How to make a mini air dancer

DIY miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

How to build a Diy miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy at home with common household materials.


I always wanted to build a desktop - sized "Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man", also known as Tube man, also known as a Skydancer, Air dancer...

This project started back into 2013, I presented the first rough prototype made with a hair dryer motor at the first Rome Maker Faire, but I always anted to finish it and make a more refined version. 7 years later, here we are!
This can also be an nice activity for kids and a good way to teach electronics in a fun way!

  • 1 × colored recycable trash bags
  • 1 × soldering iron with regulable temperature
  • 1 × hot glue gun
  • 1 × adhesive hole reinforcements
  • 1 × optional: 3d printer

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  • The improved new version of the Tube Man

    Madaeon • 05/28/2020 at 11:10 • 0 comments

    The new version, featuring an Arduino nano, a servo motor, for a better Air flow control. Movements can be greatly improved, but I am satisfied for now!

  • It works!

    Madaeon • 05/19/2020 at 11:28 • 0 comments

    It works! Every time you move it a little bit, the waving movement will be different.

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    Step 1: Cutting the Shape

    To easily create the Tube Man, I found out the best way for me is to superimpose two layers of colored trash bag, set the soldering iron to 180 Degrees (Celsius), and cut the shape with quick passes, in order to not burn the plastc bag.

    After some practice, you will be able to cut And weld together the borders quite quickly. I cut freehand, the size is about 26cm tall, arms are 12cm long, 2cm high, body is 6cm large, head is about 8cm long.

    The bottom of the body must be cut with a cutter, not with the soldering iron, because the two plastic bag layers must not weld here, we need air to pass through.

    At the end, I use the cutter to create the fringes on top of the head and at the hands, to let air go out here.

  • 2

    Step 2: Details on the Body

    To add the eyes, I found these blisters of adhesive hole reinforcements, that have a blue center with some white on the border, already cut. I discard the adhesive hole reinforcements, and keep the center parts to quickly create eyes!

    For the mouth, I cut with laser cutter (but you can do it by hand too) the template on cardboard, then with a marker you can easily draw it.

  • 3

    Step 3: Create the Base

    I designed the parts to be 3D Printed with CAD (Solidworks) and you can download them here.

    Parts were 3d printed with a Zortrax M200, but any filament-based machine will work.

    To assemble the parts, hot glue is used.

    A round metallic mesh was cut about 80mm in diameter.

    On the bottom of the centrifugal fan, four soft plastic feets keep it in place when powered on.

    A servo motor is optional, but can move the air flow and make the Tube Man movements more various.

    The electronics is based on an Arduino and an IRFZ44 transistor.

    You cna use a DC jack and simply connect a DC power supply to the fan. But with an Arduino, you have control on the air flow, making it stronger, more gentle, alternating it, so I suggest this way.

    The servo motor is connected on pin 9 and kept "sweeping". The Arduino code is also here, ready to be progrmmed in an Arduino Nano, or similar.

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    Were you also amused by the huge figures bending in the wind? They were invented for the Games-96 and put on every match of Euro 2000 - Chapiteau Show - Blogs

    Editorial : we continue to remember the cool details around the main events of our childhood. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere, we highly recommend the special edition of the podcast "What did I miss?" in two parts (the first is about the most powerful episodes of the group stage, the second is about the unforgettable playoffs), and this post is a continuation of the series "My Favorite Story" by the authors of

    Pavel Tikhonov talked about Lampard's extraordinary IQ and the football rule that goalkeepers forget about, Alexander Golovin shared a story about a lumberjack from Portland, Vadim Korablev recalled how Man City wanted to buy Messi after a stupid phone call, and how Chilavert scored a hat-trick. We also watched how Yap Stam's eyebrow was stitched up right on the field with shaking hands and figured out why the Dutch club was named after the Don Cossacks.

    Now editor Andrei Vasiliev recalls what impressed him in 2000 besides football and finds roots even earlier. Let's start!


    Euro 2000 is so unique that there are fascinating stories even off the pitch. At all matches in Belgium and Holland, there were funny inflatable figures near the stands, somewhere on the edge. Very tall and skinny.

    They fluttered in the wind and bent funny from any breath.

    Very tall and therefore visible from everywhere, painted in the colors of the teams that play - they both symbolized the fans and entertained them.

    Such inflatable dolls are called differently: aeroman, skydancer, in English there is even a banal “tall guy” - everything is in the subject, but it seems most accurate, it seems, is an air dancer.

    Many must have seen something similar after Euro 2000, in zero aeromen spread as an advertising medium, especially somewhere near busy roads: there are always air currents, and therefore it consistently attracts attention with bends.

    In fact, air dancers originated in America in the middle of the 90's. It is believed that the author of the concept is the famous author of carnival costumes Peter Minshall. He started back in the 1970s with an outfit for his mother's stepsister and in 20 years became a local star in this industry, he received proposals for the design of big shows.

    For example, Minshall participated in the preparation of the opening ceremonies of the Pan American Games-87, World Cup-94 and several Olympics at once: in Barcelona, ​​Atlanta and Salt Lake City. It was for the opening of Atlanta-1996 that he invented the Aeroman. Minshall said that the organizing team at 95th experimented with formats: he wanted the inflatable figures to be something like a screen on which an image could be projected. This experiment did not yet have a human form, it failed, but another idea arose.

    “Sitting on the podium, I sketched on a piece of paper: two such inflatable cylinders, they intersect somewhere in the middle, then diverge again. I drew a head and clearly saw: two legs, two arms - everything worked out, - Minshall recalled in 2014. “Then I thought: my God, if you add a source of wind, you get a huge, impressive inflatable figure that will dance in waves.

    Officially, the Aeroman patent is owned by another person, Doron Gazit, an Israeli from Los Angeles. He formalized the rights to the invention only in 2001, it was he who was asked for technical assistance during the preparation.

    “We have a humanoid that sways in even the lightest wind,” Minshall summarizes.

    Gazit just realized that such a thing would be in demand in advertising and made a fortune on the American boom of aeromen. At some point, there were so many of them in the United States that the regional authorities had to impose restrictions and even bans: from time to time it was air dancers who were recognized as the cause of the accident. Because they did their job too well - they attracted attention so much that they distracted drivers from the road.

    The original author of the idea admits that he was shocked by the news about Gazit's patent and his plans to start mass production: he says that he was waiting for at least a call. Moreover, Gazita Air Dimensional Designs is developing very successfully, he has modified the technology and now creates more complex air solutions. For example, the flowing "hair" for Beyoncé's performance during the Super Bowl 2013 halftime.

    However, now Peter Minshall is no longer offended. He is satisfied that he is considered the inventor of the aeromen.

    Photo: Bongarts/Bongarts;

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    The official name of "Tall Boy" was later changed to "AirDancer", which means "Air Dancer" in English. Since that time, a number of well-known companies that are recognized leaders in the global entertainment industry have been manufacturing aeromens. The largest of them, Torero Specialty Products, has become the official owner of the AirDancer trademark, and today you can rent the best models from leading manufacturers from us.

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