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If you’ve been wondering how to download and install Just Dance Now on your Samsung Smart TV, read on. Samsung has made it incredibly easy to install the game on its smart TVs. Using Samsung’s smart hub, you can access the game without ever hopping from application to application. Simply look for “games” and click on Just Dance Now to get started. You can also subscribe to the game in order to continue to enjoy its services.

In order to get this app installed on your Samsung Smart TV, you’ll need a compatible Android device with a minimum of 58 MB of internal storage. You can use your tablet or smartphone as a controller for the game. Just Dance Now requires an internet connection to function and requires at least Android 4.4 or higher. It also requires 58 MB of internal memory, which you should have to set aside before you download the game.

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Is Just Dance Available on Samsung Smart TV?

If you’re looking for a new way to have fun with your Samsung smart TV, you may have just found it. The popular dance game Just Dance Now is now available on Samsung smart TV screens worldwide. Playing this game requires an internet-connected screen and a smartphone that can be used as a controller. Samsung smart TVs support this popular game via their Smart Hub. The Samsung Smart Hub makes it easy to connect with the game and access a subscription.

In addition to its compatibility with Samsung Smart TVs, Just Dance Now is also available for Android, iOS, Chromecast, and Xbox console. The game is compatible with Android and Apple devices, as well as Chromecast, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10.

CanYouPlay Just Dance on TV?

Yes, you can. Just Dance Now is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs. But to play it, you must have a Google dongle connected to your television. You can also use Chromecast to project it on your TV. If you have an Android TV, you can also use Puffin TV browser for Android devices. Both Chromecast and Puffin are compatible with this Ubisoft game. And you can also play Just Dance on your Samsung Smart TV using an Android dongle.

Just Dance Now is available for Apple TV as well. You can control the game with the Apple TV Remote. To install the application, you need to access the Apple TV App Store. Go to the search bar, type in “Just Dance Now” and click “Get.”

What Device Do You Need For Just Dance?

Just Dance Now is now available on Apple TV. This game is compatible with Apple TV, but you must use your smartphone as the controller. The best way to play the game on Apple TV is to download the Just Dance Now app to your mobile device. You can then use this app to control the game using your Apple TV. You can also play the game using your Apple TV remote. The best part is that it’s free.

If you don’t have a gaming console, don’t worry. Just Dance Now is available on Samsung Smart TVs in more than 50 countries. The app features classic favorites and Billboard hits. In addition to using your smartphone as a controller, you can also use your phone to access the game. If you’re looking to get started with the game, download the Just Dance Controller app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

How Do I Install Just Dance Now on My Smart TV?

Using the Google Chromecast, you can connect your phone to your Smart TV and play Just Dance Now on the big screen. The app is available in Google Play Store and can be installed on your PC or Mac. In order to install it, go to your phone and press the Cast icon at the top of the screen. Then, set up your Google dongle and connect it to your Smart TV. Once connected, launch the Just Dance Now app and follow the dancer on your smart TV!

Next, make sure that your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku. If it is, go to Settings. Scroll down to Screen Mirroring Mode. Select Just Dance Now. Once the installation process is complete, you can turn on the music and enjoy your new app! You can even use the app as a remote control. Once the app is running on your Samsung Smart TV, you can enjoy it wherever you are in the house.

Is Just Dance Now Free?

Is Just Dance Now free for Samsung Smart TV? Yes! But it’s not as simple as a few taps and a click. This game is a free multiplayer video game that allows you to play a wide selection of songs from the popular dance series. In addition, it does not require a console, motion sensors, or dedicated controllers. In fact, the game can be played on both mobile devices and smart TVs.

First, you need to download the app. If it’s an Android game, then the process is simple. Simply go to the Google Play store and find Just Dance Now. Press the search bar at the top of the page, and type the name of the application you’re interested in. Press Install to begin the installation process. You can also use your smartphone to play Just Dance Now on Samsung Smart TVs.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can start dancing on your Samsung smart TV. It’s easy to download, install, and play! Samsung is making it easier than ever to play Just Dance Now on its smart TVs. The new Smart Hub feature on Samsung Smart TVs makes it easy to switch from app to application, and it includes Just Dance Now under games. If you’re not content with the free version of the game, you can always pay to subscribe and access the full version.

How Do I Play Games on My Smart TV Console?

If you’ve recently purchased a Samsung Smart TV, you may be wondering how to get Just Dance Now. You don’t have to worry, however, because this popular game is now supported on Samsung Smart TVs. You just need to install the Just Dance Now app, which sits in the smart hub interface. Then, you can pay for the subscription through your smart TV system. After you have done so, you’ll be able to play the game immediately.

If you’re an Android TV owner, the process is even easier. You can download the Just Dance Now application through the Google Play store, and then install it using the Google Play Store. To install the application, you simply need to open Google Play Store on your phone and then tap on the Downloader icon. From here, you can paste the Just Dance Now APK link into the URL field. Once the installation is complete, you can uninstall the app.

What Do You Need to Play Just Dance 2022?

If you’re a Samsung fan, it might be time to download Just Dance 2022 onto your Samsung Smart TV. The mobile version of the game is already available on your smartphone, and you can play it directly on your TV. To get started, download the Just Dance Now app to your smartphone and open it. You can use this to control the game, or you can project it directly onto the screen. Just dance now is available for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Stadia and Amazon Fire Stick.

