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HU Jeffery

Easy but fun groove 😄 #groove #washingmachine #dancetutorial #simplesteps #howtodance #learntodance #foryou #fyp #sydney

TikTok video from HU Jeffery (@hu_jeffery): "Easy but fun groove 😄 #groove #washingmachine #dancetutorial #simplesteps #howtodance #learntodance #foryou #fyp #sydney". How to do the washing machine dance 🛁🤩 | 1st. Step | 2nd. Switch sides | .... original sound.


original sound - Tik Toker


Dance Culture By Aranivah

Dance Culture By Aranivah (@aranivah5) on TikTok

2. 5K Likes, 42 Comments. TikTok video from Dance Culture By Aranivah (@aranivah5). TUTORIAL . Baila Esta Cumbia.


Baila Esta Cumbia - Selena



#락킹설명서 오늘은 “washing machine” 을 알려드리겠습니다 🫡 #락킹 #댄스 #dance #라이징히어로 #fypc ##에프와이피씨 ##dancetutorial ##lockingtutorial

1.4K Likes, 12 Comments. TikTok video from Locking_NollBoo (@locking_nollboo): "#락킹설명서 오늘은 “washing machine” 을 알려드리겠습니다 🫡 #락킹 #댄스 #dance #라이징히어로 #fypc ##에프와이피씨##dancetutorial##lockingtutorial". 1 | 2 | 3 | .... Celebration.


Celebration - BewhY



Now you’re ready for your next party! #fyp #dance #danceclass #imidance

37. 3K Likes, 36 Comments. TikTok video from IMI DANCE (@imidanceofficial): "Now you’re ready for your next party! #fyp #dance #danceclass #imidance". original sound.


original sound - IMI DANCE



#mitski #washingmachineheart #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff

574 Likes, 27 Comments. TikTok video from Ky (@literally_lesbian_): "#mitski #washingmachineheart #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff". how to dance to this song real tutorial. Washing Machine Heart.


Washing Machine Heart - Mitski


Nico Camacho

#duet with @hu_jeffery this was lit 🔥 #NewYearNewMiO #WhatILearned #fyp #kuyahood #Hyperfixated

TikTok video from Nico Camacho (@nicocamacho9): "#duet with @hu_jeffery this was lit 🔥 #NewYearNewMiO #WhatILearned #fyp #kuyahood #Hyperfixated". original sound.


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Ray Lascano

#fyp #dance #tiktoker

237 Likes, 25 Comments. TikTok video from Ray Lascano (@mrlascano): "#fyp #dance #tiktoker". WASHING MACHINE TUTORIAL. 1,2,3,4 (One, Two, Three, Four) - Fun Elektro Mix.


1,2,3,4 (One, Two, Three, Four) - Fun Elektro Mix - Funbeat

Marc Graves

Washing Mchine #tiktokdancechallenge #realtorsoftiktok #washingmachine🤣 #FYP #ForYou @edeobas3

TikTok video from Marc Graves ( "Washing Mchine #tiktokdancechallenge #realtorsoftiktok #washingmachine🤣 #FYP #ForYou @edeobas3". Washing Machine Tutorial. original sound.


original sound - Tik Toker


Laura Odonnell

let's try the washing machine #acroyogafun #acroyoga #tiktok #dancing #fyp #washingmachine #acro #twists #tutorial #acroyogalove #acrobatics

TikTok video from Laura Odonnell (@extraordinaryodonnells): "let's try the washing machine #acroyogafun #acroyoga #tiktok #dancing #fyp #washingmachine #acro #twists #tutorial #acroyogalove #acrobatics". Girl on Fire.


Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys


Latin Dancer & Teacher

#question from elbaile223 Can you do these #hipmoves ? Show me & share w/your friends! #merengue #latindance #dancetutorial #fyp #moviendolascaderas

12. 4K Likes, 43 Comments. TikTok video from Latin Dancer & Teacher (@elbaile223): "#question from @elbaile223 Can you do these #hipmoves ? Show me & share w/your friends! #merengue #latindance #dancetutorial #fyp #moviendolascaderas". Can you do these | Hip Moves | 1) The “Washing Machine” 😂 🌊 | .... sonido original.


sonido original - full_merengue

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#country #dance #countrymusic #washingmachine

333.1K Likes, 927 Comments. TikTok video from Kqzen__ (@kqzen__): "#country #dance #countrymusic #washingmachine". son original.


son original - Kqzen__


HU Jeffery

Easy but fun groove 😄 #groove #washingmachine #dancetutorial #simplesteps #howtodance #learntodance #foryou #fyp #sydney

TikTok video from HU Jeffery (@hu_jeffery): "Easy but fun groove 😄 #groove #washingmachine #dancetutorial #simplesteps #howtodance #learntodance #foryou #fyp #sydney". How to do the washing machine dance 🛁🤩 | 1st. Step | 2nd. Switch sides | .... original sound.


original sound - Tik Toker


🧿𝓜𝓻&𝓶𝓻𝓼 𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓭🧿

#ws__forever❤️🌚 #washing #washingmachine #dancing😁😁😁 #fyp

356 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from 🧿𝓜𝓻&𝓶𝓻𝓼 𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓭🧿 (@w__ishra2922): "#ws__forever❤️🌚 #washing #washingmachine #dancing😁😁😁 #fyp". Hijo leko naya washing machine ko para k ho yesto😁😁😁😂😂. Funny Laugh no no no.


Funny Laugh no no no - Sound Effect


Marianne Paquette

Drop wtv you’re doing and vibe to this. #mood #fyp #washingmachine #laundry #vibe #dance #foryou #condo

638. 8K Likes, 7.6K Comments. TikTok video from Marianne Paquette (@marianne_paq): "Drop wtv you’re doing and vibe to this. #mood #fyp #washingmachine #laundry #vibe #dance #foryou #condo". When your laundry is done but Samsung killed it with an absolute banger … . Love You So.


Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show



When you‘re at home with a cold vibing to your washing machine making a weird sound ✌️#washingmachinedance #unintentionaltechno #imisssummerraves

TikTok video from zirp_m (@zirp_m): "When you‘re at home with a cold vibing to your washing machine making a weird sound ✌️#washingmachinedance #unintentionaltechno #imisssummerraves". Originalton.


Originalton - zirp_m


Raz Nepal

Washing machine is dancing😂😂#foryoupage #raznepal #govirol #washing_machine 😂@bindu rokaya @krishna bhattrai @🦋बिस्मिता🦋 @Gopal kriti

208 Likes, 53 Comments. TikTok video from Raz Nepal (@raznepal91): "Washing machine is dancing😂😂#foryoupage #raznepal #govirol #washing_machine 😂@bindu rokaya @krishna bhattrai @🦋बिस्मिता🦋 @Gopal kriti". Washing machine is dancing😂. original sound.


original sound - Raz Nepal



#stitch with @meghamind_ i da washing machine quick rise and spin mode ✨ #leftrightchallenge #dance

1.7M Likes, 3.9K Comments. TikTok video from LeendaDong (@yoleendadong): "#stitch with @meghamind_ i da washing machine quick rise and spin mode ✨ #leftrightchallenge #dance". Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat.


Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat - 504 Boyz & Weebie



Out of control washing machine #harlemshake #barstoolsports #fyp #funny #drinking #chaoticenergy #meme #washingmachine #dancing #viral #dance @Barstool Sports

TikTok video from Twocookedc**ts (@twocookedcts): "Out of control washing machine #harlemshake #barstoolsports #fyp #funny #drinking #chaoticenergy #meme #washingmachine #dancing #viral #dance @Barstool Sports". Harlem Shake.


