How do you dance to dubstep

How To Learn How To Dance With Dubstep


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Electronic Dance Music Dubstep has exploded from underground music to worldwide appeal in the past few years. The music is so hard hitting it has been called “evil” by some. There are many good reasons to get involved with this type of music but the real power lies in the community behind it.

Electronic Dance music is a fusion of hip hop beats and hard hitting drum beats that have been sampled from various sources. Many of the sounds were taken from the jungle but today they are much harder and more rhythmic than the original. This kind of music is really fun and many young people enjoy playing this kind of music. It is also a great way for the average person to learn something about music because it can be extremely easy to get started.

There are many benefits to getting involved with electronic dance music. You will be able to meet new people, make new friends and get into a creative environment where you can express yourself creatively. There is a certain magic that occurs when you get into electronic music and there are a few things you need to know before you begin.

If you are a beginner to electronic dance music you will first want to get a little bit of background on the background of the music. You may have heard the term “dubstep” before but most people don’t understand it or even realize what it is. It stands for dub sound effects and is a type of music that is heavily effected with drum beats.

The music is heavily effected with the use of drum beats, bass, piano and other instruments. Dubstep is actually a combination of three different genres – drum & bass, drum & keys and melodic dubstep. Dubstep is often very heavy bass is usually played on a steady beat.

Electronic dance music is often considered a “rap” style of music and is usually performed at clubs, raves and other venues. There are plenty of websites that give information on where to go and what is available locally to listen to electronic dance music in the United Kingdom. They may be able to point you in the direction of the right music store.

A good local electronic dance music store or club is not hard to find. They often have a huge selection of all kinds of music and it is worth your time to check out their weekly music line.

When you are interested in learning how to play electronic music you can choose from a variety of tracks. Some may be easier to learn than others and some will require more time.

Learning how to dance the correct way will take a great deal of practice. If you are really serious about learning how to dance and want to learn the ins and outs of the music and how it works then you should invest in some electronic dance music books.

You can buy electronic music books at local book stores or online, and they can be very helpful in the beginning. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are looking for the best book for you. You will want to make sure that the book gives you a step by step approach to learning.

Most people are comfortable with playing music by ear and want a simple approach. There are several books that will show you how to mix music, but if you really want to become an expert then you will need to know how to learn from music experts.

There are websites that give information on how to get involved with electronic music. You can go online and read up on the basics and tips on getting involved in the music world. These sites will give you detailed information about where and how to go to see live electronic music shows and also how to set up a club if you want to.

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How to Hip-Hop Dance to Dubstep

Learn how to dance to dubstep from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Steffanina and today I'm going to teach you guys how to dance to dubstep. Now, the first thing to know when you're dancing dubstep is that there's not as much of a groove in it as there is when you dance to hip-hop music. It's a lot more isolated and this is a chance for you to really show off your animation skills.

So, popping, waving, tutting, ticking, strobing, slow motion. All these effects are perfect for dubstep. We're going to go over a couple of them today and the first one is slow motion and speed changes. So, anything that you would normally do in a hip hop freestyle, you can do in slow motion to dubstep. Because it has all of those wow and those different sounds, you want to really listen closely to your music and to the patterns and find moves that you can accentuate with quick moves and then go back to a slow pace.

We call this style "warping." And it's characterized by a really quick motion at the beginning, followed by something really slow. For instance, if I'm walking forward and I want to add some warps in there on the beat, I can take a step, slow motion, onto my left foot and warp to the right. You want the warp to be really quick with your chest and you want to stop it. But what's going to happen at the end of it is that my arms are going to keep going to the left, so that it looks like my body created this slow motion with my arms.

Same thing, here. If I'm stepping forward again onto my right foot, I can take my torso to the left, knock it and then have my arms come in slow motion across. You can play with this effect in any direction.

There's one more isolation that we're going to work on today that you can practice in dubstep and that's isolating your shoulders from your head. The first thing we're going to do is rock our shoulders side to side. You want to create the illusion that your head is staying in the center. To create this illusion, we have to push our head the opposite direction that our torso is moving.

So, as I push my torso to the left, my head is going to pull to the right. It's important to practice this step in front of a mirror because it's hard to get a feel for what you're actually doing. Once you can rock side to side, you're going to also go front and back and eventually, you're going to make circles with your shoulders.

This is difficult to see when facing straight on. So, I'm going to bend down so that you can see the circles. Now, when you're going around in circles again, we want our head to stay in the center. So, whichever way your shoulders and your torso go, your head is going to push the opposite direction to create that illusion.

You can mix this isolation in with your warps, your other waves, your ticks, your pops and all your other animation skills. Just remember the most important thing is to stay on beat. And with dubstep, you have a lot of sounds to play around with.

