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How strong is Danzo really ranked objectively? : Naruto

For Danzo, he is often criticized for not having used his sharigans and izanagis properly. It is undeniable that he did throw them away too easily, which is a huge antifeat.

At the same time, Danzo did demonstrate some very good feats in the battle with Sasuke.

  • He carried out experiments to test the Susanoo, something new to him. (Don't think he got to interact much with Shisui's Susanoo, the ones pursuing Shisui after his eye got taken are other Anbu subordinates). Many people like to say Danzo stabbing the Susanoo is dumb, but they said so using a God perspective of knowing things in advance. In a real fight, it is very logical to experiment a lot on how hard the material is, if there is any weak point, any special mechanisms, etc. Danzo had very little intel and knowledge on the Susanoo. This shows Danzo is a very logical person.

  • Danzo could trade blows with Sasuke without getting blitzed. Sasuke with his eyes on could match the Raikage in speed, and Danzo could actually keep up. It is not a small speed feat for his age. Sasuke could already blitz many jonins.

  • Danzo managed to crack the Susanoo. He made clever combination of a large suction summon on one end and then a stab at the other. This is an ingenious plan and not many people might've dared to try these plans after seeing how indestructible the Susanoo is. Yet, Danzo dared to try and succeeded. Just Sasuke was quick on his nerves and used fire to counter it, otherwise his Susanoo might've been cracked open.

  • Danzo managed to almost kill Sasuke. He got Sauske into a state of having to use Susanoo plot armor to break out of the seal binding.

  • Danzo did not fear Sasuke's high power genjutsu. While Sasuke might not be that well educated in genjutsu, the raw genjutsu power should be really high as he could counter Itachi's and cast it to Itachi himself. Danzo was calmly in the state of breaking it, instead of panicking. A bit like how Orochimaru was going to break Itachi's genjutsu, but Itachi was fast enough to cut Oro's hands. This time Sasuke couldn't do so because of the seal.

  • His wind spinning blades are really dangerous and look very cool.

His antifeats are

  • Not dodging attacks when he could have.

  • Not fleeing properly using izanagi but instead went on to waste all of the eyes and then suicide. If it was Orochimaru in Danzo's position, Oro definitely would've fleed.

  • Talking too much after binding Sasuke when he could have sliced Sasuke earlier. But then plot armor.

  • Good tactics but bad strategy. He had no grand scheme of things and did not plan the overall flow of the battle beforehand. He focused on implementing the details like breaking Susanoo, which he did well.

I wonder how Danzo would be like if we compare him to other Akatsuki members like Sasori/Deidara/Kakuzu or top jonins like Kakashi/Guy/Darui/Asuma. We can assume he'd waste like 70% of the eyes, but he'd gain about 70% useful intel on the opponent with the eyes. How well would he fare against other kages like Ay and Mei? And Ohnoki, it's a pity that Ohnoki never was shown to have any interaction with Hiruzen, when they were both quite old and were well recognized kages. Ohnoki almost never thought of Hiruzen or Danzo when thinking about him being humiliated by Leaf Ninjas, only Madara came to his mind. Does that mean Hiruzen and Danzo were not a threat to him? How well would Danzo fare against Ohnoki?

5 Shinobi Danzo Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To)

Danzo Shimura is an antagonist of the Naruto series and among the most diabolical villains its main characters have ever contended with. The leader of the Foundation (otherwise known as Root), his cunning is matched only by his viciousness and the many jutsu he can deploy against his enemies.

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The Sharingan arm he adorns makes him particularly deadly since he can harness the terrifying power of the Izanagi in order to turn any fight in his favor. However, in spite of his inhuman abilities and natural gifts as a warrior, his victory is not guaranteed against the series' most capable shinobi.

10/10 COULD BEAT: Temari Who Wouldn't Get A Chance To Use Her Wind Jutsu Against Him

Temari's skill with her fan makes her one of the series' most deadly kunoichi. It is capable of deflecting dozens of projectiles and carving through the boughs of trees with little effort, inflicting similarly high damage against human targets.

However, the Sand Shinobi requires solid footing in order to harness her special ability. Should Danzo summon the Baku and use its infamous vacuum, she would be swept off her feet and right into the Foundation leader's clutches. Given that he is a vastly superior melee combatant, she would never have another chance to use her wind jutsu against him.

