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#CapCut #sadcatdancetutorial #sadcatdancememe #?gachaclubtrend?❤️✨ #?gachallife💜même #?gachalclub #tutorial #fyp #foryoupage Sad cat dance tutorial

138 Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from ChocoNightSpring12 (@choconightspring): "#CapCut #sadcatdancetutorial #sadcatdancememe #?gachaclubtrend?❤️✨ #?gachallife💜même #?gachalclub #tutorial #fyp #foryoupage Sad cat dance tutorial". How to do the sad cat dance. original sound.


original sound - ChocoNightSpring12



Reply to @villagedumbo how to do the Techno Viking dance - Dance meme series #fyp #comedy #technoviking

19.7K Likes, 2.1K Comments. TikTok video from Re.cept (@re.cept): "Reply to @villagedumbo how to do the Techno Viking dance - Dance meme series #fyp #comedy #technoviking". Techno Viking Dance Meme Original Audio.


Techno Viking Dance Meme Original Audio - Re.cept


Satia (Say-Sha)

Reply to @the_rengoku_fairy this is my tutorial how to do the dance I hope this helps! :) #hipsdontlie #igotyou #summer #foryoupage #fyp #animalcrossingmeme #meme #tutorial #dance

332 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Satia (Say-Sha) (@brocat149): "Reply to @the_rengoku_fairy this is my tutorial how to do the dance I hope this helps! :) #hipsdontlie #igotyou #summer #foryoupage #fyp #animalcrossingmeme #meme #tutorial #dance". the key is to know that dance isn't a belly dance | and then swing your hips | bend your knees a little bit to help with movement | .... suono originale.


suono originale - ryan



Kat showing Batman how to do the dance 🤣🦇 #batman #dance #trend #california #girls #vrchat #vrchatmemes #foryou #fyp #fypシ #fridaythe13th

2.1K Likes, 48 Comments. TikTok video from Nightwing (@nightwingm13): "Kat showing Batman how to do the dance 🤣🦇 #batman #dance #trend #california #girls #vrchat #vrchatmemes #foryou #fyp #fypシ #fridaythe13th". What's going on out there? | You don't want to know. California Gurls.


California Gurls - Katy Perry



How to do the Fusion Dance! #fortnite #dragonball #dbz #memes #fyp

10K Likes, 50 Comments. TikTok video from PWR (@pwr): "How to do the Fusion Dance! #fortnite #dragonball #dbz #memes #fyp". original sound.


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I WANTED TO DO THE TREND BUT IDK HOW TO DO THE DANCE SOMEONE HELP #roblox #meme #dance #trend #humor #furryfandom #fursuit #help

195 Likes, 35 Comments. TikTok video from I LOVE TANKMAN!!! (@heart.eyes.for.tankman): "I WANTED TO DO THE TREND BUT IDK HOW TO DO THE DANCE SOMEONE HELP #roblox #meme #dance #trend #humor #furryfandom #fursuit #help". HOW TF DO YOU DO THIS STUPID DANCE. original sound.


original sound - Drak



Reply to @drdragon472 here’s how I do the bloodpop dance! 🥰❤️ #gachaclub #gacha #gachameme #gachalife #gachaclubedit #bloodpop

1. 1K Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from Kimi_Bean (@kimi_bean): "Reply to @drdragon472 here’s how I do the bloodpop dance! 🥰❤️ #gachaclub #gacha #gachameme #gachalife #gachaclubedit #bloodpop". Ofc I can! 🥰🥺. original sound.


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Ari <3

I LOOK LIKE IM HAVING A FKING EXORCISM 😭😭😭 #fyp #foryou #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #trend #trending #funny #lol #lmao #comedy #dance #dancechallenge #meme #workworkwork #work #workworkworkworkwork #icantdance #whatamidoing

TikTok video from Ari <3 (@s0ggy.p0ptarts): "I LOOK LIKE IM HAVING A FKING EXORCISM 😭😭😭 #fyp #foryou #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #trend #trending #funny #lol #lmao #comedy #dance #dancechallenge #meme #workworkwork #work #workworkworkworkwork #icantdance #whatamidoing". HOW DO YALL DO THIS SO SMOOTHLY??????. YOOO.


