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As we've all seen in the movies or TV, dipping is very sexy, and it adds a fabulous flair to a routine. It’s one move that’ll wow the audience, for sure!

Here’s the thing: it may look like a simple stunt to pull and it only takes a second to execute but dipping is a complex dance move. It’s definitely not for beginners! 

Dipping a person in real life is not only tricky; it can be dangerous if you're not used to making such a stunt. It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a nose or bangs the head on the hard floor from a stunt gone wrong.

The dancers doing the dipping on TV are professionals with *years* of experience and training with such maneuvers.

Part of the fun of dancing is that you can experiment with different moves and give your own twist to the dance style itself. And yes, dipping your dance partner seems like a great idea to attract attention on the dance floor. So should you do it? What are the essential factors that you should consider before dipping a partner? If you’re the one being dipped, what are the things that you need to know before pulling such a complex stunt? Here are some tips: 

Are you fit enough to dip?

One of the most important things to consider when executing a complicated stunt is your own level of fitness and experience making such a move. You don't want to risk injuring yourself and your dance partner with a spontaneous dip. 

When you’re doing the dipping, you’re basically taking on your partner’s body weight on top of your own. And your back, shoulders, and legs will take the brunt of the pressure as you dip someone. Sure, dipping is only done for a split second, but one wrong move and you and your partner could end up crumpled on the dance floor. 

To dip a partner safely and successfully, you need to focus your center of gravity lower to keep the torso and legs stable. Keep your legs wide apart at hip-width to maintain your balance, then bring one leg forward and bend as you dip your partner lower. This way, you can keep your balance while shifting your force to your hands as you hold your dance partner lower. Bring her back up gently by shifting your force to your upper torso and back. 

Your hands should hold the partner firmly, so you don’t lose your grip. Also, your arms should be strong enough to take on the added weight. 

Lead your partner

If you’re doing the dipping, then you have to lead your partner. Since you're leading the dance, you need to ask your partner if it's okay to dip because surprising her with one might lead to a broken nose!

If you are dipping a stranger and not a regular dance partner, you need to know if she has the technical know-how to be dipped. If she doesn't, and she’s trusting you with this dance move, you need to check yourself if you can dip her safely despite her lack of experience and figure out ways to maneuver the dance in a way that lets you dip a first-timer properly. 

Pro tip: Always check if your dance partner is appropriately dressed before asking for dipping. If she’s wearing a short dress, she might accidentally expose herself in the process. 

Safety First 

Assuming that you have the technical ability to dip a total stranger safely, you need to check the area where you'd like to make a move. The area should be big enough for the dip. Check if other couples are going in and out of the space before the dip, so you don't end up accidentally bumping heads. 

If the dance floor is crowded or if people kept going in and out of the area where you'd like to dip your partner, do not make a move. You can only control your own movements and not the actions of those around you. You cannot avoid bumping to other dancers if the space is too tight for a dip, and you don't want to injure someone just because you insist on making this dance move.

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No one likes a spontaneous dip. When you’re about to do the dip, let her know. Give her a signal or something, like placing your hand on her upper back and gently lowering her backward. She’ll get the message. 

If your dance partner stiffens as you try to lower her backward, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want to be dipped and never force her to perform one. 

Finally and most importantly, do not push your partner too far for a dip, and never dip aggressively. Dipping should be done gently and with care. It's a difficult stunt to pull off as is, and you don't want to give the impression that you’re too much of a showoff by dipping aggressively at the expense of your dance partner.

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How to dip like the pros! — Sway Dance Chicago

Written By David Sanchez

One of our favorite dance moves is the iconic dip and so many of our students are eager to learn how to dip their partners and be dipped in a dance routine.  

However, there are a few things to know before you dazzle the audience with a dip. So, here are our pro TIPS for Pro DIPS.

First, learn the proper dance frame.

Before attempting a dip, make sure you are standing properly with your partner in the correct dance frame. That means your arms should be held strong. 

The leaders' left hand should be connected to follower’s right, or supporting followers behind their back for extra security. 

The followers should rest their left arm on leader’s right arm just below the shoulder without weight.

Our instructors will assist you in getting into the proper dance frame before attempting a dip. Just remember, dancing with a partner is not a 50-50 game. BOTH the leader and the follower need to be giving 100% effort for a solid dip.

To Lead a Dip...

  • Don’t bend forward! Instead stand straight up and rotate your upper body. Otherwise, you both risk dipping and well… falling.

  • Support behind your partner’s shoulders and back.

  • Keep your arms firm and in front of your partner's body. Don’t push your arms into their space.