9/10 WOULD LOSE TO: Jiraiya & His Toad Genjutsu

Arguably the strongest of the legendary Sannin, Jiraiya's affinity with genjutsu is peerless. It was powerful enough to affect Nagato's paths of Pain, one of the most intelligent and dauntless shinobi of Shippuden.

Since Danzo is vulnerable to genjutsu despite the Sharingan he wields (demonstrated through how Sasuke successfully used it against him in their duel), it reasons that the Great Sage's techniques would be similarly effective. It would result in his demise, regardless of how many opportunities he had to reverse his fate.

8/10 COULD BEAT: Sakura Despite Her Outstanding Strength & Healing Abilities

Sakura's outstanding strength rivals Tsunade's, wielding enough sheer physical power to stagger Kaguya herself. The medical ninja's healing is equally remarkable, with similar regenerative properties to that of her mistress.

However, her advantages in endurance and her ability to mend wounds cannot account for a critical strike to the heart or brain. If she manages to connect a successful punch against Danzo, he would simply need to manifest behind her and deliver a fatal strike as he nearly did in his battle against Sasuke.

7/10 WOULD LOSE TO: Kisame & His Charka-Eating Blade

One of the most powerful members of the Akatsuki, Kisame's notorious chakra-eating blade was able to drain the energy of those it connected with. This entails that in a direct confrontation between he and Danzo, he is at a natural advantage even if the assassin can block all of his attacks.

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As powerful as the Izanagi is, it takes an enormous amount of chakra to control (which is why Danzo uses Hashirama cells on his arm). In the inevitability that the shark ninja saps that power, he would deprive the Foundation leader of his greatest tool and kill him shortly thereafter.

6/10 COULD BEAT: Deidara & His Explosive Tricks

Deidara's clay detonations are fatal against most characters of the series. His unique gift for converting them into microscopic pieces and triggering them from inside his opponents' bodies are particularly lethal, with the only known way to subvert it through electricity.

However, Danzo's Izanagi allows him to survive the Akatsuki member's trick, using his air bullets and Baku in order to knock his opponent out of the sky. Deidara may attempt a final explosion in order to take his enemy out with him, though it would only cost Danzo a single Sharingan in order to survive.

5/10 WOULD LOSE TO: Orochimaru As The One Responsible For Danzo's Arm

Superficially, Danzo and Orochimaru are evenly matched. The former's wind jutsu and summoning poses a serious threat against the latter's extending body, hidden blades, and the many snakes at his disposal.

However, the fallen Sannin is directly responsible for creating Shimura's Hashirama arm. Given his dubious and distrustful nature, it follows that should the two turn on each other, the scientist would have a precaution in disabling it or possibly even turning it against its user. Given how it turned into a massive tree when the Foundation leader lost control over his cells, his opponent may be able to trigger a similar effect prematurely.

4/10 COULD BEAT: Mu Who Is Lacking In Melee Ability

Lord Mu was a former Tsuchikage of the Stone Village and a man who had mastered the particle style disintegration. It was potent enough to defeat most targets and even cleave through Madara's famed Susanoo.

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However, he lacks much of Onoki's melee abilities, and considering that Danzo could close the distance between them through his Baku, he would be ill-prepared for the Foundation leader's subsequent usage of a paralyzing rune. This would provide Danzo enough time to seal him, resulting in a comfortable victory.

3/10 WOULD LOSE TO: Hiruzen Sarutobi With His Agility & Help From Enma

The frequent subject of Danzo's machinations, Sarutobi has displayed the intelligence and foresight to avoid his friend's schemes time and again. Though he may not possess Shimura's Sharingan, he wields a vast number of jutsu and is a superior fighter to his comrade (as ascertained by Tobirama directly).

He is agile enough to dodge Danzo's air bullets and can exploit the Baku's weakness to fire if Danzo attempts to summon him. If he invokes Enma to assist him, it would turn an already bleak encounter into one the Foundation leader could not hope to win.

2/10 COULD BEAT: Shino Whose Bugs Would Be Destroyed Before Reaching Danzo

Shino's insects may target Danzo's chakra and deplete his ability to use the Izanagi, but it would be difficult for his bugs to find their prey without being destroyed before they could reach him. The Baku is could inhale any beetles that Shino attempted to deploy, significantly inhibiting his ability to use them.

Even if he had managed to smother Danzo's entire body, the villain could undo it through his Sharingan directly (since it does not require death in order to activate). It would simultaneously put him closer to his enemy, allowing him to capitalize on the young man's absence of weaponry poor taijutsu, cutting him down where he stood.

