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Phoenix (Chloé’s Version)

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3.8K Likes, 7 Comments. TikTok video from Phoenix (Chloé’s Version) (@dancemomsdreams0): "I actually love this epsidoe mai ly because Paige wins first🙌🏼💚 ⚠️FAKE BODIES⚠️ #chloelukasiak #dancemoms #dms #og #ogs #abbyleemiller #aldc #fyp #fup #fy #fypage #fypシ #foryou #fypシ゚viral #dance #dancemomsedit #dmedit #dmedits #dancemomsedits #xyzbca #xyzcba #dancemomsclips". Abby judges the mums homemade costumes . original sound.


original sound - Phoenix (Chloé’s Version)



#dancemomsclips #foryoupage

1.9K Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Melanie (@itsmelanie98): "#dancemomsclips #foryoupage". Abby judges the moms Homemade costumes. original sound.


original sound - Melanie



First dance moms clip! #foryou #dancemoms #abbyleemiller #aldc #dance #fyp

TikTok video from dancemomclips14 (@dancemomclips14): "First dance moms clip! #foryou #dancemoms #abbyleemiller #aldc #dance #fyp". The moms show Abby their homemade costumes (S2E26). original sound.


original sound - dancemomclips14


Dance Mom Dana

Replying to @briannawallin8 another of Kennedy’s costumes from last season. This one was self-choreographed and designed. I’m a proud mama! #dancemoms #dancemomlife #solo #dancecostume #fyp #selfchoreographed #rhinestones #contemporarydance #dancecompetition #advanceddancer #dance @Team Kennedy & Justin

6.6K Likes, 16 Comments. TikTok video from Dance Mom Dana (@dancemomdana): "Replying to @briannawallin8 another of Kennedy’s costumes from last season. This one was self-choreographed and designed. I’m a proud mama! #dancemoms #dancemomlife #solo #dancecostume #fyp #selfchoreographed #rhinestones #contemporarydance #dancecompetition #advanceddancer #dance @Team Kennedy & Justin". Kennedy’s | CONTEMPORARY | SOLO | .... Pieces (Solo Piano Version).


Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


✨ Dance ✨

Sorry i haven’t posted in a while <3 #CheetosReaperReactions #ItsGreatOutdoors #abby #solo #fyp #fypシ #dancemoms #dance #flashback #costumes

1.1K Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from ✨ Dance ✨ (@danceedits14): "Sorry i haven’t posted in a while <3 #CheetosReaperReactions #ItsGreatOutdoors #abby #solo #fyp #fypシ #dancemoms #dance #flashback #costumes". S2 E6 | ____________ | ABBY JUDGES THE MOMS HOMEMADE SOLO COSTUMES. original sound.


original sound - ✨ Dance ✨


Dance Moms

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original sound - Dance Moms


🌸 Floral Studios 🌸

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original sound - 🌸 Floral Studios 🌸


uh huh

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Phoenix (Chloé’s Version)

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2. 1K Likes, 22 Comments. TikTok video from Phoenix (Chloé’s Version) (@dancemomsdreams0): "Love this so much💙 #chloelukasiak #dancemoms #dms #og #ogs #abbyleemiller #aldc #fyp #fup #fy #fypage #fypシ #foryou #fypシ゚viral #dance #dancemomsedit #dmedit #dmedits #dancemomsedits #xyzbca #xyzcba #dancemomsclips". Brooke tries on her old dance moms dance costumes part 2. original sound.


original sound - Phoenix (Chloé’s Version)

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Decorating a dance costume for a girl

Do you like dancing? Especially incendiary look ballroom sports, with the legendary Tango, Samba and romantic Rumba. The mood rises, looking at the moving bodies of the dancers and sparkling outfits. Yes, the dress plays a big role here. Speaking, it is not enough to have impeccable technique, you need to be able to fall in love with judges and spectators. This is done with the help of an unusual dance set. Of course, they are not sold in regular stores. Sew special tailors who offer different designs, decorations. Handwork is expensive. Sometimes there is simply not enough money to buy a good suit for performances. What to do?

