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And ya'll thought I couldn't do it! 🤣 #fortnite #fortnitedance #cscrafty #officialfortnitedancer @fortnite

1.4K Likes, 42 Comments. TikTok video from CsCrafty (@cscrafty): "And ya'll thought I couldn't do it! 🤣 #fortnite #fortnitedance #cscrafty #officialfortnitedancer @fortnite". original sound.


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OrangeJustice🍊FORTNITEDANCE‼️Part4! Der ist zu wild 😂🤘#fortnite #dance #tutorial #fy #crisscross

59. 2K Likes, 263 Comments. TikTok video from BlackfootSenpai (@senpaiblackfoot): "OrangeJustice🍊FORTNITEDANCE‼️Part4! Der ist zu wild 😂🤘#fortnite #dance #tutorial #fy #crisscross". FORTNITE | ORANGE JUSTICE 🍊 | 1. In die Knie gehen ⬅️➡️ | .... Fortnite.


Fortnite - Vigo Video Russia


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Do you know how to orange justice? #fortnite #fortnitememes #crownsquad_

9.6K Likes, 341 Comments. TikTok video from Seino 🍀 (@seino_fn): "Do you know how to orange justice? #fortnite #fortnitememes #crownsquad_". Orange Justice Dance Emote (From " Fortnite Battle Royale").


Orange Justice Dance Emote (From " Fortnite Battle Royale") - Gaming World



4個前の動画の編集なしverです#fyp #fortnitedance #orangejustice #what

2. 7K Likes, 49 Comments. TikTok video from Rias (@riafin1): "4個前の動画の編集なしverです#fyp #fortnitedance #orangejustice #what". See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth).


See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa


Dario King

Orange Justice Fortnite Dance

174 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Dario King (@kingolm_dario10): "Orange Justice Fortnite Dance". Orange Justice. Originalton.


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Branden’s Fortnite Account😅:)

Orange Justice emote fortnite #fyp #fypp #foryoupage #fortnite #emote

5.8K Likes, 162 Comments. TikTok video from Branden’s Fortnite Account😅:) (@thanewmaking07): "Orange Justice emote fortnite #fyp #fypp #foryoupage #fortnite #emote". original sound.


original sound - Branden’s Fortnite Account😅:)



TIP: Relax your arms and vibe at different heights e.g. Standing/Squatting #dancetutorial #orangejustice #fortnite #fyp #dancetiktok

TikTok video from 𝕮𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓. (@cpt.santi): "TIP: Relax your arms and vibe at different heights e.g. Standing/Squatting #dancetutorial #orangejustice #fortnite #fyp #dancetiktok". Orange Justice Tutorial! 🍊 ⚖ | Legs out = Balance | Rock with KNEES + HIPS | .... orijinal ses.


orijinal ses - Kreditin Unvani



She really waved bye💀#fyp #meme #fornite #orangejustice #dance #emote

496 Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from AdoreEJ (@adorekzuki): "She really waved bye💀#fyp#meme#fornite#orangejustice#dance#emote". original sound.


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lᐈ How To Get Orange Justice in Fortnite 2022

Epic Games always gives everything to ensure that its users enjoy each of its games to the fullest. In Fortnite you find different unique characteristics, among them the dances, which they are exclusive and very fun cosmetics. They all have different names, usually related to the theme of the Battle Pass.

Many players wonder how to get Orange Justice in Fortnite, which is one of these dances, and here we teach you how to achieve it.

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How to Get Orange Justice in Fortnite

Table of Contents

In Chapter 4 Season 1 you can find Orange Justice as one of the best rewards in the game. You will only need to start playing the Battle Pass until you reach the level where this dance is unlocked. 

This dance is received as a prize once reach and exceed level number 26 it's from the season. Therefore, if you want to get it, you will have to buy the Battle Pass of this stage of the game and start fulfilling the challenges included in it to advance between the levels. 

How to dance the Orange Justice

Doing the Orange Justice dance is very simple, since you only need to learn to move with style. All you'll have to do is pick up the pace as you move your legs from side to side. The trick to this dance is that the move makes it look like you're being kicked right in the back of your knees. 

At the same time that you are doing this movement, you must also go quickly crossing and separating your arms. In addition, another step of the dance consists of opening and closing the palms of the hand, all this at the same time and in a synchronized way.

