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    Rob and Diane van Haaren

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    Rudolf OUEA

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    Julia Sokol

    Organized by Julia Sokol

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How To Get Into A Dance Agency

How can working with a dance agency be helpful for you? And how do you get into a dance agency?

As flashy and glamorous as the life of a professional dancer may look, dance work is still work – hard work.

Years of training and long hours aside, a big part of being a professional dancer is finding this work itself.

Dance agencies exist to guide dancers through their professional careers. Yet many dancers still find the process of getting into a dance agency somewhat of a mystery.

Especially those who come from a collegiate / community background with not much experience in the industry.

We chatted with our “signed” dancers Denzel and Bianca, along with Bloc Talent Agency assistant Havi, to break it all down.

What is a dance agency?

Dance and talent agencies are companies that help artists (actors, dancers, models, etc.) find professional work.

They connect dancers with jobs like commercials, music videos, tours, roles for TV shows and movies, and more.

While it is possible to find dance jobs without being represented by an agency – if you have the right connections – dance agencies help you find the best-fitting opportunities.

You’ll also get to know other dancers in your agency that have similar aspirations, and talk to agents with years of dance work experience.

You might feel intimidated going to auditions without any friends or jump into this career without a support system.

You can get that “community” or “family” feeling through a dance agency. Not to mention, being signed with a dance agency adds a little umph to your dance resume.

Would you rather get open-heart surgery from “Jessie Ma” or “Jessie Ma, M.D.”?

How do you find a dance agency?

If you know a dancer in your area who is signed with an agency, then ask them about their experience and suggestions.

Word of mouth and personal accounts are very important!

My friends were getting signed by different agencies and let me know when theirs were having auditions.

– Bianca Vallar

And look up those dance agencies online – you will find a section on their website where you can submit for representation, or find out the up coming audition dates.

If not, you can click on their “Contact” section and email the agency to ask when and how to audition.

A few major agencies in Los Angeles are Bloc, MSA, Clear Talent Group, Go2Talent.

Finding the one right for you is a process.

At first, I didn’t have a specific agency I was more focused on. I just wanted to see what the audition process was like and if I could even keep up. But when I started to get a bit more knowledge on the specific agencies and what they had to offer I realized I really wanted to be part of Bloc.

– Bianca Vallar

How do you audition for a dance agency?

To get signed with a dance agency, you need to audition, have an interview, or submit your dance resume and reel – or do some combination of those.

The process varies depending on the dance agency.

Some auditions are split up by style –

For Clear, there was a freestyle part (which was optional, mainly for the bboys, poppers, krumpers, etc. ) There was also a Jazz/Contemporary call and a Hip Hop round. You can choose to go to just 1 or all 3; but the more styles you show them the more they know they can utilize you.

– Denzel

Bloc hosts an open audition once every year, with a hip hop portion and a technical portion. We also have a submissions tab on our website. Sometimes agents find dancers at events they attend.

– Havi

Learn from each audition

Bianca took each audition as a learning experience:

I went into my first one and completely failed. After auditioning for a few dance roles at Disney I was used to auditioning, but auditions in LA are way different. I felt like I was wearing the wrong outfit and my headshot was too amateur. Even though I was comfortable with the combo, the LA energy was so different from what I was used to.Through that first audition, I realized how much I needed to prepare to have a successful audition so I wouldn’t feel so lost. I took a lot more classes in North Hollywood to better acquaint myself with the “industry” style, met with friends who were already signed and picked their brain on everything I could learn about the industry and agencies, got new headshots that looked more professional, and even met with a good friend who gave me style tips so I knew what to wear. The prep and new knowledge allowed me to be more comfortable with each audition.There are so many dancers who audition for Bloc, which makes it even more difficult to stand out. Bloc mentioned on their audition flyer that it was gonna be a heels audition for girls. So I knew that the audition was going to be a bit more body conscious and I’d have to focus on my “look." I made sure I felt really confident in my outfit, did my makeup and hair like I was about to do a performance, and took a lot of heels classes to practice.If you prep well beforehand you'll feel confident going into the audition. Then all you have to do is let your dancing speak for itself.

– Bianca

What is it like working with a dance agency?

Considering how much work it takes to get into a dance agency, there must be a lot of benefits to being represented.

