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Let’s be completely honest: Who hasn’t considered, or doesn’t know anyone that has considered, stripping once in their life?

Reasons may vary as to why stripping has crossed minds a couple of times. School might be kicking your butt and you’re just not feeling it anymore, or you are just now realizing that you have expensive taste, so you gotta chase the bag before it chases you.

When thinking about choosing a specific job, you should always consider the prerequisites and cost that might come with it. [Hint: Stripping is more than just cute outfits and high heels by the way.]

Each state has different requirements before you can become an adult entertainer. You, more than likely, need to obtain a license to be an adult entertainer or exotic dancer. The price varies due to application, licensing fees that apply and different state fees.

Like many other things in life, there’s an age requirement. In some clubs the requirement is 18, but in others 21 is the rule.  

Other states also require you to be a citizen, showing proof of identity.  

In Georgia, more specifically our city of Atlanta, they require a permit and fingerprinting to be allowed to work. 

The permit costs roughly $270, and takes about two days to obtain. 

You start off by getting a $20 money order that’s used for the background check and fingerprinting. 

If all goes well, which I hope it does and you pass, since without that you won’t be able to complete the second part of the process. If and when you do pass you’ll have to pay $200 with a money order to obtain the permit the next day. There is a $50 processing fee that has to be paid with a money order as well. 

So in total, you’d be looking to pay $270 to the state which includes the fees, fingerprinting, and the general permit payment.

Wait there’s more! You won’t just need a state permit or license to be an exotic dancer. In other cases, they might also require a background check at your expense. Think of all this as an investment in yourself and the hustle that you’ve chosen. Instead of going to school and paying for books you pay these fees to become a legitimate stripper.

There is one last additional cost that probably hasn’t even crossed your mind. 

You will need to get a permit per club that you dance in. That means $270 for each club you decided to shake a little something to make a little something.  

In some cases, the dancers pay to be able to perform at these clubs. Wild I know, but a handful of these clubs don’t exactly “hire” the exotic dancers. More than likley the dancers do not get paid hourly, even crazier. I know. 

They solely rely on the money they make through tips from performances on stage.

According to Amanda Miller, an exotic dancer at a club in Atlanta called The Cheetah, you just need an adult entertainer license to dance at The Cheetah. She paid $300 to get her license with the government. Atlanta requires you to renew it every year.  

Cheetah also makes you audition to see if you are a good fit on their stage, and if you are what their audience likes. Miller encourages anyone thinking about it or in debt from college to do it. “It is so worth it,” said Miller.  

She emphasizes having confidence in the exotic dancer you are or will become.

“You need self-confidence as well as that license, don’t go on that stage looking scared like you don’t know what you’re doing because the crowd feeds off of that. Auditioning is another thing you need to prepare for. It’ll just be you and two other managers or even the owner of the actual club watching you. Which leaves you no room for self doubt.“ 

One must really know herself and have trust in her self-esteem before hitting that stage.

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