It may sound complicated, but after you learn how to do it, it will be really easy for you dance it over and over again. 

where are the dances from Fortnite

For, place the dances in Fortnite and equip yourself with them, you will have to search in these ways on each platform:

  • On Xbox One: press the lower key on the directional pad and display the menu, where you will select the option.
  • On PC: displays the menu by pressing the B key.
  • On PS4: Just like on Xbox, press the bottom key on the directional pad.
  • On Nintendo Switch: Use the down arrow key when displaying menu options. 
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  1. Fortnite dance expenses and emotes
  2. general dances and emotes
  3. unusual emotes and dances
  4. Sizzlin'
  5. Call Me
  6. Feelin' Jaunty
  7. Rock Paper Scissors
  8. Ikonik dance
  9. Air Horn
  10. T-Pose
  11. Happy Pump06 Fist050002 Launched by Epic Games in July 2017, Fortnite, a free-to-play cross-platform battle royale game, has gained worldwide popularity in a short period of time thanks to its vivid storyline, high-tech graphics, and the introduction of new game modes. Also in the gameplay of the "Royal Battle" there is an opportunity to express yourself through dance emotions. Many Fortnite dances are an item required to complete quests.

    Fortnite 9 dance and emotes spending0113

    Part of the gameplay of Fortnite belongs entirely to music. These are special promotions that precede the launch of a separate season, and collaborations with leading musicians invited to special events in the gaming space, and emotions, with the help of which each gamer can celebrate a victory over an opponent or greet a friendly team.

    Emotes can be created by Fortnite players, game fans or anyone else.

    Also, the developers use the names, songs and dance moves of the star performers from show business. The table shows all types of dances that can be used by gamers.

    Dancing & emotions grading and pricing in Fortnite
    Specification Price Where to buy
    Standard Free Fortnite game
    Unusual 200 V-Bucks Fortnite game store
    Rare 500 V-Bucks Fortnite game store
    Epic 800 V-Bucks Fortnite game store

    General dances and emotes

    The start of the game in Fortnite is marked by a free emote "Dancing!". Each new user gets the opportunity to mark their presence in the Royal Battles with simple dance moves.

    Unusual emotions and dances

    Unusual dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency - V-Bucks. Musical compositions have their own unique style and are designed to characterize a particular action of a gamer.


    You can try roasting burger meat with Sizzlin’. And then perform this dance with a team of friends, intimidating rivals. The Burger Lord first appeared in the 9th season of Fortnite.

    Call Me

    Stay connected even when you're not online. The Call Me emote will tell your teammates that it's time to take a timeout and reload the guns.

    Feelin' Jaunty

    Season 11 of Fortnite introduces the Winner's Walk. Step along with Feelin' Jaunty towards your dream, overcoming obstacles.

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your friends to determine the winner in a fair competition. This emote first appeared in the 3rd season of Fortnite.

    Ikonik dance

    Gamers' favorite character Ikonik performs the best dances of Fortnite season 8.

    Air Horn

    The trumpet call of the Air Horn, announcing your location, will help your teammates find you. But this furious sound can also attract game rivals.


    Freeze in a T-pose with your arms wide apart and your opponent may not be able to distinguish you from part of the game landscape.

    Fist Pump

    Fortnite season 5 has a Winner emote. Energetic waving of the arms during the dance will tell you that this skating rink is behind you.

    Slap Happy

    Happy dance claps can tell about your good mood and good spirits before the upcoming match.

    Raining Doubloons

    A rain of real doubloons (gold coins) that a lucky player scatters with both hands is an emote added to the game during the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.


    The Jubilation dance is one of the brightest emote in the game. Its unusual rarity will allow you to express a good mood in full force.


    The Floss Dance could be obtained in Fortnite Season 2 by completing the 49 Battle Pass. It was first performed by the teenager Backpack Kid, who became a member of the show Katy Perry.

    Rare emotes and dances

    Rare dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each of them has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the gamer.

    Knee Slapper

    Cowboy dances in the Wild West appeared in the game in the 6th season. Clap to the beat of your own rhythmic dance moves.

    Fancy Feet

    Move, move, move, and your feet will lead you to victory with the Fancy Feet emote.