Once signed, they'll notify you of auditions for jobs (some of them exclusive to your agency) or offer specific work if a casting director or choreographer finds you through the agency, based on your photos, resume, and reel.

Some choreographers trust a specific agency with their work or book you directly through your agency because they're known for having reliable dancers. And your agents take care of a lot of the logistical parts of dance work – like getting you your check or submitting you for gigs.

– Denzel

They're also very helpful when handling contracts and legal paperwork, making sure you get paid correctly, and your ensuring that your basic rights as a dancer are met. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't view dancers in the industry highly. So a lot of companies will try to rip us off because they don’t understand the work that it takes to be a professional dancer – resulting in horrible working conditions and underpaid dancers. Agents make sure that doesn’t happen and that we're treated fairly.

– Bianca

How often do you get auditions through a dance agency?

The frequency of auditions can vary, but you’ll have access to many more opportunities through a dance agency than if you were not signed.

Denzel used to be invited to 2-3 auditions a week, and go to all the ones he was interested in. Other times, he says, he’ll only get an offer every other week.

Auditions vary week to week. Some months I'll be very busy and go to around 4-6 auditions a week. And some months are slow and I may only get one audition every two weeks. Those are bad months, haha. Your lifestyle will be very unpredictable – it is not a career for people who value stability.

– Bianca

Advice for working with a dance agency

Do your research

Find out everything you can about all the different agencies, the kind of jobs you want to book, and which choreographers are working on those jobs. And take class from all working choreographers, their assistants, or other dancers that constantly work in this industry so you can train and make those connections.

– Havi

Look the part

Your audition for the agency will reflect how seriously you’ll take auditions for gigs. Dress comfortably in something that reflects your style. You’ll be in a sea of other dancers; you want your dancing and your look to make a statement. I look young so I get sent on young roles – so I go with the young youthful hip look. Finding your look is a huge thing!

– Denzel

Show that you’re a star

Don’t hide in the back during the audition – no matter how much you’re killin’ it, it’ll be hard for anyone to see you!And FREESTYLE! This is your chance to showcase your unique skills and style.Practice freestyling because you’ll have to freestyle in most every audition – sometimes before the combo or after, or both.

– Denzel

Train in everything!

You never know what’ll be asked of you in an agency call, so take classes in all styles – especially those outside of your comfort zone.

The more you learn, the more versatile you will be, and the less you’ll be phased by whatever an audition throws at you.

LA dancers! Take classes at these Top Dance Studios In Los Angeles You Need To Be Training At

Don’t let rejection phase you

A lot of "no"s will come before getting a "yes." And once the "yes" does come, that doesn't mean you'll book every job you audition for.

– Havi

You won't always get the job you audition for. It may take you years. You'll constantly be faced with people criticizing the way you dance, the way you look, and they will make you feel inferior. Learn to be okay with rejection and allow the negativity to roll off your shoulders so you can continue to move forward. Don't go into this career if you cannot take rejection and criticism well.

– Bianca

Don’t do it for the money

It can be very rewarding to know you get to make money off of the thing you love the most. Although, dancers do not typically get paid that much. Also dancers can sometimes get so caught up in trying to book the job in order to get the money (because most of us are starving artists and super broke) that they lose the fun and love for dance because they're too focused on trying to get paid. You don’t know when you are going to book another job or when the next paycheck is going to come.

– Bianca

Work with your agent

But the agency can’t do everything for you. As Lindholm, co-owner of Go 2 Talent Agency says in this article by Dance Spirit,

I firmly believe it’s 50/50 teamwork. It’s our job to get you in front of people while making sure you’re protected and paid on time. It’s your job to work hard, meet as many people as you can and build a reputation for being professional.

Bianca agrees –

Having an agent is a business relationship. As much as they help you, you have to help them as well. You only get what you put into it. If you want to do lots of dance jobs, then that means doing as much as you can to be the top bookable dancer. So when your agent gives you an audition, you're fully ready and can make people want to hire you.

Know yourself.

Dig deep down, and ask yourself – Are willing to completely dedicate yourself to your dance career? Are you willing to make this your full time job? Like a job, will you dedicate 8 hours a day to your craft?Being represented by an agent and pursuing a full time dance career in the industry isn't easy and results don’t come right away.You have to be patient, work hard, and accept that things take time.But if this is what you are meant to do, then keep doing it.

