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How to do a Scorpion #scorpion #dance #dancetutorial #footwork #fypシ

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one of my favs #dancersoftiktok #dancetechnique #scorpion #acrobatics #dancetricks #exercisesfordancer #dancecoach

1.4K Likes, 7 Comments. TikTok video from Mylee Ray (@myleeray): "one of my favs #dancersoftiktok #dancetechnique #scorpion #acrobatics #dancetricks #exercisesfordancer #dancecoach". if you have your scorpion you should try this | hinge your hips forward and lean your upper body back | wait for it…. Top Off.


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Reply to @dannygrace32 hope this helps!!! Lmk any other tutorials you guys need! #WhatIdWear #PlantLover #dance #dancer #dancers #tutorial #dancecompetition

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Scorpion tutorial 🤗 #randomthings #foryou #fyp #featureme #viral #dance #cheer #gymnastics #flex #flexible #contortion #scorpion #yoga #stretch

3. 2K Likes, 21 Comments. TikTok video from Kai (@kaiperky): "Scorpion tutorial 🤗 #randomthings #foryou #fyp #featureme #viral #dance #cheer #gymnastics #flex #flexible #contortion #scorpion #yoga #stretch". How to do a scorpion in 3 easy steps 😛 | 1 - Try to grab your foot behind you and slowly tap your head🥺 | 2 - Stretch your splits everyday 💪🏽 | .... Praying.


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it’s the one signature move I have #dance

5.9K Likes, 29 Comments. TikTok video from katiejeanromero (@katiejeanromero): "it’s the one signature move I have #dance". *learning how to do a scorpion when I was seven* | and now I do straight scorpion turns and hold them in like every dance . well this is gonna be my personality.


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thank you Mia for demonstrating! hope this helped! #dance #flexibility #needle #scorpian #dancer #tutorial #fyp

646 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from isabellerina (@isabeldances): "thank you Mia for demonstrating! hope this helped! #dance #flexibility #needle #scorpian #dancer #tutorial #fyp". how to get your needle!. original sound.


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𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐋𝐢𝐞𝐦🐷

mana nih yg pernah minta request iniii?? #LearnWithKeri #flexibility #needle #scorpion #scorpiontutorial #fyp #foryoupage #flexible #ballerina #ballet

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a fun floorwork tutorial for ya 🦂 #floorwork #dancetutorial #poledancing #poletutorial

56K Likes, 211 Comments. TikTok video from angelaaerial | pole dancer (@angelaaerial): "a fun floorwork tutorial for ya 🦂 #floorwork #dancetutorial #poledancing #poletutorial". CC: I’m going to show how to do this scorpion backwards shoulder roll variation. | CC: First you’re going to arch your back as you lower onto the floor. Engage those hips to lift up your legs into a pike. | CC: Drop one foot to the ground as you roll over the opposite shoulder. | .... Track Star.


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Replying to @pettygirl_sincere23 how to do a scorpion || #gymnastics #gymnasticschallenge #gymnasticsfail #contortionist #contortion #scorpion #tumblinggymnastics #tumbling #fypシ #fypシ゚viral

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Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Tips For Balancing Your Needle or Scorpion -

The needle – a lot of dancers want to master these.  You often see them in solos and as features in group dances. So, how do you do them and balance at the same time.  Read below for tips from Dance Teachers as to how to balance your needle or scorpion.

Reader Questions:

How can I help build up my balance to pull my needle?  
How do you stretch for your scorpion and needle? What do you need to stretch to get them?


The best way to build your balance is to stretch and become more flexible. The most important facet is to build your core. There are many exercises out there to help you do that. Find the ones you like and alternate them. Also, practice your needle everyday. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel!

There are many things you can do to work on your scorpion. There’s a few very important things to remember while stretching and working on flexibility: Never bounce while stretching. Slowly ease into a stretch. Listen to your body and don’t push too hard. To get or improve your scorpion, you need to really work on the flexibility in your back and hamstrings.

