How to install a dance pole

TheLAShop: How to Safely Set Up and Remove Your Dance Pole

Congratulations! So you’ve purchased your first spinning dance pole for your small apartment, and now, you’re worried about installing it. Never fear while theLAShop is here! With our short guide to picking out the perfect spot for your dance pole, we’ll teach you how to install it and enjoy it.


Safe & Sturdy, Switch Spinning and Static mode at any time

    1. All metal construction (40Cr Steel) with electroplated chrome finish, durable and sturdy
    2. Capacity up to 1102 Lbs (500 kg) vertically and 617 Lbs (280 kg) horizontally.
    3. High precision and seamless joints
    4. Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors.
    5. 9 inch Wide Dome & Base with protected aprons are able to grip a surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support, also protect your ceiling & wood floor.
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    How to Choose the Right Spot in your Apartment 

    If you live in the city, you may be paying a higher price for a smaller apartment. That’s why portable dance poles are the new trend in 2021! These fun and simple poles are full-body workouts and can be easily installed and removed in a matter of minutes. Here are some tips on how to pick the right spot for your pole:

    Measure the space before you install. Your dance pole should be at least your full body length from the wall and other objects. This will ensure the best safety practices while you’re dancing and avoid injury to yourself or damage to your apartment. You should also measure the distance between the floor and your ceiling to reduce the risk of damage to your home.

    Use a stud finder. Mount your dance pole under a stud in your ceiling. This is the best way to securely attach your pole to your ceiling at its strongest point.

    Avoid Lighting fixtures. Even if you do not plan on climbing to the top of your dance pole, it is a good idea to avoid the lighting fixtures on your ceiling, especially if it is a chandelier. This is because as you become more skilled on the pole, you may go upside down, and you need as much room possible to practice more dangerous tricks. 

    How to Install Your Dance Pole 

    Step 1: 

    Measure the distance between your ground and ceiling and refer to the diagram below to decide if you need to install either the pole or extension pole or both or neither.

    Step 2:

    Loosen out the protruding part of the bottom pole a little bit, as shown in the video.

    Step 3:

    Use the Allen key to loosen out the upper two screw nuts from the connecting pole.

    Step 4:

    Install the connecting pole on the bottom pole, as shown in the video. (Align the holes). After that, secure the connecting pole with screw nuts taken out in step 3

    Step 5:

    Thread the cover through the connecting pole and rotate it to secure it on the bottom pole

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    Step 6: 

    Connect the bottom base to the bottom of the connecting pole. Let one of the lower screw nuts align with the letter on the bottom base. After that, fasten the two screw nuts.

    Step 7:

    Install the upper pole, extension pole B, extension pole A as shown. Please refer to step 1, on which extension pole(s) is needed.

    Step 8: 

    Install the top base as shown.

    Step 9:

    Use the iron rods to secure the connection of each pole further.

    Step 10:

    ①Loosen the cover down.

    ②Rotate the bottom pole as shown to extend it until it could not go up further.

    ③Rotate the iron ring upward until it could not go up further.

    ④Secure the cover back to the bottom pole

    A Gift You Both Can Enjoy 

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    An affordable dance pole is not only an excellent gift for you but for your partner as well. Just as you can impress them with your talent, confidence, and toner body, but they can do the same for you. These days pole dancing has become a fun unisex exercise that couples can enjoy together. Pole dancing has been known to bring couples together and help them bond in a way they never have before. Take a unique dance class that you both can enjoy!

    Enjoy a New Way To Work Out With TheLAShop 

    We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. Connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

    Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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    Tips For Installing a Pole at Home - Wink Fitness Wear

    September 10, 2021

    In our previous bog posts we talked you through how to buy the best fitness pole for home use and hopefully you gained enough knowledge to make your purchase. If your pole has arrived, you’re probably wondering how to install your pole at home. But don’t worry! It isn’t as daunting as you may think, and we have pulled together this handy guide to help. You will be swinging around your shiny new pole before you know it!

    Of course, each type of pole requires a different installation process, and you should carefully read the manual which came with your pole for the finer details on the specific installation process.

    There are however several things you should consider when tackling a pole installation at home which are often not covered in the manuals. That’s where we can help!

    Have a Spotter

    Spotter. A word we use a lot in pole fitness! Just to clarify for any beginners, a spotter is a person who is there to watch you ‘doing your thing’ and catch you if needed. As well as using a spotter when learning new pole moves, it is also important to have a spotter when installing a dance pole at home seeing as your will be using a ladder.

    Bear in mind that you will also need help when extending the pole into its final position.

    World Champion Galina Musina wearing Angel Set

    Get to Know your Ceiling

    You probably already have a spot in mind for your pole, but it is extremely important to ensure that the ceiling is suitable to hold a pole safely.

