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Emotes are short animations of each hero that players can perform in-game. They are cosmetics and were unlocked through opening loot boxes or by purchasing them with legacy credits in Overwatch 1. In Overwatch 2, Emotes can be earned through the battle pass, or purchased in the Hero Gallery using legacy credits or Overwatch coins, depending on the specific emote. Emotes can be viewed and equipped from the Hero Gallery. To use an emote in-game, choose the emote option on the communication wheel.

Each hero can be equipped with up to 4 different emotes at a time, and each character has 1 "Heroic" emote available by default. Additionally, all heroes have a sit emote, a laugh emote, and a dance emote from the Overwatch Anniversary event. (Currently, Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen are the only heroes to not have dance emotes, as there has not been an anniversary event since Overwatch 2's release)

There are 157 non-default emotes in-game.

There are 45 emotes that can only be unlocked from seasonal loot boxes:

  • 4 from Summer Games loot boxes. (Bastion, Lucio, Symmetra, and Ana)
  • 5 from Halloween loot boxes. (Ana, Winston, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and Mei)
  • 4 from Winter loot boxes. (McCree, Mei, Zarya, and Orisa)
  • 5 from Lunar New Year loot boxes. (D.Va, Junkrat, Mei, Roadhog, and Doomfist)
  • 3 from Archives loot boxes. (Pharah, Soldier: 76, and Hanzo)
  • With Overwatch Anniversary event every hero received a looping dance emote.


  • 1 Ana
  • 2 Ashe
  • 3 Baptiste
  • 4 Bastion
  • 5 Brigitte
  • 6 Cassidy
  • 7 D.Va
  • 8 Doomfist
  • 9 Echo
  • 10 Genji
  • 11 Hanzo
  • 12 Junkrat
  • 13 Lúcio
  • 14 Mei
  • 15 Mercy
  • 16 Moira
  • 17 Orisa
  • 18 Pharah
  • 19 Reaper
  • 20 Reinhardt
  • 21 Roadhog
  • 22 Sigma
  • 23 Soldier: 76
  • 24 Sombra
  • 25 Symmetra
  • 26 Torbjörn
  • 27 Tracer
  • 28 Widowmaker
  • 29 Winston
  • 30 Wrecking Ball
  • 31 Zarya
  • 32 Zenyatta




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Baptiste Emotes


Common (Free)


File:Baptiste Emote Heroic. webm

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Soldier: 76[]







Wrecking Ball[]



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The New Overwatch Dance Glitch Is Hilarious

By Sean Murray

There’s a new glitch that lets you swap dance emotes around in Overwatch, and the results are pretty funny.

via Blizzard

Overwatch Dance

Normally, dance emotes are specific to the Overwatch character who is performing the dance. Like Winston’s twist or Widowmaker's ballet, each dance reveals a little bit of that character’s personality and overall vibe.

But now that’s no longer the case. There’s a new glitch in Overwatch that lets any hero use the dance emote of any other hero, and players are falling over themselves laughing at the bizarre contortions that these mixed up animations produce.

First, let’s take a crack at the glitch. The glitch is easy to produce and repeatable so long as you follow these simple instructions that are outlined in this video.

Start by going into a game mode where your character gets chosen for you--6v6 Mystery Heroes is preferred, but it'll also work with Winter Brawls' Yeti Hunt too. You’ll just be dancing as Mei or Winston Yeti.

Then while waiting for a game to start, go into the Hero Gallery and pick the hero you want to dance as. Go into that hero's emote wheel and make sure you've got a dance equipped somewhere. Remember which slot has that dance for the next step.

Although the glitch is being mostly used for swapping dances, it'll work with any emote that has a loop, so you could also use this glitch to sit as different characters too. But sitting is boring, so we're going to stick with dance emotes.

Overwatch Dance Glitch Meta from Overwatch

Once you've found a game and the message pops up stating you're about to join, use the dance emote you've equipped in the Hero Gallery. If you got the timing right, you'll be able to use that character's dance regardless of who you spawn in as.

