, and the establishment will benefit from the purchasing of drinks at the venue.
You can also contact businesses that are more removed from the dance sector to organise a unique, original joint event (e.g. thrift shops, museums, record shops).

c) The local authority

If you represent a charity, contact your local authority to explore the options available to you. It’s likely that the authority has one or more municipal halls which can be used free of charge or at a low cost. The more people a town/city has, the more in advance you’ll need to book the ideal slot. Ask the local authority a few weeks or even months before your event.

d) Public places

Although it might seem surprising, it’s not impossible to organise dance events in public places. However, you will need to represent a not-for-profit organisation in order to be issued with an official permit. To obtain this authorisation, you will need to make a prior declaration to the town/city hall between 3 and 15 days before your event. This deadline is extended to two months before the event if it’s to be held in the city of Paris.
This authorisation gives you the right to organise your event in a public place, but also confers on you several responsibilities related to order, respect and cleanliness.

Whatever venue you choose, check how late you can hold your dance party until, as well as how easy it is to get there by public transport or private vehicle.

3. Equipment

Once you’ve decided on the venue for your dance party, you can turn to the issue of equipment. Some venues provide this, but others are what we call ‘bare’ or ‘unfurnished’ rentals, and require you to equip them.

Depending on your wishes, your budget and the frequency of your dance parties, you can rent or buy the necessary equipment. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice to ensure you make the right choice.

  • Sound system: It will be difficult for your attendees to dance if there is no music. Make sure you have equipment that’s powerful enough to properly fill the event venue.
  • Lighting: To create a pleasant atmosphere, avoid classic bright lights. Instead, opt for a subdued atmosphere, which will make your attendees feel more comfortable.
  • Food & beverages: To delight the dancers, be sure to offer them enough water. If you have the necessary permission you can provide alcohol, but dancers will often prefer soft drinks. Also provide light snacks for your attendees, who will be happy to take the chance to refuel.

4. D‑Day

On the day of your dance party, be sure to remind your attendees of the main information about your event: what time they’re expected to arrive, how to get to the venue, what to bring and what’s not allowed, details of what will be provided on site (e.g. drinks, food), and any other information you think is important.

To make their arrival as smooth as possible, use an access control solution. This will allow you to check their tickets and reduce waiting times at the entrance.

It’s recommended that you call on a professional or amateur photographer to take pictures of the event. In just a few clicks, you can use mailing software to send a folder with the best photos of the event to all attendees. The dancers will be delighted to receive beautiful photos of the dance party they attended.

Organising a dance party is a great way to bring together dance enthusiasts and offer them a fun and festive time in your company. Make it easy for yourself by using a few simple tools, such as an online ticketing system, an access control solution and a mailing tool. This will ensure your event is a success, and allow you to quickly and easily re-invite attendees to the next edition.

Organising a dance party

8 Great Dance Party Ideas for Your Next Gathering

Source: Peerspace

Does the thought of even just 15 people in your home make you nervous and overwhelmed? When you’re limited on space, hosting a killer party or even a modest gathering of friends can seem impossible. But no matter where you live, you should always have a chance to celebrate and Peerspace makes parties a reality for everyone. It’s the Airbnb of event venues that can help hosts with budgets of every size find a stellar place to host a party. So even if you’re the proud owner of a studio apartment, dance party ideas are still in your cards.

There are spacious venues available for rent by the hour in towns and cities across the globe, with more being added all the time. Just search your location and use filters to narrow the results, like pools, fire pits, and rooftops, for example. Then, check each space’s listing to discover high-def photos, detailed descriptions by the local hosts, reviews from past renters, and upfront pricing. Ahead, we’ll include photos from real Peerspace venues that you can book today to match our dance party ideas. You know, just so you know what’s possible!

Once you’ve booked a place, just add music for an awesome dance party! And if your incredible venue choice just happens to lack for anything, contact the Concierge service. These events and logistics pros can source what you need, like catering, a DJ, bar staff, etc., and bring it to you at your venue. So what are you waiting for? Check out what type of dance party venues are near you on Peerspace and utilize these dance party ideas that will make your next gathering a blast.

1. Give your dance party a theme

Source: Peerspace

Choosing a theme for your dance party will make the rest of the planning a breeze because a theme will be your party template. Great dance party themes are a decades theme (the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are all easy options), a tribute night where you play all the best hits from one prolific artist (Britney night, Beyonce night, etc.) a regional music theme like Latin night, Broadway night, or even a classic dance movie theme (Step Up, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Saturday Night Fever).

Decorate your party space to match the theme, and curate a relevant playlist to go along with it. Learn a dance from a popular music video or movie for bonus host points and surprise your guests!

