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The #ReverseChallenge Will Be The Next Viral Dance Craze If The World Is Talented Enough To Do It

By Lakin Starling

November 16, 2016

That moonwalk was icy‼️

— destinylauryn🦁 (@destinylaurynn) October 30, 2016

As I scrolled down my Twitter timeline a few weeks ago, I saw a video of Michigan high schooler Destiny Laurynn moonwalking in a pair of Timbs. She was not only bodying just about all of the most popular dance moves, but she was also doing them backwards, to a song called "Reverse Nation." I was impressed, and attempted to do the dance myself, only to end up discombobulated and out of breath.


The dance actually started back in June, when Michigan hip-hop dancer Shmateo uploaded an Instagram video the featured that same forwards-backwards style. As Shmateo rewound moves like hit the quan, the milly rock, and hit the folks, his crew cheered him on. The technique, which Shmateo named Reverse, is technically more advanced than #JujuOnThatBeat or the #RunningManChallenge. Still, Shmateo's moves inspired others to give it a shot.


Four months after Shmateo did the Reverse, The Execs, a Newark, New Jersey-based rap duo, made an instructional anthem inspired by the challenge's viral potential. Bandmates Executive P.S. and Executive Coop released the song, "Reverse Nation," in September 2016. The two said they co-produced and recorded the track in an hour, shouting out dances and pairing them with ad-libs.

"Reverse Nation" has long counts between each section, giving a person room to be creative. It has a trap beat, which makes it easy to dance to — even if you don't know how to Reverse. "We’re not the biggest fans of Do the hokey pokey and spin yourself around type of dances, Executive Coop said. "We felt like if we were clever enough it could still feel like a rap song and you could still have people dancing."


With almost 200,000 plays on YouTube at the time of this writing, the song's modest momentum can be somewhat credited to Tyshawn "Yvng Swag" Jackson, a 17-year-old dancer and rapper from Maryland; a video of him and a friend doing the #ReverseChallenge to "Reverse Nation," originally posted in October 2016, now has over 200,000 views, too. According to The Execs, they'd first connected with Swag after seeing him perform Reverse to the song "Krew-libs" by Atlanta artist Mr. Hotspot. Swag said he watched the Reverse creator Shmateo do the dance six times before he got it on his own.

"It was different, and definitely a move that wasn’t in the hip-hop era that I’d seen," Swag said. "Shmateo created the basics, but once you get the reverse part, you can do it with any dance that’s out right now. It’s basically adding your own flavor and twist to it. If you have the reverse part down, you can do that with anything."


Now the dance is making it's way around the internet, and teens everywhere are starting to try the #ReverseChallenge for themselves. Shmateo did not immediately respond to a request for a comment, but in a conversations with The FADER, The Execs and Swag both acknowledged him as the originator of the movement. The #ReverseChallenge hasn't gone full-on viral yet, but it stands out as one of the more impressive and creative challenges on the come up.


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King Dimeji

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Brayo Elite Dancer

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original sound - Brayo Elite Dancer

“Teaching is in my blood”

June 10, 08:17ProjectsPhoto: Anastasia Belyaeva

From great-great-grandmother Maria Sergeevna Kleschereva, who was a teacher of Russian language and literature, to Xenia's sincere desire to become a teacher, the schoolgirl wants to continue the teaching dynasty.

A teacher or not a teacher, that is the question. Although, in the case of our today's heroine - a student of the Dmitriev school Ksenia Shmatko , the choice was obvious - the birth in a teacher's family predetermined her fate in the future.

- I want to be a teacher! There is no other choice in front of me, teaching is in my blood, - a high school student talks about her near future with great ambitions.

From great-great-grandmother Maria Sergeevna Kleschereva , who was a teacher of the Russian language and literature, to the schoolgirl's sincere desire to become a continuation of the teacher's dynasty. In her family, a teacher is not a profession, but a state of mind.

As befits a future teacher, Ksenia takes her studies very seriously. How is it different when you are the only student in the class? Yes, it also happens - our heroine is the only eleventh grader of the Dmitriev school.

- Honestly, at first there were doubts and worries - how will I study alone in the class? I am such a person that I need constant communication ... But in two years I have already got used to it, friends from other classes have appeared, - Ksenia shared her feelings.