1/10 WOULD LOSE TO: Naruto

Succeeding just as well as Sasuke, Naruto has a number of means by which to defeat Danzo. His sage jutsu and mastery over Kurama's chakra both provide him impervious defensive measures, ones that Shimura would struggle to avoid (demonstrated through his frustrations against the Susanoo).

This would make it particularly difficult to target him, especially since the future Hokage's Uzumaki healing could nullify most of whatever damage he managed to inflict. A handful of Rasengan wielding shadow clones would defeat Danzo decisively on account of his unimpressive reflexes and mobility.

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Ready translation Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon / Naruto: Uchiha, Genjutsu Demon: Chapter 7: Danzo and Orochimaru Meeting

Yami knew that Mizuki was not strong in body or mind, so in the future he would be an easy test subject. Or another option is to talk to someone who is good at genjutsu, like Kurenai, but she could tell Hiruzen how good Yami's genjutsu is.

'Didn't Kurenai have a student who was too good at genjutsu that she immersed the whole village in it? I think her name was Yakumo Kurama. I'll leave Kurenai as the last option, I hope it doesn't come to that," Yami thought as he picked up the scroll for the multiple shadow clone jutsu.

After reading the scroll, he performed the seals to create a shadow clone, but the clone looked as pale as a ghost and couldn't even walk properly. Yami tried again and again, and on the 4th try, he managed to create a perfect clone of himself.

Let's see how many clones I can create without running out of chakra, Yami thought as he created more and more clones. In the end, he created 20 clones. He canceled them and decided to start practicing genjutsu meditation. He wanted to entrust this to a clone, but he thought it was the first time, so he should do it himself, and he wanted to try.

Yami sat down to meditate and began to visualize the things around him and create a world in his mind that was the same as in real life, so that if he uses this genjutsu on someone, the person will not even realize that he is in genjutsu. As he followed the instructions written on the scroll and meditated, Yami felt that the illusion he had created inside his mind was becoming more and more perfect.

'Now let's try, if my clone does the same, will it be of any use to me?' Yami thought as he created a shadow clone.

"You meditate while I go and sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow to practice my taijutsu." Yami said and the clone gave him a thumbs up and sat down to meditate.

There were three people in the room while all this was happening in an underground facility that looked like a science lab. On one side sat an old man with a bandaged hand and one eye, with a sour expression on his face. It was Danzō, and in front of him sat a man with a pale face and an evil smile. It was an S rank Konoha nukenin and one of the three Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru. Behind him sat a boy with round glasses. He had a scalpel in his hand and a medical book in the other.

"So, Danzō, are you saying that you couldn't handle even such a small task?" said Orochimaru, licking his lips with his long snake-like tongue.

"Tsk... I couldn't do anything. By the time my people entered the Uchiha quarter, all eyes had been gouged out, and apart from Itachi's two younger brothers, there was no one there to take them away." Danzō said with an annoyed expression.

"Could these two do it?"

"No, they are 4 and 7 years old, and both were found unconscious due to severe exhaustion, so both of them are out of the question. This is definitely Itachi's doing. He knew how strong the Sharingan was," said Danzo.

"So now you have to grab the boy?" asked Orochimaru. He had already begun to imagine Yami and Sasuke on the operating table.

"No. Hiruzen told me to dissolve the root, but I convinced him that the root would only be used for intelligence gathering. If he knew that I did something, he would not dissolve the root, but take it for himself. Senior Sasuke, will probably continue at the academy in a few days, so I can keep an eye on him, but the younger one doesn't often leave the Uchiha territory, so it's hard to keep track of him. "

"All I hear is Danzō's excuses, but no solution. There was a big deal like a massacre, and you couldn't get anything worthwhile out of it. It looks like giving you Hashirama's cells was a waste of time."

"Orochimaru, you seem to want to die." Danzō began to get annoyed at Orochimaru's constant taunting.

"Hehe... you're always welcome to try," Orochimaru replied with a provocative look. Before Danzō could answer, a boy appeared behind Orochimaru and said: "Master Orochimaru, let's not dwell on the past and think about what to do in the future."

" least someone here has a brain," Danzō snorted.

"I'm currently a member of the Akatsuki. So I'm up to my neck with this and my experiments."

"What can you tell me about Akatsuki?" Danzō wanted to know more about this mysterious organization.