Once you’ve downloaded the game, you can use your mobile device to control the game. You’ll also need a screen to view the video songs. The YouTube app has a menu that displays available devices, such as Chromecast. After selecting your device, simply select “Cast to TV”. You can also use the same method to cast Just Dance 2022 to other devices, including your smartphone. In addition to Smart TVs, many smartphones and tablets are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

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How to play just dance now with a TV? - Question

How to play just dance now using a TV set? — Questioner


Vladislav Trofimov

  • help
  • telly


Tatyana Nechaeva

False Tronis. Just Dance Now This is not a console version. Kinect does not apply here. To play you need a computer and a smartphone. Instead of a computer, you can also use Smart-TV (regular TV will not work here, only if you connect it to a PC or tablet as a monitor) or, for example, an ipad. nine0017 And so all questions about the Just Dance series (Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015) can be asked in the VK group:


Mikhail Shoshin

Easy, there are two ways:
1. You can connect your computer to your TV, go to, there will be a room number that you will need to enter on your phone, and you can also play without a phone
2. if you have there is a Smart TV, you can connect to it by just pressing on your smartphone (in the application) in the upper right corner a button similar to a TV with network waves

Those are the two ways I know how to play the game on the TV
I think I could help you, Goodbye!

Ivan Tsibrov

warframe cool game

Andrey Ivanov

Look guy, you need to buy a cord that connects to a TV set and to a computer (laptop), you can ask where you will buy how to use it I have everything . ..


Evgeny Topunov

Kinect only.



Just buy a console with kinect and of course the game


Irrakliy Andropnikov

You need a wire, plug it in and everything works, go into the mini TV and you're done


Ilya Slesarev

yfqlb ghfdbkf


Maruf Mms

nine0002 Easy, connect your computer to your TV, download just dance now to your phone. Go to the Justdancenow website. com (just delete the space before com), the site will show your room number, enter this number on your phone and you're done!


Kain 7

just connect the computer to the TV and if you want to play somnoy through kinekt my nickname is Rexo


Katya Solovova

igor kharitonov go play? nine0003

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Just Dance Now to dance with friends or family

Guitar Hero was the game that marked the era of in regards to music video games and it was for a large number of titles that followed its pattern but in all musical genres such as dance . nine0003

Ubi Soft's new offering called Just Dance Now goes a little beyond what it means to hit certain keys. when using your phone as the base controller for the desktop version of Let's Dance Now. And what's really amazing is that the system used to match, as well as the large repertoire of musical themes it has, with artists like Lady Gaga or well-known dance songs like Robin Thicke Fort's Blurred Lines. Pharrell Williams or the well known Gangnam Style among many others. nine0003


  • 1 Closer to Rihanna
  • 2 Just Dance now
  • 3 How to dance?
  • 4 Good repertoire of songs
  • 5 Price and availability

Closer to Rihanna

Just Dance Now will make you unleash your most dancing side of as it happens with various music stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake.

Install the game and it will direct you to the Internet. for connect the phone application to the web service . You won't need to do anything other than this to start using this app, even with Smart TV it will work so you can perform the most difficult dance passes with friends or family.

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Just Dance now

The moment everything is connected and connected you will enter the "room" of what dance itself is Whether you are alone or in a group of friends, each with their own phone or tablet and installed app Just Dance Now for Android. nine0003

Another detail: you don't need to be on the same network either, but if you're at home, a Wi-Fi network would be perfect. You choose a game, choose the dancer you want to follow, and then the replay and fun begins.

How to dance?

Here and now your experience will go into the expression of your body and how you handle every part of your body. I am not going to teach you, rather, it will be a dancer that you follow, that you should imitate. nine0003

Of course, you need to hold the phone in your right hand and be very careful, because with the accent of the song I could fly out the window by breaking it at the same time your poor smartphone will be broken by your mother screaming about the broken glass in the kitchen (here I could remember Joel Jolowitz's mother from The Big Bang Theory with that peculiar voice asking her).

Not to mention the possible circumstances and moments with this application, with a phone in hand, the sensors it has will help to record all your movements to score different players on the screen.

The application will not accurately replicate all of your ideal moves. As an experienced dancer, he has a better understanding of rhythm and variety of turns. It's another thing that you want to show off your skills in front of your friends and not look like a potato attacking yourself with a good grade.

Good song repertoire

With 51 songs, Just Dance Now has an excellent repertoire of dance songs. We can find the current most famous dance is as if they could be from the 80s or even rock or salsa. Here are some examples of the musical quality that this app is known for.

  • Lady Gaga and Colby O'Donis - Just Dance
  • Reggaeton - Girl
  • Robin Thicke Fort Farrell Williams - Blurred Lines
  • The Sunlight Shakers - Aquarius / Let The Sunshine in
  • Team Girly - Flashdance… What A Feeling
  • PSY - Gangnam Style
  • Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat
  • LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

Price and Availability

Of course, when you came here, you thought that you would have to pay a few euros to buy the app, but no, is free in the Play Store, although it comes with a subscription model. This means that you can access the entire repertoire of songs while being a VIP with a few freebies without this pass.

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