How do the lessons go when the teacher and the student are alone? Our heroine admits that there is nothing special about this - the lesson takes place in the form of a dialogue: "We analyze questions on the topic, we argue, we argue somewhere, then - the practical part. " In general, everything is the same as in the usual sense, it’s just that all the teacher’s attention is concentrated on the work of one student. Many school friends are wondering how Xenia manages to cheat.

- In principle, I never cheated - I used to be that classmate who lets me cheat, but does not ask. Therefore, in this regard, I have no problems, - the schoolgirl affirmatively explains.

Photo: Archive of Ksenia Shmatko

She is an excellent student in her studies, she always prepares for lessons with great zeal. Not far off is the most important exam in the life of every high school student - the Unified State Examination. Ksyusha is also preparing for it with all responsibility: “I’m worried about the result, I’m afraid not to live up to both my expectations and my parents.” True, the rest of the schoolgirl's success is completely confident. It remains only to clench our fists and wish our heroine good luck.

As we know, high school students almost never have free time, but when it does, Ksenia Shmatko devotes it to sports. Our interlocutor admits that sport is a separate chapter in her school life. From childhood, Ksyusha's parents noticed that she was growing up as an active and mobile child - she liked all sports games. At a conscious age, love for sports only grew stronger.

Today she is the captain of the girls' team of the Dmitriev school and a numerous winner of district and regional competitions in bast shoes, volleyball, athletics, basketball, table tennis and football.

By the way, about the last sport: “I used to love football – I went to every class. Everyone played together: both girls and boys. Just don't be surprised, our heroine stood at the gate - she was a goalkeeper and gave heat to the guys!

Photo: Archive of Ksenia Shmatko

- Now we can compete in various sports with children from city schools - Alexander Yuryevich Lapin brought us to this level, - the schoolgirl says with respect and recognition about her mentor - physical education teacher. - There is a great desire to play sports and strive for victories.

Perhaps Xenia is a great example of a high school student that younger kids can look up to. In addition, our words were confirmed by the student herself, sometimes they turn to her for advice. By the way, since 2019, our heroine has been the president of the Dmitriev school: “I feel responsible for the guys.”

To her track record we can safely add the conquest of the musical and literary and artistic elements, so we decided to ask a question for reflection: is it so important to be a versatile person?

- I think that a person should be involved in different areas. There are a lot of interesting things in life - you have to try everything - moving on to the future - and if we are talking about a teacher, then this is a universal specialist who must be versatile.

Photo: Archive of Ksenia Shmatko

She knows for sure that the desire to learn all areas will help her in her future profession. True, it remains to decide whether to become a primary school teacher or teach applied computer science:

“In any case, I hope that I will become the specialist that the guys will follow. I want to be a mentor first and foremost.

She is motivated by the thought that soon she will be able to join the teaching staff of her native school and become part of the teacher's dynasty: "I am proud of my parents - they are teachers with a capital letter." Mom Olga Nikolaevna and dad Viktor Alexandrovich are an example for Xenia of what a teacher should be.

Sincere, honest, competent and versatile – perhaps, Ksenia Shmatko sees herself as such a teacher in the future. Well, we saw a great desire and motivation of the schoolgirl to carry out the plan.

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Young Generations of the Room of


In which series Shmatko is English

Oleg Nikolaevich Shmatko

Shmatko are a Russian army military personnel in the rank of senior warrant officer. However, for some time he held the rank of lieutenant. The role of Shmatko was present in the television series from the second series and was withdrawn from the script in the thirtieth episode of the 12th season of the series, where he decides to leave the service and move with his family to live in the village. However, Shmatko again began acting in the series from the first episode of the 15th season.

In 2007, a spin-off of the series "Soldiers" was filmed - the series "Ensign", according to the plot of which Shmatko went to Odessa to look for his missing wife.

The role of Ensign Shmatko was performed by Alexei Maklakov.


[edit] Role in the series

Oleg was born in Donetsk, then his uncle Evgeny Petrovich took him to Odessa, from there Oleg went to the army.

