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Just Dance 3 - GameSpot

Just Dance 3 - GameSpot

US game retail industry tanks in January - NPD

New physical channel sales fall 34 percent to $750.6 million; Xbox 360 leads hardware, Modern Warfare 3 tops software.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 tops UK games chart

After six weeks at the top, FIFA 12 gets knocked down to four, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the first new release to go to number one in 2012.

FIFA 12 scores six weeks at top of UK chart

EA Sports' football title spends all of January in the number one position on the UK chart, holding off new entry Resident Evil: Revelations.

FIFA continues to control UK chart

FIFA 12 is still the only title to have topped the charts in 2012, while Star Wars: The Old Republic clings on at 37.

Just Dance winning over the hardcore - Ubisoft

Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key says gamers coming around to Just Dance, doesn't fear the brand suffering same fate as Guitar Hero.

Just Dance 3 sells 7 million, series climbs to 25M

Ubisoft announces new sales figures for its popular dancing game franchise, reveals that gamers spend 23 million minutes playing Just Dance 3 every day.

Uncharted 3 gets a dozen Interactive Achievement Award nods

Naughty Dog leads the pack with 12 nominations for AIAS-organized honors, joins Portal 2, Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, and Zelda: Skyward Sword as Game of the Year candidates.

US retail sales fall 8% in 2011 - NPD

Physical software, hardware, accessories come in at $17.02 billion; total software including digital sales falls 2 percent.

December game sales tank 21% - NPD

Hardware revenues drop 28 percent year-over-year; software sales slide 14 percent with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 topping the charts.

Ubisoft expects 8 percent Q3 sales spike to $827M

French publisher anticipates better-than-expected sales during third quarter; full-year guidance upped to between $1.33B and $1.37B.

Start/Select - SSX Delayed, Just Dance 3 is Popular

It's the last Start/Select of 2011, and in the absence of any real news, Mark goes off on one about SSX and Just Dance 3 for three minutes.

Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer

Mario shows off his moves in the Wii DLC Mario pack for Just Dance 3.

Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim top record-breaking November sales - NPD

Last month's $3 billion US game industry haul up slightly year-over-year as Xbox 360 on top of hardware charts for fourth straight month.

AU Shippin' Out December 5-9: Happy Feet Two

The penguins of Happy Feet Two: The Videogame tap dance into stores around Australia.

New Releases - Dec. 4-10

This week, we check out Mario Kart 7, The Adventures of Tintin: The Game, Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, Just Dance 3, and Final Fantasy VI.

Battlefield fights to maintain UK number one

DICE's shooter retains the top spot, while Uncharted 3 debuts at number two, Sonic Generations in the top 10.

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Just Dance 3

First Released Oct 7, 2011


  • PlayStation 3
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  • Xbox 360

The best-selling dance franchise returns with its highly anticipated third iteration, Just Dance 3.

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Start/Select - SSX Delayed, Just Dance 3 is Popular

Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer

New Releases - Dec. 4-10

Just Dance 3 A-ha Gameplay

Just Dance 3 Black Eyed Peas Gameplay

EB Games Expo 2011: Ubisoft Booth Tour

Just Dance 3 Barbra Streisand Gameplay

Just Dance 3 Kiss Gameplay

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Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer for PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2011
  • Also On: Xbox 360
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Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer

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Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer

Description: Mario shows off his moves in the Wii DLC Mario pack for Just Dance 3.

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Did someone say there are no company games on the Nintendo Switch?! — Nintendo on DTF

I read a DTF-chanin in an "off-screen review", and I quote: "there is a severe shortage of party games. ..". Well, I broke down. Because what's what, but games for parties on Sych - dofiga.


Stills from the film "Secret Headquarters" (2022)

I am indignant

Here he writes: “Imagine, at a party with versatile people, closer to the night you turn on what? Mario party, Kart? No one understands such childishness. It takes two, Dirt 5, etc. are easy, but they don't match the performance of the console...”

"And so on..." - what is that, for example?

I don’t understand what company should get together to seriously turn on Dirt 5 :) We tried to ride in Asphalt (what, also racing) - boring, too little interaction, too long competition.

Well, to be honest, we didn't like Mario Kart either. Or rather, it didn't last long.

