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This is Part II of a three part series on the slang term "ratchet".

Part II provides an overview about the slang word "ratchet" and showcases two YouTube videos of the Ratchet dance. Selected comments from these videos' discussion threads are also included in this post.

Click for Part I of this series. Part I provides definitions of and comments about the slang word "ratchet". This post also includes a partial chronology of the slang use of the word "ratchet" by various recording artists and YouTube videographers.

Click for Part III of this series. Part III showcases the 2012 video "Ratchet Girl Anthem" and provides the lyrics and explanations for some other African American Vernacular English terms from those lyrics.

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The earliest record that includes the slang word "ratchet" was released in 1992 (the Hip Hop song "I'm So Bad" by UGK (Underground Kingz). In that record-which is full of profanity and what is commonly known as "the n word"- UGK uses "ratchet-ass" as an insult.

Notwithstanding that information, most articles and post credit Shreveport, Louisiana as the birthplace of "ratchetness". Indeed, a nickname for Shreveport is "ratchet city".

Here's some information about Shreveport and the word "ratchet".
From Let’s Get Ratchet: The Origin Of Ratchetness, by Short-T, May 23, 2012
"During my adolescent years at Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana, I learned a new word for “ho”. “Ratchet” described my peers who participated in extra-curricular activities after school and on the weekends in backseats, someone’s mama’s bedroom, or in a movie theater. I remember in middle school we used to joke and call them, “Go Livers”. The new slang was born when the soon-to-be-King of Louisiana, Lil’ Boosie, collaborated with the local record label Lavahouse and its owner, Mandigo and made the song that would later teach everyone in Louisiana “Ratchet”, as a dance and a true meaning behind the local movement that would gain momentum...

I have heard the word that describes my small Louisiana city, used by major artists like Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and many other people who have probably never tasted gumbo or peeled crawfish in their lives. The worst offenders have been DJ Mustard, the producer of “Rack City” and Def Jam signee, YG. They have done several interviews describing the music landscape of the youth in California, using the same descriptions Hurricane used to explain the Shreveport lifestyle. The biggest slap in the face was the claim of creating Ratchet Music. I really did not see myself getting upset over a word that means ignorant and accurately describes the people that live that life, but not giving credit to the originators actually upsets me and anyone else that know the origin story. It obviously means a lot to some people if you are willing to claim ownership of something you did not create."...
Read more information about the word "ratchet" in Part I of this series.

Examples #1: My Cuzin Doin The Ratchet

charde06, Uploaded on May 30, 2006
In the beginning of this video, a female voice says says "Hey y'all this is my cousin (cuzin) finna to do (getting ready to do) the ratchet".

Here's selected comments from this video's discussion thread.
1. Dinene Hussain, 2006
"you taught us how to do the ratchet! Thanks! :)"

2. passphrase
"go on gurl...pop dat colla"
Here's some information about the term "pop dat colla" from
"Poppin' ya collar
A phrase generally used in the hip hop lexicon. It describes not only an action, but also a general attitude. The term was originally used in this sense by the rapper E-40. When used by E-40, and many other hip hop artists including Three 6 Mafia in their song Poppin My Collar, the term refers to the act of pulling one's collar, or the clothing where one's collar would be (as when wearing a t-shirt), with the thumb and fingertips. One then releases the clothing in varying degrees of flamboyance. Used in this sense, "poppin' ya collar" is more about the attitude and message of confidence portrayed in so doing than any clothing style (see upturned collar). E-40 immortalized the term (and the accompanying attitude), in his song Pop Ya Collar from his album Loyalty and Betrayal. ...
by Mr. Pompo October 24, 2006
Read my comment for #4 below about being "hard".

3. martino7468
"LIL Momma tight. She the best i seen on you tube."
"Lil momma" - an affectionate referent that some (but not all) African Americans use for females from babies to pre-teens.

