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5 Basic Dance Steps for Wedding that Everyone Should Know — Duet Dance Studio Chicago

Knowing some simple basic dance steps is helpful to anyone, whether you are preparing for a wedding, prom or social event. The tutorial videos below show you some of the most versatile basic dance steps for wedding. Instead of rocking side to side with your partner, impress your special someone with these simple yet fun dance steps at your next event!

1. The Side Basic

This basic dance step is easy to master and works great with 80% of the songs they play at weddings and parties. You can dance it slowly to slower songs or speed it up for songs with faster tempo. Not only can you dance this step with a partner, you can also use it as a solo dance move! The key is to dance to the beat and move your feet rhythmically. Practice this a lot until you don't have to think about it.


2. The Right Turn

Once you have mastered the side basic, you can surprise your partner with a simple right turn. This turn is an extension from the side basic. Footwork is the same for the leader. The key is to signal your partner at the right time and lead with confidence. 


3. The Waltz Box Step

What do you do when a romantic waltz song comes on at a wedding? Learn this simple waltz box step and "sweep your partner off her feet!" Surprisingly, you might already know the wedding waltz basic. Remember the PE ballroom dance class you took way back when you were in grade school? Does the Box Step sound familiar to you? The waltz box step is one of the most versatile and most taught basic dance steps in partner dancing. Let's take a little refresher course on the box step here!


4. The Under Arm Turn

One of the most exciting things about partner dancing is that you get to turn your partner. And who doesn't like to turn? The Under Arm Turn we are showing you below is an extension from the Waltz Box. It's a graceful turn that will not only impress your partner but also the onlookers!



The Dip

Lastly, no dance is complete without a fancy dip! Many people are afraid of this move. In fact, it is a fairly safe move if you understand the correct posture and body positions for this pose. Watch this tutorial and learn to dip your partner safely and gracefully. 

What is your favorite dance step for weddings? Please comment below. And if you'd like to learn more dance moves for your wedding, click the button below.

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The Duet Team is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. And we love to make new friends and have fun at work! Duet Dance Studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance instruction and private dance parties. Online Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!

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Simple Wedding Dance Choreography | Step by Step Instructions — Duet Dance Studio Chicago

The wedding first dance is a special moment and all eyes will be on you! We understand that not everyone wants to have a "Dancing with the Stars" wedding dance routine. So, in this blog post, we will show you how to create a simple wedding dance choreography that is easy to perform and makes you look good and confident on your wedding day. Simply follow our step by step instructions below. We have also included a few demos of our simple wedding dance choreography to get you inspired! Feel free to check out our Online Wedding Dance Program for more personalized instruction.

Step 1 - Simple Intro

A simple yet elegant wedding dance intro will set the tone of your first dance. It will also help you look collected and confident before you begin dancing. It is also a great way to "fill time" if you have a longer first dance song. Use the intro shown in the video below or use it as an inspiration. 

*We suggest dancing no more than 3 minutes for your first dance. It's a good idea to keep your first dance short and sweet especially if you don't know a lot of dance moves. That way, you don't have to repeat the same move over and over . ...


Step 2 - Basic Step

This basic wedding dance step is perfect for beginners. It is easy to learn and perform. Plus, it doesn't take up a lot of space so you can use it on dance floor in any size.  


Step 3 - Simple Right Turn

Once you feel comfortable with the basic, it's time to add some flare to your first dance! This simple right turn shown in the video below can be mastered easily. For the leaders, the key is to is keep doing the same basic while signaling the turn at the correct time. For the followers, make sure to turn on a straight line and take small steps. Spotting your partner (look at your partner while you turn) will also help you maintain a good posture and balance. Have fun!


Step 4 - The Dip

Now, what do you do when your first dance song is about to end? One of our favorite ways to finish the first dance is to do the dip. You probably have seen it many times on TV or at social dance events. You might even have tried to do it yourself. However, not many people know how to do it correctly. In this video, you will learn the correct posture and body positions required to execute the dip safely and gracefully. 


Ideas for Simple Wedding Dance Choreography 

Below are some ideas for a simple wedding dance choreography. You will see how we combine the basic steps we showed you in the videos above. Additionally, we have incorporated a few other fancier moves that you can find in our Online Wedding Dance Program. Enjoy and have fun dancing at your wedding!

Ready to take your dancing to the next level? Let's learn more fun first dance moves and tricks to spice up your wedding dance choreography. Click below to get started.

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Wedding dance training

Wedding dance is a special event at such an important event for the couple. The main couple - the newlyweds perform the most beautiful dance of their lives, play out a little love story, lift the veil and invite others into their world of complete happiness. The dance of the bride and groom serves as a kind of cherry on the cake of the wedding banquet, and its artistic production arouses genuine interest among the guests. After the solemn registration is the most important moment of the whole wedding.