And this: "No one will understand such childishness...". Indeed, hacking into a lawnmower simulator with hyper-realistic graphics is the TOP for a party where young people are eager to SCAM!

In my short experience of 8 months, historians, men from the plant, teachers, mothers, teenagers with very different interests in life have already played "children's" owl games - so far everyone has understood everything and got high.

Here's a quick look at the Nintendo Switch games we play as a team of four

Mario party and Mario superstar - you can find fault with these games as much as you like, but if you remove the modes without a board, then there is where to have fun, for example, drive boats, or play something like reversi.

Mario Kart - to hell with him, we didn't get it either.

Tricky Towers is a chic Tetris with physics and magic, we play constantly.

Tower of Babel - also like Tetris, but without Tetris, build towers.

Heavy Ho is generally a frenzy for the crowd, even moms and dads sit next to each other and laugh. By far the best game ever.

Art Balance — put figures on stability — for adults TOP, constantly playing, different modes, ADULT GRAPHON!!!

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain - brains can sometimes be turned on, also fun.

Trivial Pursuit Live! - a quiz, baldezh, fun, even in Russian there is (by the way, there are also a lot of quizzes and board games in Sych).

Tilt Pack! - fights with geometric shapes, fun again.

Rabbids: Party of Legends - fresh about rabbits, played, neighing, promised to play more.

Broforce - I already wrote somewhere that women wash dishes, men with children are cut into it.

Snipperclips — fun copy, unique, love it.

Lumberhill - fun about lumberjacks, we are still trying to roll in, but it seems to be fun.

Boomerang Fu is a fun hack on the same field, you run with a boomerang and shred your comrades.

Taiko no Tatsujin is a rhythm drum game with different mini-games, also fun.

Ultimate Chicken Horse - you build the levels yourself, you go through it yourself, it's hard to roll in, but then it's fun.

Knight Squad

Instant Sports - haven't tried it yet, but is also in the plans (and a dozen more games are in the plans).

JUST DANCE - we haven’t entered yet, but people praise it, it’s a classic, so I keep it on a memory card and don’t delete it.

And there is something about Wario, different races, Overcookeds and the like about moving and repairs, there are different sports games like Mario Tennis, Worms, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so on, so on, so on. I also forgot about a fun game where you need to fight with confectionery...

They don't have party games! Yes, in a fun company, and the Switch is not needed for games, you can just drive the Fool.

Fuuuuuf, he spoke out.

Let's remember other games for companies in Sych together! So that people do not remain unentertained at parties.

P. S. And I apologize for such a chaotic post, but you need to nip the tadpoles in the bud for the lack of games for the company on Sych :)

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️



7 Read Min

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch Are you thinking of buying Nintendo Switch , a Nintendo hybrid console, for being able to power play your two favorite games, such as 901 Bros3 or 901 Mario Kart. Right? Keep reading because I am going to tell you things that can be very helpful for you.

If you're planning on hosting evenings at home to show all your friends the qualities of the new Nintendo console, perhaps by getting them into a wild dance at Just Dance, I can tell you that I understand you very well. The Nintendo Switch is an exciting console precisely because of the many local multiplayer options it offers compared to the competition. However, they are more focused on online multiplayer and, above all, they are not portable.

However, before you buy, if you want to understand how the two-player game works to start multiplayer as soon as I take it home, I have good news for you

Spend a few minutes on this article. I promise to explain the details about How to play two on Nintendo Switch. And also to help you fully appreciate some of the most important features of this hybrid console. Are you ready then? Great, I just want to wish you happy reading and fun!

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch. Important Information

There are a few prerequisites I need to make before telling you about the different two player game modes provided by Nintendo Switch .

First of all, you should know that although the console provides online game modes and functions, play with two people from the same console, it is not necessary to have an Internet connection or subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

In other words, when you buy a Switch and a game you want to play with a friend, you already have everything you need to play it. multiplayer mode local!

Now that I've laid out the requirements for online and offline multiplayer for you, I can finally talk to you about useful methods in How to Play Nintendo Switch for Two . Just feel comfortable with Joy-Con in your hand!

How to play for two with Nintendo Switch in the local area.