– Bianca

It's rewarding, yet extremely difficult to pursue dance as a professional career. It’s a good thing dancers have agencies to help!

We hope this helped give you more insight on how to get into and work with a dance agency!

Comment below with any questions you still have, or share your experience of working with a dance agency!

About the dancers

Denzel started dancing when he was just 5 years old, learning dance moves off of music videos on MTV. He started dancing on his church’s Hip Hop praise team in elementary school, where he fell in love with performing. Denzel was signed for acting when he was 6, but didn’t go to a dance agency audition until he was 18! He is represented by Clear Talent Group and has alongside several major artists.

Havi transitioned from competitive gymnastics to dance when she was 11. She trained in jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet and pointe, continuing her studio training, as she attended dance conventions and danced on her high school dance team. When she entered college, she realize she actually did not want to be a dance major, but danced on Common Ground for 4 years.

Bianca learned cultural dances (Polynesian, Filipino, Bollywood) at a young age, later joining Breakthrough, her first junior team at Studio 429. She took classes, taught, and directed at the studio as she she became one of the original members of Choreo Cookies, where she danced on the team for over 9 years. Bianca moved to LA to pursue dance, and got a job at Disneyland and later joined Bloc Talent Agency and has been dancing professionally, full-time, since.

How to find a coach in a dance studio so that the business develops - Personal experience on


Creating a successful dance studio is not only choosing a convenient location with a good repair. The decisive factor for success and attracting customers is a professional teacher who can masterfully not only dance, but also teach it.
What criteria should be followed when choosing a teacher, where to find that “diamond” and how to organize effective work? In search of answers, we interviewed the owners of dance schools and studios from all over the country, analyzed the information and came up with the very formula "How to find your ideal coach."

“We have a very careful selection of teachers. Initially, we did not have much funding. We couldn't afford to rent a large space and set aside a large amount of money for advertising in order to somehow recruit a group for a lesson with an unknown trainer. For us, it was important to have people who will be the core of the company, to whom customers will reach out. For us, coaches are the faces of the company. Our team is super carefully selected”

Anna Nikolskaya, Palestra Dance Studio

What kind of a good coach is he?

Many mistakenly believe that becoming a coach is easy. It is enough to “watch a video course of 10 lessons, learn cool movements and you can already recruit a group.” Studio owners do not support this position.

“Before sharing skills, you need to master them”

Valeria, Dance Space “Atmosfera”

Experience matters . It is difficult to argue with the fact that an artist who has many lessons, competitions and battles behind him cannot dance. This is how dancers fulfill themselves and become competitive.

“I myself am the head and founder of the studio. I have an education as a ballet dancer and choreographer, I studied at GITIS. And plus, as an artist, I worked for a long time at the Russian National Ballet. Traveled all over Europe and America. The experience is colossal. And therefore, of course, I also select people who will have good experience in the team. I do not have a goal to save money and take a person without education who has learned to lead something from video. I’d rather take a coach with experience, a professional, and pay him a little more, but in my understanding, this will be a qualified person”

Anna, Palestra Dance Studio

Admittedly, some dance school owners noted that they could take a person with no experience and finish teaching him if he showed good results as a coach and teacher. We conclude that in order to teach a client you need to be able to explain and transfer your experience.

Very famous topic:

"You can be a very good dancer and no coach." And it's all over the place. Therefore, we always have a part at the interview where we dance with the applicant, we work in pairs ”

Margarita Aleshina, founder of the dance studio Pro Am "Dance Capital" Margarita Aleshina

In this situation, the leader puts himself in the place of the student and tries to understand whether the applicant will cope with the role of a teacher.

The client should be psychologically comfortable. Still, dancing “in front of witnesses” for many is a way out of the comfort zone. The coach should help the student to open up, stop being shy. To do this, you need to be able to communicate and communicate correctly with a student. Coaches must understand.

“If he (note the future coach) performs well and knows how to teach, that's cool. But if I see at a trial lesson that a person is completely unable to communicate and explain what he wants from his audience, then he will not be able to work with us”

Anna, Palestra Dance Studio

This position is shared by many studio owners. People will stop attending classes if they do not understand what they are paying money for.