"tight" = doing something very well (in this case - dancing very well)

4. FLiiPSTaaR
"she the game face on lock an load... she lookin like "im killin it you know im killin it so ummm...please hate" she kilt it though 5*
A number of commenters referred to the dancer having a "game face". "Game" here refers to a sports competition. "lock an load" (getting ready to shoot; in this sense from the beginning of her dance). "she lookin like "im killin it you know im killin it so ummm...please hate" means that she confident that she is doing very well (killin it) so her face and demeanor is saying "I dare you to criticize me (hate on me). "She kilt it through 5" probably refers to the five stars rating system that YouTube used to have = with 5 being the highest (best) score.

Read the comment below about having a "stank face" (a serious expression on one's face). Making a "stank face" might be done to convey the persona of a female who is "hard" (someone who isn't supposed to be messed with).
This face and demeanor points to the play acting that's an integral part of a lot of Black girls' recreational play. (Dancing is a part of recreational play). For instance, when Black girls chant confrontational foot stomping cheers such as "Hula Hula" (who think they bad), they aren't really looking for a fight or warning someone off. It's all part of an act.

Click for a pancocojams post on "Hula Hula" cheer.

5. Iccees Strahan
"lil mama was GETTIN IT!!!! That was hot!!!"
"Gettin it" = doing the dance very well

6. Faye Wilson
"i used to do the rachet like dat"

7. TehudiDG07
"killin it i know you be gettin loose in the club"
"Getting loose" means "to dance very well" maybe because one way that people can dance very well is to be loose (and not stiff).

8. Marquez West Jr.
"You killed it bit you wiz making dat stank face"

9. Lashai Mo
"To cute!! She dance like me & I'm 31yr old with her head up..Do that!!!!"
I"m 31yr. with her head up may mean "31 year old self-assured adult."

10. Jai Baxter
"I love this video because she got that confidence in her face. Even her cousin said 'The face'...LOL. She better do that. I ain't mad at her."

11. david broussard
"that song is the truth we do all got some ratchet in us!!"

12. david broussard
UGOGIR!! - "You go girl" is a statement of admiration.

demond adams
13. "ooo she kno she go HARD"
"To go hard" evidences a "tough girl" demeanor (according to Black urban culture standards).

14. ceeeluvv, 2013
"ummm, ths ain't nothin but the Gangster Walk from about "92"

WARNING: Parental discretion is advised for this video.

Examples #2: Do Da Ratchet' music video Lava House feat. Lil Boosie

Adetiba 'Super-Director', Uploaded on Oct 10, 2006

'Do Da Ratchet' music video produced by Adetiba/Texas Best Productions for Lava House Records. Shreveport Louisiana aka 'Ratchet City'
Here's a description of this dance from
"In the original music video for “Do Da Ratchet” you can see clubgoers and others doing the ratchet dance, and moving their arms in circular ratcheting motions. And true to the dance term’s double meaning as something hood or ghetto, at the 1:24 mark in the video** you can see what appears to be a pregnant woman holding a bottle of beer as she dances in the club. "
Here are some selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
The comments are given in chronological order with the oldest comments given first except for replies. Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only.

1. Tehran Bertrand, 2013
"just like twerkin, cheeky blakk came out with that dong twerk something in the early 90ls in new orleans and now everybody talkin bout twerk this and twerk that

2. 1975COREY, 2013
"why is this girl in the green pregnant and drinking? really?"
"Really" here infers criticism of a pregnant woman dancing and drinking at a nightclub.

3. cedric lee, 2013
"Ratchet city 318 in the built we start it dirty south Louisiana."
"in the built" = in the building (meaning "is here"). We start it etc. = "We (Louisiana) started the "dirty South" [culture].

Here's some information about the term "dirty south" from by
Christopher Lin, English, [profanity deleted] ! I speak it!, Written May 14, 2010
Dirty South refers to a subgenre of Southern rap characterised by heavy bass beats and bouncy rhythms good for dancing in clubs. The lyrical content usually focuses on sex, parties, nightlife, conspicuous consumption, and Southern culture, and the delivery is characterised by a relaxed drawl.