Harlem Shake - Baauer

Installing a washing machine: where to find a place in an apartment

If it seems to you that the small area of ​​​​the apartment limits your possibilities for placing a washing machine, I'm coming to you. Jokes aside, without a washing machine, a person’s life in a metropolis is unthinkable. It is only in the countries of Southeast Asia that living in a house without a washing machine is considered the norm: private laundries are literally on every corner, and the service costs a penny. In Russia, on the contrary, the situation is extremely rare when washing clothes - a physically complex process - is carried out exclusively by hand. Any hostess starts her own house with the purchase of a stove, refrigerator and washing machine. And therefore it must decide where to put this very machine. Most often, our compatriots install a washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom, less often - in the corridor, extremely rarely - in living rooms. Let's go through all the rooms and see how the washing machine will look in each of them.

Provincial Kitchens

Laundry in the kitchen
Not the most convenient, but traditional for Russia and acceptable place for placing washing equipment. “Inconvenient” because there is a violation of the functional areas: if you place the washing machine in close proximity to the source of water and sewage, then the machine in this case will clearly compete with the dishwasher.

Tip: Install the built-in washing machine in one block of kitchen cabinets, close the front door - this will help to make the equipment invisible.

Abbie Joan Fine Living

With sufficient kitchen space, a corner arrangement would be appropriate: a washing machine (and even a dryer) on one side of the working line, a dishwasher and sink on the other.

Sussex Kitchen and Bedrooms

Tip: If the washing machine dances during operation, check that it is level and that the transport screws that many people forget about are unscrewed.

Properly installed, the machine is so vibration-resistant that it allows you to carefully store collectible wine.

Total Spaces Design


In the bathroom
Ideal installation location: the whole complex of utilities is present: from water supply and intake, to power supply and exhaust.

Tip: Organize a collection system for clothes and cleaning products near the washing machine and install a heated towel rail nearby. A full-fledged dryer will not interfere (it can even be retractable).

Special style

Tip: Install a shut-off valve in front of the washing machine water supply hose, which must be opened during washing and be sure to close it afterwards.

This will help prevent accidental flooding of the apartment. Each washing machine has a safety valve that closes the access to water at the end of the wash; due to the high hardness of tap water, plaque forms on this valve, which makes the valve unusable.
In addition, now on sale there are special hoses that are worn on the water supply to the washing machine and which react to leaks, automatically shutting off the water in the event of an accident.

Lowe's Home Improvement

Laundry room
If the apartment has enough space, it makes sense to organize a full-fledged laundry room - this is the best place for a washing machine. However, keep in mind: not every room can become a laundry room. When choosing a place, calculate the admissibility of supplying the necessary communications to the washing machine (water, sewerage and ventilation). Please note that you should register this as a redevelopment with the appropriate authority.

If the laundry room is planned in a non-residential part of the apartment and there are no other violations, the redevelopment will most likely be agreed upon.

Mary Englert- Case Design/Remodeling Inc

There are special clothes dryer cabinets that can be installed above the washing machine, which is convenient enough for small apartments. It turns out everything at once: washed at the bottom, dried at the top. Without wasting time hanging clothes, as well as without having to look for a well-ventilated room to dry them.

Advice: I do not advise buying washing machines with an additional “drying” option - not at all because this is a marketing move by manufacturers. The fact is that in fact, “drying” in a washing machine is a hard spin, after which many types of fabrics lose their appearance. Whereas drying clothes in a special dryer is a delicate process.


If you need not only a washing machine, but also a dryer, it makes sense to place it in a column, when one piece of household appliances is installed on another. So that the space between the wall and the appliances does not disappear, I advise you to equip a special storage system for detergents and household chemicals (a great idea in the photo).

John Hall Custom Homes

An obvious advantage of the laundry room is that you can perform all laundry manipulations (from sorting dirty to ironing clean) in one room. Here - to store the necessary tools for easy smoothing of jams, starching linen, etc. Yes, and for the ironing board itself, you can find a stationary (sometimes built-in) position.