2. Light up the room

Source: Peerspace

Set the ambiance for your dance party with some dazzling light design. Disco balls, colored lights, and projections can turn any dark room into a fun nightclub. You can find affordable lights and projectors at a department or home improvement store, or you can rent some lighting from an event rental company.

Just be considerate and ask your guests if any of them are bothered by strobe lights or other effects before going too crazy with your lighting design. And when you book a Peerspace venue, ask the host about the lighting options ahead of time. There’s always the Concierge service to help you line up lighting and other gear. Though in all honesty, the Peerspace venue you choose place already be fully equipped with everything you need!

3. Hire a professional DJ

Source: Peerspace

It’s not a dance party without music, of course. But the source of the music makes all the difference. Give your dance party an upgrade! Instead of a simple Spotify playlist, consider hiring a DJ. Talent and event vendor directories like Gigsalad or The Bash can help you find a music master who can get everyone moving and grooving. Don’t have the time to browse a talent directory? This again is a place where the Concierge service can step in and do the heavy lifting for you! Ask your guests to come prepared with song requests in mind so that everyone can have a good time dancing to music they know.

4. Make a public playlist

Source: Peerspace

For a party with a smaller budget in a smaller space, your personal playlist of the best dance hits will do just fine in place of a professional DJ. Make it a collaborative event by asking everyone in the invites to contribute to a public playlist. That way, everyone will get a chance to hear their favorites. You can include the link in the Facebook event for the dance party or send the link in email invites.

5. Rent a place with a dance floor on Peerspace

Source: Peerspace

No room in your house for everyone to get down without knocking over a lamp? No worries! Peerspace can help you find the perfect venue for your dance party with plenty of open floor space, like ballrooms, mansions, warehouses, and even nightclubs and lounges. You can even rent actual dance studios on Peerspace for a super-official dance party. Some venues even come equipped with audio-visual equipment, photo-ready lighting, and pianos!

Simply head to Peerspace, enter your location, and start browsing. You’re sure to find tons of incredible spaces you want to book! Narrow down the search by browsing amenities, features, and photos.

6. Dress up in costumes

Source: Peerspace

Invite everyone to come to the party in themed costumes! Just remind your guests to make sure they can still move well in their attire of choice. Some great dance party ideas for costumes include superheroes, space, Star Wars, The Wiggles, or decades (see themes section of this list). Be sure to take loads of pictures of your costumed guests. And for an extra fun touch, host a costume contest at the party! Keep the prize within the theme, such as passes to Zumba gym classes, a record with some good dance music, or tickets to a couple’s dance class.

7. Host a dance marathon fundraiser

Source: Peerspace

Gather lots of friends, pick a worthy cause, and dance the night away to raise funds! Universities and schools across the nation host dance marathons for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. You can adapt that fundraising model for any cause. Learn more about the movement here.

This dance party idea requires a lot more planning in advance than the rest of the ideas, but when you put the time in, you can create a fun, meaningful event that truly makes an impact. At the actual event, make sure to supply plenty of drinks to keep everyone hydrated. Display information about the cause you are fundraising for, so dancers will know where their sponsors’ donations are going. Create a special hashtag for the event and take lots of photos to share on social media, and tag the nonprofit organization in them. A dance party with a purpose can help drum up more support and donations, after all!

8. Party with an open bar

Source: Peerspace

Everyone knows alcohol is the best dance fuel. So supply your dance party guests with unlimited drinks. As long as you hire a licensed bartender through Gigsalad or another event vendor booking site, most Peerspace venues will allow alcohol to be served on the premises. Some Peerspace party places may even offer their own drink services as an add-on option. If not, contact the Concierge service for assistance booking local vendors. Just make sure the party space is safe for those who may get a little tipsy.

Bonus idea: take it to the roof!

Source: Peerspace

Why not enjoy your dance party in the fresh air, under the stars? On Peerspace, you can find the perfect dance party venue that doubles as a rooftop venue. You can find locations with rooftop bars and DJ booths as well, so don’t worry about missing out on those dance party aspects. Many also include food and drink service and plenty of lounge seating. A rooftop dance party idea is a wonderful way to keep your guests safe while ensuring they still have a magical, moonlit time!

Dance party ideas come to life with Peerspace

Source: Peerspace

Take the dance party out of the nightclub and bring it to your next gathering. It’s easy to do when you have Peerspace by your side. Between the incredible venues you can book for as many hours as you like and the services of the Concierge, you can book the party of the century and barely lift a finger in the process. No matter what music you and your friends like to move to, you can create a rocking dance party where everyone will have a blast. These dance party ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to host the perfect shindig.