"You have nothing to offer me, Danzō, so ask questions when you can afford answers. Kabuto, see Danzō out," Orochimaru said as he left.

"That's a bastard." Danzō could only swear as he knew Orochimaru could kill him. Apart from Kotoamatsumi, he has no trump cards. He planned to use the Uchiha Elders' Sharingan on his arm, which was made from Hashirama Senju's cells.

"Come on, Danzō-san, I'll show you the way. We don't want you to fall into a trap and blow yourself up, do we?" Kabuto said with a sly smile on his face.

'I should report this to Master Sasori. If Itachi really has all the Sharingan, then this would be a good addition to Master Sasori's puppets, Kabuto thought. Kabuto was Sasori's spy, and Sasori controlled Kabuto's mind with a special technique.

Konoha Village

Uchiha Complex

The next morning, when the sun rose, a room in the Uchiha complex, Yami's room, which was completely dark, was lit up. Yami was sleeping on the bed, and his clone was meditating on the side of him. Yami woke up from his dream, rubbing his blue eyes, and looked at the clone, who also opened his eyes, but instead of blue eyes, there was one tomoe Sharingan.

"Don't get distracted yet. I don't need a headache as soon as I wake up." Yami said and the clone nodded.

TOP 15 most powerful Naruto characters

Just finished watching the last episode of the legendary, cult anime Naruto. What to say? Kishimoto did his job and finished the anime in the right way. And for those who did not have enough disclosure about Naruto and Hinata, I advise you to watch the 10th Naruto movie. You will get a strange feeling that Kishimoto's shonen mangaka is much better at capturing the theme of love than mangaka whose romance is in the foreground. (off topic)

Since I finished the 720th episode (season 1-220, season 2-500), why not make the TOP of the strongest heroes of the ninja-universe?! (in my opinion) Let's start with...

P.S There are spoilers

15. Shisui Uchii Uchiha

Even by the standards of the schools of Shisui was considered one of the most talented members of the famous clan that ever appeared in it. Danzo Shimura even called him the strongest Uchiha of his time. His abilities soon allowed him to reach the rank of jōnin at a young age and finally become the captain of his own squad. His skills were so widely known that an entire team of Kiri ninja quickly came to the conclusion that they should flee as soon as they became aware of his presence. Even more testament to Shisui's skill is the fact that Kabuto Yakushi wanted to resurrect him to participate in the coming war, although he was unable to do so due to the inability to find a sufficient DNA sample

14. Hyuuga Neiji

Jonin of the Hidden Leaf, a member of the Hyuga clan (and my favorite). The genius of his clan, although he is from a side branch (not the main family). For me personally, Neji has been a strong shinobi ever since he fought Kidomaru, the shinobi of Hidden Sound Village.

From an early age, Neji's skills as a natural genius were amazing even by the high standards of the HYUGA CLAN. His father believed that due to his talent and potential, Neji could surpass the rest of the Hyuuga, which he succeeded during the events of the second part of the series. In addition to these traits, Neji graduated from the Academy as one of the top students, causing his teammate ROCK LEE to consider Neji the main competitor during the Chūnin Exams, as well as Konoha's strongest genin. Although he failed to successfully complete both exams, Neji was the only member of the KONOHA 11 to be promoted to the rank of JONIN, while the rest became Chunin. According to Tsunade, his quality of remaining calm and reasonable even in the most critical of situations makes him a good leader.

The main feature of his clan is Byakugan. A special technique that allows you to see the chakra network and gives you a 360-degree vision.

Depending on the wearer's talent, the eyes allow them to see ahead for up to a kilometer. For example, if in the first part of the anime Neji could see at a distance of up to 50 meters, then in the second part, more than 800 meters.

13. Hatake Kakashi

Hidden Leaf Shinobi of the Hatake clan, better known as Kakashi's Sharingan. He is one of the most talented ninja in Konoha, and is the mentor of the 7th team.


Taijutsu. Various Lotus Techniques - Execution of such an attack depends entirely on physical fitness and does not require knowledge of ninjutsu. During the blow, the enemy receives maximum damage, however, Guy also suffers quite a lot of pain.

Ninjutsu. Kakashi knew over 3,000 techniques and is one of the strongest ninja in Konohagure and the combined shinobi forces in general. His strength surpasses the level of the rest of the jōnin and is equal to the kage. He owns several elements: lightning, earth, water and fire. He also has very good taijutsu skills. He frequently uses the Sharingan, earning him the nickname "Copy Ninja". But it also has its own techniques.

