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Teenage Dance Party Ideas #2

by DJ Boogie Shoes | Oct 18, 2018 | Blog

In part one of this blog, I talked about some general ideas about setting up the party for your teen. In part two, from the perspective of a Vancouver DJ, I will be giving you some practical ideas and links for game ideas and video examples to help you put the suggestions into action.

Teenagers have a lot of energy and like to go from one thing to another. However they do often need to have some sort of direction at the party. A number of carefully chosen games can be used to build excitement and not to mention, many fun stories to be told later on. Make sure you have enough games to keep them busy and that the games are not too easy to win. I have had a number of events where a group won the game in 60 seconds. It is best to make the games challenging enough so that they build that competitive spirit. An ice breaker, such as a scavenger hunt in teams, encourage the teens to work together and will help some of the more shy young people fit in. You can either run the games yourself with the help of some other parents, designate one of the more outgoing teenage guests as MC and have them do it or have your DJ officiate the games. I recommend having one of the teenage guests do it so that the DJ can play background game music while the games are taking place. It is another way to keep the young people engaged in the party.  Make sure the teenage MC, if you go that route, has a script, which they can write, what order the games will be played, know how the game is played so they can explain it and have prizes on hand. Prizes could include funny prizes from the dollar store, fake plastic trophies, etc. Here is a great site for game ideas.  Games   

A lot of  people overlook Karaoke as another option for your teenager’s party. Yes, karaoke can be irritating if not planned properly, but it can also be a lot of fun when effort is put in to do it right and integrate it into the party. You can incorporate the karaoke into your theme. For example, if you are having an 80s or 90s theme, get the teens to prepare a song beforehand complete with costuming and dance moves. If some are shy, get them to form groups and perform as  The Spice Girls or The Backstreet Boys, etc. This can be a lot of fun as, even if the singing is not so great, the entertainment factor can be off the charts. If you really want to raise the bar, have some parents do something as a group. Teens really love it when mom and dad get involved in this aspect of the party.

You don’t sing you say? Do it as a lip sync battle! Jerry Fallon has brought back the fun art of lip syncing. This is such a great activity also… with the added feature that you don’t actually have to sing, so you can concentrate on the performance and really hamming it up. This also is even more fun when done in costume. Check theses links out for an example of a lip sync  Lip sync no costume,  Lip sync with costume.

 If that does not appeal to your teen, how about a dance off?  This can be an awesome! Here again costuming can be optional but I think it is a lot more entertaining when you go all in with the costuming. Wither it be a disco dance off  or a hip hop extravaganza, it is a great way to lead into the actual dance time of the party or to have performances throughout the evening. Check this link out for one twist on the dance off idea.  Dice Dance off    

These last two suggestions do require more effort from everyone but hey, the best parties are the ones where people make it happen. If the planning and performance is put in by the young people, maybe a bit nicer prize is warranted…movie passes are always great prizes.  You can run any of these ideas as contests or as just performances but I think the contest idea makes a really good reason for the performances and brings out the best in the fun factor. Often the fun of something happening unexpectedly can really be the icing on the cake.

And there you have it. As a DJ in Vancouver, I have seen a lot of parties and events of every kind. The best ones, the events where people talk about again and again, are the ones where an effort has been made to make the party unique, fun and memorable. That does take time, planning and a little work, but the results will be well worth it. Even if you just do one of the ideas that I have presented, you will be raising the bar and opening the party up to some something that will be an entertaining and notable recollection of a great party for all.   

Teenage Dance Party Ideas & Dance Music Tips ?️ DJBS™

by DJ Boogie Shoes | Oct 18, 2018 | Blog


As a parent of a young lady, I know sometimes how out of touch we are with the young minds of a teenager. Our precious little boys and girls are growing up and right before our eyes, and are becoming young adults with their own minds, culture and music. Even though we all have our challenges with our growing teenagers, they are our children and we love them dearly… so we often want to do special things for them. Sometimes that special undertaking is the celebration of a birthday, graduation, achievement, Christmas party, coming of age or just something from mom and dad to say “I love you”  So, with that in mind, I thought this 2 part blog might be helpful.

