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Let’s talk Guardians of the Galaxy. My three favorite things in this movie are as follows: (1) Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (and 2), (2) Rocket and (3) Groot. Specifically sweet little Baby Groot dancing at the very end. It’s my favorite part in the whole movie. Sidenote: fourth place? The Howard the Duck cameo. But I digress…
I scored the DVD and a Rocket on my last shopping trip. A Dancing Baby Groot, however, wasn’t to be. So what’s a crafty girl to do? Obviously she’s going to make one herself.
I started with a wooden dowel and used floral wire to create arms in the shape that I wanted. Any wire will do. Even a pipe cleaner. You just want something to help hold the form of the arms for adding clay.  

I created a base form for my Baby Groot Puppet with brown polymer clay. Confession time: I’ve never used polymer clay. I was scared. No need, though. It was totally easy. I just took off small sections from my block, rolled them in my hands to soften them up and then pressed into place. Make sure you’re using a surface that’s safe for clay. I baked my form for a few minutes according to the directions on the package. I wanted it to firm up but I didn’t want it completely dry, since the new clay won’t stick as well to baked clay. I rolled more brown clay into tiny vines and placed them all over the body of my Groot. I promise you can’t mess this up.

Once I was done adding all of my brown vines I worked on the face. I made it smooth at first, pushed in two black beads for the eyes and then used a toothpick to carve the mouth. I then pressed the toothpick lightly over the entire face to create the wood grain. I finished it all by adding some green vines and leaves. Everything went into the oven for 15 minutes to completely harden. Your package of clay will give you the appropriate temperature.

I cut a round piece of fleece to use as the potting soil “skirt” for my Baby Groot puppet. I made a hole in the middle of the fleece and pulled the dowel through. I used hot glue to attach Groot to the fleece.I drilled a small hole in the bottom of a white plastic cup to serve as Groot’s pot. Rubber bands on the wooden dowel stopped it from sliding down too far into the cup. Finally, I used more hot glue to secure the fleece to the inside edge of the cup. The fleece was larger than the mouth of the cup so I needed to pleat a bit as I glued. This gives the puppet lots of room to wiggle around and dance.

I’ve also got your Baby Groot playlist ready and waiting to go!

Hours of puppet fun and movie watching await! Planning a Guardians Of The Galaxy party? Make sure you check out the amazing party plan over at Horrible Housewife!

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'Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2' Baby Groot Toy Dances to Music

The INSIDER Summary

• Hasbro showed its upcoming Dancing Groot toy at the 2017 international Toy Fair.
• The 11.5-inch Baby Groot dances to a clip of music from "Come a Little Bit Closer," which will be featured on the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" movie soundtrack.
• The toy will also jive to any of your music.
• It will retail for $34.99 and be available in the spring.

If there's one toy kids and adults alike are going to want this year, look no further than this dancing Baby Groot doll from the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

INSIDER had some hands-on time with the grooving Groot at the 2017 international Toy Fair which kicked off February 18, and it's one of the standout items of the show.

Hasbro and Marvel showed off the tiny guardian with a dozen dancing Groots jiving to '60s song "Come a Little Bit Closer," which will be featured on the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" soundtrack.

This is the display Hasbro has setup for the dancing Groot dolls. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

It's not hard to see why he'll be a sought-after figure once you see him in action.

Take a look:

The toy everyone is going to want this year - Dancing Baby Groot. Will be $34.99 from #Hasbro. #marvel #toyfair2017

A post shared by Kirsten (@not_kristen) on Feb 18, 2017 at 12:49pm PST

The 11.5-inch figure lights up and moves his arms along to the song. His arms are poseable so you can have Baby Groot groove in different positions.

The leaf on Groot's left leg will get the grooving started. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

INSIDER was told Dancing Groot dances along to three songs. 

Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

In addition, Groot is able to recognize external music and will start grooving along to it as well. If you also have Hasbro's electronic music mix Star-Lord who has a playable cassette tape, Groot will start jiving along to his mixtape as well. And, yes, the Star-Lord action figure talks. Chris Pratt lent his voice to the character which has 25 different commands from the sequel.

Dancing Groot and Star-Lord side by side. The 12-inch electronic music mix Star-Lord will be available spring 2017 for ages four and up for $19.99. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER The little blue tape pops into Star-Lord's cassette player. When it starts playing music, it can trigger Groot to dance. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER Here's the box Dancing Groot will come inside. He requires three AA batteries. Hasbro

Dancing Groot is suggested for ages four years and up and requires three AA batteries. It will be available spring 2017 for $34.99, but is available to pre-order now through Hasbro here.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" will be in theaters May 5, 2017. 

