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What Does "Yeet” Mean & How Do You Use It? Here's The Backstory On The Dance Craze That’s Now Going Super Viral


by Mehak Anwar

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Not all content on the Internet is created equal, and it just so happens that while some things immediately capture our collective interest and launch themselves straight into the viral stratosphere, others... well, simply don't ever take flight. And then there are those that somehow go super viral super fast, and yet leave many of us scratching our heads as to why. Take the viral craze "yeet" — a word you've likely heard sweeping social media lately. But if you're still wondering what "yeet" actually means, you're definitely not alone.

First, let's take a look at what Urban Dictionary users have to say about it (because you know they're really the official word).

1. A new weird dance thing on Vine called #Yeet. It is a phenomenon that was started back in February 2014 but it didn't really pick up until a kid who goes by the name Lil Meatball posted a video claiming he can do it better than Lil Terrio. Lil Meatball is a 13-year old from Dallas, Texas.

2. A term made famous from a dance on vine and can now be used as an exclamation.

3. Term used to express excitement; especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop.

As you can see by these (very official) definitions, use of the word "yeet" has been steadily evolving over time. But let's allow a moment for the kid who really spring-boarded it to viral fame — Lil' Meatball himself:

Of course, as soon as the video went viral, what came to be known as the Yeet Dance was soon copied and remixed by dozens of Viners, making for some pretty hilarious videos:

As more and more people started to yeet, the name for the dance move slowly worked its way into casual conversation, as a new way to express excitement over something. For example, let's say you and your friends are dancing and one lands a flawless back flip. ('Cause you know; that could totally happen.) That would be your cue to yell out "yeet!" and let them know just how awesome they are.

But while the yeet certainly is unique, it's not the first dance craze to go viral. Here are some other dances that people have fallen in love with in recent years, and then meme-ified forever and ever and ever:

1. The Soulja Boy Dance

We all remember "Superman-ing that hoe" from Soulja Boy's one-hit-wonder "Crank That," a dance move performed by countless young (and brace-faced) middle and high schoolers back in 2009. It was simple enough that everyone was able to pick up on the handful of dance moves and work them into whatever else they were doing. Though I was, admittedly, a part of that craze myself, I sure am glad it's over now.


The Single Ladies

Ever since Queen B launched the "Do-You-See-A-Damn-Ring-On-This-Finger?" hand movement, everyone is trying to get wifed up via this popular Beyonce dance. Is there anything she can't make us do?

3. The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, a song by Baauer, quickly turned into a dance craze after this group of young, ambitious men made this video depicting the strange dance. Here's how it typically goes: One person in the room (usually wearing a mask or facial cover-up of some type) will start dancing as the song winds up, while everyone else seems disinterested or absorbed in their current work. As soon as the song drops, the video cuts to everyone in the room dancing crazily. It was certainly fun while it lasted but there were only so many more renditions the world could take.

4. The Dougie

Despite its now-infamously insistent lyrics (Teach me how to dougie, T-teach me how to dougie), I never did learn how to dougie. I would say there's still time, but once a viral move is dead... it's pretty dead.

5. The Wobble

The Wobble — which is the easiest dance move in my opinion — should have lasted far longer because of its sheer simplicity and good-natured, upbeat attitude. But oh, well. R.I.P. Wobble.

6. The Whip/Nae Nae

Interestingly, the most recent viral dance craze combines a variety of other popular dances, into one — and created one mega-viral dance video, too. Plus the song is catchy as hell, even though it may be a bit repetitive and pop-y.

Though these dances have may silly names like "wobble," "yeet," and "whip/nae nae" they sure have managed to take social media by storm and make us hands-down obsessed. (OK, if only for a week or so.) Oh, the beauty of a good viral video...

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Yeet is a choreographed dance stylized by dipping one's shoulder in rhythmic steps with both hands out in front and knees bent as if the performer is riding a bicycle. It became popular in February 2014 after footage of people performing the dance were uploaded to the video-sharing sites Vine and YouTube. In recent years, the term "yeet" has adopted a meaning of launching or throwing something at a high velocity or exclamation of doing so.


While little is known as of yet about the story behind the dance, Houston, Texas-based producer and video blogger Marquis Trill[5] has credited five individuals @1ballout_ @Thefuhkinmann @KronicCaviar @AXXXXJXY @JollyceM @SmashBro_KB as the creators of the Yeet. The earliest known video of someone performing the yeet dance was uploaded by YouTuber Milik Fullilove on February 12th, 2014 (shown below).


On February 28th, 2014, the hip hop song "Yeet" by Quill featuring Showtime & Yeet Squad was uploaded to YouTube (shown below).