In addition to what I told you about local play, it's also important to point out the difference between Local Multiplayer for up to four players and Wireless Local Multiplayer .

The first is multiplayer in the most classic sense of the word. A single console is used by exchanging two Joy-Cons, one per player. With four Joy-Cons, you can add two more players.

The second, however, requires one Nintendo Switch per player and allows a maximum of eight players at a time. I want to clarify that even this mode does not require an internet connection as it uses the ad hoc Wi-Fi network created by the consoles.

Local multiplayer requirements

Now let's move on to the practical side and see how to play local multiplayer on the switch. First of all, this may seem obvious, but I think it needs to be clarified that local multiplayer, although Nintendo provides it for their new console, it is not always available in all games.

As you already know there are games that support it, others like Fortnite that they recognize online multiplayer others play alone.

From what I just said, if you want to play two on Switch, the first thing you should do is consult 's game mode information at the time of purchase to make sure you have local multiplayer.

How to play 2-player with Switch Joy-Con

Have you checked that the game you have chosen is fully compatible with local multiplayer? Great, because that's really all you need. Not sure how the second player will work without a controller? You have no reason to, because the beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that it already has two built-in controllers.

You got it right: split the two Joy-Con s from the side of the console by pressing the small button Round back and slide them up so that two controllers are immediately available to play in two!

How to play with two controllers on Nintendo Switch

The next step is to sync your Nintendo Switch controllers so that the console recognizes them. To get started, Joy-Con Lanyards Attach these to your Joy-Con, trying to match the positives and negatives of both.

Once this is done, continue by selecting from the console menu the icon with the Joy-Con and then pressing Change the way the command/order is held . At this point, you must assign Joy-Cons to each player by pressing the back L keys and R for two seconds.

Once both players have followed this, press button A to confirm and return to the main menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected two controls to play Nintendo Switch for two! It remains only to launch the game of your choice and select local multiplayer mode . Remember that each game has its own way of launching this mode, so be careful to find it.

How to play with two people with Nintendo Switch Online

Now that you know all the details about how to play with two (or more) people in Nintendo Switch local mode, you are probably curious to understand how multiplayer works Switch mode .

Nintendo Switch's online multiplayer mode lets you play with friends from afar. You don't have to share a local network, as the famous Fortnite shows. This way of playing with friends also seems very interesting, doesn't it? So if you're also a fan of online gaming or just want to know more about this Nintendo Switch game mode, then you've come to the right place. Now I will tell you about the requirements and how to play online.

Online Mode Requirements

The first thing I recommend you check in order to play online with Switch is the support of the game you are going to use for this type of multiplayer game. You can also check the compatible game list for through the dedicated page on the official Nintendo website.

To make it very easy, you will also need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online , a service created by Nintendo specifically for playing online. I would also like to clarify that the subscription also guarantees the ability to download a selection of the catalog for free first Nintendo games (NES) , Guardar game progress on cloud y recibir exclusive offers in Nintendo games and accessories.

Subscription plans

To continue activating your subscription, you can choose between different plans. 30 days at €3.99, 90 days at €7.99 and 365 days at €19.99. It's all? No, because Nintendo also offers a family group subscription that allows with one year subscription at a price of 34.99 euros to play online with up to eight accounts of the same group.

Once you have selected a subscription type for your subscription, if you have not already done so, proceed to create a Nintendo Account. This is a user profile associated with Switch, through which you can access the online multiplayer and Nintendo Store and Store.

Don't have an account yet and don't know how to create one? No problem: if you want, you can follow my guide on how to create a Switch user and you'll be ready to play online with your new account in no time.

Now that you have an account and have chosen which subscription to subscribe to, you can purchase a subscription from the official Nintendo website or by going to an online store or physical retailer. Alternatively connected to Nintendo and Store directly from Switch by selecting the corresponding main menu icon console and from the yellow item list on the left, scroll down to item Nintendo Switch online and press the button.

Now you can press button Logging Options Select a plan to subscribe to, and when you're ready, click the Go to Purchase button to confirm. I take this opportunity to inform you that if you have code to activate subscription , you must scroll the registration menu to the button Activate code and continue to enter the code.

Learn more