The genre grew out of the club scene in the southern U.S. during the late 1980s, in particular the Miami Bass style, and gained mainstream prominence with the rise of OutKast and the success of their 1994 album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. The term itself originates from the song 'Dirty South' by Goodie Mob on their 1995 debut album Soul Food. The Dirty South style remains a strong influence in lots of contemporary mainstream party-oriented hip-hop (at least, until this weird craze of Eurodance-inflected hip-hop completely takes over)."

4. ken town, 2013
"Shteveport started the rachet now the whole world hollin rachheet was up Texas Lousian!!! We in here!!"

5. Nura Fountano, 2013
"Maaan.... I'm so glad this has a time date stamp of when it was uploaded. I swear Texas and Louisiana culture is jocked the hardest. Just like them lil dudes made a come up off of teach me how to dougie. A dude out a Dallas started that dance. Well Dougie Fresh first of course. But Dallas dude did pay homage to the originator. But the world recognizes the Cali dudes for starting it. Just a shame."

6. lataviajones12, 2014
"So true LOUISIANA been on the ratchet and twerking but i guess that's what happens when you stay in a small state."

7. 228allday, 2015
"On everythang they be stealing the souths slang"

8. ceeeluvv, 2014
"this just the old gangsta walk sped up"

9. mgtaduran2 years ago
"only 500k views and over a million people say ratchet now"
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Breaking Down The Classic Dance Moves From Most Reserved To Most Rachet

You don't have to be a club rat to know that having a signature dance move is the ultimate Saturday night accessory. Winning the "Lord of the Dance" title is the highest compliment we can think of -- it means you have serious skills on and off the dance floor and aren't afraid to be the life of the party.

Even though he's kind of a scumbag, Chris Brown still gets audience appreciation because he's a killer dancer. Half of Beyoncé's famedom is attributed to her impossibly complex choreography and booty shakin' talents. Michael Jackson is remembered by his iconic moon-walk.

While some dance moves are completely PG, we've also been known to get a little dirty dancing style in various underground establishments. We can boogie down to the oldies just as well as when we get low to Lil Wayne. It's all about choosing the right step for the right song.

It's time to face the music: all dance styles are not created equal. Trying to play it safe at your cousin's Bar Mitzvah? Stick with "the shopping cart" and other non-contact knee-bending. Want to leave him panting at your feet? A seductive solo number should do the trick.

We've compiled the most classic dance moves for your disco pleasure and ranked them on a scale of ratchetness from 1-10: 1  for emulating a politically-correct 1950s "Grease" musical play, 5 for being kosher at the kid's party, and 10 for being a turbo twerker à la Miley Cyrus on Robin Thicke's dick.

The Charleston

Doesn't get much safer than this one, fellas. If it was allowed during the Prohibition Era, then it is certainly the most conservative move around. Think of it as history's first crip-walk.

Ratchet Meter 1: With flailing arms and covered-up hemlines, there's just nothing sexy about it.

The Shimmy

Also known as "shaking what your momma gave ya," the shimmy can be seen everywhere from One Direction music videos, to victory dances, to rattling for tips. It's even been used in Zumba fitness classes, go figure. Depending on bust size and intensity, the shimmy can be a very risqué maneuver, so watch where and how you jiggle your juice.

Ratchet Meter 5: There might be titty bouncing involved, but a little shimmy-shake never hurt nobody.


Not to be confused with clowning (which is a less intense version), krumping is highly energetic, expressive movement involving the whole entire body. It's a type of hip-hop dance, involves stomping, and is commonly portrayed in pop culture as "dance battling." Watch the indie documentary, "Rize," which features real street dancers seriously krumping and will make you rethink your next dance-club performance.

Ratchet Meter 8: You don't just 'get buck' in your house -- you take it to the streets, "You Got Served" style. Points increase if you rip your clothes off in the heat of the moment.

Saturday Night Fever

Disco dancing is the pioneer of the pelvic thrust and gives a whole new meaning to boogying down. Throw on a dated tux, play a little Bee Gees and do your best John Travolta impersonation.

Ratchet Meter 3: As long as those thrusts don't turn into humps, you've got nothing to worry about. And keep those fever fingers to yourself.


