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white fiberglass streamer rod for worship dance streamer, by Winged Sirenny.

1 piece white fiberglass streamer rod for worship streamers


1~Covered by white lacquers. No splinters

2~Rotatable buckle, rubber sleeve.

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Dances of new worship - Newspaper "Kommersant" Ukraine - Kommersant

1K 2 minutes. ...

Faithless came to Ukraine for the first time on Tuesday. The famous British electronic musicians, who manage to make music from hip-hop, house and trance at the same time both for the feet and for the head, closed the Tuborg Green Festival in Kyiv. A heartfelt evening of cult dances was attended by LYUBOV Y-BORSHCHEVSKAYA.

Two years ago, critics literally buried Faithless, deciding that the record "Forever - Faithless Greatest Hits", which the group celebrated its tenth anniversary, was its farewell to the stage. However, last year the musicians unexpectedly released a new and very good album - "To All New Arrivals". Kyiv concert of Faithless became another argument in favor of the fact that one of the most extraordinary and long-standing bands playing dance music is too early to retire.

True, not many people came to listen to the legends without five minutes. At first, the Ukrainian electro-pop group Gorchitza tried to entertain the assembled half of the hall, in which all the instruments, except for the drum kit, from which the drummer extracted a monotonous rumble, were successfully replaced by a phonogram. There was no sharpness or bitterness in the performance, the name of the group was justified only by the color of the vocalist's clothes. In the hall, the mechanical rhythm of the speakers reacted like a funeral orchestra. "God is a DJ!" someone in the fan zone shouted softly and somehow sadly. However, not all of those who came were so erudite: one girl, who was standing in the front row of the dance floor, even asked a Kommersant correspondent if it was Faithless on stage, which made one wonder if the Gorchitza group was so bad or just electronic music had become so monotonous and faceless.

After standing for another half an hour for the soundcheck, the audience was rewarded in a particularly remarkable way: instead of the usual "man and laptop" format for Kyiv electronic concerts, Faithless arrived in full force - with percussionists, guitarists and backing vocalists. The very first portion of beats and rhythms was so powerful that it made the audience jump, sing and rage. After the instrumental opening, the band's frontman, the charismatic rapper Maxi Jazz, who looked like an African deity, stepped onto the stage with a solemn smile. "I only smoke weed when I need to", the famous "Insomnia" sounded, after which the concert continued according to the greatest hits principle: "God is a DJ", "Mass Destruction", "What about Love", "I Want More" . DJ Ayala Bentovim - a spectacular blonde, better known under the pseudonym Sister Bliss - concentratedly operated a block of synthesizers, seasoned Aubrey Nunn leaned on the bass, and the drummer and percussionist in a silver cowboy hat, who appeared on stage with a whole set of unprecedented ethnic instruments, set the rhythm for all this. The guitarist's participation was not felt for the time being, however, he revealed his cards in "Mass Destruction", presented in a heavily weighted rock version.

Maxi Jazz worked with inhuman efficiency - he rushed around the stage, jumped and gesticulated. He did it so deftly to the general rhythm that the audience involuntarily repeated his movements. Which is not surprising, because Maxi Jazz, having become the embodiment of the most progressive youth trends in the 90s, has perfectly learned to feel his audience. One gesture of his is enough to plunge the audience into an almost religious ecstasy. The feeling of mass became especially strong during the performance of "God is a DJ" - it seemed that the audience, obediently yelling "This is my church!" and sisters.

The culmination of the concert was the encore hit "Salva Mea". The hall seemed to be absolutely happy. The event, which brought together fans of loud and rhythmic music, suddenly became extremely touching. Here one could see a man of about thirty with his eyes closed, and a young girl in one bra. It only remained to imagine what Faithless's performance would have been like if they had arrived ten years earlier, when their music was playing in discos, cars and players all day long.

How to make your own Maypole

May Day is May 1st, and what could be better than making your own Maypole?

May Day, traditionally marking the beginning of summer, probably comes from ancient agricultural rituals and was celebrated by the Romans, Greeks and Celts. In the UK, May celebrations traditionally include the gathering of wildflowers, the making of garlands, dancing around the May pole, and the coronation of the May King and Queen. May Day holidays have been celebrated in the UK for over 2,000 years.