Being a DJ, I am luckier than most parents when it comes to seeing DJ and or karaoke parties that parents put on for their teenage sons and daughters. One of the first mistakes I see is a lack of planning or, there again, out of touch planning. A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that this party is for your teen, not for you. Don’t be overbearing in your influence of what is supposed to be their event. Sure, you have to be conscious of what is being presented at the party or event and you may have to nix certain things, for example, some music choices that your child may want. After all, we do want to be good role models for our children. More on music choices in part 2.

Secondly, don’t be cheap. I say that in a kind way of course. If your budget is limited, split the costs and pair up with another parent or parents. Have two, or more, celebrations at once. Pay the extra for the experience and services that your DJ, or entertainer, can offer. Music consultation, nice lighting, extra equipment, MC  services, party props, game planning and execution plus other extras really can raise the bar and make the celebration much more enjoyable and memorable.

Don’t be adverse to having the event a little later in the evening to take advantage of the lighting from the DJ setup. In the summer you can still end at 10 PM and have an hour where the sun is setting and the lighting will be effective. In the fall, winter or spring you can end even earlier.  As a DJ in Vancouver, I often see parties and events start the dancing portion of their party too early. In the summer especially, guests are not really ready to dance when the sun is high in the sky.

If you are having a party at your home or outside, always talk to your neighbours and let them know what you are planning and what hours you are planning to run your event in order to ask for their cooperation. Invite them if possible so that they can share in the fun and social aspect of the event.

Do consult with your teen or teens on what music choice they would like. Now, this is an area where you want to be fairly engaged. At the time of this writing, some of the songs young teens and even those older teens, 16 to 18, are into rap, hip hop artists like Drake, Post Malone, Lil Pump, etc. The music of these artists has a lot of profanity and questionable blatant themes on drug usage and sexual promiscuity. You would really want to work with your DJ at finding clean or alternative suggestions, where possible, in order to keep the event positive and enjoyable for all. You also want to make sure that not just one teen makes the song list. Try to get a number of teens involved so that a variety and balance of musical tastes are represented among the teens. I might add that even though this event might be for the younger crowd if it is an event to be enjoyed by a family, throw in some mainstream music so that you can dance with your teens. I really think teens enjoy it when mom and dad, and other parents, are part of the event and not just relatives paying the bills. It will add to not only a great memory for your teenager, but yourselves also…and take a lot of pictures to share later.

Don’t be afraid to put a theme together for the party. It could be an 80’s / 90s theme, my 18-year-old daughter loves 80’s music, or an MTV award show theme, Hawaiian theme or whatever your teen is into. Get them involved in the planning and even making or going to the dollar store to buy props or decorations while you supervise. Maybe a few of their close friends can help in the planning as well. This will make the event even more exciting and your teen will be more engaged knowing that they are getting a party they helped plan.

These ideas are the early planning stages of a successful teen party for your young adults. They can hold true for any aged teen as well. I hope they energize you to think out of the box for a successful and awesome party for your teen. In Part 2, I will give you concrete party ideas and links to fun examples of what you can actually do to make your teen party amazing…so stay tuned.

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Seven working party ideas for teenagers

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  • Children's holiday

05 August 2019

What to do with children a little older than 10 years old, when it's too early for them to just hang out with music and a bar, and they are no longer interested in competitions with an animator.

Anastasia Makarova


Cover photo From the official page of justdance

We studied the experience of the holidays in our lofts, interviewed hosts, parents and teenagers themselves, and this is what we came up with.

Dancing with Just Dance

Checked. This game conquers all guests, and especially teenagers. This is both a competition and an opportunity to show off. It's also fun and trendy. The game works on the principle of karaoke. Only the participants do not sing, but dance. For that. to arrange competitions or just dances, you only need any equipment that supports the game and the ability to display the image on the big screen. You can read more about Just Dance on our blog. nine0009 During the game, everyone must transform into their character © Anastasia Sholicheva

Live Action Role Playing Game

Popular entertainment for companies of all ages, especially for teenagers. You can turn on both brains and creativity. The idea is simple - the master of the game writes the script, distributes the roles to the guys for some time for the party. During the celebration, the guests act on behalf of their characters and in accordance with the scenario. The most popular example of a role-playing game is the mafia. But, if you want something more interesting, then for teenagers the master will choose an age-appropriate topic and heroes popular among them. The world of Harry Potter or Graffiti Falls, or maybe something from the classics. nine0009

Unusual presenter of children's parties tells what modern children need.

