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Franklin, Trevor, and Michael can all use a wind down now and then.

The Strip Club, or Vanilla Unicorn, as it is more commonly known in-game, is a chain of gentlemen’s bars in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online where players can avail of all sorts of mini-games while they are in the bar, albeit paid ones. A simple trophy can also be unlocked by patronizing the club.

Storywise, the strip club was managed by a minor Grand Theft Auto character named Leon before Trevor put him out of his misery and took over the club for himself in one of the missions in-game.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been running around Downtown Los Santos yet still can’t find Trevor’s Strip Club, we have a minimap marker for Vanilla Unicorn’s location on the map below.

Strip Club Minigames

Despite the sensual setting, the GTA 5 Strip Club is a mini-game that players have to complete to reach 100% game completion in GTA 5.

Players can buy a stripper to get a private dance for $40, which will unlock the “Enjoy Your Stay” trophy in-game. Players don’t have to sit through the entire dance, as simply buying the service will unlock the trophy nonetheless.

However, a bodyguard will be on watch during the private dance and will try to prevent the player from touching the stripper if players try to make the most of their $40. After being caught three times by the bodyguard, the player will be kicked out of the strip club for good.

Players can also buy drinks for $10.

After Trevor takes over the Strip Club following the events of Hang Ten, Michael and Franklin can touch the strippers as often as they would like without the risk of ever getting kicked out of the club.

GTA 5 Strip Club Location

GTA 5’s strip club, Vanilla Unicorn is a parody of Spearmint Rhino (both feature a flavor and an animal in the name) and bears a striking resemblance to the real-life strip club chain named Bare Elegance Gentleman’s Club in Los Angeles.

In GTA 5, players can find the Strip Club in Strawberry, Los Santos. Refer to the map marker below to get a better idea of where to find Vanilla Unicorn. However, note that you will have to be unarmed before entering the strip club.

The strip club will eventually become a safehouse for Trevor after he takes over the club after the events of the mission Hang Ten.

Seeing is relieving

The GTA 5 strip club has always been one of the most controversial parts of Grand Theft Auto 5’s open-world depiction. However, the location is there for players to visit and is a necessary location to complete the game with a perfect 100% completion.

So, there we have it! We hope that you can find Vanilla Unicorn in-game through this guide.

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Vanilla Unicorn | GTA Wiki



Vanilla Unicorn


Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online


Elgin Avenue, Strawberry, Los Santos


"Seeing is relieving" (Website)




Strip club


Trevor Philips

Known employees

Filly Stirrups
Daisy Cutter
Unnamed Stripper #1
Unnamed Stripper #2
DJ Paddock Punter
DJ Mare
Unnamed Bar Girl


$10 (drinks)
$40 (private dance)


Wade Hebert
The Families
Armenian Mob (Briefly)

Parking capacity


Chain of topless bars rebranded as 'gentleman's clubs' to make middle-aged men feel better about the direction their lives have taken.

— Description at

Vanilla Unicorn is a strip club featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. In GTA V, the player can buy stocks from them in the website.


  • 1 Description
  • 2 Influence
  • 3 Strippers
  • 4 As a Safehouse
  • 5 Prominent Appearances in Missions
    • 5.1 Grand Theft Auto V
    • 5.2 Grand Theft Auto Online
      • 5.2.1 Heists
      • 5.2.2 The Contract
  • 6 Signs
  • 7 Website
    • 7.1 Special Events
    • 7.2 Social Media Pages Coming Soon
    • 7.3 Cuisine
    • 7.4 Employment
  • 8 Gallery
    • 8.1 Vanilla Unicorn
    • 8.2 Other
  • 9 Glitches
  • 10 Trivia


The club is located on Elgin Avenue, next to the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry, Los Santos, State of San Andreas.

It has several sections, some known are the Real Class, and Beautiful Ladies Class. The club itself is divided into a stage (resembling a penis, another example of Rockstar's crude humor), bar, private rooms, a small office and the stripper's dressing room. The latter keeps a large snake as a pet, which will not move in any case.

Franklin is seen in the club during his personal trailer, hanging out with Lamar. He seems to be friends with the bouncer/doorman since he always greets Franklin as "Mr. C". The doorman will also recognize Michael after Hang Ten, suggesting they visit the club frequently, especially to see Trevor and plan the Union Depository heist. Following Hang Ten, Wade Hebert can be found in one of the booths near the entrance, being fawned over by two strippers.