As a minor character in Guardians of the Galaxy, he crushed the sequel

It's very simple: little Groot brought a lot of money to Marvel and Disney studios bypassing the movie screens. Although he wasn't intended to be the star of the show (Rocket the Raccoon was cast for the role), Baby Groot's dancing melted the hearts of audiences, causing director James Gunn to admit with some surprise, "Groot turned out to be the film's most popular character. " Even before the release of the film on DVD, the figures of the dancing Baby in a flower pot were sold in huge numbers. The studio claims that it “did not expect such an effect,” but the phenomenon was there, and something had to be done about it. Of course, Groot should have been brought back in the sequel. But return in what form? After all, the adult Groot was not as popular as his "young" version ...

Now we know from the trailers what the studio did: Groot is replaced by Baby Groot (again voiced by Vin Diesel, although now, after passing through the filters, his voice has become "cartoonish" and completely unrecognizable). He is already older than the tree from the first series, but in general he has become even mile. And the time allotted to him in commercials has increased markedly.

Of course, director Gunn assures that the sale of toys has nothing to do with it, but it just happened by itself. First he wrote about it on Twitter, then on Facebook. But along the way, he himself let slip that he planned to start the sequel not with a small, but with an already grown Groot. Why did you end up changing your mind? The adult Groot idea, he says, "didn't work" (whatever that means).

“Then I came up with the idea of ​​making the second series start shortly after the end of the first and Groot was still small,” Gunn wrote. “And that decision became the key to the whole film, all the parts suddenly came together.” Moreover, the director even reported that he was afraid that the studio would not allow him to leave Baby Groot in the plot.

One can believe these words or not, but there is a suspicion that if the studio wanted to get as much money as possible from little Groot, it would have done exactly this: 1) threw old plot developments into the bin; 2) tied the entire plot to the time zone where Groot remains a baby; 3) increase his screen time; 4) would slightly change its design in order to release new figures; 5) at the end would allow Groot to grow up to spur sales of "adult" figures.

In view of all these “coincidences”, it seems that the matter could not have been done without the recommendations of the authorities. From the point of view of merchandise, Baby Groot is a new character (he even behaves differently than in the first film, becoming naive and playful a la immature Pinocchio), and Marvel always welcomes the introduction of additional characters, especially in cases where it is clear in advance that souvenirs with their image will be swept off the shelves.

Gann does not deny that he understood the financial potential of Baby Groot from the very beginning: “I am not an idiot and I knew that if Baby Groot works, the whole world will want to buy toys, figures and plush Groots…” Further, however, the director states this: : "But I wasn't sure about that at all when I was writing this story alone in my office, and that was definitely not the driving force behind my decision [to keep Groot as a baby]. I just fell in love with this dude, although at that time he lived only in my head.

There is some inconsistency: on the one hand, the director was aware that Baby Groot became "the most popular character", but on the other hand, for some reason, Gunn was "not sure" that people would want new toys in the form of Groot, and I was even “afraid” that the studio would not allow Groot to be left small! That is, he almost begged his bosses to let him earn a lot of money for them.

To anyone who knows how strongly merchandise affects the American cinema, such arguments will seem ridiculous. I, they say, didn’t give a damn about toys, and if they sell in large numbers, then this is just a pleasant coincidence. For comparison: it's as if Michael Bay suddenly said that, while filming the sequel to "Transformers", he did not at all plan to increase sales of the toys of the same name and stupid twin robots inserted there with a purely noble goal - for the sake of a powerful development of the plot. That is, he could say - but who would believe?

After the story that Pixar made Cars 2 for the sole purpose of selling new action figures (which is very much felt while watching the film), one can only guess how often a "souvenir" becomes a true "story engine" in Hollywood ". Let's remember, for example, Ewoks - creatures that appeared on the screen purely for the sake of toy sales ... And they really sold with a bang.

There is even a special word in English toyetic (used to refer to any entertainment content with a high "souvenir" potential) - before the era of summer blockbusters, this term did not exist, and the release of toys was never planned before the movie or series became a hit. But today, when figurine collecting has become part of pop culture, the "souvenir" can go on sale even before the premiere, so as not to lose those buyers who rush to the stores immediately after the movie screening.

And this "souvenir", conscientiously calculated by marketers, almost always finds a market. Sometimes she "saves" the entire project (for example, "Godzilla" by Roland Emmerich did not perform well at the box office, but vigorous sales of the "merchandise" associated with it averted a financial disaster). Moreover, with its huge print runs, it can even be in short supply: for example, Frozen souvenir products sold for more than $ 5 billion, squeezing other toys from store shelves for a long time - and still on Christmas 2013 for Anna, Elsa , Olaf and K o there were real battles between American parents in a hurry to make their children happy...

Although the final owner of both Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 "one is Disney," director Gunn is somehow embarrassed to admit that his employers are interested in high revenue. He resolutely dismisses accusations of "mercantile designs." Apparently, Gann does not want to look like a toy salesman, but wants to look like a man of art - although it is clear to anyone that all of Hollywood is built on commercialism, and the point of producing commercial films is precisely to obtain profit.