For your back you can do back bends. Once you have done this and are comfortable you can lift your right leg up straight and hold it for 10-20 seconds then repeat with the left. You can increase the time as you feel comfortable. You can also lay on the ground on your stomach and lift arms and legs off the ground. This will strengthen your lower back.

You will need to stretch your hamstrings and you can sit in straddle position and stretch making sure to stretch both sides equally. If you are able to do the splits you can sit in your splits and bend your back leg up with toes pointed.


Balancing for your needle, or standing back split, can be VERY difficult. First of all, you MUST obtain a certain amount of back flexibility before even thinking about holding it in a balance. Once you are sure you can consistently grab your leg and keep your back in the correct position, working towards balance will become much easier. Several balance exercises include:

1) Planking! Strengthening your core muscles by planking the correct way is an awesome way to improve balance and stability.

2) Get into your standing split/needle and have a partner hold your waist or hips. Once you are ready, tell them to step away. Do this several times to improve how many counts you can hold the balance!

3) Ballet work at the barre- holding passes, balancing with your leg devant, a la seconde, or arabesque all in releve will improve your balance! Let go of the barre when ready!

4) SPOTTING! Spotting isn’t just a great tool for turns! It also helps with balancing and focus. In your needle, stare at your foot above your head, or stare at something on the wall straight ahead in front of you. FULLY FOCUS on this spot and you will hold the position for a longer period of time.

Stretching for your scorpion or needle comes from several different areas of the body. Obviously, the back is your number one area of focus. Bridges, bridge rocks (moving front and back in the bridge position), laying on your stomach and pushing up to the seal/cobra stretch and trying to touch your feet to your head, and standing back bends are all great ways to improve back flexibility. Other areas that most people don’t think about when improving these skills are the hip flexors! Lunges for days!! If your hips are properly stretched, there is no way you will ever be able to pull your leg up behind you. Your hamstrings also need a good stretch because you are standing on the supporting leg, and while pulling the working leg up, that bottom leg will need to be long and extended! Also, ARMS AND SHOULDERS! Grab your hands together behind your back and push your chest out! Give those arms and shoulder blades a good stretch so you are able to actually reach the leg in the back!

Meet the teachers…

More tips for improving back flexibility

The Mystery of the Dancing Scorpions

They are called arachnids in honor of the mythical spinner Arachne, which the gods - according to ancient Greek legends - turned into a spider. But many of them appeared on Earth more than 400 million years before the emergence of the myth of Arachne, in the so-called Silurian period. And maybe even earlier. However, their appearance, lifestyle, basic "character traits" remained almost unchanged.

Perhaps the most interesting and mysterious features of arachnids are associated with their birth, childhood and mating habits. Scientists know to the smallest detail how this happens, but for several decades they have not been able to answer the question of why this is done this way and not otherwise.

Courtly dances

When a male scorpion, pseudoscorpion or spider meets a female of his own species, he begins to attract her attention with the so-called mating dances.

When meeting with a female, the male pseudoscorpion - a small arachnid resembling a tiny scorpion - stops, his body begins to tremble. Little by little, the trembling turns into a dance. The legs of the male sometimes move together, then - in a light jump - they diverge. He jumps up, throws himself on the ground, freezes for a few seconds and, finally, continues to move along with the female, in a slow pair dance.

And the wolf spider, having met the female, overtakes her and stops so that she can see him. Then he straightens up and raises his legs horizontally, spreading them in different directions. This “pa” he repeats 20, 30, sometimes 40 times. The female calmly, without showing the slightest aggressiveness, watches the dance.

In many species of scorpions, male and female, having met, raise their tails and, touching them, move for hours in circles, then in a straight line, back and forth, back and forth.

The dances of arachnids have been studied by researchers from many countries, but the mystery of the ancient inhabitants of our planet has not yet been solved.

Beware of mother!