    Dancing In The Dark (remix, dubstep) Think about it when you touch me there Close my eyes, here you are All alone dancing in the dark Tell me baby if it's wrong To let my hands do what they want? Late at night I pretend we are Dance-dance-dancing in the dark Oh la la When you work on me Open my body up and do some surgery Now that you got me up I wanna taste It and see those pocket aces I wanna see who you are I got a drive to push the start On my waist, through my hair Think about it when you touch me there Close my eyes, here you are Dance-dance-dancing in the dark Oh la la I love to flirt to see I'm only talking to you If you wanna surf my seas Now that you got me Boy you know you better spice it, flavor, it get it right; save it Wanna see who you are I got a drive to push the start On my waist, through my hair Think about it when you touch me there Close my eyes, here you are All alone dancing in the dark Tell me baby if it's wrong? To let my hands do what they want Late at night I pretend we are Dance-dance-dancing in the dark Oh la la Tell me baby if it's wrong.

    .. Dancing in the dark... To let my hands do what they want... Dancing in the dark! I-i-it's The Cataracs! Oh la la Dancing in the dark -------------------------------------------------- -- Wrapping around my waist, stroking my hair... Think about it when you touch me there. I close my eyes and see you You're all alone dancing in the dark. Tell me baby if it's wrong Let my hands do what they want? Late at night I pretend we are Dance-dance-dance in the dark Ooh la la When will you take care of me Give free rein to my body, reach out to it from the inside. Now that you turned me on I want to try That and see the aces you've hidden I want to understand who you really are. Sexual attraction pulls me to start. Wrapping around my waist, stroking my hair... Think about it when you touch me there. I close my eyes and see you Dance-dance-dance in the dark Ooh la la I like to flirt, I see That I'm just talking to you. If you want to sail my sea Now that I'm already yours Boy you know what's best for you Get me ready to make it work, understand I want to understand who you really are. Sexual attraction pulls me to start. Wrapping around my waist, stroking my hair... Think about it when you touch me there. I close my eyes and see you You're all alone dancing in the dark. Tell me baby if it's wrong Let my hands do what they want? Late at night I pretend we are Dance-dance-dance in the dark Ooh la la Tell me baby if it's wrong... Dancing in the dark... Let my hands do what they want... Dancing in the dark! It's The Cataracs*! Ooh la la We dance in the dark.

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    Report from the Dubstep Planet festival — FURFUR

    If a few years ago the word "dubstep" was used only by the most fashionable music bloggers and devoted adherents of English street culture, today this genre is becoming a hit with the widest public. Rolling bass, the same roots as drum and bass, and a flaw in the spirit of the most desperate electric tracks provided modern dubstep with direct access to the hearts and legs of young people who are accustomed to go only to "drum" and "trance".

    While promoters are preparing the capital for the Dubstep vs Drum'n'Bass festival, FURFUR editors Yura Katovsky and Sasha Skolkov went to the thick of things - to the Dubstep Planet event, where they saw who listens to dubstep in Russia, and accidentally learned a lot about which club’s toilet has the tastiest water and where to go during the drop.

    On the way to the Dinamo station, where the festival was held, we had to kill time trying to guess which of the passengers was going to the festival (three out of four were guessed). One quiz was followed by a new one - a crowd of people poured from the side of the Arena, obviously, someone extremely popular had just finished his show. The reason for the unity of these people, who formed an impressive queue near the Little Potato stall, was the singer Yolka. After her long, sold-out performance, the Arena technicians took so long to dismantle the equipment that a truly gigantic crowd of dubguys had gathered near the main entrance to the club.

    The first guys we meet tell us about their legendary sneakers (the safety shoes of every self-respecting dubstep fan): “I have Adidas Performance, similar to the Originals, but there is equipment and a distortion subsale system” . They are interrupted by a girl in headphones and asks something completely incomprehensible. We, taking advantage of the moment, follow her to her friend, who at that moment is talking about dubstep to a Yolka fan:

    — Is there a band that plays something similar?
    - A lot of dubstep bands play.
    - Van Buren plays dubstep?
    - Maybe you'd better let me listen, and you yourself will understand everything?

    (Everyone is standing on the street, the crowd is chanting "dubstep!", the girls continue.)

    - We just left Yolka, maybe we better not leave?
    - What else is the Christmas tree?
    — What are you? You just can't imagine. .. Haven't you been to her concert?
    - Yes, she sucks.
    - Don't hurt the girl. She has very good vocals.

    We move away from these two couples and by chance we find a person who, in appearance, should perfectly understand the music that he came to listen to.


    Did you come to dubstep at all?

    Listen, don't. I was told that there would be some kind of tough sausage. In general, we wanted to go to Pumping Storm, but it was canceled and we were told that there would be a normal sausage here. They also say that the water in the toilet is very tasty here. You drink it straight, and it generally hurts, you don’t need to buy it at the bar.

    I understand you, my friend.

    Water is better only in the Overpass, even in the Roll Hall you get hurt. The only thing is that looking ahead, I’ll say that they promised to organize another entrance for the suite, but everyone is standing in one crowd.