And of course, the trainer must develop himself. Dancing is a dynamic movement. New styles appear regularly, some go out of fashion. It is important to follow trends if you want to stay afloat.

“We take a person and offer him different ways of development. Every month, every year we work to ensure that our teachers are trained. In professional terms, we bring some modern dancers, well-known and popular, and take ours to master classes. We also have first aid classes, for example. It is important, necessary, constant training is necessary”

Valeriya, Dance space "Atmosfera"

So, we conclude :

Good coach and higher education.

Must a coach have a university or college degree? The question is moot.

The classic base is the basis for a good dancer. In educational institutions, the artist is given basic dance skills. After such preparation, it is much easier to develop in new directions.

“When applying for a job, it is very appreciated if the applicant has a basic ballet education. Or higher education in the field of ballet pedagogy. If the applicant has a higher education, then we look at which institute he graduated from. Usually we know where and what kind of teachers, what and how is taught. You can draw conclusions already by where a person studied. If the applicant has both a college and a higher education, it's just super”

Anna, Palestra Studio.

Anna's school specializes in ballet and contemporary stage dance.

It is important to understand that classical education is not a panacea. It is rather a foundation and a base, and when applying for a job, the dancer's technique will be valued first of all, and not a stack of his diplomas.

“There are classical styles, for example, variety dances, contemporary. For their execution, a classic base is needed. We have teachers from dance schools, art colleges. They own the base. But if we are talking about modern dances, the question is different. This is not taught in universities”

Natalia, YES Dance Studio

Activities with children - a separate category. This is more about psychology than technology. If in the case of an adult group, one can become a trainer due to high professional skills, then for children and adolescents, special competencies are needed - pedagogical education.

“If it concerns a children's group, then we, of course, look at the availability of pedagogical education or pedagogical courses. We want a person to have an idea that children are a very soft nature and you need to be careful with them. We not only teach children to dance, in training there is a process of education, albeit a superficial one. Therefore, it is important that a person has an idea about age psychology, children's characteristics. This is important for the child, and for the parents, and for us”

Valeriya, Dance space "Atmosfera"

Conclusion: higher or secondary education in dancing will not be superfluous. This is the base of the dancer. But is even more important - the skills of the coach . A good teacher is valued for his technique and desire for self-improvement, and not for the number of hours spent at the university. The exception is working with children. Pedagogical competencies are necessary here and you can’t argue with that.

Where to look for your ideal coach?

There is no correct answer to this question. Each employer uses a source that is accessible and understandable to him. The most popular is word of mouth.

Professional dancers attend competitions, master classes and other events. There they, one way or another, communicate with their colleagues, find new acquaintances and a potential team.

“The dance world is very small. Initially, probably all the dancers who are something of themselves in St. Petersburg understand who I am. And I understand all those dancers who are something of themselves in St. Petersburg "

Margarita, Founder of the dance studio Pro Am "Dance Capital"

Another way - castings . Studio owners often post announcements on their social networks about the search for a new member to the team, collect applications and announce a review.

“We are looking for coaches through social networks, we are announcing a casting. People write to us all the time that they want to work. We send them a questionnaire. We now have over 200 people in our database. But few of them suit us. We arrange casting once a season. On average, out of thirty people who come, we take one. Applicants come and dance, fill out forms in advance”

Anastasia, OK dance studio

There is another interesting way. Let's call it "educating your own coach" . The owners of dance studios note that in their practice there were cases when their students improved and upgraded their skills, and then they recruited their class and began to teach people. And they did it quite well. Therefore, this option of finding your ideal coach cannot be excluded from this list.

To job search services , for example, studio owners resort to it much less often. But as one of the options for finding an applicant, they cannot be dismissed. Both a novice dancer and a professional with extensive experience can leave their resume on such sites.

Corporate culture for pleasant weather in the team

Nobody likes turnover. Especially in a business like a dance school. The client gets used to his coach - he already knows his capabilities, understands psychology, knows how to relax and make the lesson comfortable. When leaving the studio, the coach often takes clients with him. Competent founders of dance schools try to prevent this from happening.

A strong team is made up of two unshakable pillars – a decent salary and an atmosphere in the team.