    If you have opted for a freestanding pole, then you can skip this section. If you have opted for a tension and pressure pole or a fixed ceiling mounted pole, then please read on.

    Concrete ceilings are ideal for home pole installations as they are extremely sturdy and consistent throughout. If you know that your ceiling is made of solid concrete, then all areas of the ceiling will be strong enough to hold your pole.  However, if your ceiling is made up of metal girders or joists and boards then you need ensure that you are locating your pole underneath a girder or joist for maximum safety. You can locate these by using a stud finder or by tapping the ceiling. When tapping on a girder or joist, the sound will be much more solid.

    World Champion Galina Musina wearing bespoke Asymmetric Crop Top and Split Micro Shorts

    Assess the Space

    Once you have found a suitable location to install your pole, you must assess that there is enough space around it. To do this, put an object on the floor where the base of your pole will be, fully extend your arms and walk around the object. If your can walk freely without any obstruction, then the area is suitable.

    Follow Instructions Carefully

    Poles tend to come in several pieces and require some assembly. Firstly, check that you have all the pieces listed in your manual. Once you have checked off all the items, follow the instructions very carefully to construct and secure your pole to its location. If you are unsure about any part of the instructions, it is important that you contact the pole manufacturer directly to get clarification.   

    Carry Out Final Checks

    Once you have finished the process of installing a pole at home your will probably be desperate to jump straight on, but it is important that you carry out some last safety checks before you do so.

    Firstly, check that all fastenings and joints on the pole are pole are tight using the allen key or tool provided. If you have opted for a tension and pressure pole you should ensure that the rubber on each end of the pole provides adequate grip by applying high pressure to the top, middle and base of the pole. When doing this, you should feel no movement or slipping. If you are using a permanent ceiling mounted pole, do the same to check that it is properly secured.

    World Champion Galina Musina wearing Asymmetric Monokini

    By following your specific pole manual and our top tips on how to install a pole at home, you are now ready to start your home pole dancing journey!

    If you are a beginner, then why not check out our previous blog post on learning to pole dance at home.


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    Pole dancing, striptease - how to dance; man pole dance | Chita.


    A little more and the video will load

    Yuri is one of the few men who decided to master pole dance. Look at the video how he manages pole acrobatics

    Video: Kristina Polevaya

    Yuri Proshin from Arkhangelsk chose a pylon instead of a barbell - in such an atypical way for men, he decided to maintain physical fitness. Acrobatics really requires stamina and agility. And let for the uninitiated, everything looks like a striptease - in fact, these are hard workouts in which all muscle groups are involved. Although without huge heels - nowhere.

    Pole dance is a type of dance that uses one or two poles. The performance combines elements of choreography, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Often mistakenly confused with striptease.

    Of course, you could go to the gym for strong muscles, but for the creative personality of Yuri Proshin - he works as an actor in the drama theater - it seemed too boring.

    - The main difference from the pieces of iron is that you cannot choose the weight here. You are still working with your weight. Well, you can't get away from him. You have to lift yourself up, just in different positions.

    Pole dance involves all the muscles. After a month of training, Yuri felt the result. So he was drawn into pole acrobatics. For the ninth month he has been training surrounded by girls. For Arkhangelsk, a man in such classes is a rarity, which is also confirmed by Nadezhda Istomina, head of the Soul Club studio:

    - When Yura wrote, I remember sending this message to all my coaches: “Look, a boy wrote to us!” But I so wanted him to try himself, because for other cities it is normal that a man dances on a pole.

    The coach gives Yuri a more difficult load. It is easier for men to perform the power elements of the dance. The main profession prepared Yuri for pole dance. As we have already said, he is a drama theater actor:

    — And it helped me a lot that I had also encountered acrobatics before, and it seems that I have no problems with a sense of balance. I know how to fall safely, it also helped a lot. I’ll tell you a secret: in order to fall safely, you need to quickly lie down, says Yuri Proshin.

    The actor has always loved the language of movement and dancing, but 20 cm high heels became a test...

    - I thought, my God, how high. In fact, dance shoes, they are specially designed for this, and it is very comfortable to stand and walk on them. And there are elements that are really easier and safer to do in strips than just with a bare leg.

    Hobbies are not the most common in male circles, but Yuri Proshin is not afraid of a wave of hate. Relatives accept all his hobbies.

    - Friends support, mother supports, but does not understand why strips. At work, they got used to me that I was constantly doing something incomprehensible. So, they giggle, but in a kind way.

    Earlier we told the story of hairdresser Nadezhda Semyonova, who, at the age of 57, also decided to master pole acrobatics. She went to pole dance out of pure curiosity, but over time she was so carried away by this direction that she even installed a pole at home.


