Anniversary song oh how we danced

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  • Level 50/100 (Ambitious)
  • Scoring Piano Solo
  • Category Movie Soundtrack
  • Availability Download available Not available

Audio samples for Anniversary Song (Oh How We Danced) by Saul Chaplin, Al Jolson

  • The Anniversary Song - Al Jolson (Larry Parks - The Jolson Story) (1946)



Sheet music information

Anniversary Song (Oh How We Danced)
Composed by
  • Al Jolson
  • Saul Chaplin
Movie Soundtrack
Piano Solo
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Oldies
  • Traditional Pop
  • Waltz
  • Movie Soundtrack
Arranged by
E Minor
Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd.

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Anniversary Song Chords - Andy Williams

  • The Anniversary Song was written by Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin in 1946. It is an adaptation of the 1820 waltz, Waves Of The Danube written by Romanian military band leader and composer - Ion Ivanovic. This version by Andy Williams is featured on his album - Call Me Irresponsible.
  • Music: Ebm in 3/4 time at ~128 bpm .
  • Chords: Ebm, Fm, Gb, Abm, Bb7, B6, Db9
  • Easier in the key of Dm
  • Chords in Dm: Dm, Em, F, Gm, A7, Bb6, C9

Anniversary Song

by Andy Williams

Capo on 1st fret if playing with the video

The Relative Major Key of Dm is highlighted (F) - Transpose to any other key.
 A7 Dm Gm Bb6 A7 Intro: 3/4 ‖ | 𝄎 | | 𝄎 | | 𝄎 | | ‖ A7 Dm 1. Oh___ How we danced___ On the night___ We were wed Gm Dm A7 Dm We vowed___ Our true love___ Though a word___ Was-n't said A7 Dm The world was in bloom___ There were stars___ In the skies Gm Dm A7 Dm Ex-cept___ For the few__ That were there___ In your eyes C9 F Chorus: Dear as I held you so close in my arms Bb6 F An-gels were sing-ing a hymn to your charms Gm Em A7 Dm Two hearts gent-ly beat-ing were mur-mur-ing low Gm Dm A7 Dm "My Darl-ing I love you | so. " | 𝄎 | 𝄎 | 𝄎 | A7 Dm 3. The night___ Seemed to fade___ In-to blos-som-ing dawn Gm Dm A7 Dm The sun___ Shone a-new___ But the dance___ Ling-ered on A7 Dm Could we___ But re-live___ That sweet mo-ment sub-lime Gm Dm A7 Dm We'd find___ That our love___ Is un-al-tered by time C9 F Chorus: Dear as I held you so close in my arms Bb6 F An-gels were sing-ing a hymn to your charms Gm Em A7 Dm Two hearts gent-ly beat-ing were mur-mur-ing low Gm Dm A7 Dm Gm A7 Dm "My... Darl-ing I love you | so." | 𝄎 | | | | 

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🗝 Dm

Numbered Circles: Fingers used to play chords   O: Optional Note
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings   R: Root Note
Unmarked strings: Play open   X: Don't play string    B: Bass Note

Right Handed Charts:

Please Note: When playing Bb6, it may be easier to barre the first fret (strings 1-5). It has no effect on the sound as the notes are all covered by the fingers on the third fret... and it may be a little more comfortable.

C9 is a great chord to learn - with practice, its very easy to play and you'll find yourself using it time and time again.

Left Handed Charts:

group "Hands Up!" performed in Vladivostok with an anniversary program (PHOTO; VIDEO) – Vladivostok News on

On April 14, the Fetisov Arena hosted a concert by one of the most famous Russian bands of the late 90s. "Hands up!" presented to Vladivostok an anniversary program in honor of the 20th anniversary of the team.

Songs, without which not a single disco could do - neither in schools, nor in children's camps, nor even in "adult" institutions at the end of the last century, were first heard from the stage of the Fetisov Arena. The group's vocalist Sergei Zhukov made the audience remember the most popular dance moves of those years, talked a lot with the audience, joked and cheered the audience up.

The start of the concert was delayed by almost an hour due to traffic conditions, so the first thing Zhukov asked was: “Who invented these traffic jams?”

“I am glad to be in Vladivostok again! I see that many were preparing for the concert - they made T-shirts, cut out flags. Thank you! Today we will go to the past in such a small time machine - to our childhood, to our youth. After all, almost everyone, I’m sure, who came to the concert today, those same “children of the nineties,” said the leader of the group Sergey Zhukov to the hall.

And the huge hall of the Fetisov Arena during the concert really strongly resembled a school disco, largely due to the fashion trends that returned from that era: high-waisted pants, denim jackets and shirts, tracksuits embroidered with sequins.

The audience rejoiced at the opportunity to plunge into the memories that are somehow connected with the songs of the group "Hands Up!". The concert, although it went on uninterruptedly, nevertheless consisted in fact of three parts. First, the group performed the hits "Dance Without Me", "Alien Lips", "My Baby" and a few more songs.