    Are you in luxury right now?

    Well, what else - you have to go to the luxury sprat party.

    Have you been listening to dubstep for a long time?

    I didn't want to listen to dubstep until the very end, but drum and bass producers forced everyone to listen to it. Literally began to write themselves, and had to listen. But I don't listen to dubstep, I listen to American hard brostep. I mean, all these trashy pens like “Oh, what did they do with our ukay dubstep?” - I don’t care, the Americans made a dance-floor ebashilov brostep. Today, however, there will be no guests from America - a solid Yukey. Apparently it's cheaper to ship from Europe. I have been listening to dubstep not very long ago, specifically today I fell for 16bit, although maybe someone else will surprise me, but for now sadness opens up to our eyes.

    Do you have a favorite artist in general?

    The whole SubHuman, I also note the Canadian Excision. His last album is generally a plague, a cunt to everything. By the way, now sit is out, I advise everyone to buy, and not download rips. I've ordered myself, now the seat should come, so that I can turn it all on fashionably at the party and be kosher.

    Do you quote Rasko?

    with difficulty, you see, in the European dubstep there is some kind of stupidity in the sound, some kind of “Ujaowayayua”, in principle, normally, if you are eager and water from the toilet rushes, then Rasko will roll. The dancefloor theme is cool, but I prefer the North American one. The British generally somehow passed me by - Rasko, Kaspa, I even confuse them, sometimes I call one Raspa, the other Casca. I also confuse with Roska - such a Rinzefam type.

    Can you explain how you dance to dubstep?

    Just recently, a picture flashed of how to dance to dubstep - you wait for a drop, and then you fuck. Europeans have a reworked step in the trend - Russian pedaling, it’s just right now, just a little slower and a little higher bounce, because the pace is different - this is the new hype. Maybe we’ll dance like that, let’s see what kind of dance floor is there, maybe I’ll even walk around and spit. Let's see.


    Sasha Polina: Estimate, we will be shown at Look At Me!

    Girls, what kind of sneakers do you have?

    Sasha: "Adidas Originals", they got it at the Proskate Shop, somewhere else. Very comfortable.

    Don't worry, this won't go into the interview, we'll warm you up. How did you hear about Dubstep Planet?

    Sasha: My friend told me.

    How long have you been listening to dubstep yourself? And what do you like?

    Sasha: Well, I've been listening to it for a long time, but I like all sorts of Skrillexes, 16bit, Bar Noize.

    What do you do besides dubstep?

    Sasha: I skateboard, do kickflips and go to school.

    Polina: I also go to school, but I also draw. I'm going to major in architecture.

    Have you ever drawn to dubstep?

    Polina: Well, for him, too, but all sorts of abstractions are obtained.

    (The crowd does not let up and continues to chant "dubstep!".)

    Do you know anything about dubstep itself?

    Sasha: No.

    Polina: Neither do I.

    How do you dance to dubstep?

    Sasha: I jump, I wave my arms up and down, and before the drop we usually freeze, stand and wait.

    Have you heard what a cool Rasco Mouzon wrote for Britney?

    Polina: Yes, by the way, I heard one song, but I didn't like it.

    How do you like Lolita from Quest Pistols » ?

    Sasha: I don't like it either.

    What is your favorite dubstep sound then?

    Sasha: Well, such “Tee-tee-tee-tee”, I like airhorns very much - we usually fall under them.

    Have you ever cried to dubstep?

    Sasha: I am not.


    In short, you will find me on Vkontakte, I am developing a group there, I can advertise on your site quite easily. I am promoting different styles, you probably don’t know such ones – garage, future garage, I’m more of a yukey. There, in principle, everything is there - grime, all styles. I can even tell you more - old school, new school bass ... bass ... now ...


    Yes, bassline house. These styles, all styles in general. Do you know the brand?


    The boy writes well by himself, there are all sorts of Western labels. I'll tell you this - I, I'm nobody at all, I just help, I'm up to my ears in this culture.

    How long have you been fond of this?

    Well, yo-mayo, since the late nineties. Speed-geridge, specifically yukey, precisely the development of British music, geridge. I am developing this topic here.

    They just wanted to ask the Tula popularizer about his crazy sneakers, when someone dragged Maxim by his jacket (to see him out of the queue to the club), and he fell backwards into a puddle. I had to look for other experts.


    I've been into dubstep for a long time - two years ago I heard a track by one of ours, and then it started. I downloaded two albums of "Ministry of Sound Dubstep", and then slowly went through the artists.

    Someone here told us that American dubstep is shit or English is shit, what do you like?

    I don't care, all I know is that Skrillex is a faggot. His music is cool, and his hair is shit, I don't like his style.

    Can you tell me something about sneakers?

    Well, here you have cool sneakers.

    Thank you.

    At this moment, Dan's friends come up, one of them puts on a golden mask, and the other two turn out to be Japanese, who even barely understand English.

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