The vogue became especially popular after Madonna released her early 90s jam with the same name. It's also a personal favorite amongst those who aren't coordinated because it basically involves lots of model poses and hand gesturing. Don't try it at an EDM concert, kids.

Ratchet Meter 2: Unless you're voguing with your penis, this one is harmless.

Pop, Lock And Drop It

The hip-hop 'pop 'n lock' was cool until boy bands started riffing off it. It's pretty much freeze dancing, but with much more muscle control involved. The only time we really enjoy watching a good pop and lock these days are in throwback Missy Elliot music videos with child proteges.

Ratchet Meter 4: It's more aggressive than the robot, but considering the kids in "Honey" are doing it, it's safe for the playground.


We spent the better part of 1995 doing this group dance to every corner of the room. Except for the occasional wedding jam, we really never get to macarena like we used to. Here's to bringing it back, so that our grandkids will be able to dance in circles just like we did.

Ratchet Meter 2: Depending how much you're swinging your hips to the last beat, this has zero potential to be a turn-on.

The Hammertime

We're talking about the O.G. of Old School: The MC Hammer-time. It's a criss-cross meets body roll and it couldn't be more fly. Cue "U Can't Touch This" and some phat back-up dancers and you've got a 90s dance party that would make Will Smith jealous.

Ratchet Meter 6: That body roll isn't for beginners.

The Twist

The move that everyone but a grandparent with bad knees can do! We've been twisting since we learned how to walk. There's nothing to it, all you gotta do is twist.

Ratchet Meter 1: Probably a good ab workout too.

Harlem Shake

This one is a personal favorite for us at Elite Daily. Done correctly (aka not easy for white girls), the Harlem shake can be a real crowd-pleaser. Done poorly and we look like seizuring alcoholics (but we still love it!). We've seen it performed with jerseys, basketballs and other various props and it never fails to be a showstopper. Jiggle your shoulders, rock side to side, and put your swagger on.

Ratchet Meter 9: There's nothing we love more than a Harlem shake dance circle.


We'll always have a special place in our hearts for breakdancers. No party would be complete without a white guy wearing a beanie spinning on his head and doing flips on himself. We get especially pumped up when breakdancers warm-up by running around the dance circle that inevitably forms around them. And we've never witnessed a bad accident to date!

Ratchet Meter 7: You won't find us doing back-flips on hardwood floors.

The Electric Slide

All-time classic. The grapevine will forever be a dance floor staple. Now if only Avicii would remix this business, so we can boogie-boogie all day 'err day.

Ratchet Meter 4: That grapevine is dirty.

Booty Popping

Before Miley Cyrus was twerking all over the place, there was good old fashioned booty popping, where you use your bent elbows to pump your chest forward and ass backwards. Sung about in Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty," booty popping is all about who can shake it the fastest. If you got a redonk bedonk, you've come to the right place.

Ratchet Meter 9: Booty popping is definitely one for the strip clubs.

Bar Mitzvah Dancing

Parents go wild for this follow-the-leader style dance. Each move lasts for a couple of eight-counts until the college graduate dressed in all black and jacked up on adderall decides to switch to a new variation of "the clap" or some other embarrassingly easy hand movement. Whatever you do, just do what the hired help is doing. And don't be the guy standing on the corner because they will come and force you on to the dance floor.

Ratchet Meter 6: Horny teenagers at their first co-ed party always ends in finger popping on the dance floor.


Also known as freak dancing (depending if you're joking or not), grinding is the new kind of dirty dancing for millennials. It's the quintessential ass-to-crotch bump and grind or -- for the more progressive -- using your man as a pole to rub up and down on almost like having sex under the disco ball. We reserve our grinding skills for dimly lit, hip-hop heavy underground bars.

Ratchet Meter 10: Too much grinding and it turns into baby-making, so use protection.

Moon Walking

The magician's dance move illusion. How do these people just expertly glide across any hard surface? You know what we'd like to see? Moon-walking on the actual moon. Boom! Mind = blown.

Ratchet Meter 7: That sh*t's nasty, yo.

