How to dress for a school dance

How To Dress For A School Dance – TieMart, Inc.

For girls, school dances are exciting, important parts of middle and high school. For guys, maybe not so much. There’s a lot of fussing over what to wear, and while boys may not spend as much time on their outfit, it’s still important to look good. School dances are already nerve wracking, especially if it’s your first one or you want to bring a date. How you’ll dress shouldn’t add to that.

We have some advice on how to look your best for the special occasion. You won’t have to worry about what to wear, so settle those nerves. Instead, focus your energy on learning a few cool, new dance moves.

Keep The Dress Code In Mind

Before you start exploring your wardrobe options, make sure you know what you can and can’t wear. If it’s a formal event, you probably can’t get away with a t-shirt and jeans. If it’s a casual dance, don’t break any of your school’s normal dress code rules. You should wear a belt with your pants, make sure there aren’t holes in your jeans, and don’t wear shirts with inappropriate language.

Dress To Impress

You don't have to wear a suit to your school’s dance, but you do want to dress nicer than you would on a daily basis. For formal dances, wear dress pants, a collared shirt and a necktie. If you’re worried that a traditional tie feels too dated, wear a skinny tie. They're formal without feeling stuffy and look great on younger men.

For casual dances, you can forego the tie, but still try to dress better than you do for class. A polo shirt is a great option, along with dark wash denim. Make sure your shoes are scuff-free and your shirt is ironed. You want to look well-groomed when you bust a move in the center of the dance circle.

Mauve Premium Skinny Necktie

Find Out What Your Date Is Wearing

Odds are, your date knows exactly what they're wearing. If it’s a formal dance, your date probably picked out her dress weeks before. It’s in good taste to match part of your outfit with whatever she is wearing; you can easily do this with a tie.

Common colors for girls’ dresses are pinks, blues and purples. You could try a bold, fuchsia tie, a turquoise skinny tie or even go with something different like an amethyst purple bow tie. Even though bow ties are rising in popularity, not many students will show up wearing one, which would set you apart in style.

Bright Turquoise Skinny Necktie

Don’t Know How To Tie A Tie?

A necktie will pull your whole look together, but you might not have a lot of experience tying ties. Instead of adding “learn to tie a tie” to your pre-dance to-do list, we offer several options to make the night go smoothly. A zipper skinny tie will look suave without being a hassle. You could also look spiffy in a pre-tied band collar bow tie.

You can pull off the mature, classy look a tie provides without a tie tying struggle. If you’re questioning whether a tie is really necessary or not, remember that girls love a sharp-dressed man.

When you head to your school dance, make sure you’re stepping out in style. Dress to the nines, so when you enter the room, people know it. You don’t have many opportunities to dress up, so take advantage of this one. A tie is the finishing touch on your attire, and your date will appreciate the effort. If you decide to go stag, a tie will ensure you’ll have plenty of willing dance partners.

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About TieMart

TieMart is an online retailer of men’s neckties, bow ties and other accessories. A wide selection of pattern ties are available at TieMart, including popular paisley ties for weddings, traditional plaid ties for the office and collegiate two-color striped ties for graduation or school uniforms. And, yes, if you really want to put your face on a tie, it’s possible with a custom photo tie. TieMart ties are affordable and ship quickly from their Midwest location.

What to Wear to a Middle School Dance – and Other Tips

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Is your child preparing for his or her first dance? Find out what to wear to a middle school dance and other things kids should know before heading out.

As a tween, the question of what to wear to a middle school dance isn’t small. I still remember my first dance. I was a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal growing up, but for the big Saturday evening event, I went to my friend Jenelle’s house. We spent hours straightening our hair, picking out the perfect babydoll tops and getting our makeup perfect – though, looking back, it wasn’t all that good.

Of course, we were like 12 and not much dancing went on, but we were excited for the social event – and the possibility of getting asked to dance by that one guy who was so totally cute.

But I also remember being incredibly nervous for it. What if I didn’t know that one dance everyone is doing? What if I’m not dressed up enough or have gone too all out?

Kids are under a lot of stress trying to navigate and make the most of middle school. And if you’re wondering how you can help them prepare for this rite of passage, take these tips – which include what to wear to a middle school dance and what to expect once you get there – from a metro Detroit teacher and veteran school dance chaperone to heart.

Things to know about timing and fees

Depending on the school, some dances might be held over the weekend while others may throw them at the end of the school day.

Birney K-8 School in Southfield hosts dances and parties for all grades throughout the year. Elementary-aged kids enjoy festivities the last hour of their school day, while middle school dances typically start at the end of the day and last an hour and a half.

“Our middle school dances start in sixth grade,” says Sheronne Moorer, Birney’s communications teacher for grades 6-8. “And generally, there’s a charge for the dances.”

Moorer says that the school charges the kids $1-$3 to get into the dance.

What to wear to a middle school dance

Since this particular school requires a uniform, Birney also offers kids the chance to “dress down,” which brings their grand total to $4-$5.