Darra Joinery

Can the washing machine be hung up?
If we are talking about an ordinary washing machine, then I would not advise hanging it up, as the vibrations during the operation of the drum will destroy the fastenings to the wall, no matter how strong they are. In extreme cases, they will completely destroy the wall.

The rotation of the drum causes this equipment to vibrate: even the water and sewer lines leading directly to the washing machine are flexible due to possible vibrations of the washing machine.

Now there are special washing machines, the installation of which is designed to be fixed to the wall. The idea is not bad, but I do not recommend mounting it without additional strengthening of the wall. Hanging washing machines do not yet have the same quality characteristics as conventional floor washing machines - a maximum load of 3 kg and three washing modes can hardly be considered relevant. They are noticeably inferior in performance to conventional, narrower, washing machines that can fit even in a modest area, but have many modes and a load of up to 6 kg.

Shane D. Inman

The washing machine can be placed on a special podium with storage space. The height of the podium can be any, as long as it is convenient to load and unload the drum. The ideal height is when the center of the drum is at around 800-1200 mm from the floor level, this height will allow you to do laundry without bending your back: add powder, select a mode, and load clothes for washing, and the podium under the machine can be great a place to assemble clothes or store.


If the law is followed, a utility relocation project and corridor waterproofing will be required. Many Russians set up a mini-laundry in place of a built-in closet or a tiny closet, but this is not always legal.

It is necessary to first check the possibility of transferring the water line and calculate the slope for the drain hose - this will help to avoid stagnation of water in it and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Robert Holgate Design

Walk-in closet
A washing machine can be placed if the following conditions are met:

  • The walk-in closet is not located above the living room.
  • There is a technical possibility of supplying communications.
  • The redevelopment project has been approved by the relevant authorities.

Lindy Donnelly

Living rooms
This is the most dubious placement of washing equipment.
The organization of wet areas above living rooms is prohibited by the Code of Rules and conflicts with SNiPs, but, unfortunately, such examples happen. Some “craftsmen”, trying to connect the room, stretch the water supply and intake hoses to the living rooms, completely unaware of what a connection is - a violation that worsens their own living conditions: learning not to trip over the hoses and constantly use an interior air freshener is a dubious pleasure .

An apartment building is a commonwealth and mutual respect of neighbors, but when a washing machine is installed in a living room, living conditions for the whole house worsen. There is a high probability of flooding living rooms. Not a single professional plumber will agree to supply water to a living room, and a non-professional will do and perform this work poorly - a leak will occur in a short time.

Washing machine in spin mode is excessive noise. The sound of a working drum of a washing machine has a structural origin and it spreads through structures - ceilings and walls. Listen to the washing process will be the inhabitants of the five or six nearest floors.

John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

In a private home, you are free to organize a laundry in any part of the space. Decisions can be the most unexpected. Under the stairs, for example.


The owners of this country house have organized a "linen chute" for dirty clothes (similar to a garbage chute). From the private part of the house - children's rooms, bedrooms - dirty laundry can be sent straight to the basement.

Oglesby Construction Company, Inc.

It ends up in a special closet, which is closed with such shutters in the manner of blinds. And there is no need to carry dirty linen on all floors of the house.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Another smart idea is to combine the laundry room with the back entrance to the house. And place here a shower tray for washing dog paws.

The washing machine jumps, vibrates and staggers - what to do

The washing machine jumps and jumps during washing? There may be several reasons. Much depends on the service life of the washer, the place of its installation, and the correct operation. This problem needs to be addressed immediately, because today you are disturbed by strong noise, and tomorrow the inlet hoses may come off, which will lead to a flood in the room.

After reading the article, you will learn how to diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

Causes of CMA vibration

If a new washing machine that has been installed recently vibrates and jumps, the cause may be:

  • In the shipping bolts. These are protective bolts that are installed to secure the tank. Thus, it is protected from damage during transit. If the bolts are not removed in time, the main parts begin to wear out, the machine makes noise and staggers during the spin cycle. The bolts are located on the back panel, you can pull them out yourself.