The music heard inside Vanilla Unicorn is from Non-Stop-Pop FM. In the enhanced version, the music heard inside is taken from various radio stations. As with all other radio stations in the game, only 10 or so songs will play on a randomized loop. Wade may comment on the small song selection if the player walks by him where he will comment, "They only play like, six songs in here. It's kinda making me crazy."

The club is a frequent Families gang hangout location, as it is located deep in their turf in Strawberry. Members can be seen standing outside the club and there is always a member sitting by one of the tables near the bartender.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the strip club is locked until rank 6.

During the Stolen Watch variation of Security Contract: Recover Valuables, the club is taken over by the Armenian Mob. The player is required to fight their way to a safe in the back room and recover a watch.

The strip club has a website on the in-game internet at


The club name is a play on the real-life strip club chain Spearmint Rhino, as both names contain a flavor and an animal with a horn on its head (though fictional in this case).

Also, judging by the club's location in Strawberry and its exterior, the building seems to be based on the real life strip club Bare Elegance.


For the finest girls in Los Santos visit the Vanilla Unicorn - Objectifying the female form since 1984.

— Text message the player receives upon reaching rank 6 in Grand Theft Auto Online.

In the strip club, the player can pay $40 (pocket cash only) to receive a topless dance in private. The protagonist can flirt with the stripper or touch her to increase a "Like" meter. However, there is a bouncer in the private room that walks back and forth, and if the bouncer catches the protagonist touching the dancer three times, the protagonist will be kicked out of the club. If the protagonist likes her enough, he can choose to take her home, similar to the girlfriends in Grand Theft Auto IV. Additionally, the strippers will be added to the characters' cell phone contacts, much like the women met in the Maisonette 9 from The Ballad of Gay Tony, and can be taken home without receiving a dance first. However, some strippers do not sleep around.

After Trevor acquires the Vanilla Unicorn, he, Michael and Franklin can touch the strippers without the risk of being ejected. For Trevor, lap dances are free and the strippers call him "sir".

After a stripper is taken home for the first time, her number will be available on the contacts list on the player's phone. The player can then call her at night to pick her up and take her home, but if called during the day she will make an excuse. She will usually send pictures of herself to the player too after being taken home. Sometimes when picked up, strippers will give the player a blowjob while he is driving her home. This can easily be noticed by pressing the button to look behind while driving, as well as the comments made by her and the player.

If a stripper is attacked or killed, either at the club or in transit during a booty call, she will be alive and well during her next shift at the club. She will, however, be mad at the player; they will have to restore her "like" bar in order to re-acquire her as a booty call. Also, in GTA V, when taking a stripper home, the stripper will get mad and leave the player when it looks like they're leaving her behind.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the player can get a lap dance, again for $40, only there is no bouncer in the area of the private rooms and they can hold the stripper without the worry of being kicked out. They once again must raise a Like bar, which can be worked on by tossing dollar bills during the stripper's pole dance, holding the stripper during lap dances, or using their microphone to flirt with the stripper. Filling the flirt bar will add a bit to the Like bar at a time. Most of them also have their voice lines disabled, unless they have unique lines that are not gender-specific.

If particular strippers with whom their Like meters are high enough, are working at the time and a private dance is purchased for one of them, the game will inform the player that there is a girl available that the stripper is willing to dance with (a double lapdance), and they need to be asked to join before entering the private rooms. The second dancer will need to be paid as usual before she agrees.

If the player wishes to max out the Like meter, it must be done in one session as it is reset with every new session.

Once the Like bar is full, the stripper will give the player her number and if rung, she will come to the player's apartment (the more high-end it is, the better) to perform free lap dances in a predesignated armchair (though not topless) for the player and their friends. Only one stripper at a time can be invited over.

When not performing, she will stand by the chair and dance in place. As long as a player is in range and able to activate a lap dance she will stay. If the mobile phone is active or a player is not in range, she will ask for interaction until an in-game notice warns that she will leave if she becomes bored from being ignored. Once she reaches that point, she will say goodbye and simply walk out of the apartment.