  • Step with a bent knee under and toward the follower to dip.

  • Read social cues! That means don’t dip your partner if they’re not 100% comfortable.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. You won’t want to dip your partner in an area where they could get hurt. 

To Follow a Dip...

  • Support your own weight in your legs and core muscles. In other words, don’t rely entirely on your partner to hold you up.

  • Soften your knees, relax your neck and shoulders.

  • Trust your partner instead of tensing up, making it harder for them to dip you.

  • Communicate with your partner if you’re uncomfortable going into a dip.

  • Don’t rush in or out of the dip. Allow your partner to truly lead the way and lean into the fun of it!

When should we dip?

Overall, there are a few foolproof ways to know when to dip your partner.

  • Dip when it's safe. Check your surroundings, especially at a crowded club and dance floor, to make sure your partner won’t get hurt if you decide to dip.

  • Dip when the music tells you to. Wait until the end of the song or an accent in the music. Then, especially in a performance if your dip is at the end of a song, hold your watermelons! Wait 1 watermelon - 2 watermelon - 3 watermelon before releasing out the dip. Soak in the applause!

  • Dip when your partner appears comfortable. Make sure you’re communicating with your partner, either by feeling their body language or expressly asking whether they’d be ok with a dip. Feel each other out and make sure both partners are ready!

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Firstly, I want to say right away that you will not learn anything about discos here. No one has come up with the rules of behavior at discos yet and, it seems, is not going to come up with them, because it's the same as regulating the Brownian (chaotic) movement of molecules. Everyone there sausages the way he thinks the most fun. I apologize for the youth jargon, but people over the age of twenty-five do not usually appear at such events.


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Let's talk about more serious things, primarily addressed to men:

When choosing a partner for dancing, it is not customary to look every woman from head to toe. And it is absolutely unacceptable to invite a lady to a dance, calling her with any signs. Remember the famous scene from "Girls"? So, they still don’t dance with “such people”. In addition, a self-respecting woman, especially one who is familiar with the rules of decency, will never respond to a nod, wink or wag of her finger. So only ladies of easy virtue are called up, but they have their own rules and their own etiquette, which we will not touch on. Guess three times why.

When inviting a woman to dance, try to look as neat and smart as possible, unbuttoned buttons or untied shoelaces are absolutely unacceptable. Stand straight, then bow slightly and invite the lady to dance.

Of course, a woman is not obliged to throw herself on your neck with a joyful cry, no matter how much she wants to warm up in the dance at this particular moment. But it’s also not worth building out of yourself the Snow Queen, who, so be it, decided to condescend to a mere mortal. A friendly smile, a slight nod - all this will fit perfectly.

If a woman does not accept the invitation, she is not required to explain the reason. You never know what could have happened there that a normal man would not even think of. The garter came unfastened, the seam on the stocking went, her favorite pads with wings were brought in . .. But if a woman has already promised this dance to someone else, then the reason can be named without offending anyone:

- Thank you, I'm already invited.

Normal people usually react normally to this and find another partner. But some, especially "stubborn", such as the hero of the song "Oh, what a woman!", Can repeat their invitation until they turn blue in themselves, the lady and the lady's companion. On the other hand, the second refusal to dance with the same person must be motivated by something, in any case, so the rules of good manners say. You can refer to fatigue, a headache, a shoe rubbing your foot. But there is one more subtlety: it is impolite, having received a refusal, to invite the lady sitting next to you. Why? I don't know, it's not accepted and that's it. The man should just bow and leave.

But in general, there is absolutely nothing offensive in refusing to dance for a man: in those days when the rules of good manners were drawn up, young ladies and ladies were, apparently, more choosy in relation to partners. And then say: dance with this one - and he will send matchmakers tomorrow. You will have to live with this person all your life, there were practically no divorces. So the girls, and especially their mothers, chose gentlemen with a special predilection. Ladies, of course, it was easier.

If a woman came to a restaurant, club, etc., accompanied by another person (husband, friend, acquaintance, brother, and so on), then the man should first bow to him and ask permission to invite the lady to dance, and only then turn to the woman.

Being in a company, you can invite a woman sitting at a nearby table to dance only after you have danced with all the women from your company. With everyone, you understand? Otherwise, your girlfriends God knows what they will think about themselves and about you.

Well, the classic situation, when a man and a woman came to a restaurant or a club together, practically does not need to be deciphered. I will only add that a man can invite another woman to dance only when his companion has already gone to dance with another, for which he gave her quite official permission. In general, everything is cultural and noble.

