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Selena Johnson was born on November 15, 1975 (age 47) in United States. She is a celebrity realitystar. Selena Johnson's Life Path Number is 3 as per numerology. Her has an estimated net worth of $ 2 million dollars. Reality star who is best recognized for appearing on the Lifetime reality dance show Bring It! along with her daughters. After starring on the show, she has gained a large following on social media.   More information on Selena Johnson can be found here. This article will clarify Selena Johnson's Age, Movie, Songs, Husband, Bring It Age, Net Worth, Son Quincy, Bring It Son, Bring It Net Worth lesser-known facts, and other informations. (Please note: For some informations, we can only point to external links)

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    Family, Spouse, Dating, and Relationships of Selena Johnson


    Her daughters Sunjai, Star, and Sky Williams were all members of the Dancing Dolls team. 



    Sky Williams


    Selena Johnson Before Fame


    Selena Johnson was born in 11-15-1975. That means he has life path number 3. She first appeared on the reality show in March 2014. 

    The Numerology of Selena Johnson


    In numerology, Life Path Number 3 is associated with creativity, inspiration, and communication skills. Selena Johnson was born with a Life Path Number 3, she has the gift of charisma as well. Life path 3s are amazing and unique! They are a social butterfly, with a skill set!


    Associated with


    She and Dianna Williams have both appeared on Bring It!  Sunjai Williams, Star Williams, and Sky Williams were also Her acquaintances.

    Dianna Williams

    Net Worth


    Selena Johnson's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below. Let's check, How Rich is She in 2021-2022? According to Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDB, and other reputable online sources, Selena Johnson has an estimated net worth of $ 2 million dollars at the age of 47 years old. She has earned most of her wealth from her thriving career as a realitystar from United States. It is possible that She makes money from other undiscovered sources


    Houses & Cars & Luxury Brands


    Selena Johnson's house and car and luxury brand in 2022 is being updated as soon as possible by, You can also click edit to let us know about this information.

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    10 facts about the doll that earns billions

    On March 9, the most famous doll in the world celebrates its birthday. She is 62 years old, but Barbie is not going to retire - last year alone thanks to her, Mattel earned more than a billion dollars.

    Some interesting facts about dolls that have been played with for several generations of girls.

    $1.35 billion for 2020

    Barbie's sales generated $1.35 billion last year for Mattel, nearly a third of the $4.5 billion in revenue that broke 15-year records and earned several awards from the NPD Group. Barbie's Dream Home was voted the #1 toy item, Mattel was the #1 Toy Manufacturer in the USA for the 27th consecutive year, and Barbie was the world's top toy brand. The Toy Association also awarded Barbie the "Toy of the Year" title.

    “More than a doll, Barbie is a pop culture icon. She has proven her resilience by staying timeless and timely while continuing to lead and reinvent the fashion doll category,” said Richard Dixon, president and chief operating officer of Mattel.

    Barbie's "mother" didn't play with dolls as a child

    "I thought 'girl talk' was stupid," says Barbie creator Ruth Handler in her autobiography. A girl from a family of Jewish immigrants more often helped relatives in the store than had fun with her girlfriends - and she liked it.

    View this post on Instagram

    Post by Barbie (@barbie)

    She grew up, got married, had children. Having no experience of her own, Ruth was open-minded about toys. Watching her daughter and her friends play with dolls, Ruth noticed that they often get the roles of adult women.

    Girls do not want to babysit a baby doll, but to represent themselves in the future - they need "adult" dolls. Now it seems self-evident, but for the 50s the idea was too revolutionary, and it took several years to implement it - by the time the first Barbie was released, Ruth's daughter had already outgrown the dolls, she was 18 years old.

    Barbie's first appearance was unsuccessful

    Mattel was founded in 1945 by Ruth's husband, Elliot Handler and his friend. The company became a well-known manufacturer of toys - among the bestsellers was, for example, a toy ukulele. But the first Barbie, presented at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959, was viewed with bewilderment by visitors. A blonde in a black and white swimsuit, in high heels - and just think, the doll has the figure of an adult woman!

    “Some men thought women wouldn't want their daughters to have a doll with breasts! And they themselves did not want their daughters to have such a doll, ”recalled Ruth.

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    Post by Barbie (@barbie)

    Barbie Prototype - German Adult Doll

    German comics about Lilly's uninhibited girl were so popular that Greiner & Hauser launched her doll. Bild Lilli was not intended for children - the figurine could be found in bars and tobacco shops, bought as a gift for a bachelor party, or hung in a car on the rear-view mirror.

    But when Ruth and her daughter went on holiday to Switzerland in 1956 and saw Lilly, they immediately bought a few pieces and took them home to America. Bild Lilli inspired Ruth to create Barbie - in fact, the dolls were so similar that the manufacturers later sued, and in 1964 Mattel bought the copyrights and patents for Lilly.

    Barbie is involved in two revolutions in marketing

    The success of the new doll had to work hard - Ruth, who was the vice president of Mattel, came up with several breakthrough solutions at once.

    First, the doll was sold at a modest price, almost equal to the cost of $3. The main profit the company received from the sale of clothing and accessories. Later, this marketing model was successfully adopted by manufacturers from a wide range of industries.