Save the shipping bolts. When moving, they can be installed in place.

  • If the washer shakes and shifts during washing, the cause may be due to improper installation. When the equipment is installed on a wooden floor, it sags over time. Check if the machine is not staggering in the off state. If so, it's a matter of installation.
  • Why is the washing machine jumping, twitching and jumping on the floor? Improper operation leads to imbalance. An overloaded drum will vibrate strongly during the spin cycle. And if you put in large items, they can clump together on one side of the drum.
    Modern machines have unbalance protection. But it is better to stop washing, drain the water and evenly distribute the laundry.
  • It happens that a small object gets into the space between the tank and the drum. You can find it by scrolling the drum with your hand. Try to get the object by bending the cuff of the hatch. If it was not possible to do this, you need to remove the heating element and remove the object through its hole.

Which models vibrate the most

Manufacturers are constantly improving the design of washing machines, trying to reduce the noise level. The drum spins at high speed during the spin cycle, so natural vibrations are inevitable. Most bouncing:

  • Narrow built-in washers. Due to the narrow body, the supporting part is reduced, therefore, if the machine is poorly fixed or built-in, it will move along the floor in the bathroom.
  • SMAs with metal tanks also make a lot of noise during operation.

When buying, pay attention to the ways of fastening the washing machine, as well as the materials of its construction.

Technical Troubleshooting

More serious problems can also be the cause of washing machine vibration.

Bearings - hum, rumble, jump

When the drum bearings are already worn, it is impossible not to notice. Noise is heard, the car rattles and jumps. The following check will help to verify the malfunction:

  • Open the hatch door and scroll the drum by hand. Notice the non-uniform rotation? The drum may be difficult to turn. So it's the bearings.
  • Move the drum up and down by hand. If it strongly moves away from the tank, forming a backlash, the bearings are worn out.

It is difficult to replace the bearings yourself, because you need to completely disassemble the washer. But this must be done, otherwise the shaft will begin to wear out, and then the tank of the machine. As a result, you will have to buy new equipment.

How to replace bearings in different brands of CMA, we wrote in previous articles.

Counterweight - Knock

Concrete counterweights attached to the tank to dampen vibrations. Counterweights rarely fail. The reasons for their failure may be loose fasteners or a split in the concrete base.

If the counterweight is defective, you will hear a knocking sound while the CM is running. You can confirm your guesses like this:

  • Remove the upper part of the case by unscrewing the screws at the back.
  • Depending on the washer model, counterweights can be attached from the top, front or rear.
  • Inspect their mountings, tighten if necessary.
  • If the counterweight has fallen apart, it needs to be replaced.

Replace the counterweight in reverse order.

Shock absorbers and dampers - tank sagging

These two parts also serve to dampen vibrations, soften the tank jumps during the spin cycle. Shock absorbers were installed on older CMA models, almost all modern cars are equipped with dampers.

You can check that they are working by removing the front or rear panel:

  • Press down on the tank with your hand. If he quickly got into place, then everything is in order with the springs. If the tank began to hang out, inspect the details.
  • Dampers are located below the tank. Examine them. If a breakdown occurs, two parts must be replaced at once.
  • Unscrew the bottom fastening of the part to the housing.
  • Attach the damper bushing to the top with a nut to neutralize the latches.
  • Pull out the sleeve with pliers. Install a new part.

Along with shock absorbers, springs work, on which the tank hangs. They attach it to the hooks on top. Over time, the springs can stretch and lose their elasticity. They only need to be replaced in pairs.

Motor - Shaking the washer

The electric motor can also cause the washer to shake violently during operation. Most often this happens due to the loosening of the mounting bolts. You need to remove the rear panel and inspect the engine. Mounting bolts must be adjusted and secured.

If the cause is not in the bolts, it is better to contact the wizard for a detailed diagnosis of the device.

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