For the first time in the series, Shmatko appears in the 2nd episode of the 1st season. Until the 9th episode of the 1st season, he was in the military rank of ensign. In 1-2 seasons I studied at the institute. From the 2nd episode of the 1st season to the 16th episode of the 2nd season and from the 15th episode of the 3rd season to the 4th episode of the 5th season, Shmatko served as foreman of the second company. By his nature, Shmatko is a typical ensign - greedy, a little lazy, with humor. However, in critical situations, Shmatko is ready to help his comrade to everyone. For example, when his friend Kuzma Sokolov needed pills for his mother's operation, Shmatko took them out without hesitation.

In the 8th episode of the second season, Shmatko marries a girl, Masha, from whom, at the end of the 2nd season, their son George is born. At the end of the same season, Shmatko was awarded the rank of lieutenant, on the occasion of the capture of especially dangerous criminals and for the fact that he graduated from the institute (later it turned out that his friend and fellow soldier Kuzma Sokolov wrote the diploma for Shmatko).

In the third-fifth seasons Shmatko's storyline is devoted to his conflict with the new company commander Kudashev, who disliked Shmatko from the very beginning. First, Shmatko is deprived of his lieutenant rank due to a conflict with Kudashev (episode 14 of the 3rd season), then Shmatko is transferred to the fuel depot (episode 4 of the 5th season).

In the eleventh season Shmatko suffers a personal drama. His wife Masha disappears under mysterious circumstances, having barely given birth to her daughter Xenia. Later, Shmatko finds out that his wife is in Odessa. Shmatko and his mother-in-law head to where Shmatko meets his new love, Anna, a saleswoman from Privoz, who has two children. In addition to Anna with children from Odessa, Shmatko also transports his uncle, Evgeny Petrovich, who fell in love with Shmatko's mother-in-law, Angela Olegovna.

The new family has a hard time at first. Anna with children and Yevgeny Petrovich do not have Russian citizenship, the ensign's apartment is too small for 7 people to live in it. But love and mutual understanding help overcome all difficulties. Soon it turns out that Anna is pregnant, and in the 30th episode of the 12th season, Shmatko leaves for the village with his family.

However, in the 15th season, Shmatko has to return to the unit due to the collapse of his village house. And now he needs to earn money to restore the house. Shmatko is again in the second company, a foreman.

[edit] Facts

To Shmatko the phrase “Yo-my!” came after Alexey Maklakov stumbled on the set and shouted “Yo-my!” [one] .

Decreasing the character in the military rank according to the scenario writers does not comply with the Russian legislation. So, according to Art. 48 of the Federal Law of 03/28/1998 No. 53-FZ "On military duty and military service", a military man, as well as a citizen who is in the reserve or retired, can be "deprived" of his military rank only by a court verdict for committing a grave or especially grave crime. At the same time, a person deprived of a military rank, after the repayment of a criminal record, has the right to apply for the restoration of the existing rank before conviction. In the absence of grounds for the restoration of the rank, such a person again receives the military rank of "private". The procedure for moving a serviceman from the “junior officers” to the “ensigns and midshipmen” is not provided for by law.

Senior Ensign Shmatko, Oleg Nikolaevich

  • Georgy Shmatko
  • Ksenia Shmatko
  • Petr Shmatko
  • Alexandra Shmatko
  • Pavel Shmatko

•Evgeny Petrovich Shmatko (uncle)


Description Edit

Oleg Nikolaevich Shmatko was born in Donetsk, but moved to Odessa as a child, where he was raised by his uncle, Evgeny Shmatko. Obviously, he started his career in the Soviet army, and for the first time in the series, he appears as a foreman in a Russian motorized rifle unit.

Shmatko is a true ensign, energetic, economic, who cannot imagine his life without the army. Although most often he looks petty, in fact, Oleg Nikolayevich is a very kind person, and in a difficult situation, without any extra requests, he lends a helping hand. He has a great sense of humor, he never climbs into his pocket for a word. On the one hand, he can be cunning, especially when it comes to his personal gain; on the other hand, he is not without naivete, and quite often succumbs to friendly jokes or even malicious deceit.

Shmatko is proud of his achievements and always strives to demonstrate them to others. On the other hand, he never reminds of his good deeds and does not demand gratitude.

Oleg shows great responsibility and care when it comes to his family. In the family, he is rather authoritarian, but in any circumstances he defends his loved ones, and never gives them offense.