Dojutsu. Mangekyo Sharingan

Susanoo is a very powerful technique of the Uchiha clan, which can only be used with the Mangekyō Sharingan, having mastered the power of both eyes. When using this technique, a ghostly samurai is created to assist the user in combat.

Kamui is a technique that can only be used with the Mangekyō Sharingan. After the user activates this technique, the target that the user fixes with the eye is sucked into another dimension. Since this technique consumes a lot of chakra, Kakashi is unable to use it multiple times in a row. However, in a fight against Tobi, Kakashi gained the ability to return from this dimension. Also, obviously, the larger the item pulled into Kamui and the longer Kakashi concentrates on the target, the more chakra is consumed. The harm of the technique is due to the fact that Kakashi's Sharingan eye is transplanted and has less connection with the owner's chakra channel system.

He can also transform natural elements. Since he possesses several natural elements, he can accumulate chakras in the palm of his hand, which is converted into electricity (Raikiri), release a ball of Fire from his mouth (Katon), etc.

12. Maito Gai

Konoha Jonin As a master of taijutsu, Guy teaches and passes on his wisdom to the members of the team, which includes Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, and Tenten.

Despite Guy's poor start as a ninja, the famed Hatake Sakumo noticed potential in Guy. Sakumo's son, Hatake Kakashi, agreed to this at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, admitting that Guy had become stronger than him. Subsequently, Guy was recognized as one of the strongest jōnin in Konoha. Akatsuki member and genius of the Uchiha clan Uchiha Itachi warned his fellow members of the organization not to underestimate Guy. This is proven by the fact that Guy has been victorious several times in one-on-one combat against another Akatsuki member, Hoshigaki Kisame. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he fights one-on-one against Rokubi and then narrowly defeats Madara Uchiha when he was the Juubi's jinchūriki. Madara himself admitted that he had not had such a hard fight since the fight with Senju Hashirama in Shumatsu no Tani. As a master of taijutsu, Guy teaches and passes on his wisdom to the team members, which includes Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, and Tenten. Despite Guy's poor start as a ninja, the famed Hatake Sakumo noticed potential in Guy. Sakumo's son, Hatake Kakashi, agreed to this at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, admitting that Guy had become stronger than him. Subsequently, Guy was recognized as one of the strongest jōnin in Konoha. Akatsuki member and genius of the Uchiha clan Uchiha Itachi warned his fellow members of the organization not to underestimate Guy. This is proven by the fact that Guy has been victorious several times in one-on-one combat against another Akatsuki member, Hoshigaki Kisame. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he fights one-on-one against Rokubi and then narrowly defeats Madara Uchiha when he was the Juubi's jinchūriki. Madara himself admitted that he had not had such a tough fight since his fight with Senju Hashirama in Shumatsu no Tani.

Opening the gate

11. Hashirama Senjiu / hashirama senju

One of the founding of the hidden leaf village and the first Hokage.

Hashirama was known as the strongest shinobi of his time, whose incredible abilities earned him the nickname Shinobi no Kami (忍の神, "God of Shinobi" ). During the Fourth World War, Yakushi Kabuto claimed that there was no one alive today who could match the strength of Hashirama. Madara acknowledged Hashirama's superiority over him and his inability to stop him even with the Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan and Kyuubi at his disposal. Hashirama's taijutsu skills allowed him to fight on equal footing with close combat experts like Madara and Hiruzen. In the manga, he used a genjutsu that plunges the target into pitch darkness.

10. Killer Bee/ Kirabi

Shinobi from Hidden Cloud Village and Jinchuuriki Gyuuki. Has a habit of speaking in rap. An incredibly strong and talented ninja, able to completely control his bijuu. He has a unique fighting style: he fights with seven swords at once and uses Lightning Release (mainly through objects). If the opponent is strong, he uses the power of the Eight-Tails, greatly increasing his chances of winning.

Killer B demonstrated amazing kenjutsu skills. In combat, he most often uses seven swords. He holds these swords in his mouth, in his arms, armpits, knuckles of arms and legs. It seems that it is very difficult and dangerous to fight in such an uncomfortable position. However, B is very effective at fighting due to her taijutsu prowess. When attacking an opponent, Bee can use a combination similar to Tsugu, however, more accurate and dangerous, as the swords pierce the enemy from all sides. The movements are so fast and unpredictable that even Sasuke's Sharingan couldn't keep up with them. Also, Bee is able to channel Chakra through them, which gives the swords great speed and accuracy.