    On the Hook

    The rare "On the Hook" emote will show who pulled the ice rink. If your opponent is On the Hook, victory is in your pocket. Dance and drag the caught fish.

    Orange Justice

    The Orange Judgment Dance was introduced in Season 4. There are several versions of his appearance in Fortnite.

    One of them tells about a boy in an orange shirt who became the first performer of a dance he invented.

    In his version of Orange Justice and appeared on the Internet.


    The Baller sports emote appeared in the 4th game season and immediately fell in love with all Fortnite gamers.


    The "Boneless" dance was presented by the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor, after which Boneless appeared in the in-game store and became the favorite emote of the players.


    "Perpetual Motion", "Fidget" - as soon as they do not call this emote. Enough time has passed since its appearance in the game, but the popularity of Rambunctious among Fortnite players is only growing.

    Keep it Mello

    Marshmallow Dance was added to the game after the DJ Marshmallow event. To get it, you had to pass the tests of the Concert. Marshmallow energy is charged with positive emotions and drive. Raise your hand and you will feel a surge of vivacity along with DJ Mello.


    Fans of "Aerobics" developers have introduced emote Zany. This dance can be found in the Fortnite in-game store.


    Emote Wiggle's undulating motions will help you secure your victory in the best possible way. The Hinged Dance can be purchased from the Fortnite in-game store.

    Electro Swing

    Swing and get electro powered. Old school fans will find dance Electro Swing in the Fortnite in-game store.

    Epic Dancing & Emotions

    Epic dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each musical composition has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the hero.


    "Dance of the Nutcracker" appeared in the 7th game season under the motto: "For someone to dance like cracking nuts." Suitable for Nutcracker or Shell skin.

    True Heart

    Disco emote "True Heart" is dynamic and spectacular. Creates a light moody flair. Will decorate the locker of any hero or heroine of Fortnite.

    Phone It In

    Phone It In is an epic emote for jazz lovers. It's called "Saxophonist". High-quality emote for the heroes of Fortnite.


    The energy of dance and vitality for lovers of movement and vivid emotions is presented by the developers in the form of Vivacious.


    Zombie emote from girl band Necrophilia found its way into Fortnite. The incarnation of Reanimated in the gaming space went with a bang. The high-quality emote appealed to both experienced Battle Royale players and new gamers.

    Smooth Moves

    A quality emote for the Smooth Moves launch pad will allow you to arrange a real dance battle. Everyone who finds themselves in the rhythm of this dance will feel like stylish and fashionable characters.

    Boogie Down

    Dance with everyone using the free emote Boogie Down. To get it, you need to enable two-step authorization in the game.


    The American series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has become another emote supplier for Battle Royale. Stylish and incendiary music has made Fresh the favorite dance of Fortnite gamers.

    Star Power

    The energetic star power of emote Star Power is enhanced by the glow of a rainbow. Whoever uses it is a real superstar. No autographs please.

    Llama Bell

    Emote Llama Bell is dedicated to the most important symbol of the Fortnite game - Lama. The game legend says that the one who uses this emote finds Lam more often, and Lama is a mysterious and random creature.

    Disco Fever

    Passionate disco came to Fortnite from the distant 70s. 20th century

    However, Disco Fever is still able to make anyone who wants to be the star of the dance floor.

    Electro Shuffle

    Electro Shuffle has an original artist, a teenage girl. Thanks to her, the incendiary emote has become a great addition to the Fortnite dance collection. Express yourself on the battlefield!

    Promotional dances and emotions

    In addition to paid store dancing & emotions, there are also promotional compositions in the game. Among them are:

    1. Boogie Down. In 2018, the developer Epic Games presented a free emoji dance, which could be received by every user of the Royal Battle by enabling 2-factor authentication to protect the game account. The news was launched on the official Twitter of the developer.
    2. Freestylin'. This free emote was given out to Fortnite gamers for linking their game account to Twitch Prime in 2018.
    3. Hot Marat. The new Hot Marat emote was created as a result of a collaboration between Epic Games and Disney in 2018. Each player could get it for free as part of an ongoing promotion in the in-game store.
    4. Take the Elf. The free "Christmas Mood" emote was timed to coincide with the New Year's Fortnite 14 Days Challenge, and every player could get it for free for completed tasks in 2019.