Soldiers - 1 Edit

For the first time we see Shmatko in the rank of ensign and in the position of foreman of the second company, around which the main events of the series unfold. He is single, and he does not have a girlfriend, but he does have friends - the head of the clothing warehouse, Ensign Danilyuk, and the company commander, Captain Zubov. Shmatko wants to become an officer, and for this he studies in absentia at the institute as an engineer, however, study is not easy for him. Help comes in the person of a rookie Kuzma Sokolov, who is well versed in the exact sciences. Sokolov actually studies for Shmatko, and he takes the private under his wing.

Sokolov even gives up another session instead of Shmatko. Because of this, however, a number of misunderstandings occur, but no one guesses about the substitution.

The same Sokolov advises Shmatko to read a newspaper with advertisements about acquaintances in order to improve things on the personal front. So Shmatko meets Maria Struk and her mother, Angela Olegovna. Oleg and Masha are imbued with sympathy for each other, and begin to meet. True, their relationship almost collapses when Masha's ex-boyfriend joins their date in a cafe. He quite frankly sticks to her, and Oleg gets the impression that she does not mind at all. He dares him away from Masha, but leaves her. Nevertheless, after a while, having changed his mind, he returns to her. She explains that her ex intimidated her so much that she doesn't have the heart to resist him. Oleg hugs Masha and says that now he will not let anyone hurt her.

When Kolobkov marries Irina, Medvedev tries to break into their wedding, but Shmatko stops him, and they smoke together on the landing. Although not completely, Oleg manages to calm Medvedev.

Soldiers - 2 Edit

A new platoon commander appears in the second company - Lieutenant Smalkov, and at first Shmatko does not get along with him, as he tries to change the established order in the army. However, over time, they become true friends.

Masha tells Oleg about her pregnancy. She talks about an abortion, but Shmatko rejects this option and insists on having a baby. They decide to get married. Shmatko plans a magnificent wedding, and for this he decides to sell his Cossack saber, which he inherited. However, at this moment, Sokolov's mother falls ill, and she needs an expensive medicine that is difficult to get. Oleg turns to his classmate who works as a doctor. He agrees to help, but in return asks for a saber. Shmatko makes a decision and gives the saber, thus getting medicine for Sokolov's mother, which deserves Kuzma's great gratitude and appreciation.

The wedding of Shmatko and Masha is held modestly, but in the circle of closest friends. The same classmate also comes to them and returns Oleg's saber as a wedding gift.

Shmatko cherishes the dream of having a son, but ultrasound shows that they will have a girl. At first, upset, Oleg nevertheless comes to the understanding that a daughter is also happiness. And friends help him with this.

Sokolov writes a diploma for Shmatko, and Oleg's dream of getting a higher education comes true. True, the commander of the unit, Colonel Borodin, is in no hurry to assign an officer rank to Shmatko, citing the lack of foremen. Shmatko is very upset, but everything changes when he participates in a dangerous operation to apprehend two escaped criminals. Together with other colleagues, he receives the rank and becomes a lieutenant. Soon after, Shmatko brings his soldiers the joyful news of the birth of his son.

Influence and history of the character Edit

Alexei Maklakov and the scriptwriters of the series managed to create such a vivid image that, unexpectedly for the creators themselves, Shmatko became a symbol of the "Soldiers", and remains so, even after leaving them for a while.

Quotes Edit

Who is who! Pancake loaders!

You fucking rear rat!

I was walking through the forest - I sang a song, a nightingale sat on my nose. I wanted to catch him, but he flew away the bastard.

Soldiers-12 (2007)

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contents of the series

In terms of personnel changes. The new company commander raises the vitality of grandfathers. Instead of Masha, Shmatko brought a new large family from Odessa, but does not tell anyone about the details of his adventures. Tslav comes up with the idea to bring Zotov to Kurenkov - one with his wife is in a quarrel, Dubin left the other - and he immediately begins to implement it. And the spirits of the 2nd company will have to fight with the toilet bowl.

