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Traditionally men wear long-sleeved shirts (to avoid grossing people when they Allemande Left out on a hot day). Women wear frilly skirts with petticoats, though in more recent years, "prairie skirts" have also come to be acceptable square dance attire.

So where do you get all that funny square dance clothing?

Unfortunately, square dance dresses are unreasonably expensive at retail (expect to spend $60-$150), so if you have any sewing experience at all, you may want to make your own. Some great places to get dress patterns are C&C Originals, Authentic Patterns and Kwik Sew. A quick google search on the Internet for square dance patterns turns up a lot of options.

Men can usually find western shirts at a number of places, AJ McAllister's has a wide variety and don't forget to check Sears. Men usually try to match their shirts to their partners dresses. Ties and vest are also acceptable and common.

Many square dance festivals have vendors that set up displays and offer a wide variety of items. However if you need something before the next festival, you can shop on line. There are several retailers that will be happy to take your order (and your money) and ship right to your door!

So, how do you find the perfect fit? Here are a few tips to make your shopping a little easier:

Dress. You're looking for a fit that is flattering as well as comfortable. Make sure the waist is at your natural waistline; do a few sample Star Thru's and twirls to make sure it stays there. The fit in the waist should be snug but not suffocating. If it's too loose, you'll be tugging your dress down all evening. If you can, take along the petticoat you'll be wearing with your new dress, or find one of comparable length and fullness. You shouldn't be able to see your petticoat hanging down past your dress; the dress length should match it, or close to it. Does the dress have high tight puffed sleeves? If so, you might find the elastic starting to cut off your circulation after an hour or so on the dance floor. Consider something closer to elbow length. Shoulder seams should fall naturally at the edge of your shoulder, not flop over onto your arm. Twirl once more with dress and petticoat. Does the skirt fall back into place, or does it hang up on the petticoat? Now you know why many skirts and dresses have ruffles along the hem.

Pettipants. Most women like to twirl while swinging or promenading and guess what happens then? Your skirts take flight. So we have pettipants, for aw-shucks modesty. They're available in nylon or batiste and in various lengths, from short "sissy" pants to mid-thigh to ankle-length bloomers, if you're so inclined, and in an array of colors. Most women like their pettipants to match the color of their petticoat; pettipants aren't really meant to be noticed.

Petticoats. Probably the first time you saw someone wearing a petticoat, you thought to yourself. "How the heck does she get through the door wearing that thing?" Besides being showy, square dance petticoats serve a practical purpose; the stabilize you when you twirl. Modern square dance petticoats are generally made of net, tricot, organza, woven polyester, crystal organza and tissue lame. You can get them in just about any fullness you desire, from barely noticeable to so voluminous you could put a table setting for four on one! Tricot "softie" petticoats are a good choice for beginners. They are comfortable, inexpensive and don't make you feel that you resemble the Liberty Bell on the dance floor. Organza is less comfy, holds a more rigid silhouette and depending on how it's stored may compress and flatten out over time. Crystal Organza is a sparkly translucent fabric that come in many colors and is the choice of most veteran dancers because it packs well, machine washes (delicate cycle), dries quickly, retains it's shape and wears like iron! It is also not cheap, most retailers typically sell a 50 year crystal petticoat for about $80. By the way, 50 yards does not mean that 50 yards of fabric were used in construction; 50 yards is determined by measuring the bottom edge. You'll also see them referred to by length. Common lengths are 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 inches. How long of a petticoat should you wear? It is up to you, try several lengths to see what looks good but the smart people pick one length and stick with it so they don't have to worry about matching various skirts to different petticoat lengths.

Shoes. Some people will try to tell you that you need square dance shoes, which start at about $40 a pair for ladies' shoes, $60 a pair for men's. Don't believe it. Sure, there are some dance floors where you must bring non-street shoes, but most dancing is done on floors at the various local schools or churches, where no one's too concerned about damaging the finish. Anyway, look for a shoe that is comfortable, gives good support and won't come off in mid-tip.

Adapted from articles by Bill van Melle and Charleen Bunjiovianna

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From what and how to make a beautiful kokoshnik (crown)?