If you are talented, diligent and willing to learn, you will succeed. Every mother who wants to make her daughter the most beautiful has golden hands.

Thanks to the Internet, you can find a large number of applications and sewing techniques. Many try to find something on their own, to invent. It is convenient to use special kits for painting. They already have a scheme, a certain number of threads and sequins. You don't have to do any calculations or guessing.

In this article we offer several options for an unusual design of a children's leotard for dancing for a girl.

Decorating a dance costume for a girl

Mothers know that during the performance of the European program, their daughter spends most of the dance with her back to the audience. Pair dance closes the chest. To stand out, you should create an emphasis on the back and left side - these are the most open places. A bright large bow or a flower on the cut looks original, beads and rhinestones, which start along the edge of the hem and smoothly move to the back of the dress. Try to take into account the color scheme, combine shades, do not let the details merge into one mass. Lace looks great, combined with satin and glass beads.

To attract attention, a suit must sparkle and shimmer, stand out from the crowd. Against the background of the strict decoration of the partner, the girls look amazing.

Adhesive and sew-on strasses, as well as thermos, are perfect. Imitation pearls, large and small beads, feathers, fringes, coins, chains and much more. There should be something catchy and original in the stage image. The main thing is not to overdo it. You need to stand out, but do not make a Christmas tree out of a child.

If you look through the samples of outfits on the Internet, you can find really interesting ideas for your decoration. A huge flower flaunts on the back, shimmering with lights under the spotlights, a firebird, waves, stars, oriental motifs. The dress becomes a canvas on which to create picturesque paintings. Agree, manual work is painstaking work. You will have to sit for weeks at the monotonous sewing on of sequins, but what is the result. You will get an original toilet, save money, get great pleasure when your daughter puts on a dress on stage.

Decorating a dance costume for a girl-2

Oriental beauty

Entering the stage and demonstrating a sensual belly dance is an art. Girls from an early age try to learn complex techniques. Without a beautiful outfit, you will not get a complete image. You need to try to make it original.

Consists of:

  • Bodice;
  • Top;
  • Shirt with sleeves;
  • Skirt;
  • harem pants;
  • belt;
  • head scarf or decoration.

The East loves gold, jewels and luxury. This carried over into the costume.

Decorating a dance costume for a girl-5

If you are going to sew a dress yourself, decide on the style, material and decorations. If there is not enough money, it is better to use the budget option: glass beads, coins, braid, beads. Expensive toilets require Swarovski stones. There are Chinese manufacturers who make a good copy of the pebbles. They also consist of glass, hold well, do not fade, there is a large selection of colors.

Transparent harem pants are a must-have to make them look more extravagant. To do this, it is better to take glass beads, pebbles of different sizes look good, lying on the canvas like stars. Keep in mind that lightweight fabric will not withstand the heavy weight of the beads, so discard them in favor of sequins and other lightweight materials.

The belt is the most important attribute, which is embroidered to the maximum. It can be figured, straight, curved, but must consist of patterns, luxurious embroideries and sequins.

Complete the look with jewelry. There are bracelets on the leg and arm. The more of them, the better. Let them gleam and ring in time with the movements of the body - it looks very impressive. Sometimes you have to spend a lot on jewelry. We advise you to make a purchase in specialized stores for creativity, there you will find not only parts for the costume, but also for earrings, chains, bracelets and other things.

Decorating a dance costume for a girl-3

Sewing technique

The variety of decor allows designers and needlewomen to invent new patterns, draw inspiration from the traditions of other nationalities and other things.

What are beads like? It is diverse, for example: glass beads, charlotte, drops, twin, barry, pony, plastic and glass beads. They differ from each other not only in shape and material, but also in size.

You can pick up any pattern, but transferring it to the fabric is a difficult task. Craftswomen usually use the following methods: transfer to tracing paper, draw on silk, use special carbon paper, draw elements with chalk or toilet soap on the surface of matter. Try to fasten the tracing paper well so that it does not move out and distort the ornament.