And now some tips from the experts:

If a man dances several times with the same lady, after the third or fourth dance he should introduce himself to her. The woman does not have to give her name. After the dance, she can invite the man to her table, where the man should introduce himself to everyone sitting.

Having invited a woman and heading to the dance floor, the man either lets his lady go first, or, if there is room, offers her his hand. Before starting to dance, the man should once again bow slightly, and the woman should lower her head slightly in response.

The dance is led by a partner. It is ugly when a woman bends back too much or the distance between her and her partner is too great.

If a woman is wearing a dress with a deep cut on the back, then the man should hold his hand to the side, without touching the lady's bare back. During the dance, a man must be careful not to lift his partner's dress with his hand, not to knock it to one side and not to wrinkle.

A woman should not hold anything in her hands during the dance, with the exception of a handkerchief, if she needs it. Seeing a friend during a dance, you can greet him with a nod of your head, but it is tactless to start a conversation with him. During a short break between dances, a man should pay attention only to his partner, and not look at other couples.

When inviting a gentleman to a “white” dance, do not be embarrassed, a man should in no case refuse a lady, exceptions are rare cases, for example, when a man cannot dance.

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How to dance to club music in a discotheque


Dance is body language, and dancing in a club is the only way to draw attention to yourself with the help of this language, because in the crowd and noise it is impossible to talk differently. Steps, turns, tilts, jumps - in the light of strobe lights look spectacular when performed with skill. And it’s not at all difficult to learn them if you follow the advice of professionals and study in a dance studio. New faces are always welcome at Laboca!

A bit about the clubs

In order to understand how beautiful it is to move to modern club music, it is worth remembering a little about the history of this trend. The first nightclubs began to open in the 80s of the last century. They constantly gathered young people who demonstrated the latest innovations in dance elements on the dance floor. Therefore, the fashion for movement was constantly changing, and eventually turned into a mix of several styles. So for several decades, a whole club culture has developed, which you need to familiarize yourself with before entering the dance floor. The surge in popularity of club dancing led to the opening of special groups in dance schools and made everyone understand that this direction is worth learning.

The main thing is emotions!

Club dances are distinguished by the fact that they should be comprehended with an emotional component. Only a relaxed, flexible and ready to improvise person will move effectively on the dance floor. The main means of expressiveness of club dance are plasticity, keeping pace, impromptu and stylish appearance. If you were able to discard all the complexes and are ready to relax on the dance floor, consider that you have already received the first lesson in club dancing.

Before deciding how to dance to club music in a disco, choose your key style. Strip plastic, street jazz, hip-hop, go-go, or maybe disco? True, in order to move freely on the dance floor, a beginner dancer will have to master the basic elements of all these directions, and at the same time learn how to combine them with club music, while getting real pleasure from dancing. Pure improvisation, video lessons or classes at a dance school - you choose. But it is worth noting that several master classes in a professional studio will significantly save your time and effort.

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Club movements

Club dance implies no restrictions, looseness and freedom. Movements are performed gently, smoothly, with a small amplitude. There are no complex elements, high jumps, flips and splits. Low slopes are also not welcome, they look vulgar. But different types of swing always look good. To master the basic swing, you should start by shaking your head to the beat of the music. Then beat the rhythm with your hand or foot, and then move on to springy movements with the whole body. Swinging the torso is performed by tilting the body forward and backward, and swinging with the help of the knees - by bending and unbending the legs to the music and connecting the foot: at the expense of "and" move the socks, pushing the heels away, on "one" - rest on the heels and spread the socks .

Don't forget your hands. Movements should look stylish, but at the same time remain safe, after all, you have to dance on the dance floor: one awkward movement with your elbow - and your neighbor is knocked out. Therefore, the elbows should be kept close to the body, and the shoulders should be moved mainly. Try to sharply raise and lower your shoulders to the beat of the music, repeating the same movements with your hands. Now add the head, body and legs. Of course, you are not the king of the dance floor yet, but you are already moving in the right direction.

Another move with the hands - the movement of the pharaoh.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right. To the beat of the music - for "one-two" hands are crossed. Further, the girl can unhook her hands and smoothly lower them to her hips, and the young man can open his hands and put his thumbs on the shoulders of the corresponding hands. On "four", stretch your arms forward, leaving all fingers bent, except for the thumb and forefinger.

The most versatile movement of the arms is to move them behind the head so that the elbows are parallel to each other. Girls can continue the element by performing a wave with the whole body, and young people can lower their head down, thereby drawing attention to their legs.

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