How to prepare a wedding dance

The couple's performance is prepared in advance, and for this they resort to the services of specialist choreographers. In the dance and sports club Insight, experienced coaches in the European and Latin American programs, ballet dancers, champions and prize-winners of dance tournaments perform wedding dance in St. Petersburg, in any style and direction. The dance mentors of the club organize a production of varying degrees of complexity, taking into account the wishes of the couple, the level of preparedness, the presence or absence of skills. But even if you try the simplest steps for the first time, this does not mean at all that the wedding dance will not be up to you. Not only those who have studied this for many years can dance, but also those who have never tried dancing before. We will awaken your talents!

Wedding dance performance is not just an opportunity to amaze relatives and friends, it is also an opportunity to reveal yourself and your abilities, which is never too late! Choose what is closest to you - salsa or rock and roll, twist or waltz, tango or disco - together we will make this number unforgettable. In addition to the dance of the newlyweds, we offer to diversify the wedding program with the dance of the bride and her bridesmaids, bride and father, groom's friends, witnesses, any participants and guests. We will develop and prepare a dance flash mob. The general combination of dance numbers will give the wedding banquet a special charm and become a real event for all participants in the action.

To organize dance rehearsals, our club offers special programs, the most profitable and convenient - these are subscriptions to dance lessons. We work together in a studio where professional choreographers will develop for you a dance that is most suitable in terms of character and style of performance. Working out a dance number with experienced dance coaches will greatly facilitate pre-wedding preparations and give confidence to the newlyweds.

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Wedding dance is the result of joint creativity

We always meet the needs of our clients and understand the importance and responsibility of staging a wedding dance. Therefore, we support and develop any creative ideas, musical preferences and wishes of the newlyweds. It is they who are the main characters at the wedding, and each wedding dance is in its purest form an exclusive, designed to be remembered by all guests.

We guarantee you in our classes:

  • good mood;
  • expanding the horizons of self-development and learning new things, even if you used to dance professionally;
  • bright emotions and discoveries at every lesson;
  • disclosure of one's own abilities;
  • spiritual pastime in a new creative activity for you - dance;
  • opportunities to get to know each other even better;
  • joint creation of a unique product - a wedding dance, one and only.

Our choreographers begin their work by defining the conceptual style of the dance, develop a common program together with the newlyweds - music, style, outfit, accessories. Everything is important to create the perfect production.

The magic of a wedding dance - what could be more beautiful? Order the creation of a unique wedding dance in our club and make your wedding a real unforgettable holiday!

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If you want to make your wedding unique, then you should definitely pay special attention to the production of the wedding dance. Today there are several directions of wedding dance, so initially decide on the option that suits you in all respects. Be sure to consider the general style of the celebration, the preferences of relatives, the outfits of the young and, of course, the newlyweds' own wishes. Before deciding on a direction, you need to study general information about them, which will help you make the right decision.

  • traditional dance - waltz, which is usually danced by all newlyweds. The convenience of this option is that the bride will be able to waltz even in a very magnificent dress. Due to lack of experience, some couples complain not only of fatigue, but also of dizziness. But if you practice well, then there will be no difficulties with the preparation of a traditional wedding dance.
  • Latin American dance - it can be cha-cha-cha, samba or rumba. Such wedding dance SPb you can learn at the dance school Dance Sport Club "Insight" under the guidance of experienced dance teachers. Latin American wedding dance can also be prepared on the basis of tango or factrot, so young people can easily decide on the ideal option.
  • wedding mix is ​​a more creative and modern dance wedding direction. Several melodies are taken for staging, which differ in style and tempo, for example, romantic rumba, rock and roll, waltz, and so on in one dance. Some invited guests may be a little shocked by such a dance, but in general the impression of the celebration will be unique.
  • free staging - implies the use of any modern melody, preferably at a slow pace. If young people have little skills in this direction, then this option is ideal for them. Be sure, when stopping at a melody with text in another language, think about translating the text so as not to spoil the overall mood of the event.
  • historical ballroom dance - it can be a minuet, mazurka, polka, etc. This choice is especially suitable if the event is organized in the style of "old times", in particular when holding an event in an old manor, in a palace, and so on.
  • thematic dance performance for a wedding - this option is suitable if the wedding is held in a certain style, for example, in folk style or a holiday on the beach.
  • show dance - from the first dance, the newlyweds can make a real mini show program. For staging, you can use cutting music, a theatrical performance using costumes, actors (friends as participants in the show), and so on.