The work of a trainer should be paid adequately by the standards of the market - these people give a lot of physical and moral strength to make the client happy. They also need funds for their own development. If you want to get a classy professional - appreciate his work at its true worth.

A friendly team, a good leader is another reason to be happy to return to work. If a person feels support and respect, then he will not want to leave you. A competent leader should not be indifferent to his subordinates. Give the coach confidence that he will not be fired or deprived of income if he is forced to take an unscheduled day off or sick leave.

“As a dancer, I understand that teachers get much less than they deserve. Of course, in the future I would like to pay more to my coaches, to improve their standard of living. I understand that you need to invest a lot to become a good dancer. The second is the atmosphere in the studio. The way we communicate, our cozy beautiful halls, a clear schedule. Creative people need it”

Anastasia, OK dance studio

Sometimes the coach will have refuse you. It is quite a normal desire to gather effective personnel in your team. Usually, so that the group does not have to be dissolved after the start of classes, the coach is allowed to work gradually. First they give one class, then several personal trainings. If a person shows a great result, employment is increased. On average, such a trial period takes plus / minus a month.

And what a good coach should be, we have already told above.

Effective trainer.

Imagine you have assembled your ideal team. Before you are professionals with burning eyes, ready to share their skills with others. How to organize work so as not to overload your employees?

The most effective, according to experts, trainer works 3-4 hours a day . More than 6 hours of physical activity is hard to endure even for a professional. In addition, the teacher can combine teaching at your school with other activities, such as studying. Let a person work less, but show a cool result, than spend a lot of useless classes and discourage clients.

The number of people in the group for the coach most often does not play a big role . The main thing is the size of the hall where the lesson takes place. The smaller the area, the smaller the group. Both the students and the coach should be comfortable in the classroom. No one wants to push and dodge their neighbor's limbs during a workout.

Gender and age do not play a significant role for employers. As we have already said, the main thing in an effective trainer is skills and the ability to explain. Dances are taught by both men and women of all ages. The main thing is the return and the result at work.

“Sex and age don't matter. No nationality, no religious affiliation. We have dancers from other countries, and they do a great job and are popular”

Valeria, Dance Space “Atmosfera”

Now it becomes clear that finding a good specialist for your business is not so difficult. If you follow our "How to Find the Perfect Coach" formula, you'll have a strong team in no time.

Remember that the efficiency of a dancer is greatly influenced by how the work is organized in the studio itself. Don't overburden your trainers, create a clear schedule, keep a competitive salary and a pleasant atmosphere in the team. Then people will start coming to your company.

Now it becomes clear that finding a good specialist for your business is not so difficult. If you follow our "How to Find the Perfect Coach" formula, you'll have a strong team in no time. And the AppEvent CRM system will help you maintain a good technical organization.
Convenient and easy to use externally and multifunctional inside, it will definitely become the very missing component of a successful studio.
Pleasant atmosphere in the team + Good organization of work = Success of the studio

Partners of the Dance Line dance salon

GallaDance dance clubs are recognized leaders and experts in the field of dance education.

GallaDance clubs present all popular dance styles, one of the main priorities is to maintain the highest level of service, which has no analogues.

Comfortable conditions, spacious dressing rooms, bright dance halls with mirrors, cozy bars allow customers to enjoy every minute spent at GallaDance.

GallaDance is not only dancing - it is a new format, the name of which is Lifestyle dance club - easy learning and communication in a pleasant society, the atmosphere of a holiday, club and social life, a sense of belonging to the world dance culture.

Website of the company

We are the dance studio "Indigo", uniting a professional team of teachers of various dance styles. Join our team and learn to dance easily and with pleasure!

Website of the company

Benua Dance is a children's dance competition of the Benua School aimed at revealing the creative potential of children and supporting children's dance. The School teaches classical and modern dances. Children from 3 to 12 years old learn to move freely and consciously in various dance styles and directions, to realize their creative potential through dance. In dance classes, teachers gently and without pressure motivate children to explore and understand their bodies. The curator of the direction is the teacher of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy Anna Antipova.

Website of the company

The creative association "Culture of Capitals" is a non-profit organization uniting under its leadership annual free competitions for children and youth in the field of choreography, vocals, instrumental performance and dramatic art.