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© Peerspace

How to organize a theme party? — Presenter and organizer Olga Bobina

How to organize a themed party? What topic to choose for implementation? How to organize the course of the holiday? Which artists should be invited? All these questions arise in the course of preparation for the thematic event.

This case is based on the results of my event. My task was to organize and hold a theme party with an entertainment program. The work was built in stages: from the development of the concept to the implementation of the event. It was necessary to: select a venue, think over the course of the event, develop a thematic scenario, think over the appropriate decor of the room, prepare music on a given topic, attract a professional photographer, select artists-performers of creative numbers in the concept of the program, supervise their preparation, resolve all issues that arise during preparation for the celebration.


Organizer: Presenter and organizer Olga Bobina
Event: Retro themed party "Back to the USSR"
Location: Tomsk, restaurant "Old Castle"
Number of guests: 20 people
performers: 24 people
Event duration: 4 hours
Form of payment: cash

What did I do BEFORE the event? Preparation steps

1. meeting with the customer, discussing the wishes for the event
2. conclusion of the contract
3. development of the concept of the event, coordination with the customer. The theme "Retro 80s" was chosen
4. Preliminary visit to the territory to inspect the site, solving technical issues and design options for the premises
5. Search for contractor partners to implement all ideas and ideas

6. Coordination of performers with the customer
7. Search and preparation of attributes for decoration
8. Preparation of the creative repertoire by performers
9. Detailed study of the scenario of the program

preparation creating atmosphere, competitions, dancing

11. making adjustments, approval
12. Development of design of printing models for event

The program of the celebration included the following services

Organization of the room

Design of the premises, Decor



Renting of musical equipment and the system rental and the system rental and the system rental and the system rental and the system rental karaoke

printing production



children's dance group

Guitar Music Ensemble

Indian dance

made on the day of the event

1. Design of the premises, decor
2. Delivery, installation, connection, configuration of sound equipment
3. Conducting the event
4. Coordination, meeting and accommodation of performers
5. Settlement with all performers
6. dismantling equipment, decor
7. customer feedback

On the day of the event, everything went according to plan, all the nuances were discussed with each performer in advance. During the preparation, I managed to find like-minded people in creativity and new talented friends.

I would like to say that the Retro Party was a success! The guests recalled the 80s with great pleasure and nostalgia. We visited the buffet, took memorable photos at the thematic photo zone, remembered the hits and stars of that era, danced to the fiery disco.

A separate photo album has been created for this event. I invite you to see the photos. The album is at the end of the article.

This program is universal, it can be used for an anniversary or corporate party. If you are planning to organize your celebration, dreaming of a theme party, we offer you a Retro theme or any other theme you want

I and my professional team will be happy to help you! We will develop a program, select the best artists and photographers, if necessary, we will do EVERYTHING as you wish, we will give free advice on how to make your celebration the best!

All the best to you! Sincerely, host and organizer of the holidays Olga Bobina

Phone: 8 (3822) 93-50-87
VKontakte group:

Photo album from the party

How to hold a party online? Tips from the organizers of Soul Bazar

Spiritual Bazar Charity Festival every year brings together thousands of caring Muscovites who want to promote charity and volunteering among the citizens.

Project Manager and Executive Director of D-Group.Social Inga Moiseeva , and Technical Director of Soul Bazar Svetlana Kozhevnikova shared with us the secrets of organizing the largest charity event in the country and told us how to organize an event online. These tips will come in handy for those who want to organize a small birthday party, as well as for those who need to translate a large corporate event virtually.

“A party is always associated with joy, entertainment, relaxation, fun and interesting communication, delicious food and drinks, and smart people. And also, perhaps, with various venues - a restaurant, a club, an apartment, a beautiful meadow ... That is, a party is about emotions, pleasure and curious visual images. And the online space is quite suitable for this. Moreover, the algorithms and rules for organizing an event do not differ much from "offline", - says Svetlana Kozhevnikova . — So, you decided on this experiment? Great idea! Here are a few points to keep in mind to make your experience successful and inspiring.”

Make a brief for the event

The brief structures your needs, requests, expectations, tasks. Answer your questions:

  • Why do I need this party? What are your goals that led you to the idea of ​​the party?
  • Who is she for? Who is your target audience? How many people are you expecting? What kind of people are these: age, gender, profession, status (friends, colleagues, partners, clients, sponsors)?
  • What result will make you happy? Be sure to record quantitative and qualitative indicators.
  • How do you see the format and content? But be prepared for change!
  • What kind of atmosphere should be created? What is the image of the perfect party in your mind?
  • When should the event take place and how long should it last?
  • What is the budget?
  • Who is in charge of the party? You yourself or your partner or contractor - who exactly will be responsible for achieving the planned result? Who does the party organization team consist of - with whom will you create and how do you distribute areas of responsibility?
  • Do you plan to invite star guests and on what terms?
  • Will you promote the event or is it a chamber meeting and all guests will come by invitation (landing page, mailing list, social networks)?
  • How do you plan to cover the event on the Internet and is it necessary, taking into account remote work, how will you record the results at different stages of work, coordinate the team (for example, the Trello board at the organization stage and the Google table for fixing KPI)?