Kids that do choose to dress down for the dance typically wear jeans and a T-shirt but are welcome to go semiformal. This means a dressy shirt, a skirt with leggings or dress pants for girls and a button-down shirt and dress pants for boys, WikiHow explains. Hair and makeup can be worn how it normally is and shoes can be simple flats or nice tennis shoes.

And if the dance is themed, consider bringing and age-appropriate costume to change into before the event.

Eighth graders, like those that attend Birney, may also get a special semiformal dance at the end of the year, depending on the school. Moorer says that her students pay $25 for that dance, which provides a meal, photo booth and more.

One step above semiformal are the formal dances, like high school homecoming and prom, which require a suit for boys and a dress for girls. Some schools may allow pantsuits or other types of formal attire for those uncomfortable in a dress or a suit. Check with yours for details.

The dance scene, once you arrive

At the dance, kids can expect a DJ to play the kid-friendly versions of popular songs that they might like and can dance to. Boys and girls are welcome to dance together – but most don’t, Moorer says.

“(Usually) girls are in one corner and boys are in the other,” she explains. “Sometimes, those that like to dance will, and then a circle forms around them.”

If boys and girls do choose to couples dance during a slower number (or otherwise), the school staff here expects them to maintain space between them,” Moorer adds.

This means couples should keep it PG and school-friendly. At some schools, kids can be removed from the dance for inappropriate conduct, such as grinding or making out.

Kids should also be aware of policies that bar them from bringing guests or from leaving and re-entering the dance, which some schools enforce.

Can’t dance? No problem

Sure, dancing can be fun (and have some great benefits for kids, too), but if your child isn’t into it, he or she can still have fun at that first dance.

Some schools, including Birney, offer other activities for the kids that aren’t interested in busting a move.

“We have different teachers that man different rooms of crafts or (dance lessons),” says Moorer, who teaches the hustle during the school dances. “If we’re not using our gym for the dance, there might be open gym so kids can throw the basketball around and things like that – (and) teachers who have hobbies they want to teach the kids can also do that.”

In addition, the school sells snacks to complete the experience.

Do you have any advice for kids heading to their first school dance? Drop it in the comments.

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How to dress properly for a school dance

09/28/2018 admin Interesting 0

School dances are a fun way to hang out with friends and dress up nicely. At least better than for school every day. Know what to wear for each type of dance and learn how to dress properly to look good! A large assortment of dancewear is presented here

Method 1

Dance Decoration

  1. 1

    Determine the type of dance. Pay attention to the invitation or information about the school dance. Is it a formal or informal dance at all? What will it be: a dance for a holiday like Valentine's Day or Halloween? Ask your school or friends about the dance style or theme so you understand it before you start choosing your clothes.

  2. 2

    Follow the topic. Notice if the dance has a theme for a holiday, season, or just for fun, and try dressing to match that theme. Wear a Halloween dance costume, or wear a luau or island themed Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt. Other dances may not require as much costume as a few common colors you may wear. For the "spring" dance, you can stick to light pastel colors, and for the "Valentine's Day" dance, you can wear red or pink.

    • If the dance is prom, you don't have to dress in a theme if you don't want to. Wearing formal clothes is usually more important than paying close attention to the topic, in this case.

  3. 3

    Stick to the dress code. Follow your school's general dress code or the special code they provide for the dance. Keep an eye on what the rules say about necklines, sleeves, bandages, logos, and shoes, and make sure what you plan to wear follows those guidelines.

    • Ask your school administrators or teachers if you are unsure if a particular item of clothing is acceptable.

  4. 4

    Ask what friends are wearing. Call your friends before the dance to ask what they will wear. Don't feel like you have to wear the same as them, but they can help give you ideas for your own gear. Get ready to dance with your friends so you can give each other advice as you dress up and accessorize.

Method 2

Formal dance dress (girls)

  1. 1

    Choose from a dress, skirt or trousers. If the school dance requires formal wear, choose a dress, a formal skirt and top, or trouser pants and a nice blouse. Opt for a full-length dress for an extra-formal look, or a knee-length dress or skirt for something more semi-formal.

    • If you are traveling with a boy, their shirt, tie or vest/cumberund can match your dress, top or accessories.

  2. 2

    Choose from heels or flats. Choose a pair of heels or flat shoes that are comfortable enough for dancing and will keep you on your feet for hours. Try matching shoes with your dress or accessories, or choose gold or silver shoes to match the type of metal your jewelry has.

    • Pay attention to the dress code for shoes. There may be a limitation at the height of high heels.

  3. 3

    Add a purse and jewelry. Choose accessories to complete your outfit. Choose a nice wallet or clutch in the same color as your outfit or shoes, or in the same neutral silver or gold as your jewelry. Keep your jewelry simple and stylish by sticking to just a few pieces. If you're wearing oversized earrings, stick with a simple necklace or bracelet. Or, if you have a bunch of bracelets, opt for a less flashy necklace and earrings.

    • For a prom or other very formal dance, you can follow the tradition of wearing a bodice that complements your outfit and boyfriend boutonnieres. You can give your date what color to buy for you, or you can just buy or make your own! Wear the bodice either at the wrist or pinned to the front of the dress near the shoulder.
    • Accessories are a great way to follow the color or theme of the dance. Grab a bright red purse or a pair of shoes for a Valentine's dance, wear a flower in your hair for a spring dance, or buy a sparkly mask for camouflage.