9. Fourth Raikage-Ei

The fourth head of Hidden Cloud Village. Healthy, pumped up, a very impulsive, emotional and irritable person. Despite this, he is an excellent shinobi and a good leader, however, he is not particularly prone to diplomacy and prefers action to words. He can go to great lengths for his brother, Kira B. One of the strongest shinobi in the world, master of taijutsu, uses nintaijutsu based on Lightning Release, has a huge supply of chakra (according to Karin, at the level of bijuu). According to the manga, he is the fastest shinobi on par with the Fourth Hokage-Minato.

8. Jiraiya

One of the three legendary sannin along with Tsunade and Orochimaru. He was a student of the Third Hokage. He later became the teacher of the future Fourth Hokage when he was 10 years old.

Jiraiya uses various Ninjutsu, Toad Techniques, Taijutsu, Senjutsu and Fuinjutsu (Sealing Technique)

7. Madara Uchiha / Uchiha Madara

strongest shinobi of the world.


Madara has strong chakra that is unusual even for an Uchiha. In addition, he possesses the DNA of both Uchiha and Senju, which, when possessing the Sharingan, allows him to use Izanagi. However, in chapter 587 of the manga, Itachi talks about Izanagi as a technique used by the Uchiha clan to cancel an unfavorable outcome during battle. It was also said that the technique could be used by a group of shinobi at once in order to achieve victory in battle. And in order to stop Izanagi, Izanami was created - an illusion that plunges the enemy into a continuously repeating cycle of events, from which you can only get out if the shinobi is aware of his own mistakes. Thus, it is debatable whether both the Uchiha and the Senju have DNA to use this technique. Just before his death, Madara awakened the Rinnegan in his eyes.

Techniques : Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Rinnegan, Illusion, Susanno (ancient samurai), everything related to the element of Fire, the secret technique of the Tree-Birth of the Virgin Forest, and this sick bastard can even cause a meteorite and a lot of everything (themselves see). Just don't ask why he's not in the top three (pf sick bastard)

6. Gaara

Shinobi, Jinchuuriki, Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village, Li.

At the age of 15, Gaara becomes the Kazekage, which speaks of his incomparable strength. Due to his amazing abilities, Gaara earns respect and recognition from the villagers. Many Kage don't recognize him at first, but Gaara's power changes their minds. Gaara also defeats his father, who, like many, recognizes him. In addition, Gaara was able to defeat the Nidaime Mizukage and his Joki Boy, which even Mu was unable to do. He is also able to find a way out of the situation at the very last moment of the battle, as evidenced by his battles.

He has an exceptionally strong ability to control sand. He also has a technique that creates a third eye, which helps him keep track of everyone. He can fly on his sand, etc. Anything related to sand. Walls, kunai, clones everything is created by sand.

5. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Matriarch of the Ōtsutsuki clan and mother of the Hagoromo village Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki, who lived long before the ancient foundations of humanity in the hidden times. She ate the fruit of the Divine Tree and became the first possessor of the chakra, and then combined with the tree to transform into the Ten-Tails.

In the anime, Kaguya demonstrated wielding otherworldly powers long before absorbing the Chakra no Mi. She could make interstellar travel, put people to sleep and erase their memories, and also emit a powerful blast wave from her eyes, capable of knocking people back and even tearing them apart. After consuming the Chakra no Mi, Kaguya gained unparalleled power, with which she was able to suppress conflicts by herself, causing people to worship her in fear. Hagoromo, being a legendary shinobi, noted that the power of his mother exceeds anyone was, including their joint strength with their brother. Kaguya has shown amazing abilities, such as being at one with nature to gain control over her dimension's environment, such as ice and lava; levitation; reading thoughts and emotions of a person

4. Sasuke Uchiha / Sasuke Uchiha

One of the main characters, such as Naruto's friend.

Like his older brother Itachi, Sasuke was born into the Uchiha clan and was gifted. With the highest score in the performance test as well as the final test, Sasuke becomes the top graduate of the Shinobi Academy. His prowess with a high level of technique, as well as setting traps and using shinobi gear, surprises even Kakashi during the bell test. Tobi and Orochimaru said that Sasuke has a unique potential.