Maybe someone has references or has sewing experience?

I would like to build beautiful folk-Russian costumes for a child so that the child would be happy to dress up in them.
Well, to seem not to be ashamed

For inspiration: http://www.

Try to cut it out of candy cardboard, glue it with velvet, or you can also (there is such a doubler for collar-cuffs). But first you need to experiment just on cardboard, then attach an insert that would fix it on your head. I can imagine, but I can’t clearly explain

As a child, I made such crowns for myself exactly according to this principle. I cut it out of cardboard, glued it with a cloth, sewed or glued decorations again

You can do this:

Tozhe dlja vdohnovenija.

Dear donkeys, please tell me where you can collect information about the headdress-kokoshnik? Thank you in advance!

this is what I have:

Here is approximately such a kokoshnik I made ... of course, I do not pretend to be any kind of exclusivity and originality ...

And now on the head

Hello, craftswomen!!!
I ask for advice from ANYONE!!! For the New Year holiday, you need to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden costume. Can anyone help?? Where to start, etc.??
I am immensely grateful to everyone who responds. My ICQ is 409366900.
Approximate photos of what should happen.

Your photo was not inserted. .
From what I know from theatrical technologies - the cardboard base is covered with fabric, on which the decor is then embroidered and pasted.. There is a "hat" made of beaded mesh on the front, historically they simply tied it under a braid or there was also a part of the hat, but already made of fabric ... You can simply put on a cardboard base on a tight-fitting hat .. That is. we make the base, fit it, decorate it in any way. Then we cut 2 parts of the cap so that there would be a seam "from ear to ear" and sew them together, putting a kokoshnik. Due to the shape, the cardboard part will not fall.. The cap itself can then be sheathed with fur, embroidered and glued...


Maybe someone has references or has sewing experience?
I would like to build beautiful folk-Russian costumes for a child so that the child would be happy to dress up in them.
Well, show yourself not to be ashamed

In this thread
Irishanya showed a wonderful folk costume with a kokoshnik. In the same place, she wrote how she sewed a kokoshnik.

Good evening.
I did this: I took a cardboard pattern, it is good from thick corrugated cardboard, for example from a box, it bends better, wrapped it with foil for frying (I glued the foil). On the front side, the edges are bent onto the back, on the back the foil is slightly smaller than the pattern so that it does not crawl out over the edge, covering the front layer of foil. Tulle on top, can be sewn as a cover, or sewn on the front side, closing the seam with a braid. A veil was sewn under the braid. Below - grandmother's earrings went to pendants. On the front side - beads and rhinestones. Behind the pendants (fasteners under a large red rhinestone in the corner) there was an elastic band hidden under the hair, which helped the whole structure not to fall, especially back, the veil did not let it fall forward. The elastic is sewn through to the rhinestone so that it does not come off the cardboard. The veil is cut obliquely - a quarter of the "sun". The cone is slightly trimmed to fit the kokoshnik pattern.
And also a red sundress, embroidered with braid and beads in front and along the entire hem. And on any white sweater or turtleneck. Under the sundress, an underskirt made of the same tulle.

I'll add my two cents. Instead of cardboard for the base, I perfectly used a 6-liter water bottle. I made a pattern from a newspaper, glued it with tape and cut it out with scissors. Then she pasted over with velvet, stitched the edge, and at the same time sewed sequins. Then the decor is arbitrary.

But in the front there is such a beaded mesh - how is it done?


Quadrille is a dance that has gained popularity among the people, changed in the manner of performance, but retaining the features of the ancient dance. In terms of folk performance, this dance has enough varieties: Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and American. All these options are distinguished by their special variety.
The Russian people have been transforming and making the square dance better for a long time, inventing new interesting movements, manner of performance and, as a result, made the square dance like a dance. The Russian version of the quadrille has a lot of special construction ideas, as well as the most complex figures in terms of execution.
Quadrille is a dynamic, fast dance. Special shoes are used for square dance - square dance . These are low shoes with a bright monochromatic coloring, red, black, white and other colors, made of leather, having high lacing and a flexible sole.

• Black
• White
• Red

• Set

• Natural

000 111

Foot length, cm










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