YOOO - Jay ♡



Just how to make the dancing meme in Minecraft #minecraft #redstone #funnel #meme #foyoupage #foyou #fyp #funny

392.5K Likes, 1.8K Comments. TikTok video from Minecraftboss27_ (@minecraftboss27_): "Just how to make the dancing meme in Minecraft #minecraft #redstone #funnel #meme #foyoupage #foyou #fyp #funny". How to make the dancing funnel meme in Minecraft. How to build the funnel meme.


How to build the funnel meme - Minecraftboss27_

The ‘M3GAN’ Dance Meme: Vicious Dolls Could Dominate 2023

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You know what’s always been scary as hell? Dolls. (Watch an Annabelle movie and tell me this is a lie.) What’s even creepier than that? Dolls powered by artificial intelligence that can just up and get a mind of their own one day. If this sounds like the kind of thing that could rob you of sleep for years, then boy do we have something you need to see: the trailer for M3GAN.

But perhaps that trailer—which shows the movie’s namesake robot (her name short for “model-3 generative android”) become dangerously attached to her human companion Cady—is too haunting. If so, the internet is here for you. Almost immediately after the trailer dropped, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram exploded with mashups setting the doll’s dance moves to tracks by everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift.

Fans also, rightfully, set M3GAN’s dance moves to songs by Megan Thee Stallion. (The most satisfying? Watching her gyrate to “Body.”) Megan herself also caught wind of the trailer. “Not being biased but I think they made this movie for me,” she tweeted, “I will be THEE FIRST in line to see M3GAN.” (Does this mean it’s too late to get her a cameo?)

Marketing departments dream of this kind of virality. Having your trailer turned into a meme is priceless for word of mouth, even when it strips a lot of the scariness out of your horror movie. It’s easy to imagine the filmmakers putting this scene in the trailer, and the movie, not-so-secretly hoping for this very thing to happen.

The memes also speak to people’s willingness to make the culture they want to see. Fans have been extremely thirsty for Swift’s new album Midnights, dropping today, and for some, mixing her music with a vicious dancing doll is just a way of dealing. Same goes for Beyoncé fans who are both celebrating her new album Renaissance and expressing frustration that she didn’t release videos to accompany it. Those combining M3GAN with RuPaul raps, meanwhile, just know how to have a good time.

In the week or so since the trailer dropped, it’s also spawned a series of knock-on memes on TikTok. Currently, posts tagged #m3gandance have more than 23 million views on the platform, and not all of these are reedits of the trailer. One of the most popular suggests M3GAN as a Halloween costume. Others feature their creators attempting to recreate her dance, like teens moving along to Encanto. Another breaks down a Twitter beef between M3GAN and the ultimate scary doll: Chucky from Child’s Play.

On Wednesday, M3GAN’s studio, Universal, moved the movie’s release date up by a week, to January 6. That means the movie has two months to collect even more memes and buzz. By the time fans see it, it may not even matter if the movie sucks. It will just matter if it’s got something they can dance to.

top 5 dance memes | Music and clubs

On October 9, the number of views of the viral clip "The Fox" by the Norwegians Ylvis on YouTube exceeded 100 million. We recall other incendiary viral videos: from Medvedev's dance to Miley Cyrus' twerking.

"The Fox"

What it's about A song choreographed by Norwegian comedian brothers Vegard and Bord Ylvisoker (Ylvis) about what sounds foxes can make. The video was created for the presentation of the talk show.

Key element Recalling a matinee in kindergarten: you are a bunny (or a squirrel), though overexcited and therefore actively rotating your hips. The second part of the dance is botting (“robot”), an element of breakdancing, which, by the way, was exploited by choreographer Kylie Minogue in the famous video “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (2001). Don't forget to put on your favorite animal's mask!

Result 100 million views on YouTube in a little more than a month, dozens of parodies, 8th place in the American hit parade and the contract of the brothers with Warner Music to release a full album.


What it's about At the beginning of the summer, Miley Cyrus' video for the song "We Can't Stop" appeared - about the loss of self-control. In the video, the artist and her friends enthusiastically demonstrate elements of hip-hop dance twerking. But the dance became an Internet meme on the morning of August 26 - the day after the MTV ceremony, during which Miley shook her fifth point to such an extent that British academics had nothing left to do but add the verb "twerk" to the Oxford Dictionary.