Website of the company

"Ragtime" is the organizer of the largest dance events in Russia and Karelia, held in the city of Petrozavodsk under the auspices of the country's oldest professional organization - the Russian Dance Union (RTS). "Ragtime" unites more than 600 dancers of different ages and different dance styles (sports ballroom dancing, solo latin, classical choreography, modern dance, variety dance, body ballet, stretching, hand-to-hand combat). "Ragtime" is the author of unique developmental programs for every age and level of dancing, where training sessions are aimed not only at learning dance techniques, but also at developing a strong and vibrant personality of the dancer.

Company website

The Academy of Child Development and Dance in St. Petersburg is not just a dance school for children, but a whole system and structure of classes for the development of physical and dance skills in children aged 4-8. The selected set of exercises develops stretching, plasticity and flexibility in children, forms a correct and beautiful posture, strengthens muscles and abs. The dance component of the lesson develops musicality, a sense of rhythm, coordination, corporate spirit, discipline and creativity in children. We have professional, experienced and creative teachers, masters of sports of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics.

Website of the company

GVdance dance group - children's ballroom dance group.
The main goal of the team is to create conditions for the formation of a harmoniously developed personality of the child and the disclosure of his creative potential through the choreographic language and the world of dance art.
If you want to move beautifully, feel the rhythm, be graceful, self-confident and liberated, make reliable like-minded friends, then be sure to come to us, and we will teach you!

Company website

Who knows what an ideal dance studio should look like? Only the dancers themselves. The founder of the MOLOKO Center for Contemporary Choreography is a professional dancer, a participant in international and all-Russian competitions! “We created not just a dance school, but a huge dance family. Students and teachers call each other "MOLOKOshki"! MOLOKO is a friendly team of people for whom dancing is not just a hobby, but a meaning and a way of life”

Company website are fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, yoga centers, crossfit rooms and martial arts clubs in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Company website dance schools in St. Petersburg.

The site contains more than 40 dance directions with a detailed description of each, including the addresses of the halls where classes are held. A convenient search by district will help you choose the school of interest near your home or place of work. The portal contains useful information about each school: address, nearest metro, contacts, dance styles and visitor reviews.

Website of the company

TSK "Wisteria" is a sports ballroom dance studio for children and adults. We teach for all ages and skill levels. We reveal the potential of everyone who comes to our school, and further develop their dancing and physical abilities. Our goal is not only to help achieve sports heights, but also to cultivate the desire to be a comprehensively developed and successful person.

Company website

Our TEACHERS are not just Champions, many of them have pedagogical education.
Our STUDENTS Champions of St. Petersburg, Russia and the World! We train Champions and teach people how to dance beautifully!
Our DIRECTIONS: belly dance, solo latina, stretching for adults, variety dances for children, choreography.
We enrich your free time with new knowledge, new acquaintances and the world of beauty and music!

Company website

Elena Levchenko's school is taught by the best teachers who have brought up a galaxy of the strongest dancers of our city and Russia. An even more individual approach to each child, even clearer tasks and goals in teaching dance. The head coach of the school, Elena Levchenko, collected the best practices in teaching children and adults.

Company website

SALSA SOCIAL invites to classes!!

This is information for those who want to plunge into the world of dancing that burns hearts! The SALSA SOCIAL social dance school invites you to attend Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk, Tango and other areas of dance culture in Latin America, meet the leading foreign teachers of these dances, find friends and diversify your leisure time! Our school has two branches, 7 halls, many directions and a large team of teachers! The teaching staff of the studio includes professionals in their field, including instructors from Latin America!

Company website

Tangomania is a dance school for those who want to learn how to dance Argentine TANGO.

Qualitative training in groups and individually in the following areas: Argentine tango, yoga, choreography, chacarera, solo latin, salsa, balboa, stretching. Dance, music, language, traditions, communication culture, lifestyle - all this is TANGO.

Join now!