On March 1st, 2014, a Facebook[1] page titled "Yeet Dance" was launched, gaining over 29,000 likes in the first month. On March 14th, YouTuber MarQuis Trill uploaded a video demonstrating how to perform the yeet dance (shown below, left). On the same day, YouTuber Denzel Meechie uploaded a music video titled "Official #Yeet," featuring the purported creators of yeet identified by their Twitter feeds @1Ballout_[3] and @SmashBro_KB[4] (shown below, right).

Lil Meatball Vine

On March 20th, Viner Jasmine Nicole uploaded a Vine video of a young boy nicknamed "Lil Meatball" performing the dance at a school track (shown below). Within two weeks, the video gathered upwards of 122,000 revines and 104,000 likes.

On March 29th, Viner Noe Vazquez uploaded a remix of the vine dubbed with part of the rap song "A Milli" by Lil Wayne (shown below, left). On April 1st, Viner amvzinrnc uploaded a version of the video with guns edited into Lil Meatball's hands (shown below, right).

On the same day, the hip hop news blog Hip Hop Wired[2] posted a compilation of notable photoshopped images featuring an exploitable cutout of Lil Meatball from the Vine video (shown below).

Crying Laughing Emoji Photoshops

In May 2018, image macros featuring various portmanteau's using the word "yeet" began trending on the /r/dankmemes subreddit, which often featured photoshops superimposed with the Crying Laughing Emoji and OK emoji (shown below).

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"They don't play around - they stand on their heads!" – 64 parallel online

Jet Set choreographer Julia Galaktionova speaking. Standing on your head, one hand or even floating in the air for dancers Jet Set is as natural as a ballerina spinning a fouette.

Sometimes they do it in the middle of city streets, slightly frightening passers-by, or, on the contrary, conquering them with their plastique. This is already a matter of taste.

Jet Set recently celebrated its 4th birthday - 4 years since its inception. This is the youngest dance group in the Palace of Culture, and Yulia Galaktionova is the youngest choreographer.

- I decided that October 12 will be considered the day of the creation of the team: on this day we got a name, - says Yulia. Jet Set, by the way, translates as the cream of society, golden youth.

Golden youth dances exclusively street dances: hip-hop, breaking, locking, vogue, jazz-funk.

When they appear on the stage, the audience screams and whistles with delight.

This year there were so many people who wanted to study that they had to make a selection.

“I hate doing this,” Yulia says. “I must have said that a million times while talking to my parents.

In general, I have such a policy that every child can dance. Even if he is a little crooked at first, he may become a star in the future.

For example, when Ilya came, I didn't have high hopes for him. But he did a lot of work, he was not shy about girls. I began to put it in the center. And he grew into a star. And somehow he was not a star, if you look at the first vidyashki ... Well, it's funny, - Yulia smiles.

Ilya went to St. Petersburg to study as a railway worker, but regularly attends dance master classes. Love for dancing, especially instilled by Kostomuksha teachers, is forever.

In small towns there is such a problem: children grow up and leave to study.

– It's always hard: you tear off a part of yourself, – the choreographer sighs.

Yulia also once danced in Kalinka, in Armageddon, then she went to Petrozavodsk to study. After graduating from high school, she returned to Kostomuksha.

– I didn't really intend to be a choreographer. I thought I would dance for myself. But when she arrived in Kostomuksha, she could not find a job. Then I went to Belochka and asked if choreographers were needed.

It turned out that they are still needed.

Yulia Galaktionova

We are talking with Yulia in DK, , there is still half an hour before classes start, but the children are already starting to come.

– They run here right after school, they want to dance so much. This group is actually very amazing: the kids are basically messing around when they come to class. But these are not.

I open the classroom for them and leave. I'm back - they're dancing! Well, you saw it yourself yesterday. They stand on their heads, trying something. They don't play around. And I am always happy when I go in and see what they are doing.

Classes have not started yet, but everyone is on their ears, heads and hands — practicing tricks

– We tried everything at the beginning — jazz, modern . They even played the classics! I couldn't decide which was closer to me. Then we went to street dance competitions and away we go…

Most importantly, the children like it. I see that they are ready to dance as long as they like. Without getting tired. Some dance for four hours and go home happy.

Guys from Petrozavodsk recently came and gave master classes. They were surprised that “my” eyes are burning, they want to practice. And in Petrozavodsk, the problem is that you can’t drag them to classes by force.

Yulia teaches how to do baby freeze, baby — because the easiest

Now we are preparing for the competition. We practice five times a week. If you miss, you must come with another group and work out the material.

– Five times a week for how many hours?