Fertilized arachnid eggs develop inside the female. Then, at different intervals, depending on the species, live young are born. For example, in an Arizona scorpion, 18 cubs are born within 5 hours. They are completely white, except for the eyes, and are very reminiscent of larvae. Scorpions are born in a kind of "shirt". Wriggling with the whole body, they try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Most of the newborns are eaten by a hungry female. Only those of them who manage to climb on the back of their mother manage to escape, and this is not so easy: the newly born scorpions are still very weak and move extremely slowly. It takes them two to three hours to climb onto their mother's back.

They remain on their mother's back for 10-16 days until they get stronger. At this time, the remains of the yolk, which have been preserved in their body, serve as food for scorpions. Having lived like this for another one or two days, young scorpions, already almost no different in appearance from adults, leave and begin to live on their own.

Author: M. Smorodinskaya.

How to behave in a pair of different signs of the zodiac

Let one Aries manifest his will on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the other takes a dominant position on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturday in this case will be the day of the duel, which will reveal the strongest.

This is not a couple, this is a ten-year conquest of Rome, when one side is starving, and the other is hot pitch.

The world's dance floors yearn for you, and you can't argue who will go to wash the dishes.

Forget about your touchiness, read our guide, and you will definitely come up with a great idea for a joint dance number.

You dance beautifully together. The question is, will there be enough room for both of you at that pinnacle of your own greatness, where each of you ascends daily.

Aries and Virgo often trust each other what they would not say to anyone. They seem to feel that they can trust each other, although, as a rule, one has a hard time understanding the other.

While Libra decides to compete in one single championship for a whole year, which they will surely win, Aries will travel around a dozen competitions, having managed to stop by the regional qualifying round in Uryupinsk.

Despite the strongly developed "I" Aries must admit that a frontal attack in this case will not work. And Scorpio would do well to agree that some combine music and movement better than himself.

You never had to catch yourself thinking that it was already midnight in the yard, and you did not pass from words to rehearsals on this wonderful evening.

It is worth smiling at each other more often, bowing in curtsy or just shaking hands before going on stage.

Maybe you should think about creating a joint dance school or even a whole festival? You are such a great encouragement to each other to work and creativity.

Pisces usually look at Aries as people who can teach them something important. The straightforward Aries is sometimes put out of patience by the elusive unscrupulousness of Pisces, but this has nothing to do with the choreography, in which both can reach great heights.

When two calves graze on the same pasture, they are doing quite well, but still it is better if someone urges them sometimes.

A bull and a quick toreador. Not life, but bullfighting. Another thing is a creative union - the Gemini come up with a couple, Taurus rehearses for a long time and conquers everyone with clarity and mastery of performance.

You can get along well if you don't "attack" each other. Maybe you should try yourself as a choreographer for children's groups.

Leo is too selfish to become absolutely devoted and submissive, and this is exactly what the Ox wants from him. Taurus is too stubborn to worship the vain Leo. If both pass the test of love and patience for each other, then the audience will already love, admire and confess their loyalty to you.

The fact that you are together at all is a miracle. Both are extremely stubborn. The difference is that Bulls are stubborn in general terms - in essence, and Virgos - in small things.

Set any goals for yourself, and sooner or later you will definitely achieve them. Do not set a single goal for yourself - to “fight” with your partner.

When Taurus and Scorpio really want it, everything will turn out well for them. Your qualities can complement each other and, if you want, destroy. Especially if one wants to do sports dancing, and the other - hip-hop.

Sagittarius should stop a little, because Taurus does not always keep up with him. And Taurus should stop chewing clover and try to support at least one of Sagittarius' ideas, because they are so brilliant.

Excellent relationship, complete mutual understanding, but no romance. Pay more attention to finding new moves to solve your fantasies.

Patient Taurus will sooner or later achieve his goal under the guidance of Aquarius, obsessed with global plans, but the stars do not recommend bringing the bull to a white knee, abusing his complaisance.

How can there be a dreamer from the transcendental worlds (Pisces) and a realist (Taurus), confident that our own world is built on the basis of a verified estimate? Of course, they need to dance and build their empire.

Two twins is good, but dancing with four is hard.