Selling Mickey Mouse items back in 1934 began to bring Walt Disney more money than his cartoons, and Walt only welcomed this. What’s more, Disney not only pioneered film merchandising, it’s still the first in this regard today: the company he created owns the Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel studios that are so successful in toy sales. Over the past quarter century, merch has permeated Hollywood from top to bottom. It is simply not acceptable to state it openly. After all, the consumer really likes to think of cinema as an art...

Meanwhile, Marvel's bosses mentioned a year ago that they intend to increase the amount of accompanying merch by the release of the sequel, relying on Groot. Gunn may not want to advertise how important the "souvenir" is to Marvel, but the studio itself sees no reason to hide it. And what is it?

Vin Diesel is the only actor whose voice was not dubbed in the Russian version of Guardians of the Galaxy, as he recorded lines for Groot in six languages. In the sequel, Diesel went even further and voiced his character already in 16 languages ​​- another confirmation that the studio has high hopes for Baby Groot

Groot, we note, is not the first case of this type. There are enough secondary characters that look brighter than the main characters in the history of cinema - take at least the saber-toothed Scrat from the Ice Age, which has become the hallmark of the entire franchise, or the penguins from Madagascar. Of course, the authors were aware that these guys fell in love with the audience, because they tried to insert Scrat and penguins into all subsequent series, and mountains of souvenirs were sold primarily thanks to them. The Penguins even earned their own series. But adjust the main plot for them? This has never happened before. Therefore, apparently, Gann is embarrassed to call a spade a spade.

Obviously, when Baby Groot's unexpected potential manifested itself, it was necessary to forge iron without leaving the cash register. Neither Scrat nor penguins are "perishable" products: their appearance does not change from series to series. And the grown-up Groot would quickly lose his childish charm and comedy. And it would sell worse. Therefore, it was necessary to squeeze the maximum out of it, while it was still possible. Whatever Gunn said, in our opinion, Baby Groot was an inevitability.

Another question: is it bad? Certainly not. Both Marvel and Gunn know their stuff: they make money, but they don't forget to entertain the audience. The constant expansion of the cinematic universe by adding new characters has so far been possible for the studio without problems, so Baby Groot will certainly not spoil the mess, and will surely amuse everyone.

Moreover, a “souvenir” can also be of unconditional benefit to the audience. For example, if there were no merchandise, the legendary Han Solo would have gone to the next world 30 years ago. Harrison Ford said that at some point he really wanted to kill this Star Wars hero, but George Lucas flatly refused - for the reason that figures of dead characters sell worse than living ones. The fact is that thanks to a deal with 20th Century Fox, Lucas always received his main income from a licensed "souvenir" (the studio gave it to him at the mercy, because they did not really believe in the "toyetic" nature of the first film), and now it is already clear that it was an extremely successful deal, since from 1977 years Yoda and his friends sold toys for $ 20 billion. It is not surprising that George did not want to give Han Solo, one of his central moneymakers, into the clutches of death.

Lucas, in general, never hid from his colleagues that it was the sale of toys that laid the financial foundation of his film empire (that is, if he had not succeeded in selling merchandise in the late 70s, there would be no world-famous universe today "Star Wars"). Moreover, once Lucas even stated in public that the entire franchise was created just for the sake of toys. That's right: for toys.

So Khan was not destined to die. And how many other favorites of the public were saved from death thanks to caps, cups, badges and figurines?

... Returning to the title theme, we can not fail to mention this fact in the end: a few months ago, Vin Diesel blabbed that James Gunn wants to make a Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off entirely dedicated to Groot and Rocket. The question arises: if the studio gives the go-ahead, then only because of the "toyetic" nature of this couple? I would like to believe that it is not, and that the plot of the tape itself will be worthy of the voiced idea. But if money-bearing Baby Groot reappears in the spin-off, we won't be surprised at all.

Dancing Groot will be presented on Christmas 2014 This is reported by the publication Mashable.

The toy should go on sale on Christmas Eve 2014. As in the famous video, little Groot will dance to the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" from speakers mounted on a flower pot. Dancing Baby Groot will cost about $15.

Recall that the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" was the most successful film project of 2014 in the US box office, where he earned 326 million dollars. The film has grossed $687 million worldwide at the time of this writing. At the same time, the film has not yet launched in some key markets, including China. Marvel Studios plans to release a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel in 2017.

Groot was voiced by Vin Diesel in the original film, and will most likely continue to collaborate with Marvel Studios in the future.

Below is a video clip of Baby Groot Dancing. An unwitting witness to this performance was Drax the Destroyer.

Andrey Vorontsov

Source News: Mashable

10/13/2014 19:47

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