There is a conflict in the Kurenkov family due to jealousy. Butonov suffers from insomnia. And it's all the fault of the geopathogenic zone in which his bed is located. Shmatko conducts strange and even suspicious telephone conversations - money, pills, packages. Drug dealing?? Sokolov and Danilych press him against the wall. Shmatko confesses everything: the money is for Petya for ice cream, and the pills are for Sasha for colds, the packages are diapers for Ksyusha.

The atmosphere in the new Shmatko family is heating up - two housewives can hardly get along in the same kitchen. Lieutenant Colonel Zubov undertakes to resolve the difficult housing problem. Jealous Kurenkov continues the pursuit of his wife, which ends in a fight in a restaurant. Meanwhile, a new character appears in the unit - ensign Kovalsky, a former sailor, because of whose spiritual generosity Tonyshev and Susloparov will one day return to the unit in a very strange state ...

Zubov sends both ensigns to the first-aid post to guard the guilty spirits until the morning. There Kovalsky meets the nurse Slavska and, inflamed with tender feelings for her, goes "to board" this impregnable fortress. Susloparov and Tonyshev will tell about a strange borscht, and Shmatko will receive from his wife all the necessary papers for a divorce.

The cat sends with Kichibekov, who is going to the city for groceries, a love note for Lyuba. And Zotova, a beanbag, suffering from a desire to help Dubin, decides to take the necessary amount from the cash desk - after all, Shkalin told her that Dubin really needs a large amount of money. But her plans are thwarted by the alarm, and the guards catch her at the crime scene. Kovalsky has so far been "storming" the first-aid post to no avail, and Shmatko decides to purchase a dacha in the Canary Islands.

Zotova finds out that Dubin is alive and well and even promoted. Outraged by Shkalin's behavior, she talks about how he tried to swindle money from her. He, in turn, claims that the bonnet made up everything, because. been in love with him for a long time. Zubov and the officers are at a loss and do not know whether to believe or not. And for the fighters from this day, classes begin to study the rules of the road, which will lead Butonov to the first-aid post.

After yet another unsuccessful reconciliation with his wife, Kurenkov again goes to the special officer, demanding that he tell why he forged Natasha's letters. Shkalin tells Starley his story. A Mercedes crashes into the car given to Shmatko for storage. And then, as luck would have it, the owner demands her return. Car repair falls on the shoulders of the spirits. And Shmatko, as always, is not at a loss, but at a profit. And on the love front, the ensign is in perfect order.

Corporal Kot was very lucky - he became a fashion model. .. And all the attempts of Senior Lieutenant Kurenkov to make peace with his wife lead to nothing. Ensign Kovalsky also does not have a relationship with Tamara, but there is not a traditional problem at all ...

Danilyuk receives a letter from Nina, his first love, and not just a letter, but an invitation to Australia. Kovalsky makes another attempt to establish relations with Slavskaya and invites her to the theater. It is a park and economic day in the company, and grandfathers, in order to have fun, invent a story with a treasure buried on the territory of the unit.

The second company will represent the unit in mini-football competitions, but it turns out that no one knows how to play football. Shmatko is puzzled: he had a strange dream. Kurenkov is waiting for a decision on the report on transfer to a hot spot, and Shkalin is trying to talk to Kurenkova. Kowalski creates a cunning plan, but the kiss at the checkpoint no longer has anything to do with this plan.

The team is given occupational therapy for their defeat at the futsal championship, and the soldiers solemnly swear to the football god never to play football again. And the Cat decides to "get sick." Kurenkov's report on a business trip to a hot spot is satisfied, it remains to wait for the order. Shmatko finally decides to introduce Anna to his colleagues.

Kurenkov is going to a hot spot, and Natasha manages to say goodbye to him warmly. During the classes on protection against mass destruction, the soldiers will have to spend some time in a smoky tent: Butonov will not last long, because he pierced his gas mask, but after the exercises, everyone will have strange symptoms. And with the help of the second company, Kovalsky will have to master the Master and Margarita in one day.

In the 2nd company, an important event - instead of Kurenkov, who left, Senior Lieutenant Tsyplakov temporarily becomes company commander. He decides to tighten the screws and arranges a “sweet” life for the grandfathers. Kovalsky will meet Shmatko at a crucial moment, who immediately after this meeting will tell about the "big secret" - the whole world. The second ensign, Danilych, is not up to trifles. A ghost has settled in his warehouse ...