For some reason, topless dances could not be received in Grand Theft Auto Online, even though it is described as a topless bar by Lcn-exchange. com. Additionally, only Nikki, Chastity, and Fufu worked in the club in GTA Online in the original version. These issues were changed in the Enhanced Version in patch 1.27, however.

The strippers currently working at the club are:









[O] - Available to take home in Grand Theft Auto Online.
[V] - Available to take home in Grand Theft Auto V.

The strippers work in shifts: Sapphire, Fufu, Infernus and Peach work together, between 20:00 and 08:00, as do Juliet, Nikki, Chastity and Cheetah, between 08:00 and 20:00. In each shift there are two strippers who are available to take home and two who aren't. If the player is looking for a particular stripper and doesn't see her, they can return later when the strippers change shifts. In GTA Online, the strippers work in groups of three instead of four and the time is randomized. Sapphire, Infernus, and Chastity work together. Fufu, Peach, and Juliet work together. And Cheetah, Nikki, and Juliet work together. Juliet is the only stripper to appear in multiple shifts.

As a Safehouse

Following "Hang Ten", Trevor "acquires" the Vanilla Unicorn as a safehouse, replacing Floyd's Apartment, which loses its function as a safehouse in the mission. Once acquired (at no cost to the player), Trevor can roam freely around the backrooms of the club, and is also able to get lap dances for free and touch the dancers at will (Franklin and Michael also can now touch freely, but still have to pay).

This is one of five safehouses in the Grand Theft Auto series to be given to the player after killing the owner, the others being the Vercetti Estate, Brian Jeremy's Safehouse, Lancaster Safehouse and Playboy X's Penthouse.

Other features of the club-as-safehouse:

  • Drinks are now free for Trevor at the bar.
  • Trevor can have an unlimited number of drinks at the bar, until he passes out.
  • The stripper's changing room doubles as Trevor's wardrobe (although only stripper gear is visible on the racks, Trevor's regular wardrobe cache is available).
  • All of the characters can use the rear entrance to the club.
  • The back office has a saving location, the couch, plus a health pack. Strangely, although there is a computer in the office, it cannot be used to access the internet.
  • The parking lot on the north side can store up to two vehicles. Sometimes Trevor's Bodhi will be seen parked in the parking area to the east, but vehicles will not be saved if parked there. Note that the other two characters can access the vehicles parked in the lot as well, but only Trevor can park them to be saved.
  • Wade will be found in one of the lapdance alcoves with two dancers draped over him. He will also be present if Franklin and Michael visit and will make references to Trevor if they pass close by.

Unlike other safehouses, if Michael or Franklin fires their weapon inside or at the parking after Hang Ten, Trevor will not call or text them to stop.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V
  • The Jewel Store Job (ending cutscene)
  • Hang Ten
  • Surveying the Score
  • Planning the Big Score
  • The Big Score

Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Chasing Shots (Deathmatch)
  • The Humane Labs Raid
The Contract
  • Security Contract: Recover Valuables (Stolen Watch variation)


  • Memo to all dancers: Effective immediately. Do not work nude on the pole. Pole work must be done when wearing bottoms only.
  • May 6, 2012 - To all dancers: Dancers wishing to be on the schedule must submit requests no later than Thursday evening. Management notice.
  • Strictly no food in the dressing room.
  • For walkouts please see DJ or floater.
  • Bonus - To all employees: You may receive a $150 reward for recommending a beautiful entertainer to work at Vanilla Unicorn. She may be hired if she passes a rigorous audition and interview. The entertainer must fulfill her required schedule during her trial period. Your reward will be waiting.
  • Attention all ladies: Vanilla Unicorn now has ladies' tees and shorties. Available in black and red. Small and medium. $10 for a tee or shortie. Ask at the front desk. Get your Christmas orders in early to avoid disappointment.
  • January 24, 2012 - To all dancers: Once again it is necessary so remind all dancers that we are a nude club. When dancing on stage all dancers must be fully nude no later than half way through the second song.
  • No excessive cell phone usage: No cell phones on floor.
  • Notice: This dressing room is monitored by closed circuit TV.
  • August 24, 2012 - To: Dancers. RE: Excessive tardiness. Due to an increase in poor time keeping, we are beginning to track attendance effective from May 1st. If an entertainer is late more than three times in a month, she will be given the opportunity to add an additional shift to the schedule.
  • Memo to all dancers: Please don't 'hang out' in the massage chair. All employees must pay for use of chair.