“As an expert on the 90s, I want to remind you how we danced then. How did the girls dance? First, a bag was thrown on the floor! Several bags, everyone went through them, then they looked for their own. Dancing around the bags. Tell me today, why was it necessary? How did the men dance? And men in the 90s did not dance! We survived as best we could, you know. The guys walked around the disco in circles, looking for a victim. And when she was - oops! - slow! Everything, the disco was a success! Zhukov joked.

Hundreds of people in the hall recorded the concert on their phones and even broadcast live on social networks. Leader of Hands Up! thanked the viewers for leaving such pleasant memories for themselves.

One of the fans went up on stage and presented Sergey Zhukov with flowers. He thanked the girl, but noticed that he felt like Philip Kirkorov, since he was already being given flowers.

Having performed several songs, Sergey Zhukov invited a guest to the stage. Together with the group, the famous DJ Dmitry Bobina Almazov came to Vladivostok. While the musicians were resting, he warmed up the audience with an incendiary set from the same 90s. Then Zhukov returned to the stage, dressed in a black suit and announced that he would now “tear the soul” of the public. Everyone understood perfectly well that the time had come for lyrical compositions: “Alyoshka”, “Go away if you can”, “Don't be afraid, I'm with you”, “Only dreaming about you”. Thousands of telephone lights burned on the dance floor and stands, almost completely illuminating the entire hall.

Lyrical songs of the group "Hands Up!" almost always accompanied by keyboard accompaniment. Sergei Zhukov introduced the audience to the pianist Vladimir Kobylin. He, in response to the cheers of the hall, played a musical scale.

“No, this is too much, give me something Vladivostok,” Zhukov asked him. And the pianist, to the delight of the public, played the chorus of the cult song "Vladivostok-2000".

The third part of the concert was the performance of "action movies" from "Hands Up!", as the leader of the group himself called them: potpuri from dance hits "Ai-yay-yay", "Girls", "Thought" and others.

The concert ended with the song "When we were young." The impressions of the audience were excellent: the nostalgic evening was a success thanks to the efforts of the group. Many after the concert came out, continuing to sing songs of childhood and youth.

Alena Stepanova (text), Anton Balashov (photo), Artur Lesnikov (video)

The Aloe Vera group celebrated its 5th anniversary in Izhevsk and dedicated a song to an Izhevsk citizen

25 November 2017 14:37


A concert by a popular indie band was held at the Pinta Pub on November 19th.

Sergey Grachev

24 songs, jokes and dances – On November 19, the indie band AloeVera, already beloved by the people of Izhevsk, performed on the Pinta Pub stage in the Petrovsky shopping mall. The musicians arrived in Izhevsk as part of an anniversary tour at the invitation of the concert agency "Fresh Air" and with the support of "OUR Radio" in Izhevsk . We tell how the concert will be remembered by musicians and fans of talent.

Anniversary - "Five years with coins"


"Aloe Vera" live on "NASHEGO Radio" Photo: Sergey Grachev

With a big two-hour concert in Izhevsk, the Aloe Vera group closed the tour around the cities of Russia, organized in honor of the 5th anniversary of the group. A long set list, which included 24 songs from the band's most popular albums, the musicians played them in one breath. At the same time, they constantly maintained contact with the audience, joked and forced everyone not to be embarrassed by each other, but to dance. After the concert, the excited audience was not ready to let the musicians go, so Aloe Vera went out for an encore and played two more songs.

Flash mob of revelations #ALOEVERA5let

Before the concert, those who wished could take pictures against the background of the NASHE Radio banner Photo: Sergey Grachev

Before the tour, the musicians decided to launch a flash mob on social networks and invited all their fans to share their revelations and stories.

- We honestly read all the stories. There were a lot of them and it was very nice. As a result, we were even able to compile a short summary “Why people go to our concert,” vocalist Vera Musaelyan smiles.

Aloe Vera performed many popular and well-loved songs Photo: Sergey Grachev

Many said that at the concert they felt freer, more attractive and began to dance. Someone shared that thanks to the soulful songs of Aloe Vera, they were able to end an oppressive relationship, start a new one and finally understand what they want to do in this life. There were even those who could not stand Aloe Vera, but for some reason went to the concert anyway and now want to go to the next one. But the answers of the majority turned out to be a real revelation for the musicians: it is at the band's concerts that fans find their love.

Two hours of live music left no fan indifferent Photo: Sergey Grachev

Surprises for guests and organizers

The indie band prepared several surprises that surprised not only their fans.

– And we have a surprise, everyone knows Mikhail Kozyrev, right? the musicians addressed the audience. - Attention to the screen!

Mikhail Kozyrev appeared on the big monitor in front of the fans. The famous actor and presenter has repeatedly admitted that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with Aloe Vera. This time he again surprised everyone with his imagination. The actor recorded a video on which he read poems written specifically for a musical group.

Toward the end of the performance, Vera Musaelyan said that they have one gift - COVER for a song that they want to dedicate to the organizer, who has been organizing their concert in Izhevsk for several years.

Learn more