After a visit to the doctor, Slavskaya learns that she is seriously ill. But Kovalsky, not knowing about the diagnosis, suggests that she is pregnant, and his “fatherly” gatherings with “experienced” begin ... Ensign Shmatko has a tragedy - he forgot about Anna's birthday! He forces Susloparov to make a gift for her, but then he realizes that it is impossible to give SUCH a beloved woman. The situation is saved by the unexpected arrival of
Sokolovs for the holiday.

A pen was stolen from a washbasin, and the soldiers go "to work". CCTV cameras are installed in the unit, and one of them is in the fuel depot, which leads to Shmatko's indignation. And Slavskaya, meanwhile, invites Starokon to a restaurant, which will lead to unexpected consequences.

Kovalsky is trying to sort things out with Slavskaya, and she harshly tells him that everything is over between them... Starokon helps a friend find Slavskaya's girlfriend, and in the meantime Slavskaya submits a letter of resignation to Zubov. The library is temporarily hosted by Butonov, and in a strange way, library books begin to disappear. And Shmatko starts an investigation.

Susloparov and Yaroshenko fall into disgrace with the new company commander. Danilyuk decided to give his wife expensive perfume for the wedding anniversary, but the effect of this gift is very unexpected. Kovalsky learns that Slavskaya has left. Thanks to Tanya, Tamara's friend, he finally finds out what the real reason for breaking up their relationship is, and goes after the woman he loves.

Starokon lectures soldiers all day long on various topics - about the dangers of smoking, about drunkenness, and even about the culture of intimate relationships. Shmatko makes fun of Danilyuk and Danilyuk prepares to give a lecture on army fashion. Slavskaya is visiting her mother, she decides to see a doctor to confirm the terrible diagnosis. Kovalsky searches for Slavska's address and comes to her, dressed in women's clothes. Kurenkov, together with Natasha, returns from the hospital to his native part.

“Mutual misunderstanding” reigns in the Shmatko family, while Kovalsky and Slavskaya are finally getting better: it turns out that Tamara's terrible diagnosis was only invented by a self-serving doctor. Kurenkov returns from vacation, and Zubov announces to the soldiers that their company commander has been presented for a state award. It also turns out that Susloparov is a professional fortune-teller.

Anna is going to Odessa in a hurry and secretly from Shmatko, but she becomes ill at the railway station and is taken away by an ambulance. Shmatko receives a scolding from Zubov for the disorder in the warehouse, and the fighters of the second company begin to restore order there, accompanying the cleaning with incendiary dances. And the return of Kurenkov from the hot spot should definitely be noted!

Twenty-first series

Reservists, the so-called "partisans", were sent to the unit for training. Some of them end up in Kurenkov's company. Only with military discipline, it seems, the "partisans" have big problems. Shmatko is very happy - Anna's divorce papers have arrived. Now lovers can get married.

Twenty-second series

Relations between the commander of the second company and Prikhodko are getting more and more tense, threatening to escalate into a real war. There, Lieutenant Colonel Starokon offers the “partisans”, who are disturbing the whole part with their indiscipline, a mutually beneficial deal. Mysterious things happen in the family of Angela Olegovna: a broken refrigerator causes strange disappearances of the spouses.

Twenty-third series

Kowalski and Slavska have set a wedding day. The repair in the club is nearing completion and it's time to send the "partisans" home. The mysterious girl Julia meets Starokon. At the meeting, Zubov announces personnel changes in the unit: Danilych is transferred to the 3rd company, Shmatko will be the head of the clothing warehouse. And a new warrant officer, Zhanna Semyonovna Topalova, will work for fuel and lubricants.

Twenty-fourth series

Kovalsky is busy with pre-wedding chores. He dreams of having a "dream wedding" with gypsies, clowns and a live orchestra. Shmatko is getting used to his new place of work. And Danilych makes Topalova a commercial offer, which she, however, refuses. In part, it seems that the “time of love” has come: Prikhodko attacks the cap, armed with champagne and sweets. And an innocent joke on the new head of fuel and lubricants costs Kichibekov a broken heart and some material losses.