Special Events

Have an unforgettable bachelor party at the Vanilla Unicorn. We supply party hats, jimmy hats, and antifungal cream. Just don't forget your Fleeca card, cause we'll max it out!

Social Media Pages Coming Soon

So you can stay connected with your favorite dancers as they beg you to come back and spend more of your kid's college money on trolips.


Ready to eat? What better way to impress hot women than by whispering sweet nothings in her ear and shoving 20s into her g-string while you're covered in hot wing sauce and blue cheese dressing.


Think you have what it takes to work at Los Santos's most popular, legendary gentlemen's club? Look down; do you see a pair of fake tits? Is your head empty? You're halfway on your way to a career in taking men's money while not putting out.


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Vanilla Unicorn

Front view.

Front view (daylight).


Interior floor plan.



View from the stage.


DJ's booth.

Private rooms.

Trevor's office.

Strippers' dressing room.


Trevor in the Vanilla Unicorn.

A reference to Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist of "Bully," a game also made by Rockstar.

Wade with two unnamed strippers.

The snake in the dressing room.

Advertisement #1.

Advertisement #2.


A fish tank at bar in Vanilla Unicorn.

A Vanilla Unicorn sign next to bar.

Vanilla Unicorn dance and drinks menu.

A beer cooler at the bar in Vanilla Unicorn.

Multiple Vanilla Unicorn condom packs.

A Vanilla Unicorn mug.

Multiple beer company branded novelty sticks and straws and other decoration stuff.

A Vanilla Unicorn calendar.

Vanilla Unicorn notices #1.

Vanilla Unicorn notices #2.

Vanilla Unicorn notices #3.


  • Before v1.01, the club would occasionally lock itself (even after Trevor acquires it as a safehouse) and remain inaccessible for the rest of the game, disabling its function as a safehouse. As of 1.18 it has not been fixed for pre 1. 01 players, however the club can still be entered. Even after the patch, some players have still reported these problems.
  • There is a very rare glitch that occurs in GTA Online. When asking Nikki or Fufu for a dance or when watching them dancing on the pole, their name appears as "Juliet" and Juliet's number will appear in the player's phone after the dance. If the player tries to contact Juliet, however, they will receive the "engaged" tone.
  • When walking behind the club, sometimes 2 cars could spawn atop each other.


  • The woman near the entrance carries a pistol that can be seen by killing her. Oddly, even if she is shot at, she will not shoot back.
  • Jimmy De Santa has a Vanilla Unicorn calendar in his bedroom.
  • The strip club was opened in 1984, the same year that the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories took place in the 3D Universe.
  • Before Hang Ten, if the player shows up wearing only underwear (as any protagonist), the bouncer will comment "Where yo' pants at, fool?".
  • The bouncers will engage the player when he attacks or causes disruption in the club (like riding a bike into it). After Hang Ten, Trevor, as the club owner, can do so without provoking them, even though other inhabitants of the club still run out in panic. The bouncers will still retaliate if he personally attacks them.
  • While having a private dance in the Japanese version of the game, the strippers are wearing pasties, instead of having their nipples exposed.
  • Placed around the club are posters advertising two strippers (Filly Stirrups and Daisy Cutter), and two DJ's (DJ Mare and DJ Paddock Punter). Despite being pictured, and having scheduled days, the two strippers do not appear. It is also unknown if the in-house DJ is one of the two mentioned on the posters.
  • Stickers of Vice City's Pole Position Club can be found on the payphone located inside the entrance.
  • In an MC Contact Mission of Guns for Hire, some strippers carry Pistols as it counts as a target for other players to kill them. This marks the first time that strippers can use weapons upon starting Guns for Hire.
    • The strip club will be unavailable if Guns for Hire has started at this location. Entering the Strip Club while the mission is ongoing will result the targets to kill the player outside of the Motorcycle Club.
  • In GTA Online, if the player leaves the lobby or signs out while the stripper is still there, a bill for cleaning the apartment will be the first notice they receive the next time they sign in, costing around $50-$100.
  • The strip club has a select set of songs that are played within the club, all from radio stations within the game. These include:
    • From Non-Stop-Pop FM
      • Amerie - 1 Thing
      • Britney Spears - Gimme More
      • Fergie feat. Ludacris - Glamorous
      • Kelly Rowland - Work (Freemasons Remix)
      • Mis-Teeq - Scandalous
      • Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
      • Lady Gaga - Applause
      • M.I.A. - Bad Girls
      • Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
    • From Radio Mirror Park
      • DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)
      • Feathers - Dark Matter
    • From West Coast Classics
      • E-40 - Captain Save-A-Hoe