- Two hours each

- Wow you work hard!

- It seems that dancing hip-hop is easy. Even I used to think: why are you standing there, jerking, swinging. It's actually terribly difficult. So it takes a lot of work.

- Do you sometimes repeat the movement ten times to get it right, don't you get bored?

- I try to be patient. I, too, may not understand the first time...

– You? Can you not understand?

– When you go to a master class, there are teachers of such magnitude! And sometimes I get up in a stupor . .. And in general, any choreographer, if he is stronger in the vogue style, will go to krump, he won’t grab it right away either.

– Are you more of a girlfriend or a teacher for older people?

- All together. I allow all my children to call me "you". Parents were worried that there would be no subordination. But it seems to me that we have built a normal relationship. Even the kids call me "you". But at the same time they all listen to me. And who am I for them, it is better to ask the girls, probably.

The girls said that Yulia is not just a choreographer. She is a mentor and friend, and someone even called the team a second family, and Yulia - a second mother

– Do the girls share any personal problems?

- Probably not like that. They sit, talk before class, I can sit down to chat with them. We always know who has what happens in life. Someone has a boy - immediately everyone knows about it. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why girls leave the dance. Imagine!

– Do you often quit dancing?

– No small children – their parents drive. The older ones are also stable, sometimes they drop out because of their studies: the eleventh grade, the Unified State Examination.

But the middle age is just a pipe! They come and go, come and go... They are looking for themselves: they are just a teenager. Trying to try this and that. It's very hard with them.

- Why can't you see guys?

- There are many boys in the younger group. And they like it. And adults... I don't know why. Probably, from childhood it is necessary to bring up a love for dancing, music. If in adolescence the younger ones do not burn out, they will grow into great dancers.

Many guys are ready to come to us even now. But they are already engaged in wrestling, basketball, something else ... They have to choose.

At the end of the jam session the girls stand in a circle and take turns dancing in the center.

Someone shouts: “Hurrah! Jam is delicious!” and with pleasure anneals, someone is stewing and refuses to go out.

“Before, it was impossible to drag anyone,” Yulia says. - It's scary! Come out and dance in the center. Especially when it doesn't work. But we are learning...

The competition is ahead. Not everyone will go. You will need to go against an opponent and dance improvisation.

- Most of the street dances are improvisation, Yulia explains. “We don’t have prepared pieces. You just listen to music and move. And sometimes you don't know what to expect from yourself.

Photo by the author and Sergey Nikolin

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opa gangam: Yeti-style(Kuzbass song for Yeti:Z) lyrics


Yeti-style (Kuzbass song for Yeti:Z) (performer: opa gangam)

 This is Yeti Style! On the land of Kuznetsk there in the forest near the Christmas trees, Where there is a lot of snow and minus 40 in winter, In a cave without doors lives such a hospitable, Kuzbass Yeti is the most harmless! He's such a huge super duper big guy. .. But he is very kind because he is a Siberian Animals love him, people love something to hide, That's why we dance... This Taanian is the most fashionable, So come on, have fun! Let it dance with us Kuzbass Yeti is a friend of people! This dance lights up repeat with us... You gotta move, move... Hey, all the people on the planet, we absolutely need each of you to rock it properly, Remember movement is life... Live....You must move... You repeat, repeat after me, This dance invigorates the body and spirit... You repeat, repeat after me, The two of us are not enough for this dance... We need a lot of people, a lot of people Many, many, many, many people... We need a lot of people, a lot of people Many, many, many, many people... This song is a hit the crowd is seething, This dance will soon be famous... This song is a hit the crowd is seething, This dance will soon be famous... This song is a hit the crowd is seething, This dance will soon be famous... This song is a hit the crowd is seething, This dance will soon be famous. .. You gotta move, move You gotta move, move Move your body! (2 times) This is yeti style, op op op this is yeti style... Eeeeey this is a dance, op op op this is yeti style... Eeeeey super dance, op op op it's yeti style... Watch how this groovy cool guy dances He knows this dance groovy cool guy Watch how he dances a groovy cool guy, this super dance... Watch how this girl dances next to him, She knows this dance clockwork girl Watch how this super girl dances, this super dance... This dance is the most fashionable, so come on, have fun ... Let it dance with us Kuzbass Yeti, friend of people... This dance lights up, repeat with us Every day I dance... Stop, don't be sad and smile.. You'll see bro, everything will be ... good ... Got up do not stand your feet .. everything will be fine * O * something there .... everything is fine My friend, do not grieve ... Everything is fine Relax and dance.. Everything is fine.. Raise your hands to the sky and smile... Raise your hands to the sky and smile. 

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