Twenty-fifth series

Danilyuk blames Topalova for all his misfortunes and hatches plans for revenge. And Uncle Zhenya really wants to move to live in the village, and he persuades his nephew to go see the house for rent. But Zotova, it seems, has nothing against Captain Prikhodko's attention to her person. Deciding to arrange his friend's personal happiness, the Cat asks Lyuba to find a "special" girl for Maksimenko. The ending of this story will be unexpected.

26th Series

Kowalski bought Tamara an expensive gift and he doesn't have enough money for rings. Also in this series, viewers will find a fascinating story about how gambling can be a game of chess, and why it ends with a romantic acquaintance. But Danilych does not know what to do with the hated barrel of additives that were intended for the failed scam ... Moreover, naphthalene is found in the barrel.

Twenty-seventh series

The Shmatko family finds Tolik, Anna's ex-husband. But it turns out that Tolik did not come at all for what Ensign Shmatko is so afraid of. Topalova leaves for a seminar, while Skripka remains in charge of fuel and lubricants. Topalova learns that Danilych is a noble fisherman and offers to go fishing together on the weekend. The result of the trip is a notable catch and the strengthening of interensign relations ...

Twenty-eighth series

After the last fishing in the unit, they gossip that Danilyuk is having an affair with Topalova. Shmatko is offended that his friend did not invite him along. Yes, there was also a wife rushing to sort things out with the alleged "mistress". The audience will also learn about the secret medical phobias of Butonov and Tslav, about Prikhodko's problems on the basis of unhappy love, and why the special officer harbored a grudge against the lieutenant colonel ...

Twenty-ninth series

he is unexpectedly helped by the new head of the fuel depot. Zubov's relations with the special officer are aggravated, and poor Pokroshinsky will become a victim of recruitment. Prikhodko again unsuccessfully tries to improve his personal life, and, filling his broken heart with alcohol in a restaurant, he meets a girl, Katya, who turns out to be a very hot little thing.

Topalova's unexpectedly lost pet is searched for by the entire second company, which will collect all the cats in the area in the warehouse. Due to the upcoming check, the commander of the unit is not in a good mood, Kuzubov and Starokon will fall under his hot hand. And Shkalin starts an intrigue with an unnamed report. And Shmatko decides to inform his colleagues about important changes in his life: he leaves the service and leaves with his family for the village.

Thirty-first series

Danilych tries to influence Zubov's decision about the warehouse with the help of homemade apples and a bottle of liqueur. A certain insect, together with Tonyshev, will cause ridicule, but Tonyshev will fully avenge all the barbs of his colleagues. The neighbor's creaky bed prevents the Kurenkovs from sleeping. But everything is not so simple, and in this story Kurenkov is in for a big surprise.

Thirty-second series

Danilych decided to make a fashionable hairstyle. All the women in the unit are delighted with the new image of the ensign, but not Zubov .... Kota's girl, Lyuba, got a job as a distributor of women's underwear, and she wants to find clients in the unit! And everything would have worked out if not for Shkalin.

Thirty-third series

In search of her missing pet cat, Topalova enters the cap and at the same time gives Marina advice on how to get her beloved captain back. And Kichibekov decides to treat his friends with a signature dish - a rabbit with a special gravy, but due to the loss of the cat, the grandfathers suspect Tslav of the worst ... Having received a paper about a divorce from Larisa, Starokon gets drunk.

Thirty-fourth series

Vera is testing Zubov to see if he is a good boss. Kichibekov tells his grandfathers that onions increase male potency, and the rumor about an amazing healing agent instantly spreads in parts. The smell from the "treatment" in the second company catches Zubov and sends the fighters to "weather" on the parade ground. Prikhodko is already tired of Katya's loving nature and is trying to get rid of her presence, however, due to an involuntary witness to one strange scene, the whole part learns about the "hot love scene" at the checkpoint in the morning.

Thirty-fifth series

In connection with the expected physical training test, all officers of the unit begin to train hard. The domestic rat brought by Tonyshev becomes the favorite of the company, and thanks to Zubov it will be left in the unit. Zotova learns about the incident at the checkpoint and again becomes madly jealous of Prikhodko. In accordance with Topalova's advice, she takes decisive action. Evening, candles and wine do their job.