It should be noted that wedding dance production , which will look attractive and unique, is possible only if the preparation will take place under the guidance of an experienced dance school teacher.

Be sure to plan a wedding dance, you need to take into account some points, including:

  1. before starting dance training, you need to accurately determine the venue for the celebration, with the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe premises, in particular, the size of the place where the young people will dance their first marriage dance .
  2. take into account the style of decorating the hall or the territory of the celebration, so that in the end the dance harmoniously fits into the general mood of the event.
  3. you need to take into account the dress of the bride, and, of course, the groom. The bride will not be able to dance rock and roll in a lush traditional dress, so in such a situation, it is better to stay in the right direction.

Wedding dance | First dance at the wedding


The dance of the bride and groom who have just become husband and wife is a very beautiful tradition. Just the two of you move to your favorite music, you can hug, take a breath and share with each other the emotions of the wedding day. Or, on the contrary, surprise everyone present with an incendiary number and well-adjusted movements, like professionals. A wedding dance is certainly an exciting and important moment. But try not to take it too seriously, not like an exam: it's okay if one of you forgets or mixes up the movements. What will this dance be - you decide. And we will tell you how to prepare an unforgettable performance that will decorate the wedding evening. And don't forget to pick the right tune from our playlist.

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To choose the style that suits you, pay attention not only to the visual side, but also to the complexity of the performance and its correspondence to the style of the wedding: at a classic celebration, the waltz will look more organic than hustle or rock-n -roll.

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Argentine tango is a more passionate version of classical ballroom dancing. The main difference is a clear and energetic rhythm. It will be more difficult to prepare, but if you are a bright couple, the dance will fully convey the energy of the relationship.


Slow dance

Gentle swaying in each other's arms to romantic music is the choice for couples who are not ready to spend a lot of time staging the dance. This format is suitable for a cozy wedding and will help the couple focus on each other, and not on complex movements.

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Salsa or Bachata

Sensual and fast dances from Latin America are not easy to learn - it will take more time and a professional choreographer. And do not forget that they should be performed in comfortable clothes, and not in a wedding dress.



The classical Viennese waltz is a rather active, impetuous dance. The English waltz, or Boston waltz, is performed more restrainedly and slowly. Whatever style you choose, the waltz is a dance that always looks spectacular and incredibly romantic!


Rock and roll

Traditional rock and roll is a dance to rhythmic music with acrobatic movements. This is a beautiful show that will create a wow effect, but is only suitable for those who already have choreographic training.

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A sensual dance that focuses on the flexibility of the body. The movements are filled with flirtatiousness and passion, so the dance is suitable for couples who are not shy about showing sexuality in public.

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Foxtrot goes well with both classical and modern music, and you can perform it even in a wedding dress - flying fabrics will only emphasize the beauty of movements.


Hustle or Swing

These fast dances with jumps and difficult lifts are suitable for young and active couples. For their preparation, you will need a professional dance teacher, a special outfit and very comfortable shoes.


Non-standard wedding dance

If you want to surprise your guests, prepare a non-standard dance with elements of a flash mob, in which the bridesmaids and groomsmen will take part, or a mashup - a combined dance where a slow melody is suddenly replaced by a fast one. Such a dance will look fresh and unusual and will allow you to combine several different styles and favorite songs in one number. Another good option is the dance of the bride and groom, at the end of which the host invites the guests to join the newlyweds. It looks very intimate and family-like.

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Wedding dance music

The key to your dance success is the right music that will create a magical atmosphere! For classical dance there is nothing better than string music, and at a youth party you can dance to the songs of a cover band. For the first dance, you should choose a song that fully conveys the mood and emotions of the couple. In our playlist you will find the best compositions for the dance of love.


Duration of the wedding dance

Even the most beautiful dance will tire the audience if it turns out to be too long. Focus on 3-4 minutes - the average duration of one song. During this time, guests will fully enjoy the beauty of the moment, and you will not get tired.


Staging and rehearsals

Staging a complex dance will require a studio for classes with a choreographer and additional rehearsals at home. It is better to start classes 2-3 months before the celebration, in order to learn the necessary movements without haste and hone your skills. So, at the most crucial moment, you will feel confident and will be able to fully enjoy the moment.


Clothes and shoes

As a rule, for the first dance, the bride buys a second dress - more comfortable and simple, not restricting movement. The same applies to shoes - make sure in advance that you can perform all the steps in wedding shoes. To do this, we advise you to break in your shoes in advance or choose shoes without heels.

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The exception is a simple slow dance and a classic waltz, which will only benefit if the bride wears a ball gown.

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