    List of all dances and emotes

    Battle Royale Fortnite has multiple seasons, each with its own distinct dancing & emotions.

    Season 7

    Season 7 Emotion Dance:

    • Golf Clap;
    • Shimmer;
    • Mic Drop;
    • Get Funky;
    • Free Flow;
    • Cat Flip;
    • Point It Out;
    • Backstroke;
    • Ground Pound;
    • Accolades;
    • WayPoint;
    • Wing Tip;
    • Clean Groove;
    • Crackdown;
    • Fandangle;
    • Jam Boree;
    • Knee Slapper;
    • Mime Time;
    • Overdrive;
    • Showstopper;
    • Unwrapped;
    • Marsh Walk;
    • Take the Elf;
    • Keep It Mello;
    • Air Horn;
    • Bobbin';
    • Cheer Up;
    • Daydream;
    • Flux;
    • Lazy Shuffle;
    • Mind Blown;
    • Shaolin Sit-Up;
    • Glowsticks;
    • IDK;
    • Slick;
    • Whirlwind.

    season 6

    Emotion-dance of the 6th season:

    • Regal Wave;
    • Running Man;
    • Slitherin';
    • Flamenko;
    • Glitter Up;
    • Bombastic;
    • Behold;
    • Busy;
    • Crazy Feet;
    • Criss Cross;
    • Drop the Bass;
    • Denied;
    • Electro Swing;
    • Headbanger;
    • Hot Marat;
    • Howl;
    • Llamacadabra;
    • Phone It In;
    • Scorecard;
    • Smooth Moves;
    • Somethings Stinks;
    • Spike it;
    • Sprinkler;
    • Tai Chi;
    • T-Pose;
    • Treat Yourself.

    Season 5

    Season 5 Emotes:

    • Gentleman’s Dab;
    • You're Awesome;
    • Swipe It;
    • Calculated;
    • Breakdown;
    • Boogie Down;
    • Capoeira;
    • Fancy Feet;
    • Flipping' Incredible
    • Go! Go! Go!
    • Hand Signals;
    • On the Hook;
    • Hula;
    • Intensity;
    • Job well done;
    • Living large;
    • Llama Bell;
    • Pumpernickel;
    • Shake it Up;
    • Hot Stuff;
    • Dance Therapy;
    • Praise the Tomato;
    • Twist;
    • Work it out;
    • Battle Call;
    • Fist Pump;
    • Hitchhiker;
    • My Idol;
    • Vivacious.

    Season 4

    Season 4 Emotion Dance:

    • Orange Justice;
    • Popcorn;
    • Respect;
    • Hype;
    • Groove Jam;
    • Baller;
    • Boneless;
    • Bring it;
    • Chicken;
    • Click!;
    • Infinite Dab;
    • dip;
    • Eagle;
    • Freestylin;
    • Kick Ups;
    • Laugh it Up;
    • Pop Lock;
    • Rambunctious;
    • Rawr;
    • Red Card;
    • Rock Paper Scissors;
    • Rocket Spinner;
    • Snap;
    • Sparkler;
    • Squat Kick;
    • Star Power;
    • Take 14;
    • Thumbs Up/Down;
    • Tidy;
    • True Heart;
    • Waterworks;
    • Zany.

    Season 3

    Season 3 Emotes:

    • Salute;
    • Take the L;
    • Best Mates;
    • The Robot;
    • Flippin' Sexsy;
    • Jubilation;
    • Disco Fever;
    • Hootenanny;
    • Wiggle;
    • Confused;
    • Rock Out;
    • Reanimated;
    • Face Palm;
    • Breaking Point;
    • Breakin';
    • Brush Your Shoulders;
    • Make it Rain;
    • Rocket Rodeo;
    • Step it Up.

    Season 2

    Emotion-dance of the 2nd season:

    • Wave;
    • Ride the Pony;
    • The Worm;
    • Floss;
    • Electro Shuffle;
    • Slow Clap;
    • Pure Salt;
    • True Love;
    • Kiss Kiss;
    • Flapper;
    • Fresh;
    • Gun Show;
    • Inger Guns;
    • Dab.