In principle, Cancer can get Gemini with his tediousness, but he constantly forgets that there are two twins and you need to get both at once.

Leo with his royalty can bind both Gemini and direct them in the right direction, and Gemini can diversify their joint path to the heights.

A wonderful union, a wonderful couple. Gemini brings novelty, unpredictability and lightness, Virgo - orderliness, stability and grace.

Everything will work out for you. You just need to pay more attention to your appearance.

Superstitious from birth, Scorpio has every right to imagine that Gemini is one more person more. And it's easier to kill than to feed. In addition, such a hassle every time to think - who is dancing with you today.

Actually, the stars do not say anything bad about this combination, another thing is what the judges say, because you have so many shortcomings.

Silent Capricorns are not the type to be confused by eloquence (Gemini's special gift). But, on the other hand, who can better expand the horizons of a conscientious, but a little provincial Capricorn with gossip and news while he is making an estimate for the next joint trip.

The stars promise you success on the condition that Aquarius will not pay attention to the every minute variability of Gemini, and Gemini will stop immediately demanding all the stars from the sky.

You can get along well, as long as Gemini is not afraid to swim a little, and Pisces - to fly. Maybe the dance floor is the best compromise for both?

Immediately determine which of you will be the “boss” and which will be the “subordinate”. And life is easier, and dancing is somehow clearer.

If desired, Cancer (Water element) can extinguish Leo (Fire element). It all depends on the strength of the potentials of both. With a low potential of Cancer, he will feel the need for a representative of that element that can turn him into steam.

Do you sometimes get bored yourself because of the pedantry inherent in both? Try to focus your energy on something third that both of you enjoy.

Not easy, but interesting - this is how you can characterize your relationship. It will be better if both of you try to go to seminars, festivals and competitions more often.

Movement is life. You know this better than anyone else. Moreover, the movement to the music. With the audience. Judges and fans (Crayfish! No need to hide).

In no other combination, perhaps, is it so difficult for Cancer as in this one. Sagittarius should remember that in his frenzied enthusiasm he can throw the clumsy Cancer somewhere under the bed: how much trouble then to pull him out of there.

Crayfish! Grab tight to Capricorn and do not let go of it all your life - it is the basis of your stability and well-being. Just do not suffocate - after all, demonstration performances, applause from the audience and congratulations from the judges are ahead.

Aquarius, at times, unbearable attachment of Cancers, however, in their corrosiveness, reasonable seeds come across, cultivating which both can receive abundant fruits of success.

While Cancer is moving backwards, the Fish manages to swim through the entire body of water, but you are still comfortable with each other, because only you can see the sunset through the water column and enjoy the dance of the algae.

This is some kind of misunderstanding. Where were the teacher's eyes when he put you together.

Virgo will caress Leo, Leo will warm Virgo, they will get married, live happily until death and amaze the audience with their imagination and accentuated grace.

Libra has enough experience to restrain the emotional outbursts of Leo, which, in turn, must learn that no one claims to be their royalty, it's just that sometimes they do something not quite diligently.

Mr. Leo, are you tired of Scorpio's nagging after rehearsals? Is it worth it to focus on one partner. Maybe try to switch to single figure skating, because you are so graceful.

It's amazing how these two royal signs can do anything. More air, closer to the water and you are almost stage worthy. Just don't forget: international venues still started with school halls.

You have so many differences, but these are the differences that do not interfere, but help to live. Go bolder towards your goals, rehearse more and do not pay attention to your own ambitions and claims to each other.

You are excellent organizers, able to yield in small things in order to achieve the main goals. You have enough energy, imagination and perseverance. Just in case, let Leo be called the main one (president, director, leaders), because Aquarius has enough self-sufficiency not to pay attention to his own titles.

“Shall we dance?” Fish asked Leo. "With pleasure." - answered the Lion to Pisces. “You don't dance well. What is your zodiac sign? asked the Lion Fish. "A lion". "It's a pity" - said the Fish and left.