Key Element Squat so that the only part of your body you can move is your hips.

Result Hundreds of commercials in which pensioners, businessmen, pets, children and Teletubbies shake their asses. But before posting your video on the Web, in which you demonstrate such choreography, pay attention to the words of actress Sherri Shepherd (Ramona from Klava, come on!): “When I was growing up, we called this dance “Whore, move!” .

"Harlem Shake"

What it's all about A video of Australian schoolchildren in masks performing a strange, chaotic dance to a track by electronic artist Baauer appeared on YouTube in February 2013.

Key element The first 15 seconds: a person in a helmet or mask in the middle of the room makes intense movements of the pelvis, while the rest of the people present go about their business. Another 15 seconds: everyone in the room in masks, in suits or even without clothes is chaotically jerking, waving their arms and shaking their hips.

Result Hundreds of parodies - from videos with ordinary citizens to a clip with the staff of the American program The Daily Show or, for example, with the artists of the English National Ballet troupe. The single "Harlem Shake" topped the US and UK charts.

"Gangnam Style"

What it's about In the summer of 2012, South Korean artist Psy released a song dedicated to Gangnam, the Seoul equivalent of Rublyovka and a lady who "knows when to be wild and when to be sophisticated."

Key element We cross our arms at chest level and start jumping frantically in place.

The aftermath of Hundreds of parodies, Psy is the king of K-pop, and "Gangnam Style" is the most watched video in YouTube history (over 1.7 billion views).

Medvedev's dance

What is it about A video posted on YouTube in April 2011, in which Dmitry Medvedev, in the company of graduates from the Faculty of Law of the Leningrad State University, “beats his leg with a slender leg” under the “American Fight” of the Combination group.

Key element Very simple: put one foot on the other, back and forth. In the meantime, the hands move as if by inertia. The nuances don't matter.

Consequences of 12 million views, numerous flash mobs with "Medvedev's choreography", as well as the return of the retro hit to the dance floors.

What kind of meme with ridiculously dancing Leonardo DiCaprio about ridiculous achievements

An excerpt with the ridiculous dance of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" got into post-ironic memes about personal success. With the help of the actor's epic movements, Runet users laugh at themselves and rejoice at their dubious achievements.

Where did the dancing Leonardo DiCaprio meme originate from? wedding. The hero, dressed in a beautiful tuxedo, moves so bizarrely and plastically to the music, which attracts the attention of the guests of the celebration.

Although the film was released nine years ago, DiCaprio's brilliant performance is still held in high esteem by memomodels. In January 2022, Runet users overlaid the Gayazovs Brothers track “Raspberry Lada” on the footage, and the videos with Belfort sparkled with new colors. Under the amusing motive and the text of the song, the dance began to seem even more awkward.

In the first part of the viral videos, the TikTokers tried to adopt a pose similar to Leonardo's movements, in order to then make a smooth transition to the frame from The Wolf of Wall Street. Usually, for this, the authors of the commercials put on a suit and simply raised their shoulders.

With the help of DiCaprio's absurd dance and the song "Raspberry Lada", Russian Internet users began to ridicule controversial jokes and people's achievements.

How the trend about dubious victories captured Runet

0099 ball_tune . Using footage from Leonardo, the young man went over those pranksters who prefer humor with a bit of cynicism.

When I asked a security guard at school: “Where is the reception?” - and he pointed to a girl from the orphanage:

Other memomodels dressed up in costumes and also joined DiCaprio's dance flash mob. In many videos, TikTokers used post-ironic captions to ridicule their controversial achievements.

We are too different: you were born in October, and I, unfortunately, signed the video pinvkk .

The dance began to symbolize the joy of victory, which came at a heavy cost. As in the case when he was finally able to explain to his parents that you can not pause the online game.

When I explained to my mother that the game cannot be paused, maboyx joked.

This is how Leonardo DiCaprio's outrageous movements from the film became iconic among Runet memes. Netizens imagined how the hero of The Wolf of Wall Street celebrates victories and achievements instead - as ridiculous as his dance.

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