Come up with a concept

If you understand the purpose and you understand your audience well, then developing a concept is easy. Focus on:

  • interests and cultural values ​​of the audience;
  • the degree of acquaintance with each other of the participants;
  • experience of your interaction;
  • event trends;
  • general moods in society and in its individual groups.

Losing the concept online means failing the event. Here it is much more difficult to maintain interest and attention, motivate participation, and maintain the atmosphere.

If you are not focused on the audience, people may simply not come, because it is not easy for a well-mannered person to leave an online party without waiting for the final - not to get lost in the crowd, especially if you invite 10-15 people.

The concept should be curious, unexpected, but understandable. She will dictate the content and the exact name of the party, and a hashtag for promotion in social networks.

Decide on the format

Choose according to the interests of the audience, your budget, the number of participants, and the time to prepare. Here is what we remembered offhand.

  • Charity dinner/breakfast.
  • Musical evening.
  • Literary Cafe/Literary Lounge.
  • Auction.
  • Pajama party.
  • Theme party.
  • Art party (for example, drawing pictures or creating flower arrangements).
  • Fashion / Stylish Party (with invited style and makeup experts).
  • Healthy lifestyle / beauty party (with invited experts in personal care, nutrition, sports activities).
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor party.
  • Closed club (based on elite business clubs).
  • Cocktail party.

All this can be done online and even with division into interest groups in those activities that you add to the program, you just need to take this into account in the script and timing and moderate it correctly.

Pick up activities

Here is the most basic list, and the rest is limited only by your imagination and possibilities.

  • Acquaintance.

Decide in advance how you will introduce guests to each other. For example, briefly tell the story of your acquaintance and let the participant do the same in response. Or set the topic: “My life credo”, “A story that accurately demonstrates my main qualities”, “My funniest story”, “I am here because”.

It is also very important to introduce late guests in order to put them into context and draw the attention of the audience to the new participant, especially if the company is small.

  • Master classes (culinary, confectionery, floral, art, vocal, dance, beauty, health and style, cocktail making).
  • Draw.
  • Create collages.
  • Board and non-board games.
  • Performance of cover bands.
  • Live communication (so that no one falls out of the conversation, you can make a list of topics in advance and offer them for discussion; or set a topic for discussion and reveal it through the personal or professional stories of the participants when they take turns telling something, and listeners - comment or ask questions, give emotional responses).
  • Giving gifts if the event is dedicated to a holiday (birthday, for example).

Choose an app or broadcast site

We recommend ZOOM for several reasons:

  • Most people have embraced this conferencing platform during lockdown.
  • There are opportunities for group work if your activities require it.
  • If you do not involve an organizer for your event, you can easily master the platform yourself or find an assistant who wants to support your initiative, since many have already gone through various trainings and gained personal experience in managing ZOOM conferences.
  • Event recording possible. But coordinate this intention with the guests in advance. It is not always appropriate to keep stories about informal communication, especially if you invited status guests.

Provide important organizational points

  • Make a clear plan for all activities.
  • Think ahead about how you invite guests (sending by e-mail, creating a landing page, delivering an invitation by courier, etc.).
  • Test your site and computers of key event participants (organizers) in advance.
  • Consider the moment of meeting and gathering guests. It's great if you discuss the aperitif with the participants in advance. For example, you will greet everyone who enters the conference with a gesture that imitates the clinking of glasses.
  • Don't deviate from timing. Let your guests know in advance that you will strictly adhere to the time limits. Online fatigue sets in faster. And if at the time of the party your guest is physically in his apartment, then, for sure, he has restrictions and obligations to family members. Start on time, even if not everyone is there.
  • Begin with a welcoming speech.
  • At the beginning of the party, tell the guests the rules of communication and interaction. Whom should they contact for technical assistance. Should you warn and how about your exit from the meeting. Should the microphones be turned off? If group work is expected, how will you technically implement it. Introduce the host and your team.
  • End the event with an address to the guests so that no one has any doubts that the meeting has come to an end. Leave 10 minutes for participants to thank you. Surely, they will want to share their emotions and impressions, “hug” you or “shake hands”.

Finish the project

Finishing a party project is just as important as starting it.