    • 28 August 2022, 15:00

      Mother of club dances. Confessions of a go-go dancer who has been dancing since the 2000s and saved up 6 million worth of costumes photo before and after)
    • June 18, 2022, 3:00 pm

      “I have always been an explorer of my body.” The hairdresser started dancing on the pylon at the age of 57
    • August 07, 2022, 08:38

      "Money has nothing to do with it." Fashion designer Koltsov talks about a free circus in the center of Chita and training a snow-white cat How a couple of dancers change the world

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    What is another name for the pole?

    What is another name for a pole?

    Pole for dancing - pylon The cultural name for pole for dancing in Russia is "pylon". This is a word of foreign origin, used in architecture and literally meaning "support", "column", " pole ". ... "Pole dance" - literally means "dance on pole , stick, vertical support, poles."

    What is a pylon in Ancient Egypt?

    Pylon (from Greek πυλών "gate, entrance"): A tower-like structure in the form of a truncated pyramid (rectangle in plan). Pylons were built on both sides of the narrow entrance to the ancient Egyptian temple (known from the era of the Middle Kingdom, about 2050 - about 1700 BC. POLE 2-1 (semi-removable, static) $12,900 4 DANCE POLE 3-1 (semi-removable, dual mode)

    What is a pylon in a monolithic house?

    Construction pylon is a large section pole required to support flat and vaulted ceilings in certain structures. It is also required to support load-bearing cables in suspension bridge structures.

    What is the difference between a pole and a pole?

    Pole is a structure that functions in only one mode - static. Models without rotation are usually offered to beginner dancers or those who dance only at an amateur level. The pylons are more functional, and in addition to the static mode, they have a rotation mode.

    What does the word pylon mean?

    Pylon - an ambiguous term and surname: Pylon (Greek πυλών from πυλai - gate, entrance) - an element of an architectural composition, a supporting column of square section (unlike a round column or a flat pilaster), paired pylons frame the entrance, for example in ancient Egyptian structures.

    Is it possible to install a pylon at home?

    Pylon cannot be installed at home without holes in the floor and ceiling. It is not true! ... In the upper part of the pylon there is an expanding mechanism that unwinds and rests against the ceiling, due to this pylon is wedged between the floor and the ceiling. There will be no holes in the floor and ceiling with this pylon !

    What is a diaphragm wall?

    Walls -pylons are load-bearing walls with columns protruding from them, which take the load from the supporting structures of the building. Walls - Diaphragms are stiffeners that provide stability to the building.

    What is a diaphragm in construction?

    Rigidity diaphragm is an element of a reinforced concrete building or structure, which serves to absorb and redistribute horizontal loads, as well as to connect other elements and blocks into a single whole. Loads transferred diaphragm stiffness by means of ceilings between floors.

    How much does it cost to install a pole at home?

    The most economical way is to install yourself . Quick-release pole is very easy to install and remove, this task is easy for one person to handle. But many, in order to save time and effort, turn to specialists who are ready to install pylon at home . The price of the service is about 500 rubles.

    How far apart should the pylons be?

    For comfortable exercise when performing various twists and working in dynamic mode (free rotation mode pylon ) distance to walls 1. 8 m, distance between pylons 2-2.2 m.

    What diameter should be pylon?

    Pylons with diameter 42-45 mm are the most common. They are most often installed in studios, apartments, used during competitions. It is generally accepted that it is the staves is better than for dance acrobatics. Although some pylons are very thin, their diameter is only 38mm.

    How does the plastic strip affect the figure?

    Classes strip plastic exercises strengthen muscle tone, help to get rid of excess weight, and to some extent contribute to self-development, significantly increasing self-esteem.

    What is the difference between striptease and strip plastic?

    Striptease is a dance number in which the performer or performer is gradually undressed. This direction appeared in strip bars and private clubs and did not go beyond them. Strip - plastic is non-nudity, although it uses many of the movements used in lap dances.

    Which is better pole dance or plastic strip?

    Strip - plastic is designed to seduce, while pole dancing demonstrates musicality, plasticity and the ability to perform acrobatic stunts in the air. Pylon work. In performances of strip - you can do without it in plastic, but in Pole Dance you can’t. The effect of training.

    What is the difference between pole dancing and striptease?

    Floor - dance is a type of dance in which the performer performs on one or two pylons (poles), combining elements of choreography, gymnastics, and acrobatics. - It has practically nothing to do with striptease. In fact, these two types of art are united only by a certain type of plastic.

    What is the difference between Exotic Pole Dance and pole dance?

    Many pole beginners have this question. Yet pole dance is closer to acrobatics and sports than to dance art. But exotic pole is a harmonious combination of strip plasticity with pole elements and the art of choreography on the pole.

    Learn more