Children and teenagers love to cook, but even more they love to eat what they have prepared ©Anastasia Makarova

Cooking class

Joint cooking with subsequent eating unites any company. And teenagers especially. After all, they so want to be allowed to something adult and real. For cooking, it is better to choose something very popular, like pizza or burgers. At the same time, the problem with food for the holiday will also be solved. To make it more interesting. you can combine cooking with filming a cooking show. nine0009 It is important that the party participants then receive the edited film ©Elena Trusova

Shooting a film or video clip

In general, any shooting is a great option for a teenage party. To make everything go smoothly, of course, an adult will come in handy to help manage processes and distribute responsibilities. You can shoot on the most ordinary smartphones, but if there is more serious equipment, this is only a plus. What it will be - a cartoon, a music video, a feature film or a documentary - depends on the location of the filming and on the hobbies of the party participants. You also need to remember that after the material is shot, it needs to be edited so that all the characters get the finished product. nine0009

We tell you why a bar and a bartender are relevant for children of any age at a party.

Board games can keep the company of children of any age for a long time

Board games

If there is no time to bother with some kind of program, and there is no money for the presenter, then the most convenient option is to send the children to the loft, where there are many board games. Practice has shown that in the presence of interesting desktop games and the absence of mobile phones, not a single teenage company will be bored. And in this case, they can do without any adults. Just provide them with snacks and drinks. nine0009 The mind game should have interesting questions and good prizes ©Little G

Mind game

If you need a loft to host an intellectual game, consider these options

A choice that requires serious preparation is a holiday with a quiz. Here, if you want to do everything on your own, you will have to spend time selecting questions, printing cards, organizing the surroundings. However, you can also use some kind of ready-made set for conducting an intellectual game, or invite a host who specializes in this area. It is imperative that the game is not boring, the questions are interesting, and at the end there are prizes, cups, and diplomas. nine0009 It's good if the athletes not only show tricks, but also teach guests something © Duc Viet Hoang on Unsplash

Extreme Show

Children love to be surprised and learn. So you need to first surprise them, and then teach them. and something very extreme. For example, performing tricks on a bicycle, rollerblading, or skateboarding. Teams offering extreme programs may well come to the loft to show their skills and teach party guests some tricks - pleasure for guests is guaranteed. But don't forget safety precautions. nine0009

how to arrange a theme party for children?

Wanting to feel like adults, teenagers are still children, they love fun games, competitions, discos. It is very important to properly organize the event so that the disco for teenagers becomes a place of easy communication and dancing in a friendly atmosphere.

One of the most important things is disco music for teenagers, which should be selected taking into account the personal preferences of children of this age. nine0009

It is impossible not to notice that in adolescence, wanting to stand out from the gray environment, children prefer different genres of music, classifying their personality as one of the many groups that identify themselves by occupation and hobbies.

The favorite music for most teenagers is pop (trance, disco, techno, funk and others). Young artists come to the fore among pop artists who sing about love, friendship and related concepts.

Some teenagers prefer to listen to rock or rap instead of pop music. Groups of rockers and rappers differ significantly from each other: the former wear dark clothes and, in their own way, take the path of protest (against society, power, etc. ), the latter like recitative, and they also have a special appearance and subtleties of world perception. nine0009

Therefore, when choosing music for a disco, you need to take into account the nature of life and preferences of teenagers, but in order to set each of them on a positive wave, you should actively use fun game music, as well as arrange games and contests for a disco for teenagers

Contest for dating at the party "Photographer"

It's great if there are fun friendships between teenagers at a party. An interesting game "Photographer" will help to create an atmosphere of cheerful communication. One of the teenagers is holding a camera in his hands, the rest should make sad faces. The task of the photographer is to amuse the person and take a picture. Further, this photographed participant must bring a smile to the face of someone, and everything is repeated anew. During the game, teenagers get to know each other, enter into communication, trying to cheer up their partner, they involuntarily become closer, and at the end of the competition everyone feels like close people. Such a game can be played both among unfamiliar children, as well as for teenagers who have known each other for a long time, because anyway, it will be interesting for everyone to remove the sad mask from the face of a friend and leave a memory of a fun moment in the photo. nine0009

Creative competition "Unexpected denouement"

The cheerful beginning of the disco should be continued with a no less cheerful contest. All participants quickly and involuntarily divide into groups of 3-4 people and after 5 minutes, each group must submit an amateur performance number.