    How to dance in Fortnite

    In Battle Royale Fortnite, players are given tasks during challenges, including the need to dance after or during the quest. To fulfill this condition, you need:

    1. Press English B on PC keyboard; d-pad on controller or "!" on Android.
    2. Select the desired emote in the game locker.
    3. Activate emote by fulfilling the conditions of the task.

    Fortnite dancing in real life

    In real life, many gamers reenact their favorite Fortnite dancing/emotes and also provide training for other fans.

    What are your favorite Battle Royale emotes? What dances do you already know and which ones would you like to learn? Which season is the busiest in terms of dancing/emotes? Most boosted and default emotions?

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    Using the Dancer Mannequin Device in Fortnite Creative Mode

    On This Page

    The Dancer Mannequin Device can be used to project holographic images of characters performing various dance emotes.

    Customize your mannequins with a wide range of character designs, emotes and device colors.

    Finding and locating the device

    Click image to enlarge.

    1. In Creative Mode press the Tab key to open the Creative Inventory .

    2. Click on the Devices tab. Scroll to select a device, or use the Search field or the [ list of categories relevant for the device ] option on the Category panel on the left.

    3. Press PLACE to place device immediately, or drag it to QUICK ACCESS PANEL to place it later.

    4. Press Esc to return to the island in creative mode. Use the phone to position the device, then click to place it. Press F to switch to the pickaxe and disconnect the device from the phone. Press tilde key (\~) to switch back to phone.

    5. Point your phone at the device. If the pop-up "Edit" does not open immediately, move the phone closer until it appears, and then press E to open the personalization panel.

    Device Settings

    The main settings of this device allow you to change the character and emote, add a flicker, or change the color of the device. Additional device options allow you to select additional character skins and emotes that will be switched when activated through a channel.

    The following device parameters are available to you.

    Standard values ​​in bold .

    Basic parameters




    Character Preset

    Chewing Gum , Choose Character Skin

    Allows you to select a standard character skin preset.

    Pedestal display

    Incl. , Disabled

    Determines whether the pedestal is displayed.

    Show lighting

    On , Disabled

    Turn the hologram lighting on and off.

    Standard dance blank

    A1 , Select blank

    Allows you to select a standard dance preset.

    Standard Shade Stock

    0. 0 , Select shade

    Allows you to select a default shade preset for the device.


    Enabled, Disabled

    Specifies whether the device will use a flicker effect during operation.

    Pedestal color

    Light steel , Dark steel

    Allows you to select the color of the pedestal.

    Hue priority

    Off , Party Mode, Silhouette Mode

    Enables the modes Party or Silhouette . Takes precedence over hue settings.

    All options (optional)




    Active during phase

    No, All , Pre-game only, Gameplay only

    Determines at what stages of the game the device will be active. The "Before the game" stage includes all the stages that precede the start of the game.

    Second character template

    Chewing Gum , Choose Character Skin

    Allows you to select the second character skin preset.

    Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

    Third character template

    Chewing Gum , Choose Character Skin

    Allows you to select the third character skin preset.

    Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

    Second dance piece

    A1 , Select blank

    Allows you to select the second dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

    Third dance piece

    A1 , Select blank

    Allows you to select the third dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

    Second shade blank

    0.0 , Select shade

    Allows you to select a second shade preset for the device.

    Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

    Third shade blank

    0.0 , Select shade

    Allows you to select a third shade preset for the device.

    Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .


    When one device needs to "talk" to another device, it transmits a signal on a special channel. The receiving device must be configured to receive a signal on the same channel.

    The channel is identified by number and the channel numbers are configured for the device by the parameter using the channel. Most devices also identify the player who activated the device with a signal.

    The device has receivers that perform various actions when it receives a signal on the channel. In addition, this device can transmit signals when certain conditions are met.


    Receivers wait for a signal on a channel and perform an action when they receive a signal sent on that channel from any device (including themselves).




    Enable capture of images and emotions when receiving a signal

    Without channel , Select channel

    Takes on the appearance and emotions of the character that activated the signal on this channel.

    Disable image and emotion capture when signal 9 is received0108

    Without channel , Select channel

    Returns the image and emotions on this channel to their original settings.

    Activate standard stock when receiving a signal

    Without channel , Select channel

    Activates a stock preset when a signal is received on a specific channel.

    Activate second blank when signal is received

    Without channel , Select channel

    Activates the second blank when a signal is received on a specific channel.

    Learn more