Company website


  • a cozy atmospheric space in the heart of the city on Petrogradskaya Storona
  • dance, yoga, singing, fitness
  • team of professionals in love with dance, music, movement
  • all conditions for comfortable classes: two equipped halls, showers, locker rooms, recreation areas, children's room
  • we have an individual approach to each client

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Dance school "Children on the floor"

Education in our school is a professional training of children from 3 years old in ballroom dancing using a unique method. Children on the floor is the largest professional ballroom dance school in St. Petersburg. As of May 2016, we have over 650 students. In 2016, it is planned to open schools in the regions. Children on the floor are members of the Russian Dance Union, SPTS and WDC AI.

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"Alliance" is a union of like-minded people: parents, children, and coaches!

Our club has students aged 4 and over. For several years, we have grown couples from "E" to "M" class and achieved good results: our couples are World Championship Winners, Champions of Russia and St. Petersburg, prize-winners and finalists of the Open Championships of Russia, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania , Latvia, Denmark, Blackpool Dance Festival for juniors (Great Britain), Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland.

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Dancepro is a ballroom dance studio.

Exists since 2007. It has more than 100 pupils who participate in city, Russian and international competitions. From 5 year olds to 17 year olds. Our students are Champions of SPTS (St. Petersburg Dance Union) in many categories, semi-finalists and finalists of RTS (Russian Dance Union), as well as finalists and silver medalists of the WDC European Cup.

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* We have guaranteed 30 (and more) partners in each set. And not just any, but strong, courageous, athletic cadets of the Naval Institute
* after two months of classes, our partners are guaranteed to become even more flexible and plastic, the presentation becomes more feminine, the eyes begin to burn, and the legs themselves carry to the hall each evening
* our couples shine every month at social balls and city dance parties
* The most diligent dancers of our studio perform show numbers on the stage of the Palace Square, in the Big Concert Hall - on major public holidays. We are regularly broadcast on central channels!
* we study in the most beautiful hall of St. Petersburg - in the very heart of Vasilyevsky Island
* and in general, we have a very sincere team. We really miss each other and the weekly rehearsals when everyone goes on vacation. We like to gather with the whole team in the dressing room for tea and cakes :) and then burn everything to the last crumb at the stretching.
We love dancing, we respect each other and are happy with each new enrollment! We are waiting for like-minded dancers for an open lesson at the Midshipman.

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Dance studio "Leto!" - it's love from the first lesson :)))) wonderful, warm, friendly atmosphere, wonderful teachers who are undoubtedly the best in their field and of course dancing! You can’t even imagine how many interesting events and acquaintances will happen in your life! Every lesson here is a little holiday for me!

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Kasok School of Ballet for Children is one of the leading schools in St. Petersburg that prepares children for classical dance and admission to ballet academies. The teachers of the school are professionals, acting artists and recognized masters of ballet art. In the classroom, much attention is paid to posture, the development of plasticity, muscle strengthening, musicality, and coordination. A set of exercises is given on the mat, where students develop stretching, turning out, pumping the press. The lessons also study the dance elements of classical dance.

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Boris Ech Latin American Dance Studio is one of the leading schools in St. Petersburg, founded more than 10 years ago, 6 of which it exists under the name "Salsa Plus". The main directions are pair dances - first of all, salsa, bachata, kizomba, but there are also solo variations of Latin directions. The main emphasis is on the base, interaction in a pair, rhythm and musicality - the school gives an extended basis that allows you to feel confident both at local parties and at foreign festivals. In addition to lessons, the school holds regular parties and practices, travels to various festivals and organizes the largest salsa events in the city, including live music, which Salsa Plus always supports and develops. Location in the very center of St. Petersburg, parking, affordable prices and a developed system of discounts - all this makes the school popular among both beginners and experienced dancers. Professional teachers are able to find an individual approach to any student and share their knowledge with everyone.

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Teachers German Mazhirin and Elizaveta Svetlova founded the club in 1995. Over two decades of rich, vibrant, successful activity, the leaders have led their team to the heights of professional excellence. The team of the dance club "Russian Style" has become one of the best teams in St. Petersburg and has repeatedly received high awards and titles: "Exemplary team of St. Petersburg", "Best team of the Frunzensky district." The dance club team has become a regular guest and participant in the most significant events in their city (G-20 summit, the largest concerts in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall dedicated to important events in the life of St. Petersburg).