Maypole is a wooden pole decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons. This tradition may have originated from the Germanic rituals of tree worship, praying for a bountiful harvest. Children dance around the may pole, each holding a ribbon, and weaving and twisting, they braid rainbow ribbons around the pole.

How to make a traditional garden T-shirt

If you want to make a real maypole that you can take out every year for a garden party, this is for you. Anyone who attempts to do so will receive a gold medal for their efforts.

What you will need:

- Pole 3-5 m (wooden pole, strong plastic pipe, something strong) with a diameter of at least 44 mm

- Paint (optional)

- Colored ribbons (one for each dancer in the family), multiples of 4, best suited 4,8,12, etc.

- Flowers for decorating the crown (real or artificial)

- Leaves for decorating

- Stapler

- Scissors

- Drill

- 3" double screw

- Drawing pins

- Two wooden discs that fit snugly on the pole.

- Wooden pommel (decorative ornament on a pole). You can use a doorknob or something similar!

- Somewhere to hold a pole - a hole in the ground that can be rammed tightly around the ground / spike, such as those used to hold clotheslines / garden umbrella base (anything that fits snugly on the pole, since it does not everything should swing)

How to:

- Color your pole and pommel.

- Drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw diameter in the center of each disc and at one end of the pole.

- Unfold the ribbons and fold them in half. Cut a triangular notch in the center of each fold to create a small, diamond-shaped hole.

- Take a wooden disk and divide it into four parts with two ribbons. Make sure the diamond shaped hole on each belt is centered on the drilled hole in the disc. Then place one or two more ribbons in each quarter. Secure each ribbon in place with pins. Fasten the ribbons around the edges of the disc and in the center.

- Insert the screw into the top of the rack. Place the wooden disc on the screw with the bands facing up. Place another disk on top and then the tip. Rotate the tip so that it fits snugly into place and the disks below do not lock tightly.

- Decorate the maypole crown with flowers and leaves.

- Insert the pin firmly into the ground. Tighten the pin around the pole until it is completely stationary.

Covered Maypole Ideas

There are many ways to create your own indoor maypole.

- One way is to take a pole or a strong tube, such as the inner tube of a wrapping paper roll or a long wooden stick, and simply staple the tape on top. Then someone stands in the middle of the room, holding a pole, and the dancers dance around them. This could lead to the mummification of a person in satin ribbons.

- Attach ribbons to the top of a pole or tube, or make holes and tie ribbons through the holes. Plant a pole or tube in a pot and cover it tightly with soil. Dance around the may pot.

- Make a ribbon mobile and hang it somewhere for the dancers to move around. Make a mobile phone with an embroidery hoop. Tie ribbons to the hoop in a multiple of four. Decorate with real or fake flowers, leaves, butterflies... Screw into the ceiling or hang somewhere in the center of the room.

Dance and Music Ideas

Costume Ideas

Floral Headwear

Chamomile Chains

Ribbon Braid Hair

Flowy dresses


Music and dance

You can just type "Maypole dancing" into Spotify or Youtube and come up with hundreds of suitable songs for your dance.

Introductory Dance

The dancers form a circle around the May Pole and, to the rhythm of the music, take four steps towards the pole, four steps back and then circle around the pole for a count of eight. Approaching the pole, they raise their hands, and, moving away, lower them.

First Braiding Dance and Big Chain

- The dancers now weave a closed braid around the maypole. All dancers hold their ribbons in their right hand while holding the excess ribbon with their left hand. Everyone dances around the pole in the same direction without overtaking. The dancers eventually run out of ribbon and change their steps and unwind the ribbon from the may pole.

- For the next dance, the dancers form two equal groups. Dancers from group A partner dancers from group B. Alternate As and B around the may pole, with each dancer A looking at dancer B. Turn on the music. Group A dancers pass the right shoulder with their Group B dancer and then pass the left shoulder with the next Group B dancer, in a circle until all the ribbon is used up.

Learn more