Thirty-sixth series

Starokon seems to be in serious trouble: he is taken to the police station on a false charge. Zubov rescues a friend, but the ubiquitous Shkalin convinces Starokon that his release from the police is his merit. Prikhodko hides from Katya and even leaves the unit through the fence, but some events give him reason to think: is his ex-lover sane at all?

Thirty-seventh series

Zubov again tries to make peace with Starokon, but in vain. Prikhodko and Marina have an affair "in full swing". However, Katya continues to pursue the captain. Tslav receives a very interesting letter, in which, in addition to everything, there is an interesting photograph. And Zubov discovers the loss of a very important document.

Thirty-eighth series

Grandfathers, having decided to play tricks on Topalova, record the cat's meow on the recorder and hide the recorder in the warehouse. But as it comes around, it will respond, and the second company will get a sleepless night. But Katya meets Danilych and buys from him, supposedly for repairs, a jar of acid. For Zotova, this could end badly.

Thirty-ninth series

Deciding to help Prikhodko, Starokon decides to talk to Katya's aunt, who turns out to be his old acquaintance. Zubov sends Starokon an invitation from his wife to a family celebration, where, finally, reconciliation will take place “with vodka”. Grandfathers, collecting pictures in a demobilization album, arrange a photo hunt for officers. And Butonov falls into depression, which Prikhodko decides to treat with a leave of absence.

Tslava in the city delays a patrol with an American rifle in his hands, but, fortunately for Tslava, everything will end well. But with Katya, problems arise - she is not who she claims to be. The imaginary "Katya" will still try to seduce Butonov, but thanks to the decisive actions of Kurenkov and Prikhodko, no one will suffer.

Forty-first series

Explosions are thundering in the city: someone is systematically destroying expensive foreign cars. Ensigns Kovalsky and Sokolov attract increased attention from the Operations Department. Danilyuk has to leave his favorite clothing warehouse, and Ensign Topalova also leaves fuel and lubricants. And Tslav has joy - his mother found him a job after the demobilization. It's just that the grandparents give Tslav a very original test of his professionalism...

Forty-second series

A commission arrives at the unit, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Aksenov, a classmate of Starokon and Zubov. And as a result of the bet of old friends, mysterious surprise envelopes appear in the unit. Topalova and Danilyuk cannot divide the Violin between them. And ensign Sokolov leaves for the village. Something strange is happening to his beloved grandfather...

Forty-third series

Explosions continue in the city. While in Uval, Max meets a group of guys he likes. An artist, a hypnotist, comes to the company. But it turns out that getting a person out of a trance is much more difficult than introducing one. In his native village, the arrival of Sokolov turns out to be a whole event.

Forty-fourth series

Sokolov's grandfather admits that he is not his own, and meanwhile Prikhodko and Kovalsky decide to punish Danilych for being greedy. The reason for the draw is a canister with a mysterious inscription found by Danilych in a warehouse, which his friends pass off as especially dangerous radioactive red mercury.

Forty-fifth series

Having discovered in Butonov a gift for versification in letters, Tslav develops a trade in his talent. Finding Sokolov's real grandfather was not an easy task - there are thousands of Trofimovs in Russia. Attempts to search through the Internet, which are made by local "hackers" Kot and Yaroshenko, ended with one very interesting virus getting into the computer ... institute. Broken broken glass of a foreign car becomes the first test for Max in the group. But the second - a real explosion of the car, he can not stand it and wants to leave the group.

Forty-seventh series

There are shooting competitions in the unit. Max, joking with Tonyshev, invents that the prize for the victory will be a vacation. Max, tormented by pangs of conscience, decides to confess everything to the special officer.

Series 48

Maksimenko finds herself at the center of an operation to neutralize a terrorist group. And Tslav becomes a victim of superstition, and personally for him, Tslav, signs predict only misfortunes! No, it is no coincidence that he falls into a group of soldiers sent under the command of Kurenkov to patrol the city ...

Forty-ninth series

An anniversary is coming in part. Yaroshenko comes up with a brilliant idea - to make a film about the part. The political officer likes the idea, and the youth briskly gets down to business. Violin, Butonov and Tonyshev are involved in the creation of the festive banner - and, as a result of several misunderstandings and coincidences, the banner will plunge everyone into a state of slight shock.

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