The Crip Walk

Tap dancing for gangsters. Fun fact: MTV wouldn't broadcast any music videos that featured the crip walk because L.A. Crips gang members would perform the signature walk after they killed someone. That's one reason to stop two-stepping. But on a lighter note, Serena Williams was also an avid crip walker after she beat Maria Sharapova at the 2012 Olympics.

Ratchet Meter 8: Crip walking leaves behind many casualties.

The Sock-Hop

Think "American Bandstand" and bopping around in poodle skirts and ponytails to the jukebox. The sock-hop is what we usually find ourselves doing when a teeny-bop song comes on and we feel stupid actually full-on dancing to it. It's raving on a curfew.

Ratchet Meter 1: Teletubbies like to sock-hop too.


The list wouldn't be complete if we didn't include this booty bouncing dance move that's currently all-the-rage amongst YouTubers, wedding crashers and pretty much everyone in America. Just keep your tongue in your mouth and there shouldn't be any problems.

Ratchet Meter 10: Only genuinely ratchet b*tches twerk; for everything else there's MasterCard.

Ratchet and Clatter Overview -

Updated video games have become hugely popular over the past few years as publishers mine their libraries for old favorites to modernize and re-release today. Some of these games are simply upscaled to a higher, crisper resolution to look less jagged or blurry, while others retain the core design of the game, providing a completely overhauled graphics.

However, Ratchet & Clank is something else. It retains the title and much of what was great about Insomniac Games' classic 2002 PlayStation 2 original, such as the colorful worlds and wacky weapon designs, but it's essentially a new adventure inspired by that game, not a slave vacation. Fans may recall familiar moments, but everything got a fantastic new coat of paint along with modern settings. It's also simplified, making this PlayStation 4 kids game perfect for everyone.

Plot: Sci-fi but silly

Ratchet and Clank are the game's dual protagonists: the first, a fuzzy Lombak creature, is a mechanic who brandishes a giant wrench and dreams of becoming a Galaxy Ranger. Clank, on the other hand, is a smart robot who discovers evil Chairman Alonzo Drek's plans to destroy planets in order to harvest their resources and create a new one for his race. Clank manages to escape Drek and accidentally encounters Ratchet after crash landing on the planet Weldyn, and the two teams team up to try and stop Drek's evil plan.

The pixelizer is like an energy shotgun that turns beautifully rendered 3D characters into clumps of retro-styled pixels, and the sheepskin... well, the sheepskin turns enemies into cuddly, harmless sheep.

The goofy, overconfident Captain Quark - himself a Galaxy Ranger decked out in green spandex - also plays a major role in the story. He fills the role of the narrator with funny taunts that sometimes help point you in the right direction, and also adds a bit of fun mystery to the adventure as he retells the story of how he ended up in prison.

Gameplay: piu piu, but more too

Much of Ratchet & Clank takes the form of an action platform game that combines wrench and shotgun combat with a fair amount of exploration and jumping around hazards and obstacles. During the single player campaign, you will primarily control Ratchet as you move between different planets to complete the main quests and side missions.

Much of Ratchet & Clank takes the form of an action platform game that combines wrench and shotgun combat with plenty of exploration and jumping around hazards and obstacles.

Ratchet is agile but well armed. In addition to a wrench that can be both swung and thrown like a boomerang, he will collect a growing arsenal of weapons throughout the story. Fortunately, they are all completely caricatured, and parents have no reason to be wary of the realistic or graphic violence here. Early on, weapons like the explosive Combuster vigor and the flamethrower-like Pyrocitor are pretty basic, but the real fun comes quickly.

Eventually, you'll discover much newer and more creative weapons, such as the Groovitron, a throwable disco ball that makes all nearby enemies stop fighting and start dancing. This makes them easy prey for your other attacks. Mr. Zurkon, on the other hand, is a robotic assistant of doom that follows you around and takes out all nearby enemies, all the while fending off macho zingers about his combat superiority. It's fun.