After creative presentations, the presenter asks to count how many buttons are on the clothes of each member of the company, and how many of them in total for each team. The honorary prize is presented to those guys whose team has the most buttons on them. Here is an unexpected denouement, and how much they sang and danced ...

“What's in the backpack” competition

Cheerful dance music is playing, and during the disco the leader brings out a funny backpack with no less funny things. Teenagers become in a big circle, and in the rhythm of the dance, they alternately choose the “necessary” thing from the backpack by touch (among the attributes: baby hats, diapers, large family underpants, socks, etc.). The participants put on the chosen thing and continue to dance in the update!

Funny contest "Don't burst the balloon"

4-6 people are invited to participate, each of which is tied to the waist with a large balloon. A box of matches is scattered on the floor in front of each teenager, the task of the participants is to collect matches as quickly as possible without bursting the ball.

Team game "Who is faster"

Teenagers are divided into 2 groups and stand in two parallel columns. The leader connects the legs of the whole team (separately the first, separately the second), rewinding them with a rope or toilet paper. The task of each team is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible with bandaged legs. It is important that the competition is accompanied by cheerful music, and at the end of the run, the winning team will have a pleasant surprise. nine0009

Competition "For a chocolate!"

Everyone can participate in the fun contest, the main thing is that the supply of chocolates allows this. 2 threads from a spool are tied to a chocolate bar, 2-3 meters long. Participants stand in pairs opposite each other, put a chocolate bar on the table. The task of teenagers is to quickly chew the thread (pull it into the mouth), and get to the chocolate bar. In the competition, it is very important to warn the participants to be careful, and also to use only clean threads.

Dancing with a mop

A well-known competition for teen discos, but still interesting and relevant. Guys and girls break into pairs and dance, only one participant does not get a pair and he is circling with a mop! When the music ends, everyone swaps pairs, and the member with the mop throws it away and tries to get his girlfriend. Next, the mop goes to the teenager who did not have time to find a pair, and when the music changes, the process is repeated again. It is worth pre-selecting short excerpts of songs for this contest. nine0009

Where Am I?

5-6 people are invited, who are placed on chairs with their backs to the audience. On the back of each chair, so that the participant does not see, his location is written, for example, a school, a disco, visiting his grandmother, in a dark forest, and so on. Seeing these inscriptions, the viewer is asked questions to teenagers, and those, not knowing their whereabouts, give rather funny answers that will surely amuse the audience.

Lottery "Prize for everyone"

Many prizes are placed in the box, each of which is preliminarily made up with funny comments. The host in turn approaches each participant in the disco and offers to choose a prize for himself. Receiving a funny little thing (for example, a keychain, a balloon or a badge), as well as a funny comment, each participant in the disco will definitely receive a lot of positive. nine0009

Lottery "Prize for creativity"

Each participant at the entrance to the disco is given a ticket with a number. During the party, the host announces the numbers, the owners of which can receive gifts. But to receive a gift, participants must work hard! Namely, to complete the task intended for each individual number.

Disco Quest

Why not have a dance quest at a disco for teenagers? To find a pre-hidden gift, you need to get a hint! Participants can pass the route to the hint by train, or by performing other dance tasks. On the way to the prize, teenagers should be offered puzzles of a musical theme, as well as participation in team competitions and pair competitions. nine0009

The ring game

What disco for teenagers can do without the ring game. Everyone becomes in a large circle, and the participant with the ring is in the middle. The disco continues in the usual way, only in the rhythm of the dance the ring is passed from one participant to another in an involuntary order, so that everyone has the opportunity to dance in the center of the circle and give the ring to whomever they wish.

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