  4. 4

    Use cosmetics with taste if you wish. If you wish, you can wear makeup to bring out the natural beauty of your face. Choose a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone and add some blush or bronzer to your cheeks if you like. Sweep mascara onto lashes and add eyeliner to upper lids. If you go with bolder or darker eye makeup, stick with a light lip color or gloss, and vice versa.

    We hope that you liked the article and you learned a storehouse of useful and necessary information. Good dance!

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What to wear to class? | Hairstyle and make-up

When going to a dance studio or a fitness club, each of us asks the question "what to wear for a workout? In addition, you need to know how to remove your hair, whether to leave makeup, whether to take a spare T-shirt, what kind of shoes you need.

Fitness .

Clothing should be breathable, not restrictive and absorb moisture well. Gaiters, wristlets help keep joints and ligaments warm and protect them from injury. You may also need a headband and/or a towel to help with excessive sweating. If possible, choose a style of clothing that is close to you, this will help set your mood and, oddly enough, give you confidence in new endeavors! Shoes should be comfortable, sneakers with shock-absorbing flat soles that hold the ankle are best.

Jazz - modern.

Jazz - modern develops coordination and in the class you need to control your body well, so choose things that do not restrict movement. It can be both tight-fitting clothes, and vice versa very loose. Use gaiters on your legs and arms, wristbands - all this helps to improve blood flow and nutrition of the joints. Shoes should not restrict the natural movement of the foot. Jazz shoes (sneakers for jazz), Czech shoes, ballet shoes or sneakers with thin soles are suitable, and sometimes you can practice in socks or even barefoot.

Hip - Hop.

Hip-hop has its own fashion - wide pants, sweatshirts and T-shirts, caps - the latest dancers often use in the dance! The sporty qualities of clothing are not as important here as your sense of self. Sports shoes are preferable, of course comfortable: high sneakers with flat soles, sneakers.


- In Contemporary Dance classes, clothing should be comfortable first and foremost. And the second one too.

- It should sit tight, not slip off, and regain its shape. Therefore, we say "no" to pants with a low waist, a deep neckline on sweaters for girls, and inflexible materials. 9Closed clothes are required, because in contempo some of the classes are on the floor, some of the chords are done there.The halls in most dance schools leave much to be desired in terms of repair.The floors are uneven.The bare parts of the body are easily damaged.


This is a lesson for developing body flexibility, stretching (increase in length) and strengthening muscles. All exercises are static, so you should dress in such a way that as few areas as possible are exposed, because heat must be maintained throughout the session. It is desirable that the clothes are close to the body, then it is easier for the teacher to control your technique. You can practice in socks, Czechs, ballet shoes, for warming up it is better to use sneakers or sneakers. After training, the recovery period is important, you should not exercise until the pain in the muscles from the previous session has passed. All this will help to avoid various injuries.


If you are going to take more than one class on the same day, please follow the instructions for each one. In the event that you sweat in one lesson, then you can’t practice in wet clothes the next, it’s at least uncomfortable, in addition, you can catch a cold. For the same reason, you should not immediately go outside hot, especially in winter. Try to avoid short tops to cover your back, as it's easy to catch a cold. Wet hair is best dried with a hair dryer before going outside. It is not recommended to smoke immediately after training. Watch your diet: even if you are losing weight, remember that the body must receive enough nutrients, especially during physical exertion. Be attentive to your health, if you experience pain after or during class, at least consult your teacher.

Make-up and hair.

It is better if you come to training with minimal make-up, especially foundations and creams. In class, the skin needs to breathe, so if you want to look great even in the gym, use cosmetics that do not clog pores. The most beautiful skin is healthy! Hair for many women is a matter of pride, if you are one of them, then feel free to loosen them and dance. This helps to loosen up and show your temperament. But during the warm-up and stretching (including stretching), the hair must be removed so as not to be distracted and to avoid injury, do all the exercises correctly.

Helpful hints:
1. your choice should also depend on your personal preferences, then you will feel comfortable and enjoy dancing. Choose clothes that are comfortable for you to wear. Some practice dancers prefer long T-shirts instead of tops or loose sweatpants rather than shorts. Some clothes are loose fitting and cover most of your body, and some outfits will let you see your muscles when you work out.
2. Choose the right length for your pants so you don't step on them when you make quick turns and jumps.
3. choose clothes that will not only make you feel comfortable, but also look attractive. Otherwise, you may be tempted to shorten your workouts and quit altogether soon after.
4. Underwear must be made of special "Breathable" fabrics. Women should first of all take care of finding supportive underwear. A good sports bra is the foundation of your dance wardrobe. For women who practice contact dances, protective cups are also needed.
5. Don't forget to use accessories that will help you during your workout. For example, wristbands, bandanas, caps.
6. Do not wear your daily clothes to workouts. Things like jeans or a sweater will prevent you from dancing safely and effectively.
7. Do not wear jewelry during training. There is a risk that such accessories could catch on the suit and cause injury.

Learn more