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Is this legit ? Have I missed something ? 😂 from Overwatch

The funny part about this glitch isn’t so much seeing Reaper perform the Sombra dance, but how some characters distort themselves in order to dance as vastly larger or smaller characters. Like Widowmaker trying to dance as Winston in the video below.

Is uh... Everything alright Widow? from Overwatch

Best get your kicks in now as bugs like this one never last too long.

Source: Reddit

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90,000 in honor of the anniversary of Overwatch will become free on all platforms in honor of the anniversary of Overwatch will become free on all platforms - Russian newspaper

Fresh number

RG -Nedela


thematic applications


05/20/2019 11:30

Bogdan Bobrov

Overwatch game website

Blizzard announced the celebration of the third anniversary of the multiplayer shooter Overwatch.

To celebrate, the game will be free for a week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting May 21st. During this period, gamers will be able to get new exclusive skins and dance emotes. In addition, cosmetic items from the collections of previous years will again be on sale.

Timed themed modes will also return - they will change each other every day.

According to Blizzard itself, the audience of the project is more than 40 million people.






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Blizzard will not allow to buy and launch Diablo IV in Russia and Belarus. Rover Persevs

Today's Highlight:

Overwatch Free Weekend, 2 Year Anniversary Celebration and Legendary Edition PS4

Overwatch: Legendary Edition


Overwatch Free Weekend, 2 Years Celebration and Legendary Edition

Darth_Alex —

Blizzard announces that from May 25 to 28 will be free weekend with Overwatch . During these days, everyone will be able to play multiplayer for free action movie by choosing any of the available platforms for this: PlayStation 4, Xbox One or personal computer.

During the free weekend, you will be able to play as any of 27 Overwatch heroes on all 18 game maps in such modes, like "Quick Game", "Custom Game" and "Arcade". Players will be able to upgrade your level, mine containers and open various options character customization. Also, if the player later decides purchase Overwatch, all its progress for a free weekend will be preserved, only it will be necessary to use the same one when buying Blizzard, Sony Entertainment or Xbox Live account, which with free play. It is also important that during the free weekend PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play Overwatch without a PS subscription Plus.

Another news from Blizzard was the announcement of a special holiday event dedicated to the game's 2nd anniversary, as well as the Legendary Action Movie Legendary Edition

Starting May 22, players will be able to get all released earlier brawls and seasonal items. The game will also include new content in the form of a map for the skirmish mode called Petra, new hero skins, and dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira and Brigitte.

The Legendary Edition should finally go on sale on May 25 Overwatch, which in addition to the main game will include 15 additional skins for heroes related to the Legendary sets, Epic and Origin.

It has been 2 years since I have never played this wonderful game

nireiu Fortnite and Far Cry 5 =)

Posted by Donovan

Far Cry 5

Here is the thing! I went through it to the maximum and it’s a pity to even delete it, it lies in daddy, I'm waiting for the DLC to be)

nireiu , very good, I just run around the map, even on I forgot the plot, because it's just interesting to explore everything

I thought that everyone who wanted to - the game had long been bought

AAB-r86 , no. I did not dare to buy, but everything is free Weekends always came to play. But not this time...

who works over? I have not been able to enter the game for a month - because Rknov monkeys

RoadRiguez , everything works fine for me, though on Xbox.

AlenkyAsh ,
Similar to

This "unhealthy" tendency to sell games, as well as "raw" on release products several times a little alarming and depressing. The user buys the game in the GOTY edition (seemingly the most full version), and after some time the Legendary Edition comes out Or some other Mega Edition. And okay, if this extra content owner GOTY can download for free, and if not?
There are probably many such examples, from the latest: Street Fighter V, Hitman, FF XV, Overwatch...

fat_163_eng , Overwatch you mentioned out of place, as far as I I remember that from paid content there are only boxes with skins, stickers and etc., which do not affect anything.

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