In the second part, Sasuke, despite being officially a genin, develops most of his potential and becomes strong enough to fight on par with highly skilled shinobi. He also forces Itachi to use his strongest techniques. After gaining the Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke demonstrates the ability to perform new attacks with new eyes, as seen in his fight with the two Kage and their bodyguards. Sasuke also fought Danzō, a Kage-level opponent, and practically controlled the pace of the fight, which ultimately led the younger Uchiha to victory. With the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke and Naruto deal the final blow to the Juubi's jinchuuriki, Obito. Later, with the receipt of the Rinnegan, he and Naruto fight on equal terms with the Junchuuriki Juubi, Madara, and teamed up with other members of the Kakashi team, Sasuke seals the progenitor of the chakra - Ōtsutsuki Kaguya. Already an adult and despite the loss of his left arm, Sasuke was able to fight on equal terms with Ōtsutsuki Kinshiki, who was feared by Kaguya herself (the first owner of the chakra).

3. Itachi Uchiha / Itachi Uchiha

Menin mahabbatym, the genius of the Uchiha clan, who graduated from the Academy of the ninja at an early age (in my opinion, the ANBU joined the 6-8 secret organization. After he slaughtered his entire clan (later you will understand why), leaving only Sasuke alive, he becomes a fugitive ninja and joins Akatsuki.

At a young age, Itachi's remarkable intellect allowed him to be talented in everything. Already at the age of seven, his wisdom was akin to the Hokage. Throughout his battles, Itachi never fights at his full strength. One of the sannin, Orochimaru, openly admitted that Itachi was much stronger than him.

Itachi's only weakness is his stamina. However, Sasuke, who fights with all his might, is unable to defeat Itachi in their final battle, despite Itachi holding himself back, and suffering from a terminal illness on top of that. Despite the hardships of his last moments, Itachi was able to use powerful Fuinjutsu and maintain a completed Susanoo.

Being a pacifist after the events of the Third World War, Itachi hardly takes part in the battles, and only defends himself. However, even fighting only at half strength, he pushed the jonins Hatake Kakashi, Sarutobi Asuma and Yuhi Kurenai to the limit. He does not like to kill people, and only incapacitates them.

2. Nagato Uzumaki (Pain) / Nagato Uzumaki

An orphan from Amegakure, a member of the Uzumaki clan, the owner of the strongest eye, the Rinnegan. Founder of Akatsuki, student of the legendary sannin Jiraiya.

As the leader of the Akatsuki, Nagato is a very strong shinobi, and the strongest shinobi in the organization. According to Konan, Nagato has not lost a single battle in his life, which once again emphasizes his unsurpassed. He managed to defeat his teacher, who was a Sannin (the last level of coolness).

Nagato's true abilities manifest after his revival. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was able to take on two of the strongest Jinchuuriki at the same time, despite their control of the Bijuu. Nagato has shown to be able to use all of the Pain Rikudo techniques. He probably would have managed to destroy both Naruto and Killer B, if not for the intervention of Itachi Uchiha, who, having teamed up with the jinchuriki, defeated Nagato.

Naruto's fight with Pain was the most exciting and interesting for me.

Using the body of the Tendō, Nagato wields the Gentoshin no Jutsu, thereby creating his own astral projection. He also endowed this body with the ability of gravity, thereby practicing techniques such as Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin. The most powerful version is a technique called Chibaku Tensei, which is considered Nagato's most powerful ability. Nagato has repeatedly demonstrated his proficiency in Fuinjutsu: Henry Kyu Fujin, with which he seals Bijuu. With the help of Ukojizai no Jutsu, he creates rain that controls the inhabitants of Amegakure, etc. He has a lot of techniques that you don’t want to write.

And the first place, obviously ...

1. Naruto Uzumaki / Naruto Uzumaki

Yo, dogs! I am Naruto Uzumaki!
Oh, and by the way, I'm the future Hokage.
Everything is cool with me, I'm still Naruto.
I hate Orochimaru and Kabbuto.
I know a lot of jutsu, I hate boots.
There are no better clones than Rasengan.
I have fans, plus I love Hinata,
A lot of friends, and a one-room house. (Time joke)

If you don't know him, what are you doing here?! In fact, Naruto has proved so many times that he is the strongest character that I think no one minds that he is in first place. Yes, in the first season he appears before us as a weak little bully, but over time he becomes the Hero of his village and the Hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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