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Ipanema is the ONLY dance school in RUSSIA that has received quality accreditation from 2 dance schools in Brazil at once: Academia de Danca Renata Pecanha - the most respected Zouk school in the world and DiDança - the famous Samba school in Rio de Janeiro.
We have qualified Russian instructors and regular intensives with top instructors from Brazil: Carlos Oliveira, Diego Fiori & Moncia Batista, William Teixeira & Paloma Alves, etc.
Ipanema has a logical and interesting learning system in which complex things are explained easily and in a playful way. After a couple of months you will be able to calmly dance at parties, participate in competitions and even perform as part of our show group at one of the Festivals!
When you come to our school, you get a lot of new friends and impressions, becoming part of the friendly team of Ipanema! Together we travel to dance Congresses, organize country trips, engage in active sports and have fun!

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“Dancing means flying. Flying means dancing. Niovis Soto
Reading the quote of the great Cuban dancer, you wonder how you can identify these two seemingly incompatible states - dance and flight? And many dancers understand it 100%, because once they have already felt it with every cell of their body!
“FLY DANCE STUDIO” is a team of like-minded people and dance masters of various directions, which will help you feel this state too.
If you want to fulfill your desire to learn how to dance, if dancing is your dream, if you just want to abstract from the earthly vanity and rise above it in the rhythm of dance - welcome to “FLY DANCE STUDIO”! »

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ImpressDance is a premium dance club with a panoramic view of the Neva, located in the heart of St. Petersburg. The professional ImpressDance team not only teaches dance styles, but also instills a taste, a culture of communication, and creates an elegant lifestyle. Highly qualified teachers are called upon to discover new facets of students, to reveal their limitless potential and opportunities. See you at ImpressDance, address: Aptekarskaya nab. 20A, tel: 401-48-68.

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The dance club of sports ballroom dance "Grand" was founded in 2009, on the basis of school No. 525 of the Moskovsky district, by Ekaterina Kurepina, who is a coach and leader, as well as an active dancer and judge of the Russian Dance Union and the International Organization World Dance Council, respectively, students of TCK "Grand" also perform at competitions under the auspices of these organizations. The activity of the club is of a sports orientation, the number of which is about 60 children.

Over the years, the pupils of the TC "Grand" have achieved many successes, have repeatedly taken part in inter-club, city and international competitions and Russian Championships, where they showed a high level of training and repeatedly became finalists, prize-winners and winners of championships in various categories.

In 2014, the pupils of the TC "Grand" became winners of the All-Russian creative competition for children and youth "Star of Luck", and in 2015 they became winners! In 2014, for the first time, the pupils of TK "Grand" took part in the World Championship "Disney Cup" in France. In 2016, two couples took part in the first RTS Show Championship among Juveniles and Juniors, where young talents stood on a pedestal!

Every year, TC "Grand" travels to summer camps for sports camps, where children learn the intricacies of dance art more deeply, strengthen themselves with numerous trainings, take part in the club's seminars and in all cultural and recreational activities of the camp, thereby receiving a full range of recreational and entertainment development.

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Dance club LA BOCA is a special creative space in the center of St. Petersburg, where everyone can find something of their own: fresh emotions, communication and, of course, quality education. Dancing is not just a hobby, it is a part of life that you want to live in an atmosphere of comfort and freedom. Therefore, we try to give a little more than service and space. When we opened La Boca, we hoped to create a place for friends. 9Ol000 not just a dance club! This is a team of professionals who love their work, who live and express themselves in dance.

Dance ville is truly a city of dance, with a different history and understanding. This is a new approach to learning and vision of dance! It's a cozy atmosphere, nice people. Here you can always find an interlocutor of interest, find a dance partner, drink coffee together, relax after hard working days!

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KIZOMBA CITY is the FIRST KIZOMBA school in St. Petersburg!!

You will study in the hands of one of the best teachers in the city - Rafael dos Santos, complete immersion in kizomba, as well as the study of semba, afrohouse and tarraschigna. Rafael dos Santos is one of the best kizomba teachers in Russia! He took first place in the KIZOMBA BATTLE in 2014, entered the top 4 in Russia in the most popular AFRICA DANCAR competition in 2015. In the kizombic get-together, his middle name is "Papa Africa", because he is the founder of the MAMA AFRICA project, which was created with the aim of developing and spreading dances of African culture in Russia.

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