Decorating a dance costume for a girl-4

If you are not confident in your skills, it is better to start embroidering with stitches available for beginners.

Basic ways:

  • Forward needle;
  • Stem stitch;
  • Stebnoy;
  • Attached;
  • Fixing one bead;
  • Arched;
  • Monastery;
  • Overlock.

You will find how they are stitched in any video lesson. It’s better not to choose complex images for the first masterpiece on clothes, practice to surprise others with skill next time.

Before starting work, do not forget to organize your workplace, pay attention to lighting, a flat table surface, a comfortable chair and inventory. Most likely, you will need hoops, threads, needles, scissors, thimble, containers for pebbles, decor, jewelry, pencils, fabric, glue, canvas, carbon paper. With such an arsenal, you will definitely succeed.

Useful. What will it take to sew a costume for the holiday

New Year without a costume is like a Christmas tree without decorations. Olga Alekseeva, the master of tailoring and tailoring, is sincerely convinced of this.

These days, too, she is busy with her latest works of art: before the weekend, a batch of New Year's costumes was sent to the Moscow region, and the Father Frost costume, which she is now sewing, will soon “fly” there. Just the other day, an order was received from our RDK for sewing winter New Year's costumes. I think that every Kurtamyshan has seen the work of this master at least once - many stage costumes for vocal, dance and choral performances by students and teachers of the Children's School of Arts, regional and rural Houses of Culture.

Olga is not afraid to take on difficult work, she can even sew an exclusive wedding dress or ready to fit it so that it will fit perfectly on any figure.

- And if you don't sew complex costumes and outfits, you can lose all your skills, forget everything you were taught, - she thinks.

And yet, a special magic happens when the master takes on New Year's costumes.

- I myself am from the time when all the girls were Snowflakes or Snow Maidens at the New Year's party, and the boys were bunnies and musketeers. But, despite this, each child had a unique, inimitable costume, because their mothers, grandmothers sewed, fathers and grandfathers helped to make. Indeed, our mothers sewed New Year's costumes for us from gauze, decorating them with cotton wool, foil and tinsel, and the crown with crushed glass from broken Christmas tree decorations. But we believed in a miracle, magic, a fairy tale. And now, when there is such a variety of fabrics and finishing materials, but at matinees you most often see superheroes and cartoon characters in exactly the same store-bought costumes ... Is this why children so quickly stop believing in Santa Claus and New Year's miracles?

- But not everyone has a penchant for needlework.

- No need to be afraid that it will not work out. Try your hand. Now there are so many videos, publications on the Internet, how to make this or that costume from improvised and even junk materials. Or you can carefully look at the hero’s costume, who your child wants to be, cut out old clothes and sew a New Year’s costume, and together figure out what and how to decorate it. Sometimes even one tinsel is enough to turn a beautiful dress into an outfit of a fairy princess. I think it’s more important for the child that they made the costume together with their mother, ”says Olga.

A woman knows from her personal experience that a costume helps to get into the role better:

- Try to portray Baba Yaga first without a costume, and then in her fabulous outfit. The difference will be obvious. It's the same if you put on a new dress and shoes and walk down the street: both posture and gait will immediately become different.

I myself still take part in fairy performances since I was once told: “Since you can sew a costume, then you will be ...” And that's who I just wasn't. But in a good suit you feel confident, even if you forget the words, you don’t get out of character, but start to improvise.

Photo caption: One of the most difficult orders was to make a cow costume for two people. It was necessary to try so that the participants could easily move around the stage and see everything that was happening. And the very first full-length costumes were the dance costumes of the Teletubbies for Children's Art School. / Photo from the page of Olga Alekseeva in Odnoklassniki.

Such Snow Maidens, as well as Snowflakes at the meeting of the Olympic flame in Kurgan, Snowstorm at the VI regional winter sports games "Zauralskaya Blizzard" and many other New Year's costumes for our artists were made by Olga Alekseeva.

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