No one can understand each other better than you. But plastic surgery needs work, especially for a man.

It is more interesting to watch you from outside than from inside. Try to take one of the beginners on bail, so that there is someone to re-educate, teach dancing and life.

Although both do not like surprises, unexpectedly, contrary to all common sense, you will become close to each other, because closeness means something very special to you.

Both signs are mobile, willing to talk and travel together, although Virgo is more attached to the house than Sagittarius. Virgo will teach Sagittarius courtesy and patience, Sagittarius will teach Virgo lessons of indulgence and freedom.

Correct and traditional Capricorn can play a positive role in the professional growth of a little eccentric and vain Virgo. However, she could have achieved no less success on her own.

Virgo's element is order. The element of Aquarius is Chaos. They will always challenge each other. It’s better to organize a dance seminar together - Virgo will perfectly sort out all the ideas of Aquarius.

Two feminine signs. Try not to be mean to each other. It is better to do this in relation to men, although there are not so many real men in the dance world.

Libras have much more in common than just their typical dimples, smiles, attitude towards beauty or indecision. But their mutual falling into lethargic laziness may one day lead to a system failure.

Scorpio is unlikely to have many problems with Libra, and Libra is not so difficult to get along with Scorpios, if you do not take into account mutual bouts of depression and self-doubt. However, the uncertainty is rather external.

Sagittarius needs stimulation as it is a sign of Fire. The air of Libra inflates the Streltsy Fire, giving it brightness and strength. However, if Sagittarius loses a sense of proportion, the scales of Libra lose their balance, and Air can soar into a real whirlwind of anger.

You will brilliantly pass the test of strength if you do not exchange your main Trump - stability. We are talking about the strength to survive in the cruel world of competition, and not the strength to mutually eliminate each other as a dancer, professional and person.

Why don't you stop torturing each other and just sleep together. In order for sex not to become a funeral dirge for your career, Aquarius should subdue their possessive instincts and jealousy. Leave Libra the right to remain children of Venus - the planet of love.

You can act calmly not only on each other, but also on those around you. Just do not fall asleep from your peacefulness before your exit at the final performance.

“Echidna's mouth, owl's beak, copperhead's eye, eel's tail, leather coat, dog's tooth together with frog's mouth…” This combination of personalities confuses both the Scorpios themselves and those who observe their rivalry. Passionate, temperamental, ruthless.

Whether you like it or not, you have a lot in common. However, with Sagittarius “what you see is what you get” and with Scorpio “what you see will definitely not be what you get”. If you are a typical representative of your sign, then you love rivalry, and, therefore, competitions and contests are your element.

Not the worst combination. Both are quite practical people, and if one day you decide to trust each other and combine your abilities, you will be successful even in the international arena.

The two approach each other with their life belts securely tightened, Aquarius still folding the parachute and Scorpio taking a water pistol with him. But how do they dance?

This is a delusion. Scorpio belongs to the water signs, but he does not know how to live in water.

Shooting for the jury does not mean shining with skill. It’s hard to surpass you in desires, but maybe it’s still like a rehearsal?

Sometimes you annoy each other, but this is not a reason to abandon those goals to which Capricorn goes confidently and directly, and Sagittarius cheerfully, forgetting every now and then where he was going.

Sparks, playful lights and no responsibility to society. Not a performance, but a Christmas tree.

You will be able to avoid great grief and trouble if you focus on those qualities of your partner that command respect, and pay less attention to each other's differences. And the “unfair” assessments of the judges.

Do not drink alcohol, you will ruin your whole reputation. Dance is not exactly sex. Every moment small children must be born here.

Complete harmony. Capricorn deals with finances, food and solving material problems, while Aquarius invents those ingenious numbers that both of them will brilliantly perform at the next tournament.

Pisces is calm and comfortable, Capricorn is not very. Without knowing it, you can change places - Pisces will become the leader, Capricorn - the follower.

You haven't tried to bring some logic and order into your relationships. How much can you go on stage, fastening buttons at the last moment.

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