Lap dance in the GTA Online apartment

Lap dance

In GTA Online of the erotic activities there is not only a striptease club, but also private dances. You can invite a girl home and she will perform an erotic dance.

Lap dance at home

A professional stripper will only let you look and touch, but nothing more. There is no sex in apartments and private houses in GTA 5 Online. You can only have sex in Grand Theft Auto V (including GTA Online) with prostitutes on the streets.

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For the most part, lap dances in GTA Online are completely useless and you only need to order it once to get the achievement and complete the game 100%.

Where to get a girl to dance

Dancing at the pole

You can meet a girl in the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. Fill in the girl's liking scale and she will give you her phone number. Just call him later and she will come to your home.

Striptease in apartment

Lap dance is an entertaining element. The services of a dancer can be resorted to during the celebration of a business in an apartment, when a company of people has gathered at your house and you want to have fun with something other than drinking, smoking, watching TV, a telescope, lying on a bed and taking a shower.

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A girl is dancing for a guy

You can watch the performance of an erotic dance from a comfortable chair. It is not possible to choose a specific place of performance on your own. The girl herself will take a suitable place and start dancing as soon as you open the door for her and let her into your apartment. If you do not approach the dancer for a long time, then she will become bored and she will leave you.

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all variants (single, double and others)


  1. Pole
  2. Private
  3. Two girls at once
  4. Boss privileges
  5. Home show
  6. Video

pylon on stage and private in a separate room. Although the girls remain in the same as they were, there is still something to look at.

See also: All strippers in GTA 5.


It's simple:

  1. Enter a strip club and walk up to the stage in the form of a male sexual organ. This area is called "Beautiful Ladies", where the ladies perform a pole dance.
  2. We sit down at the bar and admire the views. You can turn your head.
  3. In particularly piquant moments, you can and should throw dollars into the bag. You can do this either one at a time or in batches. And from that, and from the other, she grows sympathy for you.
  4. When the scale is full, there is a chance that the girl will invite her to “tea”.


The easiest and most reliable way to watch an impromptu striptease in GTA 5 is to approach the girl you like in a strip club and invite you to a separate room.

This pleasure costs 40 dollars.

This is a relatively inexpensive way to pump up a girl's sympathy. During a private dance, you can feel her and give her a couple of compliments. It takes one, maximum two passes to completely fill the scale.

When touching a lady during a striptease in GTA 5, be careful not to burn the guard. Touching is prohibited by the rules of the club, so if you get caught after a few warnings, you will be thrown out.

If this happens, don't be upset. Just run around the corner of another house so that the strip club is out of sight and come back. Evil guards will already forget about your “pranks”.

During the lap dance in the Japanese version of the game, the strippers wear nipple stickers instead of performing topless.

Two girls at once

When you max out a girl's sympathy while striptease in GTA 5, she will either invite you over or be ready to dance with another stripper for free.

To get a double aesthetic pleasure, you need to run up to the second girl with pumped sympathy, while the first one goes to the private room.

Boss privileges

If you don't want to hide from the guards in GTA 5, and it's a pity for the money, you can get a lot of female attention for free by waiting for the Hang Ten mission. After that, you will become the full owner of the institution.

Michael and Franklin can now touch strippers without getting kicked out. For Trevor, private dances will become completely free, and the girls will begin to call him "sir."

Show at home

In GTA Online, the player gets the opportunity to invite a girl to a private party at his home. To do this, you will first need to charm her by pawing during the striptease and complimenting her into your microphone.

Once the stripper gives a phone number, you can call and ask to come to the player's apartment (the more upscale the better) to do a couple of free lap shows (though not topless) for yourself and friends.

Only one girl can be invited at a time.

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