    Secondly, Mattel launched advertising aimed at children, not parents - Ruth began to implement this idea a few years before the introduction of Barbie, and the results were stunning. It was enough to show a new toy in the popular show "The Mickey Mouse Club" - and sales broke records. When the girls saw a video of a "young fashion model" changing outfits, the new doll was swept off the shelves. In the first year, 300,000 Barbies were sold.

    Barbie and Ken are brother and sister

    Barbie was named after Ruth's daughter, Barbara. And Barbie's boyfriend, Ken, who appeared in 1961, was named after Ruth's son, Kenneth.

    Barbie went to the moon before Armstrong

    Barbie was not criticized for anything! For excessive consumption: she tends to constantly acquire new outfits, cars, houses ... For the figure: some scientists thought that such a thin woman could not have periods, while others proved that her proportions were basically impossible.

    But the company continued to release new dolls - with different skin colors, different hairstyles and figures, and, most importantly, different professions. Over the years, the doll has received more than 200 career opportunities, and the toy world has in many ways been ahead of real time. since. Barbie ran for President of the United States long before Hillary Clinton. Doctors, paleontologists, musicians, firefighters - the Barbie family has always had very purposeful girls who did not pay attention to the "glass ceiling". Barbie in a wheelchair, Barbie bald after chemotherapy - she knows most of the problems that occur in the modern world.

    “My own Barbie philosophy was that through a doll a little girl could be who she wanted to be. Barbie has always epitomized the fact that a woman has a choice,” Ruth said. — About feminist criticism: I don't even answer that. The fact that Barbie is so loved speaks for itself."

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    Post by Barbie (@barbie)

    True, the most popular doll of all time is still the typical "princess" - Totally Hair Barbie, with floor-length hair, released in 1992. More than 10 million of these beauties were sold. for the scandal

    Mattel went public in 1960, a year after the introduction of Barbie. The company grew rapidly: by 1966, the company's sales reached $100 million, by 1968 it exceeded $200 million, and the stock return was 16%.

    Ruth Handler, who became president of Mattel in 1967, was in her prime. Alas, it didn't last long. In 1970, Ruth was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent surgery, and at the same time the company made several unsuccessful investments, shareholders sued, Handler was accused by the Securities Commission of preparing false financial statements. Ruth was sentenced to a fine and community service, and she and her husband left the company in 1975.

    Ruth started a new company that made breast implants and sold it to Kimberly-Clark 15 years later.

    JK Rowling is also a Barbie. And Chewbacca

    Over the 60-year history, many Barbie celebrities have been released. The first real star to become a doll was supermodel Twiggy in 1967. Then there were actresses Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, singer Cher, writer JK Rowling, artist Frida Kahlo, pilot Amelia Earhart and many others.

    Many heroes of popular films and TV shows have also been turned into Barbie dolls - for example, Scully and Mulder from the X-files and almost all the characters of the Star Wars saga, including the robot R2D2 and Chewbacca.

    View this post on Instagram

    Post by Barbie (@barbie)

    Barbie Eleanor Roosevelt launched in March 2021 on the eve of International Women's Day.

    Barbie benefited from the pandemic

    During the pandemic, sales of Barbie dolls around the world jumped by 16% - parents bought more toys for their children to brighten up the period of self-isolation. Mattel shares are up 57% over the past year.

    Other famous company stories - Pinterest, Airbnb, Zoom, etc. — read the tag #brand story.

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    Ceremonial doll "Strigushka" | GBU "Tatkultresurstsentr"

    Ancient customs of making ritual animals and dolls from straw have come into our life. They have become a theme for the work of many contemporary masters and artists.

    Hand-made folk doll - part of the folk tradition. Making it, the child learns the history of his people. A doll is not born by itself, it is created by a person, and the most inspired doll creators are children.

    To make this doll, you will need straw, compressed by hand - then it will be even and long. The straw must be dried and tied into a sheaf. Before work, to make the straw softer and more elastic, it can be soaked in hot water (a little salt can be added to the water). Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least hold it a little over hot steam. Then it will not break when it needs to be bent almost in half. A haircut can also be made from other materials: from bast, twigs or long even rods, and even from some herbs (herbs of the cereal family are suitable, for example, bluegrass, timothy). Sometimes fragrant and healing herbs are woven into such dolls so that, in addition to the game moment, the haircuts have healing properties. Today it is called aromatherapy. It is also customary to dress dolls in special sarafans, miniature scarves, and skirts.

    The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but on the contrary, it unwinds so that it looks like a straw skirt. The bottom is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface.

    1. Take a large bunch of grass or hay and fold it in half. This will be the body of the doll.

    2. In place of the proposed neck, we tie with a thread or ribbon to get a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

    3. Prepare hands - another bunch of grass or hay, half as long as the previous one.

    4. Bandage it at the ends, forming palms.

    5. We put the hands in the body and tie them below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle of straw is tied again below the hands - at the waist. Also, miniature braids can be made from straw, which will then need to be attached to the head.

    6. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it looks like a kind of straw skirt. It is worth noting that it was precisely because the bottom of such dancing dolls was not tied up, but cut in the form of a straw skirt, that they were called haircuts.

    7. The base of the doll is ready. In order for the doll to look like a person, now you can dress it up - put on a skirt and an apron, tie a ribbon on a braid, put on a necklace, sew a sundress, a shirt, weave a beautiful belt, etc.

    Learn more