Elsewhere, the Pixelizer is like an energy shotgun that turns beautifully rendered 3D characters into clumps of retro-styled pixels, and a sheep. .. well, a sheep turns enemies into cuddly, harmless sheep. The Ratchet & Clank series has always had some of the most creative and fun weapon designs in any game, and it feels like a greatest hits package with a couple of new additions. It's also nice to play a game with powerful and effective weapons that aren't brutal. Each weapon can also be progressively upgraded as the game progresses, and even made into a much more powerful version once fully upgraded.

Occasionally, however, you gain control of a Clank rather than a ratchet. Clank's missions vary greatly in feel and flow, taking on a light puzzle-solving tone as you use drone robots to create bridges or jump pads, or triggers that open doors. They aren't particularly challenging, but they do offer a little respite from all the crazy explosions of Ratchet's missions. However, the explosion is indeed the most exciting part of the game, thanks not only to the fun weapons, but also to the large number of enemies you will encounter.

This new version of Ratchet & Clank has been stripped down from the original PS2 incarnation to make for a tighter, more streamlined adventure with much higher production numbers.

Variety is a key theme in Ratchet & Clank, as the game rarely sticks with one type of mission or level for long. You can take part in a hoverboard race or take a ride on the rails; There are also boss battles, spaceship flight sequences, puzzle mini-games, and an exciting train ride. This new version of Ratchet & Clank has been stripped down from the original PS2 incarnation to make for a tighter, more streamlined adventure with much higher production numbers. This is pretty much a good thing, though old fans may miss out on some of the stripped down content. It also features a number of hidden items and unlockables for players who want to explore it in its entirety.

Graphics: movie-like CGI

Much of Ratchet & Clank is really great, with near-pixel real-time graphics quality. This has been a common theme for the series since the release of the PlayStation 3, but it still holds true today. The adorable character and world design work well with the power of the PlayStation 4 console, creating vibrant and memorable worlds, fluid action and explosive effects, and a rare boring moment in sight.

The only exception is cinematic cutscenes, which don't have the same spark as in-game action. This Ratchet & Clank remake was released along with a critical panorama CGI film that used the same visual assets, and part of the film appears to have little impact on that part of the game. They're not really bad, just boring.

Kid-friendly: nothing realistic

Ratchet & Clank is rated All 10+ by the ESRB for Animated Blood and Fantasy Violence. The blood is green and it explodes from cartoonish enemies in the same cartoonish way - and as mentioned, there's nothing realistic about the action and violence here. However, you may refrain from explaining to a young child why the RYNO weapon is short for "Rip Ya a New" and what exactly that is supposed to mean.

I had no problem getting my six year old son to play with Ratchet & Clank.

However, I had no problem getting my six year old son to play with Ratchet & Clank. He's had experience with other cartoon shooting games like Blast 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Ratchet and Clank doesn't feel any more intense than those games. However, this single-player game can be tricky at times, so it's best for players who are already familiar with modern 3D games.

Price: It's a steal now

Ratchet & Clank had an original full price of $60, but after three years on the market it's become one of Sony's most popular games - so now it's on sale for just $20. This is a steal for such a fun, well-designed and kid-friendly adventure. For experienced players, this is roughly a 10-12 hour campaign, but younger and more casual players may spend more time, plus there are plenty of add-ons to be found for finishers.

Ratchet & Clank vs. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Both of these games bring back the classic PlayStation experience, and both were originally developed by Insomniac Games. The Spyro games are a bit older - they were released between 1998 and 2000. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is also a more demanding experience in terms of maintaining classic level designs and enemies, however, it replaces brand new graphics that are quite beautiful.

You get more overall gameplay with Spyro Reignited Trilogy as it packs three games into one package. While they are simpler and lighter games overall, Ratchet & Clank requires a little more skill and coordination, and I would say that overall it is a more rewarding and interesting experience. Both are great examples of classic games that bring fresh life to this modern era.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Final Verdict

Enough fun.

Ratchet & Clank does a great job of taking the old (but much loved) gaming experience and giving it the right hair and folds it needs to appeal to a new generation. Crazy weapons are a blast, the combat is interesting without being aggressive or overly violent, and the characters and environments are charming. It's a good choice for both kids who are already accustomed to action games and gamers of all ages, plus you can't beat the price.

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